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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  January 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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well, cher is going to join us tonight. she was part of the big protest in new york city. she will report what it was like to be there sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, something much more important than an inaugural speech will take place. it will be the nuclear moment the moment people in this country and around the world have been fearing. >>he trump era in washington has begun. >> we will see something so amazing. >> if 65 democrats boycott his inauguration he'll get the idea he's not loved. >> we have by far the highest i-iq of any cabinet ever assembled. >> after being briefed by so
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many in the department i am sorry for recommending the elimination. >> billionaires and bankers that have conflicts of interest and ethical lapses as far as the eye can see. >> the good news is there's more of us than there are of them! >> they think that you are going to lay down. >> we patriots will stand united for our rights and we are the majority. we are the majority. >> that is michael moore leading a resistance protest in new york city on the eve of the inauguration. another poll shows donald trump has hit record low approval ratings. a cbs poll shows 32% of people have a favorable opinion of donald trump, less than one-third of the country has a favorable opinion of donald trump as he is about to take the oath of office.
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as we have said so often with donald trump, america has never seen anything like this. america has never greeted an incoming president with more disapproval. far fewer people now approve of donald trump than voted for him. that's the exact opposite of what you have seen with all other presidential polls on the eve of inaugurations. and this, this night and tomorrow, this is when presidents usually get their highest approval numbers and this is when they need their highest approval numbers because something happens to them, or tomorrow morning, that is even more important. that is much me important than a presidential inaugural speech. it's the single most important reason the president's need the confidence of the american people. former republican white house chief of staff andy card described that moment today to hallie jackson. the nuclear moment.
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>> at what moment do you think donald trump might have that moment where he looks around and goes, oh, man, this is really happening? >> there will be two. one is very private. that's when he gets the briefing on the codes to the military weapons that america has. >> reporter: when does that happen timing wise? >> either tonight or tomorrow morning. and it's a sobering experience to go through. you realize that people will carry out your command, and they will execute. they will do what they are asked to do. >> so the world will know tomorrow at noon when they see donald trump raise his right hand that in his pocket is the biscuit, that's the nickname for the card with verification codes for nuclear weapons. the president always has that in his pocket. by the time any other president has been inaugurated in the nuclear age, the country concluded that he has the temperament and judgment to be president.
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people who voted against barack obama didn't suddenly agree with him on policy but in his record high, 78% approval rating on inauguration day, was the selective judgment of the country that he can be entrusted with the awesome burdens of the presidency. the most awesome being that card in his pocket with the nuclear codes. since we have never been here before in the history of presidential polling, we don't know how safe the country will feel tomorrow knowing whose pocket the biscuit is in. we have never been here before. a president who on his first day, in control of our nuclear weapons, enjoying the favorable opinion of less than one-third of the country. luckily donald trump's choice for defense secretary disagrees with virtually everything donald trump has said about nuclear weapons during the campaign, and we're also lucky that donald trump's choice for treasury secretary disagreed with him so
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sharply today. it's hard to pick the most irresponsible thing that donald trump has said as a candidate but it's easy to pick the most irresponsible thing he said about fiscal policy and economics. he was the first presidential candidate in history, nominated by a major party, who said he doesn't think that the united states of america needs to honor its debt. >> do you believe we, in terms of the united states, need to pay 100 cents on the dollar or there are ways to renegotiate that debt? >> look, i've borrowed knowing that you can pay back. we are in a different situation with a country but i would borrow knowing if the economy crashed you could make a deal. >> when you take out a car loan and you pay $200 a month, do you take it out thinking, whenever i feel like it, run in to trouble i can renegotiate the 300 a month. i can pay them less than i owe
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them. >> that's the way that donald trump says he does business and that is what he thinks the president of the united states can do with the national debt. just renegotiate the 19 trillion down to something else. u.s. treasury bonds are always been considered the safest investment in the world because no one like donald trump has been near controlling them. and donald trump would be willing to destroy all of that credibility. he would be the first president in history to even consider destroying that. one of alexander hamilton's memory of this country is honoring the national debt. donald trump's treasury secretary nominee understands the importance of that and so has anyone who has ever thought about it in a serious way. here's what donald trump's treasuryecretary nominee said today about the deal of renegotiating our national debt.
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>> the flekt's comments about potentially negotiating the debt were unprecedented. i want to affirm to this body on a going forward basis it will be your policy, as much as you can influence the president elect that we would never again question america's willingness to stand by its obligations. >> i agree with that 100%. >> there's steven mnuchin agreeing with mark warner 100%. what will happen when steve mnuchin does that in the oval office, disagrees with donald trump 100%? we're joined by two people who might know the answer to that because they know donald trump so well. tim o'brien, executive editor of bloomberg news and the author of "trump nation, the art of being the donald."
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and pride winning author of "the truth about trump." and joy reid, she hosts a.m. joy on the weekends on msnbc. michael, first to you, the moment in the oval office where someone stands there, as so many have done in confirmation hearings, disagrees with donald trump 100%. how does that go? >> i think he will cave. he is looking for other people to be confident. he wants to be this figure head that rolls his eye and tweets but i think in his businesses where he relied on lawyers and executives to take care of details he will reply on his cabinet and administration officials. >> joy, you and i have never had a conversation about donald trump the way tim and i have. this is interesting. this has been one of my theories about that scene. donald tmp knows full well that he will be the most important person in the room.
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defense policy, treasury, anything. when that person disagrees with something that donald trump has said in the room or in the campaign trail, donald trump will go along with that person who knows more than he does. is that the naive hopeful view of that scene? >> that might be the naive hopeful view. i'm sorry to tell you that. i think that the reality is even if he is more ignorant than others around him. he will never fully own up to that. so the real trick will be, can people who are better managers or have more subject knowledge on any range of issues, whether it is health care policy, national security, the debt, tax, et cetera, will they be able to maneuver around him?
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i think the answer to that question is it will depend on jarrod kushner and ivanka donald trump or as i like to call them javanka. they will be donald trump's first and last sounding board in the white house. he will defer to jarrod kushner a little bit and that's the relationship along with steve bannon that will be pivotal. >> if you are mitch mcconnell, just call jarrod. why fight with the middleman. >> we have seen that donald trump has a habit of bringing ivanka or jarrod kushner to meetings in the sense they provide assistance to him and understanding in what is going on in interviewing the late wayne barrett or tony schwartz who worked closely with him. he has no attention span and doesn't like to read or study. he likes to have somebody around that he can interpret what he heard and make a decision and
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then he decides if it is sound and looks good. that's frightening in a president. he doesn't seem to have a formed set of ideas abo anything. he just has his daughter and son-in-law and he figures they know how to make it look good. >> let's listen to what wayne barrett said about what we are just talking about, the kids and their relationship to all all of this. >> he's so disconnected from human emotion, other than anger, he's so disconnected from human any form, including the children. i mean, you know, the art of the deal. he mentioned them once in his first memoir. tony schwartz wrote it and said they were never around and he never talked about them.
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he never interacted with them. this ivanka was 8 and he gets credit for raising these kids but they haven't been close until they could make money in his company. >> ivanka important people in the white house. >> they may interpret him for everyone else. people may go to these meetings an call them up later and say what do i do? do i listen to this? he said two different things. they maybe the one to control them. >> that is not unusual. you could leave meetings with previous presidents, we don't have to say wait a minute. an then you have to call back to the white house chief of staff or somebody else and say does that mean -- frequently, it doesn't mean what you thought it meant. >> i'm pretty sure when lbj told you something you knew what he wanted.
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with donald trump we are not dealing with somebody that has to be kind about it, issue, knowledge, depth. he is more about being president for the level of respect he thinks he is getting from people over time. this is about him looking like the smartest guy in the world and being able to brag as president. the big, grave concern is this reliance on jarrod kushner and ivanka trump comes as they are connected to his business empire. i have talked to international journalists who say their interpretation is somebody who makes is decisions based on what could make him and his businesses money. that's the way that third world leaders have dealt with politics not the typical way an american president operates. >> imagine sh this is a rekouring phenomenon in the oval office. imagine the thereforery of bad news to donald trump. how does he process bad news, an
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unemployment number goes where up where he said it would go down. something happens in a foreign country. how does that work? >> it gets flushed in to that disposal, that emotional and mental disposal he carries around the whole time that lets him counterthe productivity. that is one of the keys to him being the survivor and also why he can't respond creatively or in a sophisticated strategic way. at the end of the day it is performance art for the president elect. it's very much about his attention not execution. thank you for bringing us to this brink of what will the trump presidency be like. the guess work is over and we can now watch. enjoy.
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stick around. we will need you later. coming up, michael flynn had one job to get the national security council ready. it's not ready. guess who's going to be the secretary of state tomorrow, guess 0 who that will be. secretary of state thomas shannon. never heard of him? you'll lrn why in a minute. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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or might not be rex tillerson. so far, the seemingly endless stream of disagreements donald trump cabinet nominees have with donald trump doesn't seem to have gained enthusiasm for his choices. >> we have a lot of smart people. we have, by far, the highest iq of any cabinet ever assembled. >> another flawless example of words meaning nothing to donald trump. one thing we have learned. if those words had any meaning, than what he just said is we are in possession of all of the iq data of every cabinet going back to washington and the results are in and my team has the highest iqs. his choice rick perry, he graduated from texas a&m and the only reason i mention that is because where you went to college tells us how smart you are.
10:22 pm
>> went to this school of finance right here, in this great state, right, the best school. best school, number one. okay. maybe the hardest school to get in to in the country. >> best business school in the world. i'm like a smart person. >> for the record donald trump didn't go to business school. he didn't go to the warton school for finance. he went to the university of pennsylvania where he took courses offered by the wharton school. he has a college degree and nothing more. no mba. since donald trump in pure elitist fashion believes where you got your degree tells you how smart you are it is worth noting if rick perry is confirmed as energy secretary, he got his phd in theoretical physics from stanford and the first obama secretary steven tsu won the nobel prize in physics so none of us, not even donald trump should care where he went to college because the nobel prize tells the story.
10:23 pm
and he has never said i'm a smart guy the way that donald trump does all the time. one person, who would never claim to be smarter than barack obama's energy secretary is rick perry himself who had to confess that up until now he didn't really know what the energy secretary does. >> my past statements made over five years ago about abolishing the department of energy do not reflect my current thinking. in fact, after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the department of energy, i regret recommending it's elimination. >> all you had to do was to get rick perry to change his mind about abolishing the energy department and nominate him to be energy secretary and tell him what the department actually does. the energy department, state department, all the cabinet departments are filled with under secretary and assistant secretary positions that need to
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be confirmed by the senate, none of whom have been chosen or named by donald trump. and the trump campaign has not announced staff appointments for the national security council. joining us is the executive director and cofounder of -- and also joining us jeremy bash, former chief of staff leon panetta, cia and defense department. jeremy bash,s your view of this administration especially as it effects state department, defense department, cia and all of the unfilled appointments there? >> three big challenges i see fothis transition, forhis handoff, lawrence. first, of course has been the feud with the intelligence agencies. donald trump is going to need those intelligence officers to defend the country, to assess the threat and fashion their responses. second is it's not so much about the people in the positions, it's more that we have to understand how the national
10:25 pm
security council will proceed with orderly presidential decision making. the nsc's adviser's job is to bring the players to the table to give the president the best advice. to have orderly process in presidential decision making. right now we basically see a president elect who seems to like chaos, keep people off balance. will say things outside of the normal process and it's not clear how the staff will help him with his orderly decision making. the third thing, to note, the issue in the "new york times"s. potential investigation, there would be two outside investigations in to potential ties between the russian government and the trump campaign. one by the senate, republican-led senate committee and the professionals at the fbi. >> when you were talking about
10:26 pm
donald trump, did you get the feeling he understand how the transition was going to work actually instead of having tillerson on day one as his secretary of state he would have someone appointed by barack obama? >> i think something the president elect would agree with, he is not a detailed guy. i asked how he likes to be briefed. the thing that surprised me most during the transition is that the president elect has resisted the intelligence briefing, the president's daily brief, as you know, is fascinating. you would think he would be curious, if nothing else and we know that donald trump likes the trappings of office and there's noter trappingng than the presidential daily brief. i asked how he likes to consume information, how he likes people around him to make him smart. he said he likes bullet points. sop he can like our media company where we make smart people smarter fast and we love bullets, but he said he doesn't want a lot of detail. he wants the least amount of
10:27 pm
detail possible because i certainly don't need 200-page document so this is a president elect that takes his information at short bursts. the point that jeremy bash was making about the people around him having different views and therefore having things off balance. this is very much part of the trump mo. how he ran his business. that is by having different people, all having input. he becomes the final decide the smart people an him will come to a consensus and say this is what we think. >> i'm glad you brought up the detail of how much detail president-elect trump wants and the fact he admitted that to
10:28 pm
you. anyone who has worked for the government knows that if you have the elected official at the top of a governing pyramid whose motto is give me the fewest details possible, that's the guy you can fool on anything. you can tell him, oh, yeah, we did that but if he doesn't look at the fuller version he will never realize the thing he asked for isn't in the bill or whatever that policy is. >> i think it is better for him to tell his briefer and team, here's how i want information. i want more data but here's how i like to receive it. i want an oral, a written briefing and different presidents have had different styles. that's okay. i have been talking to folks aflt the intelligence agencies and i have to tell you they are prepared to fashion the briefing however he wants. his briefing and that's appropriate. your point is right, he needs to have sufficient facts, sufficient fak cull basis to make decisions.
10:29 pm
it will rest on the shoulders of the national security council, his team in the white house which has to bring it together for him. >> tell your former colleague unless the intelligence community if they want to know how to brief donald trump they have to read the piece axios. >> i will. coming up a massive protest tonight in new york city. cher was one of the speakers at that event and cher will join us next. >> we are going to win, folks. a little bit of pain, a little i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry,
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we are going to win, folks. a little bit of pain, a little discomfort, but a lot of work on our part will stop this man. >> thousands of people joined filmmaker michael moore, cher, alec baldwin and many other celebrities and activists at a preinauguration focus tonight. cher was one of the speakers. >> i understand how the people were so desperate to pick this man. you know,s this unbelievable narcissist who could change the face of our world if we let him
10:34 pm
and the only thing that will save us is you. >> we are joined now by phone by cher. cher, thank you for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. >> hi, honey. >> how are you? what was it like out there with that crowd tonight? >> well, i have a hard time speaking in front of crowds. so it was a little scary but it was great and energized. there were all kinds of people there and it was really exciting. you know what the best thing about it was? you can be detest or get involved and when you are with a bunch of people who are involved you feel optimistic and good. >> tomorrow will you join the women's march in washington? >> yes. >> so two in a row for you. actually tomorrow, is the day after tomorrow, the day after the inauguration.
10:35 pm
what is the feeling among people? i know that a lot of people out there protesting might not have been able to do that the day after the election because they were so depressed and hit hard by this election, but there seems to be a different energy out there now. >> well, i haven't been to many of them. the first one after the election, i got caught up in that one. that was a beautiful demonstration. it reminded me,s these demonstrations remind me of the energy, when people finally got ticked in vietnam and people came out and they didn't care what happened and they just needed to have their voices heard and that was it. >> cher, i have talked to people going to the march in washington who haven't marched or been on the street since vietnam protests that you just
10:36 pm
mentioned. there's a similar feel to this in terms of scale and urgency. >> well, you know, if you feel -- you know, this is like one thing, too,s lawrence, is that i understand -- i mean people, you know, they think we are completely out of touch. i said tonight, you know, i introduced myself. i said i'm an elitistist lib card whose grandmother picked cotton and wore rubber bands on my shoes sometimes. it's not like i don't know. i know what it is like to have no one care what you feel, no one interested and you have no voice. and somehow, the most elitist person of all tapped in to them and made each of them think he could solve their problems. i only have support for those
10:37 pm
people. >> it is so ironicith your background and the way you grew up you get accused of being the elitist and donald trump who stands up and tells us the names of the fancy schools he went to and how rich he is, living on fifth avenue in manhattan he claims he's not an elitist. >> he is a -- he's joseph mccarthy type person who can just, you know, bluster his way through stuff until you get and now he has a get out of jail card free. we'll see what he actually does. i don't have hope for it, but i would be happy for the people if he did something. my god, you know, he's such a liar.
10:38 pm
i'm just so shocked that you could lie your way obviously lie your way in to the white house. >> he's arriving with the largest disapproval rating in history. now everyone out there watching you have your movie going recommendation, movie watching recommendations for the weekend from cher, network and face in the crowd. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> it's always nice to talk to you. >> thank you, cher. >> bye. >> cocoming up congresswoman moore will tell us if she will attend or boycott the inauguration. ♪ ♪
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trump's inauguration. the defacto leader of the democrat boycott of the inauguration john lewis told chuck todd why he's not going. >> i don't see the president elect as a legitimate president. i thinthrussians participated in having this man get elected and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> representative moore of wisconsin watched many of her friends this the house of representatives make the decision to boycott and many others make the decision to attend the inauguration. she is joining us now to explain her decision. representative moore, what are you going to do tomorrow and why? >> well, hello, lawrence. i can tell you that i've gone to jail with john lewis. i support him and i support all of those people that have decided that the way they want
10:43 pm
to celebrate the election of the 45th president of the united states is to boycott it. i've decided that it's really important for me to be the face of that resistance, to be the face of the opposition. paul ryan and reince priebus are both from wisconsin. so i want trump to see other faces from wisconsin, mine. the face of resistance. the person who represents the worst place in america for black children to live, the worst place in the country where there's the most incarcerated african-american men, where we have eastern european in my district who are terrified of trump, president-elect trump's relationship with putin and also women who are -- want to defy his anti-woman sentiment.
10:44 pm
i'm representing the opposition, and i want to be there to be a witness to his inauguration. >> i want to read james clyburn's statement about attending he will also attend. he said we all have roles to play. i'm the assistant democratic leader. so there's someone representative moore who believes because of his leadership position he has a different decision or a more limited range of decisions on this. can you tell us about conversations you have had with other members who have decided to boycott, others who have made the decision to go, to attend? >> well, we all had one thing in common on the democratic side, we are all disheartened, disappointed, terrified or fearful of this presidency. we all respond and react in different ways. we are all part of the same team. ment we are going to demonstrate
10:45 pm
our opposition to him by either attending or not attending. now i've decided to attend because i'm that kind of person. i want to be in his face. >> if you had a chance to say something to him, what would you say to him if you had the chance? >> i don't have to say anything. i will be present. i will be there in my stern opposition. of course, as i said, i hailed from wisconsin and i know that president elect is taking count of who's there and who's not there. i don't want it to be an excuse, you know, not to deal with the conditions of my district because i didn't attend. >> representative gwynn moore, thank you for joining us tonight appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up next, michelle obama says good-bye to the white house. a final walk through with
10:46 pm
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10:50 pm
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i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. if funding for the arts is to survive under the trump administration, it may be all up to this guy. i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land > seriously. that's lee greemwood performing for donald trump tonight. he was appointed to the national con krul on the arts by george w. bush and he is still a member. he was not replaced by president obama. when reagan wanted to eliminate funding for the arts his gun-loving movie star pal charlton heston convinced him not to.
10:55 pm
that's how you change the republican president's mind about the arts. newt gingrich always wanted to zero in on funding for the arts and he would be encouraged after reports today that donald trump wants to zero out the national endowment for the art and humanities temperature gregory peck, one of the founding members, appointed by president johnson. he said then, when we strive for greatestness in ar ittistic expression we open avenues for expression of greatness in the human spirit. here's president obama's case for federal support for the arts. >> throughout my time year, michelle and i have tried to make it a priority to promote the arts and humanities, especially for our young people. and it's because we believe the arts and humanities are, in many ways, reflective of our national soul. they are central to who we are as americans, dreamers, storytellers, innovator and
10:56 pm
visionaries. >> back with us, joy reid and the artist who created the latest cover of ebony magazine and created this coffer of the new yorker for at this times martin luther king edition and this portrait of president obama for this month's issue of smithsonian magazine. tell us what it felt like for you, as an artist, since election day, knowing you are living and working in a different atmosphere and how has it, if it at you will, affected your work since then. >> well, for me it was a tremendous honor to be asked to create art work for the cover of "ebony." i grew up with "ebony" on my coffee table. my grandmother's coffee table, aunt and uncles coffee tables. a distinguished place in our family and african-american community.
10:57 pm
when they asked me to create the art work i was thrilled and honored, especially when it comes to the subject matter. they came to me with the idea of creating a new spin on the very iconic painting, american painting called american gothic by grant wood. i thought it was a great idea. you know, at this time, in our country it's important to look forward and have something very bright and positive to look to. >> it's really beautiful work. >> thank you. >> joy reid, it might be you will up to lee greemwood. >> here's the problem. ronald reagan had friendships with people in hollywood. he had friends in the arts. e problem is we talked about earlier, donald trump is a
10:58 pm
singularly vengeful figure and one group of people he feels vengeful for are the arts, hamilton wasn't good in his view while he was vice president and he has been rejected by the arts community. it wouldn't surprise me that he would sign on to a vengeance act of the arts. they don't want to pay for big bird to be in front of children in their homes. it's a shame. the arts i think will be one of the key resistances against him, defunding the national endowment of the arts. >> also they want to defund pbs in some of the preliminary plans leaking out. >> the art community's response to changes in society like this, and this is a giant change in society, sometimes takes time. sometimes there's a digestion period before new work starts to appear. it is inspired by the new conditions. what do you feel about that? and what are other artists and you discussing about that at
10:59 pm
this point? >> well, i think that when it comes to points like this in our history, it's time -- it's traditionally -- what is traditional is artists like myself take it upon themselves to get to work. it's a call to artists to fight, and to fight back in a way that we know best. that is with our creative disciplines. >> thank you very much for sharing your work with us tonight. joy reid thank you for joining us once again. msnbc live coverage continues in to the 11th hour with brian williams. that's next. tonight, this closing hours before the inauguration. after noontime tomorrow, donald trump will be addressed as mr. president. with dozens of democrats vowing
11:00 pm
to boycott the ceremonies, one president's most local critics will join us here tonight. with one family on the way in and another on the way out. we'll talk with the man who's in charged of what's been called the five craziest hours at the white house. after running a campaign based on the business success, we'll take the oat of office, the former white house's ethics employer is standing by to talk with us. "the 11th hour" begins now. >> gone, this is the 11th hour. it is the eve of the inauguration and by midnight tonight eastern time it will be 12 hours until donald trump is president. here is a look at capitol hill where he's scheduled to come


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