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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  January 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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msnbc's live coverage continues with brian williams. that's next. tonight, what president trump is still talking about at the white house after his first full working day in office. plus a change in tone in the press room today after a disastrous first weekend. what press secretary sean spicer had to say. what we are now learn being how big saturday was. about how many marched and where. the 11th hour begins now. good monday evening from our headquarters here in new york. president trump's first monday in office was a busy one. it included a late meeting with congressional leaders at the white house. we see part of it there. during that gathering, two sources told nbc news president trump continued tonight to
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litigate his loss in the popular vote to hillary clinton by now 2.8 million. he repeated the widely debunked claim that he only lost the popular vote because of three to five million "illegals " going to the polls. that's a falsehood as the l.a. times wrote tonight. if true, it would have been a stunning development. speaking to politico, senate majority confirmed the remarks adding i didn't pay a lot of attention to it. i was ready to move on to some policy issues. earlier at a meeting with ceo as the president said he can cut business regulations by 75% or maybe more. he also vowed to cut business taxes by as much as 20% and impose a border tax for u.s. company who is leave here only to make products abroad. later in the day, the president held a listening session with union leaders who largely backed
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the competitor in the election. he used it to talk about one of the executive actions abandoning the transpacific partnership, tpp which the president and the democrats campaigned against and reinstated a foreign aid policy known as the global gag rule. it bans foreign aid or federal funding for international programs that provide abortions or even information about the procedure. president trump placed a freeze on hiring federal employees. later in the day he gained a third member of the cabinet when kansas congressman mike pompeo was confirmed and sworn in tonight as cia director. rex tillerson cleared a major hurdle with a party line vote of 11-10 on the senate foreign relations committee, but only after getting the okay from one of donald trump's formal campaign rivals.
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>>or this nomination, i voted to confirm mr. tillerson and will again in the senate. i stand ready to help him succeed. i hope he does become the best secretary of state our nation ever had. i intend to hold him and the department of state accountable. >> after a contentious weekend that saw the president and press secretary pass along known falsehoods, sean spicer went to the briefing room and addressed the weekend's controversy over the facts around crowd sizes and the president's comments that maybe we will have another chance to keep iraq's oil. >> i believe we have to be honest with the american people. sometimes we can disagree with the facts. there are certain things we may not fully understand when we come out, but our intention is not to lie, jonathan.
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we will do our best. i will tell you the facts as i know them. if make a mistake, i will do the best to correct it. >> can you state this administration will not send more troops to iraq to take the oil? >> i'm not going to talk about what we may or may not do. the president doesn't telegraph what taking options off the table. that's not a good negotiationing still. he does it in a way that doesn't telegraph to people what he won't take on or off the table. >> white house correspondent halle jackson. you saw on the front row he is in d.c. in washington white house reporter for "the washington post" ashley parker and chief business correspondent ali velshi. i have to say your piece just landed on the washington post website and it's become a must read around here tonight.
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the first days in trump's white house. fury, tumult and a reboot. i am stunned at the number of people who were willing to dish to you and give you detailed as you put it, among many, many interviews. none of whom wanted to be identified. this two paragraph portion about the debacle on saturday. by most standards, spicer's statement did not go well. he appeared tired and nervous and an ill-fitting gray pin stripe soot. he gave faulty facts and figures which were presented to him by the inaugural committee. many critics sean spicer went too far and compromised integrity. in trump's mind, his attack on the news media was not forceful enough. the president was also bothered that he read at times from a printed statement. ashley, is this the way it's
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going to be? >> i think it very well may be. you have to keep in mind that sean spicer has a tough job. in part because he has multiple masters he has to maintain a good relationship or a credible relationship with his press corps. then he has donald trump to please. this president unlike past presidents is not only concerned with the message and the talking points and the narrative, but also with physical appearance and delivery. if he is reading and his suit fits well and his tie is knotted correctly. that is a lot for a press secretary who was still unpacking his office to handle on top of his other responsibilities. >> so much palace intrigue in the article including kellyanne conway getting an office on the second floor. some people saying that's not a terrible thing. that's where valerie jarrett was.
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donald trump will never climb the stairs. it's all about access and proximity to the oval office. about donald trump, however, and this may require you to be a part-time shrink, is this going to be the daily battle between what he wants to say and the person he may know he needs to be now as president of the united states? >> absolutely. i think that was a tension you saw on the campaign trail. donald trump can be sort of his best self and by that i mean most disciplined on message. we saw that max. with him in the white house, even if you look at his tweets, you have some that feel like the real donald trump saying exactly what he wants to say and some that feel like a helping him craft a more politically correct and more eloquent statement. >> halle jackson where you were sitting in the front row.
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sean spicer came in. could you tell from the jump that this was going to be an attempt at a restart and a new tone. >> sure. look at the comments he made when he first walked out. trying to crack jokes to the media and be self deprecating. i'm not sure i went over in a room. it was very different than what we saw on saturday. it was part of what was an interesting day in and out of the west wing. not only the briefing from sean spicer and president trump holding i think six or seven what are called pool sprees. summoning reporters that go back and take photos of him and video and try to toss him a question or two. at times unexpectedly you get a call over the pa and they run back and there would president trump be. perhaps a symbol of what it will be like in conversations with
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other reporters in the briefing rooms and beyond. there is a sense of this very rarely happened under the obama administration. the impromptu moments and it fits with a candidate which was unpredictable and likely to keep the press on their toes. >> on substance if memory serves here, two questions were on general flynn and the extent of the investigation. he may or may not be under and the question we saw about the iraqi oil. >> the iraqi oil was one we wanted to get out there. they asked the question that caught our radar too. it seemed to slide under the radar. this idea that there may be another chance to keep the oil in iraq. we wanted to get shawn spice or the record to clarify on whether that meant more military action.
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you heard the response there. the other had to do with general mike flynn. the conversations that he had with the russian ambassador in late december and three days ago. we have new reporting from the nbc news intel team. essentially that there never was according to a u.s. intelligence official and an investigation into flynn and these phone calls that the calls were picked up as part of a routine surveillance on the routine scrutiny on the russian ambassador and to this official, the matter has been concluded. there is an important point to get out since there is fresh attention on general flynn. >> before we go back to one of the uber get inside donald trump's mind questions, you heard -- because we are in a new world on what he says, can he reduce business regs by 75%? can he reduce business taxes by 20% and can he say to ford motor if you are going to build the
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cars in mexico, we are going to slap a border tax. >> i will start from the end. he can't tell masta where to build cars. he didn't sign an executive order saying he will start to renegotiate, but he signalled he is meeting with them to begin a negotiation. they are not so concerned with anyone going on in canada, but mexican factories. on the other issues, he is talking about reducing corporate taxes from 35% to as low's 15%. he has been saying 15 to 20%. that's further than paul ryan thinks they can go. this is all you think about. how to get taxes down. when they can't go as far, they are still working on it and
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still doing the math and trying. it's not a silver bullet everybody thinks it is. in my home country, they tried it and it didn't change things as dramatically as we think that lowering taxes tends to. there are two things to keep in mind. when you speak to a business owner, we want business owners to hire and expand, the number one problem is demand. they need people to buy their stuff. number two is regulation that is often not federal in nature. most tends to be state or local. most of it came as a result of a court case or a lawsuit. those things can't be removed from the books. the arbitrary number, i need to see what he is talking about. >> ashley, as we get to you, i will air the exchange heard around the world from "meet the press" yesterday morning. jaws dropped in the press corps and civilian life. chuck todd and kellyanne conway. >> you did not answer the question of why the president asked the white house press
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secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time and utter a falsehood. why did he do that? it undermines the credibility of the entire white house press office. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you are saying it's a falsehood and they are giving sean spicer gave alternative facts to that. >> alternative facts? the one thing he got right -- four of the five were not true. they are not facts, they are falsehoods. >> ashley, this is a whole new world. while you can't speak for your entire newspaper, how do you proceed now? are you going to adapt a new language in print journalism that says what you need to say? >> i think you saw that happening a little bit during the campaign.
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people calling what kellyanne conway calling alternative facts or lies in headlines in the newspaper. i think there will be an effort by news organizations which is what we want to do. state the truth to the best of ourability. if something is false or a lie, we will and we have the facts to prove it. we will try to say that instead of saying on the one hand, people think this. on the other hand, some people think it was mistruthful. you are seeing that and will continue to see that going forward. >> halle, back to the headline of our broadcast. first of all, they told cnn the president is still talking about crowd size at the inauguration, but the headline was three to five million illegals who somehow made the difference in the popular vote. it is false. there is the imagery that set
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the president off over the weekend. what to do about that illegals line. >> listen, first of all you have to report it out to nail this down. "the washington post" is reporting this and nbc news confirm to the team this was in fact something that president trump brought up within the first ten minutes of this cocktail happy hour reception, if you will, with these bipartisan groups of democratic and republican leaders at the white house in the west wing. you also have nbc news having reached out to the trump administration for a comment or a response to this. the broader question is what does this say about a president who is still harping on crowd sizes and talking about the popular vote and explaining why he lost by continuing to push forward as you clearly put out. the false claims about voter fraught. and people who were in the room and like for example leaders in
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both parties. these guys who were there. you have to wonder who was pushing back about this and if they are. particularly where there are bigger issues facing finger. even they will acknowledge why they are pressing. >> wear a shoulder harness and a helmet. we have been talking for both of you. >> the first volley after the constitution against him. this is the 11th hour. on day three of his presidency, president trump is
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on day three of his presidency, president trump is dealing with the first major lawsuit of his term targeting his business interests and claiming he has been in violation of the constitution since day one. we have background before the discussion from the justice correspondent, pete williams. >> the first lawsuit of his kind over a clause in the constitution that bans public officials from receiving present or payment from emolument from a king, prince, or foreign state. mr. trump is knee deep in violations. >> we're never had a president with such vast interests that
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are so entangled in foreign kbfts and that are a secret. >> they now violate that or will soon each time a foreign diplomat pays to stay or puts on an event in the president's washington hotel. services granted by the government in dubai for the trump international golf club opening next month and permits sought from china for the trump organization to build luxury hotels there. he brushed off the lawsuit. >> without merit. >> he will give the treasury the profits from any foreign payments which his lawyer said don't count anyway. >> paying for a hotel room is not a gift or a present and has nothing to do with an office. >> mr. trump said he will have his sons run the business, but that won't solve the princess.
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they must show it is directly harmed. the legal experts say it's claim of harm having to spend time and money suing is not enough. >> this is a pretty out of the box idea. the notion that because they had to work harder that somehow they are injured enough to be able to be in a lawsuit. >> pete williams for the background. ali velshi remains with us. two points come out of it. if the judge said you don't have standing here that you are spending all your time on this issue, the next group will. number two, it is believed that the other goal here is to make him reveal his tax returns. >> the litigants have said this. this is a way to get that to happen. on the weekend, kellyanne conway said he is not releasing his tax returns and the people don't care. she seems to have amended that to say they are under audit. just like donald trump said, he separated from his company and
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just like he said he is under audit, no reporter has seen papers to deal with that. you remember the day we were watching donald trump's first press conference and he had the papers. we don't know what was in those. no one saw them, no one was offered anything. the other part about the lawsuit that is interesting is that it needs to prove that donald trump not one of the companies has a connection to this. that's a tricky area of law. people in america separate themselves from their companies for this very reason. for the reason of separating themselves from lawsuits. part of the same reason why during the financial crisis nobody went to jail. companies were fined, but people were not sent to jail. there is two hurdles. does the group filing this lawsuit have standing and if they do, is donald trump personally benefiting from this? these are two challenges? it has begun and the beginning of four years of his presidency. >> it's leaning on you to explain stuff.
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thank you, my friend. that's how big saturday was in the country and around the world. is. >> last thing before we go, how big was the women's march on
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>> last thing before we go, how big was the women's march on saturday? well, for starters it featured a lot of men and a lot of children and families. it was truly a global effort. it was the pictures from places like london and paris before a
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lot of americans even woke up that prompted a lot of americans to hit the streets. two professors, from connecticut and the other from denver put a spread sheet to try to account for all the marches including people in iraq and 30 in antarctica. the staff estimates, get this, that nearly one in 100 americans took part in a march that day. while we know about the turn out in d.c., twice or three times larger than the inauguration, we know about the crowds here in new york and the estimated half million in l.a. houston had the largest gathering in its history. austin had the largest gathering in texas history. it was a big day from portland, maine to portland, oregon to perth, australia. that does it on this monday for the edition of the 11th hour. "hardball" with chris matthews begins right now.
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size matters. day four. let's play "hardball." >> the trump white house held the first press conference. sean spicer criticized the media for coverage of the inauguration, specifically on the size of the crowd. he was following his boss's orders. here is president trump himself two hours earlier on saturday. >> we had a massive field of people.


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