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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  January 24, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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key stone ekcel pipeline. he's been already this morning meeting with u.s. car makers. >> we're bringing manufacturers back to the united states, reducing taxes very substantially and reducing unnecessary regulations. >> we're going to take you live to the white house. but right now on capitol hill, paul ryan's first news conference since the inauguration and we're watching confirmation hearing for tom price and we have all of has to angles covered. white house correspondent kristen welker is on the north lawn and mark murray is joining us. kristen, i want to start with you. let's hit off on these pipeline executive orders. what can you tell us, what do
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you know and what does it mean? >> we have been told according to a white house official, our colleague peter alexander reporting, that president trump at 11 a.m. will sign an executive order which will allow the keystone and dakota pipeline orders forward. how many jobs will it actually be impacting, just to remind folks about the debate about all of this. environmentalists who were opposed to the construction of both of these projects arguing they could ultimately hurt the environment, they were blocked under the obama administration. candidate trump had consistently said he was going to change course and now it feels he's following through with that promise. the company that oversees construction of the dakota access pipeline, energy transfer
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company, is a company that he had shares in a number of months ago, although public filings show he still has a if yfew lef there so he might get some questions about that. >> and in the briefing room, not the north lawn as i inkrbtly stated. this meeting with automakers, i think it's still going on now. we expect to maybe see industry heads coming to the cameras outside the west wing. talk about this and talk about the other meeting today. >> he's meeting with the automakers, the ceos, the big three in particular and sending the message to them he is going to create more jobs and this comes on the heels of taking on some of the auto makers on twitters, gm, calling them out
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for outsourcing jobs. we learned that gm was going to create more than 1,500 jobs. they say that was a project and a plan that was already put in place well before this twitter back and forth with the then president-elect. but, hallie, we're looking at a strategy here from this president that is starting to unfold. the fact he's taking on these companies on twitter and now face to face here in the white house. his message yesterday that he's going to decrease regulations, echoing that today, meeting with these car leaders and saying this was a country that was inhospitable to new business, he's going to make it more hospitable. if you spoke to fox from the obama administration, they would probably have some real disagreements with that argument. again, this is the focus here, the president trying to show he's putting campaign promises into action. i was told by a senior administration official all day long that it's going to be jobs, jobs, jobs. >> kristen, thanks much.
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we're going to have more on that meeting between the president and those automakers coming up later in the show. we want to get to what is happening right here on capitol hill. confirmations for georgia congressman tom price. he's going to oversee the overhaul of the health care law. lawmakers gave him kind of an earful last week when he was in a courtesy hearing. today is the real deal. mark murray is in washington. what do we expect from his hearing? i imagine he's going to get more questions on the plans to replace obamacare. >> you're going to hear democrats ask those kind of questions but also tom price has already been charged by the trump administration to kind of come up with the repalalacerepl.
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thaebs -- that's the trickier part of the equation. repeal has always been the easier part with republicans in control. but replacement and all the political baggage that comes with creating a complicated piece of legislation that affects so much of the economy. and you're going to hear from democrats about allegations of inside are trading when it comes to some stock. that was a big issue that came up earlier for him. those are the things you're going to expect in your hearing for price. >> we saw senator marco rubio coming out and saying he's supporting rex tillerson. with that opposition gone, does it look like trump's cabinet is done. >> possibly.
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>> steve mnuchin. >> steve mnuchin was a controversial pick. i think mick mulvaney could be an issue. he failed to pay child support. that has been an obstacle and stumbling block to previous nominees, democrat and republican, not paying taxes. this would be a head budget person in a trump administration. >> mark murray there in our washington office. look at this. this is all the action here on the hill. we're chaccing it awatching it . a lot to discuss. i want to start with the news we
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brought you it top of the hour. president trump is moving forward with the access -- dakota access pipeline and xl pipeline. >> this is the perfect month to do this. it's cold up there in the dakotas in the wintertime. the numbers would be greater if this were june than january. i don't find a will the reaslegn for protesters to be there. they're arguing there might be native american arguments under the lake. the only way to get there is to bore down under the lake. i think they've taken a stand that is not a principled stand at all and it not on the reservati reservation. i think the president need to send a message, we can't stop
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progress in america. >> and energy transfer project kelsey warner has donated to president trump and has ties to energy pick rick perry. at the time the president-elect told nbc that does not play into his decision making process on that. do you buy that? >> pretty much i do. i don't want to give a definitive statement and i don't think i know that issue well enough to take a stand. i'm not suspicious about the statement. i would take it at its face value. then i would say of the keystone xl pipeline, all that needed of the secretary of state to stein a document that enables him to put in one section of pipe at the 49th parallel. this, ti executive order, i'm n sure what it does. you broke the news to me.
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we needed john kerry to do that under barack obama's order. i'm hopefuls that the substance of that executive order. we've got billions in capital investment that's being held up for reasons that i think are not legitimate and not valid. if this country is going to move forward, we can't let this being holding us up. >> there's reporting from "new york times" that the president is going to keep james comey on for the rest of his term. is that the right decision? >> i reassessed my decision on comey. when i heard him last week in the confidential briefing, he gave the most definitive answers. i have been skeptical but i was greatly impressed with his skill set. there needs to be an investigation of the 650,000 e-mails, the investigation of the investigation. i'm hopeful the justice
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department takes it up. if not, we in congress have an obligation -- >> i don't think donald trump wants to go there either. >> but somebody needs to. we can't package this up and say whatever happened happened. how that would be illuminated would tell us about comey's actions. >> you've had a change of heart about comey. >> i stepped back and i would like to take another look at comey. i do know that the investigation itself looked like it want designed to succeed with an indictment, even though he gave a public indictment to hillary clinton on july 5th. >> two sources of telling nbc news at a reception at the white house last night with president trump and members of both houses of congress, he brought up this idea that 3 to 5 million illegals, people who are not legally voting is what prevented him from wins the popular vote. when you -- let's be clear. that's not true.
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there's no evidence that exists. why would the president be talking about this and does it bug you? >> there is simple data from two counties in virginia and other counties scattered around the country and i took that article when i first saw it come out a couple, three months ago and did an extrapolation on how many illegals could be voting in the united states. the number i came up with off of that extrapolation is 2.4 million. 3 million sounds like a plausible number to me. >> i'm intrigued by this, congressman. the question i had been directing is more of the fact that he's bringing up this false claim, you believe it's actually true. you think there's a possibility of it. >> i don't know what data he's looking into that. >> the fact checkers have knocked that down. >> i don't want to have a whole
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term about alternative facts. i read those i came came to 2.4 -- >> do you believe that 2.4 illegal americans voted in the election? >> there are people who will in g motor voter and give licenses, maybe they don't understand they can -- some them go in and vote. i'm convinced of that. we need to clean it up. motor voter is a gate way to illegal voting. >> dianne feinstein is in this session asking for a delay. she is asking for it to be pushed off. we are going to monitor what else she is saying. my producer is going to let me
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know if we're go to listen in or jump back out of this. we're going to keep it honest and i wand to bring people's attention to that because it's happening elsewhere on the hill. i don't mean to get down a rabbit hole here with you, congressman, but despite pretty much all evidence, you seem to be questioning the legitimacy of the election. was this is legitimate election? >> yes, it was a legitimate election -- >> then why is donald trump having a problem with it? >> we don't really care the popular vote. it doesn't matter. what matters is a constitutional election. the constitution is the electors casting their ballots after the popular votes are cast in their states. i do understand all of the votes
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that came out after were from california. well, trump didn't go to california. i don't know why we have this consternation on the popular vote. bill clinton got 43% of the popular vote and he became president. >> there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. there just simply isn't, based on all the information you look at gathered around the country. is it dangerous for you as an elected representative, who represents constituents in iowa, to be talking about it? what does that do to democracy? >> i wouldn't say there's no evidence -- >> you pointed to an extrapolation of two counties in virginia. >> we've had indictments on
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voter fraud. we've had difficulty getting to the prosecution. the justice department is not ing it look into that under loretta lynch. we may now under jeff sessions. >> you don't think you're pushing a conspiracy theory when you're talking about this? >> i wouldn't call it a conspiracy. i'll say human nature will do what human nature does. if you hand them a driver's license and say check this box, they're likely to check the box and then they go on the voter rolls, we're finding lots of illegals on the voter rolls when they're called to jury duty. we don't know the magnitude of it yet. >> i want to get over to the
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white house. we have the ceos coming out. >> we employ people in good paying jabs to factories to manufactures and those who help sell and service our vehicles. i would just call out yesterday the president's decision to withdraw from the tpp. we've been very vocal, both as an industry and as a company and we we've repeated said that the mother of all trade barriers is currency manipulation. and tpp failed in meaningfully deal with that and we appreciate the president's courage to walk away from a bad trade deal. as an industry, we're excited
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about working together with the president and his administration, on tax policies and trade to really create a renaissance. >> there's a huge opportunity working together as an industry with government that we can do and improve the environment, improve safety and improve the jobs creation and we're looking forward to all the element marked talked about to be able to do that. >> did the president give you specifics on regulation? >> do you have any concerns of him tweeting at you and sometimes challenging you? >> i think that was the voice of my colleague kristen welker shouting a question to some of these ceos that have come out to address cameras. let's listen back in. there they go, back into the
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west wing. guys, we have a busy day. it is on tuesday. we have a lot going on on capitol hill, including reaction to the president's comments last night. we talked about these sources telling nbc news that the president brought up the idea that there was widespread voter fraud. we're getting now some reaction from senator lindsay graham, saying it undermines faith in our democracy. i would just know that is from senator lindsay graham, diametrically country posed to what senator king just said. there are elected leader who continue to discuss the possibility of it. we're going to go to a break, give ourselves a minute to take
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we just officially terminated tpp. we're going to stop the ridiculous trade deals that are taking everybody out of our country and taking companies out of our country. >> that's president trump getting a round of applause from union leaders during a meeting at the oval office just hours after he issued that executive order scrapping the trade deal known as the tpp, part of what president obama had hoped would be his legacy talking about the
7:23 am
transpacific partnership. that was one of three executive orders signed by the president on his first business day. as we mentioned, the white house said he is scheduled to sign more executive orders within about 45 minutes from now. these are the dakota and keystone pipelines, day four of his first hundred days in office. republican strategies brad blakeman was there for the first hundred days of the president bush administration where he served as a senior staffer. let's talk about the first hundred days. listen, it's day four. how do you grade president trump so far and how important are these certainly months? >> i give him an a. he's reaching out to unions and automobile executives. presidents need to establish to the american people that there's a new sheriff in town and the way you do that is do the things i can do as president anding sl the things you need help with in
7:24 am
congress. the first day he voided things with president obama and put in his own order. these are actions he can do unilaterally to show a change in the course of direction. we heard from the speaker of the house in congress he'll be invited to speak to the legislature in february. >> we a cocktail, happy hour reception, kind of a charm offensive. a little bit different than what we've seen for the past eight years. how important is that for the continue to do, this outreach on capitol hill? >> it's very important. these leaders have to get to know the president and more importantly the president has to get to know them. it's got to be a working relationship, adversarial at times for sure but the president has to put down some markers and
7:25 am
then he also has to invite them to the table. this is a transactional president, more than an idea log or a politician. if you're at the table, you're going to be able to be heard but if you're not there, you're not going to be considered. if democrats are smart, follow what the unions did, listen to m, and if you can reach out your hand, let's do it. it's better for them and better for america. >> we're watching on our screen the confirmation hearing for tom price, who will lead the health department and oversee the replacement of the affordable care act. >> he have to see progress. it's easy to repeal it. it's hard to replace it. you're also going to need bipartisan support. learn the mistakes of 2009 and
7:26 am
that is the democrats jammed it through without any support by republicans. that's unsustainable in generational legislation. you need bipartisan support. that's the key to fixing obamacare. and my hope is that when the president does address a joint meeting of congress, he will lay that out and offer a plan that some democrats will find appealing. >> brad blakeman, thank you very much for that inside perspective. >> we are watching the u.s. auto chiefs, fresh off of that face-to-face meeting. what are the chances they can kick hiring up into high gear? we'll take a closer look when we come back. music and crowd sounds ]
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by simply enjoying it. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™ all right. busy day here on capitol hill. as we've been talking about, house speaker paul ryan
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addressing the media at a press conference for the first time since president trump took the oath of office. we have a lot of senate confirmations happening. we have votes on jeff sessions, nikki haley for u.n. ambassador. we're monitoring it all and we'll bring you the latest when it happens. meantime, the governor of minnesota is very luckily expected back at work today after this really frightening moment last night. watch. >> governor mark dayton slurring his word and then collapsing while delivering his state of the state address. the 69-year-old regained consciousness just a few moments later. emts checked hem out when he got
7:31 am
home. he is expected to be okay but scary stuff. >> to britain where the government is told it must get approval from parliament before starting the move from the european union. it could delay theresa may's plans to trigger negotiations by the end of march but it not expected to stop brexit from happen. this is going to come up with the prime minister comes and visits the u.s. she meets with president trump on friday and talks with republicans at their gop retreat in philly. and you've seen it on your screen, the ceos of general motors, ford, fiat. >> i think you're going to find this to be from very inhospitable to extremely
7:32 am
hospitable. >> joining me to break it all down is ali velshi. i'm just getting a second confirmation now that it will be an executive order on the keystone and dakota pipelines. what does this mean for jobs? what's real, what's not? >> it manse a lot more for oil access and exports than it means for jobs. it doesn't make that much to build a pipeline and virtually nothing to maintain a pipeline. this was ham fisted from the beginning. the pipeline company was going to build the keystone xl. they didn't get the land permits they needed. they threatened farmers with eminent domain, we'll take your land and got farmers up in arms. bottom line is it want handled well by the government. president obama then took a long time to do an environmental
7:33 am
assessment and left it to the state department. it was a mess. the fact is there are two and a half million miles of pipeline in the united states, 72,000 miles of oil pipeline. you can like pipelines or not like pipelines, but this particular one got way to political for its own good so it neither here nor there. i know i'm going to get a lot of hate tweets by saying that. moving it by pipeline is safer than moving it by rail. the dakota access pipeline is a little trickier. that goes near and through aquifers and near lands of native americans. when donald trump was elected, you knew he was going to approve them. >> you know who was not at the
7:34 am
car makers, honda -- >> it a strange issue because under nafta, a car is determined to be made domestically if a certain percentage of it is made in canada, mexico or the united states. it doesn't matter if you're based in the united states or not. for some reason, donald trump, possibly because the big three tend to manufacture more cars in the unionized north than the other companies you talk about, which tend to manufacture cars in the non-unionized south, donald trump has been more interested in dealing with the big three, ford, gm and fiat/chrysler, a dutch company of italian origin. he's sort of asking them what is it you need to build more cars here? you heard mark fields from ford come out and say he was quite pleased that donald trump pulled out of tpp because the biggest problem for car makers is other countries' currency manipulation. it's going to be a different
7:35 am
story when donald trump starts talk about renegotiating nafta because the car companies love nafta. it's what allows them to build their cars in canada where health care is paid for for the workers. >> ali velshi, thank you much. coming up next, fast, furious and power hungry. behind the scenes, details about the feverish first days of the trump administration, including how the the inauguration attendance was handled at the top. at godaddy, our goal is to make you look awesome online.
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i thought our press secretary, sean spicer, deliv d delivered a tour de force meeting. >> that's kellyanne conway. lots of praise on sean spicer's
7:39 am
very first media briefing, days after the combative statement where he essentially came out and scolded members of the press. this morning we're getting a pretty solid behind-the-scenes look. "fury, tumult and a reboot." sashly pa ashley parker, thank you for being here. frame up today and as we look ahead, what the power dynamic is inside that west wing. you've got three or four people who are trying to have the president's ear. who is he listening to? >> i think that's exactly right. the power dynamic in the west wing is very much like the power dynamic we saw during the campaign, which is multiple competing power centers. you have jared kushner, the
7:40 am
president's son-in-law, who hovers above everyone and has the president's ear. you have reince priebus who comes from the republican party apparatus and you have people like steve bannon and kellyanne conway, who also represent sort of a maybe more populist wing of the party and also have donald trump's ear. >> ashley, let's talk about jared kushner, right. based on your reporters, is he getting in there and throwing elbows a little bit to get folks out of the inner circle? >> he absolutely is if he believes someone is not serving his father-in-law, the president's best interests. so, you know, and a lot of people as we also saw in the campaign, if you got on the wrong side of jared kushner, as, folks, corey lewandowski did,
7:41 am
the campaign manager, you're not going to survive that fight. jared does wield that clout where if he thinks somebody isn't doing something right or not doing the best job possible or is too self-promotional, he will weigh in in a way which is essential to the president. >> and kellyanne conway are her sentiments shared by the president? >> as we reported, the president was not very happy with sean spicer's statement on saturday. he felt that sean spicer did not go far enough in defending him and the smaller-than-expected crowd size and he didn't like his ill fitting suit and reading off a piece of paper. that said sean spicer went out yesterday and delivered a much
7:42 am
better, clear, more confident briefing. and the president told senior staff he was impressed and did like that. >> and kellyanne conway, she has a secret service detail? what's going on? >> we found out that she just got that yesterday. it was a function of the fact that she has become incredibly high profile. she is sort of the surrogate or aide you most frequently see on tv and when you're high profile, you get threats and other risks on your life and she got a security detail and an expanded portfolio and she'll be working closely with vice president mike pence's team. >> coming up just moments from now, we are watching president trump set to sign that new executive order. we're going to have that coverage from the white house and back here on the hill, you see it on your screen, tom
7:43 am
price, the pick to head up the health and human services department. in his confirmation hearing, we're going to dip in and bring you some of that next. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance right now senator braun wyden is questioning tom price. listen in. >> in these private placements, you bought over 400,000 shares at discounts that were as much as 40% cheaper than the price on the australian stock exchange. and you were sitting at the time on committees that have jurisdiction over major health care programs and trade policy. yes or no, doesn't this show bad judgment? >> well, if what you said was true, it might -- >> we have a paper trail -- >> the fact of the matter. >> congressman, we have a paper
7:47 am
trail for of comment i've made. yes or no, doesn't this show bad judgment? >> no. >> well, i -- >> well, let him answer the question, too. you kind of indicated he did something wrong. let him explain why it wasn't wrong. >> it was a yes or no answer. >> i want to have him be able to handle that problem. >> maybe it would be helpful if you laid out the accusation, sir. >> well, you purchased stock in an australian company through private offerings at discounts not available to the public. >> if i may, they were available to every single individual that was an investor at the time. >> well, that is not what we learned from company filings. company filings with the australia stock exchange state that this specific private
7:48 am
placement would be made at below market rates. the treasury department says it's only offered to sophisticated investors in a non-public manner. we have a paper trail for of one of the sthamts i have gone into. and trading in stocks while you sat on two committees, introducing legislation that directly imp the value of the stocks -- >> what legislation would that be, senator? >> we will take you through the various bills, but the reality is, this has been cited on a number of occasions. >> the reality is that everything i did was ethical, above board, legal and transparent. the reason that you know about this is we've made that information available in realtime as required by the health ethics committee. there isn't anything that you
7:49 am
have divulged is public knowledge. if you had listened to your committee staff, our believe is it is a clerical error at the time the 278-e was filed. there was not any maliciousness at all. >> congressman, you also reported it in the questionnaire to the committee and you had to revise it yesterday because it was wrong. >> and the reason for that is because i -- when asked about the value, i thought it meant the value at the time that i purchased the stock, not the value at some nebulous time. >> i want to get in one her question. this weekend thees prish you'd an executive order instructing agencies to do everything possible to roll back the affordable care act. if confirmed you'll be the
7:50 am
captain of the health team and in charge of implementing the order. yes or no, will you commit that no one will be well off? >> i commit to working with you and every single members of congress to make sure we have the highest quality health care and every single american has access to affordable coverage. >> that is not what i asked. i sktd will you commit that no one will be worse off under the executive order? will you guarantee that no one will lose coverage under the executive order? >> i guarantee you that the individual that lost can have ranl under the affordable car act. that's the commitment i provide to you. >> the question, again, is will anyone lose coverage and you answered to something i didn't ask. i'll wrap up this round by saying will you commit to not implementing the order until the replacement plan is in place?
7:51 am
>> as i mentioned, senator, what i commit to you and what i kbhit to the american people is keep patients the center of health care. what that means to me is making certain that every single american has access to affordable health coverage that will provide the highest quality health care that the world can provide. >> i'm going to close by way of saying that what the congressman is saying is that the order could go into effect before there's a replacement plan, and independent experts say this is going to destroy the market on which millions of working families buy health coverage and on the questions that i ask, will the congressman commit that nobody will be worse off, nobody will lose coverage, we didn't get an answer. thank you, mr. chairman. >> how can anybody commit to that? let me just say, dr. price,
7:52 am
you've been -- you disclosed the wrong value of shares you owned in, you know, in therapeutic. now, dr. price, this has a diversified portfolio with morgan stanley and a broker directed account. correct me if i'm wrong on any of this, doctor. the portfolio includes both health care and non-health care stocks. its financial adviser designed the portfolio and directed all trades in the account. the advisers, not dr. price, has the discretion to decide which securities to buy and sell. march 17th, 2016 in a periodic rebalancing of the portfolio, the financial adviser directed the purchase of 26 shares in zimmer bionet worth more handed
7:53 am
3 million. dr. price dischosed all of dr. price's stocks are held in three broker directed accounts, with one exception. neither he nor his wife direct or provide input regarding investments in these accounts. innate immuno therapeutics is the one exception. dr. price decided to invest and i'll just call it based on public information regarding his work on multiple sclerosis treatmts as a disease. he has been intimately involved in treating for years. he directed the investments based on his own research into the company, he invested $10,000
7:54 am
to the company in january 2015 and reported the invetsments in house ethics in february of that woor. he made an additional investment of 201616 and also disclosed that. he's agreed to divest all shares in the company. is that a correct set of remarks? >> your information is correct, sir. i'd just point out that anybody who knows me well knows i would never violate their trust. and i know the environment that we're in here, you mentioned it in your opening statement and i appreciate you correcting the record. >> well, thank you. let see. >> mr. chairman, just an inquiry. you just consumed about two minutes beyond your opening statement. and in the interest of fair play, is it appropriate for someone to note that two minutes is also owed to senator wyden or
7:55 am
somebody on my side. >> i'm not going to relinquish my role as chairman. i've all been good at giving time up need. i'm going to do that. i'm also not going to allow things that are false to go forward without comment. >> a bipartisan disclosure memo eye like to be. >> did you really wink at me and smile? bless your heart. thank you.
7:56 am
good doctor, thank you for coming. i think it important to make clear right off the bat that even if congress and the incoming administration were to do nothing, absolutely nothing, amending or repealing parts of the affordable care act, the law is not working. it collapsi, the prices are unaffordable, market is nearly nonexistent, few options to several state and counties. one out of every three county only has one insurer offering coverage on the, change. what tools do you have or will you have when you're confirmed which could be utilized over the next couple of months to provide stability and improve the insurance markets so that insure karen p carriers will want to come back and provide more options as we transition away from the affordable care act.
7:57 am
>> thank you. i think it incredible to admit what people know, that the affordable care act isn't working. you have premiums that are significantly. they were supposed to go down by $2,500. now they're up more than $2,500 on average. you've got deductibles that have escalated from 6,000 to 12,000. you've got, as you mentioned, state where there's only one insurance carrier. this is maybe working for government and insurance companies but it not working for patience. what we need to do is an effort to reconstitute the individual in small gro and one of the goals i have is to lower the dp in this debate, to say to those providing the insurance products across the country, we
7:58 am
understand, we hear the challenges that you have. they're already ekts itting the and we'll have to reconstitute the mash that allow this -- that allows them to purchase coverage at a reasonable amount that, makes it so that they don't deductibles rao -- to make certain that the american people have access to the highest quality care that's affordable for them. >> doctor, i have 84 critical access hospitals in my state. it's all part of the royal health care delivery system which is under great stress. as we have seen when i visit with hospital administrators all
7:59 am
throughout kansas, there's a time i knew every one of them, but they're scratching their heads over regulations coming out of hhs. it and it used be go on and on. doctors used to spend 10, 15 minutes with patients. it now down to about two or three and then he have to report immediately on what was going on. the 96-hour rule for critical access hospitals, seeps to me there's a lack of understanding of our provider shortages in our rural areas. we're just hanging on a about the. >> you have been watching now round two in the ring for tom price, president trump's pick to be haegs second. that's going to wrap up our hour of msnbc live.
8:00 am
i'm headed back to the white house where senate majority leader where mitch mcconnell is confirming he and others will be talking supreme court pick later this afternoon. for rye now over to my colleague tamron hall. >> good morning. we begin with new executive order signed any minute now by the president. details have not been officially announced but a senior white house adviser confirmed to nbc n new. now, the keystone pipeline from canada to nebraska where it would join existing pipelineses to texas was opposed by environmentalist and rejected by president obama in november of 2015. late last year, the obama


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