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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  January 17, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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or heard or hack. like a portfolio of goldman sachs hires, a hedge, a purse, a gamble, an anti-regulatory framework. i don't know. what do you call it when you hire six people from goldman sachs one after the other? send us your best, most printable suggestions with the collective noun we need a blank of goldman sachs hires. think about it, write it down, don't use the word "murder." send it to we thank you. we will see you again tomorrow. time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell". good evening, lawrence. >> i take my home work assignment seriously from you. i think you know what you call it. i think you call it goldman sachs. isn't that what you call it. >> usually that would be a good day and good college recruiting
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day for goldman sachs in this case it's our lives. thank you. president obama is still president and 272 people are the recipients of pardons are grateful for that. and if donald trump was paying attention to vladimir putin's press conference today he should have learned a very important lesson going forward. if vladimir putin volunteers to defend you, just say no. >> those people are worst than prostitutes. >> it's extraordinary how many times the kremlin is prepared to come to the defense of donald trump. >> false statements being spread to compromise the newly elected president of the usa. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what, folks, that's call an asset, not a liability. >> this is more than being about him. it's about the united states and national security. >> 40% of americans approve of
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the way trump is handling his presidential transition. >> this is a transition and a very important transition, and especially because things will be done beautifully. >> he seems to want to engage every windmill he can find. >> he is going after john lewis again. >> i think he just grandstanded. >> trump attacked a civil rights leader. what is he going to do on easter, loser jesus dead for three days, and then just wakes up, i like guys that don't die. where's the rebirth certificate? >> there are only five permanent members of the security council. the leader of one of those countries and the soon to be leader of another one of those countries are the only two important heads of state in the
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world who you can close your eyes and imagine talking about prostitutes. talking about prostitutes in a press conference, which is what one of them actually did today. vladimir putin seemed deeply conflicted about prostitutes when he was talking about them today, especially moscow prostitutes. first, he called them "the best in the world" and look, vladimir putin says a lot of things that people don't believe, but, i don't know. i'm going to take his word for it. i think he knows just how good moscow prostitutes must be. those were his words, the best in the world. and there you can see how donald trump and vladimir putin might get along so well because they both have an uncontrollable urge to praise and over praise everything in their realm. there you see the president of
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russia praising russian criminals as the best in the world, and they are criminals because vladimir putin has made them criminals. prostitution is illegal in russia. so moscow prostitutes are criminals, but they are also in vladimir putin's words "the best in the world." and right after saying that, right after giving them the greatest compliment he could give, moscow prostitutes, vladimir putin said "prostitution is an ugly social phenomenon among other things young women engage in them because they cannot make a living otherwise. the guilt lies with society and the state." so there's vladimir putin's confession that he feels guilty about russian prostitutes because he is the state. he said to a great extent that the guilt lies with the state. imagine how it feels to be the head of a state in a dictatorship where prostitution is illegal and knowing that
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quote young women engage in it because they can't make a decent living otherwise and knowing that's your fault because your country, as big and powerful as your economy should be is really an economic back water because you run a government that is largely criminal enterprise, stealing wealth out of the russian economy and assigning it to your frids and to yourself. vladimir pin should feel guilty but moscow prostitutes, quote, engage in it because they cannot make a decent living otherwise." it is a remarkable moment of self awareness and honesty to see a leader like that take the blame for the sad state of life in russia. but before he called his prostitutes the best in the world, vladimir putin used prostitutes to insult anyone who suggests or believes that russia interfered with the presidential election in the united states. he said, the people who think
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that are worse than prostitutes. those were his exact words. that group that is worst than prostitutes includes 51% of americans who believe, according to recent polls, that russia interfered in the election. vladimir putin believes that john mccain and the directors of the fbi and cia and others in washington are quote, worse than prostitutes because they passed around a file compiled by a former british spy that claims to be an account of how russia's intelligence services have compromised donald trump over the years. it's filled with unproven allegations, including one the "new york times" referred to as quote, an accusation that involves prostitutes with mr. trump in the 2013 visit to a moscow hotel. and that may be why vladimir putin had prostitutes on his mind today when he was asked about the u.s. presidential election and russia's possible compromising ties to donald trump. vladimir putin denied all of that and he defended donald
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trump against any suggestion of inlvement with prostitutes in the moscow hotel. hisefense had two components. first, said putin, he's an adult. those were his exact words. he's an adult. apparently meaning he's an adult, who cares what he does. he can do whatever he wants. an then the second defense, second, quote, he has for many years sponsored beauty contests and had the chance to meet the world's most beautiful women. why w0u8d he run to a hotel to meet up with our girls of limited social responsibility, although they are of course the best in the world but i doubt that trump fell for it. joining us now, elise jordan, former national security official for george w. bush and former speech writer for secretary of state condoleeza rice and msnbc political analyst and steve clemons, editor at large at the atlantic and msnbc
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contributor. he joins us via skype from the world economic forum in davos, switzerland. i want to go to you first on your assessment of the way that vladimir putin talked about this in his rambling answer to the question today about interference in the u.s. elections and the possibility of russia having compromised donald trump. >> well, it was a beautiful speech. you can look at it one of two ways. you can look at it as a man that admires trump's taste in russian women and even though who may or may not be prostitutes or you can look at it in a serious vein, as a spy master handling an asset and the way you do that, you play them every which way. once you have them hooked as an asset. as somebody working in your interest, you can do one of two things, either co-op them or coerce them. i think today vladimir putin was
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sending a small reminder to donald trump. because the last tng anybody wants to talk about is that salacious part of the story by christopher steel, which asserts that donald trump may have had some prostitutes perform interesting sex acts at a hotel. why a head of state would do that 48 hours, 96 hours before we inaugurate a new president of the united states tells me that he is sending a message and that is going to be heard loud and clear ena i think you heard it. >> listen to what josh earnest said about this in his final press briefing. >> putin made a specific allegation, pretty explosive one coming from another, you know global leader. heefz accusing the obama administration of trying to delegitimize the incoming trump administration. what's your response to vladimir putin? >> first of all, it sounds like
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he got his copy of the talking points. second -- >> from who? >> i don't know. sounds a lot like what the incoming administration's team is saying. >> so there's josh earnest pointing out the similarities between what appeared to be vladimir putin's talking points today and donald trump's. >> i agree with him. vladimir putin is doing donald trump no favors by defending him. he is simply highlighting this salacious rumors, these rumors were in the dossier in the first place and he is bringing it back to the public and giving it more legs. i think that trump's mistake has been that he's elevating putin throughout the process of being unwilling to criticize him and shower praise on him. that's what putin wants. he wants this to be an equal power relationship with the united states and he wants to be seen as the world leader. i think that's where donald trump has made a real mistake feeding some of his own power as
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the american president. >> steve clemens, at davos today, i know this is one of the major subjects of conversation, a donald trump representative there, trying to reportedly do business with one of the russian entities on the sanctions list. what else did you pick up at davos today? >> i'm traveling with vice president biden here on this trip. he's planning to give a major foreign policy speech, his last foreign policy speech at this administration tomorrow morning. i know a major segment of it deals with putin, russia, powerful speech today in washington. you have anthony scarmuchi who is here as one of trump's lieutenants, had a huge following her. arguing that -- >> go ahead, steve. >> he was out here talking about working with this russian
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financial operation that has been sanctioned. right now when you talk to world leaders. i talked to german defense minister, for instance, today. europe is in shock. nato leaders. >> reporter: -- are in shock. . i think right now you have many parts of the world wondering whether the united states is going to be -- xi jinping of china is standing up and emerging like the adult in the world. >> i want to go bk to something else that vladimir putin said today, talking about methods and these are things you have been talking about for weeks possible russian methodology in any attempt they would have made to compromise donald trump. let's listen. he said this, when mr. trump came to moscow a few years ago, i don't remember exactly when,
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he was not a politician. we were unaware of his political ambitions. he was just a businessman to us, one of he the wealthiest men in america. does anyone i think that our special services are chasing after every american billionaire? of course not. it's nonsense. malcolm, your reaction to that? >> i love vladimir putin. this guy -- i'm speaking to every intelligent watching this. this is a classic example of misdirection. you want to take the heat off of your assets, greatest vulnerabilities, steer it somewhere else. to think they are intelligence services would not be monitoring him, he's a billionaire. he has trade secrets they can steal. he has people they can -- they have to watch to make sure he doesn't work for us.
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of course you can compromise this man. clearly something has happened. donald trump has a slavish devotion to vladimir putin and will not criticize himful. he will criticize an american patriot standing in his defense and the intelligence community but by god he won't criticize vladimir putin and that tells you that vladimir putin has read this man to the inth degree and applied everything he learned at the school of intelligence on how to manage an asset. >> elise, your experience in dealing with these issues. can you imagine a national security adviser possibly speaking to one of our billionaires, who might be on his or her way to moscow, and not warning them about what kind of attention they will be getting unknowingly? >> iunfathomable. you assume when you are in russia you are spied upon if you are an american. i stayed at the u.s. embassy in
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2004 and they specifically told us embassy officials that every -- assume that everything you say, anywhere even in the bathroom is being recorded. because there were -- measures are so tough and you never can be completely sure what they are doing. >> thank you all for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. coming up, another episode of "donald trump in his own words," his own words that he used tonight. see if you can follow. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what?
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inauguration tickets. up next, if you are feeling deep hostility toward donald trump, new polls indicate that you are now in the majority. that's next. ♪ if you're gonna make an entrance... [car driving upon the water] ♪ so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music)
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(burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ deep hostility. that's what donald trump will be facing when he takes the oath of office according to the "washington post" new poll. it shows, like all other recent polls that donald trump will be the least popular person inaugurated as president in the history of polling. 54% view donald trump unfavorably in the "washington post" poll. the poll that led the post to conclude that donald trump faces "deep hostility among those who
7:20 pm
did not support him." a new nbc news poll shows, as fred yang, one of the pollsters put it, "a majority of the american public starts the donald trump presidency in opposition." . so, if everyone you know is in opposition to donald trump, you are not living in a bubble. you are living among the majority. and you are living through something we've never lived through before, a majority of americans with deep hostility to an incoming president. bill clinton was elected with only 43% of the vote in 1992, but by inauguration day, 68% viewed him favorably. barack obama was elected with 53% of the vote in 2008. by inauguration day, 79% viewed him favorably, which is a record high for an incoming president. it's not hard to get people who did not vote for you to be supportive of your presidency by the time you are inaugurated.
7:21 pm
all you have to do is not say anything stupid during the transition. all you have to do is say nothing hateful during the transition. all you have to do is say nothing racist during the transition. all you have to do is choose people for your cabinet who seem appropriate for those jobs. 48% disapprove of donald trump's cabinet choices. only 40% approve. joining us is the senior adviser and national spokesperson for move and president and ceo of voter latino and also an msnbc contributor. maria teresa, these are one of these you are not alone polling days. we had a couple of polls come out showing this majority, unprecedented, majority opposition to the incoming president. >> unlike previous presidents, after november 8th they use it as an opportunity to unite people. president-elect trump has done
7:22 pm
the opposite. he's gone to twitter, basically not only insulted civil rights icons but decided to go on a rampage when it comes to this idea that russia has somehow influenced our elections by alienating the intelligence communities. even trump supporters are saying cut it out. instead of unifying the american people he has alienated them and it demonstrates he has little emotional intelligence unlike president obama and president clinton before him. >> donald trump's defense against these polls, which will be his defense against everything is of course they are rigged. it's all a lie and the pollsters have gotten it wrong, just like they got the election polls wrong. of course the problem with that is the pollsters did not get the election polls wrong. the final polling average indicated that hillary clinton had a 3.3% lead with voters on donald trump.
7:23 pm
she ended up with a 2.1% lead over donald trump with voters. that's within the margin of error. that's precisely what the poll was in fact predicting. so, i guess -- with every one of these donald trump is the most unpopular president in polls he will deny their validity. >> that's right. i think the problem donald trump is having is he is not president elect trump. he is candidate trump. he hasn't moved away from the mentality he had for 18 months. heck, for five years since 2011 when he went after the president and questioned if he was born here, his legitimacy. his polls are worse than george w. bush's polling was and george bush was handed over the presidency by the supreme court. this is supposed to be a process
7:24 pm
that's supposed to be pretty easy. the transition is not supposed to be hard. it's supposed to be the honeymoon period. you are supposed to be at your highest point going in to the inauguration period, and he's just failed that miserably. and where he is now is where george w. bush was during his second term, which is when he was at 37% because of, you know, of how unpopular he was then and after the crashing of the economy. he's hovering those numbers. so, it's pretty daunting to see where he is now because he does not have the support that we all think, or that republicans think he has. he has little tiny support becae first 100 days people are looking at the policy and saying we don like what you put in for. >> he has less support now than election night. om one thing happens to an
7:25 pm
incoming president's poll numbers after taking the oath of office. only one thing that has ever happened, they go down. that day is usually the high point in polling for a very long time. >> advisers are concerned because not only has he promised not to stop tweeting be i he will build off his twitter account and that's gotten him in to trouble. he was the longest president elect that had not had a press conference. his not taking to twitter, and keeping his mouth shut he would have been fine but he has not. the problem goes deeper when it talks about coalescing this constituency of new americans. basically saying we are looking for a president that will unite us. he has the lowest ratings among african-americans and la teens know -- latinos, closer to 75%. that is everything from devos
7:26 pm
for secretary of education, sessions promising not only to clamp down on voting rights but someone that has been able to issue prejudice after prejudice and people don't feel comfortable with them. all of that together -- this is not the person we feel will actually unite and bring us to the future. >> a quick last word on these unprecedented polls. >> i think at the end of the day american people will realize that the emperor has no clothes. it's going to be devastati beuse he won't be able to bring any people together, because we see that go 0ing -- what's happening now. he has no mandate. folks are not going to believe in what he's saying because of his cabinet pick, because of the policy he's putting forth. >> i'm working hard to block the imagery of the emperor has no
7:27 pm
clothes. >> too late at night. >> i want this emperor to always have clothes, big overcoats, everything. thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate it. senate democratic leader chuck schumer now says there's a very good chance, those are his words, very good chance that one of donald trump's nominees may not be confirmed for the cabinet and it's one of the nominees that was supposed to have the easiest ride. that's coming up. tion... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,
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easiest. senators usually have the easiest ride through confirmation hearings. and the second usually goes to members of the house of representatives but doesn't look like congressman tom price is going to get an easy ride. he's donald trump's nominee for secretary of health and human services, the only nominee to testify to two different committees on the way to nomination. the senate finance committee will vote after their hearing, but it is traditional for the nominee to also appear before the senate health education, bor and pensions committee. three democratic members of that committee are demand iing his hearing be delayed pending further investigation of what they call, quote, troubling ethics questions related to his stock trades. in a letter today, several
7:32 pm
senators cite a "wall street journal" report that he traded $300,000 in share of health companies while serving as house budget committee chair and serving on the house subcommittee on health. they also cite a report that congressman price purchased stock in a medical device company and then produced a bill that would have benefitted the company. the trump transition team says that stock purchase was made by a financial adviser and congressman price did not know about it until after introducing the legislation. today the highest rajjing senate democrat, chuck schumer, said this. >> i've asked the office of congressional ethics to investigate whether or not congressman price violated the stock act during his time in office before his nomination moves forward in any way. mr. president, it may well be that this trade was illegal. >> reporter: joining us now msnbc anchor and correspondent and economics analyst.
7:33 pm
also senior fellow at the center for budget and chief foreign economist. >> it is not uncommon to have a financial adviser or broker who is entitled to trade stocks on your behalf without your knowledge and you don't find out until after the fact. the problem is several stocks were traded and one in particular, this biomedical company seem to have benefitted from legislation introduced just days later and subsequently the public affairs committee, run by them, donated to tom price's campaign. it smells a lot like pay for play. the stock markact was brought i 2012. it doesn't make it illegal but you have to declare it. the issue is did tom price know or tell his financial adviser he probably shouldn't buy obscure
7:34 pm
health care stocks that may benefit from legislation i'm about to introduces. it doesn't smell right other stock in larger publicly traded companies including pfizer and amgen will be harder to pin down. one senator asked the sec to look in to this. the issue is were these the purchases that your financial adviser, mine or anyone else's would have made or coincidental that he has influence in the realm an he is trading in stocks in that realm? if you are in that realm, if you have access to nonpublic information, we call it insider trading. it's not insider, if you have knowledge the public doesn't have, that's the same crime, if it's a crime. nothing has been proved ye but if this bears some fruit thi is serious. >> jarrod bernstein, this hearing was scheduled for tomorrow. that's why franken and warren are trying to stop, delay it.
7:35 pm
the senate finance committee that has final jurisdiction over the hearing scheduled it for much later. the finance committee gets tax returns and look at nominee's tax returns. they may be in the end the stronger forum for examining this. >> perhaps. i think the key thing here is all of the stuff that ali was talking about -- just u just to be clear, insider trading is a crime whether you are a member of the public or congress. the whole point of the stock act is to prohibit this kind of a trade. it really does smell fishy. what i don't understand is if i'm tom price, if i'm representative price, why don't i tell my broker, since i know the kinds of policies that i will be administering, legislation i'm trying to pass, i will tell my broker do not go out there and buy individual stocks that even has a scent of insider trading, particularly
7:36 pm
like a medical device company when that is the kind of policy that i'm going to be administering. this looks -- this smells very bad. >> there's an easy way around this. if you like biomed, there are mutual funds that trade in that sort of things. there are ways that don't involve obscure little companies. with pfizer, amgen and companies like that. but one little company, zimmer, biomed, that would raise suspici suspicions. >> i want to listen to what susan collins, senator susan collins, said she is getting ready to offer a republican health care plan to, as she puts it, replace the affordable care act. let's listen to what it is. let's listen to this. >> it would allow states to have more choices if they like the affordable care act, they can keep the affordable care act. if they want to go an
7:37 pm
alternative route that is more patient centered, that would provide more choices and help to restrain costs, they can do that, too. >> jarrod, this is absolutely stunning that the answer to repealing obamacare, the affordable care act is that if states like the affordable care act, they can keep it. in other words, let's just not repeal it. >> yeah,s this is a little better than what i have heard from other republicans which goes if you like your pre-existing condition, you can keep your pre-existing condition. look, i've been waiting for this moment where the logic of health care reform comes back around such that people basically recreate the affordable care act, or in this case essentially say you can keep the affordable care act. if you look at the kind of republican replacements that have been floated -- some by tom price who we were just talking
7:38 pm
about -- what they do is shift costs back to people. d let me tel you trump voters don't want that. >> if you like the affordable care act, you are a state and the federal government says if you like the affordable care act you can keep it or if not come up with your own thing. which state would say let me come up with my own thing? >> there are states big enough to do it, new york, texas, california, big states can do this. but generally speaking the point of obamacare -- by the way, it's the part that obama didn't like, the mandate. you have to have everybody young and healthy to pay for it in order to do at this time. it only works in the biggest states and where it has struggled has been in smaller places. a credit to the senator for trying to do this. it's, as jarrod says, trying to bring everybody back to the same conclusion that all smart people come to, if you want all people covered, maybe you don't but if you do, this is the kind that
7:39 pm
the uk uses. >> notice that sususan colins w didn't call it obamacare. >> if they like the affordable care act they can keep the affordable care act. alley vel chi,s jarrod bernstein, thank you. appreciate it. coming up, tonight's episode of "donald trump, in his own words." let's see if you can follow him this time.
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remember when you said men are supeyeah...ivers? yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. now for tonight's edition of president obama is still president. the granted 64 pardon and one
7:43 pm
communation for chelsea manning the army analyst who confeed in 2013 to handing over to wikileaks 700,000 classified documents on american military and diplomatic activities. chelsea manning has completed nearly seven years of her 35-year prison sentence, but is now set to be released in may, thanks to clemency from the military prison in fort leavenworth. chelsea manning both confessed to these charges and apologized for them in court. wikileaks founder julian assange has been the ecuadorian embassy in london for four years. here's what wikileaks tweeted last week. if obama grants manning clemency, assange will agree to u.s. extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of doj case. this was a meaningless promise. since june, assange has never been charged by the department of justice with anything. he's not under an extradition
7:44 pm
order sought by the united states. today julian assange issued this statement. "i welcome president obama's decision to commute the sentence of my alleged source mrs. chelsea manning from 35 years to time served. ms. manning should have never been convicted in the first place. ms. manning is a hero whose bravery should be applauded." . julian assange had nothing to say about the possibility of now leaving the ecuadorian embassy as he seemed to promise in last week's tweet. coming up, tonight's episode of "donald trump in his own words."
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what a great trick that was. it was a balancing act. they felt so much better. a couple of beauties i could have picked. but they were good, too. >> a balancing act? balancing what? no impulse controlnd no impulses? donald trump was speaking in washington tonight to an audience of 147 ambassadors and representatives of other countries, all of whom had to adjust their ears tonight to listen to donald trump speak. these are people who have spent eight years listening to the most eloquent and most thoughtful president we have had, especially on foreign policy and tonight they had to listen to trump speak. most are not native english speakers. so listening to someone who never learned the rules of english grammar and proper usage has to be a bit of a struggle,
7:49 pm
as it is, for all of us. here's a sample of what this audience of ambassadors from around the world and diplomates from around the world were trying to translate in their heads as he spoke tonight. "i know how safe this room is. boy, oh, boy, this place is surrounded tonight. i want to thank you all for being here. i have great respect for your countries. we have great respect for our world. we have a man that i wanted right from the beginning, rex tillerson -- these lights are bright, but where's rex? thank you very much. i think it's tougher than he thought. goes to one country takes the oil. goes to another country oochl i'm proud of him and everybody. the cabinet members we have put together a team to the likes of which have never been assembled before. i have great respect for your countries. every nato member country in that room knows he doesn't mean
7:50 pm
them and they all know that speech was delivered in the building tonight where the united states signed the nato treaty in 1949. you can imagine how reassuring it was or wasn't for washington's diplomatic corps to try to make sense of their first bit of trump speak delivered directly to them. coming up,s who is the most successful democratic president since franklin roosevelt? one columnist offered an answer today. uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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we have more on president obama is still president news. he's going to hold a final news conference tomorrow in the white house briefing room scheduled for 2:15 p.m. eastern time. you can see it live here on msnbc. coming up next, is president obama the most successful democrat in the white house since fdr? that's next. [bullfighting music]
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7:55 pm
i had told you that we would open up a new chapter with the cuban people, shut down iran's nuclear weapons program without firing a shot, take out the mastermind of 9/11, if i had told y we would win marriage equality and secure the right to health insurance for another 20 million of our fellow citizens, if i had told you all of that, you might have said our sights were set a little too high, but that's what we did. [ cheers and applause ] >> today, david wrote that president obama is the most successful democrat since fdr. joining us to consider that austin goolsbee, former chairman of the economic advisers for president obama. let me read you a fuller version of his position. he says "obama leaves office as the most successful democrat since franklin roosevelt. his affect on the trajectory of
7:56 pm
america to use his benchmark was smaller than roosevelt's but in the same league as reagans. obama did more while in office, while reagan better protect texted his policy changes thanks to republican gains in state and congressional elections and the victory of his chosen successor. austin, what do you think? >> he had me at obama. i agree with everything that he said. you know, he's talking in that piece really about is obama more than just the democrats reagan? does he exceed reagan himself? is he the most impactful president since fdr? i tnk in this country we nd to chew up our presidents while they are in office and they tend to soar in our estimation when they get out. so i would just note, obama hasn't even left yet. he's already more popular than reagan was at that point. i think it's only going up from there. he did a lot and he was a very
7:57 pm
decent man and carried himself with dignity. >> no question that president obama's affordable care act is jeopardized now. who knows what will be left of that legacy going forward, but to suggest that reagan was able to preserve his achievements, i'm not sure of that. he cut taxes, billion bill clinton came in and raised those taxes and his successor, george h.w. bush raised those taxes and probably why he didn't get re-elected. >> exactly right. you know the republicans are afraid in their hearts that this is true. that's why they are so mad wherever there is a comparison of obama to reagan. even to say he's for democrats what reagan is for conservatives. it burns them up. they don't want that to be true. i think that even if you say a bunch of aspects of the affordable care act are going to be in danger, or donald trump is going to try to overturn foreign
7:58 pm
policy or social policy or those things, president obama changed the trajectory of the country. if you now try to take away obamacare, it's a fact that there are millions of people in the country who are protesting and they are saying, whoa, wait a minute, i had someeeves with obamacare but i don't want you to nuke the thing and put 32 million people out on their rear end with no health insurance. >> we have a new nbc poll, a solid majority saying president obama, one of the very best presidents, or better than most. 55% saying president obama, one of the very best, better than most. that is the number that we're going to be watching going forward. that's the number that you think can be changed, possibly in an even more positive direction by history. >> indeed. i think the historical standards that even presidents that were
7:59 pm
weak in office tend to go up when they get out of office and the presidents that did well go way up. in a way, i think obama was like harry truman. i'm a big harry truman fan. harry truman faced a lot of opposition when he was in office, but pretty much as soon as he was out of office people said, holy cow, look at all of the stuff dumped on his desk and he carried himself with dignity and tried to address some tough challenges. i think the same can be said for obama and he did it well. >> certainly for the near term or the entire four years of the trump presidency, every time he opens his mouth there will be that comparisonen to the man that preceded him. >> that is well said. in my ways, david axelrod has said we tend to take for granted the things that we see in a leader and look for a remedy for those things that we don't like. i think both sides would agree that donald trump is going to try to be -- probably will be the opposite of president obama.
8:00 pm
i think the country will rue the day, january 20th, will be remembered as a pretty tough break. >> thank you very much for "the 11th hour". >> msnbc's live coverage continues now into "the 11th hour" with brian williams. that's next. tonight, donald trump in washington ahead of his inauguration as vladimir putin comes to his defense. and accuses the white house of trying to delegitimize the president-elect. also tonight, president obama, hours away from his final news conference, facing outrage after commuting the sentence of a soldier who leaked classified documents. and the no-shows. more members of congress vowing to sit out the inauguration. tonight donald trump has responded. the "the 11th hour" begins now. and good evening once again from our headquarters here in new york. this certainly feels like the


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