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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 7, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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breaking now, new developments on two major stories. out cry over the airport shooting government on how he could turn an airport terminal into a deadly shooting gallery.
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the east coast is getting a winter blast in some parts maybe snowed in. first the breaking news in the after the ma after the math of the deadly shooting at the ft. lauderdale airport. they have concluded their interview with the suspect. ayman mohyeldin has the latest from ft. lauderdale. good day. >> reporter: good day to you and our viewers. a lot of questions about the investigation. law enforcement officials say the 26-year-old suspect remains in federal custody. they expect to release charges against him this afternoon, expected to appear in court on monday. we now know he used a semi automatic handgun in that attack that killed five people. also, officials are giving us an update on the victims being hospitalized in the aftermath of the attack. initially it was eight people. that number has been revised to six people recovering from gun shot wounds. that is at least some good news for those victims there. as you mentioned, investigators have interviewed the suspect. they also interviewed his family
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as well as about 100 other eyewitnesses. the case remains an ongoing and active investigation. >> did cooperate with the interview team, which was a joint combined fbi broward sheriff's office. the interview went over several hours. and concluded sometime this morning, at which point he was transported to the broward county jail. >> indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack. but, again, it's very early in the investigation. and we're pursuing all angles and what prompted him to carry out such a horrific attack. we have not ruled out anything. we continue to look at all avenues and all motives from
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this horrific attack. at this point, we're continuing to look at the terrorism angle in regards to the potential motivation behind this attack. >> reporter: the airport in ft. lauderdale has reopened. terminal 2 where the shooting happened remains closed due to the ongoing investigation. it's expected to open later at some point today. new details are emerging about the gunman. federal authorities and family members are pointing to a series of mental health problems. we know that santiago receively received psychiatric treatment in alaska. joining me now is pete williams. he's been following the case since the beginning. i want to talk to you about which direction this investigation could go. you have a column of mental health issues, the other terrorism. what goes in each column as they try to determine the motivation.
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>> it's matter of trying to figure out why he did this, that's the simple question. the answers will take some time to get. they're talking to him, as you noted they talked to them for several hours, into the we hours this morning. he's being somewhat cooperative. i gather from officials they're having trouble diffrichiating between what he's saying that's coherent and incoherent. it will take a while to sort out. talking to his family members, they searched his home in anchorage, alaska where he lived. they'll be looking at social media, the materials he had on his computers. but the mental health aspect is one. and it's one of these sort of blend things we've seen in recent years. you have someone who has obvious mental problems but shows interest in terrorism propaganda. he walked into the fbi's field office in anchorage in november authorities say. while he was talking somewhat
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incoherently. they say he did complain about hearing voices. george pirro from the fbi office in miami did talk about that a little bit today. >> he walked in as aone has the right to do so. it was during that contact that the agents themselves noted the erratic behavior that concerned them. and motivated them to call their local authorities to have him taken into custody and evaluated at a medical facility for his meantal health. >> authorities say one of the things he said he was hearing voice and the cia was controlling his mind and telling him to watch some isis propaganda videos. his aunt has also told us she believes he was hospitalized for a couple of weeks in december in
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anchorage to get mental health treatment and was having difficulty being realistic knowing what was correct and what wasn't. as for the question of why ft. lauderdale, that is a very big question. the fbi says there are indications -- you heard george p piro say this, he came to ft. lauderdale with the intent for carrying out this attack. this is a picture of him being arrested yesterday after the shooting. indicating in other words it wasn't something that set him off along the journey. it wasn't an argument on the plane. it wasn't an argument with someone in baggage claim. the initial thinking of investigators now is when he got on the plane in anchorage thursday night, he intended to carry out the shooting. and tellingly, the only thing authorities in anchorage tell us, the only thing that he checked at the airport was the case for that gun. that's the semi automatic handgun that was used in the shooting. that's all he checked. just the case for the gun.
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following the tsa procedures for checking a firearm. he had no other baggage they tell us. >> reporter: all right. pete williams with an inside look at the thought process the investigators are trying to put together. thank you for that. as we mentioned about 175 eyewitnesses have been questioned by officials. i had a chance to speak to annica dean. she thought for a moment she was not going live through the horrific ordeal. take a listen to what she experienced. >> i was in baggage claim three. i heard the gunfire shots. i knew immediately what was happening. i've been through two active shooter drills at broward public schools. so i just got on the ground, i ducked for cover the best i could. there really wasn't anywhere to hide. but there was a smart cart and i just laid down next to it. >> and i understand that there was an additional passenger who came and try today shield you a little bit more from what was happening? >> i was there for about 30 seconds and then a man covered
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my body. and as he did so, he said i will protect you. and i immediately felt calm. i had been just praying my guts out. i was really terrified my boys wouldn't have a mother or that they would have a severely injured mother. and so when he shielded my body, you know, the terror subsided. i felt much -- >> do you know who this man was? >> i do. >> were you able to get ahold of him? >> tony from rochester new york. >> does he live here? was he coming to visit? what compelled him to shield you? >> he was coming on a cruise. his wife was nearby, but not exactly next to him. and he was also ducking for cover. but i thinkhe was a hero. he wanted to protect me. >> you talked about going through two active shooter traings the plicchool
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system. we talk about how being trained prepares you for moments like this. but you lived it. did your training prepare for you a moment you lived through yesterday? >> it helped me avoid sheer panic. i was a little more calm than i think most people were. >> and you mentioned you have two boys this morning. what has the past 24 hours been for you and your family? >> well, as soon as i got homealihome last night i found my boys and gave nthem a huge hug. >> reporter: that was my conversation with annica dean who witnessed the shooting. we've been talking to local reporters here, one of the things we keep hearing all the time especially from the governor and politicians. they're saying there's got to be a more honest conversation in society. even among politicians as to how to prevent these types of issues when guns are involved, mental health is involves, issues of terrorism could possibly be involved. a lot of questions, particularly for the community in southern
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florida. this is the second shooting strate tragedy they've dealt with in seven months. you can imagine how sensitive they are. a lot of questions, some congressmen say they want to bring this up at the new session in congress. that's it for me. coming up i'll take a closer look at airport security and whether or not there were any signs that could have prevented the fbi from letng somebody like esteban santiago away from thr custody when he was on their radar back in november. i'll send it back to you in new york. >> good conversation, you know, there were so many different flags. they didn't connect the dots and then this happened. thank you. blizzard-like conditions in our nation's capital. it's what's happening south of there that's triggering a state of emergency in several states. go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him!
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the airport in ft. lauderdale is returning to normal operations after yesterday's deadly shooting. this is a live look at the tarmac activities there. meanwhile, federal authorities are preparing charges against accused gunman esteban santiago. it's expected he'll be charged later this afternoon. happening now a winter storm is slamming areas fromexas to new england with hvy ow, ice and sleet. authorities have confirmed three storm-related deaths so far. flight cancellations have climbed into the hundreds and counting. millions of people are under winter weather advisory and blizzard warnings. and a state of emergency is still in effect for multiple states in the southeast. let's go now to tammy lightner in norfolk, virginia. what's the latest? >> reporter: you know, this wind, it just keeps kicking up. and the snow has not let up at
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all. you know, a blizzard warning is going on until 10:00. let's take a look at the road here. they've been plowing the roads all morning. but the big danger now is as the temperature continues to drop, which it's expected to do, the roads become icy and that becomes dangerous. they're telling people to stay off the roads. a couple people out that have been braving the elements. a state of emergency in alabama, georgia, the carolinas, and as i mentioned most people staying a off the road. we have been hundreds of accidents across the states. the storm affecting 25 states, 60 million people. and it's heading east. it's really pommelling out there. the jersey shore, covered in snow. even manhattan covered with blanket of snow out there. and back here where we are, the wind really kicking up as you can see. this is the problem out here, very treacherous for anyone walking. a blizzard warning until 10:00
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tonight. we'll bring you the latest. >> stay safe. joining me now meteorologist bonny schneider, at least it looks like in some areas people are staying inside. >> they need to stay inside. that's advisable. the national weather service put out a statement saying the snow is so bad, visibility is a quarter of a mile. you can see the heavy snow continues to work its way through much of the region. in terms of what we can expect through sunday, we'll be watching for snow ending in north carolina with an ice threat remaining. look what's to come. east end of long island, a foot of snow. a foot of snow in boston, massachusetts. a lot of snow coming through. here's the poor visibility. you can see the snow coming up and it is not relenting. this is going to be a rough day. i do not advise travel at all. behind this system, much colder air coming in. as the temperatures plummet, even though we only got a little
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bit of snow in atlanta, but further to the north, about 30 miles more measurable snow. the temperatures are below freezing and going down. this will be anniz an icy mess. anywhere we've had that glaze. switching gears to the west coast, tropical moisture, this is an atmosphere river. it's a plume of moisture that keeps on coming. low pressure to the north, the south, the high and all that pacific moisture funneling in. this is going to be a prolific event, according to the weather service out in sacramento. big time statements for this, heavy rain with flooding and watch out for the potential for snow melt adds for additional flooding as well. a big rainmaker and dangerous week ahead. >> all right, thank you, we have breaking news. we want to take you live to florida governor rick scott. where i understand he's speaking. i'll let you listen. >> a lot of people were going on cruises to get up there to see if they could help people get
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id's. in this state and other states. we asked counselor generals to help people get passports. it's hard to get on a cruise ship without any id and to travel without any id. so we're trying to do everything we can to be helpful. i talked to the red cross to see what they can do. a lot of people don't have their luggage and it's going to take a while. it's going to take a while for people to get their luggage back. the most important thing is what can i do to be helpful. i'm talking to the sheriff, talking to the airports, i don't know of any needs. i don't know if you want to talk about anything? >> my name is mark sprada and i'm the ceo at the hospital. we thank the governor and all the state agencies for their support at this difficult time. we're very proud of the performance of our trauma surgeons and staff. it was like an organized
10:19 am
sympho symphony. they accommodated all of the shooting victims, as well as the nearly 30 medical patients that came from the airport. so we're very proud to serve the community for the last 79 years. and extremely proud of all of our care givers, thank you. [ inaudible question ] >> sure. we are a level i trauma center and a teaching hospital. we recognize the important to serve our community being near the airport, as well as the sea port. we train for this. it's what we do. it's like clockwork. and again very, very proud of our staff. [ inaudible question ] >> well, certainly as you know, there's patient privacy laws, but we do have six shooting victims. they range in terms of their prognosis. but they're being supported by their loved ones and the staff
10:20 am
members. and everyone who came through our doors has their life today. and we're making sure that they enjoy the gift of life. >> the sheriff said that three people were in good condition, and three people were still in the icu. as far as you know is that the latest? >> it sounds correct. >> did you expect any releases today? >> we expect one release today. >> governor, when you talk to people who obviously have been impacted, being shot, being traumatized, i'm sure there's not too many words you can use to soothe them. talk to us what the connection was like, having to talk to these people? >> you know, i talked to families after pulse and we lost -- we had 49 people who lost their lives there. i talked to -- there's families, i heard those stories. we visited the hospitals like we did hear and listened to their stories. mostly what you think about it
10:21 am
is the positive stories. i had one that told johnny damon that he could outrun him even though he had three bullets in him. there's some positive stories. but, you know i tell you when you talk to people who have been impacted, they're appreciative. they're appreciative of the care they're getting. the people here, the caregivers here are outstanding. they're very appreciative. if you lost somebody, it's traumatic. it's totally out of context. you know, you might have been going on vacation, and then this happened and you never in your wildest dreams thought this would happen to you. you know, if anybody has lost a loved one, i lost my mom four years ago and i still wake up thinking i need to call my mom. they're just starting the process. they're just in shock. [ inaudible question ]
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>> sure. well, you know, florida's blessed. we have wonderful law enforcement. we have a 45 low year crime rate. we'll have 115,000 visit rors i our state. people love our state. part of it is because we love each other. we try to care for each other. i was walking through the airport today, and one guy came up to me and gave me the names of a couple people that i should make sure i reached out to and thanked that worked at one of the airlines. because they were so wonderful. if i got their names i could tell you more stories. there's -- this is a tragedy, right? it's horrible. people lost their lives and loved ones. we have people still injured. we have a lot of wonderful people that are doing a lot of nice things for each other. [ inaudible question ] >> were going on vacation, going to cruises, how many of them
10:23 am
that you have spoken with -- i know you can't get into detail. would it be correct to say that most of the victims you have spoken with were going on a cruise, looking for a vacation? >> well, they were coming -- they might have come back from a vacation and lived here. this is a big -- a time of year that everybody is coming to florida, right? and so it's just -- if you stop and think about what happened to these individuals was completely out of their wildest -- they just never would have imagined. and like a lot of us, you wake up and think -- you're coming back from vacation, you're exhausted but had fun and going on vacation and you're so happy. and so to have this happen to them. but, you know, they're positive. they're appreciative. and anything -- you go through this i would -- it's never happened to me or my family, but you're appreciative of life and that you have it. but, you know, people are very, very appreciative of the care they're getting right here at
10:24 am
broward health. >> thanks everyone. >> thanks. >> that's florida governor rick scott updating the conditions of the six victims there in florida. three people in good condition, three people in icu and maybe expecting a release today. so that is good news for one person. as he says, very traumatic for the families affected. next, president elect trump firing back at critics the day after the intelligence report on russia's hacking of the election.
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now, to the day's other big story. president elect trump is firing back at his critics after declining to say whether he accepts the intel report on russia. interfering in the u.s. presidential election. nbc's ron allen is at trump tower. what more is the president elect saying about the findings of the intel agencies? >> there's a storm going on out here. and there's been quite an avalanche of tweets from from
10:28 am
tower. more than half a dozen starting at 6:00 in the morning. most of them responding to that intelligence report are basically saying that the election was not tampered with in a sense of vote counts and voting machines, that the russians didn't swing the election to him. he blames the president elect does, the democrats what he calls gross negligence at one point for letting -- for their voting -- for their e-mail systems being hacked and not the republicans. so it's a lot of tweets and a lot of information basically saying that let's move on past this. this has nothing -- the election -- the election is over. and he also later talked about the russians and the criticism he's perhaps too cozy with the russians saying it's stupid people or fools who would say that having good relations with the russians is a bad idea. so it's that -- that's what we be been hearing from the president elect today. i have to say a lot of people are taking note of the fact that
10:29 am
this is how he's communicating to the public. he has 47 million or more twitter followers he's chosen to use this method of social media to communicate directly, primarily in part to get past us who he is very distrustful and critical of, the media. but that's what he's doing. and also, we're looking forward to next week, the beginning of confirmation hearings for a number of nominees. he nominated today or h announced he would nominate the former senator from indiana, dan cotes to be his director of national intelligence. he said in a statement yesterday he'll make a push to strengthen america's cyber security the first 90 days he's in office. he's refused to say the words russian hacking and point the finger at vladmir putin as the intelligence community, democrats and republicans clearly have in recent days. >> the conversation continues. ron allen, thank you. still ahead, the bottom of the hour, here's the latest
10:30 am
development on we're monitoring our top story. law enforcement say there are six people recovering from gun shot wounds following the attack at a florida airport. that's down from the total of eight given previously. three of the victims are in good condition and the other three are in intensive care. also new this hour, officials say they have concluded their interrogation with the expect. we expect charges will lbe released later in the afternoon. investigators are looking at leads in other states. the ft. lauderdale shooting is prompting questions about how passengers gets firearms past checkpoints.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin here at ft. lauderdale international airport. if there wasn't already bad news for the officials here trying to get the airport to resume full operations.
10:34 am
in the last couple of minutes they're getting bad weather. that will have some impact on them. in terms of the investigation, that is still very much ongoing. we had a chance to hear from law enforcement officials here on the ground. fbi, local officials telling us they've interrogated the suspect. esteban santiago. they're trying to question exte family members about what they may know, not only about his mental conditions but also in addition to that, any possible ideas that may shed light on to his motivations. into what led him to carry out the deadly shooting rampage. a big focus has been on the victims that have survived this. outside of the hospital that's where we find my colleague gabe gutierrez. he just heard from the florida governor rick scott who gave remarks there after visiting some of the victims. gabe? >> reporter: we're outside broward health medical center where governor rick scott just met with some of the victims. he says that according to law enforcement officials and according to the sheriff we
10:35 am
heard earlier today there are six gun shot victims that are still in the hospital. three in good condition. three in the intensive care unit. however, the chief of the hospital says that he does expect one of those victims to be released later today. let's take a listen to what some of governor rick scott had to say a few moments ago. >> when you talk to people that have been impacted, they're appreciative. they're appreciative of the care they're getting. the people here, the caregivers here are outstanding, very appreciative of the care. if you lost somebody, it's traumatic. because it's totally out of context. you know, you might have been going on vacation and then this happened. and you never in your wildest dreams thought this would happen to you. >> reporter: the last time this hospital had to deal with a mass casualty situation was a few
10:36 am
years ago during the haiti quakyar earthquake. we're hearing from families of the people that were killed. terry andrees who worked at the naval yard in virginia. he's unfortunately among the victims. we're hearing from one of the victims that was shot and survived. the family near omaha, nebraska, her husband shot and killed. and also, the church of another one of the potential victims in -- outside of atlanta, georgia, described as a great grandmother being mourned by her community there. this is a tragedy that affected people throughout the country. many coming here to south florida on vacation to takedy - go on a vacation on a cruise. heart breaking stories we're starting to hear. >> reporter: game gutierrez outside that hospital in ft. lauderdale. thank you for that. i want to bring in now former
10:37 am
assistant director to the fbi, bill gavin. he joins us now. sir, thank you very much for joining us, a lot of questions about this investigation and about the fbi. i want to start off by asking you in terms of what we've learned with the issue of the gun being checked in on the flight. do you believe that we need to toughen our security measures at the airports precisely for this new vulnerability we've been exposed to as a result of the shooting? >> i do to a degree. the bottom line is, i think walking through the procedure, you can ship a weapon in checked baggage, but it's very, very closely guarded. first of all, you can't ship it through curb side check in. you have to take the bag into the terminal, you have to go to the counter, explain to the person behind the counter you're shipping a weapon unloaded in your carry on luggage. that weapon has to be in a solid case that has to be locked and you have to sign a declaration
10:38 am
that is given to you by the airline showing you are shipping a weapon that is not loaded. secondly, you can ship the ammunition with the weapon. when you put a copy of that declaration back in the container with the weapon, it has to be locked again. not with a tsa lock, but with a lock the tsa can open until they get the key from you. it goes back in your luggage and the luggage, you either carry to tsa where they run it through the scanner or it go s into the anonymous hole in the ground where tsa should run it through a scanner to see if it pops up on the baggage check. i don't know if this individual did that. if, in fact he threw the gun in a bag and shipped that baggage and nobody caught it at the airport, there's a lot of explaining to do there. >> and i want to ask you about a question that has kind of come up with the fbi. two parts of this process. one, in both the florida orlando night club shooter with the case of omar mateen and now with
10:39 am
esteban santiago. the early warning signs were detected. the fbi had interviewed the individuals, had done background work on them. ultimately concluded they were not a threat or risk to society and in both cases no other measures were taken. they were not on no fly lists or those rardars there. these individuals are slipping through the cracks later on. >> there is no way you can really tell by one interview with somebody whether or not they -- i don't think putting them on a no fly list is the right thing to do immediately. i think what happens in these particular cases, when this individual came into the fbi office in anchorage, i believe, they got him psychological help. what happens after that, you know, it's very difficult to point the finger at this point
10:40 am
in time. there are preliminary investigations that go on. it was determined this person needed psychological help. that's substantiated by his family. >> james comey says he's opened terrorism investigations in all 50 states. that gives you a sense of the work load fbi officials are working with. mr. bill gavin, thank you for joining us, appreciate your insights this morning. >> thanks, my pleasure. >> when i come back in a few minutes we'll see how authorities may be exploring possible motives into the shooting, now back to shinel in new york. how unusual it is for a leader of a country to be directly involved in cyber hacking of another country's election. a witness tells us what he saw at that airport in ft. lauderdale.
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lauderdale is returning to normal operations after yesterday's deadly shooting. this is a live look at tarmac activities there. federal authorities are preparing charges against esteban santiago. it's pictured he'll be charged later this afternoon. a day after that top secret briefing on russian hacking, president elect trump is promising a quote, good relationship with the kremlin, despite u.s. intelligence assessments that moscow sought to undermine american democracy. trump slamming his critics, including fellow republicans by writing on his twitter this morning that only quote, stupid people would think having a relationship with russia is a bad thing. nbc intelligence and national security reporter ken delaney is in with us now. thank you for joining me this afternoon. >> good to be with you. >> this isn't the first declassified intelligence report you've read. how does this compare in terms of hard evidence and details needed to really prove a case? >> this is the most detailed -- it's the most extraordinary
10:45 am
public intelligence report i've seen in my years covering national security from one perspective in that it lays out a case for a cyber covert operation and points the finger directly at vladmir putin. at the same time many experts are finding it disappointing because it doesn't present any evidence. and some of us were hoping it would. i mean, we know from our own reporting in the classified version of the report, for example, there is a passage where a u.s. signals officials picked up russian officials celebrating and congratulating one another on trump's victory on election night. that's not in the public version of the report. there's a reason for that. you know, u.s. officials don't want to give up source and methods. they believe when they disclose an e-mail that channel goes away. it's going to leave a lot of skeptics and there are on twitter and else where saying there's no evidence here. >> in your opinion what questions does the report raise for president elect trump in terms of the implications of whether anyone in his presidential campaign knew about what was going on with
10:46 am
wikileaks? >> that's great point that i think people will be exploring in the coming weeks. now trump is no longer denouncing the intelligence community. he has not yet accepted the findin that it was russia. but there a other questions. trump used the wikileaks information in the campaign. he criticized hillary clinton repeatedly. he cited the wikileaks information. one of his advisors, roger stone said he had a back communication line with wikileaks. to what extentd we you were invd with wikileaks, now that wikileaks has been listed as being involved? >> everybody hacks everybody. how routine is it or unusual is it for someone in putin's position to become directly involved. what does it say about the importance of his overall mission? >> well, you know, vladmir putin's a former kgb official. he's a spy. and he runs an authoritarian
10:47 am
government. nbc news reported exclusively that putin was not only ordering the attack but was personally involved in how the information was used was directing how the hacked e-mails should be used. you know, we don't know, because we don't have insight into what the north korean leader did in sony for example. we think it's pretty unusual. >> ken delaney, i have to leave it there. thank you for talking with me. for more analysis let's bring in molly hooper. i want to start with your biggest take away from the intel report. what sto what stood out to you? >> so much was declassified and that the intel services found such overwhelming evidence that russia, you know, was involved in this. which is really interesting, because you've had members of congress up on capitol hill on the republican and democratic side in the house and senate calling for a select committee to investigate these
10:48 am
allegations. but there hasn't been a lot of you know, support from the leaders. it's interesting because this is something that lindsey graham can follow up on. he was appointed the head of a new senate armed services subcommittee, specifically to deal with cyber threats. that's something that the armed services committee has not had because this is not, you know, a one off. this is not a one off occasion. we've had several big profile hacking attempts from other countries, you know, on u.s. government programs and whatnot. >> we've been talking -- go ahead. >> oh, no and basically congress wants to figure out what are the rules of engagement when this happens, when these, you know, international actors try to hack into our systems. how do we respond? what are the rules of engagement militarily. >> nice transition then to what i was about to ask you. we've been talking all day about the fact that president elect trump has been tweeting all day.
10:49 am
he essential called his critics stupid for thinking the u.s. can't have a good relationship with ssia. let me play for you what michael mcfaul said to me in the last hour about that. >> putin looks at that and says fantastic. here's how we'll have good relations. you're going to recognize the annexation of crimea as legitimate. you're going to support what i'm doing in syria. you're going to stop talking about democracy and human rights. if you do all those things we'll have a great relationship. good relations in and of itself is not a foreign policy. >> he says he can't figure out what trump wants out of this. what are strategists telling you about the risks the president elect is taking with the reset? do they think trump has a better handle than critics are giving him credit for? >> i'm hearing from surrogates on capitol hill who know trump and who have been working with him. they say, listen, you know, all
10:50 am
these tweets, it's trump being trump. but, really, don't underestimate this guy. he knows what he's doing. it might seem like he's trying to in fact he is, but he's a negotiator. he wants to get deals done, but he's not stupid. and he's not going to be taken advantage of when it comes down to the brass tacks. and he has some really interesting picks including general mattis who is coming up for confirmation next week or the week after to be head of the d.o.d., and some other hardliners on russia who are going to be part of his administration who these people up on capitol hill tell me they feel confident will help trump in dealing with putin effectively. >> a lot of people who are hoping and praying you're right. molly hooper, thank you for giving me your time on this saturday. >> absolutely. thank you. >> yes. remind you tomorrow morning at 8:00 eastern reverend al sharpton talks to former presidential candidate bernie sanders about the progressive
10:51 am
movement's way forward. that's on a live edition of "politics nation." up next, the florida airport gunman, what motivated him to open fire? and a live look at manhattan on fifth avenue outside trump tower. snow is coming down not just here but up and down the east coast. and in some places that frankly aren't used to it. so we'll have more on this and a forecast coming up at the top of the hour.
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10:54 am
thank you for waking up and tuning in with us today. we've been giving you live looks at ft. lauderdale international airport today, the site of yesterday's shooting rampage. we can tell you the airport has reopened following the attack that killed five people and wounded six others. right now terminal 2 remains closed, but it is expected to open again a little later today. again, that's where police say esteban santiago allegedly opened fire in a baggage claim area after retrieving a handgun from the 26-year-old's checked
10:55 am
luggage. airport officials say they are also trying to match the more than 20,000 bags and personal items with their owners. let's go back out live to ayman mohyeldin live from the airport. >> that's right, sheinelle, they're dealing with all kinds of problems in terms of getting terminal 2 open. now they have to deal with some weather conditions that have obviously complicated that. but for the most part the investigation really now shifts a little bit further away from the airport here into the background of that shooter esteban santiago. focusing on known associates, whether there was some kind of accomplice, all of this to piece together the motivation behind two things, why this airport and more importantly why did they take -- why did he decide to shoot this airport, more importantly why did he carry out this attack. i want to bring in former fbi agent clint van sant, he joins us on the phone. he's been with us throughout the course of the day. great to have you with us again. as a former fbi profiler, we're
10:56 am
trying to piece together those two things we are talking about, his motivation for choosing this airport and more importantly why he wanted to carry out this attack. what are some of the key things investigators are looking for to answer those two questions? >> well, you know, as you well know most of us we're a product of either our genetics or our circumstances. and in this particular case genetically, you know, they're looking, do we have some mental health issues that have been ongoing. we're told he may have been present for a long time, they may have been in the military. we know he had challenges in the military. he got a general discharge because of issues in the military. his relatives say he had mental health issues. he heard voices. he saw visions. all which could contribute to schizophrenia. that's fine. the fbi and the police and sheriff's office can say we've got a mental health issue, but why that day? why that airport? why this day? why didn't he do it in
10:57 am
anchorage? why did he do it at ft. lauderdale? so the identification has to identify that, anybody help him or anybody else involved. >> all right. fbi former agent there clint van zandt, thank you very much for joining us. i want to send it back to sheinelle jones in new york. sheinelle. >> thank you, ayman mohyeldin, a busy saturday. up next, rich louie with the latest developments from ft. lauderdale and he'll have live reports from the winter storm surprising millions of people on the east coast. have a good day and stay safe. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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