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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the white house today. it is a reminder that it is not just president obama leaving the white house. his staff is leaving as well. jordan earnest was surprised by president obama crashed his press conference to thank you him for years of service. >> this guy ranks as high as just about anybody i've worked with. he is not only a great press secretary but more importantly, he is a really, really good man. >> that does it for me this hour. thank you so much for joining me. coming up next, kate snow, who is with me right now. indicate, kate. >> hey katie, nice to see you. welcome to rainy washington wash. a beautiful view as the bells toll. i am kate snow. i think i'm on this camera. we are on our perch on north capitol street just blocks from the cop toll dome. three days out from the inauguration. three stories right now. we are following the latest on explosive comments from the
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russian leader. at a us in conference putin defended donald trump and accused president obama of trying to unmine trump. putin had some choice words for the individuals who artery kraertded that 35 page dossier of unverified claims about donald trump. trump denied all allegation this is the dossier and the claims haven't been verified by the intel community for the media. a full report from moscow in just a moment. also more confirmation hearings for donald trump's cabinet picks. right now trump's choice for interior secretary congressman ryan zinky is testifying on capitol hill. ? n just a couple of hours betsy devos will testify. her nomination causing a lot of talk among teachers. we are going to be digging in on the future of our kids' schools this hour coming up. >> and we have brand-new polling out on obamacare as republicans move forward with their plans to repeal the law. on a busy tuesday let us begin with kristen welker. she is covering the latest on the trump transition in new york in front of trump tower.
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cia director john brennan firing back after trump went after him and the cia on twitter. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: well, this is an ongoing feud. and it continues to escalate, kate. president-elect trump has consistently lashed out at the intelligence community, even suggesting that outgoing cia director john brennan could be behind some of those recent leaks. in his exit interview with the "wall street journal," he has said categorically that is false. and he has come out swinging, kate. let me read you a portion of that exe in the wurn really taking aim at trump for suggesting the leaks are somehow akin to nazi germany. he said this, tell the cia officers serving in harm's way right now and their families who are worried about them their akin to ni germany. i fin that to be repugnant and i will forever stand up for the integrity and patriotism of my
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officers who have done much over the years for their fellow citizens. this divide that we are seeing between the president-elect and the intelligence community he is about to lead continues to keep growing. kate, i can tell you behind the scenes some of president-elect trump's top officials trying to tamp down the fear they are saying look the president-elect respects the intelligence community. he want to have a good ork working relationship with the intelligence community. at the same time we are not seeing that play out publicly from mr. trump himself. just three days until he of course is nominated tfl question is what will he do once he is in office to try to smooth things over? because if you talk to a lot of experts they say this is really a matter of national security. >> kristen welker up in new york thanks so much. confirmation for donald trump's cap net picks happening inside that capitol building this afternoon. let's turn to casey hunt. ryan zinky is up for interior
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secretary and a billionaire education activist betsy devos up for education secretary. walk us through what to expect. >> reporter: kate i think ryan zinky's hearing which is already underway is not expected to be one of great contention. he is not somebody that the democrats have focused on as they have tried to oppose donald trump's nominees. betsy devos for education secretary, though s a totally different story. you can see behind me people waiting in line here to get into this. it is a very small hearing room, the health cmittee room, the house department of labor and pension committee. you can hear the democrats are going to be grilling betsy devos, theically around political contributions she had made around charter schools, voucher programs things along those lines that make democrats feel she would not be a good stewart of nation's public schools which is a key part of this role as education secretary. you have seen a lot of teachers
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unions coming out and opposing her. there is going to be questions from elizabeth warren. she sent a lengthy letter to devos asking about her views on higher education for example, and how she might manage student loan programs that are overseen by the federal government. as you know that's been a big issue for senator warren and other progressives who stan on a platform for free education for all americans. i think you are going to be seeing focus on that as well. it hasn't been escalated to the number of votes that would stop her from becoming secretary of education. there are other nominees that have more controversy than betsy devos but i do expect to hear some angry lines of questioning in this hearing. potentially some protesters. >> thank you so must have. we will take a closer look at the education secretary later in our show and watching both of hearings as they go on. for more on the other big
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news this afternoon, comments from russian president vladimir putin at that newsonference. i want to bring in bill neely over in moscow. break it down for us. what did we hear from putin. >> reporter: good afternoon. you described the allegations as explosive. they were. and they didn't have to make them. this is a news conference with the mall dovan president but he chose to make these comments. extraordinary, russia's president defending president-elect three days before the inauguration. he didn't name obama once, remember there is no love lost between these two. but he was clear in his criticism. he says look what is going on in america. the minute he said it is a continuing heated political struggle and its aim is to upped mine the legitimacy of the presidency of donald trump to tie him via his hands and legs
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so he can't carry out his promises to the american people including improved relations with russia. extraordinary. and he also brought up that unverified 35-page dossier which donald trump denies the contents of vehemently. vladimir putin said the dossier was obviously false. he said the people who spread the allegations in it are worse than prostitute. he said this was a unique situation in washington. and he also compared it to the situation in ukraine in 2014. that, he said, was a revolution, a coup d'etat. so you can see the implication of vladimir putin's comments there. extraordinary stuff, kate. >> bill neely following that f us in moscow. ll, thank you. we are of cose only three days away from donald trump's inauguration here in washington, d.c. hopefully it won't be raining as hard on friday. for more on what we can expect from the day i'm joined by trump inauguration regional press
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secretary madison -- he's here in the rain thanks for being here. what is the forecast for friday. >> a little bit better than today. we are looking forward to that. >> you have been planning and helping with the transition and planning. on what you and trump call a really great show. tell us what to expect? >> we have so many special events. not just on friday. we are kicking off on thursday with a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. i think this signals and reflects our president-elect and the american people's appreciation for those who sacrificed so much for us. >> it is a historic event. i've covered three of them before. there are certain thing that are done almost every time in the same way. will it be that way on friday, the tea at the white house and then the procession to the capitol? what can we expect to see on tv? >> our president-elect will be respecting the traditions of the past. he will be staying at the blair
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house, having coffee with our current president obama, and head over to the swearing in. >> on two bibles of. >> the lincoln bible was used by president obama in both inauguration and the personal bible he will be using was given to him by his mother aschild. it will be amazing to see him put his hands on two bibles one that has meaning to him personally and the other with meaning to the country. >> what do you think of the democrats who are boycotting the inauguration. >> we hope they will join us for amazing celebrations of unity that we will be having on friday and throughout the coming week. >> you say an expression of unity. i am getting questions, what is it going to be like? what is the atmosphere going to be like? will there be protesters? animosity or a festive supportive crowd. >> we have hundreds of thousands of people coming to support our
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president-elect and stand behind him as he becomes president of the united states. yes, there may be protesters there, we respect their right to protests as long as they are following all the laws rules and regulations that they need to follow to be able to protest. >> one of the things you focused on during the campaign were younger voters, millennials trying to get out the vote for donald trump. what is your sense now of how much support you have in that demographic. >> last year was the first time that millennials outnumbered baby boomers when it came to voting numbers. they are voting in larger numbers than ever before. i think it's important that we have a president-elect able to reach out and millennial voters. this is something he did throughout his campaign and i think will continue to do by talking about issues like job and focusing on the economy when he becomes president on friday. >> can anybody come on friday? i know there are tickets for close ups? >> anybody can come. they can show up and stand on
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the mall and witness history. on top of that they can join us in the welcome celebration. they can find more information on our website. >> i'll put that on my twitter as well. thank you for being with us. regional press secretary for the presidential inaugural committee appreciate your time. up next, rising popularity. new numbers showing more americans are happier than ever with obamacare. is it too little too lathe with trump and republicans promising to make good on their promise to replace it. listen carefully... if we all switch to geico we could save 15% or more on car insurance. i like the sound of that. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch.
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the energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it. and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.
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and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> president kennedy's inaugural address back in 1961. in three days, donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. from jobs to obamacare he is already starting to shape foreign and domestic policy alike. joining me now to discuss, kentucky democratic congressman johnior mouth is with us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start on obamacare and the repeal effort that seems to be picking up steam where you work on capitol hill. speaker ryan said quote our promise has always been we want to give people access to affordable coverage regardless whether you have a preexisting
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condition or not. and then you have cathy morris a republican saying no one who has coverage because of obamacared to will lose that coverage. why not work with republicans and try to improve what many democrats concede is a plan that has problems? >> i think we have been willing to do that for the last seven years, kate. when we passed the affordable care act we admitted there would be unfor seen consequences that we knew we would have to fix. when you are trying to reshape 20% of the economy and one of the most complex medical systems in the world, you know there are going to be problems. unfortunately, the republicans, over the last seven years, have been unwilling to work with us to actually improve the affordable care act. all they have talked about is repeal and replace. we have constantly begged them, help us work to make it better. they didn't want to make it better. they wanted it to die on its own so then they could say okay we were right. but now they are in charge. >> how are they going to make it better now? >> i wish they would. and unfortunately, we haven't
12:17 pm
seen any ideas from them that more than a few republicans actually are behind. we are more than ready. you know, when i heard cathy mcmorris rogers say that the other day saying that nobody who had coverage under obamacare would lose it and even to hear president-elect trump talk about having insurance for everybody, boy, that just made me very, very excited because maybe there is an opportunity to actually come up with a better system. i wish we could. >> we have got new numbers out from ourbc muse "wall street journal" poll showing 45% of americans now thinkhat the obamacare law is a good idea. has the highest reported popularity level for the affordable care act. why do you think it took so long for americans to feel that way? >> i think part of it is 'em human nature that you don't -- you when you don't know exactly what you have until it's threatened to be taken away from you. i think there has been a lot more discussion over the last few weeks about what the real
12:18 pm
alternatives to obamacare are. and then also about how many people are benefitting from the affordable care act. we did an event here on sunday kip of a hearing type event. we had close to 500 people who came to talk about and hear about how important the affordable care act is for so many of our citizens. so i think it's the experience over the last seven years. virtually everybody knows somebody who has benefitted from it, whether somebody had a cancer diagnosis and their life was saved because they now had coverage or somebody with a reexisting condition was oibl to stay on their parents' policy until there were 26. or somebody had a terrible accident and because there were no limits they were able to recover from the injury. experience wise, i think this has taught us it is a powerful
12:19 pm
thing that can be made better. >> we just had a spokesperson here for the transition saying it's your right you don't have to ce to theinauguration. but i want to play sound from chris collins, a republican, this is what he said about the boycott. >> okay. >> my opinion is what john lewis is doing, he's pouting. he lost it's like a spoiled child and we've seen with it the others. they can't get over the fact they have lost. what do spoiled little kids do? they run around and throw a tantrum. that's when we are seeing. they are pouting and frankly it's somewhat enjoyable to watch because it shows you again how upset they are. and when they were so smug when they left congress knowing that hillary clinton was going to win. >> your response to that, that you are pouting? >> well i'm not pouting. i'm not avoiding the inauguration because i think the election wasn't legitimate. i think he was elected legitimately, trump was. i don't agree with john lewis on that. i decided not to come because we
12:20 pm
have president-elect who is going to be president in three days who has consistently not just until the election but since the election shown disrespect for the office of the presidency. and if he expects the pattern people to respect him in that office, he has to show that he respects it. and when you are getting up in the middle of the night and tweet about arnold schwarzennegger's ratings on the celebrity apprentice or about "saturday night live" or about meryl streep or even more offensively, about john lewis's courage, then you have shown you don'tave any respect for the office. you are denigrating the office that you are about ready to assume. so that's my way of making that statement, that he needs to change his behavior is why i'm not coming, not because i don't believe he was duly elected. >> congressman johnior mouth of condition condition nice to have you with us, thank you. up next, divided america. a new documentary taking a close look at events during the obama
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i just had an opportunity to have a a excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> to see the two of them in the oval was kinds the final moment of how in the world did this happen, and what did we just go lieu. >> for trump, it was the beginning of a new era. for obama, it was the devastating end to a difficult presidency. >> that was a clip from the two-part frontline special called divided states of america. it starts tonight. it explores eight years of cause and effect leading up to friday's inauguration where donald trump will become president of the united states. in other words it seeks to answer the question of how did we get here. joining me the filmmaker behind the series. michael kirk. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i watched both parts last night. it is something to watch how you
12:25 pm
go back and really digest events that we all remember. but they went by so quickly. it's nice to have some perspective. what was the message? what was the theme that you were looking for? >> as you remember, kate, barack obama promised to be the change candidate, that you would unify the country. i thought it was interesting that a change candidate comes in hoping for the best, and whatever happens happened to him and he was no longer the change candidatafter a while. and then another change ndidate mes town, and that's donald trump promising a different kind of change. and it was the difference between those two changes that are being promised that i thought that was probably fertile ground for this much air time, four hours over two nights. >> the one thing that really comes across, too, is that you do focus on obama more -- you talk about the republicans as well and sara palin and donald trump and mccain. but you focus in on obama.
12:26 pm
i want to play a clip to illustrate what i'm talking about. >> as he made the case for re-election, the man who my wiss fulfilled. they talked honestly to us,any of them, for a few hours at a time. i think we have a fairly
12:27 pm
accurate understanding of exactly what happened to barack obama over those years. he hit a wall, as you know, kate, almost immediately. by the third or fourth day he was already in trouble. i think he came slightly unprepared for, you know, how tough and difficult it was going to be. i think he hoped that he could transcend it. and it was a strategy, the hope. but he met really formidable opposition in the republican party. and in the crashing economy. and in all the other things that he hit. it is an amazing moment when you see a president finally wake up and say oh, my god this is so much harder and crazier than i thought it would be. in some respects you wish donald trump would watch the mini series so he would understand what is going to happen saturday morning. >> maybe you can send him a copy or tell him when to tune in. as you said, you had access to
12:28 pm
so many voices, how many people were in that room of power. film maker michael kirk, appreciate it. the two part documentary mini series the divided states of america is tonight on pbs at 9:00 p.m. coming up, the nomination hearing for betsy devos will get underway. she is an adwresive advocate for charter school expansion and well-known for her activism. issues that will be front and center at her hearing. after the break we will look at her record and what it might mean for the future of our nation's schools.
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bottom of the hour now. nigeria's military says one of its fighter jets on a mission against boko that ram extremists
12:32 pm
accidentally hit 100 refusees and aid workers. the red cross says 20 of its volunteers are among the dead. a denver teen is mopping the victims of yesterday's nightclub shooting in mexico. she was a college student who traveled to mexico to an electronic music festival. mexican authorities say five people were killed in the shooting early yesterday morning. four of them died of gun shot wounds. the fifth was killed in a stampede after the shots rang out. the mystery of malaysia airlines flight 370 may never be solved. search crews fishily suspended their hunt for the plane nearly three years after it vanished fromn route to beijing from swallow lum pour. we are now an hour and a half from the start of a critical confirmation hearing for drufr's pick for education secretary. a senate committee is set to hold that hearing this evening for betsy devos. the hearing was supposed to be
12:33 pm
held last week. republicans say it was postponed to allow more committee mbers to daend. democrats say it was postponed to allow more time for an ethics review to be completed. since education affects all of us. we have two guests with different views. we will speak with the head of the largest too muchers union in moept. joying me right now is william hanson who was deputy secretary of education under president george w. bush. william, nice to have you with us. thank for being with us. betsy devos made a name for herself in michigan right, in education, in that space. in 2013 she told philanthropy magazine traditional public schools are not succeeding let's be clear, in many cases they are failing. that helps people be more open to what were once considered radical reforms vouchers and savings accounts. for all the parents out there,
12:34 pm
will she bring about radical change do you think? >> i think betsy will bring about important change to american education. and we are 19 in the the international test scores of the 35 industrial countries. when it comes to our science scores, 20th in reading and 31st in math out of 35. and the international test takes into account poverty and other conditions. we do have an important time in our american education system for -- really arrive for refor and betsy has a great history and track record to bring that reform to washington. >> she is a champion of charter schools. i want to throw other numbers out there. researchers at stanford looked at chaers versus public schools. ey found only auarter of students did better than students at traditional public schools when it comes to reading and 39% did better when it comes to math. where is the evidence do you think that charter schools
12:35 pm
create significant change and really help kids? >> i think the important thing is they are performing better and i think the schools in michigan if you look at the results, our students are three month ahead of their reading scores in third grade. but it's also about choice for parents and to have different options to send their children to the type of school that they would like to send their student to. so it's very important. betsy has taken a lot of heat for her commitment. and she has really spent her time, her talent, her resources to help low income and minority students in particular have the same choices that middle and upper income families have by the nature of their zip code or where they live. so i really think she should be commend for dedicating her life and resources to helping low and middle income students achieve. >> as you know a lot of teachers unions and some parents have concerns though if people have choices they move away from public schools, some do, and that leaves the kids who are still left at the public schools
12:36 pm
struggling in schools that aren't as good. what about that? >> you know, i think we need to also keep in mind that in the higher education system for our country the pell graph program is the largest voucher scholarship program, $40 billion students helping 10 million lower income students go to higher education schools. and these are important attributes that i think would help our k-12 system out if we were to bring the same reforms and same choices and same opportunities which spurred reform in the higher education system over the last 40 years since the program was created. >> can we talk about teachers for a second? i was reading a 2010 mckenzie report found that 47% of u.s. teachers come from the bottom third of their college graduating class n. finland, teachers come from the top 10%. i'm not dissing teachers.
12:37 pm
i love my kids' public school teachers. the question is how do we attract the best and the brightest to be our public school teachers? is there a way to change the way we value teachers in this country. >> absolutely great question. i think we need to modernize our school system and everything about it. i think that's what betsy will bring to the job. i have a daughter that's a special ed teacher. my father and grandparents were public school teachers. betsy's father was a public school teacher. we need to look for ways to support teachers. a lot of this should be done at the state and local level where we can put incentives in and look for alternative measures to bring teachers into the classroom from businesses from the military and to really help us in the stem fields where we have some major teacher shortages that we need to go after and arrest. i think this is the type of thank that betsy is going to be
12:38 pm
an advocate for. >> lastly, yes or no, do you think the committee will give her a hard time today and it will be a difficult confirmation or does she sail through? >> she is in good hands with chairman alexander but i think she is going to have an interesting hearing, and it's going to be a fun couple of hours to watch. she is a gracious, wonderful, brilliant lady who is passionate about about her students and puts students first. >> william hanson, former deputy sec of education under george w. bush. thanks for being with us. let me get a different perspective from randy wine gar ten, preside of the american federation of achers, th largest union -- teachers union in the country? >> second largest. >> i was trying to give you an elevation there. >> thank you, kate. >> nice to see you. i want to get your reaction to what we heard there, but let me start with measurements. i was looking at the national assess men of educational
12:39 pm
progress, which people call the nation's report card. and mr. hanson just mentioned this, too, in fourth grade, 40% of students are proficient in math in this country. 36% of students are proficient in reading. in eighth grade, # 3% of students are profish in math and 34% in reading. that's two thirds of american eighth graders lacking basic math and reading skills. you surely must agree that something needs to change? >> of course. and what we see is that the districts -- like take massachusetts. the districts who have -- and the states who have really invested in schools, invested the standards, aligned the standards to the needs of kids, lowered class size, made sure that special needs kids were attended to, those states are doing the best. and the states that have divested from education, like many of the southern states, michigan also one of the states divested from education, 23
12:40 pm
states frankly spend less on education today than they did in 20 208 08, they are being left find. if you take finland and massachusetts you see tremendous results. but if you actually look at places like detroit that's been divested from, if you look at places like places in alabama, divested om, you see those scores. and so what we actually say is we did this seismic shift with senator alexander last year, senator murray, president obama signed the bill, of actually going back to something that president bush disregarded, local instruction focused on getting money back to kids who need it most in public schools throughout the country. and getting rid or at least minimizing the test, test, test, test, test, test of the bush administration that has kind of led us to these results. and so we thought there was
12:41 pm
assessment shifts last year and we are quite surprised that president-elect trump picked someone who actually is the most anti-public education person he could have picked in the united states of america. >> well, she would say that she is procharter school, proexperimenting and getting other ways of doing thing and not just relying on public schools. let me -- >> why not give her a shot, give her a shot with charter schools. >> let me be clear. one of my predecessors, al shanker actually coined the term charter schools. we run -- i run a charter school, a public charter school in new york city that has 100% graduation rate. this is not about charlotters. this is about betsy devos wh all due respect wants privatization of schools. that's her focus. and what has happened is when you look at these statistics, look at the statistics from michigan. michigan has defunded and destabilized its public schools. what we see in michigan is that
12:42 pm
75% of the public schools do better than charter schools. and the charters in detroit are abyss mall, 84% of the kids in the charters in detroit do not meet standard standards. and the same is true in terms of english. and why -- and what has happened in michigan on the same test that you just talked about, they went from the middle of the pack in 2003 to the bottom, to 41 out of 50. that's not success. that's actually going backwards. and we need to actually build on what we all did in essa, the new federal law from last year, and have collective voice of parents and teachers. make sure that the neighborhood public school is a viable choice s a safe choice for all kids. and ultimately, that's what the secretary of education is for, strengthening and improving the
12:43 pm
public schools that 90% of kids go to. you want to have alternatives, that's fine to have parents pay for vouchers or do those kinds of things. but the public dollar has to be accountable and has to go for making sure schools are safe and welcoming for kids. >> randy wine gar ten president of the american federation of teachers. always nice to have you, thanks so much. right now on capitol hill, donald trump's pick for secretary of the interior, ryan zinky before the committee on energy and natural resources for his confirmation hearing. est here's a live look at the hearing going on. senator bernie sanders just questioned zincy about climate change. take a listen. >> is president-elect trump right, is climate change a hoax? >> i can give you -- the best answers is three things. first of all, the climate is changing. that's unspeakable. i'm from glacier national park. >> don't have any more glaciers
12:44 pm
there, huh. >> i've seen glashs over the period of my time recede. matter of fact while my family and i have eaten on glanel glacier the glacier recede during lunch. >> that just in from from zinky hearing. lester holt is touring the country talking with americans about issues that matter to them most. he joins me next from warren, michigan. >> dear mr. president, if i had one word to describe how i'm feeling about our upcoming presidency, it would be anxious. and i think that's because it's hard to know what to expect right now. at godaddy, our goal is to make you look awesome online.
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where we left off yesterday with a series we are enjoying. it's called across america.
12:48 pm
lester holt is traveling across the country talking to americans about the issues ahead of the inauguration. yesterday he was out in sacramento, california. today he is 2300 miles east of there in warren, michigan north of detroit. immigration was your big topic yesterday. what are you guys talking about today? >> we are talking about jobs. it is a big issue here in mccomb county michigan. famously known as the home of the reagan democrats. and a lot of folks who went obama in the last couple of elections went trump this time. we talked to folks about the main issue here. that's jobs. we went to a local cabinet manufacturer. of course there are lots of manufacturing plants including auto plants in this area. but talked about what people's hopes and dreams are. i had a chance to talk to them about something in the news today, the announce men by gm about more investment and more jobs in america. here's part of our conversation. >> well, the president-elect is taking credit for gm's announcement only today that they are going to, you know, create several thousand jobs, some, you know, in michigan,
12:49 pm
some in this community. do you give him credit, chris, for that? >> some of it will put off the public relations gap. i will also say this, i think he tends to create an environment where it's not going to be as easy to offshore things and there will be more accountable. >> jacqueline, you worked this the auto industry. you are watching what's happening. thousands of new jobs from gm, who do you give credit to? >> to the uaw, to the people who sit down at the table and negotiate the contract. >> you don't give credit to anybody in washington. >> no i don't. >> donald trump made some explicit promises in his visits here to michigan. people are obviously hoping he will live up to those promises. we talked somewhat about how the president is handling himself, some of the offensive things he has said and more provocative things.
12:50 pm
clearly some still put off by that. others feel the bigger picture is he will be good for the economy. they like his business credentials and they feel he will back u what he says. 6:6:3. preparations in full swing around here. after the break, chris janson will join us with a preview of what to expect. and then, change those places every few months.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
lee days from now, president-elect donald trump taking oath in front of the capitol. chris jan sing has been there all day. giving us behind the scenes, chris. >> reporter: this is where it happens, you can take a look up there is where donald j. trump will take the oath of office. the platform for the vvvip, that includes members of congress and the supreme court having said that, these seats aren't bad either. some of 30,000 chairs actually that they have around here. these are for the spouses of the people who get to sit up on the platform. so, you don't get to sit with your husband or wife. and this is the best expanse of what donald trump and everybody up there will see. they expect 250,000 minimum because those are people that have tickets. now because you have a ticket doesn't mean you get to see what's happening up there. see this area that's surrounded by fence by the way, four miles of fence that have been put up just for this inauguration.
12:55 pm
well, those have no view. come on over, we'll show you. you actually get blocked here by this big super structure which is where we, the media will be. so you get to watch it on jumbotron, 11 are set up around this part of the capitol. i had a chance to talk to the head of the congressional inauguration committee, roy blunt, senator from missouri, and i asked him about those 40 plus members of congress who have decided not to go. he was very diplomatic about it, here's what he told me. >> i think this is an important moment for us to talk about how we do this and why we do it. and the peaceful transition of power and half the time you're changing presidents, but you're changing political parties and that's just part of who we are and what we do. it's a good example of democracy. >> reporter: and senator blunt added there are plenty of people who will take the tickets for
12:56 pm
the members of congress who have decided not to come. very short if you recall the oath of office, it is delivered by of course john roberts who the chief justice in the supreme court. then an inaugural address. they expect to be short, comparative to history and also a relatively short parade that will follow that. about an hour and a half or so, some of this has gone four hours. they say that's because donald trump wants to head right into the oval office and get down to work. all that happening on friday, kate. >> for those of us who have to stand out on the parade route, chris, i'm happy to hear it's not going to be four hours long. it gets cold out there. chris jansing, thanks so much. really cool to see it up close. appreciate it. and we will be right back. or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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1:00 pm
instagram. up next, steve kornacki who has new numbers from the nbc/wall street journal poll. >> brand new numbers in just a minute. good afternoon, i'm steve kornacki live here in washington, d.c. and we are three days away now and counting until donald trump is sworn in as president. topping our agenda right now, the question of legitimacy. >> this superior court also ill legitimate? >> yes. yes, i do. does the public agree? >> in just a mite, we are going to unveil brand new polling that looks at that question for the first time. stand by for that. also on the agenda, the boycott. more than 50 democrats now say they're going to sit out friday's inauguration, they are heeding the call of congressman john


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