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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  January 16, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> there you have it. a special day. i will see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. now right inside the capitol is hallie jackson. >> hey, steph, good to see you in my city this week as well as we get ready for the inauguration. i'm live here on capitol hill where we are counting down to friday. but with just four days to go on this martin luther king jr. holiday, the president-elect is in a war of words with freedom fighter congressman lewis. >> congressman lewis set to speak any minute in miami this morning. we're taking you live down there. how will he respond? let's talk about the backlash to all this. more than a dozen members of congress joining a handful of their colleagues who were already planning to sit out donald trump's big day. i'm going to talk to one of those lawmakers, congresswoman
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barbara lee during the show. and that public fight over the nation's secrets, not over yet. the cia director taking issue with donald trump's recent comments suggesting the intelligence community took on naziesque tactics. lots to take on with donald trump getting sworn in on friday. and more than two dozen democrats say they will be sitting this one out. how come? partly it's the fight between the president-elect and congressman john lewis. we're going to hear from the congressman coming up later in miami. it's possible the congressman could expand on comments he made right here on nbc on "meet the press," that he does not see donald trump as a legitimate president. that prompted donald trump to call the civil rights icon all talk and no action. >> and to see somebody of john lewis' stature and iconic nature who has worked so hard to
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enfranchise people and getting people involved in our voting system and go out when the candidate of his choice doesn't win and talk about the delegitimatization of the election is frankly disappointing. >> we are also following that overnight obamacare bomb shell. the president apparently has the finishing touches on the affordable care act with democrats rallying to save it. i want to start with kristen welker. and we also will go to miami, florida. kristen, let's start with you. i want to talk about what is on the president-elect's agenda today. as he's in this sort of back and forth with john lewis, he's also got this meeting with martin luther king iii today, right? >> that's right. we think that's going to happen this afternoon, hallie. but what a striking backdrop to this mounting feud with
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president-elect trump and civil rights icon john lewis. it comes as of course the nation is pausing to celebrate martin luther king jr. and to commemorate all that he did and sacrificed for civil rights. this feud really underscoring i think some of the challenges that president-elect trump has had in terms of reaching out tof african-american community. this did all start with an interview with our own chuck todd when congressman lewis said he didn't see mr. trump as a legitimate president because of russia's attempts to meddle in the u.s. election. that sparked a backlash from president-elect trump who accused him of being all talk and no action. vice president elect mike pence also coming to president-elect trump's defense as well, calling on congressman lewis to retract those statements. the trump team really sees it as damaging as the president-elect is set to be inaugurated in just four days from now. and we are tracking the growing
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list of democrats who say they are going to sit this out. and you have some critics who say, look, mr. trump won this election, it is now up to him to extend the olive branch to congressman john lewis, to start this really tough work of trying to unify a deeply divided nation. also worth pointing out, hallie, that president obama, a the leadlea -- the leader of the democrats has not questioned and called for the importance of a smooth transition. he's tried to work i think toward that behind the scenes and also in a number of his public statements, hallie. >> i want to talk with you a little bit about the news that the president-elect made in that interview in the "washington post" with bob costa and talking about his plan to replace the affordable care act and the news they're close to having this plan to be revealed.
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the thing is we don't seem to know much about the specifics yet, right? >> reporter: we don't know the specifics. let me read you what is in "the washington post." president-elect trump telling the post we're going to have insurance for everybody. there was a philosophy in some circles that if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. that's not going to happen. with us people covered under the law can expect to have great health care. it will be in a much simplified form. much less expensive and much better. so simplified and much better but what are the specifics, hallie? those are where the question marks still are today. and of course this notion that he is nearing the end of completing his plan. that term, though, providing health care for everyone, that is raising some eyebrows among some republicans who, of course, in terms of the plans that they have been touting have been opposed to expanding health care coverage. what will the cost be? who will pay for it?
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those are among the really thorny issues. senator bernie sanders out over the weekend holding rallies opposed to appealing obamacare. >> we're going to be here at the capitol all week long and i can tell you this going to come up again and again. kristen welker, thank you very. >> among the speaker this event, john lewis, with his first comments since he came under fire with his comments about president-elect trump. i hear you've just spoken with senator marco rubio. tell me about it. >> that's right. i just spoke to florida senator marco rubio about this feud that
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erupted between donald trump and congressman lewis. this is what rubio had to say. >> i don't agree with congressman lewis that president-elect trump is illegitimate. he won the election. there's no indication it's not a legitimate election. i think the whole thing is very unfortunate it's occurring but it's kind of the way things are these days unfortunately. >> i also asked senator rubio, ha hallie, if john lewis was right in questioning russian intervention. even though he doesn't think it ultimately altered the outcome, he thinks it's something that should not be ignored. we are helping to get fresh
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reaction from congressman lewis about those statements. >> senator rube yio has not bee afraid to disagree with donald trump in the past saying he does not think nato is obsolete. talk to me about that conversation you had with him but also timing-wise, do we know when we're going to hear from john lewis? any guidance from his people on that? >> we are hoping to hear from john lewis i would say in the next hour. he was a little late in getting here this morning to this mlk memorial breakfast. it's interesting what you bring up about marco rubio. we did ask him about nato. we did ask him about the opposition and confirmation hearings, about rex tillerson. he did say he was hoping to be that person to provide those checks and balances just like he would with any president, hallie. with the comment about john lewis, he did try to have it
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both ways. he said john lewis has earned the respect to say that comment but does not think he should be boycotting the inauguration because it undermines the peaceful turnover of power. >> we will be checking back with you, march -- mariana. >> president-elect's comments about nato have some of our allies a little concerned. >> i said a long time ago nato had problems. it is obsolete because it was designed many, many years ago. number two, the countries aren't paying what they're supposed to pay. >> it might be tough to hear but that was donald trump talking about nato be obsolete years ago. ali, we're seeing a fair amount of reaction.
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>> reporter: that's right. president-elect trump's comments are concerning. just this morning the german foreign minister tweeting trump's comments on nato cause astonishment here and not only here. comments are contradictory by statements design signed by general mattis. and he said the increase -- he also criticized trump for saying his company spends too little to financial nato, saying they mkek a gigantic contribution. trump's comments more favorable
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in russia. here in the u.k., his comments were met with open armed. a spokesman for the prime minister said she welcomes president-elect trump's commit to working on a trade deal with britain. the president-elect has promised a swift and bilateral trade deal with the u.k. they expect the president-elect and the british prime minister to meet shortly after his inauguration. very important for england to have a trade deal with the united states as they head out of the european union. but the rest of the europe somewhat anxious to president-elect trump's comments. hallie? >> ali arouzi, thank you so much. ambassador, every time you're
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on, ambassador, i feel like we have so much to discuss. listen to this. >> nato, in my opinion, is obsolete because it's not covering terrorism. >> i think nato may be obsolete. it was set up a long time ago. >> the 28 countries of nato, many of them aren't paying their fair share. >> ambassador, general mattis did split in last week's confirmation hearings with president-elect on nato. why is there so much surprise internationally as you just heard from ali about the president-elect's latest comments? >> well, first of all, i just want to point out that the president-elect is wrong. he's wrong that nato has not fought terrorism. that was a major mission when they fought in afghanistan for many, many years, the taliban's a terrorist organization and nato was there with the united states. second, he's wrong about nato being obsolete. there's a threat to europe from the east just like there was during the soviet days, it's
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called russia. they invaded ukraine, annexed territory in the ukraine, in the crimea. if you're one of those nato alliance members in the east, you don't feel it's obsolete. you feel it's more necessary than today. i think the reason they're surprised is people are hopeful that things he may have said as a candidate will change. and when obviously when general mattis testified, people heard their continuity with previous policy, democrat and republicans, and then two days later the president-elect is contradicting him. so people don't know what to think, which of those two voices is going to represent the trump administration. >> which do you think will? is it going to be the general mattis philosophy, as he said nato one of the most important e alliances ever or will it be the president-elect? does mattis have any shot of swaying donald trump on this? >> i don't know.
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nato, the most successful alliance in the history of europe, in the history of the united states, maybe ever. there are lots of supporters of that treaty and just to pull out of that treaty will not be easy. so i'm cautiously optimistic that as they settle into their jobs, as the president-elect understands the nature of the threats to the nato alliance, he will start to moderate some of. things he said as a candidate. >> you know, ambassador, we've heard that word moderate for the last 18 months, as donald trump has been running for president. on the campaign trail i heard that from republicans running against him, from his general election rivals, people from hillary clinton's team. what makes you think he will moderate? >> i don't want to pretend to be able to predict president-elect trump but here will be my argument. this is actually low-hanging fruit for him to get a quick win. he said these things, he's made some of our allies nervous. some of our allies now are
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planning to spend more on defense spending perhaps because some of the things he said. he can come in and say i changed the nato alliance, it's no longer obsolete, they're modernizing, spending more money because of what i said and we immediate to engage with nato in a productive way and he could declaid declare victory, everybody could be relieved and we could move on to more serious issues. >> when he was talking with the times of london, he raised eyebrows when he said he'd like to make some, quote, good deals with russia, which he said could lead to a reduction in nuclear weapons. what's your reaction to that? >> i would just remind you he just tweeted two weeks ago the exact opposite. he said we should increase our nuclear arsenal. now he's changing his mind. maybe that's why i'm optimistic about the future because he changes so quickly. secondly, that's a laudable
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goal. president obama had the same goal. he wanted to have another treaty after the new start treaty. and get what, putin said no, putin didn't want a treaty and that was the end of the story. maybe he has an idea for changing that. i would support it. i'm just skeptical because of the previous recent history with vat m vladimir putin. >> ambassador, thank you for sharing your perspective. appreciate it. coming up next, we'll talk about "insurance for everybody." we'll talk about what that might mean for drug companies. and we go across the border for a closer look at lives affected and the business of deportations. the more complicated, the better. i love you. but i love him. i love him, too. so do i.
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so we hit this headline at the top of the show, president-elect trump saying "insurance for everybody everyb" he says he's putting the finishing touches on it with paul ryan and others. noelle, let me start with you. the president-elect, as kristen welker pointed out, didn't have any specifics on this replacement plant but he did say he wants the government to negotiate directly with the drug companies to lower costs. the gop has long been opposed to that. how do you see this playing out? >> already we're starting off with a lot of contradiction in this administration. it's a good thing and it's a bad thing.
7:21 am
one of the things that i think is very interesting is the fact we're getting a lot of trump's news by twitter. a lot of the things he talking about are going to affect the drug companies and affect the mark. i'll tell you what, i do feel one thing, hallie, i do feel like donald trump's attempt to get insurance for everybody is sincere. you have to look at the incoming if he gets confirmed, tom price with hhs. he's written a replacement for obamacare. and if it he's already contradicting what trump has said with the preexisting conditions. so there's another contradiction. so this is going to be very trig to see how this plays out because already some republicans and trump are not agreeing on some of the measurements it and on what he wants to do.
7:22 am
>> noelle said she believes donald trump is sincere when he says he wants to try to insure everybody. do you believe that? >> i wouldn't say it's sincere. i think it's just rhetoric he spouts off and doesn't necessarily think about what the policy implications are. i mean, this is i think something that we have gotten used to through the campaign and now during his preelection period, but as soon as he takes the oath of office, the significance of that changes dramatically. here is the fundamental point when it comes to obamacare. as soon as you repeal it, you're essentially repossessing people's health care. those 20 million people that didn't have make thhealth care w do. that is significantly consequential and has a much more dramatic political impact than if you were just giving something in the beginning. in terms of coming up with a
7:23 am
replacement plan, there are no details, there are contradictions in the different proposals, let alone what's going to happen on the hill between republicans and democrats trying to fight -- deciding they have the advantage. the president-elect can say whatever he wants but once he takes the oath of office and they repeal it, he's going to have to propose something real. that is yet the thing we have not seen from donald trump on this issue, as well as a host of others. >> while you mention the market instability that could be triggered, it sound as though from donald trump's comments offer the weekend, he believes the more important this evening make sure america has a good deal. is that in your opinion the right attitude to have? >> absolutely. you know, you've got to look at this -- we want our president-elect to be for the people and not for big business. so a lot of people have
7:24 am
perceived donald trump to be all in it for the business and making deals for the wealthy, but you've got to look at it this way, he for once is saying this is about making sure that every american gets insurance. let's see if that's possible. but the good thing of it is is this rhetoric that chris had talked about, this rhetoric at least starts a dialogue so that we can have conversations that are meaningful to try to get everybody insurance, good health care and you've got to look in 2010 half the democrats lost seats, lost elections because they voted for obamacare. blanche lincoln lost her seat in arkansas to john bozeman because of the deciding health care factor. you've got to look at everybody can agree that a lot of this may need to be replaced but it needs to be replaced with thoughtful insurance, thoughtful health care for everyone. >> chris, i want to get your take on the other big head line of the day, which is this sort
7:25 am
of battle between donald trump and congressman john lewis. do you agree with the democrats boycotting the inauguration, chris? is that the right move and the right message to send right now? >> well, you know, that's a difficult thing to answer. john lewis is an icon. for president-elect trump to get into a twitter battle with him and insult the man is almost -- it's just something that just is stunning to me. you know, i kind of follow michelle obama's creed. when someone goes low, you go up. i think we're better off trying to show the country that we are not going to fall to the depths of, you know, that donald trump is clearly falling. i mean, at some point and maybe this is going to happen in the inaugural address, but it's going to be more significant in terms of his actions and words. the man is going to be president of everyone. he has a responsibility to lead that way. and this divisive rhetoric and this almost child-like tendency to use twitter on a day-to-day
7:26 am
basis has got to stop. what is going to happen, i have no idea. >> i don't think donald trump is going to stop using twitter any time soon. but i appreciate your perspectives. we have a lot more to discuss. specifically what we were just talking about with chris. dozens of members of congress not coming to the inauguration right here at the capitol on friday, including congresswoman barbara lee. we're going to ask her why and what she plans to do instead. she joins me next. my business was built with passion...
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7:30 am
moments a ago, a wreath laying was celebrated at his moment em. >> and a turkish cargo jet slammed into a community in kyrgyzstan. it crashed trying to land in poor visibility. here at home a deadly ice storm has left 45,000 people without power this morning. iegsy roads. look at this video leading to accidents that have killed five people across three straits. t -- states. and this weather may be to blame for this fiery crass. amazingly police say nobody was hurt and that seatbelts hoped to save both driver's lives. >> and in washington, crews are working to get ready for the inauguration on friday. hundreds of thousands are expected to attend but not two dozen democrats roughly, who say
7:31 am
they are sitting this one out. the move comes mostly after the president-elect comes after congressman john lewis said last week trump was not a legitimate president. one of those lawmakers is joining me now, california congresswoman barbara lee. thank you for joining us here today. >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> let's talk about your decision to not attend friday's inauguration. what are you hoping to accomplish with this? >> sure. first let me just say that i respect the peaceful transfer of power and the office of the presidency and of course we know that donald trump will be sworn in as president. there are some of us and today i think we need to reflect on dr. king's message with regard to silence as really betrayal. there are some of us who will try to be working to resist the agenda that president-elect trump put forth during his campaign and even after his campaign, one that's divisive, based on bigotry. when you look at many of his
7:32 am
nominees, such as senator jeff sessions, someone to run the justice department who has a history of voting against and working against equal justice under the law for everyone. so i will be working to help plan how we work to make sure that people who are marginalized, people who deserve -- everyone in our country who deserves equal justice under the law, that their voices are heard. >> are you going to stay in california, congresswoman, or will you be in washington? >> i'll be working with our organizations with regard to the march on saturday. we're working to make sure that our voices are going to be heard to make sure that women's rights are put on the table so that president-elect can hear clearly we're not going to allow them to roll back our women's health care, women's rights, the affordable care act. so we'll be working throughout the country with organizations. from where i'm not sure yet but
7:33 am
i know i will be mashing on saturday. >> some of your colleagues this morning are agreeing with john lewis that donald trump is not a legitimate president. is he? >> let me first say to you that we have to realize and recognize what this means when a foreign power interferes in our elections. and i'm not talking about the outcome in terms of who won and who did no win. i think congressman lewis has a very valid point. when you look at hacking and russian interference -- >> do you agree because of russian interference donald trump is illegitimate? >> first of all, there were six of us who during the certification of the electoral college, we protested that certification. we did not want the electoral college to be certified because we felt that the legitimacy of any election must be clear and the american people deserve to know what the involvement was in terms of russia. and so our democratic process
7:34 am
was eroded, it was tampered with and the legitimacy of any election that is really tampered with by a foreign power has to be put into question. congressman lewis is a moral leader, a civil and human rights leader. when congressman lewis speaks, the world listens. and so i hope people are listening very carefully and i hope that a bipartisan commission that can let the american people know about the legitimacy of the election as it relates to russian interference is passed by congress and then the public can decide for themselves. >> congresswoman, just before i let you go here, i'm parsing your language and listening very carefully. i want to get to this ce. but on the issue of whether donald trump is legitimate, do you think he is on january 20th going to be the legitimate president of the u.s.? >> donald trump, first of all, will be sworn in as the
7:35 am
president of the united states. >> i'm asking a little bit of a different question, though. >> yeah, but i'm just saying what is important is to recognize that we have to understand what a foreign power -- when a foreign power interferes in our elections, in our democratic processes and someone is sworn in as president do we believe that the process that led to the presidency is a process that was fair and that was free of foreign interference, and that is why we have to have the intelligence community, reports, hopefully some of them declassified and the bipartisan commission needs to be put together so the public will know. i think congressman lewis is absolutely correct when he talks about what took place that led up to this election. it's very serious and it's very dangerous. >> california's member of congress barbara lee. thank you, congresswoman. we'll check back in with you
7:36 am
later in the week to see what your plans will be. coming up, we'll take a look at who's on deck for week two of president-elect's cabinet confirmation hearings. a full preview when we get back live from capitol hill. four days to go on the inauguration. president-elect getting sworn in just steps from where we are now. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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welcome back to capitol hill. we have got a big week here in washington. more confirmations for the president-elect's cabinet picks. trump's pick for education secretary, betsy devos, steve minuchin.
7:40 am
>> there's reasons for a variety of controversies. tuesday, that's betsy devos as a potential secretary of energy. she's a billionaire, a philanthropist, a republican donor. she's in favor of expanding school voucher programs. some say she's the public school system's public enemy number one. and scott pruitt at the epa, he's a legal opponent in the past of the environmental protection agency. donald trump has said of president obama's epa that is a disgrace and would tear it to, quote, tidbits. nikki haley, she has a very
7:41 am
interesting biography, the south carolina governor. but she has very little obvious foreign policy experience. we do know in the past she's been an opponent of the iran nuclear deal. on thursday, rick perry. he is the former texas governor. he's a guy during one of those debates four years ago said he's going to kill the sale agency he's now tasked to lead and steve mnuchin, a warmer wall streeter will take over the treasury department. >> thank you for being with us. >> outgoing attorney general loretta lynch is giving her final interview to my colleague, tamron hall. that comes up in about 15, 20 minutes. >> and washington gets ready for
7:42 am
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so the countdown to inauguration day is on here in the nation's capitol and there is a huge security presence getting deployed now before friday's swearing in. let's get the latest from what is happening from msnbc's senir news editor cal perry. what's it looking like? >> reporter: we're about a mile from where you are down pennsylvania avenue. this will be actually the route that the president once he's sworn in will take on his way to the white house. check out the sign "welcome, mr. president." we've only seen one of those so far. we spoke the morning speaking to jeff ri jeffrey carroll, he's talked about the long history.
7:46 am
>> we're very proud to be part of this inauguration. we've been involved in planning this inauguration, as all inaugurations for a long period of time. we are definitely prepared. >> reporter: a lot of the security will not be visible but some of the stuff that will be, these huge barricades will line pennsylvania avenue trying to keep some of the spectators from the parade route. that's one of the viewing areas. that will be with the district of colombia government will watch the parade. the police are going to have to walk a fine line between allowing facilitating people into the inauguration and keeping protesters off the parade route. >> cal perry will be with us here in washington all week. we'll be checking back in with you tomorrow as well. appreciate it. >> coming up next, we'll look at donald trump and immigration. what is next? jacob soboroff is live at the u.s. border. why should people stick around after the commercial break to
7:47 am
watch you? >> reporter: all week long we are looking at the real world implications of donald trump's most famous campaign promises. we are starting with immigration. we went right across that border wall into tijuana to find out more. we'll have all of that for you right after the break. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate.
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you are looking live at a breakfast featuring congressman john lewis, this is happening in miami, to honor martin luther king jr. and the holiday today. if congressman lewis addresses the war of words with donald trump, it will be his first comments since the interview with chuck todd. we're keeping an eye on it. for now we're taking a look at president-elect trump's plan to deport undocumented immigrants. all week long my colleague, jacob soboroff, has been looking
7:51 am
at the real world implications of the president-elect's news series. he's right near the border of san diego. hey, jacob. >> reporter: if donald trump follows through to deport as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants from this side of the border with mexico right over to that side, it's quite easy to see what that would look like. when you go to tijuana, it's easy to meet people who have spent virtually most of their entire lives living in the united states of america. they are not who you would expect. this is the house of migrants. if you want to know what mass deportations in a trump administration would look like, start here? >> how long have you been in new mexico? three weeks. >> you speak spanish? >> a little bit.
7:52 am
>> your english is probably better than your spanish? >> i speak spanish as my second language. >> what did do you? >> drinking in public. >> your second deportation. >> yeah. >> donald trump is known for tough talk on immigration but 2.8 million have been deported by president obama. many new deportees seek help at a shelter like this. but you'll find others at a place you might not expect. next door solutions, if you take a look around this neighborhood, you'll see we're in the middle of anville area in tijuana. inside is a booming company onl made possible by deportees. >> what's going on in here? >> mostly sales for internet.
7:53 am
we are trying to americanize the operations. >> reporter: ricardo runs this call center hired by american companies. >> how did you end up here? >> deported. >> reporter: what happened? >> got into a little confrontation with an older brother of mine and that was about it. >> reporter: that was it? >> that was it. >> reporter: just out of curiosity, had you ever been to mexico before you got deported? >> no. >> reporter: other than being born here? >> no. >> reporter: no vacations? >> no. >> reporter: no trips south of the border ? >> my trips were to montana. >> reporter: you feel like an american living in mexico? >> absolutely so. >> reporter: during the obama era, deportees with a criminal conviction only slightly outnumbered those who didn't have one. >> my parents took me when i was 3 and i was deported when i was
7:54 am
27. >> reporter: what happened? >> the lawyer messed up my paperwork and they deported me. >> reporter: so did you commit a crime? >> no. >> reporter: no crime? >> no. >> reporter: and you lived in america your whole life? >> yes. i worked for the american postoff. >> so you worked for american post office? >> yes. i have two kids there. >> reporter: would you be here without all the deportees? would your business be the same? >> no. these guys are the main labor. >> reporter: so donald trump would be creating jobs in mexico if he deports all the undocumented immigrants from america here? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: donald trump will tell you when he takes office on friday, he want to folks on
7:55 am
deporting criminals first and then dealing with everybody else. the obama administration will tell up that's exactly what they have been doing and it's part of the reason why some people out there call president obama the deporter in chief. >> how realistic is it he'll depod deport the undocumented criminal immigrants first? >> reporter: it's difficult. if you look at the statistics into the story, president obama has deported nearly as many non-criminals as he has people with criminal convictions in the united states. so identifying who those criminals are, how many live in the united states and what exactly constitutes a deportable criminal offense is what the trump administration has to figure out and then has to act on once they're in office. >> jacob soboroff live for us out there on the california border with mexico. thanks much. we'll see you back here tomorrow for your next piece in the series. tonight at 11:00 eastern, do not miss "the obama years" with
7:56 am
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pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new remember, any minute now we are expecting to see congressman john lewis who is at this breakfast in miami to honor martin luther king jr. take the podium. we expect to take the congressman live when he does begin to make his remarks. in the meantime that does it for us on this hour of msnbc live. we will be here all week long and online of course, twitter, facebook, insta, snapchat as well. hit me up. right now more with my colleague tamron hall.
8:00 am
>> many say they will follow john lewis's lead and not attend trump's inauguration following his statement that trump is not a legitimate president due to russia's interference in the election. i'll be joined by a members of congress who says he is skipping the inauguration and we will bring you congressman lewis's comments live from miami at the event we've been talking about all morning long. and insurance for everybody, donald trump telling "the washington post" in a new interview he is close to unveiling his own health care proposal, not providing any specifics just yet, other than saying it will be simpler and less expensive and in his word, much better. though not specific, what he is saying does counter what many republicans say they will support. in and loretta lynch will join me to discuss her civil rights legacy, the call for more investig


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