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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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dominick chu, have a great be d weekend. >> you got it. >> that does it for us. >> thank you for sock patient with thus week. i'm sorry. >> stop talking. >> i'm sorry. >> don't say a word. >> i'm not saying anything. the delay is off. >> i don't want to hear it. okay. stephanie pucicks up the covera. >> i love wlit you say stop talking to the table. this morning, under investigation, guess what i'm talking about? the head of the fbi now in the hot seat. the justice department set to prove his agency's hand willing of clinton's e-mails. >> there were a lot of anomaly that's happened. several things that raised eyebrows. >> surprise, surprise. donald trump reacting this morning. and was trump told? news nbc news reporting it was james comey who told the president-elect about the unverified allegations in that report. this hour the heads of the intelligence agencies will brief the congress on what they know.
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obamacare ace fate is in the balance. the house of representatives with a key vote this morning to dismantle the health care law but then what? >> we want to replace it with something better. >> how about something nice then? this emotional surprise from vice president joe biden that people just can't get enough of. >> and this morning, a letter from the bush twins to the obama girls. their advice for life after the white house. >> enjoy college. as most of the world knows, we did. >> that is beautiful. we've got to begin today with something less beautiful, the news that fbi director himself is under investigation. the justice department's inspector general will look into whether he acted appropriately in his handling of hillary clinton's e-mails, action sometimes democrats say cost hillary clinton the election.
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guess what? we've got the best team and the best panel to cover that and all of today's news. i want to start with kristen welker in d.c. we're already getting reaction from the president-elect. what he is saying? >> he's firing off at his former rival, hillary clinton. this is yet another story line that's getting under his skin with just about a week until he's inaugurated. let me read you his tweet and then get into the details. he is tweeting, what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi? based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as heck although he didn't use that word. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm. it is clear, steph, that anything that questions this election cycle continues to irritate the president-elect. so what is this investigation about s about? the inspector general is looking
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into a couple of key points. the striking announcement that james comey made in july when a lot of people said went aagainst protocol and discussed the investigation publicly. he wasn't going to recommend charges against hillary clinton but said she was extremely careless in her use of a private e-mail server. and then that big bombshell that, october surprise coming just 11 days before the election when he sent out a letter saying that he was looking into newly discovered e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop. here's what fbi director james comey is saying this morning. oim i'm grateful to the department of justice's ig for taking on this revuchlt everyone will benefit from thoughtful evaluation and transparency regarding this matter." one more interesting note about this, steph, this move has bipartisan support. congressman jason chafitz who is investigating hillary clinton's e-mails to this day says this is the right move. and so do democrats and former clinton campaign officials although a lot of them and i've
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been working the phones and talking to them overnight, say they believe this say move that is coming too little too late. i asked one of her top advisors if he felt as no comey cost her the election. he said we can't point to one individual factor but it hurd her momentum in the final days. >> all right. if i seem excited it's because of my panel. we're having an all women girl power day. ladies, welcome. i want to start with you, congresswom congresswoman. there is a story saying that james comey have to go. >> yeah. look, clearly his actions are the trail that the public has had to follow. n. term in term of handling the hillary clinton e-mail situation. it is commonly agreed that she
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did not follow the protocols she should have to assure the security of the united states. so i don't think that comes into question. but starting with the conversation, the cozy conversation that her husband had with loretta lynch on the plane in las vegas, i suspect and i think many others do that put the fbi director in something resembling an untenable position in which he tried to handle as competently as he could without appearing to be biassed. >> and did he? >> well, he clearly equally salvaged hillary clinton in a sense. he took the burden away from loretta lynch and i think lore yaet lynch's role in all of this should be studied as well. sow took the burden off when he said, look, i don't think any reasonable prosecutor would take this case on.
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>> but that's not really his role. >> that is very convenient for loretta lynch who said, you know what? i'm going to leave it to the fbi. that was the first step. >> i think when we talk about this and it's really wise to raise the question of competence. i think what this will look at and what most people look at james comey's actions, it was a question of competence. it was was he acting within his role in doing what he did in july? i think it's difficult to even remember how bombshell both of these incidents were in july with him really going out and detailing what he felt were the trans gregss of hillary clinton. but then in october, 11 days before the election to put out that letter, that really had no flesh on the bones of what were in the new e-mail that's they were reopening the investigation, an unprecedent the action which i think many people in the intelligence community in, the government and prior administrations said had no precedent and really did disrupt not just -- we shouldn't look at this from hillary clinton and the momentum of her
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campaign but the position that fbi should be taking in terms of these matters. it is very serious thing. it is a good thing sikt loit is looked at but it keeps democrats on the back foot still looking past instead of looking forward. >> unprecedented sort of the word. so much that it's difficult to handle. we'll be going forward. i want to stay on. this we have to talk about something else. republicans fwoid get rid of obamacare. they have already begun the process. to date shouse going to take the first steps towards repeal. tell us about this vote today. >> this is the first step in what's increasingly looking like a longer process than some republicans hoped to repeal this health care law. this is a bill that the senate passed late in the middle of the night -- earlier this week. the senate is going to vote this afternoon. en that is going to set the blueprint for how this law is going to be repealed. now this is the relatively easy
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part of this for republicans. this basically sets up a process where they can pass the repeal with only republican support. they'll only need 51 votes in the senate. there are 52 votes, republican votes in the senate. the problem is going to be the replacement part of. this this bill doesn't provide a good way to replace the health care law. and they're going to need 60 votes for that. so that's why you're suddenly starting to see some republicans say, hey, you know, maybe we shouldn't rush into this. maybe we should definitely replace this right at the same time as we repeal it. the problem is it's very hard to see how they do that. on one hand, you have president-elect donald trump saying this is going to happen in the same week, maybe the same hour, that's what he said, at his press conference earlier this week. actually making that happen on capitol hill is extraordinarily difficult and a lot of democrats are telling republicans, you know, hey, we tried to do. this we tried to do it just with democratic votes and we passed this law in the first place. it did not go very well for us. so right now democrats digging
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in saying they aren't going to help republicans repeal this law -- excuse me, replace this law if they repeal it. it is setting up a massive showdown that will take place over the next six weeks, three months here on capitol hill. steph? >> all right. thank you. i want to bring back our panel. is this not president-elect trump's problem in a nutshell? we're going it change it, do better, do away with it buchlt here you go, brother, what you are going to deliver? do republicans have a plan here? >> republicans definitely have great elements of a plan from many different angles among the republicans in the house and the senate. but there are key features they share. they want to allow for universal access. i think a tax credit system is what's been most widely discussed. they want to allow for portability of insurance. they want to eliminate the masses of mandates that came with the affordable care act that actually unfortunately
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while premiums may have gone down in certain places, deductibles have gone up. someone thohas to pay for the mandates. tax credits, universal access, portability are all part of a republican plan. >> megan k. all that get tied up with a bow and delivered, you know, one, two, three, like -- i mean donald trump never worked would be the government before. he's not even run a public company with all the arms and legs. he can really make this happen in such short snored. >> it's been seven years for republicans to come up with a really comprehensive plan to replace obamacare. yes, we had certain elements of it. we certainly don't have a framework. we certainly don't have the flesh and bones of what they're going to do in terms drug pricing and actually replacing the mandates and what type of tax credits people would get, how we keep it affordable, how we keep insurers vested in the system. onest biggest problems is making it actually commercetially able for insurance to stay in this market. so i think when we talk --
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>> that's a reason it's so expensive. >> i think kasie's estimates were optimistic. we're not looking at weeks or months, we're looking at years. and their ability to get a compromise on this, this is 20 million people who have health care. these are people who had conditions, some of the sickest people that were brought back into the system. this is complex. this is hard. this is going to be one of his toughest jobs to tackle. >> the extraordinary thing is one thing that donald trump is fantastic at is pr. and tight, clear communication which president obama did not do a good job at whether it's obama care or tpp. presentati presentation. >> he admitted it in his exit interview so to speak. i agree with you, stephanie. i think it's going to be imperative that president trump continue to communicate very closely with the american people. that's how you create the public pressure on members of the senate in particular in this case and membersst house to get together and pass replacement. >> so there's a lot of americans
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out there, though, who don't even understand that the affordable care act is obamacare or that there is access to cheaper drug prices to health plans came out as a part of that law. >> because he didn't necessarily do a great job selling it. >> completely agree. >> and it is flawed. >> it doesn't work in real lives. and trump is going to face a real battle in states like michigan and wisconsin and florida to really convince people when you're talking about people's health care, their access to that system, making this system where people really feel vested in and getting quality of care out of, he's going to face a backlash of what they come up with really doesn't affect that market and bring it up to the level that people want and make ate fordable and allow people to stay in. it is still broken. >> there is a way to make it happen. there is a practical way forward and he and the members of the senate and including democrats and the house can do this. >> all right. he delivered the sizzle, he has to deliver the meat. next sh members of congress are gathering at this moment for a classified briefing on russian
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interfeerns in interference into our election. we have no know what happened. we have details about what told donald trump about that dossier of allegations against him. trump is tweeting about this this morning. but before you go, i want you to just see this really quick. this is a wow for me. you ready for this? c-span, they're online missteerously controlled rt channel for nearly 10 minutes yesterday. now they put out a statement saying it wasn't hacked and they said it was an internal routing error. but hold on a second. what? ten minutes? suddenly rt is on the air? i don't know, that feels crazy to me. hut!
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right now you're looking at members of congress about to walk into this very important meeting intelligence leaders are holding. it's closed door session right now moments from now on russia hacking. the directors of national intelligence, the cia and the fbi are going to be briefing members of the house and at the same time president-elect donald trump is releasing a new tweet this morning blaming the intelligence agencies for leaking that so-called dossier. the 35-pages of unverified allegations against him prepared by a former british spy for an anti-trump client before last year's election. i want to get the details from kasie hunt back with us from capitol hill. first, you have new details on when mr. trump was briefed about the dossier. what is important about this is that donald trump said nobody told me. i didn't know. so people want to get a better understanding. did he? >> right. >> well, steph, our latest nbc
6:18 am
news reporting -- excuse me, i'm battling a cold -- our latest nbc news reporting says that trump was informed of this but it was after that formal briefing he received last friday from intelligence officials. our investigative unit is reporting that jim comey, the fbi director, playing major part in yet another drama, took trump aside and talked to him one one-on-one about the existence and contents of that dossier that was prepared by that outside group. now we do know and our reporting still stands that he was not briefed about this during the formal briefing with all of those officials even though they did have access to it. so we're working on getting more details about exactly what was in that conversation. but that's the latest from our nbc news investigative unit. >> i have to ask you about michael flynn. so many of us are desperate to move on from this russia storey. but we can't. there is this new report out from the "washington post" saying mike flynn, donald trump's choice for national
6:19 am
security adviser, was repeatedly calling the russian ambassador to the u.s. on december 29th, the day when president obama was jacking up the sanctions, removing those 35 russians from u.s. territory. >> yeah. steph, you remember that day there was back and forth about what was the kremlin going to do in response? and initially there was reporting and i'm going to show you right now jim comey just walking in here. he's the person we're watching to day. he is here to brief membersst house on all of this on this -- what the russian influence has been in this election. obviously, i think can you expect he'll get questions on a whole host of these other issues. but back to your initial question, this "washington post" report, a column saying that michael flynn was in touch with the russian ambassador and raising the question of whether or not that might have violated what is called the logan act. it's a lou that prohibits the united states citizens from corresponding with foreign
6:20 am
governments that are against the interests of the united states of america. we should note nbc news hasn't done independent reporting on these phone calls and whether or not they happened. so we're citing david ignaciuos, a long time reporter, columnist at the "washington post." but you will remember that day the kremlin was back and forth on what exactly they were going about this. our initial reporting out of russia was sayg they were going to expel an equal number of dim low mats. soon all of a sudden, vladimir putin said, we're not going toly to anyone out. we're going to invite all the children to a party at the kremlin. an interesting sequence of events. >> we just saw james comey go n he's on the hot seat. >> malcolm, help me understand here. president-elect donald trump continues to deny that unverified dossier exist wlz he heard anything, when learned anything. he is putting backing him sneefl
6:21 am
a corner here? what if james comey can prove, yes, i did tell president-elect donald trump? >> well, he always backs himself into a corner. and this is one that he's not going to be able to get out of. that 35-page document was unsubstantiated. it would have remained unsubstantiated had this not blown up into what it is, an argument about the 35-page document, not the two page document supplement that was part of the classified briefing afterwards by president-elect trump. as of right now, anything else that comes out of this is only going to be a question of whether it validates the information that was in that 35 page document or whether he forces the rumors and intelligence that was apparently verified in the two page supplement whether he forces that out into the media. this is not good for him on any way, shape or form. >> okay. malcolm, when you say it will force him into a corner, a
6:22 am
corner at the white house. what does it actually mean? and to that point, if mike flynn did violate the logan act, what does any of this mean? what happens? >> you know, i read that report this morning by david and "the washington post." and believe me, the story wasn't about president obama dawdling on the russian hacks. this could be a clear violation of the logan act. there is only one president at a time. and for the trump campaign to carry out several communications behind the back of the white house with an adversary nation like russia, calling the russian ambassador, there is only two things that can come out of this. either he was, you know, he can come out and explain to us just exactly what he was doing but you know those communications are most likely targets of other intelligence agencies or the fbi. so we're going to find out at some point what was said there. but his very act of him calling them numerous times at a time
6:23 am
that we are rounding up russian spies and getting them out of this country, i don't know whether this is a question of logan act violation or the espionage act violation. it certainly needs to be looked into. >> all right. malcolm, man, this issue isn't going away as much as i really want it to. >> no. >> next, it's an emotional time at the white house. malcolm is talking about one president at a time. one vp. there is no one more emotional right now than vice president joe biden. we have more on that surprise he got just yesterday. plus this, an open letter from the bush sisters to the obama girls. >> you'll be writing the story of your own lives beyond the shadows of your famous parents.
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comey acted appropriately if his hand willing of hillary clinton's e-mail. the effort to repeal obamacare continues today in overdrive. the house votes at noon on budget mechanism that will allow republicans to repeal the affordable care act with a simple majority. the bill passed the senate early thursday by a margin of 51-48. and the obama administration announced thursday it would end the long standing policy that granted cuban nationals u.s. residency if they set foot on u.s. soil. it is known as wet foot/dry foot. how about a deep freeze? i don't like this one. 30 million people in the path of a massive ice storm that has already caused several states to declare a state of emergency across the midwest and the south. the frigid conditions will last through next week as the storm moves into the upper great plla. the rams have hired, loy love this the young environment head coach in modern nfl history. 30-year-old shawn mcveigh will take over the team after three
6:28 am
years running the offense in washington. i love that. all right. now we get a take you back to that rare investigation that has fbi director james comey in the cross hairs writ feels like he has been for months. the justice department's own inspector general focused on the way comey hand ld the clinton e-mail controversy earlier this morning i spoke with steny hoyer, the second highest ranking democrat in the house. thank you for joining me. >> glad to be with you. >> do you support the inspector general's investigation into director comey? i mean the election is over. donald trump has won the election. what does this really do? >> i think what the inspector general needs to do is were the proper policies followed? was the -- do the facts justify the action that was taken? not so much for what happened in the past, but from what ought to be done in the future. and i think that it's an appropriate step to take to see
6:29 am
whether or not that's in fact the case. obviously, some people believe that the action was taken had an effect on the election. so what you want to ensure is that going forward if in fact it had an effect that that does not happen again. >> what do you think happened? >> this is appropriate. >> i don't think will is any doubt that the initial report that there was going to be an investigation. and then the seven, eight, ten days interim that the investigation was undertaken, there's no doubt in my opinion that had an effect. it had an adverse effect on the clinton campaign. >> and should director comey step down? the wall street journal says he should. zbh i'm not calling for him to step down. i think the investigation is appropriate. and we'll see what it discloses and what the findings are. i think that's appropriate and we'll make an analysis at that point in time. >> let's talk about obama care. i want to share what speaker
6:30 am
ryan said last night about how republicans plan to move forward here. >> we want to do this at the same time and in some cases in the same bill. >> we want to advance repealing this law with its replacement at the same time. we're going to move on this as quickly as we can. >> first 100 days? >> definitely is a plan within the first 100 days to get moving on this legislation. >> republicans are full steam ahead. how do you stop them? >> it's a question of whether or not that's a credible statement. they had 65 opportunities to offer an alternative when they wanted to repeal the affordable care act. they have not do this date after seven years offered an alternative. president trump, president-elect trump has not offered an alternative other than to say you're going to have great health care. well that's fine. then put on the table what that means. how it will be done. how much will it cost? what are the provision that's will be include sntd reality is
6:31 am
the repeal will effect every american not just those who have participated in the exchanges. but every american. and every american who has their insurance through their employer. so we're going to continue to oppose the repeal of the affordable care act which we think has had a very positive effect and literally 30 million americans have insurance that didn't have it before. and millions and millions and millions of other americans, hundreds of millions, frankly, have a better health care program than they had before the affordable care act. >> well, there are some specific things that paul ryan did bring up. he talked about promoting competition between insurance companies. that kind of competition that will lower costs and also let people use tax credits or health savings accounts to buy insurance. do you support those points? >> the tax credits for health savings accounts sound very good if you have some extra money to contribute to those health savings accounts. if you don't have that extra money, if you're a family trying
6:32 am
to get by on $45,000, $55,000, $75,000, the chance of you having that extra dollar is beyond supporting your family and paying mortgage and car payment and trying to help your kids get a good education, that's not going to work very well. and i don't think the speaker, notwithstanding talking about that, has a plan. he has not offered a plan or put it on the table to replace the o fordable care act. so the answer is i don't think that his mentioning a couple of aspects and, of course, the affordable care act creates a marketplace for private sector insurance companies that can compete in any jurisdiction. so the competition in and of itself which ought to bring down prices, which is what the marketplace was set up to do may or may not do so. >> congressman, we heard it before. the devil's in the details. time for details. thank you for joining must this
6:33 am
morning. >> you bet. thanks a lot. and coming up, a contentious week on the hill as trump's nominees go through the confirmation hearings. we're going to find out how they did and why do they seem to contradict so many of donald trump's points? we're going to find out. plus this, why is a republican congressman threatening the government ethics watchdog that criticized donald trump? that story straight ahead. it's just a date.
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we're talking about the key differences between president-elect donald trump and cabinet picks. the first week of confirmation hearings wraps up, mr. trump appears to be embracing the differences tweeting this -- all my cabinet nominees are looking good and doing a great job. i want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine. i want you to take a look at the differences. >> nato in my opinion is obsolete because it's not covering terrorism.
6:37 am
open sow leet for that reason. >> nato, from my perspective, having served once as a nato supreme allied commander is the most successful military alliance probably in modern world history, maybe ever. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> i have no belief and do smot support the idea that muslims as a religious group should be denied admission to the united states. >> you have so many countries already, china, pakistan, you have so many countries, russia, you have so many countries right now that have them. now wouldn't you rather in a certain sense have japan have nuclear weapons when north korea has nuclear weapons? >> we just simply cannot back away from our commitment to see a reduction in the number of the weapons on the planet. >> another one came in today. this wikileaks is like a
6:38 am
treasure-trove. >> i never believed the wikileaks was a credible source of information. >> i'm sorry. what? my panel is back. i need help. megan murphy and ann hayworth. congresswoman, i want to start with you. in theory it is great to have differences of opinions and he is choosing cabinet members that he's going to butt heads with or are these potential cabinet members simply giving answers to get themselves through the hearings? >> well, certainly i know mike pompeo terpersonally. i was in the house of representatives with him you could not have a finer man of accomplishingment and character. he is a west point graduate, top of his class, harvard law. he is as honest as zat long. when he says something, there you can count on his being sincere. and he will work with the president. i think it says -- i think it speaks volumes about the president-elect that all of these worthy candidates who are
6:39 am
highly qualified feel free to speak their minds. >> but what do we believe whether at the same time donald trump is calling the intelligence community in quotes? how do you think mike pompeo feels about something like that? >> the confirmation hearings are getting a little bit less attention than xbekted mainly because we have this dossier, we have in and out james comey thing. some are going through a lot of the statements are getting parsed heavily as we expected. but the main thing is they are contradicting in that level of clips you just showed some of the most outlandish, some of the most outrageous statements everything from the wall to nato and deporting muslims and slowly but effectively the they're dismantling the most outrageous bo boundaries. i don't think is a bad thing for him. most american people are not going to parse it to the level of detail. we have rex tiller son make a
6:40 am
change in american policy talking about the south china sea and china's island building is sort of really clamping down on that, effectively suggesting a blockade. how many people are really listening to that? i think on the margins, they're sort of tempering him and making this administration look a little bit more credible. >> megan, what about saying the word is your bond? >> you believe that donald trump's word shiz bond. >> that's my point. that's my point. >> we should always take the president-elect seriously. you don't necessarily take -- >> about meryl streep? how am i going to do that? >> always take him seriously because he is definitely driving a mission. vivid political statements cannot necessarily be taken literally. they should be taken seriously. i think what you're going to see, don't forget, donald trump is unique in our history. he is a businessman. he has an enormously successful
6:41 am
career that he can point to. he's a negotiator. so many of the strong points he makes in a sense i think are points for public negotiation. this is where we need to start this negotiation. and now we're going to figure out how pragmatically we can get these things done. >> when you start a negotiation, it's different in business than it is in foreign affairs. and when you set out what you're going to do with putin or with china or what you're going to do in the middle east, it's not all or nothing. we can't start at the extremes. they not only contradict what we've done historically for decades but also the internal workings of your own party. i think that's what he's going to have to learn over time. it's one thing to say thing onz twitter. it's another when you're in that meeting. >> before we go -- >> he's going to be a very quick learner. i agree. >> in terms of contradiction, what do you do if you're marco rubio or lindsey graham? marco rubio after really grilling rex tillerson, what can he do? if he backs rex tillerson, what
6:42 am
does he do to his name? >> it left democrats in this quandary wrf they marshal the forces against. marco rubio in an unenviable position like lindsey graham and also forced into a tough position, think about the poor democrats. where are they going to fight on this? whoa are they going to stri to block? what are they going to say we need to marshal behind snt hearings are not getting the public attention. so far they've been unable to back the base behind the nominees. >> chaos. chaos. chaos. all right. next, why is the congressman perfect utah, a republican, threatening the federal ethics chief over donald trump's plans for his companies? that's going to be interesting. ? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
6:43 am
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6:45 am
i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. house republicans have threatened, listen to this to subpoena, subpoena the independent federal ethics watchdog this after the director
6:46 am
slammed president-elect donald trump, his plan about how he plans to deal with his conflict of interest issues. >> the plan the president has announced doesn't meet the standards that best of his nominees are meeting and that every president in the past four decades has met. he's going to be asking our men and women in uniform to risk their lives and conflicts around the world. i don't think the that is too high to pay to be the press of the united states. >> joining me is former assistant attorney general. we're seeing them raise questions, issues that millions of americans are saying donald trump, you have to sever your business ties now that you claim you're going to put the american people first. so how on earth does it make senz sense to see a republican congressman say to the independent ethics office you better not go against the president? that doesn't really feel american. >> well, i don't think he's
6:47 am
saying -- >> what is he snag. >> unamerican and go against the president. >> what he's saying is, as i understand it, number one, why are you tweeting your responses and your political positions? he's calling them political. your position on ethics to the public and the press? why not deal with this as traditionally has been the case? it's unprecedented things happening and everything is unprecedented. one is you don't tweet your ethics position. and i think he is upset about that. >> couldn't one turn to the tweeter in chief, president-elect donald trump who spends his life tweeting? wouldn't than the reason why you would see the office of ethics take this route in response to donald trump? >> everyone has their point of view about who to criticize based upon this. if you don't like the tweeting, as everybody who didn't like trump say why are you tweeting? why are you tweeting? and why are you still tweeting?
6:48 am
then if you take that position, it's thoord say to someone elimination, it's fine for you to tweet. it seems sillily to argue about how this is done, tweeting or nontweeting. we need to talk about the content of whether the president's plan which is announced wednesday is in fact a good plan and it does suit his particular needs and the needs of his organization and the needs of the american people or not. >> and the answer? >> well, i think that is yet to come. what he's done, as i understand it, the president is saying i'm going to set up a trust. it's not a blind trust in the sense that i won't know what is happening. i'll be able to read in the newspaper if the organization has done a deal. >> stop it. you think he's only going to hear the reading in the newspaper? >> i think that what we have to do -- >> it's his sons. >> i think what you have to do is wait. the hardest thing for any of us to do who are sitting on the sidelines sh those of us commentators and news reporters is we're in a silly season now where nothing is happening. so we keep taking whsaying what
6:49 am
to happen? what we need to do is calm down for a moment and wait and see what happens. if the president actually engages in deals -- >> so your answer is -- the answer is no need to put a seat belt on. just let the car crash and see if you die? >> well, i think he would take the position. i'm not defending it. i don't know how it's going to work. but i think he takes the position, his lawyer takes the position that there is already a seat belt on. it is a trust. he's not allowed to do any deals internationally. domestically, it will only happen if there is an ethics officer in the company that approved it. and third, he's not allowed to be -- the president is not allowed to be consulted about it. you could say do you think that's going to work? do you believe that's going to work? and that's a fair question. but i think the answer to that is you have to wait and see. >> wait and see. just before we go then -- and the hotel. no problem that he owns a hotel in d.c. where, you know, foreign leaders could be staying and then donald trump and his family would directly make money off
6:50 am
that? >> no more than probably no more than there was problems when either the rockefeller or kennedy dynasties had interests all over the country including chicago and washington. sadly i'm old enough to remember probably that isn't going to be a controlling factor, whether he has a hotel there. what is a controlling factor is how does he use it, what did you know and when did you know it are still the operating principles in washington. >> he is the president-elect. the electoral college put him in office, you have to give him an opportunity. >> probably. >> probably. all right, thanks so much for joining me. next, the emotional moment between president obama and joe biden. a rare moment of grace and joy in d.c. we're going to share that with you. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
how about this one, the
6:54 am
bromance between president obama and vice president biden was on full display yesterday. >> i am pleased to award our highest medal of honor, the presidential medal of freedom. for the first and only time in my presidency, i will bestow this medal with an additional level of veneration and i'm proud to award the medal to my brother, joseph, robinette biden jr. >> mr. president, this honor is not only well beyond what i deserve but it's a reflection of
6:55 am
the extent and generosity of your spirit. i just hope that the asterisk in history that is attached to my name when they talk about this presidency is that i can say i was part of, part of the journey of a remarkable man. >> that was a really special moment for vice president biden, president obama and really the whole country. what a moment for those two. it's a lot more than a bromance. we're going to take a break. when we come back, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee will be here. how concerned is he over reports that general flynn called a russian ambassador on the same day that president obama was sanctioning russia. was it really a happy new year call? we're going to find out. i mean what? hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer...
6:56 am
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i attended an event this week hosted by arianna huffington, the goal, to raise awareness of how heart disease affects women. it is the number one killer of women in the united states but 80% of those deaths are preventable. ladies, please note those numbers, blood pressure, blood shug and bmi. it very well could save your lives. ladies, we don't need to just be alive, we need to be kicking, especially now. coming up, another strong woman in power, my friend, hallie jackson. >> you said it the best. important message. hi, everybody, i'm hallie jackson, a lot to cover. fbi director james comey apr arriving on the hill. why comey spoke about clinton when he did.
7:00 am
plus trump versus his cabinet picks, not quite eye to eye on things like nato and russia. why that is, what it means for national security and this morning president-elect trump's new response on twitter. with just a week left in office, we're going to have a look at president obama's legacy and hear from some of his closest friends and advisers, including never-before-heard details about the president's relationships with his daughters. but up first this friday, investigating the investigators. more on the inspector general launching a full-scale review into the fbi's handling of hillary clinton's e-mails. so recommending no charges while at the same time calling clinton extremely careless. then the letter in congress in late october about the discovery of new e-mails linked to the case and the conclusions those e-mail shouldn't trigger new action. right now this review kind of a


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