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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sha shon o'connor. a good name. thank you as well. that does it for us. stephanie rule picks up our coverage. thank you. all right, i'm stephanie rule. this morning so much to cover. face-to-face, donald trump getting intelligence briefing on russia today. is he final going to believe it. this as senior adviser quits. biden officer this advise. >> time to be an adult. who pays for it. donald trump campaign all right looking around this campaign promise. >> we're going to build a whaul and mexico going to pay for the wall. >> will u.s. taxpayer pay the bill. hate crime, the four set to
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be arraigned today. we'll hear from the victim's family. >> i don't want to watch him suffer, i know he did. we begin with the intelligence show down at trump tower four of americas top spies, fbi director jam comey will giving president-elect rundown regarding russian hacking. panel, i want to start with krist kristen well welker. >> as you point the, the president going to come face-to-face with these officials. tensions behind the scenes and pointed overnight because we got
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the reporting that according to the sources the report they are going to show to him will show that top russian officials celebrated when he won the election and they identified go-between who gave information to wikileaks to leak out. the question is will they believe their findings and how contention if in meeting going to get how hard are they going to push back. these are people used to briefing presidents they have no problems getting tough. they are not going in there aiming to be adversarial i'm prepared they are to do it. >> there could be tensions there. >> who is this guy, what is he going to bring? >> two term senator widely
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respected someone going to be tapped today to be next director of national intelligence this is key position, the outgoing person who fills that role, james clapper is going to create interesting back grop to today's intelligence briefing he one responsible for ousting mike flynn president-elect trump's national visor. the dni was position we were focused on because top position he has yet to name. that's going to come later today. talk about this wall donald trump pushing back asking congress to fa for it. now he says dishonest media, $8 billion and then mexico going to pay it back. what exactly is happening? >> how exactly is that going to work. first of all, this was a
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campaign promise he reiterate every day and every single campaign event that mexico going to make for the wall. now accord willing to the transition team, they are look to having congress jump start construction process that mexico would reem burrs the united states. there is something they did infact talk about on the campaign trail. >> he did. >> when you rare that camp phrase what voters remember is whoas going to pay for the wall, mexico is going to pay for the wall. one more point, they think they have enough democrats up tor reelection in states where this is a big issue. they think they can convince them to get on board. >> msnbc, former adviser to
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ryan. women come. i say not necessarily. when donald trump goes after people, not to their face. this is birther and can chief who went after obama when they showed up at the white house, do you think today is it going to be contentionous? >> when he meets with the media he is graceful than he is in the twitter feed. after the dleks he is very positive. i don't think this will be contentionous meeting. he should try to get to the bottom of whether or not russia was behind this. two, we should acknowledge that it had no impact only the outcome of the election. that should calm him down. it's okay to say russia did try to mess with the election but
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did not have impact. three, we need to take measures against russia for this behavior. >> michael, what do you think? >> he has to stop trolling intelligence community. he has to stop acting like the intelligence le going to get where he can pick out what he like and throw out what he doesn't like. if he continues to push back on the notion that putin is a bad guy, people are going to say where is he providing cover for this man. >> here is the thing, we have said for months and months people are going to say x or y but they are not. if you look at vladimir putin approval rating today, here in the united states, americans are not necessarily listening to intelligence as donald trump would like to say. >> the more you act as if they' make this stuff up, the more you
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sound like the flat earth society. i would have said we're going to get to the bottom of this. i want to know everything. because he took it as the way to delegitimize the way of him getting elected, it is not. >> one area i disagree. i think president have to be elective about how they interpret intelligence. you get intelligence that's wrong. so it is president's job to be presented from the sbelgsz community with a lot of information you have to make policy decisions based on a selective interpretation of the intelligence, they are not always right. however that needs to be done in private. that would be where he should poke, probe, it's job of every
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presidentme president obama did that. it. >> privately. >> i agree. accept with the hacking thing it sounds like an old country western line, who are you going to believe me or your own lying eyes. but i know we can go back to weapons of mass destruction which happen like in another lifetime. these guys are fixed they are legitimate information needs to be presented to the public now. he can't continue to act if he believes julian assange and -- >> i'm outraged by the julian assange -- it is true that mush ya tried to meddle with our election and it is true it had no impact and would not have impact. >> before we go i have to ask
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about the wall. $8 billion that's 20% of our budget. do you think congress would ever say, yes, we'll front that for the wall. >> i think there are enough red state up for reelection in 2018 where this issue is hot bot ton issue independent groups saying they are on the wrong side -- they have standing in the way, as a political matter, they do not want to be on the receiving end of an ad campaign standing in the way of donald trump's effort to building a wall. it your senator from montana i guarantee that will be problematic for democrats. >> i forgot today on the
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campaign today where mexico is going to pay pofor the call butn the layaway plan, that's what he is saying now. >> senator i want to start on that wall. do you think there's anyway congress puts up that kind of money, $8 billion. >> there's so much important needs than homeland security than building a wall, i would be opposed to it. again as president-elect trump indicated he was going to make the mexican pay, that was arrangement. putting it on the american taxpayers is unacceptable. >> i want to turn to today's intelligence dreef briefings at trump tower. is there enough there to
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convince donald trump that russia indeed hacked our election? >> the testimony yesterday from general clapper and admiral rogers were compelling there's no question of the intent of the russia they want to influence the election and ai tem a -- attempted to influence the election, those are fact that have been established very clearly by the intelligence community. they have to be accepted by the president-elect. >> do they -- he hasn't accepted it yet do you think he will turn today? >> i hope he does because i think one of the your colleague that he made the di fies the fact more and more americans are wondering why he is doing that.
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it would be a cloud upon his actions with respect to russia when other countries, it's interesting to say we resolved this issue i'm convince by what's been done let's move forward and let's take steps to were vent them from happening. there are election in europe critical to our, if sbrucht -- >> he has mike flynn by his side, and now former senator dan coates is saturday to be trump's national director. can you tell us about him. >> dan coates is a principal
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gentleman, thoult thoughtful, dead kadedication to the countr there will be series of issues -- of commitment is integrity. >> in a few weeks, we'll have barrage of intelligence community taking their seat. is there going to be totally new approach. bipartisan across the board saying this is serious what russia is doing. is that going to continue or could it change in just a few weeks? >> it must change -- continue. it demonstrates that we have to
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focus on issues of significant consequences of the united states we have to do it in bipartisan way. it's always should be questioned and reviewed and revied but i think the disparagement of the community is wrong. one of the other come men tator suggested questioning is the right way to go. but publicly, i think we have to recognize we have a men and women risk their lives to protect intelligence community. >> i appreciate your thoughts. next the four blacked teens accused of streaming their torture of a white teen. jessie jackson joins me next. before we go these are out
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horrific hate crimes in the sort we appear to have seen on
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facebook today, it's terrible. >> president obama commenting there on that shocking and disturbing video showing torture of the 18-year-old man who authorities describe as special needs. four young adult accused carrying out attack set to appear in court today. officially being charge in what police call hate crime. blake mccoy. what do we expect in court. that video is crushing. >> this is bond hearing that's going to be happening in the courthouse today. bond will be set. attorneys will be signed quick proceedal hearing. we see outside of that video. >> victim, how is he doing? >> we're told he tram matize and
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having trouble community kat withing his family. given the circumstances we spoke with two of his family members ahead of today's hearing. take a listen. >> i hope god speaks to their souls. >> we're grateful for the effort safe return of our brother. >> she has not seen the video and will not watch the video. she says she knows how much pain he must have been in. >> thank you, blake. joining me now is president jessie jackson. thank you for joining me. i know you have been trying to reach the family. what's your message. i want them tho know we embrace them this is unacceptable level of social
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deprefty. the clouds have been seeded with violence. in this year alone 4,000 shot, 800 killed, the city no commitment to deal with violence, causes and cures. >> this is target and torture. >> in the co tent. it's awful. you know, you look at infant shot, teenagers shot, laquan mcdonald's, the family is in pain. as we deal with this, whether white on black or black white is
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unacceptable. violent threats, it's a sinking despirited by the people here. >> i'm -- newt gingrich are saying the that reaction would be different if it were white teens torturing an african-american. do you think that's the case? >> there are layer of this stuff whether black on white then you have certain reaction. the clouds have been seated with threats of violence, we did a white house conference on urban practices, cause and cures of violence, the imfact of poverty as weapon of mass destruction. plan to rebuild city and people within the city, it means for
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four thousand to be thought for 800 to be killed. >> we have to focus on this case why this happened and if it was -- if it were the reverse many people believe it wun 100% be attributed to race. >> it could be race. but it's still wrong. no one should attempt to justify it's wrong. it's painful to see. that's why we reached out to the parents involved because we care. people to know we care. we know to know we care. we do care. the rating at which we have seped -- adjusted too much violence, maiming. when you look at this child is traumatized. what could have who friends what the details. >> do you believe that are his
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friends? >> i knew each other. i do not know the details accept what we see on social media is just heart wrenning for everybody everywhere. if you look at 4,000 shot, the person that get medical rehabilitation, 800 killed. please put in this context. it's wrong. we need a remedy and for development. >> certainly we need to get better across the board. thank you for joining me. had is terrible, terrible story. >> indeed. president obama ends tenure with the meek job report. plus i want to check out this, incredible, the story of
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women -- welcome back. trump tower intelligence officials including james comey will meet president on russia intervention. donald trump was depossessed for just over an hour thursday. the president-elect sat for famed chef after plans to open
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restaurant. serious snow and ice and floods, 32 states will be hit by the monster storm which would bring a foot up to north carolina and a .25 inch af cross the -- draw down last week after syrian regime announce they had control over aleppo. a man caught hanging by his neck climbed 30 feet down the lift line to save his friend. after struggling he was able to free him, dropping him into the arm of rescuer. he is okay.
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that is macgyver magic right there. the obama presidentialcy has been redecembered. of course mike pan nel are here. i hear the bell ringing. look at that cowboy hats. >> the jobs number came in 156,000. they were expecting 173 for the year. we are average 180 a month. 4.7%. that was expected. labor force saved about the same. hourly wages tipped up more than execed. if you're hourly wager 3% increase that's the good news in the whole thing when the take tally of the whole obama administration if you divide it up by obama come in at
6:31 am
1.4 million ayear for entirety of his presidency. ronald reagan and jimmy carter beat that. >> in terms of smoking mirror, we know donald trump has been tweeting up a storm over the last week, saying you better manufacture here or we're going to create jobs. you are going to see an impact when we look at the jobs number every month. but in a month from now, when he person sitting in that seat are we going to see the numbers? >> carrier deals are not scaleable. it may create a few here and there, does he get competent hennive tax done, do they bring back cash sitting back into the united states and invest in the united states. how do thi handle not just
6:32 am
repeal but to replace, what regulatory, stifling growth for the company, that's what moves number, one off deals is not going to move the numbers. >> i used to say this in sports, i believe hardly everything they say and everything doe do. we are going to find out what kind of doer he is. when you look back over the obama presidency, how just economicley, how is he going to be judged? >> it depend on what happens to obamacare. end up being somewhere in the middle of the last presidency. the issue is whether the stimulus helped whether they over regulated, whether pulling back some of that regulation
6:33 am
will help, i don't think he will be judged poorly. >> it's the stimulus helped whom. if you look at the election it was the elist that say we are doing fine. the first state of the union address, he stood up said this has been extraordinary recover. many people stood up say it's not doing well. people who worked at those manufacture many of them lost their jobs. >> governments do well, gdp growth increases under the president almost, we're discussing whether those companies can bring the billions from overseas. it's average worker that get short end of the stick under democrats and republicans all
6:34 am
the time. >> investors and speculate tor did well because since 2009 has had zero percent interest rate. >> there's a segment of the population that have done phenomenonly well. >> look at 2009 and 2010 when he had control of the democratic senate, executive branch. what did he choose to do with the capital. he chose -- what was was pay off for that. did that transform this economy in this direction to address that unemployment issue. >> that women take us a while to figure out.
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president-elect trump is said to get that briefing on russian interferchs today. i want to take you to hans nick
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else. what to we know. >> russia interfeared in u.s. elects whether that affected outcome could be center of the conversation today. one trump tower is not fwing to in secure room. they will have devices to scamble any signal but it's not in a secure room. if you look at namesment four briefs, mr. clapper, we heard him yesterday. we'll have director of the cia. hitting each other suggesting that the other integrity is not there. importantly, you're going to have admiral rogers, he already met with trump in late november, he went up addition for a job. clapper tried to get roger
6:40 am
fired. they are unified may not be the case. >> i want to ask you, the third party, between russia and wikileaks we now who they are? >> they are russian actors, that doesn't mean you're russian this is include in the report, in the report is going to be the idea that the interimmediatary was an actor for russian. steph, one note we have briefing today on friday, senate announced on tuesday they will will have four individuals speaking to the select senate on that. we'll get a public airing of what is in the report. >> thank you. so much. next donald trump is another meeting a tense one today with a
6:41 am
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the chicago young man police say has special needs and broadcast on social media. in the statement the company said we do not allow people to celebrate or gloifr crimes on facebook. in many instance whether people share this content they are doing so to condemn violence or raise awareness. in that case it would be allowed. joining employee now is graduate jeff jar fes, walk us through this. the barer of entry is down, everyone has a voice. >> the vast majority of things people do is to have fun with each other to connect with each other.
6:46 am
there are bad actors who do bad things who are stupid enough to of do it live on facebook. in this case you have a horrendous act occurring but the good news, is that idiots who do it made themselves easy to catch. >> but it was up there for 30 minutes. where is facebook responsibility. they want to say they're not a media company, we have standard and have rules. >> facebook is not a media company. it's a billion half people talking. facebook does need an editor yell sense of responsibility. what needs to happen in this case user themselves have to alert facebook themselves. and they have to be able to do something about it more quickly than they did. >> jeff and i worked together and we have seen how the word
6:47 am
has changed when you rail against what can happen on what can happen on social media, hey, kids, get off my line. there's this idea how, when we talk about fake news, people can't differentiate any more. how much of this has to do with -- everybody wants to be the star of star of their own drama. >> look at president-elect smashing arnold schwarzenegger because the ratings were not gra great. >> there's a fine line -- >> donald trump is still executive producer of the apresent tense. they accident to watch the apresence tense every day in its
6:48 am
transition. >> back to your point everyone can talk to the world which is a wonderful thing. you can do all kind of good things. but yes, i think you're right, mika you're right there's a force you cannot stop. what can you do about it when i see uncivil behavior online, what i want to say, the person needs their meds and we can't cure them. do we want to draw people with that kind of bad behavior. >> what decides what's civil. couldn't one argue thae don't think it's civil. >> i tweeted this morning trump said squir relevant -- companies
6:49 am
now need to have trump squads on --ee what happen, the what facebook has done with fake news is to give people more information. to say they look to this and say it's suspect. don't think we can play whack moe with all the bad things in the world. >> we are up against a dynamic where half of the country think that is the fact are what they want them to be. they hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe and there's no one to police that. >> i'm liberal and media -- >> it's big part -- >> right, since the 70s trust in the media. what we need in the country is an investment in fact-based
6:50 am
conservative media. the world was filled in by breitbart and drugs and far worst that fact world >> yes, do have the faith that if given the chance to have quality, that many people will -- >> this was serious policy research-based content and there is a market for that in the conservative movement. if you look at who's leading the u.s. congress today in the senate, the house, the republicans, that's where they're getting their ideas. >> start a media company. >> you know what, we'll pay for
6:51 am
it first and then hee's going t send them a bill. >> korean minister and their embassy, full-time job following trump. >> there's an app called trigger that you can align your company with -- trigger it's called. you can put in here's these companies, if donald trump mentions them, i need to get alerted. it's a whole new world. >> i like stoking innovation. >> and coming up, the first man who first mocked him for having small hands. will these two men make peace? hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather."
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you're watching msnbc, and those are some live pictures of donald trump himself in lower manhattan. where is he headed? it all started with graden carter's track years ago about president-elect's hands. >> i noticed he had very small hands but they're very neatly grooved. i called him a short fingered
6:56 am
vulgarian and spy. >> back in the day, trump was frequently a target of "spy" magazine. and guess what, donald trump of course has returned the favor. he does it on twitter all the time. >> he's called me sloppy, grumpy, dozy, dumpy, sleepy and sissy. >> we were mentioning it earlier, from donald trump has these face-to-face meetings, everyone makes nice but can they? they've had this abusive feud for a while. >> i'm struck by how many walk out of meetings with him and say he's a great performer. when you actually meet with him, he's respectful and engaging. he goes after the "new york
6:57 am
times" -- i mean, the family "new york times" almost daily. he went into that meeting with the "new york times," the edi r editori editorialist, something kbs on. >> a sports executive one time was having trouble with a sportswriter. >> was it you? >> no. i said call him up and ask him for his advice and he'll be on your side forever. i'm not saying that's going to happen. but of all the papal visits, the one i would like to be in on is the one between trump and graydon carter. trump is partly fiction and partly contradiction. he ran as an outsider but he wants to run with the cool kid, too. >> and graydon carter is the cool kids. >> he wants this be to camelot.
6:58 am
he doesn't want to beg big stars to come and perform at his inauguration. there's part of him that wants this to be jack and jackie in the 1960s. i believe that. >> do you agree? >> sure. i also think he likes to expend time neutralizing critics. asks for advise and engages them so they ratchet it back a little bit. you could see from the "new york times" meeting -- i was struck by it. it didn't last long but for a couple of weeks a number of them that had been his biggest critics pulled back. >> graydon carter is a tough guy to impress. i don't know. we'll see how it goes. the two of them could talk a lot about hair i would say. both of them extraordinary -- >> in which neither of us --
6:59 am
>> you two not that much. >> that wraps us up for the hour. many thanks to you both. i'm going to see you at 11 a.m. this morning but right now we have more news with hallie jackson. >> hello, i'm hallie jackson here on capitol hill. show down or dressing down? president-elect trump will meet with top intelligence leaders at trump tower at 12:30 today so two and a half hours from now. we're going to talk about what's inside this report and whether or not he'll trust it. details about russian cyber attacks and how long. >> and a chilling beatdown on facebook. four charged in what police are calling a hate crime. president obama now weighing in. and cross country threat. three nasty storms sweeping across the north, south and
7:00 am
west. tens and millions of americans facing snow, ice and potential flooding. but up first, that meeting of the minds. intelligence officials showing their cards to president-elect trump, all of them heading to midtown manhattan to meet with the incoming and skeptical commander in chief, all of them making the case that russia intervened in the u.s. presidential election. that briefing happened just 24 hours after the first of what could be many showdowns on capitol hill. top officials showing up and going far beyond hand e-mails and so-called fake news. >> well, the russians have a long history of interfering in elections, theirs and other people's. but i don't think they've


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