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tv   Lockup Cleveland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  January 22, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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'70s. lawrence o'donnell standing by in new york to continue our in the final weeks after the angriest and most devisive campaign in history the outcome seemed all but certain. >> they're all donald trump is set to lose in a barry goldwater. i would like not to be on that train when it crashes. >> i think he doesn't win the popular vote once california rolls in but he blew all of our predictions and models and you name it, out of the waterer. he is going to feel unshackled.
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>> this was tough. this was tough. >> what were the factors that led to donald trump's surprise win? how did the variables, the factors that went into why americans voted and why even more didn'ted ed add up to a wi formula. this is "the trump equation." have you ever seen one of these in the flesh in real life? >> not until now. >> you want to hold it? >> no, thanks. >> how about you? you want to try it on? >> no. >> you sure. >> pretty sure. >> what do you think when you see this? >> i get mad. >> donald trump's election was a surprise to voters, pollsters and even us in the media. do you know what this is? >> a trump hat. >> are you surprised that he won? >> yeah. >> why? >> didn't seem like he was using
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language of a lot of people i use but i'm also from california where he wasn't a popular one. >> yeah. >> surprised? >> definitely surprised. >> here in my home state of california, america's biggest and bluest, it's fair to say a lot of people are still in shock. you want to hold it? >> no. >> absolutely not. were you surprised that donald trump 1 wwon? >> yes. >> on a scale of one to ten, how surprised? >> 7. >> 7 or an 8. >> so you were pretty shocked? >> yeah. >> why? how come? >> because we live in a bubble and we're not aware enough of what people who are voting for donald trump are seeing and dealing with. >> most people in places like this did not vote for donald trump. did you vote for donald trump? >> i did not. i'm a woman. i have my own political believes. so i did not vote for donald
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trump. >> you live in l.a.? >> yes, i do. >> do you know anyone who voted for donald trump? >> yes. >> who was it? >> i'm not going to out them like that. >> and now many people who didn't vote for him are worried. what do you expect now? >> i really don't know to be honest. i'm kind of scared. >> but when you go to the places where donald trump scored his electoral win -- >> is this the state of elections going forward? is. >> i don't know yet. what i do know is the country is more agitated than we realize. we've been hearing for a long time that people are very unhappy. i do think washington and even those of us in the national media have walled ourselves off far too much from where people live. >> in the heartland is where i've spent the pasts year
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talking to people, hearing their problems, seeing their lives, watching as the variables in the trump equation came together. it all started in thanksgiving 2015 at a place as important as any piece of real estate in donald trump's empire. has it been constant order since this whole thing start snd. >> it has been constant but it's a small portion of our business. how did you get the trump gig? >> he's been a customer for 10 years and when he came to us earlier this year, they gave us a slogan. we created his personal hat and once he wore it, things took off. >> at a place where you got 80% latino work force, you got a guy, controversial in the latino community, how did you approach that with your workers? >> i told them up front we're
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going to be doing this order. we're going to be working a lot of over time and we know that it is controversial but it's an order. and we would take any basic order to keep the work flow going. >> what's your family lineage history? >> mexican. >> hispanic. but we're all born in the united states. >> what was the first thing in your mind? >> more work for us. >> some of the things he he has has not been particularly nice to the latino community. what do you think? >> i just try to ignore it. just work. >> trump says, as he said hispanics love me. is that true? >> no comment. >> mow about you? >> no comment on that also. >> no, no comment. >> would you say you're living the american dream? >> yes. why not. >> yes and no?
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>> yes and no. >> one of donald trump's message is he wants to bring business back to the united states. how difficult is it to be in the garment district in southern california? >> it is extremely difficult. our jobs have gone over seas to asia. in the '90s when everybody left to china, we joined them but at the same time we kept our factory. a lot of our employees have worked for us since the beginning or the last 20 years and we've kept them going through the american-made product. >> if donald trump came here, what would you say to the guy? >> can i take a picture with you? >> do i look like trump? >> no. >> i look better than trump. most people thought his comments about building a wall would alienate them but they -- and e
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before the first votes were cast, people were fired up. are you more upset than you used to be? >> i'm boiling. you watch the tv and something else is screwed up. >> so how do you cool off? >> just keep watching tv. >> because something else good comes on. >> exactly. >> and that was the next part of the equation, anger with washington and it seemed to translate into a hunger for outsider candidates. >> he's a spectacle in itself. but i'm not sure it's calm enough to be it president, you knoe. so i'm leaning towards bernie sanders. >> the donald. and if it wasn't donald, it would be the bernie. >> that's what you get when you knock on doors. she was good. >> coming up next, one of the most important variables in the trump equation. fl they're shipping us electronics, furniture and this is what we're shipping china.
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and then the swing state variable. donald country, huh?
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♪ donald trump kicked off his campaign with the slogan "make america great again." how can we forget. as many thought they thought america was already great. the working class workers who made up a large part of the victory heard something else, bring back jobs. you have to start in the port of long beach, california. this is the port of long beach and combined with its sister port, 40% of america's imports come right through here. >> it could be anything from a apparel, food products, electronics. most of the time in the port of l.a. long beach those containers are empty. >> the main american export is
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absolutely nothing. 60% of these containers are going back empty and the stuff in the ones going back full really surprise you. what is this business you do here? >> we recycle waste paper and scrap metal and plastics and ship it mostly to china. >> china is getting most of our waste. is that fair to say? >> yes. >> so they're shipping us auto parts and electronics and this is what we're shiping china. you guys going to make a couple bucks off this today. how much. >> around 46 bucks. >> 40 or 50 bucks. >> these are two liter bottles and they make insulation for sleeping bags or coats, shoe and sandals and things like that. >> so we're sending china our pepsi bottles, our sprite
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bottles, our vitamin water bottles and they're sending them back to us as insulation in our coats and sleeping bags. >> yes. >> so l.a. county's the manufacturing center of the united states but we have half the jobs we had had 25 years ago and shipping back this kind of product. >> it hurts me too because we're getting in half our quarter is material, which lowers our volume. our business has gone down tremendously. at least 25 to 40%. >> and who's fault is that? >> i don't know. we just moved everything to china. we used to be proud of working in a factory. the big job is now in the fast food. i don't get it. >> it's almost like a maze of recycled goods. you almost have to by careful you don't get hit by a truck bringing in all this raw scrap we're sending back to china. what is he doing?
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>> he's cutting up steel. when we ship steel to china, it's got to be four foot section or smaller. >> that's going to travel to china and come back here and be a part of my life. >> yes. >> you mind if i make a benefit to our trade deficit. and i started that search in the state no republican has won the white house without, ohio. at one point the houses in this neighborhood went for it how much? >> about 145. >> 145,000. and what do you say they are worth now? >> my house recently apraised and several others in this neighborhood for 50 to $52,000. >> here's your house. >> yes. >> you mind if we take a look at where you work? >> no, let's tykeake a look.
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and as you can tell a lot of the local store fronts are empty and it's because of the local economy. closed, closed. >> wow. and so what's going on in cleveland range? >> we're closing. >> and now they're just closing and moving to canada. >> moving to canada. american work force going to canada. >> how many people work here? >> we had had over 200 at one time. >> and how many are losing their jobs? >> about 170 people. >> so out of the 200, almost everybody. >> almost everyone will be gone. >> a year from now, what's this place going to look like? >> closed, desolate. boarded up. >> so trump carried the areas of swing key states suffered pretty significant manufacturing job loss due to off shoring but to see what devastation in these
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former manufacturing areas went to voters who were reliably democratic. and next to pennsylvania where the jobs have been long gone. >> one time this was a with bustling place. >> it looks pretty dead. >> it's gone. everything's gone. these were all bars, restaurants, shops, markets. everything was here. >> and now what's going on downtown? >> now you can see what's going on downtown, not a lot. >> this is the tunnel that 11,000 people would come through every day? >> yes. >> and everything out here was steel? >> the whole val a e. >> this is a big old empty lot. this is where you used to work. what goes through your head? >> oh, man, there's a lot of people got financially destroyed when the mills were gone. >> how many people worked out here? >> i think at one time 13,000 i
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believe worked in the mills. >> 13,000 people. if you polled them in the hay day, what would the politics be at that time? democrats? >> a lot of democrats. >> you're a hillary clinton guy? >> i like hillary but things might change when it comes to election. who knows. >> you going to trump? >> who knows. it's a blue state. >> maybe not this year. >> i agree with you. >> how come? >> he says i'm going to do this, that and bring jobs. >> how long you work in the mill? >> 1950 to 2003. >> 2003? >> what was going on in twou200? >> they shut the mill down and figure it's time for me to retire. >> how has it changed over the course of your lives here? >> it was a booming town. now when the mills shut done,
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it's nothing. >> when you look at pennsylvania, where you guys are, reliably democratic? >> this last election. this is a democratic county but then people voted republicans into office. >> when it comes to hillary clinton and bernie sanders or donald trump, who would be more effective at bringing jobs back? >> i think trump. >> how many people feel the way you do here? >> i think quite a few. >> when you were working in the steel mill, can you ever imagine saying you might vote for a republican? >> i don't think so. but i think right now between the hillary and trump, i kind of lean towards trump. >> and that is how the trump equation added up on the economy. a lot of white workers without college degrees who voted for
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barack obama last time around voted for trump this time giving him blue states like pennsylvania, michigan and even wisconsin. coming up, minorities surprisingly become a piece of the trump equation. and then another shocking factorer making people go for trump. >> i think about heroin 24/7.
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if you want to have strong borders so that people come into our country but they come in legally through a legal process, that doesn't make you a racist, it makes you smart. >> it was pretty easy to see why so many thought a key variable was his total lack of appeal to minority voters, starting of course with his promise to build a wall with mexico. it turned out he did better with latino, asian american and african-american voters than mitt romney did in 2012. >> we're going to have a strong
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border, a wall we're going to have mexico pay for the wall. >> donald trump launched his presidential campaign talking about how out of control things are along the u.s.-mexico border and we need to extend this fence the entire lengths. that's why we came right here to san diego. there's people sticking their heads out over there. >> they'rer the scouters or smuglers. >> so you're sure they're scouting out? >> more than likely they are, yes. >> you see that every day? >> we see that every day. >> so looking out here. okay. so this point right here is the end of the border fence. >> so that's mexico on the other side. >> u.s.-mexico? >> yes. >> and you're telling me you can do what you do without the need to extend the fence? >> correct. we have two border patrol agents
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where they patrol constantly day and night. >> in 1986 they caught over 1.6 nillian people, the most ever. in 2016 just over 400,000 were apprehended, still one of the lowest numbers in decades. >> so i can see people watching this add home and say jacob is standing where there's no border fence. that's why we need a "donald trump border wall" that stretches across the country but what i hear you telling me is it's not necessary. >> we manage with what we have right now. it works perfectly. the infrastructure, technology and man power works for us right now. >> more documented mexicans are leaving the u.s. for mexico more than coming here quite frankly the economy here sucks if you're
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working or middle class. now more come from china than mexico. making trump's appeal or lack of it a key part of the trump equation. so i hung out with an early advocate to see how well his message play snd. >> we're close to 2,000. >> so did you start the group? >> yeah. >> why? >> i love this guy. i mean, trump, he's for real. >> because you like what he has to say or how he says it? >> both. >> what do people say? >> they love me. i'm like a panda bear there because there isn't that many chinese americans there. like a panda bear in the zoo. there aren't that many. i'm jacob from msnbc. what do you think of david's shirt? >> is it serious? >> it's serious. >> i think it's kind of creepy.
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i don't think you're creepy but i think trump is kind of a creepy person. >> it would take me less than 30 seconds to convert her. >> he doesn't support anything i believe in. >> who are you supporting? >> bernie sanders. >> this is anath member of the group. >> tony convinced me in 30 minutes last week. >> what was the winning thing david said? >> it's not any one thing. a lot of things together. >> what do you thing of david's shirt? >> he loves trump. >> what about you? >> i kind of like trump also. >> not only did donald trump do better with asian americans than mitt romney, he ended up doing better than latino voters. and you can hear that coming over the air waves.
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so you want to talk politics. >> that's correct. and 30% of the latino vote but it'ser a very close race here. effectively it's a tie. donald trump is getting 30% of the latino vote in nevada. i'm curious to hear from your listeners, why. >> my name is vanessa and i'm a small business owner. i just finished watching donald trump's business class and i'm in favor of donald trump. i just saw thet he's going to be helping us as small businesses. so of course i'm going to be voting for him. >> in terms of his comments about latinos over the course of the campaign, about the judge, theboa border. >> i believe he's a person who speaks his mind. i'm tired of the normal politician that goes out there and gets polished and gets
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taught how to speak. >> good morning. illegal immigration is not a big issue for me. my big issue is jobs and creating and having a better economy. >> and you think donald trump's better suited to that than hillary clinton? >> i would not like to see them because i was raised here and i am a millennium but if it has to happen to better this economy and secure the borders. >> so jobs and the economy. >> correct. >> what ultimately gave him more latino votes, some cared more about the economy than immigration. next up the battleground states and then the pot party.
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i'm dara brown. millions of people world wide took part in a women's march. many were bigger than expected with advocates jamming roads and sidewalks. sean spicer is accusing the media of false reporting and says pictures of the inauguration were framed in a way to make the crowd smaller and that they had larger crowds despite the contrary. now back to "the trump equation." donald trump lost the popular voted but managed to squeak by in the swing states. in the swing states people were either never going to vote for trump or never clinton. i started in florida with the latterer. so these are all your bikes
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here? >> uh-huh. >> you cool taking me for a ride? >> normally i wouldn't take a guy for a ride. >> how many people here are voting for donald trump? anybody voting for hillary clinton? would you allow somebody to join you on a thursday morning if they were vote fwrg hillary clinton? >> sure. >> i can tell you probably a thousand people who feel the same way. i have three kids, i'm a single dad and the supreme court justicess for the next election are going to be our children's lives. >> you just said well armed. donald trump is really playing up the second amendment. does that speak to you? >> absolutely. that's one of the things i do for a living is teach concealed carry classes. florida in particular is one of the most saturated states in the country for concealed weapons permit. >> you're the safest you ever
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been in your life. >> this is your safe space. >> i know a lot of you are anti-hillary but what are the issues donald trump is speaking to that you dpiez like other than the second amendment? >> jobs. do you trust him that he's going to get done? >> i trust not only is he going to get done but he's going it surround himself with the right people that can. >> would you do this with hillary clinton? >> yeah. i'd give her a ride. >> okay. donald trump country, huh? >> apparently so. that's what they say, i guess. >> of the parts of the swing state of florida that are supposed to be in play inhadclude military towns. >> the trump campaign in a fight day four with the parents of an american soldier killed in iraq. you can kind of see how maybe
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donald trump might not want to debate this year, huh? >> home of the third biggest naval base in the united states. that's a king fish? king mackerel. what way is he voting? >> he would want the regulations to stay in place. he'd probably go democrat the coast guard station is our neighbor and the navy base, the back gate literally backs up to our business. >> and these are your customers? >> oh, yeah, all day long. >> former military? >> i think so. i think there's a silent trump thing going on. ex-navy right here. >> what's your name? so you're former navy? >> yes, sir. >> and what are you make sng. >> snapper, mahi and grouper. >> have you decided which way you're going to vote? >> i'm indecisive.
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a little bit towards trump. >> former military? >> air force. >> big election, former air force, you know which way you're going to go? >> sure. >> what you going to do? >> i'm going to vote. >> for? >> trump. i don't like trump per se but i despies hillary even more. >> why? >> because when you don't tell the truth, i have a problem with that. i don't know when to believe you. >> you decided which way you're going to go? >> strong military. >> a lot of people around here are leaning donald trump. >> donald trump. >> and for him -- for you is it because you believe he's going to have a strong military? >> make america great again. >> you thing so? >> yeah. >> donald trump ended up winning military voters by 20 points and with them he won the state of
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florida. where you from? >> kentucky. >> so you truck driver? >> yeah. >> what kind of truck? >> ken moore. >> 18-wheeler. who you going for? >> trump. >> donald trump? >> yes. >> so kentucky most likely is going to for donald trump but this i-80 corridor could pretty much decide it. which way you think they're going up here? >> i think they'll go for trump. i believe it's going to really surprise a lot of people. >> can we check out your truck? >> yeah. >> cool. always wanted to do that. safe to say i broke 3 million miles. we're everett, ohio, interstate 80. >> what is it about what's going on here on the i-80 core dorthat people go for him over hillary
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clinton? >> to me had it all boils down to jobs. i have made a lot of money in my 28/29 mile as trip. there are a lot of places that are no home. a lot of the factories just closed up and left. recall this country is headed in the wrong direction. we need to do something about manufacturing jobs, get good paying jobs back in the country, put people back to work. >> when you pull the air horn, where do i do it? can i do it? >> yes, sir. >> donald trump won regions including ohio that had had seen serious job losses to off shoring. regions that barack obama won both teams. and others were predisposed to donald trump for other reasons. early and very vocal donald
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trump supporter. how bad is the heroin and opioid crisis here? >> it'ser the same as it is all over the country. it's just eating us alive and no one has an idea or a cure of how to stop it. the drugs pour nothing to our community most of the heroin and meth is coming across the mexican border. >> anybody comfortable telling me why they're here snp. >> heroin. >> robbery and possession of heroin. >> counterfeit controlled substance. >> meth. >> felony possession of heroin. >> everybody drugs? >> yeah. >> is it a bad problem around here? >> yes. >> i'm a heroin addict and i think about heroin 24/7. >> like, me i'm pregnant. >> how many kids? >> i got two my brother's got custody of and i'm pregnant with one. >> i'm getting ready to lose all my rights to my kids. >> two step kids and one of my
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own. >> who's going to help stop this problem? >> we need to get the drug dealers off the streets. something needs happen. >> are you watching closely the presidential election? can any of them solve the problem? >> i don't know. >> another iesh you're well known for is your out spokenness on illegal immigration. >> basically here we have roughly 300 prisoners from other countries and somebody says well, it's no different than your criminals at your jail that are american born. i said that's correct but i wish i can deport some of them but no country would take them. trump has pledged he will fix it. hillary has pledged she's going to give everybody aminhsty and i have no idea where it's going to end. >> according to the ohio attorney general's office, more die in opiod use than car
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accidents. and there was one place that was supposed to deliver ohio for hillary clinton. >> even if he gets this nomination and everything goes the way it has been as he heads towards the general election, he brings with him a big problem with women voters. >> part of the strategy was to get the votes of republican women offended and there was no better place than a walmart in a grove city. typically republican suburb. hillary clinton's making a big push. you live around here? >> i do. >> you think she's got a shot? >> god, i hope not. >> anything about him turn you off? >> no. >> who did you vote for last time? >> not obama. . >> so romney? >> yeah. >> you like donald trump? >> not so much. >> what about hillary clinton? >> she's made some mistakes.
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>> she sucks too. >> how about the last presidential election? >> i voted for mitt romney. gary jaungsen. the other two options are just atrocious. >> republican or democrat? >> registered republican but i'm not sure. >> hillary clinton i know for a fact because i was just at her campaign office, they really want to win over republicans in areas like this. does she have a shot? >> no, she doesn't. >> who are you guys voting for? >> our dog. >> you might win over a couple of voters. high five. as it turned out, donald trump won slightly more white women than hillary clinton did and that was the final variable that give him ohio. up next, the voters who didn't. the final variable. >> you'll vote for weed but not presidency.
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we're from ohio. >> so the country has you to thank or blame. >> true, true. >> did you vote for donald trump? >> i didn't vote. no. they both sucked. >> i did not vote. >> you didn't vote? >> not for president. local politics are more important for me. >> you voted on election day, just not for president? >> yekttop. >> and this was critical to barack obama's vote and would be to hillary clinton's as well. or so we thought. millennials, they didn't support donald trump but the problem for hillary clinton was a lot of them didn't support her
1:47 am
eitherer. they supported senator bernie sanders as i saw when i was with a key clinton backer and a guy who was at a time a frontrunner. >> possibly next vice president of the united states. you didn't deny it by the way, just saying. you pick who you're voting for? >> waiting to hear who the vice president is going to be. >> you pick? >> bernie. bernie. >> you got to make a pitch to her. >> yes, you have to because i'm set on bernie. >> bernie's got some great ideas but until two months ago you probably hadn't heard much about bernie sanders. when you want a president, you want someone who knows has been with you. >> can i ask what year you were born? >> 1995. >> is that part of the problem? >> rrtser not so much a problem. it's a reality.
1:48 am
for you, that wasn't a reality for you. but we went through some tough times in the '90s. >> why bernie and not secretary clinton? >> first time i heard him speak, he inspired a lot of motivation, energy. his ideas were really good especially with young people. with hillary i feel some of the things she said didn't resonate with me particularly. might have resonated with you. but for who's looking out for me i really feel it's bernie sanders. >> if you want a friend in washington, this could be the next vice president of the united states. >> the question was whether or not his millennial backers would go vote for hillary clinton or stay at home and as it turned out a lot of them were interested in voting but for something else entirely. but these on? >> and make sure we don't spread any bugs or airborne pathogens.
1:49 am
>> this is very walter white. >> it is. breaking green. >> so dachk ud, you own a retail store where this stuff is all sold. the weed in your store comes from here? >> a lot of it comes from here. >> should we hand sanitize? hey, what's up? these are the actual buds on the plant that they're going to buy and smoke or do whatever they wish? >> yeah. all of this marijuana, everything around us under the medical marijuana laws of nevada currently is completely legal. >> it's legal in the state of nevada. >> if recreational marijuana is legalized in november, all of this could be sold to anybody under those rules too. >> hopefully. >> so this comes from the fuvilt you were just at? >> yes. >> and you're a u.s. veteran? >> yes. >> and you're buying medical
1:50 am
pot? >> for for my ptsd. >> who are you going for? >> gary johnson. >> i'm unsure. >> about whether you're going to vote or for who? >> both. >> you going to vote for that? >> yes. >> and are you going to vote for president? >> no. >> you'll vote for weed but not for president? >> not for presidency, but for marijuana, yes. >> how come? >> personal preference. >> democrat, republican? >> democrat. >> and so you're not dpoeing to vote for hillary clinton but you are will for weed? >> yes. >> and it was the final variable in the trump equation. coming up checking the math on the trump equation. we could have stood here and stared at your pile of garbage and said somehow this means donald trump's going to mean
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donald trump's going to become the next president.
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less than one week after the election i got an email who cracked the trump equation early on. i'm the trucker you road with in hubbard, ohio. i told you a lot of people would be surprised when trump won. take care, my friend. it showed how people are going to judge his had efforts. he certainly made cable news great again but what about the rest of the economy? i decided to go back to one of the places i first started to desiefer the trump equation qua. this was the main topic of election 2016. >> exporting? >> trade. >> one thing i think a lot of it watched is the boxed inventory. if they're making new boxes,
1:55 am
that means they're making them put durable goods in, parts for washing machines or toys or anything. and then all the sudden they need more scrap cardboard to make the boxes. >> but when they're making all that stuff, most likely that's -- >> in china. so china's economy is doing well, it's good for america's recycling economy, you'd think. you know. or america's buying stuff, making china's economy better. >> but doesn't necessarily mean america's manufacturing economy is doing better? >> no. >> didn't occur to me to mention the name donald trump to you. and after i was here he starts talking about our trade imbalancence to china and the number one thing we sell to china is this. >> steel and cardboard, yes. and that's an imbalanceance. >> did you ever think what you
1:56 am
do would be central to american's decision in picking the new president? >> no. and i never would thought that in the world. >> but if you or i were more astute political observers, we could have stood at your pile of garbage and said somehow this means donald trump's going to become the next president? >> right, well, maybe. >> trump's message is let's bring business back from china, business back from mexico. >> i would be very surprised if they started putting steel mills back in fontana, california. they used to have five or six steel mills when i was a kid. they're gone. >> were you surprise snd. >> i was shocked but i do have a problem. i'll lose some of my vendors and they might be illegal. i don't know. >> not only are you at the nexus of the election as far away from the rest as possible with trade but you also have the
1:57 am
immigration issue you see every day. >> in california very much large population of people that are illegal. and they're -- >> undocumented immigrants. >> and i see them as on the most very hard working people trying to do something better for their family and lives. >> all day long peopleal like this guy and this guy are coming in and they're selling you their stuff, their recycleables. how much is a guy like that going to make? >> he's got 2000 pounds of hardboard, $100/110. i think he might have 200/300 pounds, which is nothing. $10/15. >> what's your name? >> ana. >> what are you recycling? >> cans and bottles. >> do you recycle a lot? >> yes. two time as week. >> do you make a lot of money?
1:58 am
>> they pay good here. >> how much for what you brought in today? >> like 25. >> about $25? >> is it your main source of inhadcome? >> no. >> what else do you do? >> house cleaning. >> were you surprised donald trump became the president? >> surprised. >> what did you think? >> little bit scared first but later we see he push to do good things like -- >> like make new jobs, things like that? >> yes, uh-huh. >> are you documented, undocumented? >> uh-huh. >> are you scared? >> yes, uh-huh had. >> you said you're scared but hope he can make jobs for you. >> yes. >> so you're scared and happy? >> yes. >> i come here every day, my friend. every day. i bring a lot of bottles, recycle glass, plastic.
1:59 am
>> is this your main job? >> now, yes. >> what did you used to do? >> construction work. >> but you're not doing a lot these days? >> no, man because the depression and everything, everything go down. >> documented, undocumented? >> no papers? >> no papers. >> and so are you scared for donald trump? >> really not. i'm not scared because whatever happens, there's nothing i can do. >> you think you'll get more construction under donald trump? >> everything's got to be expensive. because in america aenchg cost more. >> like the trump hats. >> my tools, make u.s.a., not china. >> say again? >> china is not that good. >> so you want to see made in u.s.a.? >> yes. >> and you think maybe that's jobs for you guys? >> of course. >> even the people who don't like donald trump want him to
2:00 am
make their lives better and that's the trickiest part to figure out. will he deliver on his promises and if he doesn't, what do voters do then? good evening from new york. this is a special saturday night edition of the last word where we will be continuing our live breaking news coverage of this historic day of protests worldwide. and it was, on this network, just before noon, that i was able to declare that the protests we were seeing in washington, d.c. today was already, at that time, the largest inauguration protest in history by 11:00 a.m., it was double, in fact. the previous largest protest demonstration of an inauguration which was 100,000 people back in 1973. today when the crowd was numbering around 200,000 it had already broken the record and since then the estimates shot up to 500,000


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