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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  January 21, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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. i'm greta van susteren with more of our continuing coverage of the massive rallies here in washington, across the nation, and even around the world. the trump white house press secretary blasting the media. sean spicer making an extraordinary statement. >> photographs of the inaugural proceedings were framed in a way in one tweet to minimize the norms support that gathered on the national mall. this was the first time in our nation's history that floor coverings have been used to protect the grass in the mall.
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that that had the effect of highlighting areas where people weren't standing, while in in the past the grass was visible. the national park service which controls the national mall doesn't put any numbers out. by the way, this applies to any attempts to try to count the number of protests today in the same fashion. these attempts to lesson the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> we'll play more of his blistering statement later. president trump himself was also talking about it in his visit to the cia just hours earlier. >> look, honestly it looked like a million and a half people. whatever it was, it was. it went all the way back to the washington monument. by mistake i get this network. it shows an empty field. and it said we drew 250,000 people. now, that's not bad. but it's a lie.
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the rest of the, you know, 20 block area back to the washington monument was packed. so we caught them and we caught them in a beauty. >> believe it or not, crowd size has become a political issue so we no longer get estimates from the national park service. >> it is wide in age, it is deep in diversity, and remember, the constitution does not begin with i, the president, it begins with we, the people. >> donald trump's first day in office started with an interfaith prayer service at the national cathedral before he went across the potomac. dan yell is live in seattle. tell me about the rally in your city. >> hi, greta. you actually just missed us watching the tail end of this rally marching through what's
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the heart of downtown seattle west lake center. we're talking about 130,000 people. that's almost more than double what the initial estimates were for the rally of this size. there was a moment where we were watching the airials and you could see a sea of people three miles long, just wall-to-wall walking through downtown seattle. we're talking about people of all ages, all backgrounds, an entire clipper full of people. that's a ferry of people that that goes from victoria from seattle. people wanted to come from canada to make their voices heard. there are protesters against the president, but there are other issues that people are sharing their voices about. people are celebrating the things they agree on. they're coming together, celebrating unity, and it's been a positive gathering compared to marches past. it's been amazing to see the
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number of people who have come out, many of them first time protests. that's been the scene in seattle as people now for about four hours have been marching making their way to the seattle center where they will have the final rally. >> nice to see you. >> great to be with you. >> okay. first of all, the breaking news just happened a second ago. what is your thought about the fact that sean spicer, the press secretary for the president has come out and we have a new scandal in washington called numbersgate. >> the reality is a habit of catching up with you. there are photos that show the difference between the obama inauguration and certainly the trump administration. but we also know today -- i have
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never seen anything like this, greta. i have been an organizer my whole adult life, and i've never seen this many people taking things into their own hands. >> i don't know why president trump punches down on this because he won the election. i saw all the numbers, thousands and thousands of people in all the cities across the united states and the even foreign cities, yet if i were secretary clinton watching that, i would say, where were you before election day. >> she may be saying that. chicago, where we did vote for hillary clinton had about 250,000 people today. it's incredible. what women and men were saying today is that women won't back down. i'm wearing my button. >> you've got your hat. >> i brought my hat. >> looks like you knit it.
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>> someone knitted it though. >> is that made in america. >> these are home-grown kniters. >> illinois? made in illinois? >> a lot of the hats are home-grown. women are saying we trurl will not go back. >> what goes back? take equal pay. i'm a big supporter of equal pay for equal work. the first thing he did when he went into office is he signed -- the reason women don't some of which is because they don't have the good jobs. >> i want to tell you about donald trump's first day. he took off the white house website the women's page. also the lgbtq page, the
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environmental references. >> did they say why they did that? >> no, there hasn't been an opportunity for him to be asked, and spicer was only talking about numbers tonight. it's really a problem. we don't have to wait to see what this man is going to be do. he's already started on his first day to and undo the affordable care act which helps women so much in so many different ways. i saw a sign today, now he's missed off grandma. >> was this a protest or was this a march? was this against president trump or was this for women's rights? >> i think it was a warning that women are watching, that women are not going to be silent, at a we're going to be organizing. >> see, that's another thing i can't understand. women in general, when you look at the demographics, african-american women went
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overwhelmingly for president trump. >> women of color didn't go for donald trump. >> hillary clinton, i'm sorry. women who take the aggregate, donald trump got the women's vote. >> numbers are dropping rapidly. they are going to continue in that direction. there's going to be a great disappointment early on. people are turning out at republican town hall meetings saying are you serious in you're going to take my health care away? no. >> it's clear that the enthusiasm -- i've never seen such protests. it's widespread around the united states and around the world. >> i think we're going to see in 2018 a change. we're ready for it. and i think we're going to see in 2020, we'll see. i've never seen an administration in my lifetime start with scandal. it has already begun. >> you think the number is a scandal? i don't know what to make of it?
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frankly, i don't know what to make of it. i think as everyone sort of fights about this and gets in the mud about the numbers, i'm thinking about the affordable care act, whether it's going to be replaced. we're all fighting tonight about numbers. >> because it's all about egofor donald trump, and that's a barometer to him of how many people really like i am him and how many will come out for him. and getting beyond egois going to be hard with this president. i am frightened. what does it mean for the media when he called you a bunch of liars and says we're going to go right around you. >> i don't think he feels sorry for us. >> people are saying facts are facts, we want you to tell us the facts.
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we want to know when the truth is not being spoken, when lies are being made, we want to you tell us that. >> i'm dragging myself through the mud of the numbers, but what if it turns out he's right about the numbers? that it still been grossly understayed by the media? >> doelgts there were more people in the street, and i live near the capitol. >> i saw that. forget the number of women. the crowds were huge here today, the rallies, men and women. let's say that the media did underestimate his crowd yesterday and it turns out he's right? >> i doubt it very much. i think what he is doing is doubting reality, making up his own facts. the truth doesn't matter. what i say is the fact. and by denegrating all of the
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reporters, he's creating an undermining confidence in the media. >> we're looking at live pictures of california. i don't see marchers. there were marchers during the day. that's a better picture. all these cities, atlanta, chicago, new york, london. >> worldwide. >> it's actually quite extraordinary. if i were secretary hillary clinton, i'd be pretty annoyed tonight to see this. this is predominantly her vote, do you agree? >> i agree. more and more are going to have buyers remorse. >> they didn't think -- i don't think anyone thought he was going to win. >> i think he was shocked. >> i'm not shocked.
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tell you why. i grew up in wisconsin. everyone sort of sees this through his or her own eyes. but i think if people called up -- everyone was shocked it went to trump. if people called up a pollster i'm going to voting for donald trump, but they go to the polling station say i'm pretty fed up with things and do this hail mary pass. >> i think there's there was a relying on polling. the republicans were saying no, no, and no. the president would if he could
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with executive orders, but we have a congress -- this was a very difficult environment. >> can you work with donald trump. >> if he says we're going to fix every road and bridge, i'm there. if he says i'm not going to do anything to hurt medicare, i'm there. so we will take a look, but we will scrutinize every proposal. >> it's trust by verify. >> absolutely. >> nice to see you. hope you come back. >> i will. rosy gray politics wire for the atlantic. white house contour from politico. kathleen, first to you. first let's talk about numbersgate, crowdgate, whatever you want to call this that broke
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20 minutes ago. >> this is not about numbers at all. it is about the media. this is just a venue, another venue for him to diminish the media. as the congresswoman said, it's to undermine the credibility so people no longer pay attention to legitimate media sources. this means he controls all the information. this what people so fear in him are these authoritarian tendencies. every chance to put the media down, he will take advantage of this. >> suppose he accomplishes the things he set out to do. let's see he den grades the media, make us look like demonstrated liars, but he performs and achieves those things they went into the voting poll and that's why they elected
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him. then what? >> the media reports on that. >> he wins. >> okay. so what? he wins. give credit where it's due. what if it turns out it was right that the numbers were underestimate? here's the difference between media and the propaganda. they have to correct the record. >> we rarely admit we've wrong. >> that's not true. i'm with the "washington post" and we admit we're wrong. >> i don't think people even realize they're wrong in the media. >> i get told all the time. >> sean spicer was talking about the false report that the martin luther king jr. bust was removed. the reporter tweeted and e-mailed everyone that he was
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wrong. sean spicer retweeted his apologize and said apology accepted. i think that's something most of us are accustomed to doing. we see the crowds with our own eyes. and they come into the briefing room and yell at us and say that was the biggest inauguration crowd ever, that's what you should be covering. that's what you should be covering. >> can i tip my hat that corrected it? anyway, maybe i'm looking at at it through my eyes. rosy, your turn. >> this is what the new administration is focusing on on day two, yelling at the press about crowd size numbers? >> they were doing it yesterday too. >> i don't even know what to say about it.
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donald trump stood in front of the wall of honor and complained about the media's coverage. >> and the cia audience laughed. i was watching it as president trump was speaking, and he made the crack about the media were dishonest. >> if he says did you like my speech, which he did because he's insecure, they all applauded. >> the trump administration is skplefr heterosexuality this whole thing close to 6:00 to draw attention to the rally today because they think we'd take the bait, insulted the media. sean spicer on a saturday afternoon and we'd be talking more about this than the rallies across the world. >> i don't buy this theory that
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donald trump is constantly using a story to distract from another story. i think they just have a scatter shot approach to what they focus on that's totally dependent on what donald trump feels in a given moment. i think that's exactly what's happening right now. >> stephanie gosk is in washington. stephanie? >> hey. what was hundreds of thousands dwindled to a few hundred. you can call these people the die hards of a long day here, in a day that surprised many who came here, including officials in this city. the organizers recall say there
3:19 pm
was 100,000. the march ended up making it here where it was supposed to arrive and that is where it end today. >> thank you. eli, is this the beginning of a movement? there's been some comparison with the creation of the tea party. is that what today is or is this going to be something we'll talk about for a few days and gone? >> this is a critical mass of people we saw today, you can visualize that. donald trump creates that mass with his twitter feed. this clearly real uprising how it manifests turnover next few years remains to be seen. there have to be other ways to
3:20 pm
manifest itself because he has a bully pulpit. the crowds were bigger today in part because of the speech he gave yesterday. it just got bigger because the speech he gave and spoke to such a small s.w.a.t. of the country. there's not uplifting about that speech. i think that brought people out. at some point he has to broaden the vision, and i think the division works for him maybe politically. >> i think it's building for a good while. i think this event, not the event itself, brought women together in ways that feminist organizations haven't been able to pull off. >> but then why did hillary clinton lose the women vote by 10% almost from donald trump? that doesn't make any sense to me. he beats hillary clinton by 10% and she draws out -- >> there's a lot of factors with
3:21 pm
hillary clinton's loss. here's the other thing about women's movements. they're more sustainable. i covered the father movement. they can never gain much momentum because men just don't have the attention span. >> uh-oh. you're about to get the e-mail. >> i didn't say that, kathleen parker said that about men. >> they get busy with other things and they just say -- they just get remarried and have more kids. >> this is getting worse. >> it's fine. they know me. >> kathleen parker, "washington post." >> women will stick to get. they like this stuff.
3:22 pm
they're very slacollaboratetive >> i think there's no question this is the makings of a political movement. it remain to be seen if they can electorally keep it. >> who knows. >> who knows where president trump is going to go with this. still ahead, more on these historic rales and antarctica. stay with us. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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i am with you a thousand percent. and the reason you're my first stop is as you know i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. [ cheers and applause ] and they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the
3:26 pm
intelligence community. and i just want to let you know, the reason you're the number one stop is exactly the opposite. >> president trump telling the cia employees he is so behind them. this of course on the heels of a war of words with now former cia director brennan. head of the national republican senatetorial committee. democratic congresswoman i asked about the spat with the crowds that broke before 6:00. >> we're talking about crowd size, the american people, the news, the talk show panels are all talking about crowd size in 2016, 2017, 2009. >> are we nuts to be talking about that? >> what we ought to be talking about are issues that are important to this country. >> he brought it up. they turned this one up. >> there's a huge rallies across the country today.
3:27 pm
people talking about health care, people talking about rights that matter to them. and yet the conversation of course on the news is crowd size. regardless of what side of the ale you're on, the american people are most interested in talking about issue whether they agree or disagree than he would rather talk about the 2009 crowd size vs. yesterday's size if you were on the metro 7:00, 8:00 last night, you saw a 70-year-old man with a red make america great again hat on. you saw a tuck see do and a woman in a ball gown getting ready to go to a fancy ball. and then you say the protesters getting ready for the rally today. only in america can that kind of stuff happen. >> i'm a big proponent for
3:28 pm
peaceful demonstrations. is there a new movement do you think today relates a movement? >> i heard the previous panel comparing it to the tea party movement. is the head of the movement hillary clinton or hillary clinton's protege or is it bernie sanders or his protege? does the bernie sanders wing or the elizabeth warren wing take over. i think it's a soul search that will create significant problems for the coalition the democrats have. >> i don't think there's a head of the democratic party right now. i presume most of these peaceful marchers are mostly democrats. and i think they're freelancing. they're looking for a leader. >> that can create significant
3:29 pm
problems when it comes to trying to get people elected because if they don't like chuck schumer, he is the leader of the democratic party. >> is he? >> absolutely he is. he's higher than nancy pelosi is. mitch mcconnell was arguably the highest ranking leader -- paul ryan, excuse me. and so i think that chuck shaurm has effectively become the highest democratic official in the country. >> we had the "access hollywood" tapes and you seemed to back off that support. you wanted to step aside then in favor of mike pence. >> i voted for mike pence. >> what if you were voting today? >> we're not voting today, but we had the swearing in of a new president yesterday. if we go back to the november 9th morning the day after the
3:30 pm
election where donald trump gave his speech talking about the victory. he talked about bringing the country together and working for the forgotten men and women of this country. in this country that's something everybody agrees with i hope they will give us a chance to address the problem. >> one of the biggest problems in this city is when the republicans, they blocked the democrats and democrats blocked the republicans. then they say the other guy did it. they can't seem to get out of the cycle. >> if you look at the last two years, there were a lot of great bipartisan accomplishments. we passed the first bipartisan transportation bill. it was under republican leadership. we passed the first bipartisan
3:31 pm
reform of education in probably a decade. it took working on both sides of the aisle to do that. we passed a great reform of fda, making it easier to get life saving drugs to the market. >> we couldn't give a hearing to a supreme court nominee. >> it's what chuck schumer said back when george w. bush was president, what joe biden had said. >> i hope you can, but there's a lot of blame to go around. anyway, senator, thank you fortune joining us. you're watching our breaking news coverage of rallies around the world even as far as antarctica, as they continue in los angeles and new york city. tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh, whatever you're making. cheesy chipotle pork quesadillas? mmmm... ravioli lasagna bake?
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we're back with that breaking news rallies all over the world today in london nearly
3:35 pm
100,000 people came out today. in berlin a clear message. we know that walls don't work. in paris, 10,000 hit the streets and even went as far as antarctica. meanwhile back here another home hundreds of thousands in los angeles. katie beck is out west in los angeles. katie? >> it's hard to imagine, but this morning in per shing swear there were tens of thousands flooding this area. it's now thing out. the roadways are being open to traffic. people are coming and going. today it was absolute gridlock. the lapd saying the numbers today were well over 100,000 people. staggering amounts of crowds that stayed throughout the day and still in this downtown area. making their voices heard. no arrests according to the l.a. police department.
3:36 pm
annette shared an amazing story about this morning as you were watching these protests and how you became inspired. >> i was at home and i live in downtown l.a. so i've seen the black lives matter. i've seen the immigration issues, the women's issues. and i was brought to tears today because i was born here. in kindergarten i was alive when dr. king was assassinated. i've never seen anything like this in my life. and all i can tell to anybody that's sitting and watching, if you can't walk, then you should write. write your congressman. write your government and let them know that we are not going to be silent. we're going to be heard. if you can't do that, play. play for our country. make sure the people that are out here remain safe and at peace. most of all, we want to be an example to the world. we want the world to know that you have a voice, a peaceful protest is the best protest. >> you were saying to me that you believe you want this new
3:37 pm
administration to have a chance to lead. you want to give them that chance? >> i do. i believe everyone has a chance. the process is completed. we have a new president. i did not vote for president trump, but he is in office. he needs to know that he works for the people. he lives in a house that is owned by the people. and we have a voice. the administration needs to hear our voice. we are here today marching in the cold because we believe today we are serving notice on this administration. we will not be silent. we will talk. we will talk and we don't have to yell and scream and be anger and fight. but we will be heard. we will not be signed. >> we appreciate you sharing your voice with us. thank you so much. at this hour still many demonstrators. police estimating more than 100,000 today. still to come, we are tracking the breaking news. president trump's first full day
3:38 pm
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and together we are going to win. >> that of course was stephanie of emily's list. louis guts of illinois also. what was the purpose of today's rally? was it about equal pay? women's rights or was it anti-trump? what was it? >> it is about an energy that has been bubbling among women across the country. i would argue since before the election, but clearly exploded the night of the election. this was a grassroots movement. >> is it the tea party equivalent and the other side of the aisle or not? >> i will say where they are similar is the organization on the ground. see, this wasn't just done top down. this was women in small towns, in their neighbors putting together buses to come to washington today, but putting together rallies in small towns across the the country.
3:43 pm
it's extraordinary. >> congressman, for the life of me, i saw the presence in washington today, all over the united states and other nations. i think to myself where were they for former secretary of state hillary clinton? where was the grassroots movement before? you have a huge passion element now, but where was it? >> let me say this. things have changed, greta. i was talking to my wife and i said i don't feel like i can go and stand next to donald trump when he gets sworn in. she said, well, we're going to washington, d.c. but we're going to go to the women's march. she saw it on the internet. i'm here as her guest even though i've been a congressman for 24 years. i think a lot of men understand that. so when you ask what is it about? it's about women leading in america. it's about the threat.
3:44 pm
i look at a very personal level. when i was born in america in 1953, separate but equal was the law of the land. when people say let's make america great again, you know what i hear? a moment in which gaze stay in the closet, women in the kitchen and immigrants outside. >> stephanie, maybe it's the lawyer in me. i obviously support women. but some of these is like, what about the men? do the men, should they have a march? the thing that struck me here is the equal pay thing really rubs me the wrong way. yet you have the led better law the president, president obama signed in 2009. and then last year it was reported the white house hasn't paid women equal pay. and their defense is, well, the reason women aren't getting equal pay is they don't have the good jobs, which is even worse
3:45 pm
to me. in eight years, congressman guts's team has had a chance to do a lot of stuff. and? >> and we've moved in the right direction. but we lost congress and the republicans made sure no other movement was made on equal pay. i do want to make one correction though. and that's with regard to women and hillary clinton. you mentioned earlier that she lost women. she actually didn't lose women. she won women by 13 points. she lost white women. you've got to include all the women. >> fair enough. if that is my mistake, fair enough. >> thank you. >> fair enough. >> but i also say there is a pent up anxiety during that election. this is a result of a lot of women across the country who felt that they were going to see hillary as president, expected to just as as we did, and it
3:46 pm
didn't happen, and they went, wait a second. i know that woman who is super qualified who didn't get the job because someone unqualified went around her. we're encouraging on emily's list for everyone to get up and take charge of our government. >> you're right we need to lead by example. there is no man on capitol hill that earns more than she. >> i'll check that out. anyway, thank you both. the white house press secretary made time today to hammer the media. more of that statement after the break. coming up on "look! famous people!"
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in the last hour, white house press secretary sean spicer gave an extraordinary statement on the media's coverage of the trump administration's first 24 hours. >> yesterday at a time when our nation and the world was
3:50 pm
watching the peaceful transition of power, and as the president said, the transition and the balance of power from washington to the citizens of the united states, some members in the media were engaged in deliberately false reporting. for all the talk about the proper use of twitter, two instances stand out. one was a particularly egregious example where a reporter tweeted that the bust of martin luther king jr. has been removed from the oval office. the reported tweet out try to claim that a secret service must have just been standing in front of it. this was irresponsible and reckless. secondly, photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intelligence framed in a way in one tweet to minimize the support that had gathered on the
3:51 pm
national mall. the grass covering had effect of highlighting where people weren't standing. this was also the first time that fencing and magnetometers went as far back on the wall which prevented people from accessing the mall as quickly as they had in inaugurations past. no one had numbers because the national park service which controls the national mall does not put numbers out. this applies to any attempts to try to count the number of protests today in the sam fashion. lets go through the facts. we know from the platform where the president was sworn in to 4th street holds 250,000 people. from 4th street to the media tent is another 220,000. from the media tent to the washington monument, another 250,000 people. all of this space was full with the president took the oath of
3:52 pm
office. we know that 420,000 people used the d.c. metro public transit yesterday. this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe, even "the new york times" printed a photograph showing a misrepresentation of the crowd in the original tweet and the paper which showed the support of the crowd that existed. these are shameful and wrong. >> nbc kelly o'donnell was the at that briefing. >> that had the quality of being an opening argument in a court case to play to your strength as a lawyer. every fact asserted by this new white house reveals some of
3:53 pm
their emotion and specific reports and an atmosphere they told us they will be combative on issues where they feel they haven't been given a fair shake. a lot of details you heard in there. there are differences in security from this time than last time. there is a different treatment of the grass which reflected open spaces more clearly. but there are other factors that shows the difference between the inaugurations certainly of 2009 and also in 2013. what was also notable about this, greta, that she did take any questions. this was laying out his brief to argue the case for the white house reflecting much of the sentiment of president trump himself, but not taking any questions from us which is somewhat unusual. >> kelly, it seemed quite hostile watching it the
3:54 pm
relationship wean the press and the white house. can you tell me what it's like in that room? >> in interpersonal relationships in having covered the campaign and knowing some of the professionals that have come to the white house, there are personal relationships that work very well. but i think in a bigger way in this larger context, this will be a combative white house. a tone from the top. and there may be specific facts that will come up again and again on different topics, but this sets the mood and expectations today for the kind of atmosphere in the working part of the west wing where reporters and professionals who are part of the trump administration will have to interact and do combat day to day. >> kelly, thank you. more on the worldwide rallies is we look at 5th avenue in new york.
3:55 pm
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. mr. trump, we are here to vow to end the trump carnage. [ cheers ] >> film maker michael moore at the d.c. rally earlier today. kathleen, trump won. >> yes, he did. >> but a lot of people act like we still haven't had the election and not giving him a
3:59 pm
chance. >> i agree. it's hard a column that will be in the "washington post" tomorrow. i criticized his speech where i thought it was worthy of criticism. but i also said he is the president of the united states and he does deserve a chance to do some things he proposed. >> if he doesn't do it, rosy, then we should go after him, right? >> if he doesn't do what? >> what he promised. a lot of people in washington don't seem to think in the media that he won. >> i think everyone was surprised in the media as anybody else. >> which says a lot about us getting it wrong. >> she was surprised too, by the way. >> he was. i think what kellyanne conway said they accepted his baggage. we recognize he was the winner in the election, but there's a reason why people are marching in the streets right now. when abraham lincoln can talk
4:00 pm
about malice towards war. >> this was planned long before that. i got to end it there. the computer's going to cut us off. see you monday at 6:00 p.m. eastern. a special edition of "hardball" with cripples starts now. size matters. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. huge crowds and millions of people took to the streets in marches that organizers were to send a message to you. the main rally was in donald trump's new town, washington, d.c. up to a half million people flooded the downtown streets blocks from the white


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