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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 6, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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guys. >> this looks like we're on perimeter. you see guns at the ready, shoulder-height. something going on, apparently n that particular area where those law enforcement officers are on the left side of the screen. that's not just perimeter control. looks like they're moving in on something. >> it appears from your vantage point they have their eyes on something. >> you see this vehicle, the bear cats, as they call them, the camera to the left, looked like another squad of officers moving up what looked to be an underpass wall with weapons at the ready, versus these officers here in a much more casual posture at this particular location. gerngs a lot gain, a lot of mov parts. airports are huge. i'm not even sure where these personnel are at the airport. >> based on what we're seeing here, commissioner, does this appear to be an active scene? >> this is quite obviously a very active scenarios.
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reported gunshots almost an hour after the first incident. you just don't know. once again, the lack of information that appears to be coming out to the public, let alone whatever is being shared among law enforcement at the moment. >> to be clear for folks who just might be joining us here at the top of the hour, our justice correspondent pete williams telling us a short time ago that there is a suspect in custody. at this point, the suspect's name, 26-year-old esteban santiago. he had a military i.d. on him at the time. we heard from two eyewitnesss here during the hour, two people who saw the shooting up close. one of them -- one of the eyewitnesss telling us that the person to his right and the person to his left were both shot and that they heard the shooter say absolutely nothing. he was wearing, according to
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accounts, dark blue star wars t-shirt. he appeared to be acting alone when he walked into the baggage claim area of terminal two near starbucks and started opening fire. again, apparently randomly. the eyewitness is saying it did not appear as if he had his eyes set on any -- any particular target. jackie zimmerman, jackie zimmerman is on the tarmac right now. she joins me on the phone. jackie, what are you seeing from your vantage point? and precisely, where are you? >> i'm currently on the tarmac outside of terminal three. and right now there's -- people are starting to move, it looks like, we're all moving. i don't really know where they're going because i haven't gont any information about what's happening or where they're moving. people are definitely starting to evacuate the tarmac. but i don't know why. >> where -- you said they're evacuating the tarmac. where are they going?
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>> it looks like they are heading towards the airport, but i don't see anybody going inside anywhere. i don't see -- i think they're all just starting to migrate. it's one of those crowd mentalities, someone starts to walk and looks like everyone is following. >> at one point we saw folks running on that tarmac away from the airport. was that the scene a few moments ago as well? were folks running or walking calmly? >> there was a mix. most people, i would say, were running. a little panicked. there were definitely some folks walking but there was a lot of panic there for a little while. >> there were reports of gunshots as well, or things that sounded like they could be gunshots. did you hear anything like that? >> i did not. i was actually at my gate, so i wasn't near baggage or wherever that was happening. i was in terminal three. from what i hear, these things happened in terminal one or two, but i'm not positive. >> i know you can't see these images, but for our viewers and
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listeners at home right now, left side of your screen, this is an image of s.w.a.t. these are s.w.a.t. team members. commissioner bill bratton told me a moment ago. what kind of vehicle is that? >> called a bear cat, an armored vehicle. >> we saw this pull up roughly 15 minutes ago. more than a dozen -- a dozen folks bearing assault weapons hospitalized out. you can see them still gathered there. we do not know precisely where this is in relation to terminal two or the rest of the airport. another ambulance going to or from the airport. it's unclear. what is clear is this is still very much an active situation. we don't know if there's another shooter inside or outside.
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according to our justice correspondent, one shooter has been taken into custody. a 26-year-old who was found with a military i.d. on his person. no information at this point related to a motive. a number of folks we talked to over the past two hours or so saw this shooting unfold up close. they describe a man in his 20s, which would jibe with what we're getting. walked into terminal two, open fire completely randomly hitting a number of people. at this point, five people are dead, eight people are injured, a number of folks have been taken to a nearby hospital. as we watch this law enforcement presence swell outside the florida hollywood international airport. jackie, are you still on the phone with me? >> yes, i am. >> stand by. i want to listen in to kerry sanders for just a moment. >> reporter: that's the area that's been evacuated there. that's where most of the attention is being paid right now as the authorities are
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trying to determine, again, do they have an end to the situation or is there still a threat? i think that's the biggest question and it's not answered, quite frankly. >> that was kerry sanders for us outside the airport. jackie, you're still on the phone with me. again, jackie, to be clear, the tarmac that you're on, you're outside which terminal? >> we are outside terminal three. >> outside terminal three. for folks who are not familiar with the layout of that airport, terminal three literally right next to terminal two where all this unfolded, correct? >> yes. >> how did you realize that something had gone terribly wrong this afternoon, jackie? where were you? >> well, i had already gone through security at one point, and -- actually, when i was going through security, i had heard the guard checking my i.d. speak into his phone, very calmly and collectively say there was a shooting in terminal two, i think he said.
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i thought maybe i misheard him because i thought, there's no way there was a shooting in the terminal. and i went and got some food and sitting down and i had a couple of my coworkers call me and ask me if i was okay. i had no idea what they were talking about. it was the shooting. it was calm in terminal three for a while. then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was panic. everybody screamed and yelled and everybody was yelling to hit the deck. just mass chaos. i didn't hear anything, i didn't see anything. when everybody does that, you follow suit because it's terrifying. and then all of a sudden, it was run, everybody run. everybody ran to the jetway. there were people trampling each other, a small child trampled, a woman who lost her son. it was mass chaos. i'm not sure there was really a catalyst, that i can speak to, but it was definitely scary because when that many people freak out at one time, it's really hard to say what can happen when they're all scared. >> chaos, chaos just erupted?
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>> yes. >> right now, this scene, is it less chaotic or -- >> it is. it is. it's less chaotic. unfortunately, it's starting to rain now. where i saw everybody moving, they're not going inside. they're trying to find shelter under planes and jetways and baggage carts. we're not going inside but it's starting to sprinkle. that's not really making this a pleasant experience. >> and to be clear, again, law enforcement not really giving you a great deal of information there on the tarmac right now, is that correct? >> yeah, nobody has told us anything. like, absolutely nothing. >> other than to stay where you are. >> they didn't even say, stay where you are. just not talking to us at all. >> how did you end up on the tarmac then? >> well, when we were in the terminal, everybody panicked. it went from everybody being on the ground to everybody screaming to run to get out, to leave.
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and nobody told to us do that but, again, you know, mob mentality, everybody ran. so, we all walked down the jetway and walked down the stairs at the end of the jetway and -- i mean, from multiple gates. i had a friend, you know, in the same terminal but at a very different gate and they all ended up outside as well. >> thank you for your time. do stay in touch with us if you can. please be safe. >> sure. >> again, we continue to watch the situation unfold at the florida hollywood international airport. i am going to hand things over to my colleague, kate snow right now. >> craig, thank you so much. we, again, have been following this now for about two hours on the east coast. this happened just before 1:00 eastern time. what we know happened was a shooting inside terminal two, the baggage claim area of the ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. what we don't know is what you're watching play out live on
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your tv screen. i want to get right to mayor barbara, broward county sheriff. can you hear me? >> yes, i'm hear. >> can you help us and our viewers understand what the situation is right now, as far as you know? >> okay. i want to clarify. i'm the mayor of broward kshgts i county, i'm not the sheriff. what's happening right now is someone that was leaving the airport in the parking garage thought they heard something that sounded like gunshots, because all law enforcement officers are on scene right now. they thought out of an abundance of caution we should evacuate the parking lot area, clear that area out, give it a sweep and make sure nothing is going on. at this time there is no confirmation at all that there is another active shooting at the airport. >> just to reiterate. someone in the parking garage area heard something? and that's -- >> yes. >> that's causing the response we're seeing right now? >> yes, that's correct. >> is there any indication that
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that event in the parking garage is in any way related to what happened in backage claim of terminal two? >> no, there is not. >> as far as what we knew about the earlier situation, this tragic situation with five people dead s our latest reporting, eight people injured, is that your understanding and is your understanding that the one suspect who we now know is in custody was the sole suspect? >> there is five dead, 13 injured on the way to area hospitals at this point in time. >> 13. >> i'll update those numbers. >> 13 injured. >> five dead, 13 on the way to area hospitals. >> so, just to be clear. 13 in addition to the five who are deceased? >> yes, that's correct. >> okay. where are they on their way to? >> the hospitals in the surrounding areas for treatment. >> and as far as you know, mayor, the one person who's in custody, who we have now identified as esteban santiago, a 26-year-old man, is that the
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only gunman? >> there is only one gunman in custody at this time. our law enforcement agents are not wanting to release the name of the suspect, of the shooter. and i am not going to be able to confirm that for you. but at this time, there is a lone shooter. it is a male. is he in cushitody. he has been in custody for quite some time. at this time the commotion you're seeing on tv and on the screen is about the -- only about the parking garage. >> somebody -- to be specific, what did they hear again, do you know? >> someone said they heard something that sounded like gunshot. >> mayor barbara sharief of broward county, thank you so much. >> you're very welcome. >> let me bring in tom costello. he covers aviation. he's been with us. do you have more information? >> a couple pieces. first of all, ft. lauderdale is a hub airport. they would hate to be called
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that, but they're part of the greater miami area. miami, for its part, is operating normally but increased police presence. if you've ever been to miami, you know they operate those roving police s.w.a.t. teams, those tactical teams through the airports. they're on full deployment pp. l.a.x. in los angeles fully deployed at this hour. new york doing the same. new york state police responding to the various airports to back up the new york port authority in those airports, at jfk, we presume also at newark and laguardia. as i mentioned, miami is also in a forward-leaning posture. the situation on the ground has been so volatile that ft. lauderdale is closed at this moment. no airplanes are going in, none are going out. i suspect it will remain that way for quite some time. the biggest problem is all those people right there, the people out on the ramp, on the tarmac,
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they have been ebbing and flowing, running out, coming back out, running back out to the ramp. it's been a very, very difficult security posture to ensure that that airport perimeter is secure and that the people out on the ramp are, in fact, all screened and secure. it's going to take some time before everybody out there on the ramp and rescreened, that their confident they've got everything under control and that the perimeter is secure. this could take through the evening, i would guess. but at the moment, miami is operating normally. ft. lauderdale is closed at the moment. >> tom costello following things for us. thank you. i want to go to kerry sanders, who's actually there at the airport. kerry, tell us your exact position and what do you know now? >> reporter: well, right now i'm between terminals one and terminals two. ft. lauderdale airport is in broward county and broward county commissioner sent out a posting on his facebook.
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says the shooter was a passenger on a canadian flight with a checked gun. he claimed his bag and took the gun from baggage and went into the bathroom to load it, came out shooting people in baggage claim. there were 13 total shot -- 13 total shot, five dead, eight transported to the hospital. if this information is correct, that means terminal two, which is right over there, primarily delta air lines but also air canada. if this information is correct, it may have been an international passenger with a gun, somehow getting a gun checked, which you can do, checking a gun in checked luggage, picking up his luggage down at baggage claim. according to broward county commissioner, then went into one of the bathrooms, came out and that's when the firing began. there's going to be a lot of questions here about if this information turns out to be true. meanwhile, let me come up here and just take a look and see what's happening. so, this is what we've seen happen, kate, throughout the day here. i'm going to step out of the way here.
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you can see -- they seem to be picking up some speed anyway. that is the broward sheriff's office there. that's part of their s.w.a.t. team. we've seen a tremendous number of armed officers like that moving from terminal to terminal to terminal. to give you the layout of how this airport works -- here come some more. let me step out of the way. well, they are not running or moving with the force that would suggest there's anything active happening up there at terminal two. simply securing, perhaps, more of that area. let me go back to sort of the layout for people who have never been to this airport. this is terminal one. i'll swing you around. there's terminal two. there's terminal three and terminal four. can you see how you walk here. you walk outside. it's not as if the terminals are connected. then over here, kate, this is where we have the parking structure. this is the parking garage for terminal one, terminal two. it's connect there had with a little bridge over there to parking garage that handles
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parking from terminals two, three and four. that is where we saw the officers running in. i was way down on the other side, past those lights you see, when i saw the officers come out. they were directing passengers who were inside the airport to evacuate as quickly as possible. then officers along with some k-9 units, i assume bomb-sniffing dogs, made their way into the parking structure. there were reports there was a car surrounded. i did not see officers exit. we saw a lot more go in and a few come out, which may suggest they're still inside that parking structure. and then reports, not confirmed, reports there were shots fired over here in terminal one and then some other shots fired over in the parking structure. it's a little chaotic. it's not yet sorted out. in a situation like this what you sometimes have happen is that you have chaos and people hearing things and seeing things
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that are not necessarily the case. that can create panic. so, it's best at this point to say what we do know is there was the one gunman inside terminal two here. downstairs in the baggage claim who fired his weapon multiple times. we've heard from an eyewitness who described the horrific scene of people bleeding out, people dying, and what he felt was like a long time before the authorities came for a response. let me just see if i can talk to this guy here. >> kerry, let me -- >> reporter: can you tell me what's going on? >> no, sorry. >> reporter: they're clearly working. go ahead. >> we did speak with mayor barbara sharief, broward county mayor, she said there was a report in the parking garage from someone who heard shots fired. she said that's why we're seeing that response you just described. which parking structure is that? we have a map we keep showing. do you know what the name of that parking garage is?
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>> reporter: boy, you know, and i come to this airport all the time. i don't know the name of it. it's not rental car. it's beyond rental car. you go into the rental kashcar, parking garage and then a structure -- >> across from terminal two? >> reporter: across from terminal two. >> that's the palm garage, according to our map. does that jibe with what you're seeing on the ground, if the mayor says someone in that parking garage heard something and that's why we're seeing that response? >> reporter: i would say so. again, you know, having sadly covered events that are chaotic, woo where gunshots are fired and people see guns, it's not uncommon for people to think they hear or see things. remember, what we know about terrorism is there is a distraction and then another event. so, it's very possible. the police have to treat every report as if it is an active threat. they have to respond. but based on my observations,
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and i did not go into the parking structure, but based on my observations i saw them go in, i saw very few come out. i would say at minimum they're still looking at something inside that parking structure. >> the reason we're still seeing -- in the upper right of your screen, we're still seeing people out on the tarmac. we're seeing lots of people gathered, baggage carts. we're seeing people sitting in baggage carts. why are they not in the airport, do you know? >> reporter: i think the way this is working is because terminal two, right here, and those people are just on the other side of where i'm standing, because terminal two is essentially a crime scene, they don't want people coming in and contaminating the crime scene. bit same token, there are witnesses there, people who can provide information to the police. obviously, the sheriff's department is going to be able to review security camera foota
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footage. they're going to be able to determine a lot of what happened when they review that. there are people who can tell them some details and they don't want them scattering. and people are separated from their luggage. the logistical challenge of getting people reunited with their belongings is sort of sit there, wait, let's work it out. >> just one last note, kerry. what you just reported moments ago about it potentially being someone who was on a canian flight from canada who was responble fothe shooting, that does not match, i don't think, with what one of the eyewitnesss told us earlier. he said he saw the shooter enter from outside the building. so, we've got conflicting reports, just so our viewers know. as always happens, as kerry has noted in situations like this, information is fluid, things are changing. >> reporter: air canada is there. you would have to clear customs. customs is not in that terminal, but coming from canada, the u.s. has set up an opportunity to
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preclear customs in canada before arriving in the united states. so, were this passenger to have come from canada and were to have precleared immigration by customs there, that's why he would have landed in a domestic terminal. >> kerry sanders, thank you. i'll let you go. stay close. cal perry is with me here in studio in new york. it's so hard, cal, because we're seeing these pictures in real time. it looks scary. for people just tuning in, they're wondering, what on earth is happening? on the left side of your screen, you see hundreds of people evacuated outside of the terminal. ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport in florida. about 20 miles north of miami. on the right side of your screen we have what looks to be an active situation around the parking garage. can you lay this out for us? what's the schematic or what's the area? >> definitely. like you said, it's been now for two hours and almost 30 minutes we've had these gripping, live pictures. we haven't had a chance to look at the layout.
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if we put that graphic back up of the airport i'll go over what kerry sanders was talking about. in the yellow you have terminal one. in the red is terminal two. shortly after 1:00 p.m. in terminal two, in that lower level of the baggage claim where the first shooting took place. the only shooting we know of for sure that took place. we have some video of the aftermath. i want to warn our viewers. it's a bit graphic. this is what it looked like moments after the shooting took place. >> flying all around us -- >> an hour and 25 minutes after that video was taken, reports started emerging there had been shots fired in, quoeshgts terminterquote, terminal one parking garage.
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there is no terminal one parking garage. we heard from kerry sanders he saw people running into that palm garage. that seems to be that's where that sound was coming from. again, it underscores this idea that panic can so easily spread in these situations. we saw here in new york city at jfk airport a suspicious bag that cleared an entire terminal and word spread -- >> one person says something, and everyone starts running. >> oftentimes what happens during a shooting, law enforcement will arrive on the scene and some will be undercover. people will be calling 911 saying, i see a man running with a gun. i'm not saying that's what happened in this case. but that's often what happens in these cases. either way, law enforcement out of an abundance of caution, and you see the traffic starting to back up on the freeways surrounding the airport, out of an abundance of caution is creating these perimeters. they'll try to find the car maybe the shooter came in. but we're hearing these reports that maybe he flew in from
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canada. >> broward county commissioner. >> until they know for sure, they'll keep it on lockdown and perimeters up. >> it's possible it could have been a car backfiring. it could have been a lot of thins someone heard. it could be another situation. unfortunately, we're in the dark right now. >> it could be. if you're in that situation, i mean, people are scared. people are running. people are really going to be terrified of a second shooter, especially in the sort of atmosphere we live in today where we're always on heightened alert for multiple attacks. >> to go back to what we do know about the shooting that happened. it was reported just before 1:00 eastern time. calls started coming into broward county sheriff's department there had been this shooting. we talked to eyewitnesss who described in vivid detail one man who now we now are identifying as esteban santiago, 26 years old, walking into the baggage area where everybody knows this scene, where you're picking up your baggage off the carousel and indiscriminately firing at people, without saying
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a word, according to multiple eyewitnesss. just shooting. reloading and then shooting again. and i don't want it to get lost as we're trying to figure out what's happening live now, that five people are deceased. >> five people are dead. it seems like at least a dozen others have been wounded. >> we heard between eight and 13. >> again, look, early hours of this you're going to have these conflicting reports. what we do know is the shooter was shooting indiscriminately at people. he was clearly trained on this weapon. we know he had a veteran i.d., a military i.d., so he could be a veteran. we're seeing something happening in the lower right hand of your screen. this might be a press -- >> i think we may get a press briefing here. i can't see well enough to see who that is. i'm going to guess it would be broward county sheriffs because they were the first responders to the situation. let's see if they're walking up to microphones. >> good afternoon. i'm here today with the director of the ft. lauderdale
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international airport and george, from federal bureau of investigation. shortly before 1:00 p.m. today we had an active shooter inside terminal two, lower level, by baggage. the active shooter shot at least 13 people. eat peop eight people are in area hospitals being treated. i don't know the degree of their injuries. five people have succumbed to their wounds and tragically are dead. we are not releasing any information on any of the victims until we identify them, which is going to take some time. we are able to respectfully notify the next of kin first. the investigation continues. we have area s.w.a.t. teams, broward county s.w.a.t. team, clearing the entire airport. there will be no movement in or about the airport until s.w.a.t. teams give me real-time information that it's safe. right now we're taking this
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scene is considered fluid and active. we -- we have one of the more critical pieces of information is we have the shooter in custody. he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. the subject is being interviewed by a team of fbi agents and broward sheriff's department office homicide detectives. there's been incredible cohesive and cooperation between broward county sheriff's department, fbi and all the local law enforcement. we'll answer your questions at the end. we'll answer your questions at the end. at this point i'll put the director of the airport on to tell you about what's going on at the airport. then you'll hear from s.a.c., and then i'll come back to answer more questions. >> thank you, sheriff. my name is mark gale, director of ft. lauderdale international
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airport. when the incident occurred, we responded. many of you know that we suspended operations at the airport for the time being. we're working together with all the law enforcement to address all the needs and concerns of the passengers that are inside the building and on airplanes right now. they're all sheltered in place. we're not sure exactly when the airport will reopen for operations. we're going to work together with all the law enforcement that's here, our airlines, and all the other agencies before we actually move to reopen up the airport. in the meantime, as the sheriff has indicated, we're going to go step by step, methodically through the building, before we take any steps to reopen operations. we'll keep everybody informed as best we can through social media and airport website when that will occur. we'll also set up a hot line for family and friends who may be looking for folks who they haven't been able to reach and contact. we'll publish that in the relatively near future on the website and through social media. that's all have i for now.
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>> good afternoon. i'm the special agent in charge of the fbi's miami field office. as the sheriff mentioned, the fbi is working very closely with the broward sheriff's office, supporting their ongoing efforts at the airport. we're working jointly doing the witness interviews as well as the suspect interview. the investigation is very early. we have a lot of preliminary information that we are going through. but at this point, our role is to actively support the broward sheriff's office until we make a determination on the nature and motive of this. thank you. >> we heard about a shooting in terminal one. what can you tell us about that? >> at this time there's no -- there has been no shooting anyplace else but at the downstairs of terminal to. there's no confirmation of any shooting. at this point as i speak, the only gunshots fired at any time during this horrific incident have been downstairs in terminal two. >> what happened in terminal one? people said they heard shots
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upstairs. >> seems like someone got injured evacuated. no gunshot or anything like that. [ inaudible ] >> heard shots at the other terminal, heard shots directly behind him inside the parking lot. >> we've had no confirmation of that. we have law enforcement, federal, state and local, throughout the airport. no law enforcement at this time has confirmed there's been any gunshots other than was fired in terminal two. >> we saw someone being arrested. is there another person possibly involved. >> not in the shooting aspect of it. we're reviewing tapes. if someone was arrested, it might be for a plethora of things. to my knowledge, no one was taken into custody. people could have been secured, in handcuffs until we found out who they were, what they were and how they were related or not related to this scenario. i don't know if they were physically arrested or not but there's been -- >> at the gate? >> around the baggage area. >> any information as to why?
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>> one suspect only, in custody. we're not releasing any information on that suspect. >> are you able to say what kind of weapon was used in the shooting in terminal two? >> no. >> an automatic? semi-automatic? >> we're not going to comment. >> when we apprehended him, the suspect was arrested without incident. >> any motive? >> i don't know. >> does it appear the shooter was waiting for someone to arrive in baggage and then ambush them? >> we're at the very beginning of the investigative stages. that's what this is all about. that's why at this point the lead on the investigation is with the broward sheriff's office. if we do uncover at some time this was related to any type of terrorist or terrorist activities, then the fbi will have complete incident command of this. we'll be assisting the fbi as we move forward with the investigation. also, i want to say, this is not the time for anybody to call 911 on this incident. we're all over here. if you have a real emergency, of
12:33 pm
course, but please keep the 911 lines open. if you need information, you can follow us on twitter @sheriff. >> did he act alone? >> @browardsheriff, on twitter @browardsheriff. >> did a vehicle belong to the shooter? >> not to my knowledge. >> at this point doesn't seem to be a terrorism indication or too early? >> it's too early to say either way on this. that's what's going on right now. >> where were people coming from? do you know? >> i do know. i do know what flight but we're not releasing any information until we can positively identify the victims in a respectful dignified manner notify the next of kin. >> sheriff, can you -- >> were the victims men, women, children? >> no, we're not -- >> this guy acted alone? >> at this point it looks like he acted alone. >> a second active shooter --
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[ inaudible ] >> yes, there's no -- there's no -- at this point, there's no second active shooter. there are no victims suffering from any gunshot wounds. we heard that information as well. it's not confirmed. right now, we're dealing with this incident right here. >> can you tell us what was going on in the parking garage? we had agents, guns drawn? >> i'm sure they were looking for, you know, clearing parking lots. we have a variety of s.w.a.t. teams out and assets out, clearing the entire airport to make sure it's safe. just doing their job, working very hard and diligently. >> how many -- it's friday afternoon. about how busy was the airport? is this the busiest it is during the week, given it's friday afternoon, sort of the height of tourist season? >> the airport's always very busy. we're one of the fastest growing airports in the country. again, the terminals are very full right now. our passengers are sheltered in place. we'll be working with law enforcement to actually get them released systematically, as the
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sheriff indicated, terminal by terminal, to make sure folks are able to exit safely as they proceed with their clearing duties. >> do you have any idea how many people are secured either across the runways, in the terminal? any estimate? >> right now we have everybody in the terminal or some airplanes that have landed that we still have airplanes with people on board that have landed that have not been brought into the terminal building. it's possible those airplanes may depart and not come into the terminal building. on any given day we typically handle between 80,000 and 100,000 passengers coming through the facility. >> so those planes may not be able to get off? >> that's a possibility. we're working with the airlines. some decision may be made. it hasn't been confirmed that they may actually depart for other cities. we'll go through the terminals very slowly and methodically to make sure everything is clear before we make any decisions about releasing additional passengers into the building on top of those already still in the facility. >> how many were in terminal two when you --
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>> i don't have that information. >> how many were in the baggage area? >> i don't have that information. typically in the baggage claim there can be hundreds at any one point in time. but i don't know what the number was. >> how many planes have landed and not allowed to depart? >> i don't have the number of those on the ground right now. >> where can passengers get that information? >> we'll put information on our website and also on twitter @ twitter @fllflyer. >> can you give us a timeline. when to your knowledge did the shooting begin? how long was the shooter at large? how long was he inside the terminal? >> where is he being interrogated? >> as i said, it happened just before 1:00. we're not going to give out any specific information about the logistics. as i said before -- >> how long did it take to apprehend? >> shortly thereafter. almost immediately after the shooting. >> who got him? >> did a -- >> he was apprehended by broward
12:37 pm
sheriff and taken into custody without incident. >> he checked his gun on the luggage, and took his weapon out and went in the bathroom and loaded it? >> that's all part of an ongoing investigation. >> we heard he laid on the floor. can you talk -- >> i haven't gotten that far. all i know is the gunman is in custody. he's being interviewed by the team of fbi agents and broward sheriff's deputies. at the time once we establish motive and the investigation continues and we find out what that motive is, myself and mr. piro, the director of the fbi, will make the decision on who takes the lead on the continuing investigation. >> did any of your deputies fire their weapons at this parking garage? is that possibly what we heard? what did we hear? >> i don't know what you heard. but there's no confirmation of gunshot but at the time of this
12:38 pm
horrific, horrific incident. >> can you say if the gunman was a passenger or come in at the arrivals area? >> we know that information but it's not something we're going to release at this time. >> can you say where he's being interrogated? >> where he is right now? i'm not sure where he is right now. >> sheriff, there was no other viable threat, a second threat, why would the airport be closed after the first was arrested and interrogated? why shut down the airport? >> as i said, we can't say there's no viable threat. we have to clear the airport. it's just a common sense approach. my concern right now -- not only with the families of those who are lost, but my concern is with the citizens broward county. until myself and the director of the s.a.c.f thfbi, until w believe that this airport is a safe place and people can move about, it won't be opened. >> last question. >> excuse me? >> how many deputies at the
12:39 pm
airport at the time of the shooting? >> i'm not sure. thank you very much. please follow us @browardsheriff on twitter. >> what caused the evacuation? >> i'm not sure. >> well, the headline out of sheriff of broward county, florida, he does not believe there was any shooting anyplace else at that airport other than the one we know about, which occurred around 1:00 p.m. eastern time. just about 2 1/2 hours ago. that shooting caused the deaths of five people. eight more people still being treated at local hospitals. no confirmation, he said, of any other shots fired. when he was asked about this picture that you're looking at on screen here about the parking garage where we're watching s.w.a.t. teams surround the parking garage, he said only that they're clearing the parking lots to make sure it's safe. cal perry is with me and has been listening in as well.
12:40 pm
we got some information there, cal, but the airport operator saying that they are still keeping the airport operation suspended at this time. and there's still a bit of confusion about where people are and why people were on the tarmac. >> we were sort of talking about this when the press conference started. out of abundance of caution, they're going to go certainly through a number of things. one will be to lock down these parking structures until we know whether or not the shoot are came in on a flight or drove a car, they're going to be looking for that car. >> stand by. stand by. we're going to listen in on pete williams. >> born in new jersey, family comes from puerto rico. he served in the army national guard. he apparently signed up for the u.s. army reserve, i should say, in august of 2016. he had a, we believe, was living in alaska. and authorities -- several authorities have told us that he actually arrived at the airport,
12:41 pm
didn't drive to the airport. he actually flew to the airport on a flight from canada. that it arrived at the airport. that he retrieved his checked bag, which had the firearm in it. now, we don't know whether -- there's a procedure when you fly, you can declare you have a firearm. it has to be unloaded, you know, hunters travel this way all the time. you can do this. there's a system for it. he apparently had the firearm, according to law enforcement, in his checked bag. he retrieved it, loaded it right there in baggage claim or stepped away to a rest room to do it. in any event, he got the gun from his checked bag and began firing it, according to law enforcement officials. >> so, that there from pete williams. more information than we had before. confirming the shooter, who we now know the name, esteban santiago, 26 years old, born in new jersey. pete williams reporting that he
12:42 pm
did sign up for the army national guard. we had heard earlier he might have a military i.d. pete williams confirming he was at least to be a member of the military, if not already active duty. also pete williams reporting what we heard from kerry sanders a short time ago from a broward county local official, which is that this man -- several sources have told pete williams that this man flew to the airport on a flight from canada. in fact, had the firearm in his checked bag before he obviously took it out and used it in baggage claim. how he checked that or how he got that gun through security, as pete was saying s a mystery. cal perry? >> from tsa website, here's what they say about checking firearms. firearms must be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container and transported as checked baggage only. only the passenger should retain the key or combination to that lock. what you said, i think, really is important here, which is we have eyewitnesss who say the shooter walked into baggage
12:43 pm
claim. we know now he came in on a flight. both of those things can be true. as you heard -- >> he could have come into the international terminal. >> correct. and he would have needed a place to go and unlock this container, load the weapon and then start using that weapon. he's not going to do that in the open at baggage claim. the other thing that's really interesting here is we're talking about a u.s. veteran. he would have had weapons training. this, i think, unfortunately, sadly, would explain why it's such a high death toll and why we heard eyewitnesss say the shooter reloaded that weapon multiple times. >> i'm not sure from what pete said whether he was, indeed, a veteran or had just signed up. did i get that right? he said august 2016, so very recently he had enlisted with the army national guard. let me bring in -- is that correct? yes. >> i think so. >> we'll check that. our producers say they heard that as well. let me go to clint van zandt, an msnbc contributor, former fbi
12:44 pm
profiler. you've been listening to all of this. that briefing that we just heard, again, the good news is that they're saying there is no other shooting, despite the fact that we're seeing tape of people running. that appears to be just, you know, normal crowd behavior. people are upset and worried and they heard something was happening and they started running. the bad news is we do have five deaths. >> the bad news, yes, we have five deaths. we have multiple wounded, upwards -- nine, we're told. i think the challenge right now from the investigative side, you have this dual -- a two-track investigation. the sheriff's office rightly has taken the lead. it's their territory. they're the lead investigator. as you saw, the head of a local fbi office, miami, is there. the fbi is working in a partnership. in a case like this, the fbi may well be gathering the evidence, doing the interviews, they're doing the subject interview of
12:45 pm
the believed shooter. of course, kate, the reason for this is that if it turns out to have any type of terroristic aspect whatsoever, the lead agency will immediately flip over to the fbi. so, the fbi and sheriff's office are going to be there. they're going to share every bit of information they can come up with. and realize right now, if this information that we're told is correct, if the shooter came in from canada, we're going to be calling on the rcmp or some other canadian agency to start investigate -- >> clint, let me interrupt you. stand by because i want to explain what's happening here. they are clearing the parking garages. presumably that is someone who has nothing to do with anything. it probably an employee who is walking over with his hands up to show that he's not armed. this is standard procedure, right, clint, when you go in to start clearing areas? >> yeah. this is standard procedure. but these are dangerous times. realize with this many people shot and injured, passengers,
12:46 pm
people driving in to pick their loved ones up, law enforcement, everybody is going to be very, very edgy right now. what law enforcement wants to see is the palm of everybody's hands when they say, let me see your hands, let me know who you are, and realize, kate, the challenge of this. they have to clear the airport. they have to gather the evidence. they have to reunite passengers with baggage. and likely, they're going to have to identify every driver and every car that's coming in and out of the airport on the off-chance there was somebody there to pick the shooter up. we've got one shooter, we understand that. but as in the past cases, who else knew about his plans who else participated? msnbc had an eyewitness on about an hour ago who said this guy calmly, with what was described as a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, went through two, if not three magazines of ammunition, dropped the weapon and laid prone in front of the doors. now, what's interesting, kate, is he didn't run out.
12:47 pm
he didn't shoot himself. he didn't try to engage law enforcement. he didn't try to mix in with the crowd and sneak away. so, motive is still a primary thing we have to determine early on. >> clint van zandt with us, former fbi. thank you. i want to bring in pete williams, who we just heard from a few moments ago when pete was reporting for our nbc network on a special report. we heard you say a couple new details about the shooter. wasn't clear, pete, if you said that he was enlisted in the army national guard or was attempting to? >> no, he had signed up for the army reserve. and had done so in august of 2016. this would explain what several people have told us is that he had a military i.d. on him when he was arrested. so, the details you see on the screen is what we understand, his name, born in new jersey. authorities tell us his family is originally from puerto rico. born march 16, 1990, which would
12:48 pm
make him 26. lived for a time in alaska. and according to authorities, flew to the airport in ft. lauderdale today. boarded a plane in canada and arrived at the airport. we're not sure. we've looked at the flights that come into ft. lauderdale from canada around there. trying to square up when those flights arrived versus when the shooting happened. some of them overlap. so, it can't be those flights. we're trying to figure out what the likely flight is he came in on. they say he had checked his firearm. witnesses, and i believe the sheriff may have said it -- well, some witnesses have said, in any event, it was a handgun. so he checked the weapon. there is a procedure for doing this. if you have a firearm and you want to fly with it, you can do it. hunters do this all the time. you check the firearm, has to be unloaded. it's in a certain kind of case, you declare it and put it in the checked baggage. you can't take it in your carry-on, obviously.
12:49 pm
but there's a procedure to do this. according to authorities, that's what he did, that he checked the handgun. then, when he arrived at the airport in ft. lauderdale, he went to the baggage claim area, retrieved the gun out of the bag and then began shooting. at some point, loading it. whether he did so right there at the baggage claim area or whether he went to a rest room or someplace where he couldn't be seen. he loaded the gun and then stepped back out and started shooting. >> a couple of things, pete. the broward county sheriff, who we just heard from, did not want to specify what kind of weapon was used. we talked to mark lea earlier this afternoon. craig melvin was interviewing him. he's an eyewitness who said he saw a .9-millimeter gun. >> that's the very most common kind right now. that's probably one of the most popular firearms in america. that refers to the size of the round. very common gun. and it's the kind that would take the -- the rounds would be
12:50 pm
in a clip. >> a cartridge. >> cartridge or magazine, as they're called. witnesses have said he stopped to reload. so, you simply press a button on the side of the weapon. the clip falls out. you put a new new one in. and you preload those magazines or clips so that you don't have to stand there and put the rounds in. so it's a very fast thing and that's apparently why he was able to get off shots before the authorities finally confronted him. >> and in terms of how he got into the terminal, eyewitnesss have told us that he came in from an out r door into that baggage claim area. and flew in on a flight from canada into a different terminal now and went outside and got his gun ready and came into this terminal. >> we don't know -- because we don't know which flight it was, we don't know which terminal he came into whether it's that one that was -- whether his bags were at that place where the shooting happening or whether it was somewhere else.
12:51 pm
>> pete, we're now showing tape from earlier, but we've been seeing live images just a few minutes ago right before you came on, pete. o. >> two things, and you heard the sheriff say that they only know of one gunman today. now, very often when you have these scenes where shots are fired you see people report that there were shots fired somewhere else or people with guns somewhere else. it's completely understandable. you often times have law enforcement people show up that are plain clothes carrying weapons and witnesses don't know what's going on. early on there was a report of a
12:52 pm
second either a second shooter or a second person with a gun. >> and this is the video we're seeing right now of people run, pete, it's because they heard that rumor that there was another shot. >> and they were ordered to evacuate from the areas where they were. everything we've been told is that that is not the case. no second shooter has been found. to all the buildings to make sure there was nothing else. where shots were fired. consequences and when people come out of those buildings. the universities and the shooting. and that's the standard
12:53 pm
protocol. and. >> pete williams with us reporting, thank you so much. we referred to eyewitness news reports that are stunning. and incredible and this kind of situation. going into their hand luggage, pulling out shirts, applying it to wounds, trying to get people out. and we saw meet evacuation of people on the hospitals. and this pertains to how -- and this is the video of the aftermath here. and you can see on a day when we
12:54 pm
have a lot going on at the same time. this is the video from a couple of hours ago. donald trump, the president-elect, is reacting to -- okay, i'm hearing he's reacting to what's happened in florida. we don't quite have our reporter just yet -- i'm sorry so interrupt you. >> in most canadian airports with, you clear u.s. customs in canada. terminal two is where they come into. passengers walk off the flights as if it were a domestic flight. you go through customs before you get on the plane. >> i've done that in toronto. you go through u.s. customs in toronto, in the airport in toronto, for example, and by the time you land in the u.s., you don't have to go through customs. >> and that would explain why the passengers arriving from this flight from canada arrived as if it was a domestic flight. they had already cleared customs. >> could be he arrived in with the other domestic passengers. do we have yet at trump tower or are we waiting for that? not quite. okay, we'll continue to talk about what's happening in florida. just know that this is a very
12:55 pm
busy news day on a friday afternoon where we are also obviously have a lot of developments involving the president-elect. he had a briefing this afternoon. an intelligence briefing which we believe has just recently wrapped up. and that was, of course, about the hacking situation, and that was -- that was the news of the day until this unfortunate news broke out. >> and that briefing would have happened just 30 minutes before the shooting began. >> that's right. >> let me go to crest ten welker, are you there? >> i am. and you're right, the president-elect is monitoring the situation here from trump tower. let me read you the tweet that he put out just moments ago. and then we'll give some analysis on the other side. tweeted out, monitoring the terrible situation in florida. just spoke with governor scott. thoughts and prayers for all, stay safe. governor scott also putting out a statement saying he spoken with the president-elect, worth noting, this is unfolding about an hour away from his estate in mar-a-lago, in palm beach, florida. again the president-elect and
12:56 pm
all started to break as he was wrapping up an intelligence briefing with the nation's top intelligence officials. of course and focussing oen that briefing today. and in the community and and that russia was behind the hacking into the dnc and other entities during the 2016 race. in a statement, the president-elect called the meeting constructive and called for stepped up cyber security. but right now, the focus has really shifted here at trump tower from that briefing now to what's happening. and the tragedy unfolding in florida. back to you. >> and kristen, just to put a point on this earlier today, we were all talking about what would happen after that briefing and whether donald trump might say something about what he thinks of the intelligence that he was provided because, of course, for the past several days. he's been very critical of people in the intelligence world saying he doesn't know whether russia was really behind the hacking. we haven't heard anything this
12:57 pm
afternoon on that front. >> reporter: so he never came out and spoke to us, kate. we did get a statement from the president-elect. couple of takeaways from that statement. one, he allowed that russia may be among the foreign entities that's hacking into u.s. computers. he said russia, china, and other foreign government governments are doing this. he did not point the finger at russia directly though, kate, as we have heard from u.s. intelligence officials and, of course, from lawmakers on capitol hill. instead, he call itted for stepped up cyber security and he called for a report to determine how that can better move forward in the future and how the united states can better protect itself in the future. he also said he believes this election was not tampered with in terms of the outcome of the race. so he really stressed that point in the statement that he released. and again, for the first time in a long time, kate, not trashing intelligence officials. calling this meeting that lasted
12:58 pm
about two hours constructive and you'll recall that going into this meeting, there was really an unprecedented rift between the president-elect and the intelligence community because he had lashed out at them on twitter and during interviews. so again, the president-elect calling this two-hour meeting constructive and calling for stepped up cyber security, but now again, his focus shifting tonight to what's happening in florida. >> right, and kristen, i appreciate you updating us on that as we shift back to what's happening in florida as well, kristen welker out at trump tower. clint van zant remains with me. we learned from pete williams that was man was on an incoming flight flying to ft. lauderdale from dan. had apparently checked his weapon and then when he got to florida was able to get the weapon out of baggage claim and somehow load it and do what he did allegedly. tell me what you would be doing if you were the investigator ore on this right now. >> well, part of what we're learning right now is two other things. allegedly the shooter had a
12:59 pm
concealed weapons permit. i don't know what state issued that permit. should that be the case of course? there's going to be an active investigation, not just at the shooting scene, but wherever that driver's license or wherever the shooter may have lived, worked, had relatives, something such as that. the investigation is in a hurry. and part of that hurry is because and starts to a race. and law enforcement in the media who is going to find out the most about this person. media's got their job, law enforcement's got their job. but right now, who is this guy and that is really identity, did anybody else help him? does he have any co-con speeders?
1:00 pm
just because the shooter is in custody doesn't slow the investigation down. in fact, it speeds it up. he has leads to run down right now between canada, alaska, florida, and any place in between, new jersey, where this shooter may have been. so it's going to be an extremely active federal investigation as to the background of the shooter and potential motive and for local law enforcement, they have to put together this mass murder. >> all right, clint vanzant, thank you. nbc news has not yet confirmed a couple of things that clint mentioned reports about the identification found on that this gentlemen had, esteban santiago. 4:00 eastern time, three hours ago, roughly, around 1:00 eastern time was when all of this started. it happened at ft. lauderdale, hollywood, international airport. terminal two. in the


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