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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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alone. >> indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack. >> now at this hour we understand that santiago is cooperating with authorities. officials don't have a motive yet. though terrorism has not been eliminated. >> we have interviewed all of his family members that we've been able to identify so far. and we will continue to do that. and we have interviewed him. we're looking over all of his social media things like that. it's giving us a picture of the individual. but it's way too early for us to really rule out anything. >> also this hour, we're learning more details about the moments leading up to this shooting. santiago was in fact not on any no-fly list. he did follow tsa rules checking
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in that gun on his flight. and officials said that they have no evidence of confrontation before the shooting as initial reports suggest. there was no trigger, no altercation on either one of his flights. and we learned that the three of the six gunshot victims are fighting for their lives today in the intensive care unit. in fact, that's where my colleague nbc's gabe gutierrez is at the very moment live outside the hospital. gabe, i know that you were learning new details about these victims. what can you tell us this afternoon about their conditions and what possibly may be in future for them? >> hi there, ayman, good afternoon. yes, as you mentioned governor rick scott touring this hospital behind me just within the past hour or so and saying that several of those victims are fighting for their lives. now, here's what we know. we know there were six gunshot victims. that is lower than the previous total. we were told of eight. so there were six, three of them in good condition but three are in intensive care. the governor did say that he expects one of them to be released a little later on today. now, we also just spoke with
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hospital officials that gave us another heartbreaking detail. and he says the ceo of the hospitalroward health mical center says that perhaps the most heartbreaking part about today is that some of the victims who survived were told today that their loved ones had passed away. again, five people were killed in this. and we are learning a little bit more about those victims. one of them is a 62-year-old terry andries of virginia. he and his wife had been coming down here to ft. lauderdale to head on a cruise when he was shot and killed. he's being remembered today as is another one of the victims from marietta, georgia. she was a beloved member of her community. we're told by a deacon of her church that she had been going there for more than 30 years with her husband. and she'd been going down to ft. lauderdale on this cruise to celebrate her husband's 90th birthday. so these stories are starting to emerge, ayman. and several of these victims were down here on vacation, on a
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cruise or hoping to go on a cruise and now their families are mourning their losses. ayman. >> absolutely heartbreaking each one of those stories and all the people that have been affected by this tragedy. gabe guztierrez, thank you very much for that. joining us now, inside the airport during the shooting lived obviously to tell us about it, suffered minor injuries i understand including some fractured ribs. first of all, great to have you with us. i'm very happy to hear you survived this horrific ordeal. let me start off by asking you what it is that you saw. where were you at the time the shooting rampage began? okay. it seems that we're having some audio problems right now, but hopefully we'll be able to try to connect women in a few moments. but obviously one of those eyewitnesses that survived that ordeal. and it was a very horrific one,
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not just for him but for the hundreds of thousands of others that were affected by it as well. we're going to have a lot more information for you about these eyewitness eyewitnesses, but for now i'd like to bring in fbi agent peter ahern, former fbi agent i should say. agent ahern, it's great to have you with us. first i want to talk about santiago's first court date monday. that's when we're expected to see him face those charges. but the fbi is currently searching his house, probably speaking to his family both in new jersey, as well as alaska and possibly here in florida. what are they looking at as they try to put together a theory for motivation behind this? >> i think the critical part is they start with what's known as a timeline. they will pretty much trace all of his travel, all of his contacts, where he's lived in the past, look at his military and employment record. and no stone will be left unturned in something like this. i think also too that anything on the computers, on the phones, the social media profile will be
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critical in trying to put together and piece this timeline together to find out what the real motive was and why he did what he did. >> agent ahern, i've been talking to a lot of people earlier and throughout the course of the day about some possibly missed signals. were there any missed signals that the fbi should have flagged, should not have allowed this person to fly even up to the very last minute the fact he was checking in to a flight with nothing whatsoever except a gun that was being checked in. do you see any red flags that may have been missed by the fbi or law enforcement officials from his questioning in anchorage, alaska, to the moment he got on the flight? >> well, not a this point. people would be surprised at how many people in 58 fbi field offices or 56 around the country do what's known as a walk-in. and it looks to me like this started with santiago as a walk-in to the fbi office in alaska. and quite frankly i think iwas so disturbing from what i read at it raised to the level to call the police to try to get
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him whatever help he could. but nothing indicating and there's no reason that they could document to put him on a no-fly list without something that was more predicated than the fact he was talking very strangely. and, again, this happens. you'd be surprised how many times this happens during the week in an fbi office with people like that walking in that have mental health issues or concern. >> there's obviously added value in the fact that he was taken alive in the sense that they can question him. we know that interrogation has been taking place throughout the course of the evening into the early hours of the morning. it doesn't necessarily fit the profile of some of the attacks that we saw overseas at airports that are more suicidal in nature. but what could possibly be going on right now in this interrogation? what are some of the questions the fbi is asking santiago to try to determine? >> well, they're taking information that they have already and they're trying to validate through discussions with him or whatever he says they're going to validate. but when you look at this, the question really comes down to was this more of a terrorist
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event that you might relate to what we saw in brussels? or is this something more from somebody that had mental issues like virginia tech shooter, the newtown massacre and movie theater attacks in colorado. i mean, what really is this? and people automatically and you have to look at the terror angle at the very beginning until you can pretty much dismiss it. and then find out what that motivation and why the mental illness if that's the issue and why he got the gun that he got, when did he purchase the gun, was he allowed to, did he have a criminal record? those are all going to be looked at monday morning quarterback as the weeks go by as to what happened here. >> yeah. certainly with the terrorism issue you still have questions as to whether or not this would have or could have been isis inspired or terrorism inspired or coordinated or even directed from overseas or what have you. all right, peter ahearn, great to talk to you. thank you very much for joining us this hour.
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back with us, inside the airport during the shooting, i believe we've now established that connection. shanay, great to have you wus with us. we're thankful you survived that ordeal. can you tell us briefly where you were at the moment the shooting began? did you see the gunman? >> thank you for having me. yes, i was about to make eye contact with the gunman after i heard the first shot i was sitting not too far from baggage claim 3 when i heard the first shot. one thing came to mind was probably fireworks. i don't know why. i heard a second shot, i was able to turn around on my left hand side and i see the shooter was putting one knee down and was about to strike his shooting people. that contact last about 30, 40 seconds as far as what i was about to see thinking that maybe
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other shooters around. but the next thing was run for my life. at some point i fell, i didn't know what was hitting me, but continued to run and get out. around 1:00 probably and didn't go too far from the scene. and when i saw police coming back, i re-entered. th is when i was able to take a little video of th areao just kind of put it out there and help. but i was about to give the full descriptions in terms of the shooter himself right after that i went home -- i went to the place where i was going. didn't feel good and went to the hospital. and i find out that i have my ribs were broken. so right now it's pain, but we just only praying to the family who lost their life. >> let me ask you this question about the demeanor of the shooter. since you had a chance to see him, can you describe for us
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what was his demeanor in that one minute of shooting that he went on? did he say anything? did he looked focused? was there a sense of deliberateness in his action? what were you able to ascertain? >> two things. when we heard the first shot, or the second, on the third shot people stopped screaming. so when i turned around, he was on his calm. he wasn't looking left. he wasn't looking right. one knee down, pointing and shooting. mostly you would think that, you know, it would be, you know, kind of trying to get everybody. just one shot at a time. he goes one, he didn't smile, didn't cry, didn't say anything, two, three and four. it was very has his calm to do what he did. but his mouth was never open during that period of time i was inside. >> so let me ask you this as somebody who probably travels a lot, howashis changed you the fact you lived and witnessed something like this?
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has it changedour perspective at all about traveling and airport security? >> yes, indeed. because we heard the news, we all heard the news. you wonder be part of something like that. and to see me just get out of the airplane and we're trying to get our luggage to go about our business and get downstairs and somebody coming and harm us and hitting those people it's very fine to think where else, but one thing that really struck me is the timing. the timing of the first shot. the time the second shot i heard, who else heard. and he has so many time. so we're just concerned. >> all right. first of all, we wish you a very speedy recovery and we're very thankful you survived and sharing your story with us. thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> thank you for having me.
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>> well, that's the very latest from here in ft. lauderdale. let's send it back to my colleague richard lui in new york with more on this snowstorm bearing down on the east coast. richard. yeah, we're watching that, ayman. thank you so much. back to you in just a bit. those wild weather headlines we've been watching across the country this weekend and the beginning parts of the new week, massive storms taking over both coasts. one system paralyzing parts of the east with snow and ice. some southern states have also declared states of emergency because of storms. connecticut for instance part of a highway is closed at ts hour after snowy roads caused a multiple car crash there. police say no one was seriously hurt. good thing. drew smith from our nbc affiliate in philadelphia joins us now from pleasantville, new jersey, normally a very warm place during the summer. now you're looking at below zero when we add in the windchill there, drew. >> yeah, richard, we think about the beaches when you think about the jersey shore. but today so much different in that snow is piling up.
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already half a foot in some parts of the jersey shore. and it has made a mess of the roads whether you're on a main road or if you're out on the highway it is all the same picture, a lot of slush, ice, people skidding out. we took a ride out on the atlantic city expressway, which is the way you get down here from philadelphia, and it looks like a one-lane highway. normally there are three lanes out there that you can get right quick down to the casinos in atlantic city. and today not so much. we also stopped by the airport where you can't get in or out of atlantic city airport right now because of all the snow, de-i de-icing is taking a long time. that's pretty much the same story up and down the east coast dealing with this storm. for the businesses that managed to open today, they've been out shoveling trying to clear out a way for people to get to them. luckily it is a saturday so not a major amount of businesses open. not a lot of people on the roads. we do know there have been a lot of wrecks, a lot of accidents and they're trying to get people to stay home as this snow continues to fall. here at the coast the wind is
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also a factor a 35-mile-per-hour gusts heading in from the ocean that's creating some of the snow drifts. but of course thi snow expected to continue that winter storm warning has been extended for two hours down here on the jersey shore. richard, back to you. >> drew, thank you for that report. we'll be watching that along with you from our affiliate there wcau. appreciate it. let's bring in msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. the storms creating major delays for people on the roads, but as we know as drew was telling us, airports in atlantic city one example here. folks aren't able to get in and out of there. >> no. we have two storms on each side of the country. both impacting air travel in a huge way. and of course ground stravl. you can see the delays in the northeast are huge. we're looking at some of them. newark, new jersey, 249 memberships. philadelphia 217 and out in san francisco also some big delays due to a western storm there. but look at the visibility. jfk the delays are now running six hours. this is where we're seeing snowfall rates rather of two to
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three inches per hour. so visibility less than a quarter of a mile. it's not over yet. we're still looking for the threat for blizzard conditions to persist across cape cod where we could get a total of 18 inches of snow. now, back behind the system where we've had lighter amounts of snow but sleet and freezing rain, be careful tonight. it's going to be very icy out there across the south. i mention the delays in san francisco. we have our atmospheric river, the tropical moisture plume, coming through. and this is a setup for not just today but ramping up tomorrow straight through wednesday. tremendous amount of rain building in. and not only are we going to see the rain, but we're also looking at the double threat because we're likely to see some of that heavier amounts into the mountains. so that's going to insist on melting the snowausing a bigger flood threat throughout the region. and finally, richard, look at these snowfall totals measured by the foot. three to five feet at some of these higher elevations. >> good for snowboarding no doubt, bonnie. you talk about the atmospheric river, i was reading up to 375 miles wide. what does that mean?
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>> it means that the persistent moisture will continue. so you have that flood threat that we're seeing across sacramento into central california coast will really see the worst of it. but remember, we're also going to see that threat of flooding in the burn area. so all this moisture coming in so quickly beneficial for the drought but not so great when you look at that flood risk. >> all righty, thank you so much. just big numbers all the way around. bonnie schneider touching base with us right now. talk to you a bit later in this hour. when we come back, continuing coverage of the delladly airpor shooting at ft. lauderdale airport. we'll go live there. ayman mohyeldin will have the latest. also, intelligence officials confident in their findings that russia did try to manipulate the presidential election. president-elect donald trump though responding on twitter. what he is saying pushing doubts on that report and what we know about russia's motives. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from.
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welcome bk everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin live in ft. lauderdale, florida. we want to bring you some breaking news into the investigation into esteban santiago. my colleague, pete williams, joins us live from washington, d.c. with some more details. pete. >> well, ayman, i don't have a lot to say here. i guess the -- we've learned a few little details about the movements that the fbi is studying of esteban santiago. it appears that he made the reservation to go to ft. lauderdale on tuesday. he boarded the flight in anchorage on thursday, checking only the weapon following the tsa rules that say you must declare a weapon, put it in a locked case. that's the only thing he checked in. no other baggage. no other luggage. and then he retrieved it in ft. lauderdale, put the bullets it e -- in it and started firing.
12:21 pm
the gun according to federal authorities was a glock .9 millimeter pistol. they're looking through his phone calls. he had three e-mail addresses associated with him in november he told agent ts he talked to according to federal officials that it was the cia controlling his brain making him look at those videos. so they say there are indicat n indications he took this trip specifically to shoot at people in ft. lauderdale, but they still don't know why. now, he's talked about this a little bit apparently in the interview, but they have to try to figure out what is -- what he's saying that is rational and what issin coherent, this is a person according to his family
12:22 pm
members who has sought mental treatment and who has been having some mental problems, ayman. >> all right. nbc news justice correspondent piet e pete williams with that update. thank you very much for that. that's the latest from here in ft. lauderdale. my colleague richard lui has more news from new york. richard. thank you for that, ayman. back to you in a bit. now to the newly declassified intelligence report that came out this week in which top officials concluded in it that russiaprent vladimir putin, quote, ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the u.s. presidential election. president-elect trump was briefed on that intelligence yesterday as you probably know. he responded in a series of tweets just this morning. the first tweet reading, quote, intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. voting machines not touched. nbc's ron allen outside trump tower for us with the latest watching the developments of this story. the intelligence report, ron, as
12:23 pm
you know outlined russia's motives there and did not say what donald trump had tweeted. they're saying two different things. >> well, the report says a lot of things. and donald trump has been pretty consistent in saying that in fact the russians did not affect the outcome of the vote. and there is no evidence from the intelligence community, in fact they say they really can't determine that, whether the russians influenced the outcome of the election. but they do know that there was no impact on the voting systems of the united states, on the balloting process, on the counting process. before the election there were as many as 47 states that worked with the department of homeland security to prevent that. but the tweets from donald trump -- president-elect trump started at 6:00 this morning. it's been a steady stream of at least half a dozen messages. and they all pretty much say the same thing, that in fact the democrats are to blame for this, that the democratic national committee had -- did not have
12:24 pm
strong enough defenses against cyber hacking. he says that they're embarrassed by losing so badly and that's why this is an issue. and mr. trump's supporters say that the reason for all this is in part that he is concerned about any threat to his legitimacy, that any time down the road there might develop some story, some myth, some conspiracy that the russians gave him the election and he is trying to prevent that as best he can. is one theory as to why he's doing this. >> nbc's ron allen with the latest on that. ron, thank you for that. for more on this story we're joined by curtis lee, political reporter from "los angeles times," and also nan hayworth and mike mori, working for chuck schumer. whether he accepts the intelligence agencies findings, let's listen to that. >> we in congress need to be
12:25 pm
able to work with this new president to fight against that and that starts with him stepping up to what happened. he's the president of the united states and he needs to lead in this assault on liberal democracy. >> curtis, the idea of congress and its role right now and as we move into a post january 20, the question is are we going to see a bipartisan effort here to challenge issues like is this? because we're seeing that now, aren't we? both sides saying we need to look at russia and be wary of them and punish them therefore. >> absolutely. this is one thing we've seen bipartisan consensus on. we see top republicans, we see senator john mccain, lindsey graham as well as top democrats, senator schumer calling for more investigation into this russian hacking. they've really come together on this issue to say, hey, we need more inside, this is a national security issue, this should be a
12:26 pm
bipartisan issue. we've seen the obama administration encourage the incoming trump administration to continue on with this after president obama leaves office. so it's just really in president-elect trump's hands right now whether he joins the course of republicans who are saying, hey, we need more investigation into this, or will he be this outlier as he takes office. >> one idea that's been discussed, mike, is the idea congress will set up an independent commission. if they do, how do they do it, what do they do and how effective might they be? >> it would be great for congress to do that. in fact, you know, i feel like i woke up in the twilight zone where you have a republican president of the united states who's actually, you know, used to be in the united states of america it was your patriotic duty to stand up to russia and call out russia. it used to be that republicans wrapping themselves in the flag talking about patriotism and pointed the finger at red moscow and now you have a president sort of bending over backwards to make excuses for a former kgb operative, putin. and what is clear based on all intelligence analysis that there was an effort to undermine the
12:27 pm
u.s. election. i think it's besides the point when donald trump keeps going back to say it did not affect the outcome of the election, that's irrelevant. the fact is that there was an edge u engagement by a foreign entity into our electoral process seeking to undermine it. that's the point. so i'm grateful to see that there is bipartisan consensus emerging here. i think that for what you're going to wind up seeing here is that continues. i don't think if you're a republican congress or a democrat in congress you want the russians invading an election you're involved in in your state or district. >> if that is the point here, nan, as a republican here and you look at as a former member of congress, how might members of congress work together in a bipartisan fashion to actually move this needle that the current president-elect is now saying is okay? because congressional members for the most part saying it is not okay. >> no. and i don't -- president-elect trump isn't saying it's okay either. i think he's not in any way a pat si and certainly a highly
12:28 pm
intelligent man and he will not in any way allow someone like vladimir putdin, whom he's merely saying this guy's smart. in a sense saying, hey, watch out, let's be more careful. this administration wasn't particularly careful, meaning the obama administration. what we need congress to do is actually rapidly approve the very forceful people whom the president-elect has -- >> who might that be? >> general mattis, congressman pompeo, senator coates, people who are smart, people who are deeply patriotic, people who will in no way allow russia to gain any kind of advantage over us. >> tillerson? >> rex tillerson is brilliant and accomplished man who has had praise from across the spectrum 360 degree praise for his talents. does it help to have someone who's done business in these countries? absolutely. nobody knows these people better than he does. does that mean he would ever allow the russians to have an unfair advantage over us? of course not. this is an administration that will never let that happen.
12:29 pm
>> but the problem, congresswoman, donald trump is the president of the united states. so each and every one of these individuals answer to him. but if you look at who he's putting in place, his national security advisor was paid for -- actually took dollars from russian television who was identified in the intelligence report as having met with wikileaks in order to effectuate. what message do you send russia when you make an excuse for russia, you should show them strength and come at them. >> the obama administration has shown no strength toward russia. >> we're talking about donald trump. donald trump is now going to be the president. >> i'm saying that russia has felt very much at ease in trying to interfere with the election -- and by the way -- >> since you both agree on this point, we will have to leave it there. >> dnc let themselves get hacked. >> that's right. we'll continue this story in the break. and, cur kurtis, i owe you one e
12:30 pm
in los angeles. next hour, the fbi in alaska will hold a news conference on the suspect in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting. plus, what will this latest shooting mean for airport security across the country? we're going to dive into that. i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every...
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welcome back everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin live in ft. lauderdale, florida. breaking news, a senior federal official telling nbc news they have found no contact between gunman santiago and any known terrorist or terror organizations overseas. now, federal officials are now going through santiago's e-mails, phones and internet use for more clues into what possibly may have motivated him to commit this attack. also, new details show possibly planning by the suspect. according to anchorage police, the airport police there, santiago only checked in a handgun case on to the flight, no other luggage, no other items
12:34 pm
both carry-on or checked in. the fbi saying today he specifically targeted the airport. why ft. lauderdale that remains unclear at this hour. now, federal charges against santiago are expected to be released soon. he is cooperating and talking with authorities according to fbi officials. and the number of gunshot victims was updated to six. one is expected to be released today. three others are fighting for their lives in the intensive care unit this afternoon. my colleague, jacob rascon, is here in ft. lauderdale. he's been tracking this story for us. joins us now from ft. lauderdale airport. jacob, what's the latest from airport officials on how they're helping both displaced travelers, getting operations back up and running and the security here at the airport? >> officials say they're doing everything they can to help these 10,000-plus passengers. we're talking about more than 20,000 pieces of luggage. and as i walk around the airport, you can see some of those who left yesterday, some after four hours of being
12:35 pm
interviewed by the police or eight hours of being stuck on the tarmac. and they're now coming back to try to get their luggage. perhaps the most crucial piece of luggage for many of them in fact is just their id, their driver's license or their passport. many of them left in such a hurry that they left those items behind. and many of them we're now seeing downstairs as you walk near terminal 2, they have a couple of special buses set up where they have folks who are helping those in line who have lost their passport or id to get another one. they're passing out these forms here. and people will write down their name, they'll write down their social security number as well. and they're able to get their license back in a couple of days. of course that's a huge inconvenience, but that's simply what happens in this situation. also, as you walk over to terminal 2 area, it's partially reopened now. the tsa precheck line is now open, but downstairs where it all happened you can see them ripping up the carpet. they're now cleaning up. up until late last night they were doing their investigation, the lights on, taking pictures
12:36 pm
and taking notes and the pieces of baggage still there. but now all of that is removed and they are cleaning it all up and removing the carpet. ayman. >> all right. nbc's jacob rascon live for us outside ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. well, josh levy is the mayor of hollywood, florida. he's been monitoring events closely. he joins me now by phone. mr. mayor, great to have you with us. i know you've been a lifelong resident of hollywood, florida. you're very familiar with this airport, probably traveled here a lo at's your reaction, sir,o this incident and how it's really affected the community here? sure. well, it all started yesterday about 1:00 p.m. when this first started unfolding certainly as you can imagine this airport being, you know, minutes away from where we live, we have friends, relatives co-workers who might be transiting through that airport at any given moment on any given day. so certainly for sure at first you have concern and wonder about anyone who you might know that might be at risk.
12:37 pm
and then you come to learn more details and learn about the gravity of the attack. what made this incident i think a lot more tense than what we can even imagine is that there was a scare about a second active shooter that really kept the scene very tense for, you know, really about two or three hours after the incident actually took place. so certainly state of real worry, of panic and concern for a large part of yesterday, as you know. >> mr. mayor, i want to play you this sound bite. it's a little of what the fbi had to say about the attack. take a listen. >> indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack. but again, it's very early in the investigation. >> mr. mayor, is there any reason on your radar as to why this gunman chose ft. lauderdale
12:38 pm
airport, why he specifically chargt targeted this particular airport out of all the airports making the journey up cross country for it? >> you can never suppose without interviewing the actual perpetrator as to why they might have chosen a certain path. i understand there was a layover in minnesota. maybe it was as simple as the quickest and easiest ticket to get his hands on. maybe it was the idea of flying far, you know, trying to prolong the flight because it was really cross continental. there's no reason why i can suppose the choice of any airport for such a heinous act. >> mayor, i'm sorry, i'm going to have to leave it at that. but our best wishes go out not just to you but the entire community affected by this. we wish everyone a speedy recovery. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> well, we hope to learn more about the suspect next hour in an fbi briefing from alaska. we're going to take that for you live as it happens. stay with us. rs
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and welcome back. president-elect trump's nominee for attorney general jeff sessions will face the senate judiciary committee. that's going to happen on tuesday. and then there will be an intense fight from critics who call him a racist. the witnesses set to appear include naacp president cornell william brooks who tweeted his own mugshot after being arrested this week after a sit-in protest at session's office. now nearly 1,500 faculty members from 180 of the nation's law schools are demanding the senate reject sessions. their open letter points out that sessions was denied a federal judgeship after being nominated by president reagan over comments about african-americans. and they say nothing about his public life has changed their view. vita johnson is one of the organizers of that letter. she's a visiting associate professor at georgetown law and joins us now from washington. thank you for being with us. the letter is about one page and then a list of 180 law schools
12:43 pm
there and has a long list of complaints about sessions. some go beyond the issue of race that we were just discussing here. what is the primary issue that you're most concerned about? >> well, i think'v seen so much interest in this letter because there are just so many different reasons to oppose jeff sessions as our next attorney general. you know, obviously the big headline has been the prosecution of the marion three a few decades ago. these were civil rights activists who were registering african-american elderly voters. and they were prosecuted for voter fraud. and jeff sessions isn't someone who'd gone after white voter fraud in alabama. and so this prosecution was so misguided that even though the trial itself was several weeks long, the acquittal was in just a few hours, those people were found not guilty.
12:44 pm
and there's really nothing in his record since that would show he's changed at all, unfortunately. we've seen him, you know, have opposition to the voting rights act. he called that an intrusive piece of legislation. we have seen him -- >> what do you think he might do here, vida? let's talk about voting rights. >> sure. >> that was clearly a schematic in 2010 in the midterm elections, talking about it in the lead up to 2012, 2016 not so much necessarily. one of the headlines brought up -- i really meant 2014 a second ago, what do you think he might do visa vis this large debate that's happening across the country? >> you know, i don't know, but i think certainly we've seen donald trump talk about how there's been widespread voter fraud when we kw that's not the case. and so, you ow, i do have concerns about, you know where the lead prosecutor for the nation is going to take this. i certainly have lots of concerns about what his focus
12:45 pm
will be. >> with regard to voting rights and other issues. >> sure, so many other issues as well. womens issues, the lgbt community. >> right. sessions did vote in favor of eric holder, first black u.s. attorney general and as u.s. attorney he got a klan member convicted in 1981 lynches of a black teen. that's often brought up in the discussion of jeff sessions. a.p. also making the note that, you know, jeff sessions worked with democrats to fight prison rape and cut federal sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine because he said the gap unfairly targeted the african-american community. how do you talk about those? >> well, you know, look, i do think that he has gone along with other folks on somewhat noncontroversial issues around race. but i think, you know, if we look at his record as a whole, yeah, i don't think that he is a changed man. >> do you think he can run the justice department well? >> you know, i have deep
12:46 pm
concerns. i would certainly hope so. but, i mean, look, this is a man who very recently said in defense of donald trump that grabbing a woman's genitalia wasn't sexual assault. this is someone who's voted against fair pay for women. this is someone who's against gay marriage and has tried to seek a constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriages. i mean, i think he's a dangerous pick. >> thematics that folks do not want to talk about in 2017 certainly. so that outside of whether he can run the department itself, all of those questions to be asked this week. vida johnson, thank you so much on that preview of the confirmation hearing coming up. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet. and in the wake of the ft. lauderdale shootings, which we're also watching here on msnbc on this saturday, a look at whether warning signs may have been missed with this shooting suspect.
12:47 pm
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were there warning signs missed in e case of the ft.
12:50 pm
lauderdale shooting suspect? a criminal profiler will weigh in on that next.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
less than an hour from now, the fbi in anchorage will have a briefing where we're hoping to learn more about the alleged ft. lauderdale shooter, esteban santiago. i want to talk to you about the fbi. obviously we rarely hear about the fooi t the fbi when things go well. but with something like this, we ask were there any warning signs. is thereanything that you've learned that would make you say this could have been preventible? >> well, there is always warning behaviors, but the question is who is in a position to see those behaviors.
12:54 pm
so i understand that he did go to the anchorage fbi office and spoke to what is probably the call of duty agent about hearing voices. but i think what is important is having worked in both the san francisco and fbi field offices, i cannot tell you how many times a day someone will come in and they will want to talk to the fbi about hearing voices or something is very apparent in terms of their mental health issues. so at that point what the fbi did was very appropriate. when we talk about warning behaviors, the warning behaviors are important for the people that this individual is around on a regular basis. or if they're in counseling or some kind of a psychiatric program, it's important for those folks to see the warning behaviors. something listening to this interview in rhode island would say take means nothing to me. of course not. if you're not living with this person, the warning behaviors
12:55 pm
almost become opaque. but they're there. >> i know we're expecting more from the flight attendants and airlines as we go through the progress. we get asked have the bags been if your possession the whole time. but he checked in at alaska, he had nothing with him except his gun case. is that a red flag that should have been picked up, is there more that we should be ask our airline crews and ticket sales counters and all these individuals to be looking out for when somebody is just checking in a gun? >> i have to agree, i thought that was odd when i first read that, but we don't know the rest of the story. for example, when he walked up to the counter, what was his
12:56 pm
fwle demeanor? are we going to hear tomorrow that he had an explanation for why he was traveling just with the gun? i agree, i would have a lot more questions about that, but hopefully by tomorrow once they interview those people that saw that and that interacted with him, we will have a much better picture if we should consider to say something is wrong there or, be you know, he gave a logical answer, he was believable. and they just allowed him to go threw. >> and very quickly when you're trying to composite the profile of this individual, if you had wong column with the mental health issue, one with the extremism or radicalization issues, what are the key tngs at y're look for to determine if this iividual falls in to these categories? >>will fall into both and that's where people make the mistake. motivations are the ability for someone to carry out a crime like this is multi-levelled and
12:57 pm
it's multifaceted. you can't pull out one of the pins and say this is the most important one. he's all of those things. the real key question is did he understand the consequences of what he was going to do and did he know right from one. and that's what is important when they charge him. but it's multifast setted and multilayered. that's what is important. >> very interesting point there. all right. mary ellen o'toole, criminal profiler, great to have your perspective with us. thank you for joining us. well, our coverage of the deadly ft. lauderdale airport shooting continues. ahead in the 4:00 hour, the fbi expected to hold a news conference at about 4:30 eastern time with more information on that airport shooting suspect esteban san esteban santiago. we'll bring it to you live.
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