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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  January 20, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we appreciate it. msnbc's live coverage continues in to the 11th hour with brian williams. that's next. at the end of this long day, this big day, you are looking live at the third of three inaugural balls tonight in washington. this one specifically designed to salute members of the military and first responders. we are expecting the first family to arrive there tonight. and when they do, we will take you there. notably, it will be the first time we have seen the president appear at a lectern with the seal of the president and judging from the crowd reaction, there has been some movement to indicate he might be arriving shortly. this is a special edition of "the 11th hour." donald trump today became our 45th president, completing the
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most unusual and unlikely rise in the history of the presidency. he's been a builder, a developer, a landlord, a reality tv star. the theme of his political rise and the theme of his speech today, make america great again. he painted a picture, though, of a diminished nation and called for a transfer of power, not so much from president to president, but from the president to the american people. we promised we would go back to the inaugural ball when he appeared. that has just happened. let's sample what happens in this room. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> well, thank you very much. what that great honor. these events are going on all over the city. we're having a lot of fun tonight. and i want to tell you, what a day it's been! our first lady has been working very, very hard. very, very hard. but i just want to thank you on behalf of melania and myself and the family and really millions and millions of people all over the world, the job you've done is absolutely incredible. absolutely incredible. because this is our military, this is our law enforcement, this is our first responders. you're amazing people. you're amazing people. and i like you for a lot of reasons. also, i like the fact that you all voted for me, right?
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you all voted for me. i just -- i just met your joint chiefs of staff. and they are incredible. and i'll tell you what, they know what to do and they know what to do and they know what to do fast. and we're going to see what happens, but we have a great country and we want to do what's appropriate. we've been pushed around by a lot of different people, lots of bad things are happening, but i think you're going to see a big improvement, really, and i just want to tell you that general mattis was just approved by the senate. [ applause ] first one. general kelly was just approved by the senate. [ applause ]
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and wouldn't it -- isn't it something? two generals are the first ones. with all the people and all the politicians, the generals get approved first. maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. maybe that's the what i -- now, we have some folks right now in afghanistan, right? and i think they hear me. there's about a six-second delay, but i think they hear me. do you guys hear me? i think, maybe? let's see how good we're doing. yeah, they hear me! they hear me! they hear me! how is it over there? how's it going? >> good. go ahead. what question do you have. don't be like these people. don't be too tough on me. go ahead. >> hi, sir.
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i'm specialist tia kneesen of first division united states army. i would just like to say congratulations to your new position. >> thank you very much. that's so nice. thank you. thank you. that's very nice. thank you. we couldn't hear too clearly, but i believe she just congratulated us, not me, us! us on this victory. and i want to thank you. >> on behalf of bagram air base -- >> bagram! >> go ahead. >> on behalf of bagram air base, we would like to congratulate you on being elected as the new president of the united states. >> thank you very much. so nice. thank you. thank you.
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>> we love you, president trump! >> thank you! >> by the way, i have to tell you, it's a ten-second delay, but i like them much better than i like the media, right? these are much finer people, nicer people. that's great. thank you. thank you very much. go ahead. >> my name is sergeant first class phillip gavel i'm with the illinois army national guard out of chicago. and congratulations on becoming the president of the united states, sir. >> thank you very much. that's really, really nice. thank you. i will tell you, i'm with you all the way. you have somebody that's going to be right alongside of you. we're going to do together. we're going to do it together. and honestly, not only the
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support you've given me, the courage that you show is incredible. and it's going to be appreciated. it's appreciated now, but it's going to be appreciated more than ever before. you're going to see. okay, thank you very much. go ahead. go ahead. take one more. i love these ten-second delays. gives you plenty of time to think about an answer. such nice questions, though. go ahead. >> good evening, mr. president. i'm gunnery sergeant robert gallup with the georgia liaison team, advising and assisting our coalition partners here in afghanistan and on behalf of all the marines here in afghanistan, we would just like to say congratulations and good luck to you with your term. >> thank you very much! really nice. thank you.
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and we're going to have some people going over and seeing you soon and, you're doing an amazing job over there. how about taking one more? go ahead. take one more. go ahead. i think he hears us, right? got it? you want to do one more? so far, i love these questions. because every one is congratulations -- i want to congratulate you. these are the nicest questions. go ahead. >> united states army, out of 25 sierra satellite communications operator maintainer. and i would like to congratulate you on your inauguration, sir. >> you are the nicest people! but they're only nice right now to me. they're probably, definitely not so nice in other ways. i want to thank you all. you are amazing people. we're with you a thousand, a
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thousand, a thousand percent. and you're doing just an incredible job, so thank you all very much. we will see you and keep fighting. we're going to win. we're going to win. we're going to win. thank you. thank you all. thank you all. [ chanting: usa ] so why can't all people be like that? six questions and six congratulations, right? so this is very special. so we've done two of these and we had big crowds. big, big -- 10,000, 12,000, and i guess there's two more than i'm supposed to go to. you know, at some point, i'm going to say -- well, first of all, did you hear the speech today?
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and actually, even the media said the crowd was massive. so, finally, you know, that was a big -- that was all the way back down to the washington monument. that was -- and that was what was supposed to be rain turned out not to be rain. it was beautiful. it was beautiful. so let me just say this. you are special people, you are great, great people. i have your back. we're going to do great things for our country. you know, i ran -- the journey started 18 months ago, and people said, we don't have a big chance. we went to number one about would you say, two weeks or three weeks into the polls, we went to number one in the primaries, and then we just stayed there and we did well and it wasn't so much me -- it was
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me, i did a good job as a messenger, but i'm just messenger, just remember that. i'm your messenger. i'm your messenger. but, it all began with the theme. and the theme is, make america great again. and i've gotten to know the people of our country so well. i've been all over. i've been all over pb and we had tremendous victories. and i will tell you, we have the greatest people on earth. and we're not only going to make america great again, we're going to make america greater than ever before. so i want to thank all of you, you're very, very special people. honey. thank you. say something. >> thank you all for your service.
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i'm honored to be our first lady. we will fight, we will win. and we will make america great again. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ if i should stay, i would only be in your way ♪
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♪ so i'll go, but i know ♪ i'll think of you every step of the way ♪ ♪ and i will always will love ♪ oh, i will always love you ♪ bittersweet memories, that is
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all that i'm taking with me ♪ ♪ so good-bye, babe, and please don't cry ♪ ♪ we both know i'm not what you, you need ♪ ♪ and i will always love you ♪ oh, i will always love you
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♪ oh, i, yeah, i will always love you ♪ ♪ oh, i ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting: usa ] >> a very large cake has been delivered to the back of the stage. remember, this is the third and final inaugural ball of the evening. this one to salute and recognize veterans and first responders. if that's the knife we're going to use, this could be worth watching. ♪
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>> well, most importantly, what i -- i'm just trying to figure out what the order is now. okay, we're all filing off stage. most importantly, what a special night for those young veterans, all highly decorated from different branches of the service, i'm quite sure it's the thrill of a lifetime, what they enjoy there had tonight on stage. nbc news correspondent hallie jackson is standing by to talk to us. and hallie, that will -- that will end the formal activities for tonight, and it's back to the white house for their first night in the white house. >> yeah, for president trump and the first lady, of course, and a rather fitting end, i think, to
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the day, brian, and to really an historic day here in washington, spending it, you know, as commander in chief, with members of the military. you saw the cake cutting that just happened, it was done with military saber. the cake cutting is an important sort of ceremony that happens on the anniversary of the founding of each military branch, and you saw each branch represent there and before that, of course, that dance. and different from what we've seen tonight. you saw the president, the first lady, the vice president, the second lady, sort of splitting off and dancing with members of the military. and the crowd here loved it. i think every single phone in the room was up taking video and taking pictures of this. and the chants of "usa" at the end seemed to take on a really special meaning given the audience here, as donald trump was looking out on stage, over the folks who have come to attend this ball. remember that more than half of them are in uniform, representing their branch of the military. everybody's kind of mingling and
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hugging and starting to trickle out now, because the president had been running late, there was a lot of anticipation as to when he would finally get here. but i think folks here would say that it was certainly worth it to see their commander in chief come up and say a few words. his speech also striking a different tone. he was very appreciative, obviously, as you heard, of the military. took a few jabs at the media, as he's been doing all night. but i don't know if you can tell from your vantage point, brian, but there are monitors that are set up around the room. earlier, we had seen this live shot from overseas. and you heard that back and forth, granted, there was a bit of a delay, as you as a tv person know about, but bagram base was there, people interacting with president donald trump. he is now off to spend, as you mentioned, his first night in the white house, significant, obviously, for him, as he will wake up tomorrow and head over to the national cathedral in washington for that prayer service, and begin what is
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expected to be a fairly low-key weekend. and i say that with qualifications. his transition team now his west wing team, has said all along that monday is going to be the real sort of start of the workweek, if you will, when he would be putting in place those executive orders, repealing others. there's a possibility that he may make a visit beyond the national cathedral tomorrow. there is talk that perhaps he would go to the cia and begin the process of mending fences with members of the intelligence community. but his incoming cia chief, mike pompeo, was not confirmed today, he was not sworn in, unlike general kelly and general mattis. so it looks like that visit may end up being delayed. that's what our sources are telling us. and speaking of general mattis, both on the campaign trail and in the transition, as we saw the president revealing his picks for the pentagon and for these other positions, he loved talking about, as he calls him, james "mad dog" mattis. and it was one of the biggest cheers of the night when he referenced the new secretary of defense and referenced general john kelly, the new head of the
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homeland security department, as well. so really, a special moment, i think, in this room. you sort of felt the energy at this final inaugural ball. i think a different one than what you saw over at the convention center, just down the road from where we are. those were supporters of donald trump's, from the very beginning. in many cases, these are members of the military, who are now sworn to protect and to serve. and they are seeing their commander and chief and first lady in person. and we also heard from melania trump here, saying she is honored to be their first lady. >> hallie, a favor from your photographer, can they zoom in and show us the lectern, the podium that the president used. and i have a subtle point to make -- >> reporter: yeah. >> it is known in the trade -- >> reporter: brian, the podium. >> it's known in the trade as the blue goose. there are a number of them used by the president and vice president. they have them regionally around the country, and that
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traditionally travels when the president's on the road. but with something new today, traditionally, they've had dual microphones on a stand. this president has asked that they use a gooseneck arm with a single microphone at the end. he is very much aware of his own vocal control, what works best for him. he likes the mike right up in tight. he likes to be close to it. and so, for the first time in recent memory, that's going to be the microphone we see atop the blue goose. this was the first time we have seen him appear behind the presidential seal at the traditional lectern. so hallie, just tuck that away in a trove of useless information. >> reporter: and let me just tell you, brian, moments -- we knew the president was coming out to speak, because you might have picked this up before you hit the anchor there.
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it was mpt. it was empty. the blue goose was there without the presidential seal. and as is tradition, moments before the president came out to speak, they came out to make sure the microphone was adjusted and put the presidential seal on the podium for donald trump. >> all those seals are handmade. they travel in a cloth envelope and are cared for and hallie jackson, thank you so much, as we look at members of the armed services dancing with the president, the first lady, the pence family, the extended members of the trump family. let's turn to our panel tonight. eugene robinson remains with us after this long day. pulitzer prize winning columnist for "the washington post." also an msnbc political analyst. steve schmidt remains with us, also an msnbc political analyst. april ryan, white house correspondent and washington bureau chief for american urban
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radio networks, who was featured at the president's going-away news conference a few days back. and sarah isgor flores, welcome to you all. let's stay in the room, because, that was a wonderful feeling tonight. knowing what we do about decorations on the chest of young veterans, the soldier the first lady danced with, the sailor the president danced with, a thrill for these young veterans. >> it's absolutely a thrill for them. and i'm sure everyone in the service could not help but be heartened by the fact that the president had this ball with members of the armed services and was so full of praise and respect and admiration for those in the service.
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i think, you know, naturally, with any change of administration, they would be wondering, what are we going to be called on to do now? you know, the u.s. armed forces have been stretched and strained by the wars in afghanistan and iraq, in multiple deployments, there are continuing problems, as we know, with the veterans administration and veterans affairs. a lot of issues there on the table. and i think it is fortunate that the one cabinet nomination that there seems to be a lot of bipartisan agreement on is general mattis as secretary of defense and, you know, he's been confirmed. and he's now the secretary of defense. >> something like 98-1, was the vote this afternoon. >> and, so, you know, i think it's -- that was -- that was touching. and it's not necessarily what we
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will remember long-term from this day, but it was a nice moment. >> steve schmidt, you are fond of talking about our inheritance as americans, in terms of our democracy. the president, effective today, inherits all of them. >> he does. i think he's acutely aware that what fueled his candidacy and elected him president, foundationally was a collapse of trust in every institution in this country you could think to name, but there's one exception. and that's the united states military, which has risen in esteem in the eyes of the american people over the last 15 years. >> april, this was a grace note, if i'm allowed to say that, to end a day that was complicated. >> very complicated. yeah, it was a grace note. when you have men and women who could possibly be in harm's way at any time, it's good to know
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from their standpoint and hearing them talk about how other presidents have reached out to them, they want to feel that connection. and there was definitely a connection tonight in that room between the new president, president donald j. trump and his first lady, first lady melania trump, with the troops. it means something. it resounds. at least they feel, he's connecting. he may feel them. it's a start. it's a start. >> sarah, what do you make of day one? >> well, i just thought, politically, the whole day really was a reflection of his message, that he was the messenger. that he was the vehicle for so many of his supporters and so many americans' thoughts on what washington should be, which is reverting power back to people. it's why the lack of celebrities at the ball, i thought was wonderful, that we instead saw these extraordinary talented americans and were introduced to them. the piano guys, in particular, gosh, pelican 212, those twin
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boys with the trumpets were so much. and when you get to the military ball, to break off and literally bring people on to that stage with them who are so brave and so important to our country. i thought it was a successful day and i thought it really reflected his message that he was the messenger and the vehicle for this. >> we're asking everyone to stick here with us. we have to take our first break, having joined this live event in progress. we'll be back with more of our live coverage, a special edition of "the 11th hour" this inauguration night.
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the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. everyone is listening to you now. you came by the tens of millions to become part of an historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. >> after taking the oath of office, president trump followed tradition, and giving his inaugural address, but breaking from tradition, the president's speech sounded more like a campaign speech to his supporters, at times, than an address to the nation at large. it was, at times, fiercely nationalistic and loaded with populist language.
11:36 pm
the new commander in chief also painted a rather dark picture of the current state of our nation, while promising big changes. >> mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. an education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. and the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now.
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from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit american workers and american families. we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies, and destroying our jobs. >> members of our panel remain with us here tonight. eugene, steve, april, and sarah. steve, i watched you on an earlier broadcast tonight, and something about this speech made you reference the 80 million people who lost their lives in world war ii. and what's been the world order since then for good reason. >> yeah, a year before donald
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trump was born, this great global catastrophe ended, which killed 80 million people. and what emerged the from that was a world order with america at the center, defenders of a liberal order. the cold steel agreements in 1954 between france and germany that became the european union. the north atlantic treaty organization, the most successful military alliance. what we've done over these last 72 years is keep the peace. and we kept the peace from the dawn of the nuclear age forward. and the president seems utterly indifferent to the fate of the european union, which has been a stabilizing institution on the european continent, after a long history of war through this season of relative peace. and he seems utterly indifferent gsz to the nato military alliance. and interestingly enough, when you think of the russian president, vladimir putin, his strategic objectives to
11:39 pm
reestablish the russian here abroad, he has two subsidiary goals. one is to break nato and two is to unravel the european union. so this consensus that we've had with democratic and republican administrations, donald trump sent a very strong signal today, that that era is over. and we look at the rise of right-wing nationalist politicians, whether it's farage in the uk, poland, hungary, this is spreading across the european union. and it's an unraveling of that, of that order that emerged from world war ii, at the exact moment when the people who fought in that war, the people who survived the death camps, are passing from this lifetime. and we forget, i think, at our peril, the importance of these institutions and the reason that
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they came in to being in the first place. >> but nothing could give that process a bigger shove than the president of the united states. you know, the biggest, most important military power and economic power in the world, the president of the united states, essentially, saying, that's all in the past, now it's just america first. i mean, that is -- you know, it's bigger than what happened in britain. >> jarring to hear about the rights of nations to act in their self-interest from an american president. american presidents, republicans and democrats, have always spoken of our foreign policy through a values prism, about american values. on a higher plain than self-interest. >> not american carnage. >> and it's just not true that the united states has been hurt rather than greatly benefited by this world order. billions of people on the earth have been lifted from extreme poverty. and we have, we have grown
11:41 pm
economically and have benefited from this. >> but this wasn't about values, this was about america first. this was about us. and what do we get out of any deal. it was not a republican speech at all. it was not a democratic speech. it was a populist, nationalist protectionist, isolationist speech. >> i want to bring april and sarah into this. april, from your perspective, what did we witness today? >> we witnessed someone who basically took his campaign speech to another level. he was defiant against the establishment. and he basically stuck his thumb in the eye of former president barack obama and former president george w. bush and all the other former presidents sitting there. when you talk about urban
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poverty, the devil is in the details with that. and when you talked about the issue of drugs, once again, the devil is in the detail. there's a big back and forth about that with the racial disparity and sentencing for crack versus powder. i would like to see how that plays out and what he thinks. currently, the ratio is 18-1. and they've been trying for years to get it 1-1. and when he talked about law and order, the devil is definitely in the details there. we need to find out what he's really trying to do, because there is concern, a huge concern about racial profiling coming back, something that is said just not to work. so there is anxiety from much of america about his speech. >> sarah, before you answer, just a point of personal privilege for members of our audience watching. you first visited our studios this campaign season, identified with ted cruz. so, like so many republicans, you've kind of been through the looking glass, now employed as part of the trump effort.
11:43 pm
with that in mind, what did we just witness today? >> well, i think it's interesting, what everyone has said, that the speech was, you know, post-partisan at some points. and what april said about lacking details. but i would point to the cabinet, actually, as filling in some of those details. april talks about the crack and cocaine disparity. you know who lowered it from 100-1 to 18-1, that was jeff sessions, a senator, look with jeff durbin -- >> no, jeff sessions did not want to go to 1-1. >> but he lowered it from 100-1 to 18-1. >> it's supposed to be 1-1. why can't there be equity? crack versus powder? 18-1 is a step, but 1-1 is what it should be. >> april, my point is that you have as an attorney general someone who led the effort to lower that disparity. you want to look at details -- >> he would not make it 1-1. >> look to general mattis -- >> it's still a disparity. >> look to general kelly and rick perry. these were all leaders within
11:44 pm
the conservative movement who i think have long records in this country and will have bipartisan support in their confirmation hearings as pel. one part of the speech i loved was an echo back to what reagan said, which is that if you love your country, you love your countrymen as well. and donald trump had a version of that in his speech. that's something everyone should take away from this, including the protesters tonight and those going to the march tomorrow. if you love your country, you love your countrymen, as well. >> i'm so glad you mentioned that march tomorrow, because by way of thanking the members of our panel, some of whom have been hanging around all day long and listening to our coverage, our next segment has to do with the next large crowd to descend on washington and cities to the east -- no, to the north, south, and wst. i suppose any further to the east, you'd be in real trouble. our special edition of "the 11th hour" continues right after this.
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we respect the presidency, but at the same time, we want to make sure that he hears that there are voices in opposition and just make our voices heard and make sure that our rights aren't taken away from us. >> we have to stand up and do our best to keep hope alive in these very dark times. >> after being degraded on tv so often, i think it's time women stood for themselves and let people know, we count. >> some folks here in new york today. heading from new york to d.c. tomorrow for the women's march on washington, that's the official title. we'll get into some of the particulars in just a moment. hundreds of thousands of women are expected for tomorrow's peaceful protest in the district of columbia. but it's importantly not the only city where we will see crowds, from miami, florida, to madison, wisconsin, all the way west to los angeles, which brings us to our next guest, california member of congress,
11:49 pm
judy chu, who will speak at the women's march in l.a. tomorrow. she also chose to skip today's inauguration for president trump. congresswoman, thank you very much. tell us what motivated tomorrow's event. you're obviously one of the keynoters on the far west coast version of tomorrow's event. and while it's called a march for women, i know it's very important to organizers to point out, it is hardly limited to women. >> yes, in fact, there are 673 marches like this in states around the nation. and so far, 2.2 million women and others have signed up to be in this march. so this is quite massive. and it's an expression of concern and outrage. women are saying that they want to make sure that they have their rights upheld. that they will be able to have the affordable care act and
11:50 pm
health care that they will be able to still go to planned parenthood for their needs and that they will continue to have their civil rights met. so this is a major effort. >> through what we anticipate to be sizable news coverage tomorrow, and there's a whole lot of anecdotal evidence that the washington march is going to be quite large, you open through press coverage to just come out in great numbers, to kind of put the new administration on notice? >> that's right. we want to send a clear message that people all across this country want to have a country that is there for them. they want to ensure that this stands for all people, whether they are women, disabled, immigrants, muslims, people of all colors should have their needs met and we are very concerned about the impending --
11:51 pm
the overturning of the affordable care act. this will affect so many people across the country, at such a fundamental level. there are fears and anxieties about losing their basic health care is something that concerns people all across the board. >> is there anything the new president or a member of his family could do or say if he showed up at one of these events, if he issued a video tomorrow, is there anything he could do or say that would satisfy the founders of the movement toward the theme of tomorrow's protest? >> i would like to see him just express some element of unity. i was so disappointed today in his speech, which i saw as a campaign speech. i saw that he was just appealing to his own crowd. i did not see that he was trying to go beyond that crowd in the message that he was giving.
11:52 pm
and yet, there was the opportunity to talk to all of america and to say that we could come together on a our common needs and concerns and that we were committed to addressing those needs for everybody. >> i have to ask you a question. i started the day asking senator booker, the democrats have really taken it on the chin, in this election. you obviously lost white house, both houses of congress, and while i loathe the word "branch" when it comes to politics, what's going to be your brand as a party? how are you going to regroup, other than being against all things trump? >> well, we stand for the things that people need. we stand for health care for all and health care that is affordable. we stand for voting rights for everybody. we have actually stood for jobs in the economy for a very long time. and we've had an initiative,
11:53 pm
make it in america, that we've been pushing for actually all the years that i've been in congress. we want to make sure, though, that that message actually gets heard by the people in all the states across this country. >> congresswoman judy chuy, democrat from california, one of the speakers tomorrow in l.a., thank you very much for joining us on our broadcast tonight. the president's back at the white house and we are back to taking a break. our broadcast continues right after this.
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for americans not familiar with the massive trappings of office and the incredible security detail that comes with being president these days, it was all on full display today during that inaugural parade. this was donald trump's first day enveloped in the security infrastructure of the presidency. and tonight we have a report on all that it takes to protect our president from nbc's cynthia mcfadden. >> reporter: nbc news has reviewed budget and planning documents, some of them top secret. the crown jewels in presidential protection. designed to ensure president trump survives any threat, from biological weapons to incoming missiles. >> it's logistics on top of logistics. it's thinking about every
11:58 pm
problem in advance and coming up with every type of contingency plan you can think of. >> reporter: what's never been fully reported before are the details about what happens whenever the president can leave washington. it can take a minimum of seven planes, many may make numerous trips before the president even reaches his destination. air force one, code name comet goes, and to backups. loaded on four giant c-17 cargo planes, the presidential limo called the beast. and two backups. sealed to protect from chemical or biological weapons. 22 armored suvs and vans are lifted to transport secret service and white house staff. five helicopters, including marine one, are also packed. everything down to the white house podium goes, even if it's just to new york. >> since 9/11, we've seen such a substantial change in the numbers of threats and the sophistication of those threats that dod has increased its
11:59 pm
participation. >> these days, the military is heavily involved. for example, a senior intelligence official tells nbc news when president trump is in new york city, reconnaissance drones and fighter planes will patrol the skies, able to shoot down hostile aircraft, if necessary. a team of delta commandos and fbi hostage rescue agents are also deployed. and of course, a military aide with the nuclear football is always along. communications are key. the president needs to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere, including vladimir putin and 18 other world leaders to whom he has a direct line. none of this is cheap, with a price tag of approximately $5 billion a year. and government officials tell nbc news if president trump decides to spend his weekends here in new york city, the cost and the risk will rise significantly. >> our thanks to cynthia
12:00 am
mcfadden. end of a long day, first day of a new presidency. tomorrow, the first big protest. there'll be coverage all day. good night from us from new york. blp . >> we have inauguration balls getting under way as protests continue in the streets. we'll be checking in on that throughout the hour and bringing you live events as they occur. we start with a historic event in the life of this nation. inauguration of donald j. trump as the president of the united states. an inauguration day that looked different than obama.


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