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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 25, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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serving abroad. not happy to show it to you but at this point it is necessary. we'll see you again tomorrow for that. "first look" is up next. and the person i'm starting to feel bad for is trump's press secretary sean spicer. whatever trump says, sean spicer has to go out and defend. yesterday he said the administration reserves the right to, quote, disagree with the facts. that sounds good, i like that, but i'm going to start doing that. when my doctor says my cholesterol is 238, i'm going to say, no it isn't. 182. now go get me some mozzarella sticks. >> another rough day for sean spicer. the press secretary gets grilled after endorsing a claim that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election without offering any specific election. plus, the executive orders continue. president trump has revived a
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couple of controversial pipeline projects. and today he may take action on his long-promised border wall. and health secretary nominee tom price in the hot seat for a second time as senators pressed him on replacing the affordable care act. ♪ good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, january 25th. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. today marks the fifth full day of the trump administration. a big day planned on national security tomorrow. we will build the wall. trump will sign an executive order to construct a new barrier along the mexican border when he visits the department of homeland security this afternoon. also, cracking down on cities that refuse to hand over the undocumented for deportation. still unknown what action the
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president will take on the obama executive order that protected thousands of undocumented who arrived as children. and there are reports from reuters and "the new york times" that trump might fulfill a campaign promise by imposing a temporary plan on most refugees and the suspension of visas for residents of syria and six other countries with large muslim populations. "the new york times" has similar reporting but says details could change. the president will meet with his chief of staff this morning and later take his official presidential courtship. the president pushed his agenda by holding summits and signs executive orders putting the power of his office behind pipeline projects that were blocked by the obama administration. the application for the keystone xl pipeline will be reconsidered on a fast-track basis with the secretary of state to decide in 60 days and he'll review and approve the dakota access pipeline. the president also signed an
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order to the secretary of commerce seeking a plan within six months to mandate the american steel must be used in any american pipeline. >> you and i are very insistent if we are going to build pipelines in the united states, the pipes should be made in the united states. much pipeline is brought from other countries. from now on we are going to start making pipeline in the united states. we build it in the united states, we build the pipelines, we want to build the pipe. we're going to put a lot of steel workers back to work. >> the president also signed two more executive orders, one to speed up the environmental review process for a high-priority infrastructure project. and he highlighted on business. we also learn that the administration instructed the environmental protection agency
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to freeze all grants and contracts pending further review halting what amounts to be about $4 billion in annual funding. now last night the president suggested federal intervention is ahead for chicago tweeting, if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings, i will send in the feds. later he extended an invitation to india's head of state to visit the united states, discussing the fight of terror with the prime minister modi by phone. he also convened a bipartisan senate leadership and heads-up the judiciary committee to discuss the supreme court vacancy. in his second daily briefing, sean spicer stood by a widely debunked claim that millions of voters illegally participated in the election that got his boss donald trump elected president. the night before the president claim in a closed door meeting with congressional leaders that between 3 and 5 million illegals vote in the 2016 cycling.
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>> the national association of secretaries of state say they don't agree with the president's assessment. what evidence do you have? >> as i said, i think the president has believed that for a while based on studies and information he has. >> the white house formally asked for a probe into this election -- >> i think he won very handedly with 306 electoral votes, 33 states. he's very comfortable with his win. >> can you clarify if they are illegal ballots or illegal immigrants? >> there's a study that came out to show 14% of people who voted were not citizens. there are other study that is have been presented to him. it's a belief he maintains. >> does he want an investigation into this? >> as i noted several times, he's believed this for a long time and he won fairly overwhelming. >> i'm asking you, why not investigate something that is -- >> maybe we will. >> the biggest scandal in american electoral history, 3 to 5 million people voting illegally? >> we'll see where we go from here, but right now the focus
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that the president has is on putting americans back to work. >> do you believe there is widespread voter fraud? >> look -- >> how can you be comfortable with the win -- >> he's very comfortable with the win. >> maybe he didn't win. >> no, he's very comfortable with his win. >> what does that mean for the democracy? >> thank, joe. it means i've answered your question. >> the national association of secretaries of state stood by the fidelity of the system saying in part, quote, we are not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by president trump. but we are open to learning more about the administration's concerns. now the press secretary appeared to be comparing two different studies, neither proved the president's claims. mark murray of nbc news reports a 2012 pew study found 24 million invalid voter registrations because the person had either moved or died. the study acted as a call to update registration systems. and as the study's author has written, there was no evidence of actual voter fraud. there's also a study from old
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university widely criticized to find 14% of citizens voted in both 2008 and 2010 based on the sample of a few hundred respondents. one of the authors of that said the trump campaign was blowing findings out of proportion writing, both sides of the non-citizen findings were exaggerated considering non-citizen representation. >> at times members of congress were feverishly trying to advance the trump agenda. >> does it trouble you that he continues to hold a belief that isn't fact? >> i have commented on that. i have seen no evidence to that fact. i have made that very clear. >> there are literally people in jail in kentucky for this kind of activity. there are always arguments on both sides about how much, how frequent and all the rest. but the notion that election fraud is a fiction is not true. >> rather than the media playing the talking points of the left, gosh, it doesn't exist, it doesn't matter, pay no attention
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to what is going on, here's a radical idea. how about we enforce the law? >> i think this is a huge distraction from what we aught to be focusing on, which is getting the president his cabinet to get to work for the american people. this really seems like a rabbit trail to me. >> this is a president who is claiming electoral fraud in a massive fashion to reconcile the fact that he did not lose the popular vote when in fact he did. but he's still a legitimate president. but this is not about voting anymore, it's about him. and the more he does this, the more troubling it will be for his presidency. i'm begging that the president share with us the information you have about this or please stop saying it. >> senator john thume was asked about voter fraud, he said, quote, i don't want to answer that. i don't know what that number is. you'll have to get the
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information for him. but like the leader said, there's always a certain amount of irregularity that goes on in elections, someplace perhaps more so than others. how you quantify that i'm not sure but he must have his methodology. the date printed on the photo is january 21st, the day after his inauguration. and alex, president trump's pick for health and human services found himself on the defensive as democratic lawmakers grilled him on the plan to replace obamacare. congressman tom price of georgia faced a heated confirmation hearing yesterday before the senate finance committee. in addition to having defend the president's alternative to the affordable care act, congressman price was questioned on his training of medical and pharmaceutical stocks while in congress. >> president trump said he's working with you in a replacement plan for the aca, which is nearly finished and will be revealed after your confirmation, is that true?
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>> it's true that he said that, yes. >> so did -- not that he's ever done this before, but did the president lie? did the president lie about this that he's not working with you? he said he's working with you, i know we don't use the word lie here because we're polite when presidents make statements that are not true, but did he lie? >> i have had conversations with the president about health care, yes. >> which wasn't quite the answer. >> now i know the president likes to pay close attention to what he puts his name on. and i have a feeling, congressman, that even though you keep saying today that congress will decide, you're not really believing, are you, that your new boss is going to not weigh in on what we -- what he wants congress to pass? we're not going to have a plan from him? >> i think we look forward to working with you and other members of the house. >> my question is, are we going
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to have a plan from the president? will he have a plan? >> if i have the privilege to be confirmed, i look forward to working with the president and bringing a plan to you. >> great. so the plan will come from president trump and you will have the most important role in shaping that plan as his secretary of health and human services, correct? >> i hope i have input, yes, ma'am. the reality is that everything that i did was ethical or legal and transparent. the reason you know about these things is because we have made that information available in realtime as required by the house ethics committee. so there isn't anything that you have divulged here that hasn't been public knowledge. >> you're state number is five times larger than the state it ethics officials reported as a nominee. and you had to revise a number yesterday because it was wrong. >> and the reason for that is
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because when asked about the value, i thought it meant the value at the time that i purchased the stock. >> linda mcmahon, donald trump's pick to head the small business administration, sailed through her confirmation hearing yesterday. the former world wrestling chief executive told senators she was a strong advocate for small businesses. while she and her husband turned wwe into a multi-million dollar company, she detailed her experience growing her family's small business in years prior. >> small businesses have had some tough blows in the past decade. i know what it's like to take a hit. and i've learned it's not how you fall but it's how you get up that truly matters. >> mcmahon's hearing lasted less than two hours. unlike other nominees, she was not pressed on president trump's past positions. her son-in-law wrestler hhh was on the hill to support her. and governor nicki hailey won approval to be the next
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ambassador to top united nations. she won support after breaking from president trump by voicing skepticism about russia in support for nato. despite earlier concerns that she has no diplomatic or foreign policy experience. meanwhile, shortly after haley ooerks confirmation, henry mcmaster became the new governor in that state. he was one of trump's earliest supporter last year in the lead-up to the election. also yesterday the senate commerce committee advanced the nomination of former labor secretary elaine chao to head the department of transportation. and similarly approved billionaire investment wilbur ross to be the next commerce secretary by a voice vote. okay, louis. there's ben carson one step closer to becoming the next secretary of housing and urban development as two top democratic senators now say they will give carson's confirmation their support. the senate banking committee approved carson's nomination yesterday sending it to the full chamber for final confirmation. like other trump cabinet nominees, carson faced a heated
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confirmation hearing including one exchange with senator elizabeth warren on granting hud contracts to real estate companies with ties to trump. but senator warren along with fellow democratic senators sherrod brown will vote for confirmation of carson, with sherrod brown giving ben carson the benefit of the doubt. and still ahead, long-time sportscaster erin andrews opens up about a cancer diagnosis. and james comey from the 2016 campaign may not be going anywhere. we'll check on those stories when we come right back. if you're told you have cancer,
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welcome back, everyone. fbi director james comey is
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expected to remain in his position at the helm of the federal government's top law enforcement agency. "the new york times" reports that comey told his senior agents that president donald trump asked him to remain in the post he's held since president obama appointed him back in 2013. the fbi director currently faces a review by the justice department's inspector general over the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. they are appointed for ten-year terms but could be fired by the president at any time. i saw stars driving into work today, it was fantastic. >> it was nice. this is a video of the mudslides occurring in the santa clarita area. that's a mess. imagine cleaning up after that in your backyard. well, as far as that storm, that's the one that now moved into the middle of the country and is producing significant snow. we have a winter storm warning for areas all the way from the
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dakotas all the way to nebraska, iowa, southern minnesota and wisconsin. about 8 million people are in the warnings. we have had some significant snow overnight. sioux city and sioux falls both reporting three to six inches of snow. the heavier snow is from lacrosse to winchester. madison as well. milwaukee, make an inch or two. here's the snowfall forecast for the remainder of the storm in addition to what you have already seen. when you get to the purple shading, that's around fou inches. a decent amount of snow here. rochester to lacrosse, north of milwaukee, sheyboygan, green bay, three inches is possible. this is not a huge ordeal, mostly for places that have minor travel delays this morning. improvement this evening. forecast for the east ghost looks great recovering from the big nor'easter. 51 in new york. 45 in boston is warm. d.c. is 59. this is a two-day warm spell for the east coast. and then it gets cooler heading to the weekend. but we'll take two days in a row
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in the 50s as alex was mentioning. kind of gloomy in the east and it would be nice to get sunshine. >> 50 and sunny, i'll take it, even for two days. >> in the winter that's a bonus. one more for you, fox sports reporter erin andrews revealed she battled cervical cancer during the nfl season. the 38-year-old told "sports illustrated" she had surgery on october 11th and was back on the sidelines just five days later. such commitment there. andrews underwent a second procedure in november and was told later that month that the radiation and chemotherapy would not be needed. it closed out the end of a very difficult year for andrews. in march she was awarded $55 million in her civil lawsuit over the secret recording and release of a video showing her naked during her hotel still. her courage is incredibly inspiring. we have much more coming up next in the world of sports, including lebron james putting
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pressure on the cavs front office. and serena williams inching closer to the number one world ranking. we're back in a moment. ith golds broke into a house owned by three bears. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items... ...including a new chair from crate and barrel. call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowners insurance.
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welcome back. time now for sports. the marquette eagles knocked off a number one team beating top-ranked villanova 74-72.
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marquette pulled ahead after coming back from 17 points behind with the wildcats missing two opportunities to make a comeback including a bucket at the end of the half. and west virginia's esa anna leading the mountaineers to an 85-69 victory over kansas. and the volunteers erased a 27-point deficit to record their first win over a top five team since 2010. the final score there was 82-80. time now for tennis and the australian open. we'll go to melbourne with two more match wins here, serena williams will regain her number one ranking. she booked her tenth straight major appearance after a 6-2,
2:25 am
6-3 win yesterday. williams will face 34-year-old narani lusich. this marks only the fourth time in open history that three semifinalists are all over 30 years old. and in men's tennis, dimitrov beat goffin. and lebron james has pushed general manager james griffin and the office on notice. quote, i'm not mad or upset at
2:26 am
management cause griff and staff that done a sxwregreat job. i just feel we still need to improve in order to repeat. some strong words there. >> maybe they want to win. okay, thanks. lead levels fall below limits in flint, michigan, but is it enough to make a difference? plus -- >> i want to thank everybody, perhaps we could go around the table and introduce ourselves and say hello. i'll start. i'm donald trump. >> a man who needs no introductions, president trump meets with automakers and pushes for new plants in america. those stories and more are coming up next.
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hey there, welcome back. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. we're starting off with the morning's top stories. donald trump says to expect a big day on national security. a senior administration official says expect the president to sign an executive order calling for that wall on the mexican border that he promised. according to reuters and "the new york times," a president will order a temporary ban on most refugees and a suspension of visas of citizens of syria, iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan and yemen.
2:31 am
and nikki haley won approval to become the next ambassador to the united nations. she won support of democrats after breaking from president trump by voting skepticism about russia and support for nato. and state officials say the flint, michigan, water system no longer has lead levels exceeding the federal limit. and that comes nearly three years after the city switched its water source sparking a health crisis. according to michigan officials, flint's led levels are comparable to other similarly sized cities with infrastructure. they still tell people to drink from bottled water or filters. and yesterday donald trump signed an executive action reinstating the controversial plans protested by environmentalists and native americans. nbc news' kristen welker has the details. >> reporter: with the stroke of a pen, president trump resurrecting two controversial projects, the keystone xl
2:32 am
pipeline and the dakota pipeline casting it as a campaign promise to create more jobs. >> we'll build our own pipeline. we'll build our own pipes. like we used to in the old days. >> reporter: a reversal on two of the obama projects stalled, a flashpoint for environmentalist protesters, many who camped out for months. native americans who live near the dakota access pipeline say the project could destroy their homes and sacred sights. last year they won a battle with the army corps of engineers to delay the project. they're devastated but vowing to fight on. >> we'll stand in prayer, we will continue to stand, and we are not afraid. >> reporter: environmentalists said landowners are equally heated about locking keystone pipeline to carry 800,000 barrels a day from canada to the gulf coast. proponents argue it could create close to 10,000 short-term construction jobs but only 50 would be permanent. opponents countered the move
2:33 am
would harm the environment. still, the white house insists construction will move quickly. >> he wants to make sure we get this process back on track and get it moving. it is too important for the jobs and economy of our country. >> and that was kristen welker reporting there. the president also had a warning for the leaders of chicago tweeting, if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings, up 24% from 2016, i will send in the feds. notice carnage in quotes. it is the same word he used in his inaugural address when vowing to stop the, quote, crime and gangs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. the chicago police department responded saying it is more than willing to work with the federal government to boost protection rates and prosecution rates for gun crimes. the department also clarified the crime stats in the president's tweets. mr. trump said there were 42 murders so far in chicago this year and 228 shootings. last night the department said
2:34 am
the total number of murders year to date is 38. and as far as the shootings for victims surviving is on par with 2016 at 182. all right, we'll turn to capitol hill, congressman nick mulvaney was in front of the office of management and budget. he was first elect in a 2010 tea party wave. he went against john mccain on defense spending. listen to this. >> did you vote to cut $17 billion from our defense? >> from the overseas contingency, yes, sir. >> did you offer in 2013 to cut the budget by $3.5 billion? >> that i don't remember. >> well, i'll tell you, i would remember if i voted to cut our defense the way that you did, congressman. maybe you don't take it with the seriousness that it deserves.
2:35 am
what's the highest priority in facing debt or rebuilding the military? >> the number one priority is to defend the nation. >> it's nice to hear that you believe they are important because you have spent your entire congressional career pitting the debt against our military. and each time, at least for you, the military was less important. >> in his appearance before the budget committee, senator bernie sanders pushed mulvaney on his policy differences with president trump. >> will you tell the president of the united states, mr. president, keep your word, be honest with the american people, do not cut social security, medicare and medicaid. >> the only thing i know to do is to tell the president the truth. and the truth is that if we do not reform these programs that are so important to your constituents in vermont and to mine in south carolina, i believe in nine or ten years the medicaid trust fund is empty. and roughly 17 or 18 years the social security trust fund is
2:36 am
empty. >> you tell him that a promise you made about medicare and social security is going to meet their demise if you don't change that promise? >> yes, sir. >> mulvaney said it was not the budget director's role to set policy, only advise the president about the impact. and he answered on whether he would tell the president things trump might not want to hear. and senator jeff merkley of oregon used trump's crowd at the inaugural to demonstrate his point. >> i have behind me two pictures that were taken at about the same time of day in 2009 and in 2017. whether crowd is larger, the 2009 crowd or the 2017 crowd? >> senator, if you allow me to give the disclaimer, that i'm not sure how this plays into this, but the crowd on the left side is bigger than the crowd on the right side. >> thank you. are you comfortable as you proceed as a key budget adviser
2:37 am
presenting falsehoods as simply an alternative fact? >> as you and i discuss in your office, i have every intent and believe that i have shown up until this point in my congress that i'm deadly serious about giving you hard numbers. and i intend to follow through on that. >> and west virginia's joe manchin is the first democratic senator to announce support of rex tillerson as secretary of state. the announcement comes a day after tillerson narrowly approved a key confirmation hearing by being approvedi the senate foreign relations committee along party lines. a full vote by the senate is expected on tuesday. after weeks of taunting the automotive industry on twitter, president trump met with detroit's big three automakers yesterday and sat down with chief executives from general motors, fiat chrysler and ford motor about companies he plans to build here in the united states. >> we are bringing manufacturing back to the united states big
2:38 am
league, we are reducing taxes substantially and reducing unnecessary regulation. we'll make the process much more simple for the oil companies and for everybody else that wants to do business in the united states. >> and the president tweeted, great meeting with automobile industry leader at the white house this morning. together we will make america great again. in a statement gm's ceo mary barra called the discussion constructive and wide ranging adding it focused on policies that support a strong and competitive economy in automotive industry and that supports the environment and safety. the ceo of ford also said he was reassured by the president's economic policies. >> we're very encouraged by the president and the economic policies he's forwarding. and i would just call out yesterday the president's decision to withdraw from the tpp. we appreciate the president's courage to walk away from a bad trade deal. all right, let's turn to business now where the u.s. markets rallied yesterday on the
2:39 am
heels of president trump's executive orders. nancy hungerford is joining us live from london. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all hit big numbers yesterday. >> reporter: that's right. we broke records for the s&p and nasdaq. and the gains are spilling over here in europe. we're looking at a jump in equities globally. the index is touching a 19-month high. so this rally has steam. looking at u.s. futures pointing to another positive open for wall street today. and in addition to the fresh executive orders where traders were citing this is a sign of more infrastructure spending to come. and there's enthusiasm for earnings. keep watch on the corporate front. elsewhere, a story for you frequent flyers out there. a budget carrier from asia is coming to the united states. one of the most popular carriers air asia x has been given
2:40 am
approve proou appro approvel to fly to the u.s. lookout for more on this. >> nancy hungerford, thank you. and china is firing back after strong words from the white house about trade and their relationship going forward. the chief foreign correspondent richard engel sat down with one of beijing's top government officials for a rare interview. take a listen. >> reporter: the trump administration is sparking a strong reaction from china after this warning over china's military build-up in the south china sea. >> if those islands are in south china waters and not china property, we'll defend international territories from being taken over by one country. >> reporter: china is constructing islands to use as bases. >> that's for china and other countries in this region. >> reporter: we sat down with
2:41 am
the top foreign ministry spokesman in beijing for a rare interview. you're saying none of the united states is business. >> no. that is not international territory. >> reporter: then there's taiwan, china doesn't recognize taiwan's independence but trump after winning the election took a call from the taiwanese leader prompting china to send jets near the island as a threat. how would china respond to president trump taking more steps to recognize taiwan? >> this touches upon china's core interest. by no means this is something that could be negotiated. >> reporter: there's no room for discussion from your perspective on that. >> on china policy. 100%. >> reporter: this is leading to talk of a trade war. do you think that is coming? >> we don't want that, but it's not only up to us.
2:42 am
that needs efforts from both sides. >> our thanks to richard engel for that report. alex? well, former president george h.w. bush continues to recover from pneumonia while hospitalized in texas. a spokesperson says the 92-year-old is becoming more active and can now sit up. and is also working with a physical therapist to regain his strength. the former president is also talking with physicians, staff and visitors and started returning phone calls. the former first lady barbara bush discharged from the hospital on monday returned yesterday as a visitor to be with her husband. and one day after fainting while delivering his state of the state address, minnesota governor mark dayton announced he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. >> i had a biopsy last wednesday down at mayo and then we received those results last friday at noon, which confirmed that it is cancer most certainly, and that it has not spread almost certainly.
2:43 am
>> well, governor dayton who turns 70 tomorrow expects to learn more from a fallow-up to the mayo clinic next week, if but he doesn't think the diagnosis will prevent him from carrying out duties as governor. >> i had my hip surgery and there are no brain cells there, and as far as i know there are no brain cells in my prostate either. >> that's a good one, governor. we wish you well. still ahead, a national park goes rogue tweeting out what some call facts. we'll explain all that for you. plus, donald trump and the supreme court. we are told the president could be close to deciding on a nominee. a closer look at the possible short list, next. boost
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2:47 am
friday. and an announcement could come next week. trump releaseded a short list of 21 names during his campaign and now the consensus is the final three according to published reports appear to be three appellate justices, judge william prior of alottlanta, ju neil gorsuch and judge thomas hardiman. >> next week we'll be picking a supreme court justice. i'll be announcing it sometime next week. >> in the meantime of stonewalling, chuck schumer has said the seat once belonging to justice antonin scalia could be kept open indefinitely if the nominee is too far outside the mainstream. his colleague senator mitch mcconnell tried to remind him how senate republicans tweeted
2:48 am
previous nominees. >> there's a big difference between not approving a supreme court nominee in the middle of a highly-contested presidential election and the beginning of a four-year term. under clinton, ginsburg and briar, no filibuster. no filibuster. under obama, sotomayor and kagan, no filibuster. first term, new president, supreme court legacy. what we hope would be that our democratic friends will treat president trump's nominees in the same way that we treated clinton and obama. >> well, the trump administration is still trying to get a firm grip on the environmental protection agency as it works through a dramatic shift in policy. the president's ordered a freeze on any new epa contracts, grant funding and is now in the process of trying to delay the
2:49 am
implementation of regulations, adding to the uncertainty of media blackout. they have banned the epa staff from updating social media accounts. other agencies have also been ordered to stay off of social media including the national park service. but yesterday badlands national park went rogue after posting tweet after tweet of stats on climate change. they were later deleted saying they were made by somebody not currently authorized to use the account. well, at least the information is getting out there. >> i think it first started with 7,000 followers for the park. by the end of the day, 60,000 to 70,000. and the forecast today, the only concern is the storm in the middle of the country with the snow. still snowing pretty good from minneapolis to lacrosse down to madison, milwaukee, northwards up to green bay and sheboygan. we'll get an additional two to four inches of snow there. this is a nice snow, not the ice or sleet. this is an all snow event throughout the northern plains
2:50 am
heading into the midwest. here's the storm the next couple of days, one we get rid of this storm, one or two days of warmth in the northeast. then the cold moves in, as you would expect because we are still in the middle of winter. it hasn't felt like it, so the cool air is moving in and temperatures will be very mild the next two days. d.c., 59. 55 and 44 on friday, above average for this time of the year. atlanta, enjoy today at 71. you cool off by friday. and as we head through the weekend, that's when the cold air moves all the way to the east coast. notice new york city highs only in the 30s. 33 by monday. that's what we should be dealing with this time of the year. and even minneapolis, 28 on sunday. 37 is way above normal. and no storms coming this way, louis. things are looking as quiet as they can be for the middle of winter as we get done with this storm today. looking out seven to ten days without any big storms. >>. that's good news. i have one more for you, the white house is reminding reporters about the privacy concerning donald trump's children. this came one day after the
2:51 am
"snl" writer was suspended after a tweet about his son barron. it is a longstanding tradition that the children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight. the white house fully expects the cooperatitradition to conti. we appreciate your cooperation in this matter. start your party prep with venus embrace sensitive with a...
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welcome back. the state department is reviewing the release of $221 million to the palestinians. the gop lawmakers were blocking the move approved by congress in 2015 and 2016. the outgoing secretary of state john kerry notified congress of the decision. last friday morning just before the inauguration of president trump. the ap reports that according to the notice, the money is meant for humanitarian aid in the west bank and gaza to support political and security reforms and to prepare for a future palestinian state. meanwhile, israel approved the construction of 2500 new residences in the west bank. in a tweet, prime minister benjamin netanyahu wrote in hebrew, part, we build and we will continue to build. the move comes after officials approved building permits for 566 new residences earlier in
2:55 am
the week. after that, netanyahu annexed one of the largest west bank settlements. matt bradley is joining us live from tel aviv with more on that. good morning to you, matt, what is the latest on this? >> reporter: good morning, alex. that's right, this is just the latest in a series of moves that have the netanyahu administration here in israel booing the idea of the donald trump's presidency. donald trump has a new ambassador to the west bank who people believe will be behind the settlement move. and a lot of people believe donald trump is behind a lot of the right-wing elements here in israel, especially netanyahu's premiership. what we're seeing is that donald trump is going to be moving ahead with plans to appoint this new ambassador who has actually funded a lot of the settlement moves. and this is really kind of taking the wind out of the sails of any of the negotiations stalled already for nearly three years.
2:56 am
so this is really kind of a major blow to any hopes of the palestinians to return to the negotiating table. now, these settlements have been going on for decades and have been a major detriment to peace, but one of the bigger moves is he's going to be moving the united states embassy from here in tel aviv to jerusalem. that could really damage the peace process. the peace process has already been terribly damaged. back to you. >> talk about complicated. matt bradley, thank you so much, from tel aviv. when we come back, a look at the stories happening in the day ahead. suck on and point decisively with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two: before your meeting, choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly so you can prepare to win at business. book now at
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before we toss it over to "morning joe," we'll get a look at the top stories for the day. donald trump is expected to issue orders on the border wall, including immigration. one order will deal with the border wall with mexico. a second one will reportedly focus on refugees and immigrants from muslim countries. and the republicans will kick off their annual policy retreat in philadelphia. this agenda includes revamping the corporate tax code, overhauling the health care system and rolling back
3:00 am
regulations on oil and gas drilling. president trump is expected to attend and make remarks tomorrow. it's getting loud in here. joe and mika have made it into the studio. that does it and mika made it i studio. that does it for us on this wednesday. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> i have behind me two pictures that were taken at about the same time of day in 2009 and 2017. which crowd is larger, the 2009 crowd or the 2017 crowd? >> senator, if you allow me to give the disclaimer, it appears the crowd on the left-hand side is bigger. than the crowd on the right-hand side. >> thank you. are you comfortable as being a adviser a as


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