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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  January 9, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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i want to understand what the president's approach is to a wide range of problems so i can help you get inside his head. >> reporter: tough to do right now, he is working on the spoech. he is not in the oval. i think he's back in the private residence. i just spoke to the president's chief speech writer and steve, they expect him to be working on this very important speech into the wee hours of morning. >> all right. for the last time. chris jansing at the white house, thank you. that is going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki, remember, coming up, you see it in the lower right hand corner, your full screen, in less than an hour, the world premier of "for the record," 6:00 eastern right here on msnbc, but right now, mtp daily starts now. if it's monday from transition to confirmations. things are heating up this week. >> confirmations going great. >> tonight it's confirmation crunch time. a packed schedule on the hill with just 11 days until
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inauguration. >> i'm hopeful we'll get up to six or seven particular national security team in place on day one. >> plus new conflict of interest questions swirling around trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. and his upcoming role at the white house. and why the obama political machine is revving back up. just in time for the president's white house exit. this is mtp daily, and it starts right now. good evening, welcome to mtp daily, i'm peter alexander in washington, in for my friend chuck todd. welcome to the week where a whole lot of the trump transition conflicts could be coming to a head in a public way. first, you have trump versus republican leaders on what to do about russia. that's going to be front and center during secretary of state rex tillerson's confirmation hearing this week. then the ongoing battle of trump versus the intelligence community. we could watch that play out.
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the drrks iowa and the defense department go before congress this week as well. and even trump versus obama. the outgoing president will give his farewell address that takes place tomorrow night. so what message will he be sending the incoming president? plus trump versus the media, the president-elect will hold his first news conference since july. it's set to take place wednesday. all this and by the way, we could find out this week just how much congressional democrats will borrow from the gop playbook. republicans enjoyed a tremendous amount of political success by opposing pretty much everything obama and the democratic congress proposed. will congressional democrats return the favor? up to ten of prurp's cabinet nominees will be facing questions on the hill in the next several days. and even before those hearings begin, democrats are crying foul. senate democratic leader chuck schumer is accusing the transition of trying to jam trump's picks through. many of whom are wealthy
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individuals with complex financial investments that could involve numerous conflicts of interest. tloes potential ones. several trump appointees have yet to complete background checks and ethics forums. and the office of government ethics, non-partisan office says it may not be able to complete the checks before those nominees hearings begin. in a bit of political theater, senator schumer sent a letter to mitch mcconnell calling for more information about the incoming administration's cabinet picks. in fact, he said the same letter, mcconnell sent in 2009, to then majority leader harry reid. speaking to reporters today at trump tower, the president-elect seems unfazed by the complaints saying he's sure all the appointees will be confirmed. >> confirmation's going great. >> they haven't started yet. >> i think they'll all pass. i think every nomination will be -- they're all at the highest level. >> there's some concern about jeff sessions. >> no, i think he's going to do great. high quality man. >> the best part is he said the confirmation's going great.
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the reporter yelled back they haven't started yet. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell speaking at trump tower, agreed. >> everybody will be properly vetted, as they have been in the past. and i'm hopeful we'll get up to six or seven particular national security teams in place on day one. >> also breaking right now, we have learned that donald trump will officially name his son-in-law jared kushner a senior advisor to the president. nbc news can now report that kushner is going to resign all of his positions within kushner companies. that's his massive family real estate business. also with a new york observer, and he'll recuse himself from matter thalsd have a direct effect on those financial interests. he's going to be unpayed. not going to take a salary. kushner's appointment won't require senate confirmation, but it raises questions about antinep schism laws in the west wing. we're going to thought about that in a moment. we have a full plate on this monday evening. we to want get to the latest
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right now from capitol hill where the hearings will get under way tomorrow. let's get right to my colleague, nbc news correspondent kelly o'donnell. kelly, let's start with the latest about this ethics brew ha-ha, the democrats up in arms about the fact that the office hasn't even received all the financial disclosure and ethics forums from some of the nominees. >> reporter: and pete, on it's face, that seems like a reasonable argument for the general good that the process of looking through financial paperwork, business relationships, past histories, all of that kind of information that becomes part of the background of a confirmation hearing. that is something that democrats want to see fully processed before these nominees are put before the relevant committees to be questioned in public. all of the theater and the substance that is the confirmation process. at the same time for democrats, there is a useful tool in this. and that is to ask for the additional time, able to pull from the republicans playbook
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from the start of the obama administration when mitch mcconnell made the same requests that those nominees not going forward in too great a hurry. i've had a chance to speak with senator chuck schumer from new york. he is now the top democrat in the senate. and he expects that there might be some room in the calendar that may be the republicans will give away a bit. not to suggest that there's anything found among these nominees in the trump world that would prevent them from serving been but they need that full hearing. there have been some in the past where a nominee has been forward for the confirmation hearing without all of the information completed. but this is a scale and size of nominees who have not gone through that process yet that democrats find troubling. and they think by stacking so many of the potential trump picks early in this process and at a time when there's a lot of other news happening like the president-elect's expected news conference like the farewell address of president obama that
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perhaps there would be issues that would go less noticed or less scrutinized by the general public and the time for senators themselves and their staffs to go through all of the relevant information. to look for potential conflicts, financial issues, but also, senator schumer tells me, areas where these nominees may differ from the president-elect's point of view on issues that would be relevant in the positions for which they would serve. so, it is something we've seen republicans say in the past. now democrats saying it and the question will be how much is too much and too soon to properly vet and review the nominees who would serve in a trump administration. peter. >> kelly o'donnell helping break it down from capitol hill for us, thank you. >> in simple language, mitch mcconnell is telling democrats to grow up and let trump nominees get confirmed.
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is this move to delay the hearing effectively sour grapes? democrats don't have a lot of power in this process. >> well no, i think we are speaking to the legitimate interest for the public in having the ethics qualifications done and having the background checks done and the paperwork done so that we have that information before the hearings so we can ask relevant questions. and the fact is this was not an issue eight years ago under president obama and i'm a former governor. i believe the president, whoever that president is should be able to appoint their own people. but we need to know there aren't conflicts of interests that they have positions that are consistent with american policies. >> when he invoked the nuclear option on nominees.
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>> i'm not saying we should bring back the filibuster. i'm just saying we need to have the paperwork with p. we need to know what the become the checks are on folks and have that information as we're asking our questions. >> the it's beyond asking -- beyond asking and making the case for the public interest, what do you do about it? >> well, we continue to raise those issues. we raise the issues at the public hearing if we don't have the information to be able to know for sure then we have to ask the questions because it's in the public interest to know we're dealing with a lot of nominees who do not have backgrounds in public policy and holding public office and so, the public needs to know where they stand on issues. >> let me ask you specifically, you said on the foreign relations committee, what is rex tillerson have to say on wednesday in regards specifically to the hacked or the election season to satisfy you? >> well, i have a series of
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questions for rex tillerson. we started addressing some of those when he met with me, but i want to know what he believes the united states position towards vladimir putin and putin's aggression in eastern europe and in trying to hack our elections. whether that's appropriate or not. what kinds of actions he believes the united states should take in response to that. >> and what if his position matches donald trump's? >> well, i have the option of voting against him. so i think that's the point of the hearing. to have that robust and vladimir putin is an aauthoritarian leader who had people killed who disagreed with him. who puts reporters in jail, there's no free press who has elections that aren't real democratic elections in russia. so this is somebody who is a former kgb agent, he is not a democratic leader.
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and we need to know whether president-elect trump, whether rex tillerson is the top state diplomat believes that we can trust vladimir putin in international negotiations. >> so in simple terms, is this a way with rex tillerson, sort of to whack away at donald trump who is dissatisfied with the way he's responded to the issues over intention and russia? >> well, these are serious concerns that have been raised by democrats and republicans. we had a hearing in the armed services committee last week where chairman mccain raised with director clapper as well as other republicans the hacking of our voter files, the intrusion that russia engaged in in our elections in november. i don't think this is a partisan
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issue, this is a bipartisan issue that's in the interest of the people of this country. we can't allow a foreign power, especially one whose interests are not the same as ours whose tried to undermine western democracies to interfere in our elections. >> finally you served on the armed services committee as well. obviously james maddog mattis as he's often called who you'll hear as defense secretary. what specifically do you want to ask him? >> well again, russia clearly will be a topic. he has a pretty well-known record on russia. i also to want ask him what he views on the challenges facing the department of defense. i want to hear from him about the middle east and afghanistan and what he thinks american policy should be. so we have a whole list of questions for all of these nominees. and the important thing is to have a process that allows us to ask those questions so that people in this country know where they stand and where
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they're going to leave this country if they're confirmed as cabinet secretaries. >> gene shaheen, senator from new hampshire. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> we to want go right to tonight's panel. thank you all for being with us right now. jennifer, picking up on that conversation, on rex tillerson specifically, it seems to me that's sort of like the surrogate for a lot of these democrats to whack away at donald trump after being so dissatisfied with his cozy language, i guess it is, vis-a-vis russia. >> i think it's two things. kwun they want reassurance that donald trump realizes in president obama's words that vladimir putin is not on our side. there are at love people who have real concerns that donald trump either has personal or financial or id logical reasons that are distorting his view of
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who is america's friend and who is not. and they want to kind of explore that. >> rex tillerson is among those forced to defend him. the guy that received the friendship award. >> and that's one of the things they want to explore. and it's not so much getting whacks at donald trump, it's trying to figure out where this administration is going. and if the people he's putting into these positions really understand what's going on in the world. if they don't, rex tillerson, go down. >> walk me through this. this is going to be a remarkable week. if you're trying to keep track at home, there aren't enough c-span channels to watch the hearings, news conference, obama speaking tomorrow night as well. what are we witnessing and where are the real fire work zplps this is a real flood the zone moment. eight hearings, you have obama talking, donald trump doing his long awaited press conference. everybody is trying to figure out what to focus on at that certain moment. i think as far as the hearings frankly this is a lot of smoke and mirrors. senate politics. democrats have very little power here. they're going to try to rally
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their base, embarrass some of these potential cabinet picks, but really, ploes of them look like if you talk to the republicans and democrats, they are going to get confirmed. >> is this just strategic, donald trump holds his news conference wednesday, all eyes on trump tower and all the big fights continue. >> well, it's typical donald trump. you know, you have one thing that's going to top the next and top the next, but the problem is, information, the lack thereof right now. people need to know, and if you're not getting the information in the person in the hot seat at the time says well sir, i'm sorry i didn't fill that out yet, there's going to be a big problem. the lack of information about the president-elect himself as well as those in the hot seat for confirmation is a really big issue. the stakes are too high right now globally for us not to know what's going on. >> you can only imagine how big those financial closures, the investments for someone like a rex tillerson may look like. this underlines the idea that people are political outsiders who haven't been apart of the vetting process before. the news as we sat down that was
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just breaking here on msnbc that we were first to report earlier is that jared kushner is going to be a senior adviser to his father-in-law. besides the unique rule that having your son-in-law be the sort of whisperer in your ear being the role, what are do you make of that news right now and what does it raise? >> it doesn't surprise me. in a situation where frankly he's vulnerable. he doesn't know a lot. >> jared kushner turns 36 tomorrow, no political experience, he's never done this. >> exactly. that may be his safety blanket. it's a safety blanket for the rest of america. i think it raises real concerns as you and others have reported. he was pursuing deals with china at the time that he was advising the transition committee. he says he's going to die vest which would be interesting if son-in-law did divest, why can't the father-in-law? i think there's a lot of conflict issues and more than anything else, i think this is indicative of the multiple power
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centers in this administration. who's reporting to who? who's word counts? last person in that room going to be jared kushner? is it going to be the vice president, reince priebus? >> and ironically, kushner was one of the people pushing for mike pence to be the vp pick. steve bannon, mike pence, and jared kushner among those guys in that real small inner circle assuming ivanka trump likely as adds her voice in that conversation. what do you think? >> this is what he likes. he likes rivals to go at each other out him be the person to make the final decision. >> only one rival at the thanksgiving dinner table. he's the only one that goes home. >> ivanka will have a big role. i think there is reassurance he's taking on this official role. a lot more conflict issues, you've seen the ethics watchdogs really raising the flag on him. what's he doing in the bous? this secret whisperer. now he has an official role. >> does this satisfy critics the fact that he's going to have an official role? >> i don't know if it's satisfies critics with, but what it does it says, we knew this
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was coming because a couple months ago we heard him or heard whispers about family members possibly up for a top secret clearance. so this satisfies that issue. it goes back into what we have been hearing, but there's also someone at the table that you've totally forgot about. amarosa. people don't talk about that. she's been in the room with him and definitely coming back to the white house. >> it is playing out like a reality show. one of the past star was of the apprentice and days gone by. on the topic of ethics right now, the office says it's been overwhelmed they said, they have great concern that some of these nominees -- you say a lot is politics, but they aren't going to vet these. why shouldn't americans think that's a reasonable argument to make? hey, why don't we have the vetting process completed before the confirmation hearings place? >> it is reasonable in particular because of the type of candidates he has nominated. these are people who do not have a public record.
2:19 pm
they've never had to produce their finances before. it's not like we know anything about them. moreover, with the preponderance of billionaires, there's a lot of stuff there as you eluded to. so i think it is a huge task. frankly, some of these people have not completed the information, it's not entirely the quote fault of the office government ethics. >> john kelly among them, yeah. >> exactly. i think it's a process -- now mitch mcconnell said they won't votal process is complete, but what happens if they go through the hearing process and then, you know, a day before the vote, they discover, oh, tillerson has a great conflict with x, y, and z. they reconvene the hearing? it's an embarrassment. it would be in their interest to do this up front, get it done, and have it go through the process. >> and we is that true. we saw this during the election. the waning days before the election. and people were like why didn't we know this? so i think instead of making a quick push to try to get the hearings through, there needs to be some type of thoughtful
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weighing in. >> ethics playing a heavy role. right now you have the effort to e vis rate as it was that independent government ethics office a short time ago. stay with us, thank you. coming up on the way tonight on msnbc, we hope you will stay with us. this is a special event here. 6:00 p.m. eastern, it's the premier of "for the record with greta." incoming white house chief of staff, reince priebus they will join greta to discuss the russia hacking report and confirmation hearings. and coming up next here on mtp daily. mitch mcconnell facing opposition on all sides to an obama carrey peel. we're going to look at the party pushback on when to replace the law. how will they go about it as well as the demes bold move to try and save it? stay tuned, this is mtp daily. hey, searching for a great used car? yeah! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new i don't want one that's had a big wreck
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could you talk about the
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conflicts of interest. >> we'll talk about it on wednesday. >> can you talk about the role you expect jared kushner to have in your administration. >> who? >> we'll talk about that on wednesday. thank you very much, folks. see you then. >> is everything going to be in place? >> we'll talk about it on monday. >> bottom line it seems to be there's something happening on wednesday. president-elect donald trump taking questions from reporters at trump tower this afternoon. he deflected most of them saying he'll talk about the matters in detail at a news conference scheduled for as you heard him say -- coming up, republicans are struggling to stay on the same page with a planned repeal of obamacare. i'll talk to the chair of the house freedom caucus. congressman mark meadows after the break.
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welcome back. in the next few minutes on capitol hill, we're expecting
2:25 pm
democrats to begin something of a protest on the floor of the senate. organized by minority leaders, senator schumer, democratic senators are expected to take part in a sort of talk-a-thon lasting until some time around midnight tonight. their goal is to state their support for obamacare and highlight the fight within the republican party on the repealing process. repeal and replace has been the republican line on obamacare for years, but there's a debate right now in the party on whether repeal and replace needs to be done and done at the same time. so republicans like majority leader mitch mcconnell say repeal can come before replace. floor speech today, mcconnell said creating a replacement to obamacare would not be a quick fix. >> there's no quick fix to undo the challenge created by this broken and complex law. repeal sl just the first step in that process, but the sooner we act, the sooner we can begin
2:26 pm
bringing release to those who need it. >> mcconnell won't commit to how long the gap will be between repeal and replace. other republicans say repeal and replace has to happen at the same time. that includes senator rand paul who voted against the first procedural obamacare vote wednesday because he doesn't want to proceed with repeal without a plan for replacement. paul says president-elect donald trump supports the idea to repeal and replace obamacare on the very same day. joining me now is congressman mark meadows. he is chairman of the freedom caucus. congressman, i appreciate your being here. do you agree with mitch mcconnell? would you vote against obamacare or repeal if it doesn't have a new plan for the replace with it at the exact same time? >> well, i don't know that you need to have them, peter, in the same bill, but i do think that they need to go on parallel tracks. i think it's incumbent upon us to not only look at a repeal vote, but a replacement vote either the same day or shortly
2:27 pm
after that. i think it's important for the american people to understand that they will not be without health care coverage, that certainly what we put in place will actually act as a i have isty net for millions of americans who need that. and so having that on a parallel track is critical. >> so congressman, give me a sense in real terms right noub, some talking months and years, when you say a time frame, how close does this need to be for you to be spy satisfied and give your vote? >> repeal and replacement, both of those pieces of legislation must be enacted in the 115th congress when you look at that. >> so that's two years. >> but -- yeah, specifically answering requester question, i would like to see a vote if not the same day, certainly on a time frame where people can look and say 30 days or out or 60 days out, we can have certainly replacement vote where we know what we're talking about before that repeal takes place. i think it's incumbent upon us to make sure that the message is
2:28 pm
clear and distinct and so hopefully we're going to work with our leadership here in the house and certainly in the senate to do that. >> congressman, we know there was consensus about the idea of a replacement for obamacare within the party, but not as much around what that replacement would look like. the repeal they want, replacement is less clear. you've had years as a party to do this. does one replacement exist right now that you can get behind and if if not, are you open to the idea of a delay? >> well, i certainly -- there's a couple of bills that have been out there for some time. dr. tom price, dr. phil roe both have replacement plans that have been very thoughtful and put forth. so whether it's either one of those or a combination or perhaps something that is multiple bills to make sure how we look at preexisting conditions are taken care of. >> i was going to say, congressman, y'all have had six years though since this has been put in place where they've been talking about a replacement for this.
2:29 pm
and now republicans finally own the place and yet there is no bill to pull forward. as best i can understand from you, this could be a while before you think they should repeal where you have the confidence they'll be able to replace at the same time. >> well, peter, let me push back a little bit. there are repeal bills, i mean replacement bills out there that actually could be put in place. i think it's important for us to make a decision and to find what that's going to be and so that's part of what we've been pushing is conservative members is let's go ahead and make a decision so that we can have the debate, hopefully come to a bipartisan conclusion on what that replacement might be, and so, i agree with you, we've had six years to look at it in terms of a replacement. obviously it is now something that we're going to have to deal with here in the first hundred days of an incoming administration. so i'm looking forward to working with my colleagues, both republicans and democrats to hopefully find a solution to do that. so i'm looking for any good recommendations instead of just having a talk-a-thon that says
2:30 pm
how wonderful the affordable care act is -- >> sure. >> it's time that we have real discussions on what the replacement might look like. so i ask my senate colleagues, both on both sides of the aisle, let's get into real discussions about how we're going to make sure we serve the american people. >> congressman, let me ask you about another topic, medicare and social security frankly. here's what reince priebus said on that issue this weekend. >> you think think president-elect trump wants to meddle with medicare or social security. he made a promise in the campaign that that was something that he didn't want to do. >> so what do you think about that? will you fight donald trump on that? the freedom caucus plan reformed early non2017? >> well, as you well know, peter, we're looking at how we save social security and medicare, both of those are two different problems that we have -- >> trump says he won't touch them. >> well, i understand that, but the american people know that what we've got to do -- and i
2:31 pm
think what donald trump was talking about is not affecting the benefits of those who have the benefits coming to them. i'm with him on that. but what we're talking about in the long-term vie viability, it's time we get down to business and make for a plan to save medicare, to save social security, and i think that we'll find some real consensus in a unified way as we deal with that. certainly we're going to be looking at those pieces of legislation that may not be in the first 200 days, but it certainly needs to be in this congress as we start to address that. >> as we anticipate the confirmation hearings this week, congressman, the pinned tweet, the tweet at the top of the freedom caucus twitter page reads we have an obligation to hold government officials accountable for misconduct, obstruction, and corruption. obviously ethics is a big issue for the freedom caucus. right now there are concerns democrats pushing back saying the con for mags hearings are happening before the real vetting process has occurred. the office of the government ethics has made the same point. do you think that the
2:32 pm
confirmation hearings should be slowed down to allow that vetting process occur before the hearings actually take place? >> well peter, this is a. kind of political rhetoric we hear each time, whether it's a democrat in the white house or a republican in the white house. you hear those arguments coming from the other side of the aisle. really what this is all about is making sure that not only do we have the background, the resources are there for this ethics group to fully vet that before there's a final vote. so i'm looking forward to not only the don fir mags hearings that are coming up, but ultimately, the final votes. i think there's more than enough time to actually make sure that ethically we're in good shape. it's all about disclosures, and you'll find that many of my liberal colleagues will find that i will join them in making sure that those disclosures are done in a full and forth right manner. >> congressman mark meadows, we appreciate you're coming to be with thus evening, thank you. >> thank you, peter. chuck schumer is going to talk one on one with chris hayes
2:33 pm
about the democrats talk-a-thon and the fight to save obamacare. that is tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on all in. and still ahead, president obama made a lot of promises during his time in office. but how many did he keep and what does it all mean about the next four years? stay with us. this is mtp daily. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen. and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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both got a twitterment from the president-elect. fiat announced a $1 billion investment to retool in warren, michigan, and toledo, ohio. that move would create 2 dhourks jobs. the company's ceo told a round table at the detroit autoshow the decision was in the works, quote, for a while, and was not influenced by trump. meanwhile, ford motor company says it's bringing back two discontinued models. the ranger and that infamous bronco and both will be made in michigan. president-elect donald trump praised both companies and thanked them on twitter. more mtp daily after this. the cnbc market wrap. thanks peter. stocks begin the week mixed. the dow sinks 76 points. the nasdaq rising ten points, pushing further into record territory. gas prices are on the rise. they've jumped 12 cents over the last three weeks to $2.38 as crude has moved higher. and a volkswagen executive has
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welcome back. president obama will deliver his farewell address to the nation tomorrow night. nbc's lester holt will interview president obama just before he delivers that final address. and kbrour not going to to want miss that. it's going to air on friday night on nbc. as president obama prepares for life outside of the white house, he's not planning to leave advocacy behind him. take a listen. >> i've gotten people who may be didn't believe in the process to get engaged. part what have i'm interested in doing after i got out of the presidency is to make sure that i'm working with that next generation. so that they understand you can't just rely on inspiration. there's a little perspiration.
2:42 pm
>> but how much has president obama's agenda materialized? plitt fact took a look at the promises he made for his presidency stacked up by their tally, obama made 533 promises during the course of his campaigning and his presidency. the plitt fact analysis says obama kept nearly half. 28% ended in compromise and nearly quarter they say were broken. katie sanders is the deputy editor. thanks for being here. the promise on your list sort of struck me. one in particular, it said, candidate obama promised to bring democrats and republicans together to pass an agenda, that promise was broken. is there one thing that you sort of analyzed was at the root of too many of these broken promises? >> well i think for that promise in particular, it was just too ambitious. the trend lines were going in opposite directions before he took office, and certainly over the course of his tenure, they
2:43 pm
did not come any closer. i think both sides became more entrenched and this was just too tall an order to fill for obama. >> we said earlier, the republicans enjoyed a tremendous amount of political success by basically opposing most everything that obama and the democratic congress promoezed. do you think we're going to see that same strategy by the democrats in the next administration? >> you certainly see a lot of hints of that strategy playing out. i think it's important to note that when we say a promise is promise broken, it isn't for lack of trying like you said by the president. and a lot of circumstances, obama proposed to do something such as closing guantanamo bay detention center and he could never just get republicans to go along with funding that priority. so we rated it promise broken even though there was some effort. >> president obama was asked if he would take any responsibility for the gutting that the democratic party took under his presidency. under his watch. here's what he told abc news. >> i take some responsibility
2:44 pm
for that. i came in in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the great depression. because my docket was really full here, so i couldn't be both chief organizer of the democratic party and function as commander in chief and president of the united states. >> what do you make of that sort of explanation right now? i think that's one of the frustrations a lot of democrats are seeing right now. the party is now leaving president obama's presidency, and in many ways a weaker position than when he arrived. >> you did see democrats lose a lot of seats across the country and local legislatures and their local representation, especially to congress. and you know, i think that when we say president obama wasn't able to fully keep half of his agenda, there are a lot of people who aren't disappointed in that. so, you know -- i can't say for sure whether he deserves the responsibility he may have just decided himself, but it has been interesting to watch and we're certainly going to be watching
2:45 pm
what happens with the trump presidency too. >> president obama delivered on the promise to bring health care to millions. 20 million at last count, but in aspect of that campaign promise led to the 2013 lie of the year. if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. i want to play what he said about the republican plan to throw out the affordable care act. >> i am saying to every republican right now, if you, in fact, can put a plan together that is demonstratively better than what obamacare is doing, i will -- i will publicly support repealing obamacare and replacing it with your plan. but i want to see it first. >> so the bottom line here is to republicans, this was like the single greatest promise broken, right? all the promises made in the build-up to obamacare right now. and i guess equally the question is, is he ready to compromise on his legacy? as you heard him insist right now? how does it break down as we
2:46 pm
look at the promises surrounding obamacare? >> it's definitely a mixed bag overall he did get a promise kept for delivering health care reform. but in some of the nitty-gritty such as expanding medicaid. it wasn't congress, it was the courts that said it was up to the states to decide if they wanted to expand medicaid as part of the affordable care act. so obama didn't get all that he wanted with obamacare, but some experts told us for a longer piece that we wrote in our obamacare report, that's okay for congress and the courts to have a say in what that law became. >> only imagine what the chalk board looks like in the headquarters with 533 promises tallied by the president's campaigning and during his time in office. katie sanders, thanks for breaking it down. >> thanks for having me. >> nbc's lester holt will have an exclus uf interview with president obama before his farewell address. that full interview will air in a one-hour dateline special.
2:47 pm
barack obama, the reality of hope. it airs this friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and we will have full coverage leading up to president obama's farewell address tomorrow. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. plus, tonight, at 6:00, right after our show, greta van susteren, she's going to preview the president's farewell with valerie jarrett on the premier with "for the record with yet that." we'll be right back with the lid, you're watching mtp day lay. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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back now live on mtp daily tonight. the florida airport shooting suspect faces three federal charges that could carry the death penalty. earlier today, 26-year-old esteban santiago appeared in court for the killing of five people at ft. lauderdale's airport where he opened fire in a crowded baggage claim area on friday. authorities say santiago showed signs of mental health problems and told fbi agents two months ago that voices were telling him to join an islamic terror group. however no ties to terror groups have been found. santiago's arraignment is set for january 23rd. we'll be right back.
2:50 pm
2:51 pm
time for the lid meryl streep used her speech to slam donald trump not by name. trump responded in typical trump faction he called eight-time
2:52 pm
winner over rated. i think she, as it it goes in this argument, jennifer, what did you make of the way she presented her case last night? >> i think the most effective way to present a case which is not to label him, she didn't name him as cruel. she went through his behavior and said this belafr is problematic because it trickle down how we treat others in our society. she was making a point and i think to some degree she got unterrify hu under his skin. she is the least under rated hollywood star there's. >> she is not over rated in term of her acting ability. >> he what's appropriate
2:53 pm
reaction to this behavior. it would be interesting to see does she take mantle take -- should say say if you're concerned about people with disabilities is -- >> even supporters of donald trump said i wish he would cut that stuff out. that stuff was wide agreement, enough of that stuff, where you are mocking a disabled reporter. here's what john said. he wrote the following. use their fame to express political opinion we have right fot no paitize them. >> he is right. at the same time she stood and spoke of truth at a historic time we never seen before and we're at a time where people are concerned about the press and their interaction with donald trump because he threatening the press, we never seen anyone jump
2:54 pm
up in someone's face, the press is some of the press is scared. she called out the principled press. i felt like he step out of the television and spoke to the white house press corps. it was amazing. >> i was surprised at the republican because at what part did they disagree with. it's kind of funny there's so rep fleckively anti-whatever hollywo hollywood open her mouth -- >> she talked about the freedom of the press. >> this speaks to something like donald trump, right. it's more than saying someone is right. they could have implications in the way he governs.
2:55 pm
>> it was on twitter one thing, you can control the country and its decision-making that's a big deal. >> he is probably the most thin-skinned president in decades. he can lash out we're going to move on to the next news cycle tomorrow. >> over rated. >> jennifer, april, nice to see you. after the break hillary clinton in a new york state of mind. stay tuned. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
2:56 pm
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in the case you missed it, there's a rumor hillary clinton could run for mayor of new york. she denying those rumors. there's reason why people want to run. she will not including the fact she doesn't live in new york. no response from the clinton camp. why the silence? new york bill de blasio didn't support hillary clinton un. >> that would be true of candidates on all levels, it's clear to see a bold clear -- >> you're not endorsing her? >> until i see a vision of where they want to go. >> the mayor shook off the
3:00 pm
rumors. he has not talked to clinton about it. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily" the premier with "for the record" with greta starts now. remember me, i'm back. "for the record" tonight we're only hours away from the hearings trump cabinet. manhunt two officer dead, one gunned down search to find killer. nuclear show down laurj at any time what will next commander in chief doe about it. what would president obama say in tomorrow's speech. we'll talk to valerie


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