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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 7, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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>> exactly. but there's opposition around the country and we're seeing all that. >> well, we unfortunately are out of time. wade henderson and randi weingarten, thank you both. that's "all in" for this evening. chris hayes will be back on monday, i'll be here this weekend. new pictures of the gunman who police say opened fire at a from a airport with deadly results. travellers describe what it was like as they ran for their lives. >> i heard three quick cracks that initially sounded like a firecracker. i kind of turned and after the first one went off and realize it was actually gunshots. >> this morning new questions about the motive and what airports can do. and donald trump 3450e9s wi meets with intelligence officials. and a massive winter storm hitting the southeast with snow, freezing rain and ice, which places will be hit and how
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they're coping. good morning. we want to begin with that breaking news out of florida. gorn good morning, ayman. >> reporter: and we're learning more about the gunman including new details on the state of his mental health. officials say the suspect 26-year-old esteban santiago, an army veteran, complaining about hearing voices back nearly two months ago. he claimed to the fbi that the u.s. government was forcing him to watch isis videos. his family also telling nbc news that santiago suffered from mental health issues. he was recently getting psychological treatment in alaska. take a listen. >> translator: then working as security, then something got to him. it looks like he lost his mind. he would say that he would see things. i don't know. so he went to the hospital fp that's what i know. that's what the mother told me who lives in puerto rico.
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>> reporter: santiago is now in federal custody. he's expected to appear in court on monday. but this was the creep friday in the aftermath of the shooting rampage. five people were killed, eight others wounded. the motive, that is the central question. remains under investigation this morning as florida officials holding a news conference three hours from now with more are information. in fact the morning headline newspaper here really sum it is up. a deadly shooting followed by chaos. and it's been like that for the couple of hours since all of this ordeal began. joining me now is mark lee, who was in the airport and saw it all unfold. mark, first of all, great to see that you're here and safe. walk us through those first early minutes of that shooting as it unfolded. where were if you relationship to the gunman? >> we had just landed on the delta flight coming from minneapolis. we had collected our baggage and
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were getting ready to leave to the airport shuttles. basically we heard a quick three round burst of gun tifire which thought was firecrackers. by the time i listened to the shouts and screams, i realized that it was actually gunfire. at that point proceeded to get my wife out of the building, get her safe. in our way exiting the building as everyone was screaming and yelling frantically trying to get out of the door, people taking cover under chairs, behind baggage, anything that they could find cover on. once i got my wife outside, there was a couple ladies that had fallen with the has exodus. so i helped them up and got them outside, further went back into one of the reads that the princess cruise line she couldn't get up, i got her. evidently i pushed her out of the building to get her out. went back in, kind of trying to see if there was other people i could help secure or get safe as
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the gunman continuing to walk towards me. >> and a lot of he questioof he about his mental health, his motivation. did you hear if he was saying anything at all? >> he did not say a single thing. he was not yelling anything, was not ranting anything. he was very emotionless. like a blank page. nothing. >> and did he look like somebody who was familiar with the use of a gun? was he moving in a tactical way? >> he was not mnuchmoving in a way. it was a point to shoot. anybody in his line of fire, you were going to get shot. >> and what are were you able to see in terms of victims and casualties? we know five people were killed and eight others injured. >> as i came back in the airport and was watching him kind of walking towards me, i was walking around the back side by the window, so we were walking towards each other to a point. i tried to keep an eye on where his line of fire was because i did not want to get shot either, but trying to see if i could secure other people there in the
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airport. but it happened also fast roughly 45 secretaryonds, it wa done. >> and how did it play out in the end, he just laid down? >> he mostly concentrated on the shooting around the baggage claim carousels. he walked up and down just indiscriminately shooting people. i saw the slide of the gun indicating it was empty. he just dropped the gun on the ground, took a couple steps, laid down spread eagle until the deputy ran up hin me and he was on the ten seconds before the deputy even got to him. >> how long did it all last between the first shots fired and the time that he surrendered on the floor? >> recent thless than one minut. probably about 55 seconds. >> talk about your feelings this morning to be so close to death. >> it hasn't really sunk in. i guess i felt this morning one
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of those things where it's what you see happening elsewhere and to someone else, not that i was in the middle of it. and like i say, just very surreal. it has not fully sunk in and i'm sure it probably will more as the days go on. >> good to have you with us. happy to hear that you and your wife are both safe. thank you very much for joining us. >> reporter: let's now go to gabe guttierez at the hospital. we've been hearing about some of these cases. eight people now injured as a result of that shooting. gabe joining us outside the hospital here in ft. lauderdale. what do we know about the number of people that have suffered gun shot wounds and the dozens more that have suffered injuries as they were trying to escape the shooting rampage? >> yes, as you mentioned, five people were shot and killed. eight others were shot and they are recovering at this point. but several dozen more at least 30 more were injured in the aftermath of the shooting as we've seen the incredible pictures of people stumbling over each over, trying to get
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away in this panic that spread throughout the airport. at least 30 people were hurt here. we understand according to doctors here that two people that were transported here have required surgery. there were five trauma patients. and of those trauma patients, everyone is stable at this point according to the doctors here, according to the head of surgery. the doctors here described the scene of controlled chaos. >> no one who arrived at the hospital has expired. they are all j the hospital doing the best as we can do right now. but everybody is stable. >> how many people? >> we received as traumaers five patients. others were received from the held side for other problems that occurred while they were on the airport tarmac. >> reporter: the doctors say they can't recall any mass casualty event like this ever since the haiti earthquake just a few years ago.
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the fbi has been here on scene interviewing witnesses as the investigation goes forward and we should mention that authorities have not publicly identified any of the deceased, but local reports are starting to surface that some of these victims were from across the country, potentially one victim from norfolk, virginia area, another one from metro atlanta. but again, those victims have not been publicly identified as the investigation continues, family members already starting to mourn the horrible losses. >> all right. gabe guttierez live for us outside the hospital in fort lard. thanks for that update. as you can imagine, this has made its way to washington. president obama also reacting to the shooting, being briefed by his national security team. vaughn hilliard is at the white house for us this morning. vaughn, walk us through the president as this has played out over the course of 24 hours. what has he been saying on this. >> reporter: good morning. the president is in washington this morning and yesterday
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florida governor rick scott a republican initially turned heads when he suggested that he had called president-elect donald trump and vp elect mike pence multiple times. he had yet to call president obama. yet several hours later, a spokesman for the president saying in fact governor scott talked with president obama and president obama in that conversation over the phone said that federal authorities would continue to help in the investigation. the president also did an interview with abc's "this week" and i think we have a sound bite of that. >> as a general rule, until i've got all the information, george, i don't want to comment on it other than just to say how broken we are for the families who have been affected. these kinds of tragedies have happened too often during the eight years that i've been president. the pain, the grief, the shock that they must be going through is enormous. >> reporter: the president in that interview there referenced the multiple mass shootings over the course of his presidency.
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to date he's already visited ten cities in which mass casualty events have occurred. the latest being back in june of this year in orlando after the shooting that left 49 dead at that orlando night club. president obama went to orlando back then and he's actually going to florida later this afternoon but as of right now, it's for a private wedding. there is no word from the white house yet whether he will be going to ft. lauderdale. ayman. >> all right. vaughn hilliard, thanks for that. let's bring in jim cavanaugh, retired atf special agent.hilli. let's bring in jim cavanaugh, retired atf special agent. good to have you with us. getting some account that the shooter had his weapon checked into a bag that he picked up from a baggage claim, walked into a bathroom, loaded the gun and began shooting. walk us through the legalities of traveling with guns
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ammunition? what would that suspect have gone through to travel with these guns and ammunition? >> well, it's legal since the '68 gun control act, you can control with a gun in checked baggage as long as you declare the gun or guns to the common or contract carrier in this case an airline. so the procedure is if you're in the a prohibited person, a convicted felon or fugitive or person who has been committed to a mental institution or any number of prohibited categories, if you can legally own a gun, you walk up to the ticket counter and you declare that you want to carry a firearm in your checked baggage. it has to be locked and unloaded and the case is not something to get into, it has to be locked securely. and then you fill out a firearms declaration form that the airline provides you. they check your i.d. of course at the ticket counter. they put a copy of the declaration form in with the
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gun. and so they know that the gun is in there when it's searched by tsa and you go forward. when you arrive at your destination, you pick up your bag and of course you have the key to your locked container and you can retrieve your gun. so it's legal. of course it's not legal if you intend to commit a felony with the gun. that is a federal statute to travel interstate with a gun to commit a felony. but if you're not intending to commit a felony, it would be a legal movement of a gun in interstate commerce. >> is there any situation at all where the airline may refuse a passenger travel if in fact he declares that he has a gun but at the same time for any reason they feel that they're not comfortable with this individual on board with a gun is this obviously the xwgun is not with him in the cabin, but could they refuse him the slight based on that alone? >> well, not just based on that he has a gun, but the ticket agent has a lot of power if a person is argumentative, if they're acting a little
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squirrelly or somewhat like a bozo, they don't want to fill out the for, if their container is inappropriate, the lock is in adequate or not hard-sided. but they have to have a reason. they can't just say i'm not will he letting do you it. so if the person presents themselves in a normal manner and it meets the guidelines, there is no reason. this is not uncommon for hunters, sports men, firearms enthusiasts, police. we have a lot of a littles th a travel. we travel with guns in the cabins as federal agents, but long guns are checked. our tactical agents from our special response team, they have to check a lot of guns. so pretty routine for law enforcement officers especially federal ones to have guns checked. so it's not uncommon to check guns. >> so let me ask you this.
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over the last couple years as the threat emerged with a possible overseas attack with somebody trying to make an explosive on flight, we saw restrictions on the liquids and fluids and gels that we can carry on planes, that they didn't want any potential explosive being made on that plane. that threat was kind of dealt with now with the policy that tsa has put in place. but given what we're seeing now, should there be a revision of policies about carrying weapons on board the flight even if they're in checked baggage? is this going to prompt some kind of debate about whether or not we need to now beef up security given that we saw what happened here yesterday? >> well, unless you secure the baggage claim area or the public areas of the airport, that would really be ineffective. if we look at athe ataturk
4:15 am
airport attack, they killed scores of people. brussels airport, same way. here is an attack in a baggage claim area. this assailant could have walked in off the street, there would be no check. he could have the gun in his hip pocket and do the same thing. so if you're going to secure that somehow, then you could probably secure airlines and checked baggage. as an aside, could you probably do something about them, but it would be pretty cumbersome. really the stop on this case would be gun violence restraining orders because this guy could have been stopped probably when he walked into the fbi if the fbi had the tool do it and the police had the tool do it, a gun violence restraining order might have blocked that this guy from hurting anybody. >> all right. jim cavanaugh, good to talk to you. we'll be checking in with you throughout the course of the day. as we mentioned, the motive for the shooting remains unknown, but new information surfacing about the suspect's background could offer law enforcement
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officials some clues. joining me now, pete williams. pete, good to have you with us this morning. where is it law enforcement stand this morning on trying to figure out the motive behind this attack? >> they don't know what it is. they don't though whether know it an act of terrorism. he showed an interest in isis videos, but he also had mental problems and claimed it was voices in his head that made him watch them. officials say esteban santiago was undergoing treatment to mental health problems complaining that he was hearing voices. aew months ago, he complained that the cia was forcing him to join isis. the local police were call and he went voluntarily to a mental health facility for treatment. his aunt and uncle in union city, new jersey near where officials say santiago was born say they believe he developed problems after a military deployment overseas.
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military records show he signed up for the national guard in 2007 while he was living in puerto rico where the family is from. records show he was on duty as a combat engineer for ten months in iraq, returning five years ago. he was discharged last august. family members say he went to alaska looking for work where he had a son and was receiving psychological counseling there. some of those who were with him on the flight from minneapolis to ft. lauderdale say he got in to some kind of altercation, but it wasn't serious enough for the airline to call the police. it's still a mystery why he did this and why in ft. lauderdale. investigators say they have found no connection that san santiago had to florida. >> all right. pete williams, good to have you with us, as well. i'll be back at the bottom of the hour with reaction from another eyewitness who saw all of this unfold from where we're standing. we'll have all of that and much
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. right now taking a live look at the airport in ft. lauderdale, florida where 26-year-old esteban santiago alledgedly opened fire yesterday afternoon killing five people and wounding dozens more. this morning santiago is behind bars in federal custody. we're live on the ground and in a few moments we'll have an update on what we know he about a possible motive for that attack. happening now, a winter storm is slowly spreading across the southeast blanketing parts of north carolina and southeast
4:22 am
virginia with snow. we'll check in with bonnie schneider in just a few minutes. but new reaction from president obama following the release of declassified intelligence reports which included that vladimir putin ordered a campaign to influence the u.s. presidential election. here's what president obama said in an abc news exclusive interview which will air tomorrow morning. >> we've seen a lot of commentary lately where there ares or pundits or cable commentators who seem to have more confidence in vladimir putin than fellow americans because those fellow americans are democrats. >> does that include the president-elect? >> well, what i will say is that -- and i said it right after the election -- we have to remind ourselves we're on the same team. vladimir putin is not on our team. >> president-elect trump released a statement after receiving classified version of the report during his meeting
4:23 am
with top intelligence officials yesterday, while he praised the intelligence community, he declined to say whether he accepts its findings. ron allen is at trump tower. what more is the president-elect saying about the findings of these intel agencies? >> reporter: well, the president-elect is saying that he will aggressively work to strengthen american of america's cyber defenses. he says that he will appoint about a team to come up with a plan during his first 90 days in office. but the central question of whether the russian hacked into the american election campaign, the president-elect still sounds more skeptical than convinced. the conclusion by america's intel chiefs, a covert russian campaign ordered by president vladimir putin evolved in to an effort to help donald trump become president. russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the u.s. democratic process, de denigrat
4:24 am
secretary clinton and they had a clear preference for mr. trump. but mr. trump who had dismissed charges of russian hacking as a witch hunt in a statement only acknowledged that russia, china and other countries are engaged in cyberhacking and emphasized that there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election. while the report did not make a political conclusion, it clearly pointed a finger at putin. >> i would have liked to see the president-elect finally acknowledge the obvious. everybody else has accepted this, it's time for him to. >> reporter: afterwards the vice president elect trying to make peace with intelligence officials and operatives said to be angered byes disparaging comments by the soon to be commander in chief. >> i know the president-elect and i both appreciate the sacrifices that the men an women who serve in our intelligence services around the country and around the world provide in contributing to the safety and security of the american people. >> reporter: and as mr. trump tries to move on, another signature campaign issue
4:25 am
suddenly back in the spotlight. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: republicans in congress now considering whether to build it with u.s. taxpayer dollars, billions, to get the project moving and get mexico to pay ter. in a telephone interview, mr. trump pushed back at the idea he won't fulfill his promise telling the "new york times" we're going to get reimbursed. mexico's leaders still oppose the wall and say they will never pay for it and overnight another tweet from mr. trump on the issue of hacking saying "gross negligence by the democratic national committee allowed hacking to take place. the republican national committee has strong defense." so the president-elect still refusing to point the finger at the russians. also this morning it was announced that he will appoint and nominate retired senator dan coats of indiana to be the next director of national intelligence. >> ron allen in new york, thank you. joining me now is
4:26 am
congressman john yarmouth from kentucky. great to have you here. >> thanks. >> so first let me have your reaction to donald trump's comments where he declined to say whether he accepted the findings. >> it's alarming because the broad consensus of both parties is that the assessment of the intelligence community is absolutely accurate. and you've had speaker ryan and senator mcconnell and leader pelosi all of them saying that there is no question about that. so he's put himself in the strange position of just continuing to raise the question of why does he continue to resist what everybody else has agreed upon. and this leads to whole questions about his relationships this russia, his possible indebtedness to russian
4:27 am
al oligarchs, whatever it may be. and the success pish shons will stay with him until does he. >> and do you think the declassified version of the report goes far enough? >> i do understand the need to protect sources and methods. and so i suspect that i would agree with what leader pelosi said was that there is probably some information in the classified version that can be released and should be released, but ultimately the entire report can't be released. >> and congressman, i also want to speak to you about the republicans' latest steps in appealing the affordable care act. i know you were part of president obama's meeting with democrats on capitol hill this week to save his signature health law. so what can your party do at this juncture in this effort now? >> well, we're going to continue to argue that the repeal of the affordable care act will be disastrous for millions and millions of americans. the improvements in the health
4:28 am
care system over the last seven years are enormous. we're going to document them. we're going to continue to talk about the kinds of cases where individuals will be hurt, the fact that hospitals across the country will lose signature revenue and have to provide care. and it's uncompensated, endangering many hospitals including many rural hospitals. but most importantly, we're going to continue to taunt republicans about their inability to come up with any reliable or rational replacement plan. they can't do it, they have had six years to do it. they continue to say they have a plan but they don't. and the reality is that there are only two options to the affordable care act. one is to go back to where we were before which is where insurance companies decide who lives and dies, or to go to a single pay aor plan which the republicans won't do. the affordable care act came out
4:29 am
of the heritage foundation. so unless heritage comes up with a new idea or cado institute, they will have an almost possible task. >> we know that they will have to do something. congressman, thank you so much for your time. >> my pleasure. still ahead, ayman has more on our breaking news in ft. lauderdale including the first thing one passenger thought happened when shots rang out. and the emotions she felt after it happened. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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4:33 am
is in federal custody, the 26-year-old alledgedly opened fire inside the airport killing five and wounding dozens roads a s around the airport ba open. anna was in the baggage claim area and barely escaped. she joins us live with her harrowing account. i know this has been a very long 24 hours for you. first of all, how are you feeling this morning given everything you witnessed yesterday? >> i didn't sleep very well. i had very limited sleep. but i feel okay. >> walk us through a little bit about what you saw. where were you when the shooting began, what did you see, what did you notice, how did you react? >> i was in baggage claim three. i heard the gunfire shots. i knew immediately what was happening. i've been through two active shooter drills at broward public schools. so i just ducked for cover the best i could. there wasn't anywhere to hide, but there was a smart cart and i
4:34 am
just laid down next to it. >> and i understand that there was an additional passenger who came and tried to shield you a little bit more from what was happening, right? >> yes, i was there for about 30 seconds and then a man covered my body and as he did so, he said i will protect you. and i immediately felt calm. i had been just praying my guts out. i was really terrified that my boys wouldn't have a mother or that they would have a severely injured mother. and so when he shielded my body, you know, i felt more comfortable. >> do you know who this man is? >> i do. tony from rochester, new york. >> and what was the story, is it he live here, was he coming to visit? what compelling him to shield you in that situation? >> he was going on a cruise, his wife was nearby, but not exactly next to him. and he was also ducking for
4:35 am
cover, but i justt think he wasa hero, he wanted to protect me. >> you talked about going through two active shooter training as part of your profession in the public school system. we talk about this a lot in how being trained prepares you for moments like this, but you now lived it. did your training prepare for you a moment that you lived through yesterday? >> i definitely think that it helped me avoid shear panic. i was a little more calm than i think most people were. >> and you mentioned that you have two boys. what has the past 24 hours been for you and your family? >> well, as soon as i got home last night, i found my boys and gave them huge hugs. >> and this morning, how are they feeling? >> they're okay. they're okay. >> thank you very much for joining us. we're happy to hear that you and everyone around you is safe. >> thank you. >> at the top of the hour i'll speak with an airport security expert about the holes in
4:36 am
keeping passengers safe. obviously this incident raises a whole set of new questions. back to you in the studio. happening now, millions of americans along the east coast are being hit by a winter storm. and it's expected to bring more than a foot of snow, sleet and freezing rain to some areas today. not surprisingly it's also creating dangerous conditions on roadways. governors have already declared states of emergency in alabama, georgia, virginia and the carolinas. and right now blizzard warnings are in effect for some areas in massachusetts and virginia. joining me now, bonnie schneider. >> good morning. this storm continues to ramp up as it works its way up the coast but it will be a one-two punch because of the cold air behind it. notice we have snow in raleigh, heavy rain in myrtle beach and savannah freezing rain in atlanta earlier with ice on the ground. so here is the recipe to get all the bad weather. we have moisture coming in from the atlantic and of course the cold air, cold air already in place and will be reinforced by the time we get to sunday and
4:37 am
monday. near blizzard condition, blizzard warnings in virginia. it's been seven or eight years since they have seen something like this. and the feeft will northeast wi impacted. because the storm took westerly jog yesterday, we're anticipating higher snowfall totals in to the coastal areas of massachusetts. a lot of snow. let's break it down for you. 4 to 8 inches in charlotte, a little bit more toward the triangle area and into norfolk. watch out for the blowing and drifting snow with the cold temperatures. that's why we have the blizzard warning. for new york 2 to 4 inches in the city and suffolk county, gets more and more. montauk could see over a foot of snow and hamptons, as well. and a big bull's-eye is martha's vin yard. plymouth, we could see well over a foot of snow and even into boston, 7 inches plus. maybe close to 10. so here's where we have some of the colder temperatures in atlanta, so anything on the ground freezing over.
4:38 am
making for icy situations. alabama, mississippi and the panhandle of florida, as well. more are ice accumulating expected into north carolina and this will also be on bridges and over pass overpasses, but there is also the concern for power outages. anything that falls on the ground will stay frozen. low temperatures will be in the single digits even in some parts of the south. a very dangerous day ahead, tonight and well into sunday. these advisories a lot of them in the northeast actually continue well into sunday, as well. so it's a whole weekend we'll be watching this. >> a good weekend to stay inside and stay safe. bonnie, thanks so much. still ahead, the fallout on both sides of the political aisle after u.s. intelligence agencies confirm russia was behind november's election hacking. grid every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula
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this morning the investigation continues into yesterday's shooting at the airport in ft. lauderdale. roads around the airport are back open and normal operations are expected to resume today.
4:42 am
ayman will bring us the latest word on the possible motive in a few minutes. now to our other top story. a major winter storm affecting millions in the southeast. heavy snow has ledd eto what is being called a travel nightmare with many roads temporarily closed last night after snow and ice led to accidents and spinoffs. tammy leitner is in norfolk where a blizzard warning are still in effect. >> reporter: good morning, as you mentioned a blizzard warning in effect throughout the evening and probably with good reason. overnight we got snow, sleet, rain and those conditions are expected to last throughout the day. a monster storm has brought parts of the south to a standsti standstill. in oklahoma, slick snow covered roads made for treacherous road
4:43 am
conditions. snowplows working around the clock to clear interstates. in tennessee, snowplows not used to this volume are having problems. >> please don't hit the buses. >> reporter: this plow skidding out of control barely missing two stranded school buses before taking out several cars. >> there you go, snowplow. oh, my god. >> reporter: snow and ice paralyzing the south, states of emergency declared in alabama, georgia and the carolinas. thousands stocking up. >> the milk and eggs and to hungerdown. and probably a case of wine. >> reporter: this hardware store sold 1,000 pounds of ice melt but is already out of many supplies about abo. >> shovels we're out of. >> i don't want to get too iced in. >> reporter: a concern for some, but not for liv moore who plans to embrace the unusual southern winter wonderland. >> we don't get it on whicit of
4:44 am
get excited. >> reporter: in atlanta a half a foot fell in one day. >> definitely learned from snowpocalypse last time. >> reporter: many still concerned after the storm of 2014. a large chunk of the northeast already buried in snow. icy roads causing hundreds of crashes and already one death in maine. dozens of states under some type of storm warning or advisory. and more than 60 million people in the path of this winter weather system. the roads are being plowed right behind me, but the big concern here is the temperatures dropping and the roads icing over. >> tammy leitner, stay warm down there in norfolk. still ahead, what possible political advantage could the president-elect gain by still showing skepticism after a briefing about election hacking? we'll ask two top political strategists. and in the next hour, an eyewitness to the deadly
4:45 am
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you're looking live at the airport in ft. lauderdale, florida, where normal operations are expected to resume today. the gunman accused of killing five people there yesterday is in custody and authorities are not saying if they've determined a motive. we'll check for more on that in just a bit. to our other big story we're following, the release of declassified intelligence reports which concluded that vladimir putin ordered a campaign to influence the u.s. presidential election. new reaction from a leading
4:52 am
democrat after president-elect trump declined to say whether he accepts the intelligence agency's findings. here's adam schiff, ranking member of the intelligence community, in an interview with rachel maddow last night. >> we in congress need to be able to work with this new president to push back and fight against that, and that has to start with him accepting what has happened. we need him to step up. he's going to be president of the united states, and he needs to lead in this assault on democracy. >> joining me is rick tyler, msnbc political analyst, and former cruz campaign spokesperson, and joe lena maxwell, former director of progressive media for the clinton campaign. thanks for being here. even before president-elect trump sat down for the briefing he told "the new york times" that the investigation into russia is a political witch hundred hunt against him. is it he gets the gravity of the
4:53 am
conclusions but won't admit them publicly? >> is that to me? >> yes. >> sorry. i think the briefing he was give. was fairly convincing, but i think he was convinced the russians clearly hacked into the dnc and had a part. what's interesting to me though is it appears the russians didn't have the initiative of getting donald trump elected initially. it appears clear to me that their intent was to undermine a hillary clinton presidency. >> if the intent was to underline the clinton presidency, that definitely floats to trump. he tweeted earlier this last hour saying the only reason we're discussing this is because the democrats lost. so what's your take on trump's tweet from last night saying that gross negligence by the democratic national committee allowed hacking to take place? the republican national committee had strong defense.
4:54 am
>> is he sure that's true? do we know the russian party doesn't have republican e-mails? we don't know that. more investigation needs to be done. it's awkward and ironic that donald trump, who spent five years attacking the legitimacy of the president, president obama, is now in a position where he has to defend the legitimacy of his own election because of the interference of the russian hackers. 30 days before the election, every single day john podesta had 2,000 e-mails released from his gmail that were stole nl by the russians. if you can't say that impacted the election and trump should take that seriously, i don't know what to tell you. >> rick, where does this take the president-elect's relationship with the intelligence community? is the burden going to fall on
4:55 am
vice president-elect pence if trump isn't going to believe this? >> i hope he repairs the relationship with the intelligence community. in one sense, donald trump is right, they don't get everything right, but the idea they were having a public feud, particularly over twitter, about the intelligence agency, i don't think serves him or will serve his future administration well. we'll see what donald trump is going to do. he's talked about, you know, reforming the intelligence agency. in some sense i agree with him. i think it's too top heavy, too much focus on langley. need more operatives out in the field. he has called for a report to stop cyberattacks and hacking so we'll see where it goes and what kind of cooperation he gets from the intelligence agency of which he's been so critical. >> what kind of cooperation or reaction are we going to expect from the democrats in light of this report? and do you have any confidence that anything will actually get done in congress in terms of sap sanctions or some other form of retaliation? >> i think that remains to be seen because we don't know if republicans will go lock and
4:56 am
step with the trump administration or if they'll have tom backbone and look into the russian hacking. it's not really a partisan issue. i think if the russians had wanted the democrats to win, republicans would be very concerned with their interference in the election. this goes to the heart and soul of our democracy. it goes to the integrity of our elections. while at this stage no one is alleging they interfered with the ballot count that actually counted up the number of votes, i think that it's -- when you have something like 3 million votes more in hillary clinton's bucket from the popular vote and you have an electoral college outcome that elects donald trump and then you have these allegations on top of that, as an american citizen it's very concerning and looks suspicious. >> it is definitely difficult to gauge that effect. rick, what are you hearing about "the washington post's" report that general mattis is chashing with the trump transition team over pentagon staffing? and is this normal in the early stages of administration or just the latest example of what's
4:57 am
happening in the trump camp? >> if i were general mattis i would want to hire all the people under me because that's what he's used to, the way the military operates with a chain of command. what he does not want is -- which is why he summarily rejected virtually everybody the transition team has recommended, because he doesn't want anybody with an independent relationship with the white house. he wants all communications with the white house to go through him or through proper channels and i think he's right. >> zerlina, i want your take on the trump team asking congress to add the cost for the border wall to the appropriations bill. how do you see this playing out? >> it's going to be really interesting. i think the slogan during the campaign shouldn't have been who's going to build the wall and everybody yelled mexico, it should have been me, we are going to pay for the wall apparently. i think congress should have a backbone. he promised that mexico was going to pay for the wall throughout the entirety of the campaign and now he's singing a different tune. i don't think we should be paying for a border wall that
4:58 am
more than half the country didn't vote for. >> just another question as the trump elect comes into office. zerlina maxwell, thank you so much, rick tyler, thank you. >> thanks. that wraps up this hour. thanks for watching. at the top of the hour, ayman mohyeldin joins me from ft. lauderdale. he'll speak with florida governor rick scott about the delgadoly airport shooting and talk to airport security experts to see if holes exposed yesterday can ever be closed. crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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