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tv   Lockup Cleveland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  January 21, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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chris matthews is up next. >> millions hit the streets. let's play hardball. good evening. the a massive crowd in the streetsz of san francisco. million dollars took to the streets in washington d.c. across the country and around the world a day after donald trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. according to the organizers, the goal was to send a message the crowds were largerer than organizers expected and they remained peaceful. they really did and joining me by phone is kntv's karen and give us a sense of that event in
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beautiful san francisco. oh, well, we're looking at the pictures. let's go to nbc's hans nickholl. >> hi, chris, how are you. here's what we're seeing this evening. this protest is just wrapping unin washington. you see a sea of signs here. now behind me, as you know very well, that's the white house. when president trump wakes up tomorrow morning, his second full day in office, he can see all these signs. here's one of them still not my president, resist is another. we can't show all of them to you because not all of them are family appropriate. some of them have a feline theme to them. but when things have been wrapping up, there have been conversations and 84 arer right to recognize how peaceful it has been and there have been conversations quite sereeberal between trump supporters.
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they're having conversations about the way the country can come together and i think the overall view, the intensity and vurvancy with which they brought their message and are leaving it behind for the new president. >> it would be helpful to turn the signs around so we can see them from the white house? >> you're portraying yourself as a rookie sign holder. you always have two sides to your sign, come on. do all the quarters in your pocket only have heads. >> you're rubbing it in, thank you so much. and katy from los angeles. is there still action out there? >> reporter: there is still action, chris. but it's hard to imagine what this square looked like hours ago as 10s of thousands of people crowded in. this board here is somewhat of a visual illustration of what this day shaped up to be. at the beginning of this day
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this chalkboard was completely empty. it says i march for and people have been writing on this board throughout the day. not an inch of space remains and in fact very little of this is visual. at this point there's so many sentiments that it's hard to desiefer what people wrote but the l.a. police department saying this was a record turnout, probably 150,000 people here today. no arrests and they were very poli pleased. and unity and solidarity were the issues they wanted to get across. this wasn't so much an antitrump rally as it was pro-women. >> stephanie. >> reporter: and these are your daughters. >> hailey and eleanor. >> reporter: and tell us why you're here and brought your girls.. >> we're girl scouts. troop 3815 and we knew it was
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important for our girls to understand what's going on and really come out and you know support other women and women's rights. >> reporter: and what was your experience today? >> it was awesome. it was great. you guys have a good time? >> it was really packed and tons of people. >> it was emotional. it was really powerful. we were crammed in for an hour 1/2 in the corner and we couldn't move and get anywhere but we were excited and finally we started moving and we were able to walk all the way up and it was awesome. >> reporter: what were your reactions to that? >> i did not turn on the news or nothing. i ignored it completely. i don't want to see it. i'm not interested in what was going on. clearly enough. >> reporter: but you did feel motivated on coming out today? >> i want to focus on the positive and i don't want to
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focus on the negative and look at things i don't support. we're going to get back to making a difference, and making things better. >> reporter: it was emotional for a lot of women seeing so much support from other women and really focusing on issues people feel deeply about and challenge the administration. >> reporter: i mean there's so much that trump has said and done, so much that's going wrong and it's really scary but -- i mean the power today, the people i saw i feel like these are our people. this is l.a. every color, every gender, every sexual orientation. i felt so excited and proud and part of the city. i'm super excited. i want to do it every month. >> reporter: what are you going to remember today? >> i saw a lot of different people. different skin colors, races. even men were there supporting women saying i support them,
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youicide support them too. >> reporter: a long day for you guys still out here and there are still many people in the streets of l.a. a very robust showing in l.a. >> i now realize why hillary carried california. what a great group that was of democrats, i would nbc's morgan radford is in new york. have they finally gone home, the fifth avenue crowd? >> reporter: they have finally gone home. they wrapped up about 45 minutes ago. you can still hear distant chants but they wrapped up about 7/7:30. this was after about 12 hours of protesting. but at 10:30 they started to march leaving from the trump tower on first avenue to the trump tower on fifth avenue. these were larger crowds than
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anyone expected and as katy mentioned, it was also the diversity of the crowds in new york that was very interesting. we saw men, young children. we spoke to entire generations of women in the same family. one woman was an older african american woman and she said in 2008 i march in washington for president obama's inauguration and i'm marching today for exactly the opposite reason. i felt hope in 2008 going to 2009 and looking at this now i don't feel like this hope. and young children had brought them here so they could see what democracy looked like in action. some posters were cheeky and not fit for air and some said love trumps hate and this is not my president. >> well, actually he is. but i understand the sentiment. and washington bureau chief of
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the chicago son times. you know this give and take between the streets and the politico. tell me about trump's almost elephant ears about what's being said here and sending his press guy to tell reporters they're not reporting enough crowd appeal for him and building it up too much today. i'd never seen it before. >> they were not demonstrations. there were not 637 demonstrations in cities across the globe to mark the inauguration of donald trump. what happened here is something that is very big. let's even put aside whether or not this demonstration is bigger or smaller than trump's crowd. >> size matters though. >> no, he is. the more relevant thing is the comparison between other inaugurations. but let's not be literal because i'm learning a lesson from donald trump. i want to get to what he means
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and what he means is that we're not paying enough attention to his inauguration. i think what he means is on day one of his presidencpresidency, though he had had the prayer service and the cia visit which spawned its own story, it didn't go the way he wanted. so that's the larger take away. i wouldn't get caught in what the number is. as i'm trying to get what his message is. and i say if the trump representatives are listening. we shouldn't get caught up in the literal and i'm thinking of what is going on in the anger. >> how is he dog training the pres? >> well -- >> he obviously is trying to dog train the press. >> well, he is. you thought i was a nasty woman
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before, well, buckle up, buttercup. so it's for all of us. buckle up buttercup, this is what we do. i come, as you know, from chicago, the rough and tumble of a press core. this is nothing compared to what other people go through and what he's been trying to do from the press is what he's been trying to do. >> how can he get up every morning as president when he has to get ready for the budget. he's got to get on top of and he hears morning joe or somebody says something he doesn't like and that's what he's focussed on for the next hour or two. but he's president of the united states. >> you don't get your presidential brief? >> no pch he's gauot to be countable to the world and he's going to worry about some hollywood star took a shot at him. snl's on tonight for example?
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they do a rough job on that guy. >> why can't he do both? maybe he will do both. why would you give up what's gotb. you this far? so let's watch when he adds to it, not whether or not he picks fights with the pres. we will get through this. the press will get through this. we'll be there. we're not going away. but he still has to be the president. so both can happen. we've seen one picking the fight. let's see how he governs day one and day two. >> did you sense the people were trying to wheel him had away or they were making noise? >> this resistance we saw today which is spawning a revitalized women's movement and other movements was actually triggerered by trump and not
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hillary clinton. so think of it in the historical terms of we didn't realize the tea party was here to stay, that all those people that came to the trump rallies -- i didn't write there's a lot of people going there to where he's going to be president. don't ignore crowds at this level. something will happen. i don't know what. >> were you surprised? i heard 200 thousand, then 400,000 in d.c. and i went wait a minute and it was about a half million today. >> everyone i know who lives in washington had friends who wanted to come in and be housed. everyone. my neighbors got requests -- >> and the reason was even. if it you had the loot there were no hotel rooms. >> no. this was parted of the whole grass rootsing of it. i saw on my block women pouring out today. i know friends and friends of friends who are put itting up people. i was not surprised.
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>> we got someone at home too. thank you. by the way, donald trump's vesting of the cia. this is "hardball"
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welcome back to "hardball." today donald trump gave a speech to members of the cia in which he claims to be a big supporter of america's intelligence officials, despite the fact he had had been openly feuding with them since winning the election in november and a article says several associates of trump are under investigation by the fbi. the times reported they quote american law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions into possible links between russian officials and associates of president-elect
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donald j. trump -- anyway, of course he's now president trump and it's unclear whether the communications had anything to do with trump himself or maybe just manafort and he said some of the past and present adviso advisorers have had with russia. we'ver absolutely no knowledge of any investigation or a basis for such investigation" and they also told the new york times they feared the trump white house would quote ubstruct their efforts." kelly odonled from the white house. it just keeps coming to the president elect. i just wonder -- we'll get to this now. what do you make of all this? is this going to be a distraction? these continuing probes?
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>> reporter: anytime you have a new administration and a specterer, that -- there has been this perceived to be contentious relationship based on the kinds of issues you're talking about. the it associates of trump in his campaign and business life prior to now. how will that play out in real time on a separate track? today at the cia the president said that the media's trying to make it out as if he has a difficult relationship with the intelligence community, forgetting some of the tweets he put out and a comment during his january 11th news conference where he was dismissive of the intelligence community broadly and it was a reference to two-page document, a political research memo that found its way into the news reports and he had been briefed on that by seenerier level people. and so he was getting into that
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fight. so today at the cia he referenced that without any specifics, suggesting there's a tough relationship and saying the exact opposite, that he will be a supporter of the cia. that he'll be behind them 100%. two very different sorts of tracks here. in some ways he uses the fight against the needia imedia to deflect from some of his contentious moments. brennan is frustrated openly with donald trump according to his spokes prperson about the f that he went to the cia and talked politics in a place that doesn't usually happen. >> an intelligence and national security advisor. and the author of "the plot to hack america. how putin spies and wiki leaks
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tried to steal the election." it doesn't end. >> so the investigation, chris. nbc news has confirmed there's a counterintelligence investigation ongoing and part of it is were there any ties between trump aids and russia? and can donald trump stop that investigation? can he just orderer them to stop investigating? and the answer is he may well be able to do that but it would be almost certainly leak and so that -- >> is that why they announced it? >> it sure looks that way, doesn't it? two days before the inauguration these things leak out. john brennan justish a issued a remarkable statement calling them a despicable display of self agrandizement. he went and spoke in front of a wall of stars to memorialized
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fallen officers, made very little if any reference to the stars or the cia at all and talked about the size of his crowds, the war with the media. it was a political stump speech. it was a rambling self referential set of remarks. president obama gave a very scripted, heart felt appeal to the cia, complete contrast here. >> maybe he should have been looking at those stars, rather than using them as a back drop for pr. i'm amazed. let me put this more generally. why would somebody put him, who's coming to talk politics in front of a wall that honors people who died for their country for any reason other wise? >> i don't know. because my reaction was the same words. this has been despicable. i have people i know who are on that wall. i honored those people in that
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hall and their sacrifice they've given to this country. they've given their lives to defend this nation. you do not go between the cial and the oss wall and have a political speech where you insult the nation and completely ignore the sacrifice of the men and women who put their lives out there day to day. why was he there saturday? why was he not there the entire work force was there, as opposed to a few select guests and the security force. >> come on, malcolm. you know communications as well as i do. he wanted to counter what's going on in the newspapers tomorrow. >> you're absolutely right. and let me make a quick comment. i've been calling since july twoichb 25th into connections to the
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russian hacking campaign. clearly that has been going on. we've seen news reporting in the past from foreign special intelligence and stuff that has been passed on and now clearly a warrant has been issued and people are being investigated. i want to call attention to two words. counterintelligence. that means this is a spy hunting investigation. they are looking for spies or people who have ties to russian intelligence from the trump campaign. >> well, you know what's the significance of the fact that i remember trump once went on television and said i want the russians to hack into the democrats and know what they're up to. is that primau facie evidence he wanted to know what happened? >> i don't think so. >> how do you take it. >> why does donald trump say the things he says. but this counterintelligence aspect is really importedant but
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what crimes can peopleal be charged with? if they help the russians leak some of these wikileaks documents a crime? trats >> somebody said look at the pedesta stuff. or find out about brazil and whether she took any of those questions to the candidate where she was working at and sort of moonlighting there. do you think that kind of help would be illegal? >> i talked to experts about this last week and it's a question. it's not national defense information. it probably would be legal and a huge political scandal that's going to be a very difficult thing to prove. >> what we're looking for is possible behavior by trump or his people or are we going to go back and look at what paul manafort did in his business?
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>> sure. and he's given a good representation of how the medias would look at this. now let's talk about us spies. we see an activity that was directed to the kremlin, handed over to russian intelligence. russian intelligence handed it to a cut off, wikileaks. that is a direct and if they accepted help, russian intelligence in any way, you have espionage act taecactivity going on there. >> so any american cannot be working hand in glove with a foreign intelligence agency of any kind? even if it's noted averse aerial? >> are you working with them and for them as opposed to being a liaison to the united states government. we have liaison relationships all over the place and
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incidental contact. this clearly is a spy hunt. they think somebody there is dirty. >> well, you're a tough analyst and i know what you're talking about. thank you, for coming in on this big day. i think for opposition on this country. up next, many big names showed up in droves to address the crowd. stick around for some of the big faces coming here. michael moore's already been on tonight. and bryan williams at 9:00 and lawrence o'donnell at 10:00. this is a special edition of "hardball." รบ
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welcome back to "hardball." right now demonstrations are still underway in san francisco. joining me is kntv's karen. >> it is pouring right now but you can see that's not stopping the marchers from coming out. most of them carrying umbrellas from civic center plaza to justin herman plaza and they're
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going to a riecve and stay for three more hours. they're holding signs that say "love trumps hate." "my body my choice." they're definitely trying to deliver their message as they make their way down market streets and to justin herman plaza. it's very interesting because several hours before this women's march started in san francisco there was also a pro-life rally. it was the 13th annual pro-life west coast rally march and that took place for several hours. but they said they wanted it to remain very peaceful, to everyone have a chance to express their views. so as they took off, they actually converged with some of the women's march supporters and they chanted back and forth
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"pro-life, pro-choice." we did just hear police sirens go off. so far this has been very peaceful. reporting live in san francisco. back to you, chris. >> that can you very much. and rallies across the country, politicians, musicians, actors, and activists delivering speeches to the protesters gathered around them. >> ladies and gentlemen, are we here? are you ready to march? say yeah. >> it's been a heart wrenching time to be both a woman and an immigrant in this country. our dignity, our character, our rights have all been under attack and the platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday. but the president is not america.
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>> i know something about marching when i was much younger i marched in nashville. i marched in washington. i marched from selma to montgomery. i'm ready to march again. >> president trump, i did not vote for you. that said, i respect that you are our president-elect and i want to be able to support you but first i ask that you support me. support my daughter, who may actually as a result of the oappointments you have made grow up in a country moving backwards, not forwards and who may potentially not have the right to make choices for her body and future that your daughter, ivanka has been privileged to have. >> this is magnificent but this can't end today.
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this has to go on and on. this is how people ended the war in vietnam. they kept marching, they kept -- [ bleep] they kept saying no, no, no. >> we will continue to rise until our voices are heard, until our planet's safety is not deferred, until our bombs stop dropping in other lands, until our dollar is the same dollar as a man's. and we continue to recognize that yes, we can. >> you can count on me, your palestinian muslim sisterer to keep her voice loud, keep her feet on the streets, keep my head held high because i am not afraid. >> what next? where do protests go from here? could it be turned into a
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political movement from what we saw today.
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we have to take over the democratic party. i'm sorry but the old guard of the democratic party has to go. it has to go. we need new leadership. we need young leadership. we need women leadership. we need people of color. we need gay and lesbian and bisexual and transgender. >> welcome back to "hardball." of course michael moore speaking at the massive demonstrations in washington. a reporter for the huffington post. and voter -- and washington bureau chief, david corn. maria, there's a lot of movements coming together.
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i'm not sure they're cohesive but it reminded me of anti-war demonstrations and there's a lot of different causes today. >> but that was the purpose of the women's march is recognizing for the a long time is the only thing they want to talk about is reproductive rights when in fact we care about equity and it's all intersectionality that moves a lot of young people. it is it the reason why bernie sanders came out and rose so quickly out of nowhere. it was this recognition and what made this so particularly special was that people, for the first time in organizing this march, they shared power. it was very much communities coming together saying this is a statement we're doing and it wasn't just in the united states. it was global. so yesterday, when the president said it's america first, the
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world today said we're standing with you because you've stood with us before. >> there's michael moore who knows how to start a revolution saying here's your chance to topthal regime, the people that have been in power. a lot of democrat have been in power for 20 or 30 years. they don't get primary challenges. what is the excuse today to say trump gave us a speech, therefore we need to have challenges in the democratic party. >> it key thing to maria's point is the rally, not just in d.c. but across the united states was about a broad resistance. it's a word people use on twitter. the resistance that is progressival, that has a lot of facets to it and since the election a lot of people -- a majority who voted for hillary have been looking for leadership and the democratic party has not
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really given to them. barack obama did what he did as president, elizabeth warren is great on the financial issues, bernie has come out intermittently and they came together themselves to say we have a political culture, political connections. we may not agree on everything and now the issue is whether or not the democratic party can absorb this energy, this passion and speak back to the people who are asking them to speak on their behalf. >> do you spend the next year rebuilding yourself politically by doing what david is suggesting a real revolt, and come up with passionate causes or spend the next year trying to cut deals with trump? >> it certainly galvanizes the people who say you need to fight them and it puts a stake in the heart of this embarrassing fatalism that democrats have had.
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obamacare is gone, we're all going to die. the sky is falling mentality, when an election was lost but that's it at the moment. there's a lot of fights ahead and now democrats are seeing if they engage in the fight they have a lot of backing in the street. they don't lead, they follow either mun aoney or people. >> do they have the same power as the trump crowds in 3 million people. ? >> i think this was a clear reminder to the democratic party that they have to make sure the base that was created under obama's election has to be kept. we're hearing a lot of the importance of bringing in the white working class again. you have to make sure you're engaging all groups -- >> how -- how do you bring a regan democrat back? >> for the very first time what
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trump was able to do, he out flanked them on immigration. let's come up with a policy that white working class are going to agree with and immigrants. what would be? wage enforcement. because what they're afraid of is that someone's going to take their job because they're going to be working for less. >> the person who just got here will work for any price. >> and those are also not the jobs that trump promised to bring back. and i think part of the job here from the grass roots and the leadership is to continually point out and get under the skin of donald trump that he doesn't keep his promises; that he's not reality based and the people who like him are going to believe him over what they hear on msnbc or the read in the new york times. you're not going to win back all those trump supporters and you shouldn't try.
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there's a small sliver who voted for obama who you can win back. you only needed 50,000 of them in three states to win. >> let's look at what happened possibly today. his boycott and led 50 some members of the house not to go yesterday. then this woman out west. >> hawaii. >> she was ticked off at the election of donald trump and she put this together. this didn't come from schumer or pelosi. it came from a regular person without office. >> on facebook. so on election night she said we should march in washington. women should go and march in washington. she went to bed, woke up and had had 10,000 followers and they connected with local community organizations and came together but this was not -- this was not
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even led by washington-based national organizations. that's what was special. >> and they made it big and the people read about it and said 200,000. this looks family friendly. i'm going to go. >> and what was special was they decentralized. we helped with sister marches and we would get on phone calls and someone else would say this is how you fund raise. people felt like they were owning something which is something that democratic part y party's soul has lost. >> and most people don't like him and that hat you can make fun of it. what's the democrat's message? what is the message that unifies people together? make america great. it also had a sense of
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assprations. what side are you on? >> they're going to need action and policy. right now there's a slim opportunity for them. the fact that they don't control anything, they can slow down time and say this is what they're not doing for you and make sure they have an agenda that goes back to the state/local level. >> i don't understand why they don't sit down now and write a bill that puts a million or 2 million to work. here's the plan, mr. trump, let's do it and he has to say no to it. >> and here's our plan to improve obamacare, protect social security. >> they're just not doing it. >> and i think they have been slow. there's this despair and gloom, we lost the election. and what's important is it shows trump is a minority president. now, he has the power, congress but when it comes to his view of america and the values. this is a values fight and you
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care about values in president. >> we've had a couple of presidents that were in the minority? >> not like this. >> clinton. >> he came in first in the popular vote, not second. he came in first. >> and 40% approval rating in his first term in office. >> and then he got wiped out in a wave and -- >> this is about values and the democrats have to be able to put that into a bumper esticker and these people today came out and said we're ready to fight, we're ready to follow and work with you. >> okay. now what? how about a plan? >> you have folks that throw their hat in. >> she's good. and the best thing said in the last four or five days is by president obama. my hero. because he said go get a
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clipboard. they cost about five bucks and the clipboard says i'm going to the safeway and i'm going it door to door on a saturday morning and get signatures from people i know and i'm going to run for schoolboard or state rep. you can actually afford to run for state rep. it's doable. >> and good for him. he was thinking electorally and people were thinking immediately. they were kind of ahead of him. >> both help. the round table sticking with us. and they'll tell me something i don't know as they continue to do. bryan williams is coming up at 9:00 tonight, followed by lawrence o'donnell at 10:00.
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this is an out pouring
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energy and true democracy like i have never seen in my very long life. it is wide in age, it is deep in diversity and remember the constitution does not begin with "i the president", it begins with "we the people." >> that was the great gloria steinem speaking in washington today. and ryan, you going to tell me something i don't know. >> i'm going to try. . >> take your time, brother. >> so around it country a lot of towns are 5,000/10,000/20,000. and had even 12% of their populations. palmer, alaska population between 5 and 6,000 people. more than 1,000 called up. i called the palmer police department while i was waiting
11:52 pm
to make sure what the activists were saying was true and they said that sounds right and in red areas all over the country you saw people coming out in these numbers which reminds them that they have people nearby them that agree with them which may remind them in 2018 to come out and vote which makes seats in play for democrats. >> whdoes this happen if it jus been the usual party rotation? >> no. >> just exemplify on this big night i think for progressives. i don't like we got another republican in. >> this is a candidate that went against the very values of the american people and where we are at this point in time and that's why they came out. they wir saying we do not want you to put back the future, put in attorney general sessions who
11:53 pm
does not believe in the voting rights act. we do not want you to go back on reproductive rights. somehow the democratic party missed. this is what they needed preelection and this is what they're saying trump, you may be president but we are america. >> instead of running against the temperment of donald trump. because if you want to gamble -- >> you need soul. people want soul. >> i saw one of the most important men at the march today. >> i ask who was that? >> senator ron wyden. he's on the senate intelligence committee. he has been trying for the last few months to get the fbi to declassify secret information on connections between trump associates and russia. he's now inside -- >> what's his nose tell him? >> without say what the information is that it's serious
11:54 pm
and -- >> manafort or trump himself? >> he's been very good following the rules but signaling he knows something very, very upsetting. and he's on the inside. >> if you impeach somebody for something they did before they took office? >> there's no statute of limitations. of course you can. if we find out that he was colluding with russia that is completely impeachable. >> it's treason. >> it's a political thing. >> it's a vote. >> so republicans would have to be on board with this in the congress we have now. >> and it won't be hard to find impeachable offenses. >> i think we're one step ahead of ourselves. >> you brought it up. >> i heard about it all night and keep hearing about it from
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delaney and others. and i think it's something out there bubbling and usually that means it's coming our way. anyway, ryan grim, you're the quiet man. in full flower tonight. thank you very much for coming out on a late weekend. you're a great reporter. when we return, let me finish with the pictures of women gathering in protest today.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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let me finish tonight with this. america watch saturday january 21st, 2017. today on the streets of america, giant crowds of women showed democracy doesn't end on inaugural day and the history the trump presidency is a day old and yet to be lived. we have an election coming up next year for the united states congress. people have a chance to get a clipboard and as president obama
11:59 pm
counseled, run for office. we as americans have a chance to, as we say, throw the bums out in 2018 and the president out in 2020. it's all right there in the constitution and a lot more. those crunched in as several people close to me did exercised their physical muscles and let the world know what they think. and don't think the world didn't hear you. those pictures of women gathering in protests have gone around the world. marches were held had in over 50 countries today. we had once thought the duty of citizen is to show up for elections and step back in your own world and vaguely keep track of what's happening. i get the feeling the election of donald trump and the way he won that is going to change all that and people are going to pay attention to the next four years and get into the action themselves. we'rer about to flex our first amendment muscles, don't you
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think? our special coverage on msnbc continues now with bryan williamess. we've been cautioned against crowd estimates, certainly measured in the hundreds of thousands. when it's all added up from washington to new york to chicago on west where some of the marches, protests, rallies are still going on, it's millions of people in the


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