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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 8, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hi there, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. it is 1:00 in the east, 10:00a.m. in the west. we'll start with politics. president obama is shedding light to the conversations he has with his successor and here's what he said right after president-elect trump was briefed about the russia hacking campaign. president obama's comments. >> we'll talk about our intelligence agencies and there are going to be times when you have raw intelligence that comes in, and in my experience over eight years the intelligence community is pretty good about saying, look, we can't say for certain what this means, but there are going to be times where the only way you can make a good decision is if you have confidence that the process is
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working, and the people that you put in charge are giving you their very best assessment. meanwhile, with just two days until the start of senate confirmation hearings, a top ethics official is calling plans for the top cabinet choices before background checks are complete unprecedented. he here's mitch mcconnell with his concerns. >> i think five of the nominees have papers in. what this is about, john, is the democrats are frustrated that they lost the election. i was in senator schumer's position eight years ago. i know how it feels when you're coming into a new situation that the other guys won the election. what did we do? we confirmed seven cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them either, but he won the election. we need to sort of grow up here and get past that.
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also new today trump's top adviser kellyanne conway is weighing in on the time line for one of the chief issues for republicans and that is repealing and replacing obamacare. >> replacing obamacare with something that actually is affordable and accessible and allows you to buy health insurance overstate lines. >> yeah, but the same day? a few years? >> it really depends on what the piece of legislation is. what does it look like? >> so for analysis, let's bring in gabe dibenedetti. welcome to you both. >> gabe, i'll get your take on president-elect trump and his team's reluctance to accept the findings. critics were looking at his briefing as a kind of a litmus test with how he'll begin with the intel community after he takes office. >> that's exactly right. >> i think what we're looking at right now is it's still status
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quo. the intelligence community is very weary and what we're looking at is the situation where they're all looking to see what the president-elect says next. he hasn't been quite as aggressive as he was before towards them, after he got the debriefing the other day, but it's not as if he's all of a sudden changed his tune entirely. so what they'll be looking to see is how his administration particularly under senator dan cotes treats the intelligence community. >> as we head into the hearings this week, what kind of questions are you looking to hear from senators this as it relates to the intel report particularly those nominees whose ties to russia are being scrutinized. >> sure. one of the hearings we'll have this week is rex tillerson for secretary of state, and his long business relationships in russia and personal ties to putin are certainly going to be one of the main things that democrats bring up and some republicans, as
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well. there's really only one republican on the committee who has made kind of a stink about tillerson's ties to russia and that's rube yo. i expect him to ask some of those questions and certainly democrats will focus hard on it and they'll also focus the financial disclosure filing that tillerson made this week which actually he said many of the things exactly that democrats were hoping he would say in terms of what he's going to sell and how he's going to distance himself from his significant holdings in exxon mobil, the company he worked for for 40 years, and some democrats are actually thinking that they can use tillerson assing some of an example for trump himself and here's a guy worth half a billion dollars and he's selling it all and he's taking significant financial hits himself in order to take the job and he should do the same. >> gabe, are you hearing any explanation for why some of
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these nominees have yet to complete the mandatory questionnaires that need to be done before they can go through confirmation hearings? >> there are explanations floating out there. part of it is that it takeses some time and this is a quick process that happens so far and they're asking for more time to do it, but a lot of what's being implied right now that there is this belief that so many of the norms that we operate in washington have changed over the last few weeks, really, but over the last few months and there's an implied questioning of how necessary a lot of this really is, but yeah, what they're saying is this takes some time. let's not draw any conclusions that are too drastic at this point. >> okay. anne, let's take a look ahead to the president's farewell address on tuesday in chicago, and i want to take a look at what democrats incurred under his administration. here's that. >> it looks like the democratic
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party got hollowed out on your watch, about a thousand seats lost in the houses. is that on you? >> i take some responsibility for that. some of this is circumstances, but i think what is also true is partly because my docket was really full here, so i couldn't be both chief organizer of the democratic party and function as commander in chief as president of the united states. we did not begin what i think needs to happen over the long haul, and that is rebuild the democratic party at the ground level. >> and had you envisioned the political involvement after january 20th and how do you think he will engage democrats to build the party? >> think he is signaling there that he intends to try to do some things on behalf of democrats and the institutional
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democratic party at the state and national level, that really, he has been faulted by some democrats for not doing more of as president. that was a complaint that we heard really much more strongly three and four years ago. he -- the amount of money that he raised and the sort of -- the help that he gave to state and to the national parties, the head of this election and the amount of campaigning he personally did on behalf of hillary clinton went a long way to assuage should democrats' hurt feelings and said that he basically didn't care about the institutional party. he's heard that criticism and you're hearing some of it reflected there and he's saying, look, i had some work to do. i was really busy here, but now i'm going to try to in away, make it up to democrats. >> thank you so much. we'll see you both again. we'll go to the breaking news in jerusalem because that's where a deadly truck attack
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killed four israeli soldiers and injured more than a dozen. there is security video showing the attack as it happened. let's go to lucy kafanov. to you. >> before we get to the video, by all accounts this was a busy, crowded sunday afternoon on a very popular promenade near the old city of jerusalem. there were several of busloads of young israeli military con scripts that had arrived for a walking tour. this was captured on cctv security camera video, and i should add a warning to our viewers who might find this footage disturbing. in this video we see a white truck speeding towards this crowd of recruits, ramming into the crowd. it doesn't stop. the driver lurches forward. he then slows down a bit, as you can see, he slams the gear into reverse, crushing people into his path before finally skidding to a halt. the assailant, a palestinian
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from east jerusalem was reportedly shot dead. he killed at least four people, injuring 17 others in that deadly rampage, all of them in their 20s. you can see the video right there and that truck slowing to a stop. there was at least 12 bullet holes in the windshield of that truck. one eyewitness described this terrifying incident. take a listen to what she saw. >> i am just seeing a truck that went on the sidewalk, side road and hitting the soldiers and some soldiers started shooting on the chauffeur, and it took them some time to kill him so he had time to make a reverse just to go back with his truck. >> reporter: alex, it appears that several soldiers on the ground had shot at this assailant. just a few hours ago prime minister benjamin netanyahu was on the scene. he had suggested without
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offering any evidence that the driver was a supporter of isis. he said the attack was inspired by similar assaults in europe most recently berlin and nice over the summer and they've certainly carried out vehicle attacks in israel in the past. we don't know if this was a planned incident or simply someone seizing an opportunity, but we did hear from hamas, the islamic militant group that rules gaza, praising this assault although they stopped short, pardon me, of taking responsibility for this incident. >> that video was horrible, lucy. i understand we have to see it to understand what those guys had to go through. thank you so much for that. from one terrible story to another. we take you to fort lauderdale. some pictures showing black ribbons adorning the airport's ma the main entrance. investigators are combing through the gunman's phone, email and social media to figure out the motive of the assault
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that left five people dead. the suspect, esteban santiago has been charged with the crime that carries the death penalty. his brother is speaking out and pointing blame to the fbi. let's go to jacob rascon, he is at the hospital in fort lauderdale. jacob, what's the latest on the wounded there? >> reporter: this afternoon we still have seven people in the hospital, five of those are in good condition thankfully, but two of them are in critical condition in the icu. that's been the case since yesterday, and we've learned that one of those who is in critical condition is the husband of one of the victims. so initially, we had dozens of people brought to the hospital. of course, as you know, six of those were gunshot wound victims and two of those are the ones in critical condition, but the others were injured during the evacuation. you had dozens of people who were trampled on and bruises and broken bones. one of those people is still here at the hospital, and the others who were here because of the evacuation and their
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injuries there have been released. so yesterday two additional people were released and we're still waiting, of course, for those who are in good condition to see if they'll be able to go home today and of course, family and friends of those who are critical are praying for them. alex? >> yeah. they are. we all are. >> thank you so much, jacob rascon. rush a friend or foe? how will they be with trump in office? we'll take a look at that next. . fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up. what year was that quarter? what year is that one? '98 that's the one. you got it! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. let's get out of that water.
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back now to politics. president-elect trump is still not pointing fingers toward russian president vladimir putin interfering in the u.s. election despite an intelligence report saying he did just that. with me is former president of
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georgia and opposition in ukraine mick, and someone who has done business with donald trump which makes you, sir, a great guest to discuss all of this. >> thank you for inviting me, alex. >> the u.s. intelligence hit home, it must have for you, because russia interfered in your elections in georgia. what kind of similarities and contrasts do you see between what putin did in the u.s. and what he did to you? >> russia did interfere not only in georgian elections but in ukrainian elections and a number of baltic elections generally in eastern europe. the way they did all kind -- they spread all kind of fake news and intercepted our phone calls and uploaded the sites just before the elections and they used all kinds of other dirty tricks. now having said that, you know, i'm quite surprised that finally -- it took so long to get this topic to the top of
10:18 am
intelligence, about the community agenda because back then in 2012, obviously, we were all of the time informing also our friends in america that this was happening and to most of the time the signals we got from washington is that you are overreacting. please calm down. just go back to your democratic process. so i saw that president obama acknowledged this in this interview and remember back then in 2012, director clapper, for instance, when he was asked about it he said well, the main issue is whether this president who was considered to be pro-american by the russians whether he will extend somehow his stay in power and that might be a source of tension with russia, and he never mentioned anything between the hacks and the intrusion of russia into election. back then they didn't know there was an elephant in the room. so for me it's a little bit
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strange to observe and now it's a big issue, and better late than never. and something like this and did he order and step back or would he be directing day to day operations. and there was no detail and they were in conversations with me about their intelligence knowledge, about the operations. he likes to be in control. so in fact, what i hear in america, when i hear so much talk about russia's role, it should be like a music to vladimir putin's ears, but for simple reasons because he seems so powerful and he projects this force on the entire region, and i don't believe he can influence through hacking or anything else the outcome of u.s. elections and there are few people who believe that, but however, by
10:20 am
underlining this role, by showing that he was a big player, he certainly is perceived as a big winner inside russia and he projects this on the whole, entire neighborhood. >> so what do you think his endgame is here other than inflating his own ego? >> well, i think we should understand what kind of guy this is. the problem here is that we'll have, i guess, after a couple of months after president trump's inauguration their meeting and i've had meetings with vladimir putin and certainly i had many meetings with president-elect trump, and i worked extensively with president-elect trump. despite what people might believe, i don't think donald trump would be such a comfortable -- putin measures everybody by, you know, by their character. that's his way until his character is decided here. and he -- i think that donald
10:21 am
trump would be a very tough for him not to crack for obvious reasons. let's acknowledge the phenome l phenomenally talented man, i knew it before, and putin doesn't like who are talented. he doesn't like people who are spontaneous who can react very fast to a situation. putin likes people who are predictable and what president trump brings to office is not only his conviction, but also the lack of political biography. it's an asset. it's an asset because it makes him unpredictable. putin likes predictable guys. the other problem here is i saw last night vladimir putin. your friends in the west give you lots of nice promises, but they never deliver. i never give you nice promises, but i always deliver. the impression one could get for the last several years was that sometimes words coming from our allies and also from the united
10:22 am
states in perception of russia were not matching their deeds and what we didn't need now is that when -- we need to measure the approach to russia and they have the benefit of the doubt, but i think there is the experience and putin lived through four u.s. presidents and he lived through bush and obama and i hope my prediction would be that wouldn't outlast president trump for many reasons for the russians, but also because it would be hard for him, the main thing is that america projects force. if america has this idea that, you know, that america will approach in a measured way, and we doubt emotions of fear, but in a measured, but firm way that will have a result. >> i'm curious, you've known donald trump for a couple of
10:23 am
decades now so why do you think it's so hard for him to accept the findings of the u.s. intelligence community? >> what he accepted obviously that the u.s., and the cyber defense should be strengthened and this is an important outcome, and this is true that there is the threats from russia and they also come from some actors in china or some other places and this is much wider issue than just russia. i think when they come together and i think the qualities he possesses which undoubtedly are very helpful in this situation, and with a firm man of his conviction and men in good way a very ambitious man and that's good because you need somebody who cannot be manipulated and who cannot be intimidated. what i remember from putin, i mean, putin, specially with
10:24 am
first meetings and likes to intimidate and likes to dominate. i don't think donald trump is is a good person to intimidate or dominate at all and that already creates a huge problem for my own acquaintance and for vladimir and from that standpoint, i think we are in good shape here and we just need to, and i think there will be more and more information coming and i think president trump is smart enough to analyze it well. anybody had given benefit of the doubt from the beginning. no president has done otherwise for all this tenure of vladimir putin. if you give benefit of the doubt, and i don't think president obama will do that. >> it will be extremely interesting to watch the development between these two leaders. mick hal saakashvili, thank you
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the east coast is digging out from a snowy saturday, people out west are dealing with so much rain that it may cause serious flooding. we'll take a look at that in just a moment.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york at 31 past the hour, here is what we're monitoring for you. there is heightened security in jerusalem following the deadly truck attack on israeli soldiers. security camera caught it as it unfolded and we want to warn you, it's disturbing to watch. you can see a white truck barreling at high speed on the road and it slows down only to back up and crush more people.
10:32 am
four soldiers were killed and the u.s. department released a statement condemning the attack calling it brutal and senseless. >> let's go now to politics, new reaction on the intel report which concluded russia interfered in the u.s. election. ron allen is at trump tower for us. ron, what more is the trump team saying about the russia hacking report? >> reporter: that's a very good question, alex. there's been a lot of discussions about this on the morning shows and elsewhere all day today, trying to clarify their position. the president-elect's position and so on and so forth. the bottom line is that they are saying, they are emphasizing that the dnc, the democratic national committee is the entity that was hacked and they're blaming their poor cyber defenses for that and they're saying the rnc, and there was an attempt to hack that entity and it was not. doing that at the same time of stopping short of saying, clearly and full throatedly that
10:33 am
president-elect trump blames the russians and specifically vladimir putin for being behind the hack. they're talking around the issue. they're trying to make their point clear that it was the dnc's fault as they see it and the overriding point and the republicans and the top trump aides are trying to make is that none of this in their view affected the outcome of the election and the voting machines weren't hacked and the counting process wasn't hacked and the intelligence experts agree with, as well, that part of it. so we have this war of words continuing on and, of course, we've not heard from the president-elect trump about this in any detail, in under 140 characters in tweets and we expect he'll have a press conference on wednesday to put this issue and so many more to rest, but before that, we're also going to have say series of confirmation hearings beginning on tuesday. rex tillerson, the choice for secretary of state, who has deep
10:34 am
business ties to russia as head of exxon mobil for so many years honored by vladimir putin at one point and this issue will come up again, no doubt and democrats and others are determined to hold more investigations. it's lingering out there. it's still out there and the bottom line for the president-elect and his top aides is that they are trying to beat back anything, any sort of indication that suggests that there is anything illegitimate about his election and the president-elect clearly just wants to move on past this to other things. >> we'll see if that can happen with those senate confirmation hearings as you were talking about, ron allen, thou so much. officials are responding to reports of a mudslide in sonoma, california, as they slam the west coast with torible rain. flash flood watches are in effect for southern california and a state of emergency is in effect for nevada. out east, the winter storm has dropped heavy snow, ice and sleet covering areas of georgia and maine. officials are urging caution as ice and snow-covered roads are
10:35 am
still posing threats to drivers and at least five deaths have been confirmed in connection with this storm. a very busy meteorologist bonnie schneider. as we said before, it's coming at us from all sides. >> it has. storms on both coasts and this one winding down which is good news because we saw over 19 inches of snow in massachusetts, and now that the storm has exited, look what's happened, cold wind coming behind it and it is cold, and below freezing, birmingham, 21 degrees and it will be present into the day today and into tomorrow. something else we're watching through the week is the atmospheric refer river and this moisture off the pacific and has a tropical characteristic and keeps coming and in sonoma county, you saw pictures of the flooding and a lot of people comparing this to the events that happened in 2005 where they had so much flooding in the area and hopefully it won't get that bad, but we do have the flash flood warnings in place for
10:36 am
sonoma county and heavy rain across san francisco and thunderstorm wind damage in san francisco with trees down. it's something to watch closely because it's bringing warm, moist air over a pretty hearty snow pack. remember, we've been seeing the snow week after week pile up. you have a snow pack of eight feet and you get rain on top of that, the snow melts and it goes down the mountain into the streams and into the rivers and those rivers will rise and that's something we're keeping a close watch on today and tonight. >> what will happen after that? this week, the rain, at least the heaviest part of it will taper off and the problem is this pattern that's e merging from the atmospheric river from the pacific is not going away. we're expecting another storm to move in by tuesday. so that means we'll be seeing that threat for wet conditions and at least the threat for flooding going into next week, as well, but the worst of it happening today, tomorrow and into the first part of this week. alex? >> thanks for the head's up,
10:37 am
bonnie schneider, appreciate it. >> still ahead, an intimate portrait of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher and an intimate look at their life away from the bright lights of hollywood. >> john mccain and lindsay graham questioning the credibility of our nation's security agencies.
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mommy, mommy, i'm home! >> hello! >> look, you cannot keep that phone. it's ridiculous. that's from the early '90s when they first invented cell phones. >> but i -- >> those were the original. >> i don't want to buy a new one. the old phone works fine. just dandy. >> that was a scene from the new hbo documentary "bright lights" starring carrie fisher and debbie reynolds which provides a close look at the relationship between the mother and daughter.
10:41 am
earlier i spoke to the director of "bright lights," fisher stephens. >> what a pleasure to talk with you after having seen this. it is extraordinarily honest. did you expect these two to reveal themselves to you and your camera the way they did? >> well, you always hope as a filmmaker that you're going to get honesty. carrie and i had a mutual friend named charlie wesler. they were having munch and she announced to carrie that she would do another one-woman show tour at the foxwoods and carrie is, like, mom, you have to reti retire. you're 80 years old. no, darling, don't tell me what to do been i'm doing this and carrie said we have to film this. we have to film my mother's -- her last shows and after we sat down with carrie we were sold. she was hilarious. >> it is so interesting, these two. they always seem like they're on. yes, they're dealing with issues of ageing and to a degree you
10:42 am
reveal a lot about carrie's mental instability and her bipolar nature, but they have -- everything based in film and it's like they're acting all the time. >> well, yeah. debbie was a star at 19. a huge star so she started to cultivate this kind of persona, and true, we weren't able to film her very much without her wig at all, really, or her makeup. >> there was one time when she was driving around her little cart. >> she had a hat on and you can see behind -- >> she's a star. >> that's part of who debbie is and carrie is always like that. it's not like she was on. carrie is brilliant, one-liners here and one-liners there. there's that scene with her father eddie fisher at the end of his life where she says, you know, i'm funnier than elizabeth taylor. i wanted to be funny for you, dad. she really wanted to be -- she didn't have to try very hard. she naturally was. >> it's funny you bring up that
10:43 am
scene because that to me was a scene where i actually cried a little bit watching it. she's talking about her humor, but she was still searching for his acceptance. do you think she feels like she got it? >> i feel like she did and it took her a long time, and even with her mother, was there a period of time when she didn't speak to her mother. >> right? >> and they then became best friends. they wore the same shoes. they'd finish each other's sentences and they'd start singing together. there was something so beautiful about it. >> it was also extraordinary. i had not realized that debbie reynold his owned the largest hollywood memorabilia collection and she had to part with that. that was very hard for her. she and her son todd had tried for years to set up a hollywood museum. they went to everyone, please, help us. they opened a debbie reynolds hotel in las vegas and opened a museum in the hotel and lost the hotel and she was forced to have the auctions to sell off many of the items. there are still some that remain
10:44 am
and you get to see the ruby red slippers and the maltese falcon. >> she had bought mare lon moil monroe's, the white subway dress. >> she had it all. she had a great eye and loved the movies. she loved hollywood. >> the thing that will be most moving really is this mother-daughter relationship. it is absolutely extraordinairiy as you say, they finished each other's sentences and something that we can all so relate to. >> yeah. >> what do you think made them so special and really quite unique? >> yeah. well, first of all, they were both brilliant in their own way, and they were -- they're strong. strong women, you know? debbie was a strong woman in the '50s. she looked like this beautiful blond pixie, but she was strong and what she went through, nothing was going to let her get in her way. she started to get very ill as we were filming and we didn't expect that, but she kept coming
10:45 am
back. carrie's wit, carrie will just say anything on her mind. she doesn't -- she's incapable of lying. she doesn't, you know, worry about the effect of what she's going to say after she says it. debbie is more calculated, but also was brilliant. when you got over the shock about their back-to-back deaths, the shock that i think the entire world really appreciated, were you surprised that debbie left so soon after carrie? >> yeah. sort of. that's so soon. i mean, i didn't think it would happen so fast. the whole thing is still very fresh. we're hoping that this film really captures the love that they had for each other and makes people appreciate their relationships with their families, and that was one of our goals, but had no idea that it was going to be like this. >> well, i can tell you, having seen it if that was your goal, mission accomplished.
10:46 am
it is fan taftic. "bright lights is" is the perfect title. >> thank you so much for bringing it to us. it's really wonderful. >> thanks. >> okay. the late carrie fisher and debbie reynolds will be acknowledged tonight during the golden globes on nbc and hbo will have repeated views of "bright lights." about 7,000 people stood in line yesterday to get a free ticket to president obama's farewell address on tuesday. some lucky enough to get a ticket cherished the opportunity. >> i think we all need a little bit of hope. a little bit of empowerment and a little bit of getting ready for the next four years. >> i think he has been an excellent president for all people, and it's important to be here to support him on his way out. to have my daughter here with me to see it, it's going to be amazing. at least a few people hope to cash in on the opportunity by
10:47 am
trying to sell their tickets on craigslist. we found at least three ads like this one offering two tickets for $4500. there is another one selling one ticket for $5,000, and then check out this one. it's $1 million. not sure how authentic that one is, though, but we have that ticket free of charge and you can watch the address on msnbc with our live coverage beginning tuesday night at 8:00 eastern. why is donald trump telling ambassadors to leave their post by inauguration day? i'll speak to steve clemmons about that next. "for the record with greta van susteren" premieres tomorrow. be sure to watch. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most.
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>> you can see the suspect. he's in a blue shirt right there coming in. look at this.
10:51 am
just walking through the baggage claim. pulls out that gun, starts shooting randomly. clearly he was shooting at people in front of him. those people behind where the camera is still trained were able to miraculously escape. but look at the shock on those people's faces and trying to hide behind anything. and people just hitting the ground. that's exactly what you should do on something like this if you can't get out of the way. yeah. that's just disturbing on every single level. i know that steve clemens is joining me to talk about politics, but what is your reaction when you see something like that? >> it was horrible. i will never forget when i arrived in brussels airport when the bombing happened and i came up from the train beneath the station right after the bomb had gone off and saw people panics, running.
10:52 am
it is hard to describe that shock that we just saw in that vid joe is something i saw on a lot of people's faces there. and it just debilitates you. and there are oftentimes moments in this where heroism happens. >> it takes a second to realize, wait, this is real, isn't it? >> we live in a world, particularly in the united states where we take security for granted. there are norms out there. and so when something like this occurs, fear enters in as injected into our lives. it makes people tense up and fear being in crowds. that would be an awful world to live in, but it is something a lot of people are considering right now because it is so off the mark from our normal life. and we sort of depend on safety. so when safety is unhinged by someone like this, it really sends things over the cliff. >> all right. let's get some politics here.
10:53 am
as you know john mccain and lindsey graham are pushing for stronger sanctions. president elect trump talking about having a good relationship with russia. does this kind of talk concerning the idea of having a friendlier relationship with russia. >> there is nothing wrong with beginning to think what that would look like with russia. it would challenge some people within the republican party. but to personalize it so that donald trump treats slad mir putin as a friend and then turn a blind eye to the attack on american democracy to this hacking is an entirely different question. i think a lot of us have been waiting for donald trump to emerge condemning what russia did. and that hasn't happened. but reince priebus is saying that donald trump is not denying
10:54 am
the russian hacking took place, but it seems to be a long route to getting to that route where donald trump can feel comfortable and confident as president without hugging up to a nation that hacked into our democratic process, whether or not it affected the outcome of the election. so it is a serious question. but the broader question to find a different way to deal with russia in the future, that's not an illegitimate question. a lot of people would have concerns that they put up crimea, they have harassed u.s. diplomats and they are not comfortable with the united states president, seeming to prefer that as the first friend of his u.s. presidency. >> i want to talk about appealing many of president obama's executive orders and his legacy achievements. obamacare of course comes to mind. but which accomplishes are likely to remain? >> i think things believe it or
10:55 am
not, like obamacare are proving to be more resilient. there is this line in the broadway play "hamilton" in this jefferson tries to undo the american financial system, but after hamilton's death calls it a work of generous. but the trump people might not call obamacare an act of generous, but it is very hard to repeal and deal with. so there may be elements of that sort. but i think the broader side is when it comes to president obama's management of other economic issues and security issues, a lot of these things were done by executive order because of the failure of the legislative branch to move forward on anything. and i think he's going to find a lot of that which is simple pragmatic problem solving that it's going to be hard for trump to repeal. >> what about the president-elect's ordering all politically appointed ambassadors to leave their overseas posts a week from friday? i know there has got to be some
10:56 am
ramifications. >> i think that there is a process in place for when ambassadors are gone the system will not break down. it sends a very negative message to those people that are part of the obama camp that they really aren't liked at all and the dna of the past administration is not desired at all in the new administration. that said, a lot of these ambassadors have been very important for maintaining stability and continuity in relations and they would be good signs in the opinions of some that donald trump isn't bent on wrecking out there internationally. one of the most famous ambassadors that was held over from one term to the other was mike mansfield of japan. and that really helped the region team maintain a solid relationship with japan. donald trump isn't going to have the opportunity of that. >> always a pleasure talking to
10:57 am
you. that's going to go it for me. thank you so much for watching. i'll see you tomorrow on morning joe first look. meet the press is next. lindy gram and john mccain. have a great sunday, everyone.
10:58 am
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this sunda this sunday the battle over russia's election interference. >> russia has clearly assumed an even more aggressive posture by increasing cyber else peonage. >> president-elect trump got an intel briefing on friday but says he's still not sure. this morning i sit down with lindsey graham of south carolina. >> if after the briefing he is still unsure, that will shake me to my core about his judgment. >> and john mccain of arizona. >> and if they were able to succeed doing that, then you destroy democracies. >> plus, the secretary of


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