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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  January 15, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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hopefully, we've got another packer game to worry about. let's beat them cowboys! >> go to "meet the press" facebook page. good sunday to you. welcome to the pulse of america right here on msnbc where your voice can be heard in real-time. here are the stories we'd like to get your pulse on on this day. top trump administration officials fire back today at congressman john lewis for questioning the legacy of trump's presidency. did lewis go too far? we'll ask you that. plus the upcoming transfer of power. trump says there could be
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changes to the u.s./china policy. also getting your pulse on that. plus, rallies across the country today as protesters do not want to appeal obamacare. now, to voice your opinions on our pulse questions throughout this hour, just grab your phone or laptop or any digital device, log ton to pulon. you can vote as often as you'd like. >> today coming from two of the countries most recognizable names. long-time congressman john lewis telling nbc's chuck todd, he does not view president-elect trump as a legitimate president and explains how he came to that conclusion. take a listen. >> i think there was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and others to help him
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get elected. that's not right. that's not fair. >> he's not legitimate, though, how do you accept working with him under any circumstance? >> well, it is going to be very hard and very difficult. almost impossible for me to work with him. >> trump responded to lewis on twitter saying this, that the congressman is, quote, all talk, no action. lewis of course was nearly killed by police while leading a voting rights march back in 1965. trump's no action comment about the civil rights leader pushing a number of democrats to boycott the inauguration come friday. mike pence then reacted to the war of words. >> i was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legacy of donald trump's election. >> all talk, no action? >> well -- >> do you think that's appropriate? >> i think donald trump has the right to defend himself. >> this brings us to our first pulse question of the day for you. agree or disagree here?
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congressman john lewis should accept donald trump as a legitimate question. agree or disagree. let's go to kelly o'donnell covering the trump transition for us. kelly, democrats, republicans a lot is being said right now. what is the latest? >> we have a new tweet from donald trump that seems to suggest he has heard some of the upro uproar. he says for many years our country has been divided, angry and untrusting. many say it will never change. and then all caps, it will change. what is striking about that is that the other tweets, which seemed to very personally attack john lewis, to describe his district in very unflattering terms, the backlash from that has been strong. john lewis represents the atlanta area, and the hometown paper had a message for the president-elect, front page ne today. and that really speaks to, i think, the characterizations the president-elect made about crime
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infested and so forth. now, people in atlanta know nature ban area has its highs and lows, but this is a particular area that has a thriving community, big businesses, high quality education. a lot of things. so the city felt, i think, somewhat the target of the president-elect, too. so is this a sign he might be modulating a little bit? too soon to tell, but it has been a barrage of criticism toward trump. not that the issue is not something he should debate. this was a free and fair election in his true. but the criticism toward trump seems to have been, this isn't someone that you go after in such personal terms. if you disagree with john lewis's assessment, maybe have a sense of who he has been and his place in history. so it has been on fire for like 36 hours, richard. >> yeah. >> it has really been on fire. >> and of course the mlk week d
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weekend. >> and that's the backdrop for it that made some of this more potent, i think. >> kelly o'donnell thank you so much. covering the transition for us here in studio. in his conversation with chuck todd, congressman lewis elaborated further. he pointed to one specific moment. >> when you have someone been elected who said that the president or the leader of russia is stronger or better than our own president -- >> that's just something you can't forget? >> i will never forget it. >> joining me now is lauren fox, phillip stetz and fernando madi. all right. a lot of talk about in few minutes. your response on donald trump and the latest tweet in that
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arch of emotion seems like it is more laid back now. >> look, john lewis is absolutely a hero. i don't doubt that. but in 2008 he compared john mccain to george wallace. he had said if mitt romney were elected we would go back to segregati segregation. he has the ability -- now he's saying, by the way, this isn't a legitimate president and he's fund raidsing off of it. and so trump has a right to defend himself. i agree with the vice president elect. funny thing is you look at what's going on right now and we're all talking about it, but the fact is this is a win for trump. we're not talking about his secretaries -- you know, the secretaries that are up last week that testified in congress. and frankly, republicans just passed in the house in the senate the ability to kind of defund obama care. we're not talking about that. >> i want to go to fernando.
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first off, i want to go to what's some of the congressman's constituents have said about this back and forth. one trump supporter saying this about the comments made. take a listen. >> the irony of all this is that congressman lewis, who is so, so much on the side of diversity and tolerance is being incredibly intolerant of the voters who have a different viewpoint of him. >> your thought here? >> you want to talk about irony, questioning the legacy of the trump presidency is all bad now? when donald trump has spent the last six years -- even to this day to a certain extent questioning barack obama's legacy. going so far as to accuse him of having not been born in this country and then talking about wanting to unify the country, insulting one of america's great civil rights heroes and deciding
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he can't attend the festivities tomorrow. give me a break. i don't question donald trump's legacy as the next democratically elected president, but i question his legacy of a man of honor and man of his word when he's proven to be nothing more than a con man and a liar. every opportunity to show good faith is lost and it's interesting to hear a nbc reporter suggest is he modula modulating. how many examples do we need? >> when you look at the back and foh that is continuing today, we have the backdrop of martin luther king jr. day. that is tomorrow. the question i think that's being put out there, should a president, a president-elect, have this tone, despite the criticisms that have come across against john lewis and his comments about the ill legacy of this president-elect.
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should the president take the high road? that's what some say should be happening at this point. >> it's sort of two-fold. on the one hand it is not surprising that donald trump when he is criticized will go on twitter and fire a criticism back. that is something we have seen over the last two years. and i think what is surprising to some people is it hasn't shifted. you know, he's been elected. everyone is saying the president himself said when someone takes the office of the presidency, the sort of importance of the office sets in and people start to act differently. we have not seen that from donald trump so far, as he's been president-elect. he will be sworn in on friday. and i think that's going to be an interesting question moving forward, whether or not this is someone who is going to let some criticism -- there is going to be a lot of criticism, there always is for everyone in the office of president, if he will be able to let some of that roll off or he will personally attack every individual that criticizes
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him. >> president-elect will not be going to the museum, but we are hearing from the campaign that they will participate in some other activity. what do you thi president-elect trump should do to real, if you will, put water on this and move forward? what should he do tomorrow and what should he say? >> i don't know if he needs to put water on the john lewis situation. lewis is the one who started this. so he's ended it. frankly, i hope the president comes out and does something great tomorrow in honor of martin luther king, who is a big hero in this country. i don't know who else he could do. >> i want to show the tweet again. your thought, is this the sort of tone that you like, this latest tweet that came from donald trump, where he's saying for many years our country has been divided, angry and untrusting. many say it will never change. it will change. what is your reaction to that tweet. >> i don't believe a word donald trump says. i think you can throw his tweets in the garbage if you could. it doesn't matter.
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what i'm looking for are republicans of conscious to step up and call out a situation where this president-elect will sooner defend the president of russia than his own country men and women. why on every opportunity when he could criticize vladimir putin who was behind an attempt to hack our electoral process, nothing, none the wiser. any time an american of conscious legitimately expresses the right to criticize the president, he comes out with his fangs. this is not the president of the united states. this is a con man. >> listen, there has been a paradigm shift in politics in the last few months. democrat -- republicans, we got on this late. we found out about a year ago when we were screaming and hollering about the same things. donald trump starts everything from a negotiation position. everything he does is about negotiating, having the upper hand in negotiation to lead america into a better place. this is his position. that's what he's always trying to do.
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that's what he knows how to do. that's what he's doing. you can run down all those habit holes all you want. all it is is showing his stance of having a better situation. i think he's the best negotiator that ever lived and i'm impressed by it. i get it now. i see it. one day the democrats will as well. >> lauren, what does this mean going forward? >> are we going to see this, if you will, back and forth as we move forward through january through the rest of 2017? is this the tip of that iceberg that we're seeing right now? >> i think the country is completely divided about donald trump and i think you are seeing it on this panel but you are also seeing the backlash to donald trump's original comments criticizing john lewis and criticizing atlanta. and i think that is going to come up over and over again, whether it be on this more personal attack on john lewis, whether it is on the affordable
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care act and what we do on that moving forward. i think this country has people in two different camps. maybe it would benefit donald trump to go out and make some sort of speech sort of revealing our similarities. i mean, that is what president obama did. >> do you think he'll make a speech on race, as president obama had to do earlier on in his first administration? >> look, i don't know what he plans to do. but i think this country probably could use a speech from their incoming president on the importance of race relations in this country and the importance and the history of race in this country. and i don't think that that would be something that would be a negative for sure. and i think coming into martin luther king day and after this weekend what we saw, i think it would be very beneficial to president-elect trump. >> lauren, phillip, fernando, i thank you all for coming in today. still to come, make your voice heard on our first pulse question. agree or disagree. congress john lewis should
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accept donald trump as a legitimate president. 90% are disagreeing with that statement. all right. up next for you, donald trump says his inauguration is going to be even bigger than expected. but a growing list of democrats say they plan to skip it. they are going to boycott the event. i will talk to one of those congressman -- one of those representatives who will not be there. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation.
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you know who is excited for my inauguration day? yes, thank you to those people over there who i definitely did not pay to do that. and we have got some of the biggest performers in the world line up. hold on to your bits, we have got three doors down.
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also from america's gotta le ta we've got jackie what's her face and the one rocket with the least in other savings. >> "saturday night live" taking a look at the inauguration. some saying they will not attend. earlier president event mike pence spoke directly to those planning to skip the ceremony. >> i hope that john lewis and some others who have joined his plans to take a pass on the inauguration will rethink that. >> john me now as democratic congressman ted lu of california who has announced he will not be attending the inauguration. thanks for being with us. your statement on this decision and you wrote about it you say, in part, quote, while i do not dispute that trump won the electoral college, i cannot
12:19 pm
normalize his behavior or the disparaging and un-american statements he has made. for me the personal decision not to attend the inauguration is quite simple. do i stand with donald trump or do i stand with john lewis? i amtanding with john lewis. so representative, do you believe, then tharks t, that th president-elect will not be a legitimate president? >> i believe that donald trump won the electoral college, but i am not going to normalize his behavior. he's attacked gold star parents, veterans, latinos and now john lewis. so i am making the personal decision to not attend the inauguration. what makes america great is, unlike russia, we don't make people attend parades and ceremony. we hold people accountable. and that's what i am doing. i'm standing up to donald trump. >> you have heard the criticisms here coming from the right. and some might say and phillip,
12:20 pm
if you heard our conversation in the last block is intimating basically, as we look at martin luther king, an individual who so clearly and passionately said i embrace those that i do not agree with, and in that spirit might you also attend, then, the inauguration? >> can a person like trump, who has made a series of racist,big have a good idea? the answer is yes. but i am not going to attend the inauguration and celebrate his bigotry and hatred. there is not going to be any policies inacted. this is a decision that shows donald trump he's got to change his behavior if he wants to unit america. >> i want to get your sense of how you went through this
12:21 pm
decision. no doubt it was not easy. but first a quick statement from president obama. something he said the day after the election. and take a listen. >> now, everybody is sad when their sad loses an election. but the day after, we have to remember that we're actually all on one team. this is an intermural scrimmage. we're not democrats first. we're not republicans first. we are americans first. >> representative, i know as i was saying earlier from what you said in the past, this is not an easy decision necessarily. and you have said that again you don't want to normalize who president-elect trump is. do you see this shifting and changing in the coming months or years as you work to build the country? >> that is up to donald trump. he can clear up some of these very real legacy issues by, for example, releasing his tax returns. then we will know, does he have business holdings in russia?
12:22 pm
does he have special interests there that american public needs to know. because on day one, he's going to be in violation of the constitution. article one, section nine, which says you can't have conflicts of interest if you are an american policyholder or american elected official. and he refuses to divest his business holdings. >> okay. representative of california, one of the members of congress that will not be there for the inauguration. i thank you for stopping by to give us your view. for our first pulse question as we have been asking for you, agree or disagree, congressman john lewis should accept donald trump as a legitimate question. we'll start with the big number. 96% of you disagree with that statement. and when we look at political party and we look at democrats and independents as well as republicans, most disagree to
12:23 pm
this statement that john lewis should accept president-elect trump as a legitimate president. pretty one sided there. and then we look at gender. what we're seeing here, women disagree more strongly than men that lewis should about at the present time trump. but in general again most disagreeing with that statement. thank you all for participating. you can also voice your opinion on our second pulse question. and this is what it is. based on trump's recent comments to the wall street journal, we're asking this, agree or disagree: trump's tough talk on china threatens global security. agree or disagree with that. you can log on. we'll have a segment discussing the details of that coming up. also the death toll rising as freezing rain and ice created dangerous conditions across several states.
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thanks for staying with us. today is round three of a major ice storm that has crippled the midsection of the country this weekend. ice covered roads have already led to six deadly crashes. thick sheets of ice have also brought down power lines. blake mccoy is outside arrowhead stadium in missouri where the chiefs steeler game was delayed. what are they doing to make sure it is safe for the fans there? >> the biggest concern has been ice here in the parking lot. so they have been salting these parking lots since yesterday to make sure it is safe. you can see fans starting to fill in the parking lots now. check out this guy here. he's got the fire going. he's got the tv. this is jeff from kansas city. did you have any trouble getti here today? >> no not really at all? >> what were the roads like? >> they were surprisingly easy.
12:28 pm
like a typical rainstorm. it wasn't a crazy ice storm that we were supposed to get. >> all right. well, good news here in kansas city. i want to show you where it was really bad. this is from oklahoma. they received up to an inch of ice in some parts of oklahoma, which did create a slew of problems. that's because that ice became so heavy on trees. the ice also cracking power lines. thousands without power there has crews are working to restore that power. you mentioned this storm is deadly, richard. the deaths have stretched from oklahoma into kansas and missouri as slick roads have sent cars sliding off of them. there is a big semitruck crash today in nebraska that had bun semitruck on fire in a ditch. this is a very serious storm as we move into monday. it is going to be moving a little further north into nebraska and iowa. you can see the rain is still falling. right now it's hovering right at 32 degrees.
12:29 pm
so it has kept the ice pretty much clear from this parking lot here as fans are trying to get to and from the strad yadium. when the nfl made the decision to turn this into the night maim, it wasn't so much the game than the safety of the fans. >> we're glad so many did get there safely. i think car manufactures should make the tv an option. >> look at how good that signal is, too? you can't get that good of a signal at home. >> if only he would turn to it nsnbc more us. >> donald trump threatening to shake up long-standing chinese relations. we're going to ask you to weigh in on that. agree or disagree. donald trump's tough talk on china threatens u.s. security. we'll share what you're thinking.
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there are no plans to change the one china policy. but person certainly that polic the table if china doesn't come to the table and work with us on trade, on the south china sea, on what's happening there. there is a lot going on that is hurting this country. >> chinese officials are hitting back, though, after donald trump in an interview said this, quote everything is under negotiation, including one china. now, a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry reiterated the one china policy, that it is nonnegotiable and appeared to chastise the president-elect. and said we urge relevant parties in u.s. to fully recognize the high sensitivity of the taiwan question, approach
12:34 pm
taiwan related issues with prudence and honor the commitment made by all previous u.s. administrations of both parties on adhering to the one china policy. i'm joined by gordon. let's go straight to that question first, does it threaten global security? >> what really throateeatens gl security is china. now china is going in all the wrong directions. so trump's talks on this and especially the talk of tillerson his secretary of state nomination on wednesday, these raised the temperature, but i'm not so sure they are the cause of what's going on. >> let's play what tillerson said and then i'll get your reaction. >> we have going to have to send china is clear signal.
12:35 pm
they're taking territory or control or declaring control of territories that are not rightfully china's. >> how serious of a comment was that from the view of the chinese? >> the chinese took it extremely seriously. they saw this as a threat to our sovereignty. they said prepare for military conflict and they also spoke about large-scale war. this is bluster a little bit, but nonetheless, they are extremely serious about this. >> when we hear words like that, that is usually coming from north korea. it is normally something you hear from kim jong-un. >> he throws around terms all the time. >> but this is china. >> this is an indication of the way the chinese feel about the south chinese sea. clearly they have a position that is incompatible with ours. but nonetheless, we have now got a conflict with beijing and there are few ways to compromise
12:36 pm
out of this. >> a lot is lost out of tranlation. i reported you had to be careful about the words you selected because when you translated it not only culturely but literally, this is part of the problem, is it not because the way the language is used here in north america is certainly been stretched over the last election. that stretches has not yet happened in the translation over to china. >> yeah. and the other complication is that trumps talks about 140 characters at a time. i think if secretary clinton were elected she would end up with the same policies as trump but it would be after interagency review, after a year and a half of consideration, it would be long policy statements that were clear. this creates sort of a method of communication that the chinese under trump don't know what to expect. and so, therefore, you have that additional complication. >> if you want to watch what happens going forward, what do you watch? do you watch the economics or do you want the military
12:37 pm
intimations you're bringing up? >> the first thing to watch is when president signing of taiwan comes to san francisco on the way back to central america. we will see hints about whether trump talks to her and whether we will see the interaction between trump officials. the second thing to watch is really going to be whether she comes to the u.s. again in another event where she has more official contact, where you see u.s. officials going to taiwan. so it is that contact to contact. trade is something i think down the road, at least with regard to taiwan. but trade is first up because we know that trump is going to challenge this right away. >> give me a number, a worry level, one to ten. you? >> mine is eight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we are going to ask you this question, agree or disagree, trump's tough talk on china threatens global security. i am going to share of the details. the overall numbers we're seeing
12:38 pm
and we'll put that up right now shows we have 95%, 94% agreeing. trump's tough talk on china threatens global security. to agreeing with gordon cheng here. education levels just about the same. although those with an associates degree and bachelors degree. >> political party, you can tell all at the top of this bucket here, both parties, independents, democrats, republicans pretty much agreeing with this statement. all right. and the final scoreboard for you. the numbers finishing off here. 94% agreeing. thank you all for giving us your view on our second pulse question of the way. next rallies are held across the country today to fight republican efforts to repeal obamacare. congressman and medical doctor joins me next. and that brings us to our final poll question for you. agree or disagree: my health
12:39 pm
care costs will rise if obamacare is repealed. go to pulse dot we'll share your thoughts later. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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i want my tax software too charge me at the last second.
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i'm totally fine paying extra for something i could get for free. there is nothing i can do with an extra $50. said no one ever. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax. next question. >> yes. mr. trump, you and the republicans want to repeal obamacare. but why would you do that without coming up with a replacement plan? >> because obamacare is a disaster and i actually do have a replacement plan, okay? i just read about it this week. it is called the affordable care act. >> that's the same thing as obamacare. and if you repeal it, 20 million people will lose their health insurance. people could die. >> listen, sweetheart, i'm about to be president. we're all going to die. next question. >> aleck baldwin again playing president-elect trump on
12:43 pm
"saturday night live" and with the future of obamacare in jeopardy, senator bernie sanders leading rallies nationwide. the vermont independent and top democrats trying to stop an assault on health care programs, giving this warning. take a listen. >> you are going to have to worry about millions of people who are standing up, who are fighting back and who demand the day when health care will be a right of all people, not just a privilege. >> tbrings us to our third question this afternoon. do you agree or disagree to this statement: my health care costs will rise if obamacare is rep l repealed. let us know by going to joining us is dr. ruiz joining
12:44 pm
ut. >> good to be here. >> you were just appointed to the house energy committee will you will be dealing with health care policy. what do you think you could do at this point to stop the repeal or changes of obamacare that have been discussed so far that you disagree with? >> one is vote against every measure they do. two is to get the constituents and the american people know how their plan is no new plan, just old ideas that have failed in the past and that will actually harm them or their family or a friend that they know who may have pre-existing condition, who are women and who are young, who are rely on their parents health insurance and who are senior. in other words, who may need nursing home care or have saved two or three thousand dollars a year on pharmaceuticals. there are real consequences to
12:45 pm
real people out there. >> you have offered in your conversations some helpful criticism to aca, obamacare, and one of the ideas you discussed is how to help small businesses. describe that. >> yeah. so one of the things -- what we need to do is improve the affordable care act r, not repe the good stuff in it. one of the things we could do is provide an exemption for small businesses who are on the verge of bankruptcy or who have proven characteristics of economic hardship so they don't have to pay the businessman date. -- businessman. >> premiums and health care costs will skyrocket. they are already out of control. they diminished in their rate of rise. but if we repeal those measures, they will sky rokt. so we need to address the root of the problem and that is overall health care costs to american people don't pay a lot
12:46 pm
of money. seniors will pay a lot more out of money with the voucher system. we will be able to reduce costs by allowing medicare to negotiate drug prices and also we need to make sure that people have transparency in what health care costs really are when they go for a routine procedure. for example, a colonoscopy. you can tell whether one hospital is charging five times more than another hospital in your same neighborhood and then you could make better choices. >> representative, you are aware of the vote that happened on friday, the beginning of the process of the idea of repealing obamacare, aca, here. and it was voted down by one specific republican, charlie dent, who we spoke with yesterday. and he said it's fine that we consider this idea of repealing aca, but we have to have a replacement first. and he went through some of the ways that he thought you could move forward.
12:47 pm
keep certain parts as you're stating. fix certain parts and repeal other parts. are you working with any of your colleges across the ideas like charlie dent? >> yeah. i extend my hand to work with any republican who wantso have common sense resolutions and ideas that will put people above pa partisan ship to get more people in health care and get them to see their doctors, a little better life. but oftentimes, it is very difficult to do because -- >> have you spoken with somebody across the aisle? who was that and how did that go? >> i have spoken with some republicans, especially the physicians to talk about what can we do. here is a common point we need to address. one of the things we can work together is increase the amount of providers we have in our country. what people don't realize is we're very severely sort on the amount of physicians per a population. and i know this by my own life experience.
12:48 pm
i grew up in cochella. to this day it is medically underserved in my direct. there is one physician per 9,000 residents in person parts of my district. that statistic is staggering given the recommended number is one to two thousand. we need to do what i have done in my district, which is create pipeline programs. we have to expand medical schools and seats and create rez dansy programs in those communities so that young people who want to be doctors can -- can get educated. >> be like you. >> and train in those underserved communities. >> and be like you. congressman, dr. raul ruiz of california, thank you for stopping by. back with us is lauren fox, phillip stutz and fernando. your thoughts on what you heard here from the vermont senator,
12:49 pm
bernie sanders as he is going across the country trying to get more energy and awareness and i am hearing in some cases it is a bipartisan effort. do you think this is going to work and what do you think will come of it? >> well, it's the only hope right now. i mean, i think the only thing that the gop -- or maybe i should call them the pop because it is the party of power, maybe more accurately is the party of putin. the only thing they respond to is what threatens their power. with the exception of ran paul, who was the only republican of conscious, who voted against the process of disarming obamacare, which by no means is a perfect health care situation, but you have to have something to replace. i think that's the only hope. and richard, thinking about this
12:50 pm
as a son of a cancer sur visor, i don't see what the american people's options are with maybe one exception, especially for those 20 million that are going to lose their health only thins to send their emergency room bills and funeral costs to the white house because someone is going to have to pay for these situations that transpired as a result of this human tragedy that is about to be brought upon them by the republican party. >> philip, react to fernand as well as what i was mentioning earlier, an individual who said i am all forward with moving forward with the repeal but in pieces and want to keep certain parts. he was saying many republicans actually agree with his view but at the end of the day on friday voted for that first step. >> well, republicans have been running on repeal since 2010, and they've done pretty good in elections, which makes me think that maybe the american people don't buy into everything that
12:51 pm
obamacare is about. i have a pre-existing condition. my health care has gone up 150% in 13 months. not great for me. i understand people that don't trust the government. look, if you look inside the weeds, the president and his team, everybody is now saying repeal and replace. not just repeal. the freedom caucus in the house, about five senators in the senate. they're all saying let's take a deep breath. let's figure out how we can take the law and replace it or find various elements of it and take it out and replace it. that's what they're going to do. you know, this thing will probably move to march before anything happens, unless the president comes in on day one and has a plan. and so i'll give him the benefit of the doubt on it. >> lauren, we were showing some of the numbers from a quinnipiac poll. about half of americans in this poll are saying repeal at least part of it. >> everyone was saying repeal
12:52 pm
obamacare as quickly as we can. that is the campaign promise we have made for the last six and seven years on the campaign trail. but i think what we started to see this week was there was some pushback within rank and file republicans. and it's a wide variety of republicans. i think there's a wide push to say to leadership let's slow down, make sure we know what the replacement is before we move forward with the repeal. >> thank you so much, lauren fox, philip stutz, fernand omande. have a great rest of your weekend. >> same to you. >> thank you. this third and final pulse question of the day, let us know, agree or do you disagree with this statement? my health care costs will rise if obamacare is repealed. even by watching some of those results on the bottom of the screen. still let us know. results are next.
12:53 pm
as we go to break, news just in to us. the daughter of professional wrestling legend jimmy "superfly" snuka confirms on social media that her father died at the age of 73, one week after murder charges were dropped against him when the court deemed him unfit to stand trial for the death of his girlfriend due to dementia. he was known by his fans for his high-flying moves in the ring. the wwe is releasing a statement saying they are saddened and extending its condolences.
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>> agree or disagree to this statement. my health care cost also rise if obamacare is repealed. let me get you details here. overall we're seeing 93% agree that health care cost also rise if obamacare is repealed.
12:57 pm
let's look at age for you. all ages generally do agree. but a quick point here. what we saw here under 35 less so. in fact, during the discussion we had with representative ruiz, older voters believed more strongly than younger voters that their health care cost also rise if obamacare is repealed. let me take a look at the breakdown here by gender. men and men. you can see here that when it cometo men, more disagree with that statement than women on that topic. and the final scoreboard, 93% agree. not really split there. next, top trump administration officials say the president-elect was right to fight back after congressman lewis questioned his legitimacy as president. and do democrats plan to boycott
12:58 pm
the inauguration?
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