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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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it's been a weekend of wild weather. heavy rain and snow is impacting millions of people across this country. parts of the south are dealing with icy conditions. and out west there's the potential of dangerous flooding today. plus, we're learning new details this morning about the man who opened fire at ft. lauderdale's airport. as new video shows the moments leading up to the attack. and a top adviser for donald trump claims russia didn't succeed in swaying the 2016 election. while at the same time senators from both sides of the aisle urge further retaliation.
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, january 9, and i'm alex witt alongside my friend here, mr. bergdorf. flooding runoff from the truckee river is expected to continue today. roads in california were washed out and power was knocked out for much of the area. 49 of 50 states saw known and ice on friday or saturday. across the south, residents in central states were urged to
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stay home because of the snowy and icy roads. hundreds of accidents were reported in tennessee and atlanta. and at the airport in atlanta, more than 800 flights were canceled on friday and said all because of the weather. we'll get more from bill karins in just a moment. louis? and we are learning more about the suspect who opened fire in the ft. lauderdale airport on friday. esteban santiago is shown on surveillance video just before the shooting began calmly walking through the baggage claim and shortly after pulling
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out a handgun. in their interviews with santiago, he had planned the attack and booked a one-way ticket to ft. lauderdale from anchorage, alaska. he legally checked a handgun and two ammo in his checked beggage. several law enforcement officers say the gun used in the shooting is the same weapon that was taken away from santiago for a brief period last year because of his mental state. now officials say he walked into an fbi office in anchorage in november and complained his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence. and that he was being influenced by isis. he was taken for a mental health evaluation and his gun was taken away for safekeeping before being returned to him at the end of november. louis, on friday the office of the director of national intelligence released its findings on russia's involvement in the american political
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system. a more detailed report went to president obama and president-elect trump. it makes the assessment that russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign aimed at the presidential election. it says russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the u.s. democratic process, denigrate senator hillary clinton by harming her electability in the potential presidency, and we further assess putin and the russian government developed a plan to help donald trump. they also obtained a plan to release information to news and media outlets. the report goes on, russia collected on some republican-affiliated targets but did not conduct a comparable
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disclosure campaign. still, the department of homeland security finds that russian actors were not involved in vote tallying. in an interview airing yesterday, president obama expressed his confidence in the findings. >> our intelligence communities spend a lot of time and effort gathering a lot of strands and a lot of data. there are times where they are very cautious. we think this is what happened but we're not certain. >> you're saying high confidence here. >> this time they have high confidence. and having seen some of the underlying sources and the information they're basing this on, i stand fully behind the report. >> the report also concludes that moscow will use the lessons from 2016 to influence further efforts in the united states and future and allies abroad. shortly after he was briefed by intelligence officials friday, president-elect donald trump released a statement on the russian hacking. the report saying he had, quote,
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constructed a meeting and conversation and that he has a tremendous respect for the work and service done by the men and women of this community to our great nation. the report's findings he said while russia, china and outside groups are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our government tall institutions, businesses and organizations including the democratic national committee. there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines. there were attempts to hack the republican national committee but the rnc had strong hacking defenses and the hackers were unsuccessful. trump said he would appoint a team to give him a plan on how to counter hacking within his first 90 days in office. and later friday night, he tweeted, gross negligence by the democratics national committee allowed hacking to tack place. the republican national committee had strong defense. then on saturday morning there was more, intelligence stated
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very strongly that there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. voting machines not touched. only reason the hacking of the poorly defended dnc is discussed is that the loss by the dems was so big that they are totally embarrassed. he went on to tweet about how he hopes to work with russia while reince priebus and kellyanne conway weighed? >> simple question, does the president-elect accept the findings and the evidence of the intelligence community? >> well, i think he accepts the findings, chris, but here's the thing that i think everyone needs to understand. when this whole thing started, it started from the russians 50 years ago. in other words, this is something that's been going on in our elections for many, many years, both the russians, the chinese, the iranians. it happens every election period.
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>> in terms of russia, if the report says that they attempted, i read "the new york times" saying they attempted and inspired, they did not succeed. they did not succeed to embarrassing this country in the world stage. they did not succeed in throwing the election top donald trump. there is no evidence that russia succeeded in any alleged attempt to disrupt our democracy. >> the russians intended to meddle and they meddled. and it could be another country in the future. it could be another election where the alignments between republicans and democrats are different than they were this time and who a foreign country prefers. and that is why i hope that this does not continue to be viewed purely through a partisan legacy. >> the senate is said to take
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its first steps this week to overturn a key piece of president obama's legacy, the affordable care act. the efforts to replace obamacare should begin by the end of this week as the war of words between republicans and democrats heats up. mcconnell says the law cannot stand as it is while president obama is confident it will largely remain in place. >> what you need to understand is that there are 25 million americans who aren't covered now, with the idea behind obamacare to get everything covered, that's one of the many failures. in addition to premiums going up, co-payments going up, deductibles going up. and many americans who actually did get insurance when they did not have it before have really bad insurance policy that they have to pay for. and the deductibles are so high that it is not worth much to them. so it is chaotic. the status quo is simply unacceptable. >> is obamacare going to
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survive? >> i think it will. or it may be called something else. and as i said, i don't mind. if, in fact, the republicans make some modifications, some of which i may have been seeking previously, but they would cooperate because they didn't want to make the system work. and reliable it as trumpcare, i'm fine with that. >> you have the american medical association who is against obamacare saying, don't repeal this without having a replacement plan. you have doctors associations, nurses associations, hospitals screaming, what are you trying to do? you're going to repeal this law, which is going to plunge many americans into health crisis. this is akin to shoving someone off the cliff and as they fall say, don't worry, we'll figure this out before you get to the bottom. >> meanwhile, as republicans push forth with efforts to repeal obamacare, one senator
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said he got the backing of an unlikely ally. i just spoke to donald trump and he fully supports my plan to replace obamacare the same day we repeal it. the time is now. trump and paul got into a number of clashes last year as they both sought the republican nomination. but he says changes made to the most expensive issues of all would be entitlements. >> donald trump is campaigning on the idea of not touching medicare. that will be his position still? >> yeah, i mean, i don't think president-elect trump wants to meddle with medicare or social security. he made a promise in the campaign that that was something he didn't want to do. but what he wants to do is grow the economy, help shore up medicare and social security for future generations. and if we can get 3%, 5%, 6% in growth, we'll do that. turning overseas now, four israeli soldiers are dead after a man drove a truck into a crowd in jerusalem.
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what officials are calling this a terror attack. we should warn you, some people may find the following footage disturbing. the soldiers, three men and one woman were all between the ages of 20 and 22 years old. 15 others were injured. now this surveillance footage appears to show the moment when the attacker who police identify as 28-year-old fannie kubar. the officials opened fire to kill the driver. he's an eastern palestinian from east jerusalem. and the prime minister benjamin netanyahu visiting the scene assaying the attacker is a supporter of the islamic state. joining me is ali arouzi.
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what can you tell us? >> reporter: the killer has been identified as 28-year-old fadi kubar who came from east jerusalem near the attack site. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu said there are signs that the attacker supported isis. he said there definitely could be a connection between them from france to berlin and now jerusalem. we have to bear in mind that both in nice and berlin, attackers used the same method of ramming a laureat into crowds. the israeli police spokesman said five of the attackers' relatives are detained. they are all from the same neighborhood of east jerusalem where he lived. this morning police have used concrete slabs to block off the area. and they are checking all the cars coming in and out of that neighborhood. and a time of now heightened
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tensions, which had lulled for a little while, but obviously tensions are up on both sides. louis? >> nbc's ali arouzi from london. thank you so much. still ahead, talk about a turn here, we have all the winners and awards and highlights from the golden globes. and more on the weather in nevada as they brace for the biggest flood in decades. bill karins will bring us a look at the forecast, next.
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horrible storm is happening on california in the west coast. that's where most of the damage is and continues to be. it's been a week of just endless rains. even this morning at this hour, heavy rain near santa barbara near bakersfield. and it's in the mountains where it is endless and we are talking about the feet of snow, storm after storm. and now that the snow levels are pretty high and the snow is melting, that's where we have the flooding and runoff issues. one of the worst was the truckee river near reno. and we have many small rivers, it's interesting, the horrible drought, a lot of the reservoirs were low. they are rerouting the water and sending it to the reservoirs avoiding the huge floods. it's the small streams we don't have flood control measures on. that's where we have the issues. it's amazing, we've already had 15 inches of rain in some cases. the next three days could see 3 to 5 inches. another batch of heavy rain, especially monday night into tuesday. and here's the snow forecast.
2:19 am
here's where alex loves to spend her time at monmouth lake. this is on top of the snow we have received over the past week and a half. in the east, it's all about the cold. and here's the good news, you step out this morning, it's bitterly cold. it's extremely cold and doesn't feel very nice out there. and what we're going to be dealing with, today is the coldest morning we'll have in the east for a while. temperatures right now in richmond at 3 degrees. greensboro at 8. the winter weather advisory because a lot of the snow that fell melted and now we have ice out there. be careful driving. but the good news out of there, alex, this is the coldest morning we'll have for the next week or two weeks in the eastern half of the country. a nice warm up coming on later this week. >> thank you for that. we have one more weather story to share with you before we go to break. the georgia tech swim team got stranded in virginia over the weekend because of the snow, but the team made use of the fresh powder. so the team posted this video to twitter showing some of their
2:20 am
sw swimmers practicing relay in the snow. the group was stuck at the hotel after a swim meet at virginia tech was canceled. as of this morning, this video has been viewed almost 7 million times on facebook. i really don't know what to say about that. still ahead, the winners and losers from the nfl's wild card weekend. louis is next with sports. between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours.
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stop. aaron rodgers does this better than anybody. end zone -- caught -- touchdown! unbelievable! >> what a pass, what a catch. welcome back. time now for sports and playoff football. the packers once again rely on the arm of quarterback aaron rodgers and the 42 yard hail mary grab by randall cobb before halftime. just the second of four rodgers' touchdown passes, three of them to cobb. after a slow start, the momentum and packers build at the end of the second quarter following green bay into the second half answering the only giants touchdown drive in the third quarter. then finding the end zone twice in the fourth, the packers move on to face dallas after the 38-13 win. and if you look right here, the new york post here has a picture of all the giants players that went to miami on monday. a lot of people not happy about that. "shipwrecked" is the title.
2:24 am
i don't know if it had an effect on the game but a lot of people say it did. and the pittsburgh visiting the steelers yesterday, pittsburgh carried by a fearsome trio of beth roethlisberger and antonio bell meaning trouble for miami. ro roethlisberger airs it out for 200 yards in the game. picking up a post franchise record of 167 yards and two scores on the ground as the steelers wallop the dolphins, 38-12. but it's not all good after ben roethlisberger shows up in a boot after injuring his leg. he'll be out there next week, he says. he's one tough guy. pittsburgh faces kansas city on sunday in the afc divisional round. the other round is the top-seeded patriots hosting the texans on saturday.
2:25 am
and in the nfc, green bay will visit dallas. and the falcons will host the seahawks advancing after saturday's 26-6 win against the lions. and in milwaukee, i want to direct your attention to a young bucs fan on the right of the screen there. he's seemingly psyched to compete in a danceoff during yesterday's halftime of the wizards and the bucss. that's until the stage fight sets in. ♪ >> come on, sam, you've got this. come on. he needs some encouragement. come on, sam. >> don't worry about it, sam. i know how you feel. stage fight is a young thing. sam can only muster a few unenthusiastic dabs there. but i give him credit for giving it a shot. but last but not least, a big congratulations to my james madison university dukes who wrapped up the title on saturday after a 28-14 win against youngstown state. go dukes, alex. very happy about that. >> go dukes.
2:26 am
happy for you. well, still ahead, donald trump's cabinet picks are expected to face scrutiny during confirmation hearings this week. but some more than others. plus, we have the big highlights from last night's golden globe awards, including the moment actress meryl streep took on president-elect donald trump. >> thank you, hollywood foreign press. you and all of us in this room, really, belong to the most vilified segments in american society right now. think about it. hollywood, foreigners and the press.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. here's the top stories. >> french police have made 16 arrests in the raid over the robbery of kim kardashian west last year. five cities conducted an investigates following traces of dna that were left behind from the robbery. a suspect has been taken into custody for questioning and can be held for 96 hours before they are either charged or released. and in egypt, at least nine people are dead after a suicide bomber drove a garbage truck packed with explosives into a security checkpoint outside a police building. it happened earlier this morning in northern sinai. officials tell the a.p. after
2:31 am
the explosion masked militants fired rocket-propelled grenades at troops near the checkpoint. so far no claim of responsibility. and queen elizabeth made her first public appearance following a health scare over the holidays. the 90-year-old and her husband prince phillip went to church services yesterday after spending the last two weeks recovering from a heavy cold. prior to the health scare, the queen had not been seen in public for weeks. sparking speculation about her well-being. all right. on friday the office of the director of national intelligence released its findings on russia's involvement at the american political system. a declassified summary of a more detailed report that went to president obama and president-elect trump. it makes the assessment that russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign aimed at the presidential election that says russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the u.s. democratic process, quote, denigrate secretary hillary clinton by harming her electability and potential presidency and stating, quote, we further
2:32 am
assess putin and the russian government declared a presence for president-elect donald trump. they also ordered wick least to release u.s. victim information and cyber operations publicly and in exclusives to media outlets. russia collected on some republican-affiliated targets but did not conduct a comparable disclosure campaign. still the department of homeland security finds that russian actors were not involved in vote tallying. at the center of the debate is how to frame the future of the intense relations with russia. over the weekend donald trump tweeted, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think that is bad. we have enough problems around the world without yet another one. when i am president, russia will
2:33 am
respect us far more than they do now. and both countries will perhaps work together to solve some of the great and pressing problems and issues of the world. needless to say, others are more bearish about the nature of the u.s. relationship with moscow now and going forward. >> i don't think it's all that up usual for a new president to want to get along with the russians. i remember george w. bush having the same hope. my suspicion is the hopes will be dashed pretty quickly. the russians are clearly a big adversary and demonstrated it by trying to mess around in our election. >> has russia been an ally in the renewed effort to get rid of isis in syria? >> no, they have not done anything. >> so you put it at zero? >> virtually zero. they came in and said they were going to fight isil and said they were going to help in the civil war in syria. they haven't done either of those things. as a consequence, we're fighting isil ourselves.
2:34 am
we have a campaign plan that you see unfolding in mosul today and raqqah today. i'm encouraged that is going according to the plan. we have a year with the iraqi security forces approaching the tigress river as we speak today. last night's golden globes opened with a spectacular "la la land" theme. it was a theme that would be woven throughout the night as the musical took home seven statues, a record. it took home awards for best comedy, best actor and actress and director. another big winner on the night, "moonlight," the coming of age story winning for best movie drama. with the headline moment of the night coming when meryl streep won the miller award calling out president-elect donald trump. here's part of her speech. >> amy adams was born in vicenza, italy. and natalie portman was born in jerusalem. where are their birth certificates?
2:35 am
ryan gosling, like all the nicest people is canadian. and deb patell was born in kenya, raised in london and here for playing an indian raised in as the mania. so hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. and if we kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed marshtial ar, which are not the arts. >> last night in an interview with "the new york times," donald trump dismissed streep as a, quote, hillary lover. he told the paper that even though he didn't watch the award show, he was not surprised he came under attack from, quote, liberal movie people. new reporting over the weekend that the office tasked with overseeing ethics and conflict in the federal government struggled to gain access to leaders of the trump transition team. the director of the office of government ethics e-mailed trump aids in november saying they were risking embarrassment for the president-elect for announcing cabinet picks without letting the ethics committee review their financial
2:36 am
information first. on friday the democratic senators chuck schumer and elizabeth warren were sent a letter saying some nominees have not submitted their financial information and ethics disclosures ahead of multiple confirmation hearings this week. democrats are urging senate republicans for time to review with senator duke durbin saying we are dealing with more billionaires than we have seen in one place in trump's cabinet that creates a special challenge. but majority leader mitch mcconnell says the process will move along. >> we confirmed seven cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them either. but he won the election. so all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration. and having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. i understand that, but we need to sort of grow up here and get passed that. we need to have the president's national security team in place on day one and papers are still
2:37 am
coming in. >> however, a former ethics counsel to president obama's arguing mcconnell is holding republicans to a lower standard. sharing a letter mcconnell sent in 2009 to then democratic leader harry reid insisting financial disclosures must be complete and submitted to the committee for review prior to the hearing being scheduled. and alex, just days away from leaving office, president obama reflected on the state he's leaving his own party in after inheriting a congressional majority and a recession when he took office. >> it looks like the democratic party is hallowed out, a thousand seats lost in the democratic senate and state losses. is that on you? >> i take responsibility for that. some of it was circumstances. i came in in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the great depression. i think we did a really good job in saving this economy. and putting us back on the track
2:38 am
of growth. but i think that what is also true is that, partly because my docket was really full here, so i couldn't be both chief organizer of the democratic party and function as commander in chief and president of the united states. we did not begin what i think needs to happen over the long haul. and that is rebuild the democratic party at the ground level. >> and the democratic national committee has unveiled the series of forms for candidates vying to be the next dnc chair. and the forums will take place in arizona, texas, michigan and maryland over the next several weeks. and the moderators will include john ralston of nevada, evan smith of the texas tribune, april ryan of american urban radio networks and ron fornier.
2:39 am
and speculation has been stylish lately that hillary clinton could make a run for mayor of new york. considering pieces like "the new york times" wondering aloud after the 2016 race she would run against democrat bill de blas blasio, her former senate campaign manager. and even the new york post editorial board called for her to run. clinton has been seen little since the conclusion of the race, but there was this moment of the weekend where clinton joined by husband bill and daughter chelsea reportedly to multiple standing ovations at a farewell performance of the broadway version of "the color purple." for all the rumors and whispering, close aides did not entertain the future for the former secretary of state. >> is it possible that hillary clinton will run for mayor of new york city? >> you know, i think she's going to figure out ways to help kids and families. that's what she's been focused on her whole life. and there are a lot of issues affecting her over the next couple of years, but i don't expect her to run for an elected
2:40 am
office again. >> you don't ever? >> i don't expect her to run for this and don't expect her to run for other office. all right. we'll turn to business now where fiat chrysler is the next car company to make a major investment in u.s. car production. nancy hungerford is joining us live from london. fiat announced it will invest $1 billion in plants in michigan and chicago by 2020. what does this mean for the auto industry? >> well, louis, it means that they will be using the $1 billion investment to create three new jeep models but also the real headline on this one is the investment includes moving production of a round pickup truck from mexico to the united states. this comes on the heels of donald trump targeting the likes of ford, gm and toyota about building cars in mexico, threatening to slap tariffs on the vehicles if they continue to do so. he hasn't targeted fiat chrysler directly but the company is getting ahead of pressure once
2:41 am
he takes office. we should note by 2020 his plan will include the creation of 2,000 jobs as part of the retooling of the factories in michigan and ohio. and as you know, it's a tough start to the year for retailers, especially the traditional bricks and mortars retailers. now the limited is starting to close 250 stores in the united states. and that will include job cuts of 4,000. they will continue selling their merchandise online for now, but no indication of how hong that will last. >> nancy hungerford, thank you so much, live from london. still ahead, we'll get a live report from ft. lauderdale in the wake of the airport shooting that left five people dead. we'll talk about why the accused shooter is reigniting the talk about guns and mental health. and the death of iran's president. what this means for the delicate balance between tehran and washington. we're back after this.
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welcome back, everyone. we're learning new details this morning about the army veteran accused of carrying out the deadly shooting rampage at the airport in ft. lauderdale, florida, on friday. esteban santiago will appear in court today in regard to the char charges of shooting several people at the ft. lauderdale airport. what are investigators revealing about a possible motive for this attack and the man behind it? >> reporter: sure, good morning, alex. now, there's still a lot unfolding with this as we are all awaiting this court date. this is today at 11:00 a.m. that's when esteban santiago is expected to appear in federal court here in broward county, just 15 minutes away from where we are at the airport. now he's accused of several things, the biggest one, of
2:46 am
course, they're still searching for the motive, still looking if this was terrorist related, but he's accused of a violent act at an international airport. that is what's bringing the possibility of the death penalty. now, the other two charges that he's facing are those two firearm offenses. now, all of this as he's awaiting his court appearance. and i've been here reporting on this all throughout the weekend since the investigation really got started here at the airport. and we have been getting a better timeline of all of these events. we're learning more, for instance, from the court documents that revealed santiago admitted to the fbi that he purposely bought a one-way ticket, admitted he was going to do so to come to the airport and to do this with a mission in place to pull off the tragic shooting. so that's what he's told, those are things we have revealed. we have seen the fbi going to his home in alaska where he was in the national guard. we have seen them trying to
2:47 am
gather there. so that motive is still really up in the air. and that is what we are going to wait on today to get a better idea of that answer. of course, everyone having a continuous live coverage on this and we're going to keep you updated. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, melissa adan, back to you. >> thank you for that report, melissa. we'll get a check on the weather now with meteorologist bill karins. cold, cold, cold, snow, snow, snow. >> you may know about this, have you been to this state park in california? >> no. >> this is the pioneer truth, one of the oldest sequioas. these trees are so old and famous out there. this is up as you head to
2:48 am
yosemite. they are sad about that. as far as the storm goes, it has done damage. there's been a lot of flooding. the atmospheric river continues with a connection to the tropical moisture further to the south that continues to get pulled to the north because of this storm off the coast. right now we have almost 1 million under flood warnings from reno to sacramento. look at the huge area of red all with flood warnings. that's like the size of west virginia. and we're continuing flood watches all the way until thursday. and again, we've gone through two huge storms. we have one more to go on tuesday. we're expecting another additional 5 inches of rain in the higher elevations. the lower elevations, an inch or so. and northern california will pick up additional rainfall, too. so we are not done yet. of course, in addition to that, we'll get heavy snow. the snowfall totals, we were just looking at manmouth lakes, here's the five-day total, 30 inches, 11 inches, 9 inches, 17 inches. they have had 60 inches of snow in the last four days. we'll give them another 60 inches of snow in the next week.
2:49 am
that's a total of about 120 inches. that's at the base, the bottom of the mountain. that's not talking about how much at the higher elevations. we were mentioning the cold, it's pretty brutal. 3 in new york city. that's about as cold as it gets. and 4 in detroit. and it's cold, but this is as cold as it gets. we warm up from here on out throughout the rest of the week in the east. no snow and ice is headed for most of us. >> are you saying it to just rub it in? i was at manmouth a week ago today, right? >> it was not like this. you can't jump out the first-floor window and not fall. >> it's good that i left, otherwise i would not have gotten here it sounds like. i would have been stuck. thank you, bill. when we return, the death of a former president of iran. nbc news's tehran bureau chief joins us to talk about what lies ahead for america's front relationship with iran after the death of one of the nation's most impactful leaders. we're back after this. this is the goal post. the end zone. the goal of every team.
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welcome back. the islamic state is reportedly claiming responsibility for one of the two deadly marketplace bombings that ripped through baghdad yesterday killing at least 18 people. now, according to the reports, the group released an online statement saying it was behind the attack in the mainly shiite district. a few hours later officials say a suicide bomber blew himself up in another marketplace in a separate shiite district. these attacks are just the latest in the series in baghdad and other iraqi cities that have killed more than 80 people in just over a week, alex.
2:53 am
well, louis, iran's former president rafsanjani has died at the age of 82. he suffered a heart attack. he was an aid to the revolution and served as the nation's fourth president, this from 1989 to 1997, during which time he introduced several economic reforms. he was known for his more moderate views along with his whit and cunning, both in the political arena and in business. and his influence has been felt in the iranian affairs before the 1979 revolution through present day. joins us from london, tehran bureau chief ali arouzi. what more can you tell us about rafsanjani's legacy? >> reporter: good morning, alex. he's probably one of the three most important people since the islamic revolution in 1979, aside from the current leader, who died in 1989. rafsanjani was one of the first
2:54 am
presidents after the revolution. he played a key role leading up to this islamic revolution in 1979. and stayed there as a very powerful and influential figure up until his death. now his political fortune is slightly waned in 2005 when he lost the election to the ruling establishment that didn't let him run in the 2013 elections, but he still managed to come back time and time again inlining with the moderates in iran and becoming a very vocal voice for them. a huge amount of support for president rohani. many say it was because of rafsanjani that rohani was able to get elected. but he'll certainly be missed amongst the moderates in a time of uncertainty now with the united states. we don't know where we're heading with president trump, but rouhani could have persuaded
2:55 am
hard-liners to come around to the side of moderates. he'll sorely be missed by moderates in iran and it will probably made hard liners in iran a little bit stronger when they come to things with america. back to you. >> thank you very much, ali. when we return to look at the stories making news in the day ahead. oud offe infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. for patients like lynn, advanced genomic testing may lead to other treatment options that can work. learn how genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at
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we are so happy to present best animated film this evening. >> do you remember the first time you saw an an mated movie? >> i do, actually, very well. it is kind of a big deal. i was 6 years old, and my dad took me to see "fantasia," the outstanding music, the spectacle, it was a life-changing experience. as we were leaving the theater, there standing in the lobby was my mom. and that was the moment she told my dad that she wanted a divorce. i never saw my father again after that day. >> that was a fun award show last night. >> that was so funny. that part was huge.
2:59 am
anyway, of course that was steve carell and kristin wick injecting dark comedy into the last night's golden globes. before we turn it over to "morning joe," the man accused of carrying out friday's deadly attack at a ft. lauderdale airport is expected in court today. five people were killed, six others injured, when 26-year-old esteban santiago allegedly opened fire. meanwhile, the man set to replace vice president-elect mike pence will be sworn in. eric holcomb will be sworn in and mike pence will be there to swear him in. and john kerry is expected to discuss climate change along with invasion to mit for a clean energy future. >> i know you wish you were out west right now. all the snow cover. >> that's it for this monday morning. i'm alex witt alongside louis.
3:00 am
>> i have enjoyed the conversations i've had. i think >> some say that about you too. >> i was going to say, it's probably a prerequisite for the job or at least you have to have enough craziness to think that he can do the job. i think that he has not spent a lot of time sweating the details of, you know, all of the policies that -- >> does that worry you? >> well, i think that can be, both a strength and a weakness. i think it depends on how he approaches it. if he -- if it gives him fresh eyes, then that can be valuable. >> he is usually, right? >> good morning, everyon


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