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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 22, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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we have some breaking news from georgia. severe weather sweptthrough the southern part of that state a powerful tornado touched down earlier today. that has been blamed for some of the deaths. let's check out this live radar. tornado warnings are now in effect for certain parts of alabama and also florida. the south has just been pounded by deadly storm this is weekend. in hastitiesberg, mississippi, that storm cut a 25-mile path
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through the area. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it has been a brutal weekend of weather so far in south georgia, and the bad news is things are not over yet, you mentioned there is a tornado watch for four counties, that includes much of that area that was hit so hard yesterday, about 9,000 people without power right now and that totals 11 people dead. and so far there is a possibility that number could go up, not everyone is expected for. about 23 feel injupeople injuret number could also rise, right now we're seeing heavy rains on and off and some rains, no wind and hail yesterday. people are taking this tornado watch very seriously, especially in light of what happened overnight, but as you said, the second day of this brew tool weather as we head into yet
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another storm here this afternoon. >> we always wonder about early warning systems there, i know you're getting to the scene, but in your reporting, have you been able to detect if people got advanced warning? >> reporter: that's a question we're going to ask when we get there, what warning system they had in place and how effective it was and how much notice that people had before the severe weather swept through. >> do be careful as you drive through the scene of that horrific devastation. let's go through the first 100 days and bring you a live picture of the white house, where a little bit over an hour from now, president trump is expected to speak by phone with benjamin netanyahu, it's at the top of his agenda has he wraps up his first weekend as president. kellyanne conway this morning talking about remarks sean spicer said yesterday about the
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size of mr. trump's inauguration crowd. >> the size of this crowd, i think it is a symbol for the unfair and incomplete treatment this president receives. >> you didn't answer the question. why didn't the president ask the white house press secretary to come out in front of the press for the first time and tell a falsehood. it undermines the credibility of the entire white house press department on day one. >> there are alternative facts. >> the one thing he got right was zika miller, the other fiou facts were not facts. and trump is responding to the hundreds of marches around
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the world yesterday. watched protests yesterday, but was under the impression that we just had an election, why didn't these people vote? he tweeted about two hours later, peaceful protests are a part of our democracy, even though i don't always agree, i respect the right of people to express their views. senator lindsay graham tweeted this afternoon that he will vote for tiller sorn. and chuck schumer is firing back at the trump team which has accused senate democrats of stalling mike pompeo's confirmation for the cia. >> number one, we have never had a cia director confirmed on the first day. number two, there are very capable people watching over the cia and in fact i told vice president on wednesday, i said, look, we need to have some
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debate on pompeo, why don't you ask brennan to stay, they refused. and third and most important, pompeo is going to have huge, huge powers, and there are issues that are going to be very vexing to the president. so to have a debate on him for a few days, the vote is going to be on monday night, is what should happen. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house with us. let's get the very latest on this, the second full day of the trump administration, what's going on there? >> reporter: so many things on so many different topics are churning away at the white house. that's part of the excitement of a new administration, there's so many pieces to put together. and because of the controversy surrounding donald trump, that controversy continues to today. they will put their hands on
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bibles and swear to serve the country, that will be an event we expect to see some coverage of. but one of the most important things that a president will do and it's somewhat different than anything he's ever experienced before is the power to interact with world leaders now from inside the white house, and we know that the president will speak with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu this afternoon, this is an important relationship, so that's very notable. the president will also host a reception to thank those from first responders and police officers and those who participated in the inaugural ceremonies as a part of the security team, there will be a reception here to say thank you to them. the inauguration, although it is now a few days behind us, remains a topic of conversation with the president himself disputing media reports with
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assessments of the crowd size and feeling from the white house point of view that the trump inaugural hasso somehow been undercut. some of the facts that have been presented by the white house have been easily and openly disputed and today a counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, you remember her, she's been a prominent face in the campaign and now the administration took on speaking with chuck todd on "meet the press," and pushing back on why the white house views this matter so early in their administration. >> crowd size is not a very animating topic to me for a very simple reason. he had hundreds of thousands of people here, no question. i was on the platform where the president was and there were crowds as far as the eye can see. but presidents are not judged by the crowd size at their inauguration. >> reporter: i introduced that
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saying that was "meet the press" where kellyanne conway was also a guess, but the clip we showed was from abc this week. so my apologies for that. but you get the sense that conway who was available today to speak to the media to try to counter the reporting and also to try to -- basically if you sum up what she's saying, this new president, this new administration don't feel they're getting a fair shake. and they cite specific examples to push back and to have a rigorous, perhaps more adversarial than we're accustomed to relationship with the media as sort of a parallel track, separate from all of the functions of the white house, and the business of the administration, but it's a different tone, a different stay. and what we have seen in the last 48 hours or so, expect more of it. alex? >> and by the way, the mistake is an easy one to make because she was also on with chuck todd.
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joining me now jeremy peters, msnbc contributor and reporter for the "new york times," and msnbc's jane tim. welcome to you both. what does kellyanne conway mean by alternative facts. we heard chuck todd taking her to task on that. i'm not sure what that means, do you? >> for someone who is as accomplished at spin as kellyanne is, i don't find this surprising at all. what you see here, though, i think is, alex, a more troubling pattern with this cavalier disregard for the facts. if there are facts that do not line up with what the trump administration is seeking to portray, the narrative that they want out there, then they're going to try to undermine those facts, regardless of whether or not that means uttering a falsehood from the press secretary's podium in the white house, for example. i think more broadly, though, what this shows, alex, is the trump administration's intention of degrading and demeaning and
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discrediting the media. >> and that's different. there have been administrations in the past that have certainly been at war with the media, but this is of a whole other magnitude, and when you take the hostility that they have shown and the glee with which they want to undermine the main stream media's credibility, it's really unprecedent. >> a white house not dealing with things in in fact, jeremy, isn't that dangerous? >> it absolutely is, but the tone is set from the top. and the president has shown a willingness also to disregard facts that he doesn't want out there, i mean, look at what he did yesterday, standing in front of the memorial of the cia dead saying that this entire conflict him was a media fabrication, was
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dem demonstrably false. it seems like inside the administration right now, there is a desire among some of his staff members to try to please him and they don't know how to quite go about doing that. and in sean spicer's case yesterday, he did it by going out and uttering things that were blatantly false. this is not the right foot to set out on with a new administration. >> you know as if crowd size was the thing that we really need to be focused on from the white house perspective right out of the gate anyway. let's take a little bit more about what conway said about all the media coverage of the inauguration. >> maybe this is me as a pollster, chuck and you know data well, i don't know if you can can prove those numbers, there's no way to quantify
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crowds, we all know that. you can laugh at me all you want. >> i'm just befuddled. >> and i think it's actually symbolic the way we're treated by the press, the way that you just laughed at me. >> is there anything to that? have they been mistreated by the press at all? >> it's not the press's job to be nice or favorable to anybody, it's our job to be a check of realty. and the trump administration has made it clear that they are going to be as they were in the campaign sometimes a unreliable narrative. i think that is the kboel here, if you discredit the media, you -- >> kellyanne is also saying that trump will not release his tax returns. is that the end of it? >> i think thisontinues to be an issue that will pop-up from time to time. i don'tnk democrats have any
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intention of dropping this, i think they will continue to point to it as an example of trump and members of his administration being out of touch with ordinary americans, maybe just look at the vast wealth that's been accumulated by his senior cabinet officials and by the president himself. this will continue to be something that the democrats use, but ultimately, i don't know how much political juice it has. it certainly didn't matter much in the campaign. and i think that this -- you know, the problem with covering donald trump and telling stories, revealing things about him is that there's so much, there are so many different unprecedented aspects of his conflicts, his business interests colliding with his responsibilities as president that i think that it becomes like a coffacros across -- as j
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we tell stories that we think would have had an impact and you're seeing in many cases just the opposite. >> in regard to mr. trump's tweets about the march, is that what you expected? and do you expect the democrats to leverage the rallies in any wire? >> absolutely, but women are the majority of voters in the u.s. and all of these congressmen do need to get re-elected. if women can stabilize their opposition to the trump administration they actually can have an impact on these congressmen in these districts. sometimes we have teen these protests play out and then they fizzle out. if they can target their individual congressmen, they can
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actually have an effect. we have seen women split more cohesively down race lines in the election. women were split on trump, 46% voted for him. that is what you're going to see, if they can change that, if they can move toward a certain direction, i think you might see it. >> as the senate panel is expected to vote on the secretary of state tomorrow, as we look ahead to nominations, who's likely to not get confirmed or is everyone going to get through? >> rex tillerson is the one i'm going to watch. if he and all the democrats go against him, there's a humiliating blow to donald trump trying to get someone in that job. so it's really going to be, he's the guy to watch. >> how about you, jeremy? are you keeping an eye on tom price? >> tom price is a good one to watch. i think there was a lot of hope initially at least among democrats that could be the one
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they pick off. i think all of these nominees are going to get through, there will be some dissent, obviously, and some hiccups along the way, i think the devos nomination is another one to watch. but she went through her confirmation hearing not exactly unscathed but with no real indication that she's in any trouble on a final confirmation vote. i think this ultimately doesn't matter to the trump administration, alex, how much dissent they have, even among marco rubio and john mccain, even talking to them over the last couple of weeks, they say over and over again, we're not going to let our approach be dictated by what people like john mccain and marco rubio say and in fact i think it's almost a badge of honor to them and their core supporters to not have the support of more established minded republicans. in the end, i think these people get through and i think trump just kind of moves forward like nothing really happened.
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>> okay. jeremy peters and jane tim, thank you guys. how do people within the intelligence agencies view president trump especially after yesterday's visit. i'll ask a former cia operative. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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trump is a citizen politician, he's enjoying what he's doing, he's going to be in the media every single day. he's never been a politician and i think you're going to see more of this. >> responding to criticism aimed at president trump at the cia memorial wall after estimates of his inaugural crowd side.
9:21 am
glenn carl spent 20 years as a spy in the field and retired as the deputy national intelligence off officer. what do you make of the citizen politician, does that give him latitude? >> that's called obfuscatation. as you know, president trump denied that there was any contact between him and the intel community during his speech. >> i am with you 1,000% and the reason you're my first stop is that as you know, i have a running war with the media. they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community and i just want to let you know, the reason you're the number one
9:22 am
stop is that it is exactly the opposite. >> do you think that's the reason for making it his, quote, number one stop? >> i believe it's his number one stop because someone who has some confidence in the functioning of the national security establishment and the government probably reince priebus said you know you created a lot of problems with the agency you need to support, so let's go and make nice, that i believe. and anything that trump says serves one purpose only and that is to serve the aggrandizen't of donald trump. one day he can grab women by the genitals and the next day everyone loves donald trump. his visit to the cia was a way to tamp down totally justifiable and called for opposition and
9:23 am
alarm and that's the end of it. that's his only objective, will it succeed? no. >> so glen, we did hear some clapping, so i want to ask you this, it's relative to a new article by andrea mitchell and a former cia officer who said, quote, that the critics hate this president so much that they cannot get past it. the truth in the visit was the face-to-face meetings, people were happy to talk to him. thats a swajed a lot of concerns and a lot of anxiety, do you think this was a step to try and build trust with this intel community or that people are just reacting to him and he's going to go ahead and make sure that everything benefits trump first. >> fundamentally first, that's what i said. it is also true that the cia's culture and population is broadly representative of the american public, there will be officers who support donald trump, that is true. it's also true, and i think the
9:24 am
more pertinent truth here is that it was probably a self-selected audience, if not stuffed with pro trump people, as trump likes to do, as with the announcement for his candidacy and so long. so the weekend, only those going would be those wanting to see the man, someone like me, perhaps, who finds being called a nazi offensive, would stay away from a man who calls me a nazi. so i don't find a lot to learn in the agency as a result of a few people clapping. >> and trump has a different approach for handling international conflicts including isis. >> we're going to do great things, we have been fighting these wars for longer than any wars we have ever fought. we have not used the real abilities that we have, we have been restrained.
9:25 am
we have to get rid of isis. >> what do you think he means by that? >> well, let's speak frankly in simple terms, those were all stupid statements. it would take probably more time than i have, with isis of course we want to get rid of isis, we have been restrained, how have we been restrained? we have extensively used drones, we have used our air forces, we're supporting military forces on the ground and we're helping build them. do we want to occupy the country? and we can do that ealy then what happens after that? do we want to support assad? do we want to support the kurds? no. so it's an empty statement that sounds tough that plays in hallways that want to hear an echo chamber. so it is a stupid state of mind, so no. no.
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welcome back, everyone. here's what your monitoring for you, breaking news in georgia, at least 11 people have died, dozens more injured after a storm swept through that state. as we give you a live look at the radar, tornado warnings are still in effect over several counties in georgia. let's go now to the rallies, a million plus people from across the nation and around the world rallied at women's marches in a show of solidarity and defiance.
9:33 am
fi officials say the d.c. rally numbered half a million people. these numbers beat all the expectations, didn't they? >> reporter: they sure did. in fact, alex, we saw about 400,000 marchers in new york just yesterday and that was more than officials had expected. they anticipated about 100,000, and they spilled on to 2nd avenue, lexington avenue and finally to trump tower here on 5th avenue. what was surprising is the diversity of marchers, they were men, children, generations within the same family. and mothers brought their daughters saying they wanted to show them democracy in action. >> you can't be quiet just because something has happened you need to continue to move forward and make sure your voice is heard. i want my daughter to know that she has a voice and it needs to
9:34 am
be heard and she shouldn't be silent no matter what happens. >> i think we are sending the message that every woman's life is important. we have opinions and we have brains and we are going to let everybody know. >> reporter: joining these people out here on the street, we saw political rock stars like chuck schumer, he came out to stand with the people and said we're going to stand together and not let them repeal women's rights or obama carobamacare. we saw everyday people linking arms, chanting together, walking here, but the historic march on washington in 1963, that was about 250,000 people, and again, we saw 400,000 here in new york city alone. alex? >> all right, morgan radford, thank you for the perspective on all those numbers. let's go now to the first
9:35 am
100 days, senator minority leader chuck schumer is pushing for closer scrutiny of president trump's cabinet picks. >> i think he's trying to use populist rhetoric to cover up a right wing agenda. if you look at this candidate, they are far from the populism he talked about. >> as always, good to see you both. thanks for joining me on the sunday here. >> great to be with you. >> we'll go ladies first, susan. what's going on here, trump's agenda, is that separate from his rhetoric? >> i don't think so, what should be clear now, especially given trump's inauguration speech, the trump that we have seen for the
9:36 am
last year and a half is the president we will see for the next four year, if nothing else, he's been very consistent on his messaging, and he has chosen his cabinet, it's a cabinet that many republicans do approve of. his choices and his rhetoric, they may not necessarily match, but he's putting together the people he thinks can do the best job possible. >> democrats who are really pushing to delay the confirmation vote for mike p oro pompeo or is it about mr. trump. >> no cia director has been confirmed on the third day the president was in office and it's okay to have a discussion, it's okay to air these things out and schumer said that there was going to be a vote after a debate, there was going to be a vote tomorrow, that's not much
9:37 am
of a long delay. but i would like to comment on something susan said. look, republicans are in a tough position, because the rhetoric doesn't match his actions. the last commercial that donald trump ran attacked hillary clinton for being the captive of goldman-sachs. now at last count, alex, there are six goldman-sachs, former goldman-sachs employees either in the cabinet or in key advisory positions in the trump administration, that's not actions matching rhetoric. >> susan, do you want to respond to that? >> i understand governor rendel's point. and he said he would hire the people he thought was best. and the difference is trump was not paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by bankers to give speeches. he has chosen those who he believes are the best people for the best -- the best people to fill these positions and lead our country in the direction he
9:38 am
sees fit and he's entitled to have those choices. >> governor? >> susan has a tough position, but that's a little selective history. i mean he attacked wall street, he attacks wall street elites. he told he wanted to have people who would represent the people. the average american isn't a billionaire. how many billionaires do we have? how many wall street connections do we have. none of that matters if he gets the ageneral jegenda he talked through. will the republicans and the congress support him. what's the president going to do if the republicans and the congress send him a bill changing medicare private advertisie i -- privatizing immediate care. is he going to hope the democrat also sustain his veto? there's going to be a time when
9:39 am
the things you have said come home to roost. >> that's a great thing that he has to produce, the top things he has to produce on is jobs. that's what the american public is looking for him to do. folks who voted for him, they don't care if the cabinet members are full of billionaires, they look at them as successful people. but they do look at the president to produce and that's going to be key. and i think governor rendel also has a good point when he says something of those things may be difficult to get done through a republican congress that does have a very conservative meant with a small part of it. >> i want to take a look at the first official press conference in the trump white house, it wasn't exactly a briefing, secretary spicer did lash out at the media. >> at a time when -- the transition and balance of power
9:40 am
from washington to the citizens of the united states, some members in the media were eng j engaged in false reporting, this challenge by the media to bring our nation together is making it more difficult. >> is this what the next four years looks like, governor? >> this is shocking and it's shocking because you have to pick your fights in the media. the proof is as susan said is going to be how he produces on the promises he made. don't worry about who showed up at the media, don't worry about always being the first and the biggest and the grandest, no one's going to care about that. the does anybody remember how many people showed up at george bush's first inauguration? of course not. only fight about things that are relevant or else you're going to
9:41 am
be fighting, you're going to drown in your own bile. >> your thoughts, susan? >> i think sean spicer is in a very difficult position, he's in a -- he was probably given marching orders to go out and give that statement, which makes things very difficult. i would also caution the white house press office, that there are sometimes that you want the press to tell your story. so by being so confrontational, that becomes a problem if they have to have a give and take with the white house press corps, and beware of all those reporter who is may not be attending briefings and doing different types of reporting. >> you make good points, as always, glad to have you both. rick perry's confirmation hear for energy secretary, i'll talk with governor tom richardson and ask if he thinks he's up for the job. i had that dream again --
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my past statements about abolishing the department of energy do not reflect my current feelings. >> rick perry there on thursday on capitol hill addressing that moment from a presidential debate when he forgot he wanted to get rid of the department. the former texas governor is trump's pick to lead the energy department. so with me now, bill richardson, the former governor of new mexico who also served as energy secretary and ambassador to the united nations under bill clinton. what do you think are the big issues that face the energy right now and do you think rick perry's the guy to handle them? >> i do think rick perry's up to the job, although he admitted he made a dumb statements years ago, which we politicians do quite frequently, but i do think
9:46 am
he's up to the job, one the big challenges are not just oil and gas issues, in fact there's a minor part of the job. the main challenges are nuclear weapons arsenal, that the department of energy, the national labs, los alamos, nuclear weapons policy, relationships with russia are very important, nuclear waste through various states, electricity issues. the big problem that i have, and i think rick is capable because he has political stature and that's what you need this that job, is what is this president going to do about climate change? i mean the first day, inaugural day, they eliminated the climate change information from the white house website. for rick perry, he is one of the main climate change people pushing renewable energy, pushing solar and wind. we have to keep our commitment there and i'm worried that he's going to be hamstrung, i think one of the big problems early on
9:47 am
with a trump administration is there's no grown up within the white house that restrains this president from doing the things he's doing, the spicer statement, going to the cia, blaming the media, a very nationalistic speech against basically is opposition, catering to red states, is just not a good s.t.a.r.t. -- start. >> a lot of people are going to be worried about the whole nuclear issue and that rick perry is well versed in that policy. are you comfortable with that? does he know nuclear policy? >> when i came in, i was not an expert on nuclear policy, you learn it. you've got a lot of national labs, you've got over 100,000 employees. for instance, the previous secretary, ernest monis was a political scientist, but just because you've got a political
9:48 am
back ground like me, and governor perry, you have a lot of people that tell you the facts. you're dealing with nuclear weapons, you're dealing with redestructions with russia and you're also modernizing our nuclear weapons tweet. and what happened with donald trump in an earlier tweet, we're going to expand our nuclear capability. we already have 7,000 nuclear weapons. so do the russians. but donald trump has said that he wants japan and south korea to have nuclear weapons. it's very important that he have advisers immediately there restraining him from some of the statements he's making. >> you just admitted very candidly that you had to learn certain things about policy when you got the job, but the concerns are not just specific
9:49 am
to just rick perry, you've got devos and there was one senator they were clueless during their hearings. what does a lack of government service mean? does it necessarily mean they're going to do a bad job or not? >> not necessarily, but you want some kind of government service, state service, elected service. i'm worried about the cabinet, there's no hispanic, very few women, no democrat, i mean he's totally breaking tradition. for instance, my ole jd job, ni haley, i think that's a good appointment. she immediate a statement saying that russia may be guilty of war crimes because of their bombing of aleppo. >> she's expressed pretty heavy
9:50 am
criticism of russia. she's been die meticalr die met opposed to -- >> he thinks that tillerson is goington okay, that he's qual y qualified. i'm concerned about his ties to exxonmob exxonmobil. maybe he's going to be okay, but we desperately need somebody to restrain donald trump from making the statements, doing the foreign policy initiatives by tweet that he's doing that are causing a lot of international problems, a lot of concern. >> all right, above fgovernor a ambassador richard, thank you. . that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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he spoke only to his supp t support supporters. the grand tradition of these speeches is very different, unify people, reach out to people who didn't vote for you. and the majority of people didn't vote for donald trump. so he just reached out to his supporters. and the other thing about this speech is sort of the narrowness and the darkness of america is this, i think he's trying to use po populist rhetoric. >> slamming president trump's inaugural address. let's bring in the president of the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce and a member of trump's national diversity coalition. your response to senator schumer, is the president's populist tone just camouflage? >> i represent a -- collectively
9:55 am
collected over $658 billion to the economy. by our very definition, we're a group of optimists, there were a few lines in there that i took to heart. it was in fact not the most enlightening or unifying inaugural i have ever heard. but there was a line where president trump spooke to the forgotten man and forgotten woman, and therein lies an opportunity for him to rise to the occasion and live up to his solemn vow to be a president or fall americans and i am trying to stay focused on what's important here. >> you are a relatively recent convert to the trump cause and you recently called him a complete clown and i know your group endorsed john kasich and then hillary clinton, and that does not reflect you individually, but you are a
9:56 am
member of that group. >> we backed john kasich on the republican side and hillary clinton on the democratic side, obviously trump asended and hillary did as well. my mind as not changed, the circumstances, have changed. donald trump is now the 45th president of the united states of america and is in association of business owners we have an accountability to make sure that the voice of american small business is heard loud and clear by any administration and certainly this administration. so therein lies an opportunity for me to offer advice and counsel when called upon on issues that are important to my association. >> so what about all this back and forth over the size of the inauguration crowd, is that what you really want to see your president dealing with and addressing right out of the starting gate? >> no, not at all. i think what happened yesterday is a telling kind of litmus test
9:57 am
for this nation. but therein, again, i think is an opportunity. in the inaugural speech, president trump talked about, he had a line wherein he said, if you open your heart to patriotism, there will be no room for prejudice. i viewed the women who marched yesterday as patriots. these are patriots who feel overlooked, disenfranchised, disrespected, but therein lies a great opportunity. donald trump has surrounded himself with some amazing women, by way of example, his daughter ivanka trump and alina powell. he should listen to them to understand the challenges that women are facing. >> but he has not surrounded himself with one latino in his cabinet. >> i would love to see a hispanic on that cabinet, but more important than seeing
9:58 am
people who look like me, is people who think like me on that cabinet. and i want to give them an opportunity to illustrate that they have diversity of thought, to me that's much more important than diversity of race or ethnicity. i want to give him an opportunity to prove to me and my association that they understand our challenges, as business owners, as americans. the rhetoric of the campaign is over, it's now time to deal with the reality of the presidency. >> thank you for your time, sir. we're following some breaking news from georgia, severe weather has killed 11 people and injured at least 23, and we're giving you a live look at pictures from hatitiesberg, mississippi, four people were killed there over the weekend. we have a report in minutes on the latest so stay with us. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style.
9:59 am
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