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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 7, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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new today, it's almost 24 hours after a gunman opened fire at a south florida airports. new details from investigators on what they know about the gunman and how they're handling security. >> every indication is that he did follow tsa procedures. and checking in the weapon. >> we have beefed up the patrol force at the airport. we'll continue it for an undetermined period of time. many of our deputies on duty and a s.w.a.t. element are out here. they are carrying long guns. also this hour, the latest on the search for a motive. reaction from witnesses who are amazed they survived. a massive winter storm hitting the southeast right now with snow, freezing rain and
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ice. which places will be hardest hit and how they're coping. and top secret briefing. president elect donald trump meets with intelligence officials and learns what they know about russian hacks during the election. good day, it's high noon in the east, 9:00 out at the west. we'll have the latest on the weather and the paralympireside. we need to get you caught up on the latest on the florida shooting. what new information do you have? >> reporter: good afternoon to you and all our viewers around the world. if the scene behind me is any indication there is sentence of normalcy here in ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. that's the tone coming out of officials at the airport. the terminal where the shooting took place, returned back to the airport after all the evidence was collected. and that crime scene no longer now a crime scene.
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i guess a suggestion, that the investigation now is moving else where into what was the motivation behind the shooting. we're talking about the press conference that wrapped up here a short while ago. it included an update on the number of victims suffering from gun shot wounds. take a listen. >> last night, we began to process the crime scene at terminal 2. that process has concluded and at approximately 7:30 this morning, we returned the terminal back to the local airport authorities. we have positively identified the five deceased victims. and we are in the process of notifying their family members and loved ones. we have concluded the interview of the suspect, the suspect remains in custody and is currently held at the broward county jail on federal charges. >> we have six gun shot wound victims at the hospital.
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originally yesterday we released there were eight gun shot victims. there were actually only six. three of them remain in good condition. three of the victims remain in icu as of this press conference. >> reporter: now, officials also say the suspect, 26-year-old esteban santiago cooperated with investigators in an interrogation that lasted into the early hours of this morning. preliminary findings show he acted alone and no indication yet as to why he picked this specific airport as the target. or even the motivation behind the attack. officials are stressing the investigation is still in its early stages. the airport in ft. lauderdale, as i mentioned has reopened. terminal 2 where that shooting happened, that remains closed due to the ongoing investigation. it is expected to open later today for airline traffic. we're learning new details about
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the gunman. it's pointing to mental health problems. he recently received psychiatric treatment in alaska. pete williams has been talking to law enforcement since the beginning of the shooting over the pa 24 hours and joins us now. you heard that press conference earlier today from law enforcement officials, including federal and state, what more do we know about what triggered this particular attack? >> well, we don't know anything more about that because they don't. it's pretty clear that that's a big question for them. they say they've been out aggressive ly interviewing his family members. they've interviewed all they can find they can say. a total of 175 witness skbro interviews. they're looking at surveillance video. they say they don't know why he chose the ft. lauderdale airport. but the fbi special agent in charge says indications are that he did choose that airport.
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>> indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack. but, again, it's very early in the investigation. and we're pursuing all angles and what prompted him to carry out a horrific attack. >> so he left thursday night from the anchorage airport with just one thing to check, and that was his gun. the handgun, according to the police chief at the airport in anchorage where he boarded the plane. he took a flight from anchorage to minneapolis. there have been allegations he got into an altercations with passengers on the second leg, they say they haven't heard that. they say he did follow the tsa procedures in checking his gun. he declared it and put it in a
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locked container. what his connection is to florida, they just don't know. he does have three brothers. he has five siblings in all. three of them live in naples, florida, which is on the other side of the peninsula, 110 miles away. he did visit them in the past when he lived in puerto rico before he joined the army national guard. clearly, his mental state is a big part of this. his relatives and investigators have said he had serious mental problems. he was struggling with hearing voices. he claimed the cia was making him wch isis videos. he'd been hospilize according to relatives just recently in anchorage in december for a couple of weeks according to his aunt who lives in new jersey. so trying to tease out how much of this is the result of someone who has mental problems, how much of this is someone who was in any way radicalized by isis propaganda. that's a big question for the
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fbi, still trying to figure it out. one note, george pirro may be familiar to some people. he's been at the fbi in miami, the special agent in charge there for almost three years. but he is a veteran of the counterterrorism division of the fbi. he is the one who led the team that interviewed saddam hussein after he was arrested overseas. >> reporter: very experienced interrogator. that brings me to a point i wanted to ask you about. the fact that sebastian is being interrogated -- we understand the questioning lasted several hours into the early morning. in what way can that questioning help or hurt the investigation? if he's cooperative or not cooperative? >> it can't hurt. they're trying to figure out why he did this. what i'm told is they don't want to characterize it. what i'm told is part of the problem in talking to him is ryi trying to figure out -- because he has deassociatative thoughts
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and talks in gibberish. they're trying to figure out how much they can rely on and how much is the result of mental issues he has. that's a challenge to work through it. anytime somebody you arrest is willing to lk, that's obviously a plus. >> reporter: all right. pete williams, thank you for that. let's go now to nbc's gabe gutierrez, he's outside the hospital here in ft. lauderdale. dozens are being treated. you know, gabe, if there was any good news we heard out of the press conference, it's that officials are now decreasing the number of victims suffering gun shot wounds. what more can you tell us about the revised number? >> reporter: hi there, good afternoon. as you mentioned it was initially reported that eight people had been shot in addition to the five people that were killed. now, according to the sheriff's office we know it's six people who were shot. the sheriff's office says that three of them are in good condition. the other three are in the intensive care unit.
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authorities have not publicly identified the victims. some of their stories are starting to emerge. we were able to confirm one of those in virginia who he and his wife were coming down here for -- to go on a cruise. it was his birthday. and his wife managed to survive. he, however, his name is terry andrees of virginia, 62 years old. he worked at the norfolk naval yard in virginia. he passed away. that's according to his eldest daughter. there are local reports of another victim outside the atlanta area. we were able to speak with one of the gun shot victims who managed to survive. a woman from omaha, nebraska. she was here with her husband as well. she was shot, but survived. so right now, the information on those who passed away, we don't have a lot right now.
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we're expecting potentially as the next of kin are notified for authorities to release those names. perhaps later on today. again, the news right now it is sipeople who were shot. three in good condition, three in the intensive care unit as the tragedy is rippling across the country. these were folks, many of them that were coming to ft. lauderdale potentially to go on this cruise, to go on vacation. instead, they walked into a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: yeah, this is one of the more popular destinations in the united states during this time of year. gabe gutierrez, thank you very much for that update. joining me now is representative lewis frankal whose district includes ft. lauderdale. it's good to have you with us. i want to get your reaction to sh shooting considering the limited information we're getting from officials. what do you make of the senseless tragedy? >> thank you for having me with you today. i feel like i'm sure most people who have heard about this, we are hear, we're grieving, we
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feel so sad for the victims and their families. i want to say ft. lauderdale, florida, is an exciting, beautiful city. that's why so many people come here and the people in the community have really stepped up to help the many thousands of people who got stranded here. >> congresswoman i know we don't know a whole lot about the investigation whether it's terrorism or mental health. it's going to have a lot foelks asking questions is this the new normal? anyone who wants to commit an act of terror or violence, they can use knives, vehicles, is this the new normal for us in this country, now? >> well, i don't want to -- you know, i think people are in grief. i think want to make this political. i would say this, without even
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knowing the exact facts of this horrendous incident, i know there is still a lot we can do to protect people from this kind of violence. which includes not only a better safety gun regulation, putting more resources into mental health treatment, helping victims of domestic violence. taking care of our veterans when they come home. there are proactive steps we can take both in congress, in the state legislatures and private community to reduce violence in the united states. >> and do you expect some of those issues you raise are going to be addressed in this new congress with this new presidency? we know from the last eight years not a whole lot has gotten done in congress or the white house when it comes to issues of gun control, background checks, no fly lists? >> here's what i can be assured.
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that when we get back to congress on monday, we will again have another moment of silence. that i know for sure. but there are many of us who are going to still really aggressively try to fight, not only for this better -- for you can't fly if you are on the -- you can't carry a gun if you're on the no fly list. close the gun show loop holes. we also -- instead of building, putting $10 billion into building a mexican wall. let's take that money and put it into mental health treatment and taking better care of our veterans. there's so much that we can do to make life safer here in america. >> yeah, i certainly can assure you a lot of americans want to see congress and the incoming white house do that. congresswoman it's great to have you with us, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> all right, that will do it for me from ft. lauderdale for now. at the bottom of the hour we'll
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have a lot more, including questions about whether or not there were any early warning signs that the fbi missed in looking at the suspect and his background. i'm going to send it back to my colleague in new york. it's all yours. >> thank you. still ahead new tweets from the president elect. the relationship he wants the u.s. and russia to have and the message to those who are doubting him. plus, the snow coming down, not just in the south. look at the scene in washington. and the white house. there's some kmcoming down in t northeast to. we'll have your forecast coming up next.
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places the 26-year-old has lived and anywhere he has recently travelled. ayman mohyeldin is on the scene and will bring us an update on the victims in a few minutes. also happening now, a winter storm is barrelling down on the east coast, three deaths have been confirmed so far in connection with the storm. it's dumping heavy snow, ice and sleet over an area spanning from texas to new england. winter storm warnings have been extended in areas throughout the northeast. as snowfall continues to pile up. here with more details is meteorologist bonny schneider. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you that new yorkers are saying, wait a minute we're getting all the snow. we're expecting four to aikt inch inches of snow. 18 states, 67 million people impacted by a storm system. it's snowing in richmond, virginia into raleigh and charlotte. a lot of the snow is pulling out. the temperatures are so brutally cold you'll feel the snow and ice and deal with it for quite a
9:20 am
while. winston salem, four inches of snow. this part of the snow we saw higher amounts to the west. as we start going through the next 12 hours things are changing. you'll see more snow the further east you go. plymouth mass, this is we're seeing big amounts of snow. two feet. a big snowmaker. visibility is so poor right now from bridgewater to bridgeport, new york city, we have snowfall rates an inch an hour. this is not a good time to travel. i would say stay indoors and watch the snow. i'm glad this is happening on a weekend. hopefully most people don't have to b working. 24 degrees in raleigh where we've had not that much snow but a lot more further to the north and west. notice the temperature in d.c. also in the 20s and colder as the colder air wraps behind the storm. westward, atmospheric river, look at this tropical moisture plume. it's going to bring monumental rain, tremendous snow and we're
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watching out for the risk of flooding with the milder temperatures we'll see rapid snow melt. this isn't a story just for today or tomorrow. it will be into the first part of next week. we'll be watching for a serious of storms coming in. tallying up huge amounts of rain, 15 inches with that snow melt, again, increasing the risk for flooding. how about snowfall totals? i've never seen such big snowfall totals. you have to go back a while to remember something like this. it's not matter of a foot or two feet. some of the high peaks could see three to five feet of snow over the next few days. tremendous snow for the mountain west and dangerous rainfall that could lead to flooding. >> we are in the thick of it. all right, thank you, bonny. let's go to tammy lightner in norfolk, virginia. how bad is it right now? i think i spoke to you at "the today show" this morning at 7:00. i'm afraid to look. it's worse. >> reporter: hey, it is worse. what happened? we've been out here since 5:00 a.m. this is not let up. it was sleet and rain overnight.
9:22 am
and it's been snowing all morning. and now the wind is just kicking up, making this horrendous. state of emergency in alabama, georgia, the carolinas, you know, most people are staying off the roads. but those that are, it is very slow going for them. 25 states affected by this storm. 60 million people. the east coast, just getting pounded from the jersey shore to manhattan. rockefeller center covered in snow. back here we've got a blizzard warning until 10:00 p.m. they're saying stay off the roads. the roads here are plowed. other places, this is a smaller town. other places it's a lot harder to get around. >> if you have to stay home it's a safe bet. thank you. now to the day's other big story, that's fallout over the report by top intelligence agencies on russia's interference in the election.
9:23 am
the president elect tweeeated. having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think it's bad. we have enough problems around the world without yet another one. when i am president russia will respect us more than they do now and both countries will perhaps work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the world. new tion from fojames woolsy. here's what he said within the last hour. >> i would say we want to take actions dealing with russia that are not in the cyber area. one very good one would be to use competition and under cutting opec to lower the price of oil. it would be great for american consumer and it would be a serious problem for putin. he's an able man. and i think we all need to work
9:24 am
with him and help him and help him do the best he can in this new extraordinary set of responsibilities. one of the things that we ought to emphasize, a number of us, i think, is the fact that the russians play rough. >> and here's president obama's reaction in an abc news exclusive interview which will air tomorrow morning. >> we've seen a lot of commentary lately where there are republicans or pundits or cable commentators who seem to have more confidence in vladmir putin than fellow americans because those fellow americans are democrats. that cannot be. >> does that include the president elect? >> well, what i will say is that -- i said this right after the election. we have to remind ourselves we're on the same team. vladmir putin's not on our team. >> this morning, president elect trump is still reluctant to put the blame on russia for hacking
9:25 am
during the 2016 u.s. election. it's been about 24 hours since leaders from the nation's top spy agencies briefed trump on their findings. that report now partly released to the public points specifically to president vladmir putin. officials say the russian leader was directly behind the effort to undermine the democratic process and denigrate hillary clinton. we further assess of putin and the russian government developed a preference for president elect trump. with me now is the former u.s. ambassador to russia, good morning. >> good morning. >> knowing vladmir putin, how surprised are you and how surprised should our intelligence agencies be that we know now he directly ordered the attack? >> i'm not surprised. this has been my assumption all along. you would never do something so outrageous without president putin's approval in russia. you would never do something of this kind of operation from the
9:26 am
united states without the president of the united states signing off. so that's not surprising at all. he's had a grudge against clinton. he bes that president elect trump will serve his foreign policy interests. why not try to help him. >> put this in perspective for us. putin seemed to get what he wanted. he's getting donald trump in the white house. in what tangible way or ways is that going to immediately impact him or will it. >> well, you just talked about some of the tweets the president elect put out. he says i want good relations with russia. that's his objective. and putin looks at that and says fantastic. here's how we're going to have good relations. you're going to recognize the annexation of crimea as legitimate. you're going to support what i'm doing in syria. you're going to stop talking about democracy and human rights. if you do all those things we'll have great relationship. so putin sees a lot of opportunity right now because he has very concrete objectives that he seeks from the united
9:27 am
states and the trump administration. >> i remember -- >> what's not clear to me is what trump wants to get out of the relationship. good relations in and of itself is not a foreign policy. >> it's interesting. i remember asking you this question a couple saturdays ago. i thought, once president elect trump receives this intelligence information, perhaps he'll change his tune or, you know, he'll shift a little bit which he did not. so now looking forward, what does your gut tell you? once he is actually in that position, won't he have to shift? >> i hope so. i'm an optimist, i hope that one, he'll understand better what vladmir putin does in this world. i agree entirely with what you quoted the president saying, we're on one team, putin's not on our team. despite whatever nice things he might say about the president in the early period. number two, i hope he'lld defin what our security objectives are. it's a bad deal for us to give all those concessions for a nice
9:28 am
party in the kremlin. good relations is not an outcome that does anything for the american people. and i think over time as he sits with his team, he discusses these kinds of issues with his new foreign policy team he'll come around to that. >> thank you for your time today on a busy saturday. >> thank you. we continue to follow the breaking news from ft. lauderdale. we'll discuss the process the fbi goes through to determine who is or isn't a threat to the public.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin at ft. lauderdale international airport here. as you can see, the airport is now resuming operations. things are getting back to normal. we have updates this hour on the investigation into yesterday's shooting rampage here at the airport. the suspect behind the attack that killed five people was carrying a semi automatic
9:32 am
handgun. law enforcement says esteban santiago was on a mission to carry out this attack and haven't found any motivation. officials also brought down the number of victims suffering gun shot wounds from eight as originally reported, now that number stands at six. i want to bring melissa, great to have you with us. i know you cover ft. lauderdale, southern florida. talk to us a little bit about the suspect in terms of his appearance on monday. we understand he's going to appear in court on monday. what kind of charges we expect. >> yeah, so for sure. right now, the big thing to know, when he was apprehended he was apprehended with no incident. they say it was something they were easily able to capture him. he was on the ground. they got him binto custody. he's been booked in the jail. what's happening next on monday that's when we'll be expecting what's going to happen next. possible charges of murder
9:33 am
naturally. these are five people that were killed and we're waiting to hear what will happen following that. >> as i was saying, you have covered this community, youw the southern part of florida very well. this is the second tragedy in the last seven months. you had the pulse shooting, today you had governor rick scott talk about how strong and resilience the community is. you live and work here. but what does this kind of attack do to the community? what's the discussion? what's the narrative that's coming out in terms of what people want to see following the tragedies? >> our governor also stated it's a senseless act. just in seven months this is the second time has had another mass shooting. this one at the airport, so this is bringing up security issues. this is an airports we all come home. we come here to ft. lauderdale international airport. we find it comfortable to fly here. when something happens it damages your security. you feel a sense of fear. we had one of our congresswomans
9:34 am
here, debbie wassermann schultz. she wants to bring something to congress on monday. talking about how tsa allow and regulates people to bring firearms and ammunition on to their checked baggage. so -- >> do you get a sense that the community, the discussion over the past seven months, what does it focus more on? is it focused on security at places like airports or night clubs? issues by guns? terrorism. what do you hear about folks you talk to every day? >> everyone usually that we go up to, their sense of security. they want everyone to be safe and feel secure. that's the biggest issue. after that, what are the questions, the gun laws. is there something that have to be restricted. is that something that has to be enforced. because of that, is that something that will change. we have the gun laws and then you're also looking, you know, going back to the suspect, we're still obviously investigating something else to bring up. whether or not what was his motives. we're still looking into if the
9:35 am
motive was terrorism. that's something that we heard from earlier today with the fbi spokesman here from miami. >> not ruled out anything. we continue to look at all avenues and all motives for this horrific attack. >> so, again, that was george spe spiro who was speaking. what was his motive what are we going to do about this next. >> there is simply no easy answer. that's something all the politicians locally and in congress are struggling with. great to talk to you. joining me now on the phone former fbi agent clint van zant. probably knows this style of investigation better than anyone in the industry. let me start by asking you about the information the suspect visited the fbi office in
9:36 am
anchorage. he's been cooperating here, he's participated in the questions that lasted for hours. my question to you is based on what we know now, some of this loose affiliation in watching isis videos and claiming he was being forced to do so by the cia. in addition to the mental health issues that have been raised by his families, how does this investigation go now? what is the composite they're trying to profile in determining the motivation here? >> well, i think one of the things they're looking for is exactly as you suggest, the mental health issue. about 1% of the american population has been diagnosed as schizophrenic. part of that diagnosis says do you hear voices inside your head. you see things that aren't necessarily there. these are all attributes that are attributed to this individual. we're told there are ptsd based upon his military service.
9:37 am
as an fbi agent i would officials walk into the office and they would say there is radar beams coming into my head, cia is telling me what to do. when you see that you sit down, try to find out is the person a threat to himself or to others. does he or she need evaluation? and then normally there's a kernovker turnover to the police department for voluntary or involuntary psychiatric exam. that's what the fbi agents did in anchorage. that's what the police department did. and the challenge is, there are a significant number of people in the united states with mental health issues, but very few of them will ever pick up a gun and do anything like this. as you and i know, we don't have an accurate test to look at two people and say one's going to be mass murder and one's going to be a challenge simply to himself for the rest of his life. >> you and i have talked about this in the past. when it comes to the profiles of
9:38 am
the individuals, the fbi is -- some of these guys are on the fbi's radar. they know about the person but in some cases they seem to be slipping through the tracks. omar mateen in the pulse night club shooting and esteban santiago here. is that a cause of concern that the first steps are good, we're getting to where they're on our radar. somehow the cases are being closed or not being brought in for further questioning or allowed to continue doing these things. >> two different radar screens. one radar screen says here's an individual that has potential -- some type of touch with terrorism, connection to terrorism. his background where he's travelled, what he says suggests a potential for some type of negative act. the other separate radar screen says mental health, no connection to terrorism whatsoever. we do the basic checks, we can't find anything other than mental health. so we turn him over to the
9:39 am
community that should be responsible for that. >> and there's always the question about the workload of the fbi. it's always great to talk to you. thank you sir for joining us. >> thank you. >> that will do it for me right now. coming up at the top of the hour, my interview with a witness that was at the airport at the time of the shooting and saw everything as it unfolded. let's send it back to my colleag colleague. >> happening now, new york city take a look at this, the snow is falling from the big apple down to the deep south. how that region is coping with blizzard warnings. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it.
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in our next hour, hear from one of theinctnesses abt what he saw and how he tried to save the lives of others. an update on a stormy situation in the west. how areas dealing with years of drought are getting too much of a good thing.
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we are following breaking news out of florida, investigators have concluded their interview with the suspect esteban santiago. officials say the 26-year-old used a semi automatic .9 millimeter handgun. three of the victims are listed in good condition, while three others are still in the icu. ayman mohyeldin will join us at the top of the hour with what we know about the weapon used in this attack. on the east coast today, millions of americans are feeling the effects of a winter storm, covering areas from texas to new england and snow that may total two feet in some areas. states of emergency and winter advisories span much of the coast. out west, people in california and along the west coast are bracing for a submit storm triggering dangerous flooding and mud sidelines. let's go to san francisco. steve, what's the situation out there? >> reporter: yeah, we are well into this storm system. it has been raining here in san francisco now for hours.
9:47 am
albeit it is light rain. the worst of it not expected today come until well into tonight. however, people in north california are really bracing for this. they may see places where rainfall is expected to pour 10, 12, 15 inches of rain and snow, maybe 15 to 20 feet in some regions. so preparation is well underway. people are a little bit worried and precautions are being taken in place. however, this is going to be a widespread system. it's going to hit for quite a few days. in a really beareig area, south oregon down to possibly southern california. you're talking about los angeles, reno, tahoe, san francisco, portland. all of these places either facing sustained snowfall or sustained rainfall. what does that mean? the possibility for higher risk for a number of things. rock slides, mud sidelines, possible road closures, possible of course flash flooding expected in many areas.
9:48 am
this could lead to property damage, power outages. it could be proven fatal. that's what the experts and forecasts are predicting right now as we move forward into the weekend. it's going to hit hard on both sunday and tuesday. those are the areas that are going to be punk chew waited. hopefully they'll be ready and in place as it hits this weekend. >> thank you. still ahead, intelligence officers risking their lives to get information. why the president elect has been hesitant to trust their analysis about cyberhacking. i'll ask two political strategists on what his motivation could be. we'll go ah. it's going to cause a lot of problems. totally unnecessary andit t. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. go long™. this is a live picture of ft. lauderdale international airport. passenger service has resumed in all terminals except terminal 2 where five people were killed after a guninaman opened fire.
9:52 am
president elect donald trump pumping the brakes on the u.s. intelligence report into russian hacking. the incoming commander in chief not ready to say that russia enter feared in the election. he's blaming the democratic national committee saying it was their fault it was hack. let's bring our panel. want good afternoon to both of you. susan, this intelligence officers if you will essentially risk their lives sometimes to get the information. they're some of the smartest people in the country. why do you think it is that trump is just so hesitant to take their word. >> i think he's hesitant to take their word. he would rather go into the administration with a strong relationship with putin. why is that? he's put so much faith and name on the fact he's going to tackle
9:53 am
isis. >> whether to defy them publicly? >> listen, i think that it is inappropriate to do it the way he's done it. there's no doubt. there are intelligence agencies do a tremendous job in keeping our country safe. i also worry about the fact if you undermine him publicly it also hurts the public trust in them. so i think the president elect really needs to come back and say the public can trust our intelligence community. at the same time i think he has another agenda. >> look at your crystal ball. the report is out, as much as we're allowed to see it i guess we should say. is that the end of this? >> the end of what? >> really. >> there's no end. i agree with susan. it's one of the smartest analysis i've heard. it's the only analysis i've heard that linked trump's goal to defeat isis with vladmir putin. the problem is that along the way, i wrote about months ago 92% of americans do not trust
9:54 am
the government. that number has gone up since the ratings king, aka, president elect trump, has won the election. and that's what worries me. the other aspect of this that's not being discussed is what are we doing to protect ourselves from hacking? that seems to be lost in all of the focus on russia. i want to know what we're doing. because i know from various sources that we're not in a very safe position. >> i want to follow up on what you said at the beginning of that. is there a chance then -- it seems like there's a tap dance with democrats or others who are pushing for the investigation and then trying -- some people to delegitimize the outcome of the election or trump's presidency, is that his concern? >> donald trump did not win because of one thing. hillary clinton did not lose because of one thing. there were many factors. no question, if russia was really behind trying to get donald trump elected, they probably wouldn't have gotten hillary clinton three million more votes than donald trump. besides that, donald trump won
9:55 am
this, he is the president elect. i think he almost hurts himself every time he takes a swing at trying to defend that. what he should do is take a look at where we are on cybersecurity and the fact that russia did -- there are other governments that try to delegitimize how our elections are run. that's a fundamental problem. >> one thing we might learn from the corporate world as this hacking has increased around the globe. we have an open internet. most people don't understand. if you have an open internet all of this is possible. corporations are now hiring hackers to hack them. so they can learn. i think the united states and the military under certain circumstances should do the same thing. >> but, you know -- >> i think -- >> when you talk about the private companies, the reason why they got there is they've been blackmailed for years. they just pay it very quickly and quietly because they don't want to have their information out there in the public. they've been playing the blackmail. that's been going on. now they're still catching up.
9:56 am
but the government is a little more importance. >> i want to run out of time. i want to take about obamacare. paul ryan said congress will repeal it but avoid pulling the rug out from anyone. there seems to be a growing chorus of republicans, rand paul saying no repeal unless we replace it the same day. so susan, what do you think what's it going to be? >> i think they'll take their pr tour on repealing obamacare. it's very little doubt about that. but what they will do is put it 2018. they'll start making changes to it throughout that go into effect the same time the actual repeal takes place. it will happen over time. >> i keep hearing democrats have to pick their battles. where do you think obamacare ranks in terms of what the party's really willing to fight for in. >> it depends on what district you represent. for many congress people, obamacare has been terrific.
9:57 am
x number of people in their districts suddenly have health insurance they didn't have before. in other districts, people that were on obamacare whose premiums went up by 25%, they're hearing on a daily basis in their officoffic offices the complaints. >> pethank you for coming in today. coming up at the top of the hour, speaking of which, the snow. pounding the southeast. how cities that don't usually get a lot of this stuff are coping with all of this. plus, the white house as i said looking like a snow globe as washington, d.c. gets covered in a blanket of white. looks beautiful, though.
9:58 am
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breaking now, new developments on two major stories. out cry over the airport shooting government on how he could turn an airport terminal into a deadly shoot


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