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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  January 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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to boycott the ceremonies, one president's most local critics will join us here tonight. with one family on the way in and another on the way out. we'll talk with the man who's in charged of what's been called the five craziest hours at the white house. after running a campaign based on the business success, we'll take the oat of office, the former white house's ethics employer is standing by to talk with us. "the 11th hour" begins now. >> gone, this is the 11th hour. it is the eve of the inauguration and by midnight tonight eastern time it will be 12 hours until donald trump is president. here is a look at capitol hill where he's scheduled to come through the door way and
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appeared to the crowd there and live television audience at 11:27 a.m. his life as president begins and the obama family flies west, palm spring, california. a transformation will take place and the trump will be living in the people's house. a notion that became real for a lot of people after the imagery that we saw today. today americans got their first glimpse of donald trump surrounding by the trapping of presidency. for the first time today, he flew to washington by air force jet to a formal reception at andrews and washington hotel that bares his name. >> where is this? this is a gorgeous room. >> a total genius must have built this. >> the first official event of the day, a wreath laying at the
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arlington cemetery. a precursor to the title tomorrow, commander in chief of all u.s. military forces. a preinauguration concert on the steps of lincoln memorial. the artists including three doors down and toby keith. the event was a first and it was a site of an elaborate concert for barack obama featuring many people. i will see you tomorrow and i am going to be cheering you on. you are going to cheer me on but i am going to be cheering you on. what we have done, it is so special. all over the world, they're talking about it and i love you folks. we are going to work together and we are going to make america great again and i will add, greater than ever before.
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the event ended with the battle hymn of the republic. the skies blazed with fire works, leading up to the presidency, all of the infrastructure around donald trump has changed. his motorcade is massive and in these final hours of inauguration, he's briefed on the mechanism required to launch nuclear weapons. tonight trump appeared at a dinner for donors. >> i said before and i was telling some people the next time, four years from now, the next time, we are going to win the old fashion way. we are going to win because we did so well and overwhelming. it is beautiful of how great your cabinet and all of who are here tonight and how great your
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cabinet have performed. the likes of which have never been appointed like this. i will say the other side is going absolutely crazy >> the trump are in blair house across the street from the white house. by this time tomorrow, they'll be in the white house as president and first lady and a new political era will be under way. >> we should note that in his remarks tonight, president-elect trump also took another swing at cnn's election night coverage. he said that if his son-in-law cannot produce middle east peace, no one can. a serious reality about tomorrow is this. the president will take office tomorrow with some of his associate already under investigation for what just happened in this campaign and the russian involvement that's been proven. the new york times reports
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tonight "american law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions as part of a broad investigation into possible links between russian officials and associates of president donald trump" including his formal campaign manafort. the article goes on saying mr. trump will take the oath of office on friday with his associate under investigation. with us by telephone tonight, ken delany is following national security for us. in thinking and looking back, we cannot recall inauguration that came with this much of a threat and a cloud of investigation, saying nothing of an ongoing investigation following the administration into office. >> now, that's right, it is certainly without precedent.
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it is murky and we don't have the picture. nbc news have not confirmed everything "times" reported. current officials have told nbc news of the investigation focused on mainly how the russians fought the hack and influence the presidential election, how that operation is paid for and any americans are at fault. we are told that the cia and nsa are assisting on this investigation. and now nbc news have not confirmed of inner -- there is activities of formal trump campaign manager of paul manafort and his dealings with the ukraine. it is unclear it is related in any way. there is a lot that we don't know. there is a lot that the "times
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are" are quiet about. >> and a quick follow up. we have a u.s. senator waiting. how much of an investigation can be halted when the new president takes office. because it is already under way, we'll continue, is there a possible answer for that? >> that's entirely unclear. the intelligence agency certainly report to the president. we'll be talking to you much more. we appreciate you coming on and telling us what nbc knows as reported by the "times" tonight. joining us now is cory booker from capitol hill.
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after these confirmation hearings we have been covering and watching, can you predict and can you name one trump nominee that won't get through? >> right now looks like he's got a full hand of cards. i am not giving up on the prison ers of hope that some of the outrageous ones can be stopped. many have not gotten their ethics cleared and done. there is a lot more that could come out and is coming out. information that may stop them. something that we are seeing already coming out that stopped past candidates. we have a president himself who have not allowed the
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transparency that we have seen of the modern era and somebody that's hiding much of his financial information and conflicts which on day one can put him in opposition of what we understand the constitution to be requirements for a president. it makes me sober of the reality that we have with a lot of his cabinet picks. >> we always use those phrase, elections have consequences. >> what can you do? >> democrats have lost the white house and the senate. >> what is the role that's left for you? >> i refused to remain silent. that's the worse thing that we can do. not everything that's faced can be changed but nothing can be changed unless it is faced. it is important that we speak up and stand up that we let people
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know what's going on and try to activate and engage the public in a level that they might not be used to doing in terms of keeping an eye on this. when the house over reached and trying to get in on the ethics over side of the house. this is a time that even if we don't have the votes, we'll do everything we can to bring attention to and the kind of things that donald trump are doing and i don't think supporters want him to do of the kind of things he's talking about having to do on the first day of officer and repealing the affordable care act without replacing it. the non-partisan ceo would be affected and 18 million americans would be losing their health insurance in the first year. >> if you you will of the horrendous word of "brand." what are the democrats are going to stand for other than standing against donald trump and it sure sounds like we are going to have and dominated by at least the investigation for the first few months here.
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we have not touched on foreign policy where as i sit on briefings, there are issues going on that are really, really serious when it comes to these connections to russia and ongoing investigations. and assault and attacks on america through cyber attack. that's a whole area that that has to in my opinion to be continued to be looked into. please understand, for me it has nothing to do with brands or public opinion. the reality is, is donald trump is putting people in positions that we have to do everything we can to fight when you have someone ascending to the head like jeff sessions who have spoken out against protection against violence for gays and lesbians and protection for women against violence and speaking out of the justice department is doing right now. this to me, i am not concerned
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about brands, i am concerning of fighting to protect people and fighting to protect a lot of the values that republicans and democrats as i found stands for those same values. when it comes to our country of where it is, i live in the community with not the highest income, one of the lowest people in congress, everybody is looking for jobs but when you fail to acknowledge things like we need minimum wage to be raised or people need to be affordable access to training and college, when you refuse the knowledge that -- environmental regulations help keep people safe and strong so that they can grow without things like asthma and air pollutions. all these things are core to our economic well being and there are things that donald trump is clearly against. i am going to be fighting for american people and i am going to be fighting for economic inclusion and i am going to be fighting against the kind of
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hate and demeaning language that donald trump has used to single out muslim americans to immigrants and women and gays and lesbians. this is a fight on our hands right now. >> senator, a final question here. now we assume that means you are going to be there tomorrow morning and you will have to be seated in less than 12 hours. do you make any judgments of those and the congressional delegations that are going to skip it? >> no, they are well within their free speech rights. frankly, people have died over those rights and i respect my college's individual decisions. for me, i respect the presidency even though i am ready to stand against what donald trump is doing. i respect the presidency, this is the institution and a peaceful transition of power. barack obama is going to be there. that's what bill clinton and many others, this is an important moment for us as the democracy and values that we stand in.
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i am going to be there. as soon as he raises his hand. i know it is a start of a new era. democrats are in the front line in many ways of the democratic party here in america. i know this is the start of a time where we are going to need people to dig in and fight and do what they can to protect the american people. >> new jersey's senator, cory booker, thank you very much for joining us. we are just at the 12th hour mark before the swearing in, thank you very much for joining us. tonight we'll take our first break of our extended broadcast tonight when the 11th hour continues and what we won't see going on tomorrow because it is done completely behind closed doors. it is apart of the peaceful transfer of power. later, will the new president be in violation of anything on day one. are all his business and entanglements are now sorted out and squared away. we'll ask the man whose job it was to answer that question when our broadcast continues.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. we are back at one of the most fascinaing aspects of inauguration which we love to call the peaceful transfer of power is the massive transfer of stuff. the trumps are moving into the house where the obama family has lived for eight years. the president and his staffs moving to offices, most of them squares and raekrectangles.
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the presidency never stops, it just gets transferred from one man to another, around noontime tomorrow, you will hear the cannons. it must be seem less all of this and we are about to find out how that works. our retired steven roshan chief of past presidents. he's with us tonight. he's from washington, admiral, it is great to see you again. tell us what's going on right now and what's going to be going on first thing in the morning that we are not allowed to see. >> thank you brian. right now the staff has done all the planning they can possibly do. and, the kitchen is very busy right now, getting prepared for tomorrow. so is the chief and the 95 staff members.
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they all start about 4:30 in the morning. everyone has to come to work, all hands on deck, all 95 plus people will be there to get ready for the president and president-elect trump to start the move. >> i suppose some of that has to happen. there are the official rooms and the office and the new president gets to have the oval office and some of that has to wait on and the paintings can be moved and stuff and closets full of clothes and things like that. are they separated tomorrow or is just considered one of a whole? well, the ongoing president and first family gets the opportunity to pack their belongings early.
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things are in boxes and ready to go. we cannot move boxes or paintings or furniture out until they depart around 10:30. once we move them out we can move in the new president trump. >> how about those official spaces, like the oval office t such a symbol of the presidency and president obama had a decorator coming in and do it differently than president bush had it. we have seen it changed from administration to administration. do you see it change gradually. >> there is a change gradually, brian. the oval office is the only in the west wing that the resident staff will change out the decorations and one thing that tends to remain through a number of presidents since john f kennedy is the resolute desk.
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people like that historic desk to stay in the oval office. that could change with the next president. >> when the new president and melania show up after the ceremony and go back to the white house for a while and the reviewing stand for the parade, is their stuff going to be put away? >> it is five hours or a little less of from the moment they leave and the reception in the morning which when they come back which is around 3:30 or 4:00, by that time every single piece of furniture, clothing and hung in the closet and their toothbrush in the counter when they walk in that door. >> i hope it helps that the obamas are going to be a mile or two away, in case they leave an iphone charger, they can come
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back and get it. >> stephen rochon, thank you very much. when we come back, the fine prints that matters when the president has more business entanglement than any other man that we elected when "the 11th hour" continues.
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the president-elect has made it clear. he has no conflicts with the law. he's going above and beyond hahn handing it over to his kids to ensure there is no conflicts to ensure. he's going above and beyond. he has no conflicts by law. what he's done is extraordinary to making sure he's helping this country. >> did you get that? no conflicts by law. that was press secretary sean spicer earlier today. plenty of legal and constitutional experts. we should tell you would disagree with his assessment that the president-elect trump has no conference by law. new york times story points out, conflicts that for months about theoretical are about to become real.
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many of them are centered by in newly opened trump international hotel in washington. we saw the president-elect trump there today. it could be the tip of the iceberg, the "times" headline calls that hotel an ethical mind field. washington post reporter ashley parker says this on twitter. "from the podium -- our next guest responded, sean spicer, congrats on your new gig. a statement like this would be an ethic violation by you if you do it 26 hours from now. here to talk all about it from miami in addition to serving as u.s. ambassador to serve in 2016, norm iesen. these days -- he's speaking out on donald trump's potential conflicts. counselor, what do you think of the president-elect trump's conflicts?
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>> brian, thank you for having me. no matter how many times they say donald trump has no conflicts by law, it is not true. our framers are so concerned, the founders of country about one particular conflict that they put a prohibition on this conflict in the constitution, brian, that's the prohibition on presidency of the united states accepting foreign cash benefits, so called a monument from foreign government. and at 12:01 when donald trump is the president of united states, extraordinary in our history, the first day and first
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hour, he's going to be in violation of that constitutional conflict law because his enterprises around the world in the united states including the trump hotel a few blocks away from the white house are sucking in these foreign cash and benefits on a daily basis. it is outrageous. that leads me to a duo question. it is stunning to hear me say that. do you think lawyers from donald trump would know this and you think the republican party hands


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