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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  January 18, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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mistake that he made. and there were other examples like that along the way. jimmy carter did not expect to have the iranians take our embassy hostage. so it's the uufo, tired my me saying, we don't know what this is yet. >> that's very true. tom brokaw, thanks for joining us. >> always a pleasure. >> that is going to do it for this hour, i'm steve kornacki, vice president-elect mike pence is with chuck todd next on mtp daily. starts right now. if it's wednesday of inaugural week, test less than 48 hours until the transition of executive power is complete. tonight president obama meets the press one last time. the message, let's mope more hope. >> in my core, i think we're going to be okay. >> pluz, my sit-down with vice president-elect mike pence. we know obamacare is among the first items up, but what else can we expect from trump's first
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day? >> we're also looking at a series of executive orders to begin to implement the president-elect's agenda. and heated exchanges over stocks. did trump's hhs nominee tom price engage in insider trading? >> i have no idea what stocks i held in the '90s or the 2000s or even now. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good evening, i'm chuck todd here in washington and welcome to mtp daily. welcome to another wild day of breaking news. president obama held his final press conference as four trump cabinet picks got grilled on capitol hill with epa, commerce, two of them, cabinet equivalencies of course. the u.n. and epa. i had a chance to sit down with vice president elect mike pence just two days before president-elect trumps takes at
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office. the headlines in just a moment. we should begin with president obama's final press conference. it was his final chance to send a message to perhaps anxious democrats or those on capitol hill or anxious democrats in the public. both of which have some serious concerns about the incoming administration. so, what was that message? well, it wasn't so much a call to arms. as it was a call to keep calm. perhaps the most revealing part of the press conference was what came at the very end. this was part of the president's answer he's been telling his daughters on the future of the country after this election. in my core, we're going to be okay. we have fight for it, work for it, and not take it for granted. and i know you will help us do than thank you very much, press corps, good luck. >> president obama made it clear
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that he has significant differences with trump on russian sanctions, on israeli policy, and press freedoms, u.s. values, and more. but this didn't seem like a press conference to rally democrats or to go nuclear against trump. in fact, here's the president's answer to a question about dozens of democrats boycotting trump's inauguration. >> with respect to the inauguration, i'm not going to comment on those issues. all i know is i'm going to be there. so is michelle. and i have been checking the weather, and i'm hardened by the fact that it won't be as cold as my first inauguration. because that was cold. >> and he also seemed to have a message for democrats anxious about the runaway presidency. >> this is something i have told him. that this is a job of such magnitude that you can't do it by yourself. reality has a way of biting back. >> however one notable and fiery
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call to action but the future of american dmok spip. >> and as i said in previous response, the basic machinery of our democracy works better. this whole notion of election or voting fraud, this is something that is constantly been disproved. this is fake news. the notion that dollar whole bunch of people out there who are going out there and not eligible to vote and want to vote. we have the opposite problem. we have a whole bunch of people eligible to vote who don't vote. >> he says with irony there. let's bring in the panel. reasonable care all. i'll go with you, you're the partisan here.
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as you remember in 2008 there was this people that was going around, i won't repeat it, but basically said everybody calm down, i got this. and it was sort of the same thing. it was like everybody relax. like we're going to be okay. and i i think that's the appropriate message for him in this moment. there may be a time a couple months from now when he's got a little bit more of a fiery message for democrats. i don't expect them to use that moment on his way out the door to give a rallying cry for everybody that punched trump. >> it did fascinate me in this respect. if you felt, you know, perhaps even before john lewis said anything right there. there was last week was just a crazy week, right? the dossier, all of this stuff, there was an intensity some democrats looked like they were acting as if there was a sense of urgency. today he seemed to say now, now, now, all is well, keep calm.
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>> i actually thought we got two different messages from him. the first was he's standing there giving his last press conference and saying he's going to attend the inauguration. but he said something else too which was he's not going anywhere. and once he gets out of office, i think nobody expected i think that he would be george w. bush and disappear from the public stage. he very much said he's going to be a part of the public conversation and he's going to fight this president in a very public and visual way, or at least that's the way i heard it. and so i thought we got two different messages from the president today. i think that means they are unsettled. i don't think we know exactly what role he is going to play. >> i love that favorite part. >> people have been asking me what do you really think? this is what i really think. i'm with you. that's who he is. >> he is. >> he seemed much more at ease with himself on his way out. i continue to be struck by the
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contrast between, you know, so many democrats and so many liberals who really do feel that the apocalypse is upon us and the world is ending and obama saying everything's going to be okay. i think that's -- but i think there is an element in him too that is still trying to play trump a little bit. trying to keep the line of communication open. >> is it to play trump? is it to play trump? i was going to say trump or is it part of his legacy protection. >> i think it's both. he believes to the extent that he c influence trump to the extent that he can be a voice that is the administration is still open to by not making himself an opponent. he believes that he can continue to influence the country in a way that is beneficial. >> one thing you'll learn in the pence interview later. biden has forged a bond with pence and obama forged a bond with trump. i don't know if it's bs. i don't think it is. >> i think when you reach that
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level, like it doesn't make sense to the rest of us, but it makes sense to them. like the former president's, current presidents, it's just rarefied air and despite the birther and all of that crazy stuff that to me i would say i would never want to talk to donald trump, as president obama is doing the right thing and like you said. extending that branch and, you know, wants to be possibly an advisor to him because he cares about this country more than he cares about partisan politics. >> it doesn't cost him anything to strike a tone. do still see the white house doing as much as they can on the way out the door. doing as much as they can in terms of policy and in terms of orders in terms of pardons and commutations, they are not forgoing any of the like chance to, you know -- >> in fact i want to get to a piece of business here. it was interesting his defense because he's getting it from some democrats, and a lot of republicans on chelsea manning. here's his defense of it. >> she took responsibility for
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her crime, that the sentence that she received was very disproportional, disproportionate relative to what other leakers had received. >> you know obama came in and signed an executive order to close guantanamo bay. he leaves office, the u.n. resolution on israel, the u.s. silent on it, commuting chelsea manning's sentence. and i think we're seeing it at the beginning and end of his sentence how there is a bipartisan consensus in this country and obama has bucked it on certain things. and i think you see there, we
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had some senators speak out today at the confirmation hearings against that u.s./israel resolution. democratic senators. >> while he was in the spotlight he would have done them already. the reason you do these things at the last minute is people can be as mad as you want, and you're out the door. >> and in some ways, the other party doesn't mind it. gives them something to beat up on. you hate to say that, but there's truth that that going in. we're going to take a break, stick around. i want to turn to my interview with vice president-electric mike pence. did that earlier today. we were sitting on the national mall with inauguration preparations going on all around us. sometimes you might hear a little of that in the background. but i started out by asking the
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vice president elect if he's feeling different now than after the election given that he's less than 48 hours away from becoming vice president. >> you know right after the election we were obviously elated with the outcome, the opportunity to serve, the work of the transition has been all consuming over the last several months, but in just the last few days. my family and i have begun to focus on that moment that's coming up this friday and it's very humbling and more than a little bit emotional to think that this grandson of an irish immigrant will have the privilege to raise my right hand and serve as the 48th vice president of this great nation. >> what is the overall message that you hope the public gets from his inaugural speech?
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>> i'll leave that for him on friday. i do know he's going to express appreciation for our outgoing president. and for his administration. i have to tell you, the support that president obama and the first lady have provided and their team have provided in the course of this transition, i think gives great credit to them and should make the nation proud. and for my part, karen and i couldn't be more grateful for vice president biden and jill for their hospitality and for the times i've had had with him to sit down and really talk deeply about many of the issues facing our country around the world.
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before in nation on day one. >> let's talk about the agenda. day one is always a day one, it's used a lot. what is actually going to happen on day one? issue wise. there's always a handful of executive orders and some of them sometimes are symbolic to certain constituency groups. some are the beginning, what should we expect on friday? >> it' all being laid out as we speak, chuck. >> we shouldn't expect a bunch of executive orders, like he said something for instance, he said there'd be a strong borders for monday morning and executive order that would indicate strong borders, can you share? can you explain a little bit. >> what i can tell you is that we're going -- you're going to see on that coming monday morning the president sit down
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at his desk and begin to both repeal and put into place executive action that will start the process of implementing the agenda that we ran on. and but remember the work has already been under way. i was back on capitol hill this week. working on a broad range of issues including our commitment to simultaneously repeal and replace obamacare. but i think what the american people are about to see in the is the commitment to keep our promises to the american people. >> immigration obviously a big one. does that mean decisions been made on doca? for instance? >> literally there are hundreds of executive orders that this administration's put into effect that we have been reviewing for the purpose of repeal.
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>> we're looking at existing legislation and funds -- >> you think it's possible that you could begin that process before congress passes a new law? >> well, we think it's possible, but we're flushing that out right now. to determine that although, you know, the president-elect is also made it very clear that he wants to move legislation in that area. a commitment to infrastructure. remember the american people elected a builder as president of the united states and he's absolutely committed to bringing innovative infrastructure fund ing unleash boundless energy of
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the american economy. that have been stifling -- >> there isn't going to be one theme as multiple themes the first week in office. is that fair to describe it. >> he has a three part agenda. jobs, jobs, jobs, and the american people have already seen through the confidence that businesses around america have placed in our agenda literally tens of thousands of jobs that might have been going overseas are now coming here, companies are expanding here. we're going to redouble those efforts by keeping the promises that we made on the campaign trail. >> i just want to repeat something in there and i hope you didn't miss it there that you heard from the vice president-elect. they believe they may be able to come up with some executive orders that allows them to begin the building of the wall, for instance, or some part of that before any legislation.
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you heard him say, legislation that's already passed or money that's already been allocated or appropriated. all of that is a little bit of washington speak for they think, perhaps, we'll see if they have found it, that they think they can do that with executive order and at least begin the process before congress starts legislating. later this hour, i'm going to bring you pence's response to donald trump's nato comments. and what kind of relationship the administration does want to have with russia and the rest of the world. but first, trump's pick for health secretary goes before the health committee as he faces last minute charges of insider trading. senator patti murray joins know discuss her exchange with congressman price. stay tuned.
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they have not only dedicated their lives to this country, they have been a constant source of friendship and support and good council for michelle and me
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over the years. they are as fine a couple as we know. >> that was president obama this afternoon saying he's sending prayers and love to former president george h.w bush and barbara bush who are both hospitalized in houston right now. the 92-year-old former president was moved to intensive care today after being admitted to houston method hospital on saturday for a respiratory problem related to pneumonia. family spokesman says bush had a procedure to clear his airway and will remain in icu simply for observation. as for the 91-year-old former first lady, barbara bush was also admitted to the hospital this morning. simply a precautionary measure. this all comes the day we learned that president bush sent a letter to president-elect trump last week explaining why he's keeping the inauguration. my doctor says if i sit outside in january, it likely will put me six feet under. former president bush always with a little bit of humor
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there. the elder bush did attend the texans radars playoff game on january 7th along with his son jeb. and the couple did celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary everybody on january 6th. obviously we all wish them a speedy recovery. we'll have more in just a minute.
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and we are back, georgia congressman tom price and point person for the repeal a replace obamacare on capitol hill today. this was not hisonfirmatn hearing technically. that happens tuesday before the senate finance committee. today's was a courtesy hearing that's in charge of health related issues. price is in hot water with democrats for what they say are troubling financial activity during his time in congress overseeing health care-related legislation.
2:23 pm
that would have benefitted the same company. without crisis knowledge or involvement. now there are also questions about shares price owns in a separate company. an australian biotech company and whether he bought the shares with insider knowledge that he got from a fellow member of congress. >> you talked about inate immune know. this inspired you to study the company and then purchase it's
2:24 pm
stock. yes or no? >> no. >> without a broker. >> i did not. >> you told me that you did this one on your own without the broker. >> no, i did it through a broker. i direct the the broker to purchase the stock, but i did it through a stoker. >> you particularly that stock. from that's correct. >> vaccinate-elect mike pence told me about the questions surrounding this entire stock purchase issue. >> i think the facts are very clear here and i expect they're coming out today in the course of his hearing that the stock that was purchased was purchased by a stockbroker without any knowledge of dr. price. and we just couldn't be more enthusia enthusiastic. that someone with the extraordinary experience as a medical doctor -- >> architect -- if you were misled here.
2:25 pm
>> if you were misled, you wouldn't accept that in this administration? >> i am confident that we would not. tom price is a man of tremendous integrity. and i can tell you that president-elect president-elect could not be more enthusiastic with his background in medicine. his understanding of the president-elect's vision for health care reform what our replace bill looks like. it's going to be a great service to the nation. we're going to repeal and replace at the same time. >> simultaneously. >> just to clarify, you did hear there the vice president elect say if they were misled, it wouldn't be something the administration would tolerate.
2:26 pm
>> both in my office privately and at the committee today that was he directed his broker to purchase a stock based on knowledge he got from another member of congress. that is exactly why we asked for an ethical investigation. members of the senate who have to vote on this confirmation have a right to know what the facts are and if indeed there was stock trading -- insider trading or breaking the stock act which we all have to abide by. i don't have a definite conclusion, but i can tell you that we all need to know before we vote. >> what's your understanding of the stock act? i mean, is it that you cannot act if somebody walks up to you, senator, and says, you know, apple's coming out with a new product, you know, might be a good time to buy apple. what's your understanding of when it becomes a violation of the law. >> my understanding, and i
2:27 pm
don't -- i don't personally do this, but most members don't. a member cannot buy a stock based on knowledge that they know from a company or from legislative language, and that when we do or if a member does buy stock. they have to fileirectly that they're doing it. there's a lot of different facts surrounding this, we do not know all the answers and that is why it's so critical that there's an ethical investigation on this. >> let's separate this issue aside a minute. how do you handle the other questions today when he seemed to say he praised the secretary. thought that she ran a very good agency, had the right tone, knew thousand deal with opponents very well. and he seemed to believe that congressman price could be in the same tone. did you get the same impression as senator alexander? >> um no, i felt that
2:28 pm
congressman price when he came in front of us was a very smooth talker. he is a practiced politician. he is used to being asked these questions. but his basic philosophy that he has promoteled within congress for a long time, as a member of the tea party, as someone who is introduced legislation to repeal the affordable care act who is a member that repeatedly worked to take away a woman's right to her own health care decisions. this was a congressman who was not telling us all what his real actions fwhr congress. and we're just supposed to assume that now he is going to change all of his basic opinions about health care, his approaches to health care, how he feels about the affordable care act. and head an agency that liter literally impacts the lives of millions of americans. we have a right to ask him pointed questions teen get the answers to that to have him on record before he is sworn in and
2:29 pm
takes that office. >> do you believe -- how much of the job of hhs do you believe is an implementing position versus a policy-making position? what is that balance at hhs in your opinion? >> it depends on the president and what their agenda is and what they're involved with. as secretary of an agency, hhs or the department of education which we had a hearing on the nominee last night with a flick of a pen, they can write a regulation that impacts literally purchases that impacts decisions, that impacts people's lives. and that will come under regulations and rules that are implemented. that's besides implementing it in any legislation or sending to us legislation or working with us on legislation. >> final question, i'm curious on how you weigh the following issue when it comes to confirmations. how much does it matter -- what is the line of disagreeing with
2:30 pm
somebody, but finding them qualified in the job knowing it's not your side that won, versus, you know, what, boy, i just disagree too much and i can't do it. what is that line and is it the same for every cabinet secretary or does it matter depending -- does it depend on the agency they're trying to lead? >> i've been in the senate a long time. and i do believe that when someone is elected president, they do have a right to put in a cabinet that reflects who they ask. but at the same time, each member of the senate, democrat or republican. i've been under public administrations, we have a responsibility to our own vote. and to vote for someone that is so philosophically different from you and will fight to take away a woman's right to make her own health care choices or to undo overnight health care for millions of americans, or who will voucherize medicare at the drop of a hat and push that. that's a responsibility eachne of us has to take. >> all right.
2:31 pm
i'm going to set that aside. this stock issue, is that enough to disqualify him if you didn't disagree? let's say you agreed with everything he did, do you think that stock issue is enough to disqualify him from the job? the ethics investigation shows or any other investigations show as the facts. that's what we need to judge our opinion on. and i'm going to every on the side of caution here. and every member of the senate should be asking this. at the end of the day if they get that to a secretary of hhs who six months down the road is doing the same thing that he allegedly may have done already and signing contracts or making decisions that put profits in his own pocket ahead of our citizens, they don't want to be accountable to that either. that's why it's important to get this answer.
2:32 pm
>> appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up, more from my interview with incoming vice president mike pence. what he told me about the possible divide between the president-elect and his top foreign policy advisors specifically on the issue of, well you know, rush. stay tuned. bp engineers use underwater robots, so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to beetter. seconds can mean the difference because safety is never being satisfied. between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. do you remember this exchange between senator angus king and fbi director james comey last week? >> mr. comey, did you answer
2:36 pm
senator widen's question that there is an investigation under way as to connections between either of the political campaigns and the russians? >> i didn't say one way or another. especially in a public forum, we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. >> well, the mcclachy news service reports today that six law enforcement enforcement agencies have been working together on informerly. but informally on a probe of russia since last spring. citing two people particular with the matter that the fbi, the cia, the justice department, the treasury department, and representatives of the director of national intelligence have an informal working group. two u.s. officials told us they are unaware of any formal in the investigation. it's not formal, but, they clearly do work together in some ways it's led by the fbi in many cases.
2:37 pm
but the fact of the mter is, it does appear this investigation is still active, yet this is another confirmation of that. we'll bing you the latest as it comes in. we'll have more mtp daily and mike pence including the foreign policy angle of our talk. that's just ahead. here's josh lipton with the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks chuck, stocks and mix, the dow sinks 22 points, the nasdaq is up about 17. target shares were hammered earlier sinking more than 5%. retailers said it's holiday performance was weaker than expected as a result it cut quarterly and full year earnings expectations. and netflix is moving higher after hours. company added far more subscr e subscribers than expected in the fourth quarter. earnings beat estimates while revenue was in line. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. with my moo severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid,
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we've heard mixed messages from president-elect trump and his picks to lead various national security departments including his defense pick. when it comes to the role of nato and russia, et cetera. nato is obsolete. it's vital to american security. i asked vice president-elect pence, which is it? >> i think what the president-elect said in the course of the campaign is that nato has a role, but we need to do two things about nato that are very important. number one, we need to ask member nations to begin to live up to their minimum commitment in security. the reality is the vast majority is not living up to the security commitments that they've made in that partnership. we need to ask them to step up. because the united states keeping our promises. the other piece know and we've seen real movement on this. and there's some bipartisan support for this, and the congress that nato needs to
2:42 pm
refocus it's mission on confronting radical islamic terrorism, the threat of isis, and the threat that that poses to -- >> does that mean you don't see nato as a tool to check russia anymore? >> it is that historic alliance between east and west. >> right. there is -- a check. >> that balance and that should always -- >> you want to see that? >> well look, the president-elect has made it clear that that's an alliance that should live up to it's promises. it's an alliance that should expand to include other security threats, but that historic mission of nato will go forward, i'm confident. >> the president-elect in an interview said, i think it was one of the interviews that popped today that all world leaders start even with him.
2:43 pm
>> we've seen -- we seen a decline of respect for the united states on the world stage. that's, that's a result we believe of the fact that america has in so many ways withdrawn from engagement in the world. outgoing administration, with all do respect actually boasted of leading from behind in some key moments. over the last eight years. in donald trump you're going to see someone as you saw last night as the diplomatic dinner. 147 countries were represented there. and he spoke briefly and warmly to those that were gathered. this administration's going to reengage the world. we're going to reengage on america's terms, putting america first. and we're going to look for every possible way that we can forge relationships that will
2:44 pm
advance the prosperity and peace and security of the american people and of the world. >> describe your view of russia as far as how they -- how you think they view the united states. do they view the united states as a rival, a threat? how do you think russia and putin view the united states? >> well, there's no question that they view us as a rival. but there's also no question that the actions of russia, which the president-elect confirmed last week disseminating information, hacking in the last election. china and iran haven't been accused of doing this, why? >> the president-elect has spoken his mind about a number of countries around the world.
2:45 pm
he's willing to do that. >> he's talking about everything being on the talked about. not always well received by every country. i think what you have in our president-elect is someone who is unintimidated by the world. he's prepared to sit down. he's prepared to explore the possibility of us to have better relations. remember, better relations don't mean being friends with countries. it means resetting the proper respect that the people of the united states and our nation should be able to demand from countries around the world. and then once that respect is reset, looking for opportunities as he said many times, if we could forge a better relationship with russia and then focus both of our nations on defeating radical islamic terrorism and destroying isis, that would be a good thing. but i think he comes into it with an open mind, but a clear-eyed view of the world that i think is reflecting the caliber of men and women that he's surrounding this administration with in the area of national security.
2:46 pm
>> so you heard there, about nato, little tougher on russia there than we've heard from others. you can see the entire interview, full interview with vice president-elect mike pence. it's on our website. meet the press and as mike pence prepares to take office, i'm going to tell you what i'm obsessed with tonight. it's the office of the veep. no, not julian, stay tuned. liberty mutual stood with me
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bit of my day, i'm obsessed with the role of the vice president and the changing role of the vice president. it's the job that's been the bud of a lot of jokes. there's a tv show about it. the only powers laid out to preside over the senate and to be the next in line for the presidency. in fact after turning down the job in 1840, daniel webster says i do not proposed to be buried until i am dead. not one area where his vice president contributed to his presidency. >> i just wondered if you could give us an example of a major idea of his that you had adopted in that role as the decider and final -- >> if you give me a week, i might think of one, i don't remember. >> honestly though, it has changed, first person who really changed the role of the modern veep, walter. he agreed to only take the job after jimmy carter assured him he'd be more than a figure head. weekly lunches with the president and the idea that he would receive the same intel
2:49 pm
briefings as the president. of course, dick chai any built on the foundation, some argued he had too much power in the george w. bush white house. president obama, vice president joe biden, often talk about their partnership and of course joke about their bromance. so what about mike pence? i asked him this morning which vice president he would model his term after, and here's a different part of what he had to say. >> and so, as i look at vice presidents and the recent past, i look less at the people who served in the second office as much as the person they were serving. and i think vice president bush who is in our hearts today and in our prayers, and i hope he's able to get well and go home soon. i think the way that he served president reagan would be a manner of which i hope to serve this new transformational leader. >> well, what's that like? it's bush xli was quiet publicly, spoke his mind behind the scenes. we'll be right back with the
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time for "the lid." panel is back, e wlrliana,. we have a couple confirmation hiccups, speed bumps. the question is are any of them going to be debilitating? eliana, we have the tom price thing, we litigated that, you heard patty murray. there seems to be a second stock issue, a second issue that's not well litigated because mike pence didn't seem to have the whole story. congressman of south carolina, pick for budget director, basically has unpaid taxes on a former domestic worker. you can usually survive one of them, it's hard to survive two. >> the thing to keep in mind, these are very normal problems have with nominees. it seems like every time we have, you know, nominees, somebody goes down for not paying taxes. it's unbelievable to me -- >> i know, it's like fourth
2:53 pm
straight -- >> like, figure this out. >> haven't you figured this out yet? >> go down for not paying taxes. >> there's part of you -- you know what, you're out for stupidity, right? >> so they're very normal problems. people go down for them regularly, so i do think one of these two guys may very well go down. and, you know, my gut instinct, and i may get killed for saying this, is that it is more likely to be mullvany than tom price. there's enthusiasm within the republican party for tom price's nomination, considered very knowledgeable on the issue. i just see republican s rallyin around him. i do not know who defects on that nomination. >> price is someone who has a lot of friends in the republican congress. mullaney is not well liked. >> somebody told me tom price could be a future speaker, one of the few -- >> on the other hand, mullaney is so ideologically pure, a lot of conservatives who care a lot
2:54 pm
about spending have been hoping he'd be their voice in the administration. but, you know, my sources on the senate side, among republicans, have always thought that it was going to be something like this that tripped somebody up. it would not be ideological problems. it would be some little thing that comes out in vetting, and they've got to lose republicans to go down. it doesn't really matter what democrats like patrick murray think. they've got to lose republican -- >> it's a wildcard here, his name is donald trump. as we know -- >> right. >> -- some of this stuff, he's not a fan when somebody causes him political problems if he thinks they were dumb about it, right? >> right. >> which one of these is going to bother him more? i don't know. >> i don't know. you're right. i think the main thing with donald trump is that he never wants to look bad. >> that's right. >> if it's mullaney, i could totally see them saying, okay, bye, we're going to focus on price. it's clear to me who trump, himself, says he has this great significant plan doesn't have a plan to repeal and replace obamacare so they really do depend on price. >> what's interesting on the price thing, i compared it
2:55 pm
yesterday to the daschle situation, it's like you remove price from their plans on the simultaneous repeal and replace, i mean, as mike pence, two different times said, it's going to be the same time, i promise, it's going to be the same time. you remove price, there's not a lot of backup plans for the -- if there's no price there on the republican side. there probably are more backup plans for a mullaney. >> i think that's right. he's key to the repeal and replace what we've been talking about. what dan wryel said is absolute right. in the "washington post" interview with trump, he all of a sudden started talking about his health care plan. he doesn't have a health care plan so it became the talk of washington, but they need tom price working with congress to do -- tom price has been working very closely with republican health care wonks to figure out how exactly they're going to do this. it's very much unfinished business how exactly it's going to play out because they had the
2:56 pm
2012 plan on the shelf, what happened between 2012 and 2016 was obamacare was implemented. >> very quickly, molly, the problem, though, for republicans with price is the idea of making money off of being in power, that's drain the swamp 101. >> let me just say one thing. the dirty secret is, every lawmaker comes to washington and gets rich. everyone does it. >> i hear you. >> yeah. >> but i -- >> the point about trump is well taken, he doesn't like sloppiness in. >> that's right. >> he doesn't have a problem with people when he feels they're being treated unfairly. >> eliana, daniella, molly, i have to let it go there. we'll have more on "mtp" right after this. ♪
2:57 pm
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unedited pence interview on the "meet the press" website. go get it now. we're back tomorrow. "for the record with greta" starts right now. it's all yours. thank you, chuck. "for the record" tonight, one president saying good-bye, another coming to d.c. then there's this,s a tough day for the future trump cabinet especially on obamacare. we talk to senator rand paul, medical doctor who has his own plan for health care. also, there's breaking news tonight. reports of a joint federal investigation into the russia election hack including claims of a secret money trail into the united states. we're going to talk about the who reporters who broke that story. all that plus patricia arquette in our studio, oscar winner, activist, public face of the women's march on washington. oh, make no mistake about


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