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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  January 9, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hallie jackson. right now more news from my colleague stephanie ruhle. >> the expected gunman in the florida airport rampage is expected to face charges. plus the president-elect with a big, big week ahead. donald trump's cabinet nominees face their first confirmation hearings but democrats are seeking delays. and donald trump versus meryl streep. this was no surprise, the award-winning actress goes after the president-elect for his apparent mocking of a disabled reporter. >> it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all
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lose. >> now donald trump is responding. there you have it. donald trump making it political, maybe meryl streep was making it about humanity. good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle in for tamron hall coming to you live from msnbc headquarters in new york city. we're going to bring where a suspect in friday's deadly airport shooting is about to appear in court to be formally charge. 26-year-old esteban santiago was seen leaving court a couple of hours ago. this video is just crushing. the suspected gunman is seen pulling out the mipistol from h
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waistband. >> reporter: he told investigators he planned the attack, bought a one-way ticket from anchorage, alaska to florida. when he got here, he got the gun out of the terminal, he took it over and loaded it. he told investigators that after two clips he probably did 10 to 15 rounds and then of course we've heard the story of the survivors and those who were killed. any minute he will appear before a federal judge. the judge will make sure he understand the charges, including committing violence against people at an international airport with a couple of weapons charges as well. those, if convicted, carry the possibility of the death
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sentence. the judge will also make sure he has an attorney. it lab very short court visit but his first for the latest mass shooting in america. >> thanks, jacob. it is not the only news coming out of florida right now. a news conference is under way at the orlando regional medical center for the latest on the orlando officer killed this morning. let's listen in. >> and governor rick scott. we'll take limited q & a at the end. >> i regret to inform our community that one of our heros in blue was shot and killed this morning. it's with a very heavy heart on law enforcement appreciation da that i announce mast are sergeant devon clayton lost her life to the at approximately
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7:40 a.m. some of the details of the case, about 7:17 a.m. she checked out, attempted to contact a murder suspect at the walmart, princeton john young. two minutes later we received calls that an officer had been shot and immediately emergency assistance went out and officers responded. the suspect was spotted by a deputy sheriff, captain carter, leaving the scene. he fired at the deputy near the area of north wayne and pine hills road striking his unmarked vehicle. the deputy was not hurt. the suspect then carjacked a vehicle, fled and later abandoned a vehicle near rose rosemont and cinderlane highway. he is a suspect in th murder of
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a pregnan woman in the jurisdiction of orange county sheriff's office. one of our motor officers, officer robert castro was injured, not related to the shooting but he was injured responding. he will be okay. we have a lot of police resources trying to catch the suspect. local, state and federal authorities are all working together diligently to bring him to justice and he will be brought to justice, i can assure the community of that. >> i have spoken at length with debra's family. i always tell our officers that your families are our families, so we are giving everything her husband needs. she's married and she also has two children and we're going to
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be assisting them through this very, very difficult time and also providing resources for our officers during such a hard time. i personally have known deborah for 17 years and have worked with her on different assignments. she was extremely committed to our youth and really the community and she did so many different projects in the community. she organized several marches against violence by herself. that's how committed she is. deborah clayton is a hero and she gave her life protecting the community that she loves. she will be deeply missed. i'm going to stick around for questions afterwards. right now i'm going to turn it over to the sheriff.
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>> let me begin by first offering my condolences to the family of mast aer sergent clayton. smees someone i know very well. in fact, i hired her when i was orlando police chief to be a member of the orlando police department and at one time we attended the same church. so my heart certainly goes out to her family as well as the entire orlando police department and the city of orlando as we deal with those circumstances. the chief has provided a very quick summary of what brought us here today. i will reiterate some of the facts that the chief reviewed. the orange county sheriff's office responded to this incident after an emergency call for assistance went out from their agency.
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we had numerous members of my agency respond to this incident that started for us at about 7:19 this morning after a suspect description was put out. based on a vehicle description, one of my captains observed a vehicle matching the description traveling at somewhat of a high rate of speed. the captain did a u-turn and the individual fled from the captain also fired at least one shot at the captain, which is why we now also have charges pending for the subject for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer
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from that scenario. as we move forward today, the chief indicated that we have a significant manhunt under way in the broader pine hills area, i'm going to ask the citizens and the other michael phelps of the public who are in that area to understand that there's lots of law enforcement officers there, allow us some space to do our jobs safely and to bring this individual into custody. i say that because this morning we've had several other law enforcement officers who have been injured, as they have been pursuing this individual.
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sadly i have to share with you this morning that in my merely 36-year career, this is probably one of the toughest days for me in my career. because not on did we lose an orlando police officer today, we lost an orange county deputy sheriff as well who was traveling on his motorcycle as a result of these broad efforts that we have under way, a motorist turned in front of him based on eyewitness testimony, he had a green light, he was not traveling at any inordinate rate of speed. he was transported here to orlando regional as a trauma alert and i have to say to the physicians we appreciate their
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efforts because i saw the sense of urgency with them and i know that they gave everything that they could to try to save the life one of my deputy sheriffs who unfortunately did not survive his injuries. i'm not going to identify that deputy sheriff at this time because he's a single deputy sheriff without family here in the area. family is in location and we're working with the authorities there to make the announcement and make contact with his family. so we will not release his information until after that has taken place. so many for all of metro orlando area, floridians of the nation
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today to lose two law enforcement officers during this law enforcement appreciation day is indeed a tragedy. again, i reiterate that we still have work to do to try to locate the subject that is responsible for this incident. that subject has been identified as markeith lloyd sr.. those of you here have been provided previous to this date with his photographs. we have been looking for him actively and very aggressively looking for marketh lloyd for the last couple of weeks and have not been able to locate
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him. that indicates to me that he's receiving help from someone, and we're calling upon sensible individual to help us bring him to justice on this day. we have numerous charges at this point that are pending. on behalf of the 2,500 men and women of the orange county sheriff's office, we're sad on this day for many reasons. we still have to work and i know looking into the eyes of my staff they are 100% committed to continuing to do their jobs to keep this community safe. god bless you all.
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>> this is indeed a very sad day in the city of orlando and we are deeply saddened by the loss of master sergeant deborah clayton. she's a very brave 17-year member of the orlando police department. her loss will be felt throughout the department and throughout the entire city but more importantly, she will be missed as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter and a sister. i share my condolences and prayers with her family and i know that our entire city and our entire community will support the family in any way that we can. her death and the injuries, the daept of the deputy sheriff and the injuries to officer castro and the other deputy sheriff is a reminder that our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every single day to protect all of us. so to the men and women of the
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o.p.d. and orange county sheriff's office, i and the entire city council are here to stand with you. i'm declaring today an official day of mourning. to that end today's city council meeting has been cancelled. as in the past i'd like to call on our entire community to stand united in support of all of the families of both the deceased and the injured but as the sheriff and the chief have done, i'm also calling on our community to provide any information that will lead to the capture of this violent criminal. mayor jacobs. >> i, too, would like to express my condolences to the families of our lost law enforcement officers. it's eye ron ek that today would be law enforcement appreciation day, but it also is a reminder
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to each and every one of us how much our securities, our freedom and safety in our community depend upon the good men and women that go to work every day knowing they may not come home. i would ask as citizens of orange county that you realize that you, too, have a role and responsibility. i appreciate the responsibility that our local media plays every time we have a situation like this. you are the best avenue that we have to communicate to our citizens what we need from them. today we need our citizens to be vigilant. we need our citizens to be careful. you've heard it said over and over again, the man we're looking for is very dangerous and if you are in or around an area that you're hearing about, pine hills being one of those areas today that our schools are under lockdown, if you are don't have to be out, don't be out. take care of your families
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first. but if you know something, if you've seen something, we urge you to make that phone call and help us help our law enforcement officers do their job helping you. we are all in this together, we are a strong community. we have demonstrated that time and time again and we will demonstrate that this time. we will find this killer, we will pribring him to justice. we will make sure the lives that we lost were not lost in vain. but we will only do it with the help of a good, strong, law-abiding community. so each of you with us god bless you and thank you. you do your job and we'll continue to do our job. >> and governor scott, thank you
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for being here. >> good morning. i'm angered in hearing of the shooting of a floridian police officer. may god provide them with much needed healing, comfort and hope. any act of violence against these heros is cowardly and shameful and our state will not stand for it. i was already on my way to orlando for a different event when i heard about what happened. i stayed in contact with the chief, the sheriff, department of law enforcement to let them know the state stand ready to do anything we can to be helpful. i know the entire police department for the city and county is working diligently to bring justice and ensure the
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community is safe and secure. unfortunately over the past year, officers all across our state have faced challenges lock never before. even after the pulse attack last summer, the attack at the fort lauderdale international airport last week, our law enforcement officers still wake up each and every day and choose to put their lives on the line in order to protect each of us. i had the honor of visiting the orlando police department last week to meet these officers firsthand to thank them on behalf of all floridians. it breaks my heart that one of them has already been senselessly killed this morning. i professional claim this week as first responder appreciation week and on the first day of it today this tragic shooting serves as a sobering reminder of how important it is for each of us to take every opportunity to thank of law enforcement officer across the day. they're putting their lefs to
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keep us safe. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that is the governor of the state of florida, rick scott, speaking at the press conference that took place earlier this morning where master sergeant deborah clayton was killed, a 17-year veteran of the orlando police force. the shooter potentially is a man who the police and they are urging the public to help. the fact that the police have been looking for him for several weeks and unable to find him gives klute that he has received help. he is 41 years old hereby is
8:21 am
considered armed and danger after killing master sergeant clayton, he then took place in a carjacking. the car he took he later abandoned. we don't know more details about the second who was killed. from what we know it was the sheriff's deputy who was involved in an incident soon after. he was on a motorcycle. it was during a chase that he then was killed. so there are now and there he is showsi showsing, all schools in the area are closed. the entire orlando community is on high alert. i want to bring in msnbc's cal perry with more breaking news. we don't know much information about the second officer that was killed. what can you tell us? >> we know it was some kind of a traffic accident and they and we
8:22 am
can put his photo back up on the street. and police have put out a number, 1-800-423-tips. especially if you're in the area of pine hills, that is where he ditched that car after the shooting at about 7:15 a.m. this morning. so again, the pine hills neighborhood seems to be where the search and this is also where we see the 17 schools currently on lockdown. >> the irony around the fact that today is law enforcement appreciation day. can you tell us about him? we know the do you know anything about the other case? >> it was on december 13th when he allegedly went to his girl
8:23 am
friend's house, his girl friend who lived in orlando, 24 years old, sade dixon. she allegedly opened the door, he shot and killed her and immediately he wounded her brother. that happened on december 13th. so the police have been looking for him now for a few weeks. obviously what we assume happen is this is it sortly after 7:15 a.m. this morning, master sergeant deborah clayton, again who was shot and killed tragically this morning, spotted him at this walmart, tried to stop him. he hoped fired. >> you have seen his image. this is markeith lloyd sr.
8:24 am
1-800-432-tips. the 17 schools in the surrounding orlando area are closed but this man is at large and considered armed and dangerous. and again, our hearts go out to the family of major sergeant deborah clayton, a 17-year veteran of the orlando police force. we're going to take a quick break. you're watching msnbc. we're going to stay on this. please come back. it's about movd not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost.
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plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. we are talking about the cloud of controversy. confirmation hearings are beginning tomorrow for a parade of trump cabinet nominees, nine in all this week. that is a big number. democrats are trying to delay these hearings arguing several nominees have not completed fbi
8:28 am
background checks and ethics reviews. just about an hour ago, mitch mcconnell arrived at trump tower, headed into the elevator without saying anything to reporters. peter alexander joins me from washington. where exactly do things stand now? i know senate democrats really want to stall the process but what haven't some of these nominees done? earlier this morning kellyanne conway said, well, it's because they're being asked for unprecedented things like tax returns. but that doesn't seem to be the case. it seems they haven't filled out the basic forms required. >> according to the office of government ethics, they say in four decades since this office was established there,'s never been a situation where some of these nominees could reach their confirmation hearings without fully having provided information about their finances and about their background. it's the minority leader who has been pushing it line insisting there needs to be a delay until
8:29 am
all that information receives. apparently that's not going happen. mitch mcconnell was on the sunday shows basically saying to democrats this is what happens when you lose. we didn't like it when president obama put together his, quote, wild li wildly liberal nominees back in 2009 and said to democrats, effectively, you need to grow up. >> and we heard sean spicer on the record saying he believes all of donald trump's nominees will get confirmed. who do you think will have the toughest time? >> first of all, let's take a look at some of this list. it starts tomorrow, tuesday. jeff sessions, the attorney general, he's going to get a lot of scrutiny based on his past accusations of racism that have dogged his career. it was 1986 he was up for a federal judgeship. president reagan had nominated him. he did not get it at the time. that's within name a lot of people will be focused on.
8:30 am
rex till aerson likely to be th next secretary of state if he's able to get through this screening. his relationship with vladimir putin could be a hold-up for him. >> the duelling news conferences are taking place right now on capitol hill, the nomination of former alabama senators of jeff sessions to be the in attorney general. those news conferences are being held by faith leaders on poboth sides of the issues. i sarah, 30 yearsati ago senator sessions was not confirmed because of some racially charged comments he made back then. is this going to come back and haunt him? >> actually, he didn't make those comments.
8:31 am
witnesses, one of them had to recant under oath. another has been discredited. what the democrats were doing back in 1986, it was the first time we saw this character assassination smear tactics that we would later say again and again. we have a verb for it now, bourquing, to bourque a nominee. i think this will provide senator sessions with the chance to push back on those allegations to showcase all of the african-american and civil rights leaders who have endorsed him, including the son of a defendants in a case that was brought up in 1986 in the perry county case, has come out and endorsed sessions. >> to his critics who say he has defended restrictive voter i.d. laws, those laws which one could argue are biased against minority and lower income
8:32 am
voters. >> in fact senator sessions has been fighting for voters, including black voters in his home state of alabama when he was the u.s. attorney and the attorney general of the state. he is for voter i.d., as are many of us. that is not a racially discriminatory practice. that is ensuring that votes count, including votes of color as well. i think those issues will come up. you look at the civil rights leaders that have endorsed him, you look at the slew of african-americans who have worked with him who will tell you the man he is and those looking to score points off of this confirmation hearing are going to find themselves in an uphill battle. >> what about americans who take issue with jeff sessions calling islam a toxic ideology?
8:33 am
>> i haven't heard him say that. but when we talk about people coming here to -- he has dedicated his public life, 40 years, to ensuring public safety and upholding the rule of law. that's what he'll do as attorney general and that's what the americans are going to see over the next two days. >> i would agree across the board americans wouldn't want to support people who are coming into this country with terror on their mind or their intent but it was jeff sessions last june who when describing islam used the term "toxic ideology." >> i've heard him talk about the great contributions that many muslim americans have made in this country so i don't think that's the case. i think he's talking about radical islam, something that this administration has not tackled. they have allowed the growth of isis and that is coming to our shores. he will be combatting terrorism
8:34 am
at the department of justice, along with working with law enforcement and we've seen several law enforcement organizations across the country endorse his nomination. >> and many members of the government riemt now, other lawmakers have worked with him for decades, as you said, he clearly understands government. he has been part of the united states government for years. but other people that donald trump has put forward are new to d.c. and they haven't gotten their paperwork in, as jeff sessions has. do you think those nominees should be delay? >> i don't speak on behalf of all those noop nominees. i don't see -- seven of barack obama's nominees were confirmed during the inauguration. so this is a process. there are supplemental questions to come afterwards. but the motives are pretty obvious. democrats got rid of the phil
8:35 am
buster under harry reed because they were so sure of the election and now they're regr regretting that. >> but to people who aren't democrats, to americans who are saying betsy dejohn vaus voss, wouldn't you work 24/7 to get all your ts crossed and is dotted. it's about the preliminary information they seem not to have done. americans are simply saying i want to know this information, we should have all these questions answered. why wouldn't they? >> let me give you an example. senator sessions turned over 150,000 pages of documents, about 30 boxes, by wear of comparison during holder's nomination he turned over one box. >> we are asking people who are nominated who haven't given the required information. >> yet we have democrats coming
8:36 am
over saying he hasn't turned over enough. we can't possibly hold this hearing because we don't have nearly enough information about him. so when you use that -- >> sarah, i have to interrupt because mitch mcconnell is at trump towers speaking to reporters at this moment. >> sarah, complete your thought. >> not to worry. he's a man of few words. >> democrats have used no matter what you use, it's not going to be enough. their goal to delay this, the incoming president and his slate of conservative powerhouses. you talk to betsy devos, to rex
8:37 am
till areson, w tillerson, who has been a leader and does business across the world. americans do deserve information these nominees. the democrats, it doesn't matter what they would turn over, they would find something else. >> they certainly would so why wouldn't you turn the information required informing. >> coming up, states of emergency are in effect out west. people don't like being stuck in airports, that's for sure. we'll take you live where more rough weather is on the horizon. [ crowd noise ]
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movantik may interact with them causing side effects. have your movantik moment. talk to your doctor about opioid-induced constipation. welcome back. you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. moments ago the hearing took place in fort lauderdale,
8:41 am
esteban santiago, for the shooting that took place on friday at the orlando airport that killed five people. we'll going to gabe gutierrez. what happened? >> he was charged with committing an act of violence and he could face the death penalty if convicted. a preliminary hearing was scheduled for next week. this is the first court appearance for esteban santiago. in that video obtained by tmz really shows the horrifying nature that police say that he was walking through that terminal very calmly and he
8:42 am
opened fire, stephanie. >> how did he appear in court? he was calm in the airport. was he calm in the courtroom? >> he just responded very quickly to the judge's questions, really had no expression on his face from what we heard from inside the courtroom. and he also mentioned that he worked at a security guard up in alaska, as we've been reporting for the last few days. he had actually gone to the fbi offices in alaska and complained that the government was controlling he is mind, forcing him to watch isis videos, and that's when the authorities sent him to a mental health facility. they held on to his weapon and law enforcement sources tell nbc news they believe that is the same gun that was used in the shooting. that weapon was returned to him about a month later. he spent four days from that mental health facility. over the weekend we heard from his brother, brian santiago, who said he believes the u.s.
8:43 am
government failed his brother. it's raising a lot of questions about mental health treatment. again, authorities say they had no legal basis to hold on to that gun. again, breaking news right now, that court appearance wrapping up here in -- he was formally read his charges, one charge of committing an act of violence apartment an international airport and two weapons charges. again, he faces life in prison if convicted. >> and there are still victims in the hospital today in fort lauderdale. thanks so much, gabe. when we come back, we'll talk about something a bit different. president-elect trump responding to meryl streep. not necessarily a surprise after the award-winning actress turned the spotlight on to trump at last night's golden globe ceremony. >> it kind of broke my heart when i saw it and i still can't get it out of my head because it wasn't in a movie, it was real
8:44 am
life. >> new reaction to the speech that brought the room to a stunned silence. that's next. ♪
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. president-elect donald trump is striking back at legendary actress meryl streep after she called him out at the golden globe awards. she went after him without mentioning his name while accepting a lifetime achievement award on stage. >> there was one performance this year that stunned me. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. disrespect invites disrespect. violence incites violence. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all
8:48 am
lose. >> trump, no surprise, fired back this morning with several tweets denying he ever mocked a disabled reporter and calling streep, quote, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. what! joining me now is entertainment journalist alycia quarless. let's bring this down. hollywood versus politics. this is not a new story. we've seen this for decades. >> we have. >> but for donald trump to go after meryl streep, and, first of all, she was receiving a lifetime achievement award. she's not overrated. for him to specifically be defending that he didn't go after a disabled reporter, all you have to do is look at the video. he absolutely did. >> 2015 video of the "new york times" reporter that he mocked openly, he did, instead of just owning it, he keeps backtracking say, no, i wasn't mocking him. merrill street, 30 golden globe none nations and 8 wins, and
8:49 am
hugh laurie got up there and talked about the state of politics in america and in trump's true fashion, he took to twitter and went off. >> he took the bait. also aiola davis had something to say backstage not everyone has seen. >> i will, believe it or not, remove trump from the equation because i feel that it's bigger than him. i believe that it is our responsibility to uphold what it is to be an american. there is no way that we can have anyone in office that is not an extension of or own belief system. so then what does that say about us? >> so many today have said guess what? the hollywood elite voted for hillary clinton and trump supporters are going to support trump no matter what. whether it's viola davis or hugh
8:50 am
laurie or merriyl streep, they were talking about humanity. >> foreign press are foreigners so they're looking around the world looking at our values what's going on with america? >> before we go though, across the board, one thing to highlight was it was the most diverse golden globes we've seen. >> it was. eight women nominated as people of color, four males. you had winner after winner, tracy ellis ross who won in the category since 1983 as a woman of color, viola davis "moonlight." trump 11 days until inauguration. he's upset about the lack of celebrities so this was a double edged sword. >> hold on don't take that bait. you know what? he could end up with a star-studded spectacular, so we'll just see what happens. >> we'll see. >> let's not take the bait. let's not take his bait. all right, lisa, thank you so much. next, the revealing look inside the oval office from
8:51 am
people who sat side by side with president obama during the country's most difficult moments. but first, a look at the president's drop the mike moment. >> i want to close my final white house correspondents dinner by just saying dinner. i'm very proud of what you've done. it has been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy, and with that, i just have two more words to say. obama out.
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ president obama leaving the oval office on a high note, a new poll out this morning shows more than hoofl of americans
8:55 am
view him favorably, that is up from where he stood a few years ago but there is clearly a division over his legacy. only 32% of americans believe the president delivered on his promises. in a new series kicking off today, nbc's chris jansing is speaking to some people who know him best. >> reporter: we'll talk to the communications staff, the people who have to know what the president is thinking. people like me have them on speed dial 24/7, even sometimes i admit calling them in the middle of the night. jen saki and eric schultz, take a listen. >> i've been here six years and i still get chills walking through the white house gate. >> it never gets old? >> never gets old. >> reporter: when you walk into the oval can you sense his mood? >> yes. >> reporter: is there a tell like they'd have in cards? >> there are always moments during meetings where you sort of know what's going on in his head, and one of them is when somebody's talking too long, and
8:56 am
you can see his face go, he does that. and i feel you start to feel very awkward, almost like you want to pass a note to the person. >> reporter: what don't people see about president obama that as he's leaving you want them to know? >> there are people, i'm not even sure he sent all of these, who have written him critical letters that he has handwritten lengthy notes back to. i don't know that he's even sent all of them, so i don't think people always get to see how some of that impacts him. >> i also think that there's an authenticity to barack obama. the person you see giving the speeches and answering questions from the press or in videos and the person you sort of see on television is exactly who you get in person. >> so let's talk about breaking news. best moment. >> i'm going to put the best moment as that week in the summer of 2015. >> reporter: june 25th, 26th. >> bingo. the supreme court held up the
8:57 am
affordable care act and same-sex marriage. >> reporter: that rose garden when he came out was looking at all of the staffers. >> good morning. when all americans are treated as equal, we are all more free. >> it was moving and it was a testament to sort of where the country, how far the country has traveled over such a short amount of time. >> i remember that day later on in the afternoon, and i looked over at the television and the upper press office and he was giving his remarks at the funeral in charleston. >> to the families of the fallen, the nation shares in your grief. our pain cuts that much deeper because it happened in a church. >> reporter: and the lead-up to the funeral was that the president wasn't sure that he could meet the moment, that that tragedy required. he actually wanted to go and just attend, because he wanted to honor the victims, but didn't
8:58 am
feel, didn't know if he could meet the moment so i turned around and he was singing "amazing grace." ♪ amazing grace >> and i thought, like i get emotional talking about it. i'm getting emotional. i get emotional talking about it now because he has this uncanny ability to rise to the moment, and even on days where you're tired and you're working 20 hours a day, you have moments where he rises to the moment in a way that the country so needs it and you think that's why he's special. >> reporter: and many of the most memorable moments especially for members of the senior staff who spend so much time and essentially more time with the president of the united states than they do with their own families have been through these intense moments like newtown, like after the shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando, and it does tend to bring them together. this has been a very emotional time for them as well, as you can imagine, they all knew that they were going to be sort of
8:59 am
breaking up on january 20th, but obviously this was not the election they expected so a lot of them will be gathering together tomorrow in chicago, when the president prepares to give his farewell speech. where it all started back in chicago, he has been inside with his chief speechwriter cody keenan still working to perfect those words and by the way, speaking of people who speak for the president, live in our 2:00 hour, i'll be talking to maybe the most familiar face from this administration besides the president himself, and that is press secretary josh earnest. stephanie? >> thanks, chris, looking forward to it. across the board this week top advisers including valerie jarrett and the president's speechwriters all this week only on msnbc. and stay with us for special live coverage of president obama's farewell address beginning tomorrow night at 8:00. eastern. thank you for watching this hour of "msnbc live."
9:00 am
right now on msnbc "andrea mitchell reports." >> thanks to stephanie. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," confirmation clashes. donald trump's cabinet nominees can steamroll the opposition. they've got the votes but facing some tough questions as hearings start tomorrow, about their failure to file ethics disclosures and coziness with russia, even from some republicans. >> right now the biggest problem i see coming out of the president-elect's team is russia. if after the briefing he is still unsure, that will shake me to my core about his judgment. inside the rampage. the alleged ft. lauderdale airport shooter in court today charged with murdering five people as new surveillance video shows the horrific shooting unfolding. today we'll talk to one survivor who credits a strange we are saving her life. >> i was just praying to god just praying to god, and i had an angel protect


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