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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  January 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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i'm greta van susteren. donald trump inaugurated at nation's 45th president. kris jan sen with usa today. chris we have breaking news coming out of the capital behind us. >> james matt sis confirmed.
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that he woulding a method rateding voice in this administration and it came hours after first acts donald trump signed waiver formatties. typically you have to be out of the government, the idea preserve idea of civilian oversight of 1.9 million active military. he new secretary. >> welcome back to washington. you get to see the parade going on. there's our new president. what do you think about the new president. >> he is president. it's a joy to be here. i have been on that stage as member of congress today i was there as a governor. it's neat. the federalism that america represents, so many governors there was bipartisan
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groupon the stage it was great to hear president trump sworn in. his message was something that was true to his convictions. true to his message, i would have like to have seen global view in terms of assurance of allies but that will come. >> we don't agree with him on everything on thap boarder tax or tariff. you don't agree on that. >> that's why the global marketplace is important. we have china investing in arkansas. i will be message for that. donald trump is simply saying with ehave make sure we grow manufacturing here and do it in the global market by competing and not by p
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protectionism. >> it's not just the boarder tariff you don't agree with him, medicaid expansion what about that. you don't want medicaid expansion pulled from you. >> that's right the congress as well the president has agreed we are not going to jerk the coverage from people that are relied upon it and need it. so we're looking for a solution to repeal the affordable care act we want to repeal it because of the individual mandate, the employer mandate with giving us control over the health care systems and that partnership is what america wants, put in worker requirements those are
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things you'll see. >> do you think it would be easy, will that help at all. >> yes it will. he great avenue for us to communicate with. but i expect president trump to -- we're looking forward too meeting with him. both congress wants view of the governor in terms of health care. we're going to give it to him. we have a lot of things to work through. but the american people need confidence that we're going to change things. we're going to move toward -- relied upon. >> you have watched a lot of these inaugurations as i have. what do you think. >> i think the govern is right.
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this is consistent with the message that one, donald trump the republican nomination and white house. did not not address do more to reach out to the people who did not vote for him. i have no doubt that the trump support -- supports -- for example acknowledge anything that barack obama did as president. >> this time to be gracious, i thought he could have said thank you for your service for eight years, i was look for a little more of that. >> i thought he would say you took over at time of financial calamity, and got us through it. he didn't do it. he didn't deliver a conservative message.
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particularly talking about trade for instance, he talked about the value of protectionism. i'm sure that's not what paul ryan wanted to here. >> what do you think, chris. >> i think somebody who spent a year and a half on the road. >> how many times hotel. >> enough. having said that there's one line for me, summarized what connected politics proper but the jobs left and closed. he has been a man who wanted to stick with what has gotten to him to the dance. you do that but, having said that i do think it is a missed opportunity to reach out to president obama who he acknowledge they had great contact, missed opportunity not to say something to hillary
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clinton in that speech. >> joins us, ej i was happy, he mentioned the inner city, i thought that democrats drive by every four years, he made at least some -- he tipped his hat to issue of the inner city and helping them. >> he did. what was striking to me, the incredibly bleak taupe of his speech. he described all the communities of being many horrific shape. he said the carnage will stop now. carnage is extraordinary word to use because he did not reach out to president obama or to others i'm
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not sure that people in the inner city felt that small moment in the speech in the same way. >> one thing he did do he made a lot of promises. he said a huge stuff with promises things he's going to deliver. i agree with that. i think that he is promises in a way that particularly to that constint ency he was talking to today. he going to have difficult time because he inherenting a good economy not all the of the growth had spread as widely as i would want or anybody would want but he taken over at a good time. he has to maintain the growth we have and direct more to the communities. it's not clear that he will. i
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think the other striking disconnect susan mentioned this, it was conservative speech but a populist speech. it seems to be in favor of the republican congress's policy which are not necessarily the policy of this speech. so i think that's another circle he is going to have to square. >> governor, he promised to free us of radical islam. >> that's what he she have said. >> how is he going to do that. >> first of all, a speech is telling america that we can address the problems together. for example -- >> i thought he further in that speech. >> he did a good job addressing things of the past. giving you
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can -- kudos for addressing issue of losing jobs and look ago blue collar workers. >> maybe it's me, i thought i heard so many promises from so many politics over the year we want to do the things, i want to know how you're going to do it. i realize this as per ration speech, but prove it. >> politicians say we're going to working to address the problem. he was flat. we're going to bring back well paying manufacturing jobs. he didn't say anything about the affordable care act. he said nothing about health care i don't believe. even though that has been one of the things he talked about, i thought that was a surprise. ending islamic
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terrorism, he made a big point of using that phrase because that's the phrase that barack obama declined to use. i think he promised to irrat kat. >> you promise that want to get rid of this terrorism how are you going to do this. that's missing element. it's such an important issue that i want a little more. mbc is covering a lot of balls tonight. >> this most formal. there are two others. the president and first lady are at tonight. there's a handful of unofficial balls as well. remember the
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deploraball. i think back to 2009, 2013 and back obama had a number of balls. you heard from donald trump team because they want to keep the number small, they want to get to work, trying to make monday official workday. the big moments the first dance between the president and the first lady a lot of folks wondering what she will wear tonight. as they wondered about michelle obama and others in the past. this place is starting to fill up. it's exciting scene. people are excited to be here. it's only am quarter full if that. greta.
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>> hallie, thank you. chris, we want to get rid of the terrorism and president trump promised that. today i thought what i really appreciated is the former first lady, hillary clinton and his opponent was there in the peaceful transfer. >> i think this sixth inauguration i have been to. you see the members of congress, but there was something i was on the east lawn when hillary clinton came in and got out of the car she waived to us the few of us there, as members of the press. ralph lauren had a good day today but he dressed melania and hillary clinton. the way they have conducted themselves in spite of the pact there's a lot of feelings about the attacks made or the birthism but the way
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hillary clinton decided to come, if your a former president you have to come. she didn't have to come. a former opponent doesn't have to come. she sat on the stage, she was gracious. >> i hate government waste. i know it was expensive. i know we have lots of planes fleet. i was happy that our most expensive plan, the 747 flew the obamas out of there. i wanted american people to do tipping of the hat. they went off on the big 747. >> you know what, when they retire they want to get on plane when they -- >> made me proud of the american people. >> he has to pay his way back. >> i understand that. we could have sent him on 757 another air force plane. >> you know what's great -- >> we didn't love biden on
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amtrak right. >> he was taking the amtrak back to delaware. i want to so lute hillary clinton, bill former governor of arkansas and the way they have been there participated in the transfer of power. it was tough today to see during the speech you look at his face and that's was tough on him, but handled it with dignity. there was nothing more than exhilarating to be there and participate in the occasion. i'm with you greta, this issome of the ceremony and circumstance that is so important to america that's why we'll have disagreement down the road, this day let's give donald trump a chance i think america wants to see him succeed. he needs to. >> it may have been toufr on
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former president in some ways it chips away at his own legacy. >> there's a reflection back, president obama understand he wons because he ran against obama legacy, he has to articulate that today. as politics, we're grown ups upper hooment we cheer on america. whether i'm kpieexcite about the challenge we face it's going to be difficult. when i look at congress and they talk about health care, the senators taking notes from the governors saying we need to get this right. there's a recognize six there's a lot of work to do that we don't have total agreement on. as governor we're going to be presenting idea to them. we have to get it right. >> you're in charge. you have republican governor, have you big test ahead of yourself.
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thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you, thank you. >> it's worth noting good for former michelle obama, it's one thing if you're candidate of the person that's getting hit, to be spouse, she would nothing but great dignity today. as the other politician. >> that's true. she was gracious to melania trump and donald trump have said they appreciate what she has done. that said when donald trump trump address was over, i thought she looked -- >> it was harsh "on the record" of her husband. >> former president had a game face on. i thought she was having more trouble not betraying -- >> didn't we see that the aftermath of donald trump's comment in the video, her speech
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was so powerful. she talked about the how comments shook her to the core. she feels this in a physical way than the president does. >> i think we're tough on first families. i think for the spouse, it's a wife listens while rest of us finds fault with the husband, it's not easy. >> one of the things first ladys have done, they have helped each other with the children. when you look at the children who have come out of the white house, it's remarkable what great kids they are. and when the president is final press conference bragged by his daughters, they are great girls. chelsea is a accomplished young lady. they have helped each other. >> i tip my hat to the media we
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leave them alone as we should. senator from wyoming joins us. >> great to have me. >> when are you going to do. >> i'm looking toward to it. working class men and women are looking -- for the last eight years feel empowered today. >> donald trump, the new president said he will put america first, whatever branding is. what do you think they are thinking tonight in france, germany, the uk, what do you think they are listening. >> they would have to deal with him and treat the american people when the government with the respect they deserve p we will be the powerful nation on
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the face of the earth again. our friends as well as the enemy will see it. we are still on the floor of the senate. we have confirmed general mattis to be secretary of defense. are currently voting on general kelly. we're talking about the cia director later this evening. >> are we going to have it tonight, are we? >> no. it would be clear, the message will be clear that mike pompeo will be cia director. >> what do you think kim jong-un is thinking tonight. >> he will think if he draws a red line, it will stick it won't be a green light. >> vladimir putin he and donald trump have a bromance or not it's been questioned. >> vladimir putin knows that donald trump believes energy is
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called master resfouource for a reason. donald trump is committed using energy -- putin has been using that to hold others hostage. donald trump knows the value of energy, america energy super pour and we're going to acting that way. >> senator, nice to see you. agenda pore the republicans you owns how, the senate, and the white house. >> now people want result. >> are they going to get them. >> i'm committing to lasting ruts not quick fixes and you're going to get it. >> i know you're infavor of repealing obamacare act. are you willing to have replacement on the spot. >> you don't want quick fix instead of lasting solution.
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>> why not wait until you have the replacement rather than do the -- if you wait on the promise we can make them nervous inch the health care system -- >> very few people have choices, choices are down. we want to make sure people have affordable insurance and care. the president focus on -- >> i got that. >> coverage not care. >> why not wait until you have a replacement before you repeal it and have everybody shaken up. >> we want to make sure we want -- it's going to work much better than what they suffered under obamacare. >> you treat patients. >> you too. >> i have problems with my thumb. they all know. you're not
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coming back. nice to see you sir. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot more ahead. stay with us.
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we are back with a package. joining us. editor and former speech writer for former george w. bush. what do you think of today? >> it's not eemotional disturbs people saw were confined to small part of the city. it is astonishing that donald trump is president of the united states. the speech was -- you talk earlier about how the peaspeech could have been more gracious,
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donald trump is never dishonest about who he is. he is not a gracious person so why should he be today. >> most of the people who would likely attend inaugural speech, 90% voted for the other person. >> everybody in d.c. turned out in 2009. >> in 2009 it was 2 million people. with population of 500,000. >> we got the county. >> it was a spectacular kind of event. people are talking about the crowd that did not surprise me much. >> i think the magnitude of it. on the statement today new president, i think as governor said, the speech was not
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designed to reassure opponents. more troubling it did not assure allies abroad. he has close relationships with some adversaries. he made nervous many of friend. there was not a word of comfort for any of them. >> donald trump, the new president was honest, he said he believes what he going to do. it's not different than what we have heard before. in some ways, i think inaugural speech is to reach out to the people who did not vote for you. am i wrong? >> no. i greet with you completely. i look back at president george w. bush first inaugural speech and the country was divided there. i was one of
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them. that was a speech of real outreach. everybody felt it. i went back and looked i surprised myself by how positively i respond to the speech. in print there was none of that today. i want to score something from david, this is substanive about america standing in the world. i think he -- they are a lot more nerving nervous now than before the speech. not only the slogan of america first but the message about foreign policy about national interest. and the united states is depend on a lot of aalliance that have kept us strong for a long time. and i think he could have used grace
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at least on the questions even if it was on honest statement of what he said steve bannon think. >> not everyone is aware of this, right now this week taken up position in poland, british and deployed in the -- we are in the middle of biggest -- end of the supply lines that run through germany. and one of the things that is really dangerous is what are the signals that he sending to the people behind the troops in germany, the people in poland and other ally place, across the line in russia who are looking saying is this phoye or real commitment. >> in the statement he going to
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irrat kat islamic -- not that he is oe bliejing to talk about it. >> discomfort europe is so much of the rest of the world is, he talk about the nato, the secretary of general at nato expressing his concerns. we have not seen that kind of disinstructive wor agawar again for people who already were against donald trump, who were uncomfortable with donald trump many decided not to watch today. yet at least based on my experience they were following social media. one sentence one line that could have been repeated to comfort people may have had a much broader impact than i think he would have even imagined so somebody who has
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mast master frankly using social media to his benefit. that's reason i was surprised he did not make outreach to the allies or to the people who voted for him. >> it was not his speech, it was move toward confirmation of general mattis. because during his confirmation hearings he said more traditional republican in american tradition when it comes too the value of the u.s. force, i think that allies who looking for something to cling to to give them hope, that's -- >> i would like to democrats have voted for mattis. >> that's not how to works. >> david is right about that. i think susan is right. democrats who aree ger to confirm that both to send the message that
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she talked about but also to get somebody in that trump inner circle to push back against some of the policy he seems to be describing in his speech. >> thank you all very much. a lot more ahead. stay with me.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. back with susan and ej. jackie spear is democrat, thiel be at women's march. you are look at president of the united states and first lady they are leaving the parade. they have to hit the balls scattered around
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town. they have to leave and their day is not over. let's go first to you congresswoman spear. >> we have a women's march. what is women's march? >> we should march and it took off. i came back yesterday if a plane that was packed with marchers pen when women coming back here. we are going to see something organic and exciting tomorrow. because women and men going to speak up about women's rights im rights. >> this is not an anti-trump this is pro women march. is it here in washington? >> let me start by saying it is a protests about the policy that president trump put out incht to that extend it would be anti-trump. >> that's right. the men and
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women coming out tomorrow in every state in the united states. for your viewers it's not too late. you can go to the w website and sign up. we're not going backwards. president trump talked about past women d not want to go back to a time when they could not make choices about their health or future. 7 and 10 clear access to abortion should be legal. so, tomorrow it look for men and women to come together to say we're standing strong. >> how many do you estimate will be here. >> they are every day over a hundred city. it's going to be major. everybody can be a part of it. it's my daughter who reached out to me who said mom, are we going to march in
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washington. so i thinker you're going to see all ages, men and women saying we're not going backwards. >> do you think you can work with donald trump, the president. >> i don't. >> you will give lhim a chance. >> i will give him a chance. >> he cannot row back roe v. wade, the family planning opportunity for women in the country, the repeal for parenthood -- >> that integrated into obamacare. >> no, the funding for the planned parenthood is for poor women about screening, cancer, std, all services provided who
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cannot access care anywhere else. >> are there other areas you can work with the president. >> i'm looking for other opportunities to work with him. we fought so hard for for centuries. >> for the life of employee i cannot understand this dispute, equal pay for equal work. >> i'm entirely infair for -- i. >> i don't know why we're talking about that. >> there's area where democrats can come together that's on infrastructure bill. that's one of the things he talked about desire to invest in bridges and road. that maybe an issue where president trump is closure to democrats in congress than he to
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republican in congress where he concerned about costs. >> so we're not building toll roads. that's not good for america either. >> when it comes to certain issues especially like row versus wade, i don't get that one, equal pay for equal work. >> i salute with the congress women. she give a straight up no. >> i think it would behoof us to get the democrats and republicans to work together. i applaud her for that. >> i agree on equal pay for equal work. i think the infrastructure issue if it's
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real bill it become complicated or propose in the campaign which does not look like a infrastructure bim but on this march, i think what is and started out as a women's march has become an omnibus march for all the people who did not support trump or oppose trump they are saying there's a view in the country than the one you heard yesterday and we want to remind the country, the people at the march are saying we're here. it will be ineffortble that that crowd would be compared to trumps. you're right, we're in a area that's not pro republican and pro-trump. that cut his crowd. it would be measure that passion may have moofd from the republican side to the
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democratic side. trump now has the authority and it would be a measure of a new kind of passion on the other side of politics. >> i want our instra structure fixed. we had the infusion of money right when president obama took office. it was supposed to be the -- >> they did not put enough money into that vote. you can argue how that was executed -- >> can you i have flat tire for that. >> across the world, in london, in asia, south america and elsewhere, this has gotten to be -- this hat gotten to be a
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big thing not because of some institutional non-profit decided to generate it. it has been one interesting thing generated from grass roots. >> we have peaceful and not so peaceful protests. >> tomorrow being to be peaceful march. >> we do not like the policy and suggested we want to make sure that we can have progress for all americans and that includes women and people of color who want to be part of the future of this country. >> and women who name we know tomorrow. >> men and women across the country showing up and keep on showing up. i think that's important. as a lawyer, the center for productive rights will hold him accountable. >> thank you nancy,
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congresswoman spear, thank you. i hope you come back. >> i will. >> historic day. we'll be back. >> i'll fight for you with every breathe in my body and i will never ever let you down. america will start winning again.
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i was honored when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton was coming today and i think it's appropriate to say i would like to you stand up, i would like you to stand up. [ applause ] >> there's nothing more i can say because i have is a lot of respect for those two people. thank you for being here. >> that was president story, he serv served george h.w. bush campaign. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you, too.
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>> everybody ceasees it any way >> great moment. >> i like most about the speech, i think this is a represented one of the reason he won. he said american wants great schools for their children, safe neighborhood for themselves. these are the right demand for the republicic. >> we finally had a president in jimmy carter said we're going to send my daughter to a public school. the obamas were unashamed about it. we are going to send our kids to the best we can send them to. isn't that ashame a lot will not get a good education. >> what are they to do. which is obama children went. that's a
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good school, what parent would not want his or her child not to have the best chance. >> if you leave in public education and you believe its working, then you ought to support it some would say. i like the fact obama send his kids to the best school he could. >> what did you think of today's speech. >> i thought today's speech was him and that's part of the charm. people don't like it. it wasn't written by somebody else. m it was written by him. they are tired of the phony, i have been watching on television, i always said amused how they say this has never happened beforement when john kennedy was elected there were many who hated kennedy. and truman gave a press conference said i'm not coming
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to the convention in los angeles they were upset about joe kennedy and the mafia and ze not like him because he was catholic. in southern paptist churches saying kennedy is the antichrist. julily was pit on because nobody liked her. there was always been -- you could call it it hatred. half of the country hates my dad, half of the country loves my country. he says it will be like that with the president. >> in listening to president trump today, he gave the specific list of things he going to accomplish. and these are the things he has been saying on the campaign trail. this is why people voted for him. i think it's a bash lash against
3:53 pm
elitist. they wanted a chance. but the things he proposing is difficult. what happen if he doesn't do them. thee ay are go to be deeply dispointed. this is a tough city. >> this is true. he businessman. his favorite preacher was norm an vincent peel. he positive. different from politician. they don't think ahead how is it going to work. we think we have to think positive. which have to make it work that's him. i cross my mind, lower the expectations that's what w would tell him. you would win if you get them low enough. >> there's a populist approach that donald trump spoke about
3:54 pm
we're not go to have as many huge inaugural balls in washington tonight. it seems in conservative -- maybe a signals it's going going to be flashy or big deal in washington. >> i think we don't need a million balls and a lot of glitter. it's i roonic because he is a guy of glitter. on doug's point about history and his speech, as doug was talking i was thinking of jfk in 1960, the first line in his address, we observe not victory of party but a freedom. jefferson coated after a bitter time when we need to know we were going to have
3:55 pm
party success in the country and jefferson said we have all republican, we are all federalist. you saw some of that spirit in the toast trump gave to hillary clinton. i would like to see that in the speech. others have done in in difficult times. >> it's true that elections are devisive. and governoring is divisive. what is unprecedent, people did not come behind him during the transition period. >> prove it. we have heard so many promises after the past decades. if he does follow through on the promise, if he improves all of these things, i think the american people are they don't want any promises any more. they want prove it. >> his failure to reach out in
3:56 pm
the last couple of months, you could do things as he did on election night. he gave consillory address but has not repeated that. george w. bush end up the with grood good approval ratings, this president is not going to have the advantage of that. there are a few moments where president are able to reach voters who did not vote for them. this is one of them. i feel like there's a missed opportunity on the part of the president. >> outside of the white house, peter. >> okay. >> we don't have him. we have a vacancy to the supreme court. when are we getting the nomination. >> two weeks. he put out a list of prospects. i think we're going to get that pretty quick.
3:57 pm
>> how important is first 100 days. >> >> i think the first 100 lours hours is going to be important. ivanka is who i'm going to be watching. eleanor had to beg her to get on the manifest. i think ivanka is going to that kind of person eventually. >> the first 100 days or in d g douse's case the first 100 hours. >> i think it's a going to be a heck of a ride with a lieutenant of tension in it. on the part of democrats not because of the identity of the person but because of the seat is open. you are going to see the republican congress start passing a lot of stuff fast. and they are counting on trump to sign it.
3:58 pm
that's going to be controversial. the budget stuff, a lot of stuff happen and a lot of fighting. >> you bring up garland, had a right to appoint someone, when you don't give a person a hearing. give them a hearing vote no. they didn't give him a hark. i don't like politics when it dose thuse that. i don't likt gaming in the system. >> you're going to hear people turn it into a verb. >> that's the problem. the republicans say democrats did it to us. so we're doing to now. >> what happened in washington is that when one group gets in power, they say the other group did it, instead of stopping sop of the behavior.
3:59 pm
>> it's gets worst. bourk got a hearing and marric garp laland not get a hearing and there's a lot of pin up anger about that. >> almost at strike of a clock. >> barack obama said i have gotten back to my twitter account. has anything happened lately. >> it's amazing the media is - it's. >> it's how we communicate with each other. >> we're going to get 140 character. any way, thank you for joining us. for viewers thank you for watching. tomorrow, saturday, 6:00 p.m. a special edition "for the record." follow me on
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twitter @great greta. "hardball" with chris matt this starts in ten seconds. president trump. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matt this. the era of donald trump commence at noon today as he took the oath of office. it was capitol hill pennsylvania avenue parade. in his first word. he delivered a strong repute to the political establishment much of which surrounded him as he spoke. let's watch. >> today's ceremony


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