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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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this hour new dramatic video in two big stories we've been following here. we want to warn you that these videos are graphic. first off, this video. we got in wt within the last several hours, obtained by tmz. watch carefully. it shows the moment that chaos began as shots rang out inside the ft. lauderdale international airport on friday. you can see the gunman pull his
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gun from its case and begin shooting inside that crowded terminal. ultimately killing five people and injuring six more. watch toward the bottom of your screen. that's where you'll see the suspect run through. and then in israel, there's the picture there. in israel, a terror attack claiming the lives of four israeli soldiers. this video, we're just getting. you can see a man ramming the truck into a group as they were getting off a bus this morning in jerusalem. both videos very shocking to all watching. we're going to start, though, first off in florida. where the new airport security video obtained by tmz shows friday's shooting at the ft. lauderdale airport. we want to warn you that it can be disturbing, starting with passengers walking by baggage claim. the suspect is seen carrying his bag. he pulls out his glock pistol. he starts firing. people start running for safety thereafter, sort of quizically, what's happening? they hide behind anything, even
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chairs. 70 seconds later, five people are dead, six wounded. the suspect then captured. right now, that suspect, esteban santiago, sitting in jail facing charges that could carry the death penalty. video coming out to us in the last several hours. how does that fit into the story line, the story that you've been following throughout the days here? >> you know, richard, good afternoon. this is absolutely chilling video. the first time we're seeing those moments of horror as they unfolded. up until now, we're seeing the aftermath. this is the first time we're seeing this as it happened. and as you mentioned this was in the baggage claim area that a gunman, as travelers were strolling by that baggage claim area, he pulls his gun out of his waistband and opens fire. we also spoke with a witness there, a survivor, who has an incredible story.
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his name is steve frappier from atlanta, grew up in the miami area, was here in town for a conference and describes incredible moments just after that video. he heard the gunshots. he credits his laptop computer with saving his life. his laptop was in his backpack. and the bullet became lodged in his backpack. let's take a listen to what he has to say about those incredible few moments. >> he never had an expression on his face. it was just he was blank and he knew -- i knew he knew what he was doing. the top of my backpack was slightly opened. a bullet ricochetted and went into my backpack through the small opening, hit my lap top and went through my backpack. it absolutely sedy life, the laptop, case and the backpack all together. >> richard, as you mentioned, the suspect, esteban santiago,
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facing federal charges that could carry the death penalty if convicted. he is expected in court tomorrow morning to face a federal magistrate. and right now the investigation continues. we can also report that, according to federal law enforcement sources, the gun that was used in the shooting is believed to be the same weapon that, late last year when santiago went to the fbi office in alaska to complain, in his words that, the government was controlling his mind, forcing him to watch isis videos, he was sent to a health agency after that. they held on to the weapon and later returned it. officials now believe that was the same weapon used in friday's shooting. >> gabe gutierrez there in florida for us this hour. former nypd sergeant, look at the video for me. we're just getting this in.
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what can you glean from it that will help us understand what happened and how we might understand why it happened? >> it seems to me that this individual is a cold-blooded murderer. he was acting cool, calm and collected. he knew exactly what he was doing, what his intentions were, which clearly were to hurt and kill as many people as possible in the shortest time as possible. >> we don't know but the suspect here, esteban santiago appears to nonchalantly be walking, pull the video out from underneath his coat, at least in this video, in a nonchalant way. what do you make of it? >> cold-blooded murderer, period. we had reports that this person had post traumatic stress disorder after serving in the army in iraq and was perhaps under mental psychiatric help and perhaps on some drugs. that is all going to be investigated and figured out. but from the video, obviously,
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he was very intent and very calm in his actions. in fact, when the police -- when he ran out of ammunition and the police confronted him, he simply laid down his weapon and sat down and was summarily arrested. it tells me that this individual knew what he was doing. he planned it. he had a one-way ticket from anchorage to ft. lauderdale. he was there to commit this heinous crime. and he was ready, willing and able to be arrested or perhaps killed in that action. >> and in the video, we see two children walking by, senior citizens and then you see them running here, manny. >> yes. >> the question is, safe spaces. there is nowhere to go. you see individuals jumping behind chairs which, of course, will not mean anything in such an incident. >> absolutely nothing. we're fortunate that he had a handgun and not an assault weapon like we saw in orlando
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and san bernardino, which obviously handles a lot more ammunition. and is infiniteely more lethal. we see people quickly sitting down and hiding behind things that would not protect them. they were not mentally prepared for this. and unlike in the israeli attack. we see people immediately running away because they're used to this. we're still not conditioned to be expecting something as dramatic as this. >> we're not conditioned. other countries are. other international cities are. when you put through the airports, you've seen it. i've seen it. what they have is they'll either stop you at the door. so the secure space is not after this luggage claim. it is actually before you even get into the airport in some cases. >> absolutely. >> is that what with we might be facing here in the united states? >> that's what we need. because others are watching this. and my concern is that there may be a copy cat. we already know from brussels,
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from now here in ft. lauderdale that there is an insecure, totally soft target from the minute you enter the airport up to where tsa takes over. and in that space, there are hundreds of people picking up luggage, as we see here. or dropping off luggage and getting their tickets. it's a soft target. we need more uniformed police presence at these entrances. >> we have the technologies, stray technologies. been in existence for five or ten years now. >> 100% right. >> manny gomez. >> the video as you watch the
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truck move through this area, security camera video capturing the moment police say a palestinian drove his truck into the soldiers at they were getting off a bus in injure use. the attacker was then shot dead. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that he was a supporter of the islamic state. lucy, what have we learned since about why and how? >> richard, not a lot of details about why and how but certainly we have video about how. it was a terrifying scene captured on security camera as the attacker, a palestinian from east jerusalem, rammed his truck into that group of soldiers on a busy crowded promenade on jerusalem's oldest city, driving forward, after plowing forward through that crowd and reversing to attack the crowd again. soldiers were about to go on a walking tour of the old city. instead, they had to tend to injured, wounded colleagues,
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four of whom lost their lives. all the victims, people in their 20s. assailant shot dead. at least 12 bullet holes in the windshield. one eyewitness, one of the tour guides who was going to take those soldiers on the walk, described the incident. >> i am just seeing a truck that went on the sidewalk, side road and hitting the soldiers and some soldiers started shooting on the chauffeur. it took them some time to kill him so he had time to make a reverse just to go back with his truck. >> israel's prime minister was on the scene within hours, linking that palestinian driver to isis without any evidence, i should say, suggesting he may have been inspired by recent attacks in europe. richard, we also saw haumas praising this assault.
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they, too, stopped sort of taking responsibility. palestinians without any known links to isis have certainly carried out vehicle attacks in israel in the past. israel had been crippled by a wave of violence since september 2015 at least four israelis were killed in attacks carried out by palestinians while at least 230 palestinians were killed in that same time period. israel says the violence is driven by a palestinian campaign of incitement. palestinians meanwhile say it's a result of decades of israeli occupation. whatever the case, this comes after a brief three-month lull raising fears that the country is again on the brink of more bloodshed just as the new incoming trump administration prepares to take office. >> unfortunately a frint frequent incident there in israel in the middle east. still tough to watch. lucy carvanaugh, thank you very much. president-elect trump's
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does he accept that the russians were behind this hacking campaign? yes or no? >> well, sure. i mean, he's not denying that entities in russia were behind this particular hacking campaig campaign. >> reince priebus saying trump is not denying that russia was behind the hacks to try to influence the 2016 election. he, in fact, president-elect trump does accept what russia had done, that it is behind these activities, according to
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the intelligence report that came out last week. >> what are top advisers saying now? >> well, as you just pointed out, the comment by reince priebus was about as close as anyone close to trump has come to say that he agrees with the intelligence assessment that the russians were behind this. all morning, the words are being parsed about denial, nondenial, so on and so forth. the point that mr. priebus and others keep making is they blame this on the democratic national committee, saying they had poor cyber defenses and there was an attempt to hack the republican side and that was unsuccessful. that's what they've been focusing on, the political part of it. despite the fact that very few
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people without any credibility are saying that the russians won the election for donald trump, they're still saying there's an effort to try to discredit him and the election and say the russian russians swayed the election to him. here is mr. priebus saying something else about that, the political motives. >> very clearly political motivated to discredit the victory of president-elect trump. i think that is absolutely indisputable. >> of course, his election has been certificated by the congress and electoral college. that is not in doubt. we hope to hear more about this from mr. trump during his press conference. ties to russia, if he has any, business ties. he never released his tax returns. there's a lot of suspicion, questions. that's why this russian issue, in addition to the obvious
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attack that happened. that's why there are still these questions that persist. again, hopefully, mr. trump will have this press conference on wednesday and give us more about what he thinks about this. richard? >> nbc's ron allen at the white house north as some folks are saying right now, in front of trump tower, telling us the very latest. thank you, ron. ari schwartz, cyber security and former member of the white house national security council. ari, we're talking about rusha. it's january here, the 8th, 2017. we had the topic run throughout the election. how much longer will russia be part of our narrative? >> we're going to tend to hear about russia's involvement and how they're trying to influence our politics, et cetera. and it's going to continue to be
1:20 pm
the case. it has been the case for quite a while and just become a lot more public due to the campaign. >> the meat of it, from what you've seen in it -- again, you heard reince priebus saying much of the criticism of the reaction coming from the president-elect is politically motivated. looking at the intel report and the responses from president-elect trump, is this politically motivated, the majority of it, or is it just, no, your statements are incorrect, mr. president-elect? >> the intel report is the usual fine quality we expect from the intel community from the united states. lot of classified material behind the scenes. on this one you can tell that's the case. they've already leaked a lot of the -- some ofhat already. i think we can expect to hear a bit more of it down the road.
1:21 pm
the conclusions that they did. folks that doubt it, they can doubt it because president-elect was given that information. it's completely unprecedented for a president-elect to question the motivation of the intel community. >> should he question it but just not in public? it's okay to publicly question the intelligence if you have a problem with it but not the motivations of the intelligence community and suggest that what they're doing is politically motivated when you have such a diverse group there and our country really depends on it. if that's going to be the case we really need to completely revamp it, which they say they don't want to do. >> and portends an interesting
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coming four years. this is only one of the major structures of our federal government. if he disagrees with other spaces we'll have to watch that carefully. of that of which you saw in the report, the issue of putin's culpability, multifaceted, quote, unquote, attack of u.s. election communications throughout the last year or so. what is the most scariest -- what is the scariest, excuse me, to you in the report? >> the scariest is that they were successful in the campaign they set out to do, discredit certain individuals, particularly hillary clinton, but others as well. again, i don't think anyone, as the reporter said just before this, i don't think anyone said it swung the election, but the fact that they were successful
1:23 pm
in that should concern folks in the trump administration, too. >> yeah. >> incoming folks to do something about it. one thing i want to say is i'm glad on friday they named someone like dan coates coming in to be the dni director. i think that shows they're really actually serious of getting people in that understand how the intelligence community works. >> and michael flynn, national white house security adviser, want once paid by rt, state-run tv network, communications network. does this cause, when it comes to flynn, no, you're now off the list? >> it's not been confirmed. >> but from your perspective, i'm saying? >> as i said as long as -- i feel better that as this report comes out that they announced dan coates that same day. they knew that -- that's a sign
1:24 pm
from them that they understand that they need to have someone with credibility. i'm hoping we get more people with that kind of credibility and bipartisan -- that have bipartisan history to come out and be part of this intelligence community. that would be a good sign for those of us that really care about security, national security in this space. >> ari, got to go. i want to get your sense. we're 2 1/2 days into getting this report. what have we missed in the conversation? >> i think that it's -- you know, it continues to heat up, that there is still this question of what's classified and why it's classified. obviously you don't want to give up sources and methods but the fact that it's leaking anyways should give a sign to the intelligence community, we have to make as much of this public as we possibly can. >> ari schwartz, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> powerful storm on the west coast. we're also watching that here on msnbc. it's unleashing torrential rains there in the west. the potential for historic fl d flooding has california residents on edge. and on the east coast cleanup for millions after that. heavy snow, ice, snarling tra l travel. "for the record with gretta van sustren" tomorrow. do not miss that.
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remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. i'm richard lui in new york city. updating you now, a terror attack claiming the lives of four israeli soldiers, palestinian man ramming this truck, as you see here, into a group there as they were getting off a bus this morning in jerusalem. we also have this hour new video obtained by tmz showing the moment the chaos began as shots rang out inside ft. lauderdale's
1:29 pm
international airport on friday. you can see the gunman right there, pulling his gun from its case and beginning to shoot inside the baggage claim area as people run with no cover really. ultimately, he kills five people and injures six. those six who survive still fighting for their lives at this hour. all right. another story we're watching. it has been a weekend in the west and in the east of a lot of weather. we look at west coast, torrential rain has people bracing for some of the worst flooding they've seen in decades. sonoma, california, already dealing with flooded roads. we take you to the tahoe basin. truckee river flowing into reno is expected to crest today, threatening homes and buildings, already going over its banks. the storm is also bringing down trees in san francisco. the fire department saying this large tree coming down, trapping one person earlier. crews were able to free that person, who is said to be okay.
1:30 pm
that was close to the coast there. nbc's steve patterson has been following this wild weather in the west. he is in reno, nevada. what's the latest, steve? >> hey, richard, make no mistake about it. we are inside this storm now. the front edge has passed over us. the rain has been falling constantly now for hours. and the wind is starting to pick up. and the biggest danger is right beside me here in reno. this is the truckee river. it's been raging this morning. started off at about six feet. officials are predicting this river to crest at over 13 feet. that is in the flood danger zone. it's the reason white now why there's a huge sand bag operation happening around the city of reno. it's the reason why there's a state of emergency in this area and the reason why so many residents are getting their own sand bags, worried about what this possible flooding can do. it's the reason schools are canceled as well. this storm predicted to be the worst we have seen in the last ten years. ten years ago, 2005. $300 million in damage to
1:31 pm
northern california. it uprooted homes, took them on a river of flooding. that was all over city centers, all over northern california. now these forecasters are predicting the same storm with the same size and the same magnitude. we're already starting to feel the effects. it's already caused one fatality in california. a tree fell on a woman on a golf course. water rescues are under way. this storm is now happening in earnest and people are preparing for the worst. richard? >> they have not seen that in years there. thank you. steve patterson reporting for us in the west coast. from the west coast to the east coast now. people starting to dig out after a massive storm brought lots of snow and ice. parts of massachusetts, for instance, saw more than a foot of snow there. while down south the winter weather caused hundreds of accidents across several states. the storm is now being blamed for at least five deaths. >> as new video is released of the moment a gunman opened fire at an airport in ft. lauderdale
1:32 pm
we're learning more about those survivors of the deadly shooting as they continue to fight for their lives. the latest from the hospital where they're being treated when he we come back. th beyond, you l pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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accused gunman in the florida airport attack makes his first appearance in court tomorrow. esteban santiago will face criminal charges that could carry the death penalty. airport surveillance cameras capturing this horrific shooting. tmz posting this footage on its website. the gunman aiming and firing five people, killed seven in the hospital still. jacob rascon is at the hospital where the wounded are being treated. what's the latest on their status? >> insurely dozens of them were brought yesterday. many of them released but all six who were shot at the airport are still here. we have five of them in good
1:36 pm
condition. we have two people who are in critical condition. one of those seven was not involved in the shooting but was hurt during the evacuation from terminal one. two people still in icu. we learned that one of those lost his wife in the shooting. she was one of the victims. he is still in surgery. they're still fighting for their lives. there has been no update on their condition since the doctors told us they were critical and not doing well. we've heard those five in good condition were still waiting to see if they'll be good enough to be released. some who were admitted, as i said yesterday, were good enough that they were released in the end. there has been no updates since we learned that information. when we talked to the hospital about how the entire operation went, they said they were thrilled with how they were able to respond. >> that is good news. jacob rascon, we'll be watching along with you. appreciate your report. president-elect trump's controversial pick for attorney general, jeff sessions, will go
1:37 pm
before a senate judiciary committee this week. a look at the difficulties he may face in the nomination process. plus a look at some of donald trump's other nominees and their road to confirmation.
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1:40 pm
thanks for staying with us. one of president-elect trump's most controversial picks to face senate tuesday. that is his attorney general pick, sejeff sessions, critics worrying he will reverse years of work by the obama administration. president of the alliance for justice. nan, thanks for being with us. you wrote soon after the elections about sessions allegedly calling the naacp unamerican, praising the supreme court for striking down part of voting rights act. also the voting against the violence against women act. and your belief here is that he
1:41 pm
is plainly unqualified. what makes him unqualified beyond having views you disagree with here? >> richard, that's a good question. 30 years ago he was considered for federal judgeship and concluded, republicans and democrats, that he simply lacked the judicial temperament to be a judge primarily because of his views hostile to civil rights. 30 years later, he is appearing before the senate judiciary committee and that committee has to decide whether or not he is qualified to serve as attorney general. attorney general is perhaps the most important cabinet position. that's why his hearing is coming first, among all. and the committee is going to assess his ability and
1:42 pm
commitment to equal justice to find out whether or not he is someone who can safeguard the rights and liberties of americans, whether he can vigorously enforce the law and, third, whether he can be independent. after all, he is not president-elect's lawyer. is he the people's lawyer. it is our view over these 30 years not only does he still hold views hostile to civil rights but, as you indicated, voted against the violence against women act, has given frequent speeches before white nationalist groups. called the voting rights act intrusive. is the leading opponent in the senate, the leading opponent against immigration. and also he has prevented dozens of outstanding judicial nominees
1:43 pm
and lawyers from becoming federal judges solely because they're african-american. it is our belief that he does not deserve to be attorney general of the united states. >> if you were to ask a question, what would it be? and what would you need to hear to say yes to jeff sessions? >> i would have to hear him say two things. one, i would first ask him whether he will supplement his questionnaire with really dozens and dozens of speeches, interviews, print, written, radio, press releases, talks -- would he supplement his questionnaire with information he left out twice in complying with the requirement that he provide full and complete
1:44 pm
answers to the senate judiciary? i would say to him, wouldn't you, senator sessions, look down upon a candidate who comes before this committee who has simply not answeredhe questions? one, i would ask him what he would do. in the past i remember one nominee for a judicial post who failed to provide, i think, 117 bits of information and sessions said, you know, this guy is a felon, ought to be in prison. >> yeah. >> for two years and disqualified. but, two, i would say what is it in your record, senator sessions, that gives the american people any indication, any assurance that you can vigorously carry out your duties as the chief law enforcement officer in the united states? >> nan aron, thank you so much,
1:45 pm
from the alliance for justice. there on jeff sessions and his senate confirmation hearing that will kick off at 9:30 am on tuesday. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> in addition to jeff sessions, there are also a handful that will have to face the senate on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. joe watkins, former aide to president george h.w. bush and terrence goodell. we talked about jeff sessions throughout the last several days but there are others of interest. i want to start with health and human services nominee dr. tom price. you look at tom price, he is not on the list as of yet for confirmation hearings. we don't have the date yet. we do expect him, of course, to be facing the senate at some point. he wants to block federal funding for planned parenthood.
1:46 pm
the group is planning some rallies nationwide in protest. how much do you expect here, shane, when you do look at this, that the fight that will happen in the streets through these protest also spill over into the confirmation hearings because of that threat of defunding planned parenthood? >> absolutely there will be spillover. not just for jeff sessions and tom price but all his nominees, rex tillerson, nominee for secretary of state. there's a basic fact here. republicans have control of the senate with 52 seats and they only need 50 votes in order to confirm any of these nominees if mike pence serves as a time breaker. democrats start behind the eight ball here and are challenged with price, sessions. maybe not to block them from getting confirmation, but bloody them up so if they take charge of these agencies, they're weakened and can't pursue their agenda. tom price has talked about
1:47 pm
cutbacks to medicaid and social security, which is contrary to what donald trump has said on the campaign trail. >> one thing that planned parenthood is saying about dr. tom price is, quote, he poses a grave threat to women's health in this country. joe, are critics overstating the power, the seat that he may have as the head of hhs? >> well, it's an important position. it's a very, very important role. it has a humungous budget. past health and human service secretaries and the task they have of running that agency with all its many facets is ptty significant. you can't underestimate the amount of power that congressman price, soon-to-be secretary price, will have. nomination during the course of
1:48 pm
his confirmation hearings, i have no doubt he will be confirmed as the next secretary of health and human services. one way or the other i expect him to be the next secretary of health and human services. it's a big job and there's more to it than the one or two key controversies clouding it right now. >> tara, 2.5 million women could be affected by the defunding of planned parenthood. in some states it is the only place for them to go to get the services that they need. on top of that, add president-elect donald trump saying to our own chris matthews he will punish those women who do go through the process of an abortion. what are you watching in this debate as they look at dr. tom price? again not on the schedule yet. when he does face the senate, what are you watching? >> i'm watching for the number of witnesses that will be allowed to testify during the hearings. the reason why is because what the republicans have been doing is restricting the number of witnesses who are allowed to come and testify or comment on
1:49 pm
the record. they're doing this on purpose. when you look at jeff sessions they reduced the number to four. he was going through the sam confirmation hearings for the federal judgeship tefs denied because of his background, when he was going through that, there were, i believe, upwards of 17 or 19 witnesses. that's one of the things i'll be looking for. they want to control the information that is made -- that the public gets. and that is disturbing because, as you stated, planned parenthood provides numerous health care services to women who would not otherwise have access to those services. it's not just about them providing low-cost or no-cost services. it's the fact that they operate in communities where there are few or no doctors. the other thing, they operate and help a lot of low-income women. one of the biggest ways that women have been able to actually move up the economic ladder is when they're allowed to plan when they have a child. that's what contraception does and what planned parenthood provides them. you can't talk about helping low-income people and then take
1:50 pm
away the opportunity for them to move up the ladder. >> more often than not women being the core of any family structure, if they're not doing well, the family structure is not doing well. >> right. >> not part of the hearings, but we need to talk about, because they will face that discussion. your colleagues at politico reporting a secretive group has formed to raise millions to help scott pruitt become epa administrator. who is involved and why do they think they need to build up this war chest to go up against pruitt? >> pruitt is the oklahoma attorney general, a huge favor of the energy, oil, gas and coal industries. they supported him heavily in his job there. and they intend to support his nomination to run the epa. and both with price and with the epa nomination. i think this is kind of a warm-up act for the fights that will happen in the coming congress and administration. energy companies, they want to sit down a marker that they can get their guy through and get
1:51 pm
thr policies through. same for planned parenthood groups. they want to fight a nominee like tom price and say we're going to make a big fight about this. when republicans do try to defund planned parenthood, which they're talking about in the coming months, they want to be prepared and have their activist base ready to have that fight. >> let's go to betsy devas. both president obama's education secretaries had their paperwork done before their hearings. we don't that yet coming here from betsy devos. what are the questions you expect to be asked? >> i expect people to bring up what happened in michigan. she is essentially a very wealthy lobbyist. what she does is uses her family's money, political connections to push an agenda that is basically about hurting the public school system in this
1:52 pm
country. and her track record in michigan, the charter schools -- and i'm a supporter of charter schools, good charter schools. let me be clear. her track record in michigan with charter schools is abysmal. the test scores are lower than many public schools. kids are being put into these schools and they're not doing well. and if the point is to improve public education, how do you put someone with no experience and a track record that's terrible with charter schools in this position? >> and, quickly, one that you don't get much, at least, press on, joe, elaine chow. >> also the spouse of mitch mcconnell. >> who? >> senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. >> kidding, joe. >> and so -- and she's been a cabinet secretary before. she served as secretary of labor, of course, under president george w. bush. she has a long history in
1:53 pm
governed politic. >> somebody we all know well, yes. >> yeah. >> joe watkins, thank you, my friend. appreciate it. shane goldmacher, tara dowdell. we got in names that aren't often discussed. appreciate all three of your perspectives on thnchts all eyes will be on hollywood tonight. if you don't want to talk about this stuff you might be talking about that stuff. the golden globe awards. best in tv and film, they say. next, a preview of who might come out on top of all of that. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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the stars will be shining bright, as they say. "la la land" for best musical or comedy. "manchester by the sea" for drama and "moonlight." for tv, nbc's "this is us" is up for best drama as well as "west
1:57 pm
world" and stranger things. lots to watch for all of you tonight. that does it for us this hour. i'm richard lui. stay with us throughout the evening for updates. "date line extra" is next. have a great weekend.
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i told myself, the worst part about dying is being afraid of dying. if i'm not afraid, it won't be so bad. i just couldn't believe this was the way it was going to happen. >> she was a college student found on a lonely road in texas. >> we figured she had been sexually assaulted and dumped here. >> tough questions for her boyfriend. >> where was i the night before? what had i been doing? when had i last seen her? >> i really thought he could be our killer.


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