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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 7, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everyone.
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i'm andyman mohyeldin in ft. lauderdale. we start with breaking news in to the investigation in yesterday's deadly shooting at the airport here. a senior federal official telling nbc news at this stage of the investigation no evidence of any communication between gunman esteban santiago and any terrorist or terror organizations overseas. in fact federal officials now going through his e-mail, phone and internet use looking for any more clues into the motivation behind the attack and new details this afternoon show santiago may have planned the shooting here that killed five and wounded six others. according to the anchorage airport police, santiago only checked in a hand gun case to his flight. no other luggage of any kind and the fbi saying that santiago r tarrta tartar gta
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targetted this airport. >> we have into the identified any triggers. >> we are expecting federal charges to be announced.into th any triggers. >> we are expecting federal charges to be announced. santiago is cooperating we understand, but a motive at this stage not yet clear. >> we have interviewed all of his family members that we have been able to identify so far and we will continue to do that. we have interviewed him. we're looking over all of his social media, things like that. it's giving us a picture of the individual. but it's way too early for us to really rule out anything. >> the fbi's field office in anchor raage will hold a news reference at 4:30 eastern with more information into shooting. we will bring it to you as and when it happens live.
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in there is always new details on the victims. five confirmed dead. the number of wounded lowered. originally it was eight, it's been revised down to six. gabe guttierez is live for us outside the hospital here in ft. lauderdale, florida. give us an update if you can on the condition of these victims. are we expecting any to be released today? >> reporter: good afternoon. well, we are according to hospital officials and the governor we're expecting at least one of those gunshot victims to be released later today. as of now, according to the governor, three of them are in good condition. three others are in intensive care. hospital officials are also saying that they treated a larger number that we not in the after meet. up to 53 were treated for minor injuries immediately after the shooting, people that may have been hurt as they were running
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away or perhaps from heat exhaustion as they were outside waiting on the tarmac. and we heard from hospital officials some heartbreaking sequence of events as they had to tell some of the family members that their loved ones did not make it. we spoke with the hospital ceo and here's what he had to say. >> i think what is heartbreaking is today some of our patients learned that they lost their loved ones. >> how do you comfort something like that? >> we have a team and that's what they do and they are very comforting and we're getting a lot of support from the local agencies, state agencies to assist with that. >> reporter: neow, we are hearig about more who pass away. we are able to confirm with the family of a man in virginia, 62-year-old terry andress. this is a picture of him. he hads helped a local volunteer fire department over there and
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worked for the naval ship yard, as well. he with understand th we understand that he was with his wife about to head on a cruise. and we also confirm that olga from marietta, fwrg georgia, she was one of the victims. we expect the names to be relea released as early as later today. >> gabe guttierez with that incredible detail. thank you. at the bottom of this hour from anchorage, the fbi field office there is expected to hold a press conference updating us on the investigation. we will take you live as soon as that happens. but right now let my bring in john olinski to help us walk
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through this investigation. i want to start by asking you about santiago. we know he only checked in a hand gun case with no luggage. that is not illegal, but should that have been a red flag, that should have gotten the attention of the airline ticket counter when he was checking in, nothing but a gun case for a long trance continental airline flight? >> i think that is something that will be discussed as this investigation moves forward and they get more information about what went on. i think that it's something that will be looked at. it will be -- airlines will have to do probably some retraining from that aspect. it certainly probably does send up some type of flag and i think that they will have to adjust and as more comes out on this, they will probably be an assessment of things that need to be done from not the just the airlines, but the airport and a
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number of other residents that live and work in the airports. >> let me play you this sound bite and it's in relation to the question that a lot of people are practicing asking in the wake of the shooting is that should he have had a gun at all around the vicinity of an arp airport. this is debbie wasserman schultz on that issue. >> if they are suffering from mental illness or on no-fly list or convicted felon, they flat out shouldn't be allowed to own handguns or rifles. >> no question that we need to review not only the question of whether people should be should be able to travel with their firearms even if they're in checked baggage, but we need to take a hard look at the security around baggage claim areas. >> so in addition to that congress man debbie wasserman schultz you were also hearing before that, that was from the broward county sheriff scott
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isel who echoed a similar issue about mental health and guns. sir, do you think we're better off as a country if we had a policy that airports should be gun-free zones, that you for simply any reason cannot have a gun at the airport whether checked in or brought to the airport? >> it's a good question. for example, you're not allowed to bring a gun through screening. front side of the airport, there is a procedure there. should it be a gun-free zone? i know some states have put that forward, other states have not. personally, i don't know. if you're moving a gun from one location to the other, there is a lot of folks that will tell you for example people that are taking guns on hunting trips or things like that that it's a legitimate reason to do that. my better thperson am al opinio it's law enforcement, i don't
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see a need for a gun an armirpo. there are a lot of things that airports have to doam al opinio it's law enforcement, i don't see a need for a gun an airport. there are a lot of things that airports have to dom al opinion it's law enforcement, i don't see a need for a gun an airport. there are a lot of things that airports have to do al opinion, it's law enforcement, i don't see a need for a gun an airport. there are a lot of things that airports have to do al opinion,s law enforcement, i don't see a need for a gun an airport. there are a lot of things that airports have to donh al opinio it's law enforcement, i don't see a need for a gun an airport. there are a lot of things that airports have to do\ al opinion it's law enforcement, i don't see a need for a gun an airport. there are a lot of things that airports have to do al opinion, it's law enforcement, i don't see a need for a gun an airport. there are a lot of things tha a it's law enforcement, i don'al . it used to be the airport but now you have brussels, ft. lauderdale, and the airport has become the target, not the airplane. >> interesting point there. thank you very much. appreciate your insights, sir. we'll have much more live from here in ft. lauderdale as well as anchorage, alaska when that press conference happens. for now over to richard lui. >> we will now go to double trouble on the weather front here at msnbc headquarters with
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two massive storms slamming both coa coasts. one system is paralyzing the east with snow and ice in connecticut, part of a highway is closed after snowy roads caused it multicar crash. and southwest airlines have canceled all flights because of this storm. tammy leitner is in norfolk, virginia watching this for us. and from the reports earlier, how are things different this hour under this blizzard warning? >> reporter: they're worse. a lot of snow, a lot of ice and the wind is horrible. it's really kicking up. they have been out here trying to plow all the roads and this is pretty much what is going on in every state in the area. but you know, in some places they're just not having a lot lug. a lot of problem with the snowplows because they aren't used to getting this. in tennessee, there was a flow pl
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snowplow that began to slide and barely missed two school buses and hit a couple cars. in oklahoma, ice is causing hundreds of sdweptaccidents. >> and is cold. tammy leitner, tha you for what you'rdoin hopefully getting the thurs to folks to say inside. the second storm we're following, that one is targeting the western part of country. so the east and the west delivering large amounts of snow in the west and rain to boot. it could cause deadly mudslides. let's bring in bonnie schneider. we just got the report from tammy leitner on the east coast. we have the west coast, they are are's expecting 4 or 5 inches in san francisco? >> flood watching are in effect. and this will be a long duration
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event because we're expecting more are rain for tomorrow and then a series of storms coming in next week. so notice in san francisco, airport cldelays 115 minutes. 6 hours earlier at jf complaik.. there is nowhere to go, so just a good saturday night to stay inside if you can. travel is treacherous particularly in and around the cape cod area where 18 inches of snow is possible going forward with blowing and terroridriftin. tropical moisture is coming up from the pacific. it triggers all acts coion comi through. but we're look at heavy rain up the coast and it will do a variety of things. producing very heavy rain, melting some of the snow pack bringing in the warm air.
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hard to understand that on the higher elevations. but i also want to point out the ice in oregon. we could see three quarters of an inch of ice accumulate. so this is treacherous for travel as well. we've been talking about the snow and the rain, but there is also ice to contend with. >> we have everything in that basket of weather that you've been reporting for us. bonnie schneider, thank you. we're just minutines away fm a news conference from the fbi. they will be holding this news conference in anchorage, alaska. that's where the suspect in the airport shooting is from. we will bring you that news conference live when it happens. and next, we'll turn to politics and donald trump's latest comments about russia and the question out there, how about the president-elect's fellow republicans react to his call for better relations with moscow.
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thanks for staying with us. president-elect donald trump took to twitter this morning a day after getting brief the by intelligence officials on the new declassified report on russian hacking. the report concluded vladimir putin directed a, quote, influence campaign targeting the election. in his tweet he said until against stated very strongly that there was no absolutely evidence that hacking affected the results. for more, i want to bring in katie click and rob stotsman and former director of progressive
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media for the hillary clinton campaign. katie, the intel agencies did not weigh in and it's clear in the writing on whether the actions taken on by russia affected the outcome of the election. it's very clear in black and white in that report. yet donald trump is saying that the opposite of that. there have been some who have been so critical as to say that he's actually lying about this at the moment based on what he's saying in his tweets compared to what is said in the report. what might be how he's thinking about this right now? what is his calculation? >> great to be with you. clearly there isn't effort under way by the president-elect to dress stress that the election results should not be understand mined by any revolutions frelat the intelligence community. it was a clear effort to suggest that whatever it is that is coming out in his view from the intelligence community, in his view he wants to make it clear that that does not detract from
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his election victory. certainly a lot of folks would want to see har sher cop de eer nation for russia, but president-elect is stressing that his win was legitimate and he was not aided by the russians. >> so the report suggests that he's not agreeing with it. rob does it change january 20 at noon when president-elect has his open team that is reporting to him, is briefing him on the issues relating to including russia?en team that is reportin to him, is briefing him on the issues relating to including russia?wsen team that is reportg to him, is briefing him on the issues relating to including russia?n team that is reporting to him, is briefing him on the issues relating to including russia?n team that is reporting to him, is briefing him on the issues relating to including russia? does he suddenly accept the
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intel community? >> there seems to be some shift in what he was saying is that he is no longer dippienying or cas as much septembkepticism that t was a russian attack. but americans are waiting to see if he acknowledges that it was an attack on american democracy. i think senators like mccain and graham will be voicing that even this coming week prior to the inaugural. they will want to hear real answers from the psident on what the doctrine will be towards russia. >> the way that donald trump has discussed this issue, the questioning -- his questioning of the continuntil reports, his response is that the dn ychldnc
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that we lost. >> that is not the reason. it's a bipartisan issue. we don't want foreign governments interfering with any facets of our gd and i think donald trump is in a very difficult position. trump stood on television and literally asked the russians to find hillary clinton's missing e-mails and we see now with this report that there was a very coordinated attack against democratic infrastructure, political infrastructure and the personal e-mails of campaign leadership. >> like yours? >> yes. john podesta was hacked. we're not just talking about campaign e-mails or the democratic committee e-mails. but john podesta's personal g-mail was hacked. so if you or i is sending private messages, we don't want a foreign government hacking our private messages. >> none of us want to see our e-mails like that in such capacities to be discussed like
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that. katie, what will happen next? what might congress do? we're seeing both sides, lindsey graham for instance, saying i'm not going to -- i don't support this. what is next in congress? >> sure. well, rob allud to this. certainly we may see the discussion o russia in terms of its role and its relationship with the incoming administration, in upcoming confirmation issues that the question of rex tillerson's ties to russia is a sticking point already. and certainly folks like john mccain, lindsey graham raising questions about that. what will be interesting to see is how other republicans react now that the report came out yesterday. there hasn't been a whole lot of opportunity for a lot of these folks to be pressed on their thinking on russia.
1:23 pm
but we may start to see more questions and that will be an interesting decision whether they want to take a toucher line or not. >> and when you look at this, this is a big deal when you look at the report here, rob, because it brings us back to the cold war when we think about what was happening and all having to live through that. this report is looking at begin tampering with what is so dear and close to us here in the united states of america, and that is our election and that one country is going after this. how will congress take that thematic and make a difference if at all practically in countering the donald trump at least for now statements about this isn't true? >> it's a tough question for republican members of congress. senators graham and mccain are obvious in their statements. but reason only to conclude that
1:24 pm
this is a 2 1es esst century ac war. this attack happened under the weakened leadership of someone line president obama. so republicans have to decide how much rope they will give their new republican president to play patty-cake withoutcttii doctrine going forward. >> a word we've certainly discussed over the cycle. so what do democrats want donald trump to do? 35 diplomats have already been removed from the united states. >> i think certainly donald trump has to approach the job as president with the seriousness that he hasn't just shown. we can't just wake up and look at what he's tweeted and then assess his seriousness. i think that he has not yet g p
1:25 pm
xwlon straighted that. he needs to take foreign policy some more seriously. he can't just contra dudict the current sitting president. you can't be tweeting about we need more nuclear weapons an going off the handle early in the morning. >> good to see you all. thank you for joining us on this topic. and i'll be back but this a bit. but for now i want to go to ayman mohyeldin. and up next, any moment now a news conference from the fbi in alaskahome to the suspect in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting. we hope to get new details and some of the red flags that appear to have been missed.
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you are looking at live pictures there from anchorage, alaska where the local fbi and police are set to hold a news conference any moment. they will be providing an update on the investigation into the 26-year-old gunman santiago. we learned that he only checked a hand gun case on the flight. no baggage whatsoever at all. this could be a key detail. we'll take you thousa ke you ho conference. take a listen. >> first i'd like to offer my prayers and condolences to the families of victims in yesterday's attack. there has been much media speculation about mr. santiago's interaction with our office. i want to clear up as much as i can. in november 2016, mr. santiago
1:30 pm
walked into the anchorage fbi office -- he heared a appeared and made diskoijoints statement. our agents contacted local authorities who took custody of mr. santiago and trabs for tnspm to the local mental facilit for evaluation. the fbi closed their assessment after interagency checks. there is report that's turned himself in. this is not true he was a walk-in complaint. this happens around the country every day. there have been concerns raised about why he was not placed on a
1:31 pm
no fly list. during our initial investigation, we found no ties to terrorism. he broke into laws when he came this to our office making it disjoifrdi disjointed comments. we have conducted numerous interviews of his associates, we have executed several search warrants and while we are early in the investigation, there is currently no indication mr. san santiago was working withfully other individuals when he carried out yet's attack. i would like to stress that point. our community here in anchorage is not facing any known threat in connection with mr. santiago. >> i will turn it over to the chief.
1:32 pm
>> i will cover three things. the contact with the police department in the past, whate haveeen doing since this tragic incident occurred, and then where we go from here. on january 11, 2015, there was a physical disturbance. on february 23, violation conditions of release. mr. santiago was restricted during a compliance check. officers arrested and remanded. on march 18, 2016, a physical disturbance. officers were not able to establish probable cause for an arrest. on october 15th, 2016, domestic violence physical disturbance. officers investigated and contacted the municipal prosecutor who gave authorization not to arrest. october 21, 2016, a physical
1:33 pm
disturbance allegation of strangulation. officers investigated and no probable cause was established for arrest. on november 7, 2016, mental health crisis at the fbi building. on that date, apd was contacted whering assistance with a mentally ill person having d disjointed thoughts. apd was informed mr. santiago had arrived asking for help. he had a loaded magazine on him but had left his firearm in his vehicle. also in the vehicle was his newborn child. based on the statements made to the agents on scene and their own contact with santiago, apd transported him to a mental health facility where he was
1:34 pm
admitted. his weapon was loaded into evidence for safe keeping. on november 13 -- while at the anch anchorage police department. he left without the firearm that day. on 11-17, a letter was sent to san san him about hickipicking up his w with that our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their life or were injured. the investigation continues and we are working to assist our law
1:35 pm
enforcement partner pss. we're asking for the assistance from the citizens of anchorage. there will be additional information on how the citizens can help. >> currently the fbi has set up a tip hot line that individuals in the area or anywhere in the country actually can call if you have any information that may aid us in our investigation. that number is 1-800-call-fbi and press number one. at this time we will open it up for a few questions. but realize that this is an active investigation. so the information that we can sproi very limited. >> was the gun that was released to him the same gun that was used in the shooting? >> i have not received that information, so i cannot comment positive or negative.
1:36 pm
>> your department was the one that released that gun? >> there is speculation. i have not received confirmation that it is the same gun. >> and when he went in to the the fbi, was the child left in the car or did he bring the child in? >> the-wi -- it is my understang the child was left in the car. >> and the girlfriend was contacted and she came and picked the child up. >> you can talk about the mental health evaluation, who conducted it and how long he was under supervision? >> at this time we have subpoenaed all the records, but because it's an ongoing investigation, it would be inappropriate to respond to that. >>hado we ow about his travel to south orida, what his reason was for going down there? >> at this point we're still in
1:37 pm
the investigative phase. we're trying to make those determinations. so once we have more information are on his purpose for the travel, we will put that out. >> could you tell me about alaska's policy for releasing a weapon to someone with mental health issues? >> i'm the u.s. attorney here. carefully loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.kcarefully loeffle. i can talk to you about the federal laws.arcarefully loeffl. i can talk to you about the federal laws.necarefully loeffl. i can talk to you about the federal laws.arefully loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.refully loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.efully loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.fully loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.ully loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.lly loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.y loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws.y loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws. loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws. loeffler. i can talk to you about the federal laws. i am freaking out.en loeffl. i can talk to you about the federal laws. i am freaking out. there is a federal law, but the law requires that the person be, quote, adjudicated mentally ill,
1:38 pm
which is a difficult standard. i don't want to go into all of the details. but as far as i know, there was -- this is not somebody that would have been prohibited. i think law enforcement acted within the laws. absent the law, under federal law, there wouldn't have been basis that i'm aware of. >> i'm wondering if the search was connected to the investigation? >> we have conducted two searches locally. and both of those searches were known residences where the subject had stayed. >> so that would be --- [ inaudible ] >> yes. so the primary concern safety and well-being and making sure
1:39 pm
no one in anchor raage is at fi rurt. that's what we have been doing the past 28 hours. there has been complete coordination between the federal, state and local partners. we've worked very closely and we're grateful for the community in helping us with providing information and making our community safe. thank you very much. have a good afternoon. >> one quick question about the gun one more time. >> law enforcement officials about the fbi and local officials there briefing reporters on the preliminary investigation that as been conducted anchor ramage. i want to bring in jim cavanaugh. let me recap a little bit of this. we heard the fbi talk about esteban santiago who came to him with some concern that's had. they investigated it and
1:40 pm
concluded that he was not a threat. he at the present titpt didn't . he didn't have any connections to terrorist organizations. and so that's why they say he was not on any no-fly list. we no search warrants to try to determine if there were any other caccomplices, officials telling us that there is no other threats or accomplices known at this time. but one thing that struck me, and i want your perspective, but was the number of domestic and physical disturbances that were investigated by the local police. there were at the least four or five both physical disturbances and domestic disturbances and in all those cases according to this press briefing he was never subject to an arrest based on
1:41 pm
probable cause. would you look at those and say those were psibly some red flags that this was a person who obviously has some inclination to violence? >> well, sure. you would, but as a police officer, you get involved with people like that all the time that are on the edges of violence and you can't arrest them because you don't have probable cause. and these were domestic violence withgirlfriend. if he had been convicted, federal law would prohibit him to have a firearm. but those cases were dismissed or he was not charged based on the complaint of the girl friend. so those incidences do not a rise to make him disabled to have a gun as we say under federal law. now, the incident where he arrives at the fbi office and he's delusional talking about
1:42 pm
the cia, tell beiing them about isaiah, he has a gun in the car but not a prohibitive person, so the special agents they call anchorage pd and they take him to the hospital. i've done this many times and i've had them come in the atf office saying the cia is bomb d bombarding them in their head. so i've experienced it before as a police officer and federal agent. but they could not take his gun, they had to give it back. he's not prohibited and that's why need gun violence pre-straining orders in the state and federal law in my view because this case could have been stopped right there that day, the gun could have been taken away and key have been flagged so he couldn't retail buy another gun. >> and i want to go to gatti
1:43 pm
schwartz who was at that press conference and asked whether or not the gun was used in this crime. what did you learn? >> reporter: we asked if the dwufrn used in this crime was the gun given back by the police after they had reported himself to the fire and we were tolded at this point at the believe that may have been the case. a couple things that came out that are very interesting, somewhat concerning, would that of thehings th ty talked about was his approach to the fbi. he left his young son in the car and a gun at home, but he came in with a magazine full of ammo in his possession. they took that away. he they said they took the fwup beggun away
1:44 pm
got it back in december and it may have been the gun used in these killings. >> amend what did you learn in terms. mental aspect? i understand that the mental health records are being subpoenaed. did they address anything more about his condition? >> they said he was extremely allege sta allege at a timed and talking about the it's taking over his mind. and they also said that he made it very clear that he didn'tat about the it's taking over his mind. and they also said that he made it very clear that he didn't want to hurt anybody. we know that police had five instances where they contacted him ranging from domestic violence issues to the time where they were called to the fbi office. but the picture of his mental still is still becoming revealed now. >> all right. gatti schwartz live to us in anchorage. let me go back to jim cavaugh.
1:45 pm
you were hearing the point about the gun may have been the one that was used in the crime. may have also been the same gun that he ultimately had confiscateded from him when the local police were checking his background out, investigating when he showed up at that field office in anchorage. what is the significance of that if in fact that gun that was released to him was the gun this was used here in this attack? >> well, it shows that we have ways or we could have ways to stop this, to save our five citizens achbt six and the wounded and even this young man who will spend his life in federal prison probably because of his mental illness. we could save all of that if we
1:46 pm
would ftry to find thoses tweak in the law that would allow the police or the atf to say wait a minute, they're is a guy hearing voices, here a guy saying the cia is tapping his head and he's run around with a pistol. we might need to he rethink this. let's take the gun, let's go to the court, flag the national check system and get him some help, send him to the strchva, doctor, let's see what we can do here. many chances. the guy is walking into the federal agent's office. he's screaming for help. and we wind up giving him his gun back because we don't have a law that says we can keep it. that is a real failure o our
1:47 pm
our own system >> and you say have talked about this, about the issue of radicalization. this by walkxwi guy walked int office and just a 60 day window before committing the crime. is that a window of sufficient time for radicalization? they said he had no connection to terrorists and ultimately did he break any laws. >> you're right, we normally see inspired actors through videos. but this guy is not really that. sure, they prey on weak minded people, but this guy is having delusions that the cia is telling him do stuff.
1:48 pm
so i don't see any terrorist charge coming out of this at all. straight murder at an international arirport. >> jim cavanaugh we will discuss more after this break. a lot of breaking news to get to. stay with us. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. galzoom's network of torneys cahelp you, every step of the way. so you can focus on what you do and we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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we just rappwrapped up the conference in alaska that detail the alleged shooter had with the fbi field office as well as local police on multiple accounts, there were cases of physical and domestic disturbance that were investigated but did not lead to criminal charges. interestingly enough t fbi confirmed that he did walk into
1:52 pm
their office, he w investigated. and no laws were broken, no connections to international terrorism were established and he was never placed on a no-fly list. no charges ever brought against him. we know that he was referred to mental health care specialists for further workup. we now know that those medical mental health records have been subpoenaed by the investigators. one other important point to note out of the press conference, officials really emphasizing that there are no other accomplices or other associates that were involved in this attack trying to make sure to drive home the point that the safety and security of the people of anchorage should not be questioned. they have confidence that this was an individual who acted alone. that is to me today reporting live here from ft. lauderdale airport. i'll send it back to richard lieu you in new york. >> a lot happening today on that breaking news story.
1:53 pm
appreciate in new york. >> a lot happening today on that breaking news story. appreciate that.ou in new york. >> a lot happening today on that breaking news story. appreciate that.u in new york. >> a lot happening today on that breaking news story. appreciate new york. >> a lot happening today on that breaking news story. appreciate that. russia pushing back on the intelligence report that points to putin's role in the election scandal. a member tweeting the conclusion is based on assumptions. but in a recent policy article, molly mchugh warns of putin's long gain, riding the west is already at war whether it wants to be at or not. she was also an advisor and joins us now from washington. a war that is happening but we that i not see. what is that? >> it's a good question and one i think that the american people need to understand much better than as well as the incoming administration. the russians have been explicit
1:54 pm
since vladimir putin took over the kremlin in the year 2000 in developing what they call a new hybrid warfare tactics. it's described in great detail. but the basic ideology is this new global in-susurgency whethe you have them using economic, global, culture regard or otherwise and information especially to disrupt and subvert and create upheaval in what they view as their enanies. russian dock trtrine clearly des the united states of america as the main enemy and that's something that we need to take much more seriously. >> a generation, third generation if you will of the tactics. what does vladimir putin want if this intelligence is right that is come out in the report?
1:55 pm
>> i think what is it hard to understand is what the cekremli is trying to achieve. they are not trying to rebuild the new russian bloc or soviet union. these are all distractions. the way that the kremlin i'd logs view the war is not to build something better for russia, but to take apart what we have.view the war is not to something better for russia, but to take apart what we have. it's through weakening the united states and making us question ourselves. >> so a realignment of world power. >> it is very much a realignment of world power. >> you also write nat obama white house answered russia on this hacking using old school methods so what because new school attacks. what is the best way to respond? sgli >> i think the most important thing to understand is the kremlin power is from the
1:56 pm
shadows. the trump administration needs to understand this, as well. both administrations, obama or trump need to do everything that they came to expose the type of new warfare tactics russians are using. a lot is information, but they're deep and wide and they're having a significant impact on our societies and we need to accept that. >> what might vladimir putin to next? >> i think he will do what n he to set new terms. so if trump tries to negotiate with him, he is already negotiating from apposition a weakness. so he needs to negotiate from a position of strength. >> is trump underestimating what putin can do? >> i hope not, but hard to know. >> great conversation. you packed a lot in in three minutes. look forward to speaking with you again. thanks for joining us here on msnbc. on behalf of ayman mohyeldin there in florida, i'm richard
1:57 pm
lui. dateline extra is on next. we will have updates throughout the hours tonight. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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i am freaking out, i walk in and my sister's not there. her door is open, her lights are on, her bed's undone. everything was horrible. and i felt it. >> she had been fearless on the front lines in iraq. >> pretty amazing. i saw her as like a really strong soldier. >> but something had her terrified at home. >> i'm scared. i don't feel safe. >> a desperate call to police.


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