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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 13, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that does it for us. see you tomorrow. now time for last call with lawrence o'donnell. i said it's been very busy this week with confirmation hearings for donald trump's cabinet picks. dr. carson did his best to woo the senators with personal stories like this. >> i went from the bottom of the class to the top of the class, much to the consternation of the students that used to dummy, now they come to say, benny, benny, how do you work this problem? and i would say, sit at my feet, perhaps a little obnoxious. the confirmation hearings for donald trump's cabinet picks continue, but some of his nominees are contradicting him
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on key issues. plus, james comey's e-mail investigation is back in the spotlight with the watchdog announcing an investigation into the matter. and the vice president joe biden gets a surprise sendoff as president obama awards him the presidential medal of freedom. ♪ good morning, everyone. it is friday, january 13. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. top members of the democratic campaign including bill clinton and hillary clinton, believe the james comey review of the e-mail server is why they lost the
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election. in july they described hillary clinton's behavior as careless. then in october, comey writes congress about discovery of e-mails believed to be pertinent to the investigation. and then before the election said the e-mails didn't show anything else to influence the election. for his part comey said, i am grateful to the department of justice's ig for taking on this review. he is professional and independent and the fbi will cooperate fully with his office. i hope he's able to share his conclusions with the public because everyone will benefit from thoughtful evaluation and transparency regarding this matter. support came from both sides of the aisle including the republican house chair jason
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chaffetz and high-profile democrats. >> there were strange things that neither side of the political aisle liked and they need to answer for those. >> i think steps were taken by the leader of the fbi near the election that were not precedented, did not ever happen before. his statement about whether there was going to be an opening investigation or closing the investigation, i don't think was fair, professional or consistent with the policies the federal bureau of investigation had. >> it's been a busy week for comey to address the russian intelligence report and was impressed whether the campaign, trump campaign looked into the allegations. >> there are numerous reports saying that the russians have had contacts with people associated with the trump campaign. my question for you, director comey, is has the fbi investigated these reported relationships. and if so, what are the agency's
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findings? >> thank you, senator. i would never comment on investigations whether we have one or not in an open forum like this. so i really can't answer one way or another. >> mr. comey, did you answer the question that there is an investigation underway as to connections between either the political campaigns and the russians? >> i didn't say one way or another. especially in a public forum, we never confirm or deny pending an investigation. >> the ironny of your making that statement here i cannot avoid, but i'll move on. >> sometimes we think differently about closed investigations. but you asked me if i had any pending investigations and we're not going to talk about that. >> the first three days of senate confirmation hears showing cabinet members breaking from the policies that donald trump's campaigned on. and statements that their commander in chief was making as recently as this week. >> donald j. trump is calling
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for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. although the close is temporary, we must find out what is going on. >> i have no belief and do not support the idea that muslims as a religious group should be an addition to the united states. >> i don't think it is ever appropriate to if cuss on something as religion as the only factor. >> we have to fight so viciously and violently because we're dealing with violent people. we can't do waterboarding, which is not the nicest thing but it's peanuts compared to many alternatives. >> if you were ordered by the president to restart the cia's use of enhanced interrogation techniques that fall outside of the army's manual, would you comply? >> senator, absolutely not. >> congress is taking an action now, it makes it absolutely
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improper and illegal to use waterboarding or any other form of torture. >> i don't think we should ever come close to crossing the line that is beyond what we as americans intend to follow in terms of interrogation techniques. >> we are going to build a wall. they are saying, oh, man, how do i get down from this wall? >> a physical barrier itself will not do the job. it has to be a later defense. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what, folks? that's called an asset, not a liability. >> the most important thing is that we recognize the reality of what we deal with with mr. putin. and we recognize that he's trying to break the north atlantic alliance. >> some are finding daylight of the incoming members of the campaign historic. louis, president-elect donald trump's choice for director of the central
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intelligence agency went before the senate yesterday in open and closed hearings. republican congressman mike pompeo of kansas recently elected to his fourth term sought to e lay the intelligence community's uneasiness about the new president while also denouncing leaks. >> as a member of the house intelligence committee, i fully appreciate the need for transparency and support from members of congress. i've lived it. we owe it to our constituents to get to the bottom of intelligence failures, but we owe it to the brave americans of the intelligence community not to shirk our responsibility when unauthorized disclosures to the media expose controversial intelligence activities. >> pompeo spoke out about russian involvement in the presidential election and promised to continue investigating what happened. >> it's pretty clear about what took place there. i'm very clear about what that intelligence report says. this was an aggressive action taken by the senior leadership inside of russia and america has an obligation and the cia has a part of that obligation to
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protect that information. >> and there was a startling moment during senator mark warner's comments about russia when the feed abruptly cut out. >> finally, as you know, chairman burr and i have committed to conduct a review of the intelligence supporting the intelligence committee's assessment that russia at the direction -- >> you see it there, the feed went break. the hearing room plunged into darkness as the room and lights went out. and kelly o'donnell shot the video of the committee going into recess. when the power didn't come back on they moved to a different building. in a town hall, white house speaker paul ryan addressed a number of issues the incoming administration will face. he broke with president-elect trump saying congress won't create a deploration committee.
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>> when people kept confident that our border is secure and borders are endorsed, then i believe that all people in the coup industry will be in a much better position to fix these thorny or bigger problems. but if you're worried about, you know, some deportation force coming knocking on your door this year, don't worry about that. everybody thinks there's some deportation force being assembled, that's not happening. >> president-elect trump used the phrase deportation force. that's why people think it. >> i know. but i'm here to tell you in congress, it's not happening. in another exchange over russia, house speaker ryan took a tough tone on president vladimir putin underscoring the divide between the president-elect and some republican lawmakers. >> russia is a menace, a global menace, led by a man who is menacing. vladimir putin does not share our interests. i think we have to step up our game on russia. i think we have to step up our
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game with respect to confronting russia when they act like this, when they frustrate our interests. i do believe that they tried to effect our elections by meddling in our elections. if you're going to meddle in elections, you're trying to affect it. there's no place for it. the fact that a foreign government tried to meddle in another government's elections is wrong. so i do think sanctions are called for. >> it was an emotional afternoon at the white house when president obama surprised joe biden with an honor only two other vice presidents have ever received. >> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. >> you can see it there. the vice president was overcome with emotion. he was turning around at times to try to regain his composure. he said he had, quote, no inkling of the honor and was coming with his wife and senior staff to toast their incredible journey.
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while the president awarding this distinction only been bestowed on three other people, pope john paul ii. president obama called joe biden the finest vice president we have ever seen. >> folks don't just feel like they know joe the politician, they feel like they know the person. what makes him laugh, what he believes, what he cares about. pretty much every time he speaks, he treats us to wisdom from the nuns that taught him in grade school or an old senate colleague, but of course most frequently cited katherine and joseph sr., his mom and dad. no one's better than you, but you're better than nobody. bravery resides in every heart and yours is fierce and clear. when you get knocked down, joey, get up!
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get up! get up! >> that's one that makes us all smile there. the presidential medal of freedom was established by john f. kennedy back in 1963. the other two vice presidents who received it before, nelson rockefeller and hubert humphrey. still ahead, the daughters of george w. bush offer advice to sasha and malia bush as theye the white house. and look at this photo that took place last week. check that out and we'll come right back.
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we mentioned earlier that house speaker paul ryan addressed a number of issues in a town hall last night. one of the things he talked about was a video making its round last week. the teen here seemed to confuse ryan by dabbing during a photo session, but ryan cleared everything up last night. >> you know, i actually do know what a dab is, okay? just for the record. it's this, you know. i do. so the most amusing thing was, what, a week ago when we swore people in, this congressman's son, we were doing the pose, he was doing it -- he wasn't doing a dab, by the way, it looked like he was sneezing. he was holding a bible and going like this, so that's not dabbing in my opinion. cam newton dabs. >> you remember the teen got grounded. his father said, straighten up.
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former president george w. bush's daughters sasha a-- general fla and barbara bush wrote a letter to sasha and malia obama. now you are about to join another rarefied club. one of former first children. you will be writing the story of your lives, beyond the shadow of your famous parents, yet you will always carry the experiences of the eight years. you won't have the weight of the world on your young shoulders anymore. explore your passions, learn who you are, make mistakes, you are allowed to. your parents will be rooting for you as you begin your next chapter and so will we. the letter is one they wrote eight years ago just as the obama sisters were preparing to enter the white house. that's pretty nice, don't you think, bill karins? >> i love the mistakes part, because we all do it, you learn from it and hopefully don't do too much damage along the way.
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speaking of damage, an ice storm this weekend will be one of the more significant ice storms we have had, probably going back two or three winters. it is already beginning. on our radar here, the blue shows you where it is snowing. the pink shows the freezing rain already starting in southern missouri. and three days from now we'll show you freezing rain on this radar map. we have almost 10 million people under an ice storm warning including st. louis, kansas city, joplin, springfield, wichita, oklahoma city is in a freezing rain advisory. they are a close call how bad it's going to be. then areas like indianapolis, cincinnati, south of pittsburgh are under a freezing rain advisory. eventually, we'll get the freezing rain to omaha and des moines. looks like chicago, you're probably going to avoid a lot of icing with this storm, so that is the bulk of it. when you get problems with ice, when you get over an half inch of ice, you get the power lines coming down, the tree limbs to snap and break. as far as the icy accumulation map goes, again, very light accumulation of ice in areas of the southern ohio valley. the real problems are going to
2:19 am
be north texas, oklahoma, kansas and the southern half of missouri. when you get up into the brighter colors here, the pinker shades, that's over a half inch. that's when we'll have significant impacts. again, we'll watch you closely here in northern oklahoma, areas of western kansas and all of southern missouri. again, kansas city and st. louis, you're on the edge of the very heavy ice. it's not certain you're going to see a ton of power outages, but it is possible even in the me o metropolitan areas. st. louis, you'll get a break going throughout tonight. but then as we go towards tomorrow, the heavier stuff will be here near oklahoma, southern kansas and kansas city. you have to remember on sunday, we have the football game in kansas city with the steelers coming to town. we'll have a 1:00 start east coast time. and that could be very interesting on sunday. it will probably be going from freezing rain over to rain, but that could have a half inch of ice and power outages in the area. i'm sure they will play the game and fans will get there, but it will be dangerous. and president obama leaves
2:20 am
office in just a few days and certainly has made his mark on earth. and now quite literally on mars. yesterday nasa's curiosity rover tweeted an epic photo of the way it has honored the president by carrying his and vice president biden's signatures to mars. the president tweeted his gratitude on what may be his final dad joke as president adding, this is out of this world, thanks, nasa. pretty cool. >> that is very cool on mars. that's awesome. still ahead, the san diego charge chargers' upcoming move to l.a. is not going over well with their fans. and dwyane wade proves he still has it. sports is next with louis. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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welcome back. time now for sports. the chargers have officially changed up their social media profile to show off the l.a. dodgers-style logo after dean spanos announced the news yesterday morning. >> it's not a great feeling for sure, okay? but at some point in your life no matter what it is, you have to make a decision to move forward. i made a decision to move forward, we're coming to los angeles. this is our new home. we're not expecting anything for nothing. we have to fight for everything we're going to get here. we're going to have to fight to earn the respect of our fans, we're going to have to fight hard on the field, we're going to have to put a winning product out there. >> there are going to be personnel changes coming with the move.
2:24 am
he's set to hire buffalo's anthony lynn as head coach who finished as interim coach for the bills. meanwhile, the news is not sitting well with san diego fans who spent the night destroying their now outdated apparel and memorabilia. but former chargers linebacker shawn merrimen said, if anybody is thinking about burning my jersey, i'm not lebron, i'm going to come find you. his stuff will survive. and the rams have announced the redskins offensive coordinator sean mcveiay will be the new he coach. the 30-year-old will be the youngest coach in league history. that i will balance that out by bringing veteran defensive coordinator wade phillips. he led the denver broncos' defense the past two seasons. now we'll go to the links for the first round of the sony open where in honolulu that sounds nice. justin thomas leads the pack after becoming the seventh player to ever shoot a 59 on the
2:25 am
pga tour. thomas' card included two eagles and eight birdies. we'll see if he can carry that momentum into the weekend. to the nba last night, dwyane wade shows he still has ups. the 34-year-old future hall-of-famer throwing down his one-handed dunk against the knicks. wow. when you throw an airball three-pointer in your home crowd of madison area garden? asked carmelo anthony. take a look at this. >> and the knicks reset, focusing again on anthony. anthony for three -- way off. carmelo anthony hearing it from the crowd. >> nothing but air. anthony booed after that shot but regains himself with 23 points to lead over the bulls in the end. and getting close to the nba stars with the mavericks and suns facing off south of the border last night. one fan did try his best to take
2:26 am
a selfie with his son's tc.j. ward snapping a photo as warren fell into the front row. the mavs win it 113-108. listen, you have to get the selfie where you can get it. just make the effort and snap it quickly. >> no! that was just wrong! >> i appreciate it. >> all right. i appreciate the effort, i guess. still ahead, vice president joe biden weighs in on the republican-led effort to repeal and replace obamacare but seems skeptical. plus, james mattis wins a major victory in his bid for confirmation. those stories and much more are coming up next. it's not just a car... it's your daily retreat.
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♪ welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. it's the top of the hour, we'll get you started with the top stories here. >> and the fbi is looking into james comey's handling of the hillary clinton e-mails. and president obama is ending the policy that grants residency to cubans who arrive in the u.s. without visas.
2:31 am
tens of thousands of cubans fleeing oppression have arrived here in the u.s. since the policy was established in 1995. the changes effective immediately and is likely the president's final move to normalize cuban relations, to it comes with opposition. and house speaker paul ryan says he and the president-elect's team are working on a plan for a, quote, humane solution for the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children, saying there will be no, quote, deportation force. this follows donald trump's pledge during the campaign to undo the obama executive ord they are a grants them relief. what donald trump knew and when about a dossier of information smearing him is evolving. an official tells nbc news after a meeting with heads of intelligence last friday, fbi director james comey took mr. trump aside and spoke to him one-on-one about the existence of unverified allegations about his ties and activities in russia. director of national intelligence james clapper said
2:32 am
the intelligence community did not consider the 35-page document about trump reliable. a summary of which was included with the toxic report on russia's influence on the election in an appendix called disinformation. trump said, i saw the information, i read the information outside of that meeting. it's all fake news. and yesterday the vice president acknowledged he and the president had been briefed as well before trump and had this to say to andrea mitchell. >> was it a mistake for the intelligence community to even include that unverified opposition research, disinformation material, the two-page addendum, even include in the briefing papers? >> we asked that question. and their argument was that this is something that the press already had, not just here in the united states but in other
2:33 am
places. that it would be, that they would be, i hate to use the word direlect, but that file came out of the blue. >> it makes unverified claims that trump and his campaign were being propped up by the russian government and that the russians were also trying to gain leverage over him. the trump campaign insisted yesterday there was no coordination at all between the trump campaign and russian government. this morning a new calling in "the washington post" from david ignatius about michael flynn and russia. he writes, according to a senior u.s. government official, flynn phoned russian ambassador sergey kislyak several times on december 29 the day the obama administration announced the expulsion of 25 russian
2:34 am
officials as well as the other measures in retaliation for the hacking. what did flynn say, and did it undercut the u.s. sanctions? the low began act bars u.s. citizens from correspondence intending to influence a foreign government about disputes with the united states. was its spirit violated? the trump campaign didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. the kremlin is pushing back. >> donald trump said, i think it was russia. was it? >> no, it wasn't. >> president putin didn't order any hacking. >> no, definitely not. >> did he know about any hacking? >> no. >> president-elect trump is wrong when he said russia did it. >> definitely wrong. >> as to whether or not the russians did it? i've come to conclude after this briefing that a person of reasonable intelligence who does not conclude that the russians
2:35 am
did it really doesn't want to believe the russians did it. donald trump's pick for defense secretary has won a major bid in his confirmation, while becoming the latest nominee to break through the president-elect on policy. the senate yesterday approved by a wide margin a waiver that would allow retired general james mattis to become head of defense. a law requires the department to be run by a civilian who is not serving in the military or has for at least seven years. mattis retired seven years ago. he was cleared by the house armed services committee but a much slimmer margin there. the democrats supported this after a hearing was scrubbed with mattis and the committee. the hearing with the senate and armed services committee became the latest pick with a stance against russia. he is looking to calm senators' fears about the president-elect pulling the plug on nato support
2:36 am
and iran nuclear deals. >> do you think this is a terrible deal? >> it's not a deal i would have signed. i think it is an imperfect arms control agreement, it's not a friendship treaty, but when america gives her word, we have to live up to it and work with our allies. i can tell you that my view of putin is that he has chosen to be both a strategic competitor to the chairman's opening statement and an adversary in key areas that i certainly go along with the president-elect saying he wants to have an engagement there, even in our worst years of the cold war we actually still engaged with the soviet union, for example. and i am very modest in expectations about areas of cooperation with mr. putin. senator, if we did not have nato
2:37 am
today, we would need to create it. nato is vital to our national interest. and it's vital to the security of the united states. it's vital to the attention and freedoms of the democracy's that we're alined with. >> meanwhile, senator lindsey graham trying to put the general on the spot with a series of rapid questions on israel. and the president-elect's push to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. >> mr. nominee, what's the capital of israel? >> the capital of israel that i go to the tel aviv, because that's where all the government people are. >> do you agree with me that the capital of israel is jerusalem? >> sir, right now i stick with the u.s. policy. >> okay. do you support moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem? >> i would defer to the nominee of the secretary of state on that, sir.
2:38 am
and dr. ben carson was on capitol hill for his appointment of housing and urban development. he spoke of his upbringing in a section of detroit. he hopes to bring in private sector money to find innovative ways to break cycles of generations on welfare. and it led to this tense exchange with senator elizabeth warren who pressed carson on whether or not the department $47 billion budget would be directed to the real estate ventures involving the trump family. >> can you just assure us that not one dollar will go to benefit either the president-elect or his family? >> it will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any american. it's for all americans, everything that i do. >> do i take that to mean that you may manage program that is will significantly benefit the
2:39 am
president-elect? >> you can take it to mean that i will manage things in a way that benefits the american people. that is going to be the goal. >> to the best you understand that -- >> if there happens to be an extraordinarily good program that is working for millions of people, and it turns out that someone that you're targeting is going to gain $10 from it? am i going to say, no, the rest of you americans can't have it. i think logic and common sense would probably be the best way. >> all in all, it was a sure hearing with carson seemingly headed for confirmation, alex. okay. with just a week left in office, president obama is reflecting on the last eight years and the legacy he'll leave behind. in his final tv interview as president, mr. obama covers a wide range of topics while speaking to "60 minutes." in a preview of the sit-down to air on sunday, he touched on the inability to drum up enough republican support to give him
2:40 am
the upper hand against republicans on certain issues. >> i would have liked to have gotten that one last supreme court justice in there. i would like the supreme court to take a look. >> maybe get a hearing. >> but we couldn't get a hearing. trying to get the other side of the aisle to work with us on issues, in some cases, that they professed originally an interest in. and what that did, i think, made me appreciate, and i have said this before, but it's worth repeating because this is on me. part of the job description is also shaping public opinion. and we were very effective and i was very effective in shaping public opinion around my campaigns. but there were big stretches while governing where even though we were doing the right thing, we weren't able to mobilize public opinion firmly enough behind us to weaken the resolve of the republicans to stop opposing us or to cooperate with us. and there were times during my
2:41 am
presidency where i lost the pr battle. >> now as he prepares to leave office, it appears the public is split on one of the most divisive pieces of president obama's legacy, the affordable care act. a new quinnipiac poll shows 48% of americans are in favor of president-elect trump's support of the efforts to repeal obamacare while 47% are against it. a separate question regarding the repeal of the health law shows even deeper divisions. 18% say all of obamacare should be repealed while 47% say parts of it should be overturned. 31% say they want it to be left alone. meanwhile, house republicans are expected to approve as early as today a measure to get the ball rolling on the obamacare repeal vote. the same legislation passed the senate earlier this week. the president-elect says he wants the repeal to be followed immediately by a replacement, but yesterday in one of his last interviews as vice president, joe biden expressed skepticism to our andrea mitchell.
2:42 am
>> he says that he can get obamacare repealed and replaced in the same day n the same hour. what is he missing here? that's essential -- >> that's when you pass your yearbook around and someone says, lots of luck in your senior year. lots of luck in your senior year, mr. trump. the stock of fiat chrysler took a major hit yesterday. nancy hungerford is joining us now. they just settled a multibillion dollar suit over allegations. how serious are these allegations and do we expect the same? >> the allegations are coming from the epa suggesting that fiat chrysler violating the clean air act. and they are saying there could be a penalty north of $4 billion. but the company came out denying those charges adamantly yesterday. in fact, fiat chrysler's ceo is
2:43 am
speaking to cnbc and said we are not criminals. there was no intention to defeat or cheat on emissions tests as there was in the case of volkswagen. he said that the software at stake here does not qualify as a defeat device. in fact, his defense said that the software in question, even though it was not disclosed to authorities, was intended to protect the engines of the vehicles. we are talking more than 10,000 jeep cherokee models and rams. we are seeing a rebound in the domestic shares higher by 3% in europe. we'll look to see if that continues in the u.s. session. elsewhere, investors are keeping a close eye on banks as they kickoff earnings season. when you look at the post-election rally on wall street, many are saying this is the true test for the trump rally, whether it can go further if corporate fundamentals hold up to the test. overall, banks are expected to do pretty well. i spoke to an analyst earlier
2:44 am
who said, expect strength in jpmorgan given their scope. they will benefit from the recovering economy in the united states. the rising interest rate environment is expected to be a key theme as well. and lookout for wells fargo's report to see if we get any additional updates on the cross asset selling scandal. >> nancy hungerford, live from london, thank you very much. a deadly house fire hits home for one of the top democrats in the house. plus, he didn't get a cabinet position but apparently there's a role for rudy giuliani in the trump administration after all. but not any of the ones he was short-listed for. we're back in a moment.
2:45 am
2:46 am
2:47 am
welcome back, everyone. this is just tragic news to report out of baltimore. an aide to congress elijah cummings is in critical condition after being hurt in a massive house fire that claims the lives of six of her
2:48 am
children. that blaze broke out shortly after midnight yesterday morning and ripped through kay malone's two-story home. ma lone's 8-year-old daughter saved herself and hurt 4-year-old and 5-year-old brothers by carrying them out to safety. now both boys are fighting for their lives. president obama signed a proclamation in the civil rights district being called a national monument. this now includes an abandoned hotel where martin luther king planned demonstrations and the children where four young girls were kill in a bombing. president obama named two more monuments, one in east alabama honoring the freedom riders, and the other in coastal south carolina paying tribute to freed slaves in the reconstruction era. this is the first national monument dedicated to reinstruction. a nice story there. bill, what do we have for weather? >> a lot of interesting things. d.c. this weekend could be interesting. saturday we'll get a wintry mix,
2:49 am
some ice and a little bit of snow mix in. but it is really the middle of the country where we are focused on damaging weather, people without power in the middle of winter. already the freezing rain there, 9 million people in the winter storm warnings including st. louis, kansas city, columbia, springfield, wichita, oklahoma city to indianapolis. cincinnati, you're under a freezing rain advisory. we have 16 million people under that, so in total now, we are up to 25 million people. and this is the ice accumulation map. usually we show you the snow map, how much snow you'll get. you don't like to see how much ice you'll get. that's how thick the ice will be on power lines, trees, cars, sidewalks, everywhere. and then again, northern oklahoma, southern portions of kansas. when you get the pink colors, that's where it is serious. we expect lighter amounts near st. louis and kansas city, maybe .10 to .25, but you will get a lot of slip and falls and a lot of people heading to the emergency rooms with forecasts like that. today, the warmth is ending. you're waking up to warm conditions in new england. as the day goes on, it will get
2:50 am
cooler. yesterday was ridiculous on the east coast. it was like march or april-like conditions in many areas, but it will be returning to reality throughout the weekend. the ice storm begins in oklahoma, missouri, illinois during the day today. it continues into saturday. notice there's a wintry mix from baltimore, philadelphia, d.c. not a lot of snow or ice but just a little bit. by the time we get to sunday, the ice storm continues in the middle of the country. at least oklahoma warms up and we'll do the big melt there. it should be an interesting football game there in kansas on sunday. it will be fun there with a little freezing rain and rain. it could be messy. >> very messy. hey, i'm glad california is out of the flooding headlines and the mountain snow. >> california is out of it for four to five days. we'll talk about another big storm heading through thursday of next week. >> thank you, bill. former u.n. chief ban ki moon returned to south korea yesterday. is he going to get them out of their political crisis? that's next.
2:51 am
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welcome back. rudy giuliani has a new role within the trump administration. officials learned he'll be the ad visor on cyber security. according to the statement, giuliani was asked to take the role because of his, quote, very long and successful government career in law enforcement. and his 16 years of work providing security in the private sector. >> there's an awful lot of research going on here and in israel and germany on cyber
2:54 am
defense. i spent a lot of time going there, working on that, an it's going to be my job to bring these people to the president and then obviously to the people in his administration so they can share with him, number one, their problems. and number two, their solutions. >> giuliani was a loyal trump supporter throughout the presidential race. he had been floated for a series of posts in the administration including attorney general. secretary of state and director of national intelligence. right now giuliani chairs the global cyber security practice at greenberg cheurig. and current president park was recently impeached.
2:55 am
what is the latest on this, lieu cyst kafanov? lucy kafanov? >> reporter: ban canki moon doe seem to be popular. there's a gallup poll placing him second in the survey of presidential favorites. he got a big boisterous welcome yesterday where he had a press conference and hintsed he may run, and he'll make a selfless decision with a humble heart adding the decision won't take long. his supporters hope he can lead the country out of the current political process. the president park was impeached last month for allowing a close friend of hers to infer in government for 40 years and extort money from big companies. we saw big protests in the streets. she was stripped of her powers
2:56 am
and now we wait for the constitutional court to decide if they kick her out of office. if it does, we will see a snap poll and ban ki moon will possibly be entering the race. we'll have to watch for the increasingly aggressive impact of north korea. in the past he's tried to diffuse tensions. foreign policy is his huge strength, but that won't necessarily win him the election. >> lucy, thank you. when we come back, a look at stories happening in the day ahead.
2:57 am
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before we toss it over to "morning joe," here's a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. the public will get a chance to pay respects to the orlando police officer kill in the line of duty earlier this week. master sergeant debra clayton was shot on monday while per suing a fugitive wanted for killing his ex-girlfriend. and that man is still on the run. meanwhile, the justice department is set to release its report into possible civil rights violations by the chicago police department. the doj launched the probe in the wake of the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old la kwan
3:00 am
mcdonald back in 2014. and home lant security secretary jeh johnson is expected to discuss the security preparations ahead of donald trump's inauguration. that's one week from today. >> that's unbelievable. >> it's that is exactly one week from today. >> incredible. >> "morning joe" starts right now on this friday! >> it's friday! >> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civil honor. the presidential medal of freedom. >> good morning. >> what a wonderful moment. joe biden had to turn around. he was so moved by it all. >> it's friday, january 13th. with us on set, veteran columnist and msnbc contributor mike barnicle. >> the lernlgendary. >> legendary. >> former treasury


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