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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  January 12, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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what i deserve. but it's a reflection of the extent and generosity of your spirit. >> it's all we have for tonight. back tomorrow with "mtp daily." "for the record" with greta. thank you chuck. hidden behind closed doors. russian intelligence. we talk to joe man chun inside of that room. heartbreaking video two teachers kidnapped. shoot-out, a broad daylight and captured on the camera. all of that plus surprise good-bye for the one and only joe biden who has shared
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laughter and heart ache with all of us. we start with another fars moving day in washington. justice department announcing an investigation into how the fbi handled clinton e-mail investigation. mike pompeo, just yesterday president president-elect called -- now pompeo trying get the top cia job while expressing views on russia. >> i will continue to pursue foreign intelligence collection with vigor. i'm confident it will play a role in this administration. it's pretty clear about what took place here. about russian involvement in
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efforts to hack information and to have impact on american democracy. i have no doubt that the discourse that's been taking place is something that vladimir putin would look at and say that was one of the objectives i had. it was going to require a robust american response. >> if you were ordered by the president to restart the cia's use of enhanced techniques that fallout side of the manual would you comply? >> i would not. who we share with in ways important to keeping america safe. i'm counting on i know you are as well that these lie son partnership will continue. >> to you think wikileaks reliability source of information?
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>> i do not. >> all of this as senators get closed door briefing on the hacking. west virginia joins us. we can't hear you can give me an overall impression of the meeting. >> i don't think there's any doubt russian was behind the hacking. what's not being disclosed, it's effort this that's happened. in a bipartisan way i think that's the way we agree on. how do we handle it. i think mr. pompeo came in open with us then we go in closed. and in both we pushed him hart. we were trying to find out if he going to do the job he is going to be challenged to do with the cia to protect us to make sure
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we're informed. with that, we'll see. >> i want all to be safe, every time i hear hacking, in the back of my mind are we doing that. you don't want to ask that question. >> all countries have intelligence gathering, how they use it, hacking is illegal in united states. if it's illegal in united states and we find another country hacking us, should we not have a broad base of sanctions that say if you pick this is punishment you are going to get. rather than case by case, whoever it might be, shouldn't we say this is what you are going to face. >> it's financial things that hits the hardist. >> put tin is rich guy. >> but the country is hurting.
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that's the way you are can hurt him. if he tries to change the way we do business, how we elect our leaders, if you put enough hurting on his economy, he -- not hurt us. >> i hope so. we have to give a person a chance. i told my democrats, i say listen, we didn't win. we lost. there the president-elect, let's try to make sure we are working and moving forward in putting government in place, holding people accountable through transparency to make this work. i'm willing to work with anybody and everybody for the betterment of my country. the preaapproach we have taken not worked. if we're going to go down the same path, that's not who i am.
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we came here to make things work. that's my job. >> is pompeo giving you vote or have you decide yet? >> i was governor, i said let me put my team together. you judge me and my team only how we perform. we have fbi check, we have the basically financial disclosure and ethics, if they come clean, i'm not going to short circuit or circumvent that, once they come through, i will make a decision if that's mr. trump's pick, he should be able to put the person in place. >> where are we on health care. >> i can't fill 172,000 off well care beforement.
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trying get lives back together say we have no more cure or treatment for you, i have tell victim of black lung, sorry, i can't do this to west virginia, repeal, repeal. >> nothing on the table. >> i'm one willing to repair. i vote for repair and fixing. let me see it it. in good conscious i can't throw it out. >> come back we'll talk about the opioid problem. >> yes, it's awful. >> nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. andrea mitchell about the unverified claims about donald trump. >> was it a mistake for the
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intelligence community to include that unverified opposition research disinformation material, the two-page addendum. >> we asked that question. and their argument was that this is something that the press already had not just here in the united states but other places. that it would be -- they would be they didn't use the word der lick but it was their obligation to inform us but the president-elect that it was out there. so it did not come out of the blue ask have impact on the conduct of our foreign policy. >> germ me bash is at the bin laden raid. he joins us.
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you were in the back row about 25 years ago as a student. >> you remember that. >> your claim to fame. >> that was a great show. this is great show. >> big picture, donald trump president-elect is frosty relationship apierpears with th intel -- >> the intelligence professional are going to be maining the watch, at the watch center, counter terrorism center. they will be in the white house situation room to see who is going to try anything. he going to need the troop. it's important he repairs his relationship with the community. >> how does he do that? >> the rhetoric has gotten out of control. and i know a lot of intelligence
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officers wondering if they want to continue to serve, that's terrible. if we lose their encouragement, it's down. he has to bring them close. he has to remind them that he relies on their information. he will listen to that information and protect the people risking their lives. >> we hear police officers getting fatigue on the street, we doesn't know the intelligence community except for the leaders. is there a way to measure the intelligence community. are they raw or gun hoe as a generalation can make? >> it's hard to make a generalization. some of civilian, overseas, back here in the washington area.
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they are intensity, non-political and want to do their job. they would be fine serving and they are going to be fine serving the trump administration and they will do al fantastic job. >> mike pompeo, took -- what's your thought about pompeo? >> i think he going to be confirmed. he struck the right tone. >> even though they had a tweet, he believed wikileaks now he doesn't. a lot come on nominated they sound different. >> where you stand is where you sit. he is sitting at the head of the table of the cia and i have been in the conference room where
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that table is of the 7th floor. he has to look them in the eye and make life and death decision. he needs the troops. that we are all in this together. >> indeed we are. nice to see you. >> also today the confirmation hearing, mad dog mattis. during the hearing he broke with trump on russia and iran. but this exchange. >> he said idea putting woman in there is not setting up for success. can we find a woman fast enough. of course we could. that's not the point at all. it's whether or not you want to mix arrows. in both question and answer session. you said you could fot do it.
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have are you change your position. >> i -- have been enacted over many years including the years since i have been on active duty. i'm coming with the understanding i lead the department of defense, if someone bring a look i will look at it. >> do you plan oppose women in roll. >> i have no plan aspect of our military. >> the first american woman to fly. nice to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> what is your view on women in combat. >> i strongly advocate for women. >> you heard the sound we played about general mattis. what do you think. would you vote for him?
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>> i had a conversation with him on the phone yesterday. i want to make sure that some of my concerns were alleviated because he was supposed to testify today he was pulled back by the transition team. so this was one of the three concerns i wanted to bring up whether or not he was going because of the statements in the past whether he would be rolling back the change opening up position to women in the military. he gave a similar answer. i appreciate that he didn't out right come out say he oppose it it. women have been showing valor. they have been killing bad guys in combat. coming back with wounds in war. three of them played it through ranger already. we are merit based society. >> i tell you what i thought was caught my attention when the senator from new york said do you plan to oppose women serve
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in woman combat roll. he didn't say no, he said i have no plan. i have no plan, that means he has no plan right now. does it have one tomorrow or the next day. i thought the answers were not absolute not. if a woman, qualified, she can do it. >> i have answer yesterday where he said previous secretary made this decision i'm inherenting this department, vi to focus on the job, i don't intend to be moving anything in a different direction. >> it doesn't say yes or knno. what does that mean. are you for women or not? >> he grown up in that environment and all male units. we have shown women have everything it takes to include
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physical strength, and courage apitude, leadership, teamwork all the things in take to be in modern warfare and we should not be discriminating based on whether you have ovalries or not. >> so we don't get yes or no on the question. why did they pull him from the house -- >> you have to ask him. >> what was the excuse. >> he conveyed disappointment as they didn't want to have that precedent. he didn't appear before the sflat on this issue. we have to pass a law to allow him to serve. if you have fot been retired for more than seven years you need law change. it's mistake to not provided that access. we need partisan vote for that particular waiver. we would have had more
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democrats -- he said he wanted to be there. he was enthusiastic about appearing. he was willing to to it and the administration -- pulled back. i think it was mistake and disappointment for us. >> i want a yes or no on that question. thank you for your service in combat and senator duck worth as well. coming up, hostages in afghanistan. what can you done. dangers facing police. surprise ceremony brings vice president to tears. stay with us. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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it is unreasonable to exec that every foreign policy will be driven by human rights
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consideration alone especially when security of the american people is at stake. but our leadership demands action specifically focused on improving the conditions of people the world over. >> trump secretary rex tillerson and confirmation hearing talking about human rights concerns. you don't want to skip. how will a trump administration handle those issues. nick, to see you. >> it doesn't seem to be -- my myanmar you have so many rights issue and human trafficking. have you given thought what you think a secretary and trump administration are going to do are within the purview of the secretary of state? >> these are issues that in some
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ways republicans and democrats are you night on. exactly human rights issue, many best thing he did as president. the republicans and democrats were able to unit on. issues like south sudan or ro hin ga and human rights come up they down playing it. of course he is right there are considerationings but it would be nice to have that would be one important consideration at the table. >> with the problems with the world, all the costs and everything that as well priorityize, why she the united
3:23 pm
states government be concerned about these human rights issues, the trafficking and all other issues? >> we captain solve every crisis around the world but here and there we can with modest effort with speaking out. we can make vast difference. we have oe vert genocide. about a year ago -- i think president obama have done not enough on syrian -- africa has been risk at collapsing. greating in the ba ranee language that pulled them back from the brink a little bit. we didn't do enough fort holocaust. president clinton said foreign policy regret trying not to stop
3:24 pm
the genocide in row want da. >> it seems when the united states shows great moral leadership on the issues, i think it's inspiring for the record to show lileadership in world, we can multitask. it states what we're about. >> especially in a integrated world today there are real issues of self-interest. if we allow failed states, terrorisms come back. humanitarian are val us do coincide. >> nick, stay with me. taliban releasing video
3:25 pm
showing hostages kidnapped. we don't know when or under what circumstance the video was made. it first proof of hostages: what do you see it the trump administration policy about getting hostages back. we have not paid ransom in the past. where d do you see the trump administration when we deal with horrible issues. >> trump is going informed by the vise of his people. hostage military operation to undertake. have you to have near perfect intelligence timing has to be perfect. we have tried in the past a few times to rescue hostages with
3:26 pm
varying dee agrees of success. if the military establishment can convince the operation it will be because the military is convinced we have near perfect intelligence in order to -- i have talked to families who want to pay ransom. what's your position on that. >> i don't think you would find me argue we need to pay ransom. it's been proved it's dell tarous of the act power in order to rescue hostage and i stand squarely with that. >> nick, we spend money trying to help these war zones like afghanistan. we have so many mgo with people who go over ministries or
3:27 pm
organizations it's so profoundly dangerous. what's your thought on the mgos do this incredible work? >> i agree, we pay a ransom or hostage exchange. the record is that riches and power terrorists group leads them tho kid more more later on. europe behaved irresponsibly i think by having governments pay ransom in ways that completely impower islamic -- these hostaging are held by hard line group. i don't think there's an easy way to get them safely out barring a peace process in afghanistan which is the way the
3:28 pm
conflict is going to end if that's possible. >> we have situation even with the mystery of what happened with former fbi agent in iran. we don't know where they are and families are deeply troubled. >> yes. it's an environment where lots of people are kidnapped. americans all around the world in various places. it's difficult to have policy that covers every situation. people the top make decisions on the spot based on what the situation is for that particular hostage capture. if you take a look at the history of our -- not just ours but other country's attempting to rescue hostage, it's not stellar.
3:29 pm
it's a difficult situation. one can agree that the best thing to do in most circumstances is to ignore it as much as you can. do not pay ransom and use the military instrument of power to execute a hostage rescue and you have high agree of confident. it will be successful. >> thank you both. vice president breaking down in tears that put -- dangerous shoot-out caught on camera. we'll tell you what happened.
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fort the final time at president, i am pleased to award our nationest highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> a surprise ceremony, the vice
3:33 pm
president in tears. earlier in the day in that exit inter-view with andrea mitchell, donald trump talks -- >> a lot of people are risking their lives, they are risking their lives to get information that is essential for our physical security. the hope is that in next week two ten days, one he is president and once he has his pointed analysts and experts in charge that he will be much more informed. >> he talked about politics and why hillary clinton lost the election. >> outrageous things said and done by the candidate sucked the
3:34 pm
ok jen out of the air. it wasn't the presses fault. if you get a chance to have to talk about whether or not a candidate groped somebody or whether or not the other candidate's position is how do they fund college tuition, what's going to get into the news is whether or not someone groped somebody. >> any joins us. what's his legacy going to be? >> middle class joe that we all love. he has made such an impression as being the guy who speaks truth to power. you saw that on the way out the door. strong relationship between the president and the vice president. you don't see it that often. there's usually some competition between the two of them. you saw it today with the emotion.
3:35 pm
>> he has been suspect for so long it's easy to forget he was chairman of the foreign relations chairman for a long time. in 2006 he divided -- in hindsight it would have been a good idea. >> i think he continues to play a role in the foreign stage. he has relationship with the foreign leaders. going into the time now with the president-elect and the incoming secretary of state, neither one of them have played a diplomatic role and bid den has. literal of the world. >> do you think he would have beaten trump had he won? >> i do. people debate there and feel crazy about it when you look at the states that hillary clinton needed to win, michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania,
3:36 pm
where he associated with scranton, i don't think joe biden would have lost those three states. >> he had such a sad thing when his son died. we grieved with him when beau died. you could not help but feel the grief that he did. >> it was so public. i think he brought the country -- that was his way of processing it. it was open with his oe motion particularly with the candidate was closed off. he really was moving time. >> he came to washington 40 years ago on base family tragedy. >> i mean, he has had tremendous time here. you have to wonder what it will be like for him on january 21th. >> he going out being loved.
3:37 pm
>> absolutely. >> thank you. heart stopping shoot-out and the dangers cops face every day. why irs delaying refund for 40 million people, maybe you. i love my shop,
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ahyou the law? we've had some complaints of... is that a fire? there's your payoff, deputy. git! velveeta shells & cheese. there's gold in them thar shells. how dangerous is it to be a police officer. you're about to see.
3:41 pm
this shocking dash cam video from georgia. you see officer arriving, he hops over a fence, going toward the house, a pick up trump arrives a man gets out and this happened. >> woe, sheriff's office. sheriff's office. >> shots fired, jackson street. >> the suspect shooting at empty car. you see the officer running for his life and then a shotout. >> 9/11. please, don't do it.
3:42 pm
>> i'm hit. shots are fired. >> the officer pleading, please doesn't do: the officer released from the hop. a new study revealing that 93% are concerned about high host of incidents. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> are you rur priced that police officers are afraid. >> thanks the good lord protected that deputy. because where two folks was killed and one assassinated by a scum bag. working in law enforcement, it is a time i have never experience what i'm experiencing now.
3:43 pm
and when i send my men and women, i say a prayer and hold my breathe because i don't know what to expect. they are assassinating police officers as they sit in their car. are we guardian or warriors. 44% officer surveyed, theesslation training are mentioned in the report, i think the pew report 11 or 14% of the folks responded do it. before i became sheriff, we have 250 officers. in my ten and a half as chief, we only -- we had 6,500 officers and average 45 shootings per
3:44 pm
year. majority of the officers never pulled their guns out of the holster. the time was different. when i got in my shot-out -- was there a policy violation i did not worry about the backlash from the community, now they worry about everything they are doing out there and wonder -- >> missed parts of all of this, the communities are raw. there's problems with education, poverty, and the thing that boar they ares me, we give state money to the politician to promise to fix the area, and they don't fixes, they expect the police to bail them out. there's a lot being asked of men and women in the communities. >> i couldn't agree with you
3:45 pm
more. the federal government pushes through the state and county, who pushes it down to us. a lot riots was about the social inequality rather than the police officer, the police officer are become the to kal point. >> they expect you to go in and solve the problem. you make arrest and the targets. >> we represent the government when we walk into the situation situation and the folks take frustration out on the leaders. >> we need more members of the leader to think of the what the police go through. thank you for joining us. i'm sorry for the two law
3:46 pm
enforcement officer this week. >> thank you, they are going to need it. just ahead, slapped in charges. will keep other corporations in line. s drug-free aleve direct therars, the search for relief often leads here. today there's drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. ♪
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we are back with three stories you may not know. bus at facebook ways to read mind. the rumors are flying. brain computer interface engineer. in the past mark zuckerberg scribe. number two delays, i'd thieves the delaying refund give more time to screen refunds for fraud. >> this year, a new ad shows off
3:50 pm
the ad by using tom brady. i it.
3:51 pm
in 2008. we had the financial meltdown on wall street. who was prosecuted. you had toyota. who was prosecuted? >> are you happy it's finally happening? >> we're talking about six germans nationalists being prosecuted. >> five and city and germany. here is the problem, before what would happen they go over the corporation, they extract $800 million fine, the people who are guilty, they don't have to do anything.
3:52 pm
they don't perp walk or pay a fine and 800 million come out of the bag. your thoughts. >> should be extracted from volkswagen. you have five german shl nationals, actual six, his own lawyer ratted him out. his lawyer told united states government officials that he would be in florida on vacation. his golf game didn't go well, he got popped by the authorities and he currently being held in custody. we do in the have garn fees that five people are going to come back ichlkts it is a start. finally, finally, i can't believe anyone of you are not someone going after the culprit. >> it's a start. this is end of the obama
3:53 pm
administration for eight years in this administration for other administration can you tell me what is the start on prosecuting executivings. it hasn't been there. we have prosecuted pickpocketed and they don't go to jail. fat cats don't go to jail. >> what about a trump administration, a business administration the. >> isn't this the al mighty dollars. we got cheated by a german-based company. maybe people will be happy to see there's account ability i. ijts. >> what account ability. i don't see trump and his
3:54 pm
administration going after them. obama administration didn't go after them. the bush administration didn't go after them. but clinton administration didn't go after them. if you count the little man in jail versus top executives from this company it's like the home. >> ted going moving from the united states. i'm happy to see something has been done. the reality executives are insullated. now the boom is being lowered. >> ted, next come back tell us how you feel. thank you both. who is the most decedent guy in washington, d.c. who is it? stand by after the break.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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i want to say something "for the record." i was watching my colleague andrea mitchell interview joe biden and i thought i wish i could have done it. he is hand down by the nicest man you will ever meet. even people who don't agree with him, they love them. because joe biden, he is plain old decent. i remember one time i gave him trouble on my somehow at that other network for something he said or done, and a few danes
3:59 pm
later i ran into him, he saw me and gave employee a new ge on my head, i have been given him trouble. that's joe biden giving me how. i'm not alone in admiring him for his decency. the amtrak staff still all these years later are saying joe biden, what a nice guy. every one who knows him says it. vice president biden bring decency to the dirty business of politics. remember jeff sessions remarks in the 1980s, instead he said in his joe biden way, people can change. i wish we had more joe bidens in this town. don't you. thank you for watching the.
4:00 pm
call your dvr. follow me on twitter @greta. "hardball" with good matthews starts right now. trump verse cia. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. trump calls this spy agencies nazi, they feel the need to share news about them that's the way trump sees it. the president-elect public dispute has given wedge between the


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