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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 15, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thank you. god bless you. may god continue to bless the united states of america. thank you. ♪ ♪ all right. >> we are showing you what's happening live right now as hundreds have gathered in warren, michigan. they're calling to save the current health care system. this is just one of 70 similar, vents across the country coming just days after congress started repealing obamacare. we'll bring you a live report from that scene in just minutes from now. hello to all of you, i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters. it is 1:00 p.m. in the east and 10:00 a.m. in the west. trump's latest rift with the intelligence community. >> if he doesn't have confidence in the intelligence community what signal does that send to
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our partners and allies as well as our adversies? i think mr. trump has to be very disciplined in terms of what he says publicly, he is going to be in a few days' time the most powerful person in the world in terms of sitting on top of the united states government and i think he has to recognize that his words do have impact and they can have positive impact or undercutting. >> do you think he understands the threat from russia? >> i don't think he has a fuel appreciation of russian capabilities and russia's intentions and actions that they're undertaking around the world and that's the responsibility of intelligence community is. >> he doesn't appear to be backing away from his feud with john lewis. the democrats are angry, with all of the jobs i am bringing back to the nation, we have to
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start making things here again win. >> also today, vice president mike pence coming to the defense of his boss donald trump after congressman lewis suggested he wasn't a legitimately elected president. >> for someone of his stature and not just in the civil rights movement, but in voting rights to make a comment that he did not consider donald trump to be a legitimate president i think is deeply disappointing. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me here in the studio, and safe to say this is not going anywhere fast. >> it goes on such intention emotions on both sides for republicans an conservatives. they balk at someone by saying this election did not follow through freely and fairly in what was an extraordinary and contested year. on the other side, there is hard to imagine a figure who was more beloved by democrats than john lewis and he's part of the modern-day conversation. so when you have these sorts of
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situations and this back and forth that we've seen the president-elect enjoy engaging in, even past a point where even allies of his say enough, it doesn't go away and so i think that's been part of it. i think president-elect's use of twitter will be fun to watch in how it shapes policy or shapes the conversation. will it change at all once he takes the oath? >> so let's hear from some of the principles and first, listen to mike pence from earlier today. here it is. >> i believe the inauguration ceremony itself and this moment in history would greatly benefit if we set aside these baseless assertions about the legitimacy of the election and we look for ways to come together to work together and the president-elect actually in a tweet late last night invited congressman lewis to work with us to bring more prosperity, better schools and more safety to our cities around the country. >> i guess there are those who would hope or perhaps suggest
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things will change once he's president of the united states. so that gives him five days to put that together. what are the expectations? >> i think as past is prolog, there is little that that will happen. it's instantaneously which is quite different than being president-elect and being a candidate. that may shape some of that. when you hear mike pence say that in a tweet he invited congressman lewis, that is a favorable tweet. the president saying i can use all of the help i can get. that is sort of extending a hand and many people won't see it that way. so who has the more daunting responsibility of trying to bring about healing? democrats will boycott and say they won't go to the inauguration and won't work with him? do they have a responsibility? and certainly the president-elect and his team have a responsibility to bring them together.
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he's going without the honeymoon that we're accustom to seeing and that's a challenge for all of the things he wants to get done. >> thank you, kelly o'donnell. thank you for making your way to the studio. we appreciate that. i am joined by msnbc contributor and bob cusack, editor in chief at the hill. hi, guys. good to see you. >> hello. >> jamie, i want to get your view with john lewis, were you expecting a different response? this is the eve of mlk day. >> i think john lewis knew what kind of response he would get from donald trump. and donald trump walked right into his trap. it's not an accident that the most rer cil rights leades of his generation who isll living is having a fight with donald trump the day before martin luther king day. this is reminiscent of the way that democrats bated trump in
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picking a fight with the khan family. it's reminiscent of him picking a fight with alicia machado and former beauty contestant and they got what they wanted from donald trump which was an outlandish response. >> they're not going to attend the inauguration as a result of trump's comments to congress lewis. republican senators have for trump's ongoing and combative nature. he's taking on one of the most respected colleagues and someone they have to work with, too. >> yeah. some republican senators are certainly not very friendly with donald trump and lindsay graham and ben sasse from nebraska. if you look at the list it's up to 17 democrats who will not be showing is up for inauguration and not only not showing up, touting it and putting out press releases saying they're not going to go. that's highly unusual. he's got to unite the country and put out a well, thought-out
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statement on martin luther king day tomorrow and look at his speech on friday, is it going to be a uniting one or is he going to be talking about the media in that speech? it's going to be, to many, a surreal day on friday, but his biggest challenge is to unite the country. his approval ratings certainly need that, as well. >> let's get to the ongoing riff that donald trump has with the intelligence community. let's talk a listen to what cia director brennan had any contacts between the trump team and the kremlin during the campaign about hacking for democrats. >> if we had that type of information we would share it with the fbi. >> that's not a denial, sir. i wouldn't confirm or deny something on that on your program as much as i respect you, chris. >> there are a lot ways he could have answered this.
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is there any there there? >> i think that people are by and large moving on from the issue of whether or not russia interfered with the election because like the election itself, this is largely settled. people understand that russia had involvement in hacking into the dnc. people understand that they wanted donald trump to winners have us hillary clinton whom they saw as more adversarial and beyond that this becomes more background noise into what is going to be an extremely busy period of action on capitol hill and action with the supreme court nominee and action over the affordable care act. there is going to be so much going on that i think ultimately this becomes a side issue. >> so before we get to the issue of obamacare, i want to ask you, bob, to take a listen of vice president pence said about incoming national security adviser mike flynn was on the
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phone with the russian ambassador to the u.s. on the day the u.s. announced sanctions with russian interference on the election. whether or not that conversation had an impact. here it is. >> it was coincidental that the had a conversation. they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against russia. >> do you take the vice president at his word or vice president-elect at his word that it was simply coincidental? >> sometimes perception is politics, when things are coincidental in politics, and i do think that this relationship between russia and the united states is not one we're talking about when a new president comes in. trump said in his press conference that he thinks that the relationship could sour, and that's also not reassuring to some, as well, like how bad would it get? i do think that pence is very good at going on the shows and trump can be kind of brusque in
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his tweets, but pence is very smooth on television, without a doubt. >> yeah. that's true. >> let's get to you, jeremy about the obama care votes. democrats rallying across the country today. they're certainly against the repeal. they're suggesting 20 million people are at risk of losing their health insurance as this congressional action is unfolding. is that the case or does it depend on how it all unfolds? >> well, i think the people who would be at risk of losing their health care are aided by the fact that republicans have not yet been able to agree on a plan to replace obamacare yet. absent that, it would be difficult to go forward with the repeal. you have republicans talking about repealing it, but setting a later effective date. meaning the law wouldn't go away until some time in 2018, perhaps. so you know, i guess, show me the plan, alex is what i would say before i could really answer
10:11 am
whether or not people would lose the health care coverage, but of course, there is no plan at this point. >> how many democrats, bob, see or need to fix obamacare and is there a way to negotiate their vision into some version of a national health care plan? >> that's the thing to watch. these red state democrats, a number of them who are up for reelection in 2018 in states that trump won, what are they going to do? are they going to work with republicans on a replacement? there have been tinkerings with obamacare and some bipartisan, but will this continue to be a shirts a skins me democrats versus republicans on it? as far as replacement and republicans have to decide on tax policy which are bringing in a lot of revenue to the treasury. are republicans going to get rid of those tax increases? that's what's dividing them right now. >> guys, to both of you, what
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are your expectations to the speech on friday? jeremy, to you first. >> from what i hear, it is going to be quite conciliatory. i think it will be in the same vein, parts of it will be as far as donald trump's remarks on election night about how he's a president for all americans. i think his speech writers are looking very carefully at what presidents of both parties said, democrats and republicans are saying at what john f. kennedy said and they're looking at what ronald reagan said at his inaugural, and i would expect this to be a speech not -- not like his press conference the other day, i'll put it that way, alex. i don't think this is going to be a combative donald trump that you're going to see. i think it's going to be a more open and welcoming one. >> do you agree, bob? >> i do. i totally agree with jeremy. i think it will be shorter than normal. i think there will be a focus on protecting the homeland and
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isis. i don't think he'll get into partisan battles like obamacare. i think that they want to have this uplifting and honestly, after thecampaign, the country needs an uplifting speech on friday. >> apprecie for the chat. happening now, we're giving you live pictures from warren, michigan, that's where thousands are holding a rally calling to protect obamacare and it's one of 70 happening today. danny freeman is there. danny, what are we seeing there and what do we expect to come? >> reporter: good afternoon, alex. that's right. i'm getting a bit of deja vu from the primaries, actually. as you said, there are thousands of people out here in warren, michigan, to stand in rally for the health care, for the affordable care act. and we've seen star-studded democrats take that stage, and of course, the headliner, bernie sanders will be coming at the end of the rally and that's still to come. we at nbc had a chance to speak
10:14 am
with senator sanders and speak to him about what he expects to come out of these dozens of rallies that are happening over the country. take a look at what he said to us. >> you're going to move to the privatization of medicare. you're going to make devastating cuts in medicaid and raise prescription drug costs for citizens and what are the american people are saying don't do that. >> reporter: as you can see, the targets are out for the gop. they've been rallying as much for the affordable care act as they are to replace and repeal in their words, in their statements. we did have a chance to speak to a bunch of people attending these rallies and bear in mind many of them stood in the cold for hours and it was 28 deges out just to get a front seat for this rally. take a look at what some of them had to say us to today. >> i don't believe that we have any chance of turning around
10:15 am
anyone's minds like mitch mcconnell, but i think he has to know along with these republicans that we'll get them out of office in two years if they don't start helping the whole of the american people and not just the 1% rich. >> health care is a critically important issue. government involved in providing any sort of really good quality health care. >> reporter: now one thing i'll add, alex, is that elizabeth warren is holding her rally in boston today. after we spoke to senator sanders, was there one thing i tried to ask him, i asked him if he had an opinion or response to what congressman john lewis said to chuck todd about donald trump and the legitimacy of his presidency and senator sanders did not want to engage in that conversation and wanted to stick to health care today.
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>> once again to politics, donald trump's nominee rex tillerson had this reaction on wednesday. >> we'll have to send china a clear signal that the island building stops and your access to those islandsallowed. they're taking control that are not rilefully china's. >> it's between the u.s. any
10:20 am
china. forbes columnist gordon chang. welcome to you, gordon. how serious is this? are these headlines exaggerating the potential ramifications or not? >> no, i don't think they're exaggerations because there have been a conflict and struggle, some not, in the south china sea for more than two decades and this administration and the one before it have tried to manage it, but china is going in really bad directions and tillerson or whoever is the next secretary of state is going to have to deal with a challenge that is going to get bigger and bigger all the time. especially the seizure of scarborough in 2012 if we'll have to maintain peace and stability in the region. >> gordon, a lot of the headlines have the word war in them. that's not an overexaggeration? >> no. that's not an exaggeration. the chinese have been very clear that they want to control 85% of the south china sea. they see it as a territorial water and it is international
10:21 am
water according to the united states and everyone else. for more than two centuries the united states has defended freedom of navigation and china threatens it. china actually seized a portion of the philippines, as i mentioned. this is serious because at some point the international community is going to have to confront this. this is sort of like crimea and eastern ukraine. this is different, but nonetheless, the principles are the same. >> what does this look like? what is a signal that's strong enough from the u.s. to disallow china from these islands? >> it's probably going to have to be some sort of economic sanctions or whatever. it's going have to be an increased u.s. navy presence in the south china sea. china's vessels have crowded that critical body of water where the's $5.3 trillion of commerce each and every year. the u.s. navy is rarely seen. this has given the chinese the idea that they can control this. china's neighbors are
10:22 am
increasingly concerned not only the ones in the south china sea, but also japan and india which are now taking an interest in that body of water even though they are not contiguous states. so this is becoming a region-wide interest for big nations and the united states as well as china. >> do we have any idea where donald trump stands on rex ti tillerson's positions and how far he'd be willing to take it? >> i don't know. i don't think that trump has really thought through all of the implications of this because they are as serious as the headlines suggest. i think trump is more focused in on the trade issues with china. the south china sea, though, is something that can hijack trade and the other relationships we have with china because for many countries in the region they think it's very important and they can elevate the issue and of course, china itself could do something provocative that has to have a response. >> you've got to wonder if this might cling to this because the president-elect himself is drawing ire from china after
10:23 am
telling the wall street journal friday, everything is under negotiation including one china. the one china principle is non-negotiab non-negotiable. is there a reason to be concerned about the entire trajectory of the u.s. relationship with china under a trump precedence. >> under a trump presidency or if secretary clinton would have one, we will see a much different posture with regard to china. under trump wooe seeing this in 140 characters at a time. under president clinton it would have been an inter-agency review and we would have seen long staples, but nonetheless, american policy toward china was unsustainable given what beijing has done especially over this century. and so there was going to be a change, and i think that it's important that we recognize that these issues are critical and at some point we can no longer avoid them, we can no longer injure a deteriorating situation. >> it sounds like we you will better buckle up.
10:24 am
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it's a work i progress, but the capitol'slmost ready for the presidential transfer of power. crews today are working on last-minute details for friday's inauguration including making sure the american flagses are hung with care between columns on the west front of the capitol help a dress rehearsal is also part of the preparation. standings taking part in faux swearing in of the vice president and president including the height level of the teleprompter. rallying america to save obamacare, but is it too little too late? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations!
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at precisely the half hour here's what we're monitoring for
10:31 am
you. more than 70 rallies taking place nationwide all in an effort to save the affordable care act, medicaid and planned parenthood funding and it is being led byernie sanders and members of congress. sales of books of john lewis are skyrocketing since his back and forth with donald trump. his series titled "march" have been up 500% and his memoir, woet walking in the wind" that sold out. after 146 years the greatest show on earth is calling it quits. the owner of ringling brothers and barnum and bailey's circus is closing in may and the high-operating costs and prolonged battles with animal rights groups, particularly elephants have contributed to its demise. parts of the country's midsection are getting battered with a third round of freezing rain adding to treacherous travel conditions. that was first hit with a dangerous ice storm on friday
10:32 am
and at least six people have died from weather-related crashes. morgan radford is in kansas and you were literally freezing out there. >> reporter: you saw me shaking. >> i did, poor thing. >> reporter: it's really cold. we're in day three of this storm and as you mentioned, six people have died and two overnight in kansas and that was after their cars spun out of control on the highway, and that's why we have kansas state highway police and we have the national guard that's been on standby here and that was since that storm began because alex, it's not just that freezing rain that came down. we saw a quarter of an inch in wichita. some places across the midwest seeing an inch of ice and it hits those power lines, alex, that can create 280 pounds on those power lines, causing them as they did in some places to snap. it's not just the freezing rain that comes down and it's also the aftermath and that's what 29
10:33 am
million people across nine separate states are recovering from this afternoon. to give you a sense of the scale of the storm, it started in the panhandle of texas and moved all of the way to washington, d.c., and that's a very large ice storm and typically ice storms aren't quite that size. so people in kansas are saying they were expecting it to be bad which is why they were prepared. take a listen. >> i personally did not expect it to be worse because it was too warm yesterday. this is what we have. it's still wet. >> reporter: and because they say they were getting prepared we saw them stocking up here at the gas station, filling up with tanks of gas. we also saw them in the goshry stores and stockpiling their non-perishables. that's kind of how people here have prepared for an ice storm of this size and they're saying even more winter weather could be on the way especially as this storm new moves out of the kansas area and moves north and east into tomorrow. >> it's only mid-january, can i ask about the city response? i know folks are trying to
10:34 am
prepare themselves, but what's the city response been like? >> reporter: kansas, right here in the midwest, this was the bull's-eye of the storm that i mentioned and it was sweeping more than nine states. to give you a sense, we saw people outside and saw mulple trucks salting and making sure the roads are safe so that anyone out on the weekend and starting their workweek can get off safe. rallies are happening nationwide led by senator bernie sanders and democratic members of congress. participants are calling for washington to preserve the affordable care act, medicaid and planned parenthood funding and yesterday hundreds rallied in d.c. to call for the protection of americans' civil rights under the incoming trump administration. let's listen to a moment to ohio state senator nina turner. >> we have been here before! the only difference is we've got
10:35 am
some company. we've got our gay and lesbians sisters and brothers with us this time. we have our hispanic, asian, native-american sisters and brothers with us this time! i think that's what martin luther king said we may not have gotten here on the same ship, but we are in the same boat right now. >> joining me right now, that lady, nina turner, an msnbc political analyst. it's always good to see you. i want to get right to it, the civil rights rally yesterday. what is your message to president-elect trump and his administration. >> thanks for that, alex, and i want to thank reverend al sharpton for leading that march. sometimes you have to remind the folks that it may look bleak, but opportunity still abounds and the message to the present-elec is that he shld hold true to his campaign promises. i know a lot of people are disappointed, but he won and he
10:36 am
won the electoral college, and he will be sworn it as our president, but he made certain promises on that campaign trail. he said he promised to protect social security and medicare. he promised to help the working poor and the working class in this country, and there are millions of people who are depending on him to do just that. he can get it done. he must resist not doing those things, and if he does not do what he promised he has to be held accountable, but i am holding out some hope that he will do that. >> nina, do you think you have to have these rallies in large part because despite his promises there's been so much campaign rhetoric out there that people have trouble distinguishing between what he says on one level and what he says on another? >> absolutely, alex, but you have to be vigilant. even if it was a presidential candidate that folks support, you have to mold people in elected office accountable to what they say on the campaign trail and that's part of the divisiveness in the 2016
10:37 am
election cycle. people were in the words of fanny lou haimer, sick and tired of being sick and tired, sick of politicians making campaign promises and not following through. what they found in bernie sanders is that millionaires and billionaires cannot have it all and that the poor and working class in this country can't have it all. you have to hold people accountable and alex, there's been so much negative rhetoric. people feel like their world is coming crashing to an end and forgetting in part of what i was saying yesterday is we've been here before as a country, but one thing, we are a nation of congress and when when we unite on purpose and uplift things do happen, they change and all of the great accomplishments in this country from civil rights to social justice, economic justice and we have more work to do, no doubt about it. every generation has to advance the next, but we get it done and we get it done together. so, yes, we have to continue to get out there and let folks know
10:38 am
the world is not coming to an end. >> i certainly do applaud your passion as you go about doing this, nina. i want to turn to the rallies today in part to protect obamacare. the wheels of repealing obamacare are set in motion with the votes in congress and they began legislation to do that. do you think it's too late to save obamacare as we know it? >> it's ner too late to fight, alex and our repubcans and sisters and brothers have been on a mission to repeal it. i think they voted a little over 60 times about, i want to hear and the american people want to know where is the replacement. they want to knock off 30 million people if they include the medicaid expansion off of the healthcare roles and it doesn't make sense that you would do that. this is not a republican issue or democratic issue. people's health, that is their wealth and that is the most important thing that they have and to be that insensitive and to be the so-called party of family values and where is the value and lives of folks and many of them will celebrate, the
10:39 am
reverend martin luther king day, alex and one of the thing hes said about health care, of all of the injustices in this country, one of the most inhumane is that we don't provide high quality healthcare, he didn't say high quality, but the fact that we don't have healthcare for all in this country. so we need to think about what the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. said and i hope that the republicans would not repeal obamacare without having a robust replacement so that millions of people in this country from all walks of life, if they don't have their health they can't work, they can't go to school and take care of their families. it's just wrong, alex. >> it doesn't matter what party you affiliate with at all. >> no. >> let's talk about what happens a few days from now, the inauguration. what kind of message do you think he needs to deliver this to build trust among those losing protection under his administration. >> that he not only hears the cries of the people both those who voted for him and those who did t, but that he is going use the power of that office to
10:40 am
not only heal and uplift, but to change this country. he promised to put trillions of dollars worth of investment and infrastructure. god knows we need that and that would put millions of americans back to work. he promised to protect social security and medicare. so he is going to have to get over all of this, the divisiveness that went on in 2016 when he is sworn in. he will have the power and how he leverages that power is how he is ultimately going to be judged. >> all right, my friend, former ohio state senator nina turner, thanks so much. >> stand up for us, it's a hash tag. it's a video and call on congress to make donald trump do the right thing, but what difference will it make? award-winning actress rosie perez joins me next.
10:41 am
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10:43 am
you represent us in congress. >> you are our last line of defense. >> so here's what we ask of our
10:44 am
elected officials. here's what we demand. to the extent that trump pursues racist. >> sexist. >> anti-immigrant. >> antisemitic. >> we demand that you vigorously oppose him. >> with the inauguration just five days away, they demand the -- rosie perez, and asked her how the initiative got started. >> liz good afternoon arvis, ang documentary, and -- [ speaking spanish ] >> i appreciated the message of the psa of asking the american people to hold their elected officials accountable really resonated with me, and so i said yes. it was as simple as that, and it
10:45 am
was done quickly and efficiently. >> you talk about the speed with which this particular video came together. you've got a lot of celebrities and people from all different walks of life, you have sally field and jeffrey ride and yourself and a priest and businessmen. how hard was it to just get it organized and put it together? were people saying yep, we're onboard like you did? >> 75% of the participants in that video were not celebrities. >> right. >> only 25% were celebrities. >> duly noted. >> we have rabbis and imams and retired police officers and lawmakers and activists. we have american citizens in that video. 100% of us, but of those 100% only 25% of us are in the entertainment business, and that was very purposeful because we wanted to make sure that we weren't accused, as we have been, that these elite trying to tell people what to do. >> you know what?
10:46 am
to that point, what did you think of meryl streep's speech at the golden globes? >> i thought it was brave. people say what's so brave of standing up in front of an audience that is on your side? i beg to differ. it was the golden globes which means the world was watching. >> global. >> what do you want to see happen here? i know you say you want people to get involved and get up off the couch, but how do they say, i want to get involved with something other than just talking about it? >> they can go to government websites. find out who their elected officials are, bombard them with emails, with phone calls and letters demanding that they vote appropriately and when they don't let them know you will not have our vote come primary, and that's how we do it. that's the democratic process. >> yeah. >> and i want to impress upon people that policy really mraerts. you know, i came from abject
10:47 am
poverty. i was a part of the ward system, the child welfare system and policy has always made my life either for the better or for the worse. working -- i got a paycheck and nk account at the age of 12, why? i'm dating myself. i know i look good, alex, thank you. as you do, but during the carter administration he had a program called cita which helped subsidize a young person's paycheck, you know? it said to the employers, if you employ this child we will help pay that child's paycheck, and because of that at 12 years old for someone who used to walk to school with holes in her shoes and for someone who used to go to school hungry i had money in my pocket because i worked hard for it because the government allowed me a chance. that's policy. that's why these matter, that's
10:48 am
why our voice matters and that's why we have to hold our elected officials accountable. >> to which i say epitomizing the american dream, rosie perez. thank you so much for being an inspiration. >> thank you very much and thank you for having me. >> what president-elect donald trump needs to say in his inauguration address to help heal the divide with democrats. my next guests have an answer. te was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where
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sgljtsds oh sglrchlts donald trump's chief of staff critical of congressman john lewis for calling the president-elect not legitimate. >> putting the united states down across the world is not something that a responsible person does. and, so, look, i think, in fact, i think president obama could step up. the administration can do a lot of good by telling folks that are on their side of the aisle, look, we may have lost the election on the democrat side, but it's time to come together.
10:52 am
>> former vermont governor, with a welcome to both of you my friends. i am going to start with you here. is priebus right? should democrats work together for the good of the country. >> the problem is not that he's wrong because under circumstances -- he's working for a guy that started his political career that said obama wa not born in the united states. there is a rule in politics, you don't punch down. when a congressman goes after you, ignore that. and, so, i think priebus is in a tough shot. he has no idea what the dignity of the presidency is about. i would leave this one alone, if i were them. the problem is if this continues after january 20th, nobody is going to respect this guy at
10:53 am
all. >> so leaving this one alone, suzanne, but say you are one of trump's advisors and he's going after a civil rights activist right before martin luther king day, how do you stop it and how do you respond to questions about tweeting? >> i think you're right. it was right before martin luther king weekend and i think congressman lewis was very much aware of that fact. you don't punch down. he shouldn't have taken the bait. this was clearly chum for donald trump. and he is going to keep on tweeting. the one thing his advisors have been able to do is somewhat embrace who donald trump is and try and work with that and that's what they consistenty after to do. moving forward, after january 20th, we have to see what president trump will do and how if anything he'll modify his behavior. >> how long do you think the
10:54 am
public is going to be tolerant of this rather unsettled confrontational behavior? we also had that combative news conference. >> half of the public is very frustrated and thinks it's wrong and the other are fine with it. so donald trump will keep doing what he's doing until it does not work for him. it worked for him to get the nomination. it worked for him to get the presidency. if it starts to be a problem, he wi modify to ensure his agenda gets through. until we see it is a problem for him, he's not going to change. >> what do you think, howard? >> i think that's probably true. although i think it's already a problem. you're at 30% in the kwinpy poll, after any inauguration, that's not a good place to start. so his polling people, which i
10:55 am
assume he has, although he never listened to him, i have to be telling him to stop this, but he does have a political instinct. i think he does understand the way the wind is blowing. and my guess is what when these numbers come home to roost for him, he will change his behavior because i think suzanne is right, he does have an again dach -- agenda. the conservative nature of his cabinet appointees worry me, but let's see what he does. you can't predict what donald trump is going to do, so let's see what happens. >> but it is a much different thing to be a candidate, even much different to be a president-elect. friday night that all changes in a heart beat. >> it does change. and donald trump will not change his behaviors until there is a reason for them to change. and i think he'll be much more aware of how his words matter.
10:56 am
whether it's on -- right now he tweets things and people say, well, that's not policy. that's just what he's saying right now. well, his tweets will become licy and what i'm particularly concerned abou is i the foreign affairs arena is how will they will interpreted around the world. >> you guys, if you saw president obama's farewell speech, he choked up at some point. it was quite indearing to the public. do you think donald trump has that? and how important is it for a president to show he's really moved by things? >> you know, i think that matters, but, you know, i think the real -- i think people want a direction. a lot of people voted for donald trump because they wanted a change, not because they love donald trump. and i think most of the people who voted for donald trump knew very well what they were getting. but they took the chance hoping for real chance. that's what he's got to deliver. we could talk about the millionaires and billionaires in
10:57 am
his cabinet, but if he delivers change, he'll stay. >> thank you. that's a wrap for me guys. i'm not. thanks so much for watching. up next, chuck todd in "meet the press." do it again. there you go... i can do whatever you want. except keep your eyes on the road. now would be a good time to have new car replacement. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me. it's good to be in good hands.
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charge from an american c this sunday that stunning charge from an american civil rights icon. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. >> my exclusive interview with congressman lewis, the national debate his comments have already inspired and reaction this morning from donald trump's incoming chief of staff, reince prieb priebus. >> growing concerns with donald trump's coziness with vladimir putin. >> shod


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