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tv   The Inauguration of Donald Trump  MSNBC  January 20, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> can i have your name? >> reporter: ma'am, i'm busy. thanks. >> 2:00 east coast time. this is the scene not terribly far from the white house. and not terribly far from the reviewing stand and what will be the end of the parade route. certainly a lot closer than where the gathering is right now across town at the capitol. official washington is inside the luncheon, behind closed doors. this is happening in the business district of washington.
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>> hello, hello, can you hear me okay? >> you're listening to our correspondent, jacob rascon. >> can you hear me? one, two three. are we still overmodulated? i can't hear anyone talking back to me. >> jacob, this is brian, can you hear me? >> we're still having those audio issues. in terms of what i was just describing about san francisco, what we're told now in terms of what's going on in san francisco is that san francisco police say there have been at least 50 arrests there, in connection with several inauguration protests going on in that city. there was expected to be a large-scale protest in los angeles as well as a school walkout. that appears to have not had a huge turnout.
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could be in part due to heavy rain in l.a. there are a lot of people out in the streets of san francisco and 50 arrests and this is the scene right this second in washington. >> jacob, let's try this again. this is brian, can you hear me? >> reporter: brirngs hi. sorry about that. so, now we have a police line. obviously, they have their riot shields. they're protecting against the rocks being thrown by protesters. this has been going on for about a half hour, where police are spraying pepper spray. they're also throwing the flash bangs, which are very loud. you might have heard some of those earlier. to be clear, there were many hundreds of protesters earlier, but now those that are actually actively fighting against the police, there are only several dozen of them. most who were here earlier blocking checkpoints, all the groups converged into one. those groups have left. now we have mostly those protesters who are dressed in black, who are -- their faces are covered.
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when i talked to them and ask who they are, they don't want to talk to me, they don't to want tell me who they are, they want to be unidentified. you see as they drag these trash cans away -- these are not trash cans. i apologize. these are newspaper stands. they were earlier dragging trash cans and chairs and tables and then they stands out into the street. they were also smashing windows. this was going on right before president trump took the oath. then it stopped for a couple of hours. the police had everybody cornered and surrounded, and it was quiet. but then suddenly in the last 30 minutes or so, i believe a group of protesters that look like was pushing up against the police line. they started to push back. now we have what we're seeing now. >> jacob, obviously stay with it and we'll stay with you. protesters appear to be, as jacob said, establishing their own line.
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>> reporter: brian, if i could, there have been -- we've heard from d.c. police. there were several arrests earlier. there were also a few police officers who were hurt because the rock throwing was also going on before the swearing-in. there are also several protesters who were hurt. at least one of them was bleeding from the head and was carried off in a stretcher. most of the other protesters i've seen who look injured, looks like they were just pepper sprayed in the face and carried off by some of their friends. so, there were officers who were injured, i think, by rocks, it looks like. we've seen them throwing rocks and bricks on and off for the past half hour. before that, before the swearing in. just escalated quickly when the lines were pushing up against each other. >> jacob, thanks. from the control room, let's get a map of the district up on the screen so we can show this area in relation to where the luncheon is going on at the capitol, in relation to where the motorcade will be coming. i suspect this is going to get
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much more serious and police are going to get more determined about clearing this as the motorcade comes down their way. i'm speaking generally about the area of town. >> this is -- what's going on -- it is "k" street between 12th and 13th. it's actually "the washington post" is on "k" street between 13th and 14th. if jacob needs a place to duck into, i would recommend going into "the post," if he needs to. and you're absolutely right, brian, because, you know, it is -- it is -- the capitol would be -- that's 12 long blocks that way. also considerably north of where a straight line from the capitol heading west would be. but the parade route is up pennsylvania avenue. it brings it closer to where the disturbances are taking -- again, probably not any closer than six blocks or so.
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but that would be close enough for the police to want to end this. >> we should be clear that the security presence in washington is nothing short of massive. i mean, washington is a very heavily defended city, and there's a big law enforcement presence compared to average american cities on an average fli. but on a day like this, occasion like this, there are physical barriers everywhere. there are crowd control strategies everywhere. there are many, many, many tens of thousands of officers out there. these confrontations, this physical fight between this small group of protesters and these police officers, this is what nobody wanted to see. this will not -- this doesn't -- this is something that will be hard to imagine this ending any way other than in a mass arrest situation. we'll see how the d.c. police handle this. >> d.c. police certainly used to be absolutely state of the art in terms of crowd control. they, frankly, haven't had a lot
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of occasion to practice this sort of thing recently. but they're still quite good at this. >> i have just the person to ask about security in washington. our veteran justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, what can you add to these pictures we're seeing? >> well, as the number you had just on the bottom of the screen, the d.c. police say they arrested 95 people, what they describe as violent protests, which means protesters doing damage. it started in an area called franklin square, which is about six -- six blocks north of the parade route. this is "k" street. and i think it's safe to say that anybody going down pennsylvania avenue in the inaugural parade wouldn't see or hear any of this. it's a good distance away. and there's all those people lining the parade route. it would sort of buffer the sound. i don't think they would be aware of this. but the acting police chief here
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says the arrests followed a number of broken windows in four or five businesses. there's a starbucks, a hotel called crown plaza, the window outside an atm at a bank. after those things happened, that's when the police started making arrests. and the police chief has been stressing here in the last hour or so that the number of people disobeying police instructions, not -- protesting peacefully is very small. one person was arrested last night at a pro-trump event. not far from where you're looking at now at the national press building, which is on 13th street. this is in the area of 13th and 14th streets and 12th street. that's where this is happening. "k" street is the main sort of business thoroughfare in the district. washington, d.c., is partly
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government and partly commercial, and "k" street is mostly commercial. now it looks like police are deploying some irritant gas maybe to move people away. they seem to be moving away because of that. >> yeah, they're getting serious, pete. as you were talking, our camera was over at the left of this police line. you can still see the spray there, spraying a huge amount of something like pepper spray, an irritant, a dispersant as a result. as we predicted, they're getting much more serious about this. we're also hearing many more of those flash bang grenades. pete, tell the folks how many different jurisdictions we've got in uniform in washington? >> well, for inauguration weekend we have to add to the usual weekend, metropolitan is in charge of the streets. secret service is in charge of inaugural events. this is strictly metro pd, what
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the d.c. police department is called. they can also bring in national guard troops who are on standby here. there's about 5,000 or 6,000 national guard troops that can be deployed if needed. d.c. police have dealt with things like this in the past. world bank protest got out of hand a couple years ago. they often deal with protests that become violent like this. they're well equipped to do it. but we've got, of course, the secret service, the fbi, the atf, the marshal service. all those federal agents are really not involved in what you're looking at here. this is really keeping the peace on the streets. that's pretty much -- and the sole responsibility of the washington, d.c., police department. they can call on others if things get out of hand. >> it's a unique city. they used to talk about in front of the white house, you could step from secret service jurisdiction onto national park service jurisdiction. once you made it to the curb, you would be in metropolitan
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police jurisdiction. but those three uniformed police services, as the case throughout washington, working side by side with overlapping in some cases jurisdiction. we're in a situation here where you have the helmeted and riot shielded police officers. this is mpd, metropolitan police department, the local police department in washington. across from them are this combination of protesters and members of the media and video, and a lot of people, many of them protesters scrambling. as jacob said, there are protesters and there are protesters. there are folks who have been throwing things and doing damage and folks who are affiliated. and then there are kind of hangers-on. so, this is kind of typical at protests. what's not typical is a very
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aggressive response with crowd chemical dispersants and flash bang grenades, because they really don't want to fool around today and let something get larger than their ability to control it. not in this piece of real estate. not in this city. not on inauguration day, when the eyes of the world are on that parade route. >> we have had protesters at inaugural parades in the past. george w. bush after the bush v. gore 20 0 election. there were a number of protests along the parade route that year. what's interesting and different about -- let's go to pete williams. sorry. >> i was just going to say that several of these groups, violent protest groups had said in advance they wanted to, quote, shut the city down before the inauguration. try to affect the inauguration. the effect on people getting into the secure areas, and remember, what we're looking at here, where they're pushing
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people back away from, in essence, further north away from the parade route, this is well away from the secure area where you have to go through metal detectors to get into the zone to either watch the parade or be on the national mall of pennsylvania avenue. there were some scattered protesters this morning at checkpoints where people who have tickets to get into the place where you could either sit down or stand near the inauguration. they tried to shut some of those checkpoints down, and successfully did for about 45 minutes, one of them. there were moments where some of the checkpoints were hard to get to. but for the most part, if you are attending the inauguration, you're well away from this. you're probably unaware this is going on. >> that was a very efficient move, pete, while you were talking. they just cleared all the real estate in that intersection very easily and very quickly. >> yeah. what's unusual about this
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inauguration is not that there are protests but that such large protests and so many protesters are expected, even just for permitted events. some of those are today. but a huge number of people are expected for a big peaceful protest tomorrow. they're expecting 200,000 people for that women's march. a lot of those people are in d.c. already, having violent confrontations. as pete said, 95 arrests so far. having police officers injured, having property damage today will cast some sort of shadow, will set some sort of tone in terms of the policing and in terms of the turnout for subsequent protests. and that is -- that's just a fact of how these things go. so, the police will be on a different footing because of what's happening today than they would have otherwise been toward what are expected to be very, very, very large protests in the next 24 hours. >> and i know a lot of people are going to be in that protest tomorrow and they're regular, they're not people like the people here with the masks on, i
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can tell you. they're not out for trouble. i am impressed by the defensive phalinx of the police. they're not chasing after them in an aggressive way. they are holding a line here. obviously, they've been told that that's the position they should be taking. a restrained -- very restrained -- at least what we've seen, position by the police here. they don't want to have any more violence than is absolutely necessary here. >> at two ends of town in washington, d.c., for our viewers just joining us, 2:15 eastern, we're covering two very different things on two fronts. one is a closed-door very nice luncheon with the congressional leadership and the new president. members of the new cabinet. the other is this. in a short period of time, the new president is going to climb into a motorcade that will form the start of the inaugural parade, making his way right where you see, from the capitol
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down to the white house. so, this is why police are taking such an aggressive stance to get these protests put down and at least under control. we are going to take our first break and we do so, reminding you on the other side, we'll get the inaugural parade under way. it is widely believed that the new president, donald trump, will disembark, dismount from the motorcade and walk at least part of the journey. a lot ahead when we continue.
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you're looking at the capitol. the crowds have dispersed from the inaugural festivities. right now what's going on is a closed-door lunch. that is going to be the focus of our attention. what is now the trump white house at the other end of the inaugural parade that will be tting der way shortly. you see the fountain out front and first visitors arriving. there is the reviewing stand. if it looks familiar, it's been used for the last several inaugurations. it's climate-controlled inside.
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though we're blessed with temperate winter weather in washington today. again, all eyes will be on this parade route, just as all eyes have been on this demonstration, on "cou"k" street. >> we know there would be trump supporters and protesters side by side. we did not know some of the anti-trump protests would take on this character with flash bang grenades, large quantities of some irritant, tear gas or pepper spray, we don't know, 95 arrests from d.c. police announced already. we've had d.c. police officers injured in these clashes. again, the inaugural parade is due to start in less than one hour. it will not follow -- go to this exact spot we are seeing here, but it will be within a matter of blocks. these clashes, this is live footage. this is what nobody wanted to see in the streets other than the people pulling this off right now.
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this is in the context of a very large organized anti-trump protests due to take place mostly tomorrow. hundreds of thousands of people are expected in a very large women's march. nobody prepped for -- at least in a mainstream way, nobody prepped for this. >> kate snow, who we're used to seeing in afternoons, not in this context, is along the parade route for me. >> reporter: i heard you talking about where the parade is going to be. i'm at pennsylvania and fourth street. this is pennsylvania avenue behind me here. you can see crowds of people. it's gotten more full as the hours have progressed here. there was a bottle neck in security earlier at the secret service checkpoints because of the protesters that you've been seeing. i know you've been checking in with jacob rascon. he's six blocks to the north and six blocks to the west of where i am. i'm joined by a bunch of guys from new jersey, which i know
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brian will appreciate, with bikers from trump. that's what you have in common. one guy from san diego. sorry, mark. let me start, eddy, let me ask you about why you're here. it's your first inauguration ever. >> yes. we're here to support trump. he's patriotic, we're patriots and he's looking out for us. >> reporter: shawn, what did you think of the speech you? heard it over the loud speakers. a lot commented about how trump seemed to put washington on notice. you like that about the speech. >> as you know, he speaks from the heart. and i think everything he had to say is what america was feeling and why he got elected. >> reporter: jim, you felt the same way about that speech. were you moved by it? >> absolutely. like i said, we are all american patriots. we believe donald trump, mr. president, mr. -- president donald trump. >> he's your president now. >> we believe he is an american patriot and he's here for all the people from coast to coast, border to border, he's there for everybody. >> reporter: why did you want to be here? >> we're proud of him.
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we're very proud of our new president. >> it's an honor to be here. i drove 2500 miles, 500 miles a day. >> reporter: from san diego? >> rode out from san diego with several guys. all these great men that are here right now, i'm so honored and proud to be with these men. every single one of these guys are my brothers now. we have something in common. we have something in common. >> if people say, but hold on, he's divisive, there are protests going on as we speak, you know, he didn't say enough to unite us today, what would you say? >>. >> i say a lot of people don't listen or choose not to listen to what he's actually saying. that's the problem. he does want to bring us together. we've been divisive for the past eight years. racial tensions right now are the worst they've been in a very long time. i believe he will bring us all together again. >> i don't know if you can hear, brian, there's a guitarist playing "star spangled banner" in the background here. this is a gathering of bikers for trump.
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they actually got a permit here to be in this square right next to the canadian embassy. i think they're one of the few pro-trump organized events today. we'll send it back to you. >> kate snow, thanks. our thanks to the delegation, bikers for trump. we're switching back and forth up. saw what appears to be a national guard humvee pull up there. now the police line is substantially different at that intersection than when we last checked in. this is on coun"k" street. 2:25 p.m. as we said, our attention has been focused -- jacob, can you hear us? jacob cannot. again, we've been not at full strength communicationswise in part because sound technician working with jacob was overcome
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by some of the dispersant spray up. see these vehicles used by national guards, some police force around the country. that actually -- that body style dates back to the first gulf war. and a lot of these were brought on reserve coming out of military surplus. again, that appears to be either smoke grenades or dispersant. we can't be sure. we are well behind that police line. under the watchful gaze of the metropolitan police department. >> steve, as we're watching thooets these protests in the streets, there's a lot of protests against inauguration. the first george w. bush in 2001, there were loud and angry protests after the way that election ended. do you think this is something to be an important part of what happened today? do you think the way that trump just talked about law and order, for example, that this is going to be part of the start of his
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presidency? >> well, certainly, when you see rioting on television and you listen to the president's remarks at the speech, this doesn't hurt him politically. it helps him politically and marginalizes the peaceful protesters that will take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands tomorrow. >> that we just saw on the corner. >> i do think one of the features of this presidency in its early months is we'll see widespread protests across the country, big ones, marches. some may turn violent. and the degree to which they do turn violent, it will drive intensity behind the president's law and order message. >> strategically it's an interesting challenge that the democratic party is aware of, which is that in a country where most people voted, voted to elect the democratic candidate, in a country where the incoming president has as low approval ratings than any incoming president ever. you see this driver trapped in the middle of all the
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protesters. that's not a good situation. the democratic party is in a position where they are going to want to try to leave the opposition to trump in a way that is constructive. people who are opposed to trump on whatever grounds and to whatever degree feel like they have another home inside politics and you don't have to do nonpolitical things like this, setting fire and throwing things at police officers, it's no longer politics, it's rioting. democrats will try to channel it. >> i think one of the interesting things we'll see in the months ahead is the democratic party is at its lowest point in power since the 1920s. and i think when you watch donald trump today in his inaugural address, he's not particularly idealogical in a way ronald reagan is or barack
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obama. i think our politics are going to be defined by a lateral line. above that line are people that have benefitted from globalization, benefitted from the technological revolution of the last 20 years. below it are the people that have been left behind. in that speech today was fundamentally aimed at that segment of america that's been left behind on some of these changes. he talks about infrastructure and he talks about building of the skaflt incale of the inal r address. i think you'll see this fault line play out where conservatives, republicans are deeply speculative about that level of government spending. i think the democratic base will be angry at democrats who want to cooperate with donald trump on some of these policy initiatives. but with lawrence on his program the other night, we talked about the fact that functionally you have a three-party town now. you have a trump party, a republican party and a
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democratic party. these coalitions will be very interesting as they form and disperse transactionally around a lot of different issues. >> the trump party has the momentum, too. my question is, how does president trump get the agenda he laid out in that speech, that very aggressive speech? that protectionist agenda, how does he get that into an internationalist congress? >> we'll have a discussion while "k" street burns down. >> i just wanted to reference what we're seeing here. this won't go over well with the metropolitan police or fire departments. you don't want this as a visual, fire in the middle of the street set up by protesters in a area where they own this block. jacob rascon is now able to hear us and jacob, obviously, they've lit everything they can find that's burnable. >> reporter: yes, we've seen
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back and forth. police will move their line, some protesters resist and throw rocks. police will respond with pepper spray or something like pepper spray and flash bangs. you're hearing them yell -- apologize for the language -- about donald trump. if we move over -- i just wanted to show you some of what they do is they go, is they move down the street, they end up taking their bricks which they just removed from the street and they do something like this. they'll smash the windows. they were doing a lot of this earlier as well, not just to cars, they were doing it to a starbucks, they did it to a hotel. and i want to make sure and clarify that most of the protesters we've seen today, and we've seen nearly 1,000, have a specific purpose and don't want to be violent, it seems. there's a small number who it seems that is their purpose. they want to cause trouble. they want to cause violence. they want to make the biggest mess they can. they're usually -- not all of
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them, but the ones that we've seen do this are dressed in black, covering their faces. again, not all of them are doing it that are dressed like that, but some like this, that seems to be their purpose. now, when i talked to them about why they're doing this, they give a vaerlt riety of answers. they don't want to identify themselves or tell me where they're from. it's along the lines of we are upset or hate the establishment. it's not just donald trump. some will tell me they hated hillary clinton. they also hated congress. they hate congress. so, it's not very focused, their purpose, it seems, other than to say they're mad at the establishment against people in power generally. as i covered donald trump protests throughout the campaign, we would usually see small groups of people like that, where they would show up, covering their faces, dressed in black. when you asked them why they
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were doing what they were doing, they said something to that effect. some volunteered, they were bernie sanders supporters, though i would say that's not fair to characterize all of them like that. but now we're just at a standstill waiting, i guess, for the police to push their line forward. in which case we expect the protesters will start to throw their rocks. >> we hear the police helicopter above. the skies officially are restricted during an event like today to all but police and security aircraft. it's a huge air restriction going, as i read the map, beyond the beltway today, just because you have every living dignitary there. this, again, live picture, better transmission technology than we have with jacob because of our need to move around. michael continues to watch and listen with us.
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michael, what do you think were -- let's cast aside what we're looking at live and -- because we're always going to have a certain level of protests with us. what do you think we're headed for? i'm told we just lost michael. communications being what they are. >> one of the things the police have to think about here is how much this can be contained and redirected away from the main security event, of course, which is the safety of the president -- the new president and the inaugural parade and the crowds that are there or whether they will try to stop this in some way, moving it away, moving it into an area where it can be corralled, contained and kept apart from the inaugural parade is an easier thing to do when you only have 25 minutes to play with other than actually trying to stop this. you know, it's like -- it's like squeegz a water balloon to a certain extent, these protesters are mobile and they may be able
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to set up shop wherever they move -- >> what i can tell from friends at "the post" looking at the window and tweeting, they seem to have set up a kind of perimeter around it. i believe they may be trying to contain it right where it is. it is no closer than six blocks from where the parade route passes. no closer than six blocks from -- >> the way those blocks are laid out, they should have no difficulty preventing protesters from moving any closer to it. it's a nice tight arrangement of blocks that are easy to control. as jacob point out, it's a minority of protesters who are violent. it only takes 1% of them to get all the cameras aimed at them. having 95 arrests already probably indicates they don't need to make an awful lot more arrests to put an end to the violent element of the protests.
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>> to pete williams' point when we talked to him, it's quite important for organizers to make sure the smoke, the pepper spray fumes, the noise do not interfere with the -- along the parade route. that has more sometimes to do with prevailing winds than anything else. another break for us. our live coverage as we await the start of the inaugural parade in washington. our live coverage continues on the other side.
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we are back. we continue to cover a tale of two cities. inside that building, inside the u.s. capitol, our last update is that the second course has been placed in front of those at the inaugural lunch. just couldn't be more different. we have the entire congressional leadership dining with the new president, the new power structure, members of the cabinet, at least nominees, all of it under the capitol dome. while at the other end of town, closer to the white house, closer to where the inaugural parade will be headed, there are some nice pictures. >> free hugs. >> free hugs and cooperation. just like bad actors sometimes, it can now be said that where the free hug people are concerned, there's one in every crowd. we're fortunate for that. we're happy for that. >> it's nice to see people smiling as they leave.
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now, we see some military reserve members, thousands of whom are in town, helping metropolitan police. that's federal protection service right there, so those are feds and not local cops. but the reservists are helping the cops kind of get order. >> you see mixed in with protesters here. this is not a zone that's been cleared by the police. >> every time a newspaper machine gets tossed, gene robinson winces. we don't like to see that. pulitzer winners are like that. but we saw some trash cans, some newspaper machines, some actual damage to at least one stretch limo, one suv, some store fronts. often the anarchy protesters go after the better known national chains, like starbucks, which because they're on every street corner in every big city, become a big target. you see, look, some real
11:42 am
projectiles thrown against those police shields. this is the window of a starbucks getting bashed in earlier. so, we continue to cover this. chris, you were making a point about these pictures do not stop within our borders. >> right. this is an international television show here, for better or worse. you're seeing the worse, enemies, adversaries are eating this up. these are the pictures they're going to be showing. putin is probably eating this up as well because he likes it over here, too, although he's also rooting for trump. it's hard for him to figure. these pictures are always picked up by critics of america. they love to show we do have disorder. we won't see the guy giving out hugs in different parts of the world. we'll see people throwing stuff at cops. there's something in me that can't imagine throwing a rock at a cop, but these people have it. they go after starbucks, i guess, as a statement of -- they don't like what they think is elite coffee drinking or something. there's a statement -- i don't
11:43 am
think you would ever throw a stone at a dunkin' donuts. >> no, it's national chains. >> i think dunkin' donuts is free from that class distinctions. it's bad news because tomorrow is going to be 100 times safer than today, tonight. we have hundreds of thousands. it's going to be a statement of disagreement over policy, over the language used in the campaign about women, of course, the language used in that unfortunate tape that came out, that unfortunate line of discussion by trump himself. i think there's a lot of people, my age and younger, who are very upset about what was said in this campaign about women. and i think they're going to come out. it's not just about abortion rights or anything like that, or choice. it's about the way they were described and narrated about. i think it's going to be a very good peaceful protest tomorrow. hate to see this in the headlines when you pick up the paper. about gene, i join him in that because i don't think these
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protesters are big avid newspaper readers. just guessing. whatever information they're getting in grunts or whatever else, i don't think they're studying the jump in the latest front page stories. >> there is that big protest tomorrow. it should be noted there are a lot of other anti-trump protesters in the streets, including along the parade route, who are not behaving this way. we saw anti-trump protest signs, but who were mixed in peacefully among trump supporters. you'll see there, for example. this is an area that we can tell from the signs contains a lot of anti-trump protesters. this is not the sort of violent scene you're seeing other places. there will be a big show of anti-trump sentiment along that parade route. much more than we have seen in previous years. >> i was saying earlier, this is -- it's a tough business going to a parade these days in washington. look at that buffer zone. you're forced to look into this abyss of police lines. then after that, remember,
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you've got state police visiting from neighboring states. they've got so much need for police, that you'll see pennsylvania troopers, you'll see maryland, virginia, you'll see jersey. it's incredible. and then there's members of the regular military there. i'm told tamron hall can hear us. she is along the parade route. that specific camera angle just above the canadian embassy. tamron, how are you? >> reporter: hi, guys, i am doing great. we are right across the street from the trump international hotel. it's an interesting scene here. what we have -- in the last 30 minutes, several people walk out. i believe they are all -- are mostly trump employees. you see the sign they have in preparation of the new president when he does drive by here. it is believed this is possibly where he will exit the vehicle, if he is going to take one of those strolls that we've seen so many times. you have these employees out at the hotel. the hotel opened in 2016.
11:46 am
1914 it was the main post office for the city. it is also this hour the source of controversy. already one organization has filed a complaint under the lease agreement for this building, which is leased by the trump organization for $3 million a month. the president-elect or no elected official, for that matter, can own the building. so, right now this is on its way to being one of those controversies we've talked so much about, where the president and his business side have collided. on the side of me, speaking of colliding, quite a sizeable group of people who are here to protest this inauguration and this new president. they have the signs we've seen so many times, the dump trump, and chanted back and forth with some of the employees here, who largely remain silent. they have their signs. they're present will. this could be one of the more interesting scenes where donald trump could get out, he's greeted by his employees who are, by all appearance, loyal to him at this particular location. i'm guessing, brian, looking
11:47 am
about 200 people mixed into some supporters, who have signs and are ready to protest. this could be quite the moment if and when the president gets out of his vehicle. >> tamron hall across from the old post office. thank you very much. we're back inside the lunch. the cameras have been allowed to be powered up again. they finished the majority of the meal. mr. mccarthy from california is addressing the group. >> sara was a young congressman who served one term, who i believe was our finest president, abraham lincoln. [ applause ] i will go tours. when i give tours, people will go and stand on the tile. i tell them to stand in that exact spot of his desk and i tell them to look back at that clock. i tell them to recite the time.
11:48 am
i tell them to tell me what time that was. they ask me why. i said, because that's the exact same view abraham lincoln had. i wonder what his ideas and thoughts were. the challenges he had at that time were the greatest to our constitution ever in the history. our challenges today are different, but we still have big challenges. so, today we have a gift for you, mr. president. while you were being sworn in, the flag that was flown over the u.s. capitol. mr. lincoln had very inspiring words. the times were different but in his annual message to congress, i thought these words meant the most. the dogmas of a quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. the occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. as our case is new, we must act anew and think anew. we must disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country. mr. president, i wish you the
11:49 am
best of luck. [ applause ] >> mr. president, madame first lady, congratulations on the inauguration. the american people pray for your family and for the success of your administration. following up on the history theme that mr. blunt so beautifully started us on this morning and mr. schumer continued, and i follow our house republican leader, mr. mccarthy, yes, in this room, this was the original chamber. lincoln sat there. here we're gathered here today in that old house chamber where lincoln served beneath the same clock that lincoln heard ticking, but under the gaze of cleo. mr. president, right up there above that door, the news of history, cleo. for almost two centuries cleo
11:50 am
and her clock have reminded the men and women of these hallow halls that we are part of history. this our words and actions will face the judgment of history and that we are part of the long and honorable heritage of our democracy. that is, cleo's advice. we come to the sacred inauguration day united in respect for our democracy and determined to make a difference in the lives of hard-working americans. i have the privilege of presenting a flag to the vice president of the united states, mike pence. one of the house of representatives' own, right, mr. speaker? [ applause ] >> we know vice president pence is strengthened by his faith, by his family, and by foundation of experience he built here in these halls. i told him, mr. president, he knows the territory. he knows the territory. it is now my honor to present
11:51 am
one of the flags that flew above the capitol today to the vice president of the united states, my pence. we pray four, for your beloved wife, karen, for michael, charlotte and audrey, all of your family. god bless you, mr. vice president. and remembering that this flag that we pledge to every day for liberty and justice for all is our calling. i look forward to working with you. now it's my honor to present you with this flag. [ applause ] >> well, those of us that served in the house or still serve in the house think the senate is never quite as quick as the house, but maybe when it comes to photographs, we are. and my good friend, chuck schumer, is going to come and make that presentation.
11:52 am
>> well, thank you, roy. first of all, let's have a hand for roy. he did a good job, he and his staff on this inauguration. [ applause ] >> now, mr. president, earlier this year iris and i were truly blessed. we watched our older daughter, jessica, marry the boy of her dreams. we are so happy. that's when i learned, though, nothing's official until there's a photo of it. so, mr. president, now it's official. i present to you the photograph of your inauguration. [ applause ]
11:53 am
>> mr. president and mr. vice president and mrs. trump and mrs. pence, a gift that you're going to have a chance to look at more later and a lot more over the years, is something that really a tradition started, now this is the eighth inauguration where the lennox company has made a special presentation of a gift made uniquely for each of you and uniquely for this event. this year, the company proposed and the committee determined that the bowl they had in mind is something you would value for a long time. the one that the president has and the first lady has is an etching of the white house looking across -- directly across at the jefferson memorial. and the one that will -- the pences will be presented with and have at their home would be
11:54 am
the capitol looking down at the lincoln memorial. the artist who was with us the other day talked about trying to capture lefontz's design for the city and how this city came together. timothy carter was the designer. the glassmaster, peter o'rourke maybe these. they also have a compass in the bottom, and remembering, mr. president, as the vice president already knows, that the center of washington is not at white house. it's actually right here in the center of the capitol building. the city is then laid out northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast from that place. the other -- the other unique thing -- the other unique thing for the first lady and her
11:55 am
parents that would never have been such an important thing before the glass came from slovenia. [ applause ] the designer thought the best glass in the world for this particular design, which he began to work on last summer, was glass from slovenia. maybe he knew something that none of us quite knew for sure at that time. now, i'd like to have the toast to the vice president and the president. and the speaker and i both served with mike pence, so it was a challenge for me to give up this moment, but mike pence, the man of the house, speaker of the house will bring that toast. and then the majority leader will come and toast to the president. and, mr. president, if you have anything to say at the end of those remarks -- i'd also like to say so i don't forget to do
11:56 am
it. thanks so much to the staff that made all this effort happen today. [ applause ] stacy mcbride, the staff director of the rules committee and staff director for the joint committee on the inauguration, maria lomire who came on board to do this. her last event was the pope's visit. so that just got her ready, mr. president, for your visit. the great work of the capitol police, sergeant in arms of the house, the cooperative effort of the d.c. police. our goal today was for this event to be an event where people came, and when they left the event outside, they felt like they had all the freedom you could possibly have and still have all the security you needed. i hope people left feeling that way. if they did, it was the great work of so many other people. mr. speaker.
11:57 am
[ applause ] >> thank you, roy. this is a great honor and privilege, to toast my dear friend and former colleague, vice president mike pence. i just really enjoy saying that. i think about the times that we've walked back and forth just down this hall on the way to a vote, but if memory serves, more often than not, we walked that way because we were being hauled into the speaker's office for being admonished for being rabble-rousers in the study. we've had so many great memories here. i know this job makes you an officer of the senate but you, mike pence, will always be a part of the people's house. [ applause ]
11:58 am
we talk about our two bodies quite a bit. if i had to use a sports analogy, i would say we play rugby, they play golf. just saying. i'm reminded of something, though, that i think is pretty profound that makes me think of mike pence. a reminder of the word of mike's favorite author, mark halperin. as long as you have life and breath, believe. as long as you have life and breath, believe. ladies and gentlemen, there was no one that i have served with who brings more belief to his work than mike pence. no one believes more deeply in our country and her people. no one believes more deeply in our capacity to do great things. he is a happy warrior. the president could not have
11:59 am
chosen a better partner for this work than mike pence. so, mr. president, mr. vice president, we raise our glasses to you, to karen and to your beautiful family, may you have every blessing and success as the 48th vice president of the united states of america. >> well, the theme of today's inauguration is uniquely america. there are some words that come to mind when you hear that phrase. big, bold, energetic,
12:00 pm
enterprising and resilient, always looking to the next horizon, sure sounds like our country and it sure sounds like donald trump. [ applause ] our president has surmounted formidable challenges. getting to this moment. he's been underestimated often, but he never let it stop him from succeeding. we're wishing him similar success as he turns to the charge of governing. we face many challenges, but we've been challenged before and emerged stronger. we live in changing times, yes, but some things endure. and we celebrate one of them today.


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