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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  January 26, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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this decline in trust. so let's semipositive note. it includes country like japan and belgium. back to the doomsday clock. this not closest we have been, it was set to 2 minutes to mitted night. the collapse have not happened yet. "mtp daily." "for the record" starts a little late, sorry. "for the record" war on the border. the mexican president with a stunner decide not to come to washington, d.c., hold on to seat trump has different version. no show mutual decision but it is. also, trump top adviser blasting the opposition and say the press should keep its mouth
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shut. do not answer that question. the president yelling at republicans we'll tell you what happened behind the scene at today's gop retreat. president trump moving ahead at breakneck speed taking a trip to filly. speak about can sellings with the -- the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel the planned meeting schedule for next week. unless mexico is going to treat united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. >> hours later at the republican retreat a different foreign leader showing up from london.
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british prime minister theresa may. >> -- is good for the world. an america strong and prosperous at home is a nation that can lead abroad. but you cannot and should not do so alone. >> she'll meet with president trump tomorrow. trump getting warm reception as he ticked off his agenda. >> nice to win. do we agree. it's been a while. >> this congress is go to be the busiest congress we've had in decades. our legislative work starts with repeal and replace obamacare. the american people will not pay for the wall. we're going to have a lot of trade deals. don't worry about it. we need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting. >> also today several top officials at the state department stepping down from
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their post-s. nbc kristen welker is at the white house. >> let's tart with mexico in the wake of president trump signing executive order backlash from the president of mexico under a lot of pressure from within his own country to take a strong stand. he floated that he maybe a no show to this meeting that was schedule. these tweets today president trump saying it's better it we don't neat. then came the word from pena nieto that he going to cancel the meeting. as you mentioned president trump said today at that gop retreat it was a mutual decision. i just pressed one of the top official on that point. did they actually talk, how was this mutual decision.
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i was told there was conversation back and forth between the countries throughout day. they want to meeting to take place. they are in much contact with the mexican government. but it comes amid press secretary spicer telling reports that one of the ways the president could make mexico fa for the wall is to slap 20% tax on imports that spark a lotch concerns among businesses here. that's going to drive up price of some products. moments ago he clarified that's one of a buffet how to deal with the issue. i asked if -- important relationship that the united states has. after all mexico is the u.s. third largest trading partners. response that they are confident
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they will be able to resolve this. this comes as president trump says he want to renegotiate nafta. that's going to require mexico sating down at the table with him. another busy day at the white house. i anticipate friday going to be busy. >> thank you. congressman from north carolina. good evening. sir. >> good evening.. great to be with you. >> what do you make of the spat between the president mexico and the president of the united states? >> well, really, it's not really knew. when we talked about a border wall that's promise president trump made when he was campaigning to follow through on that is following you through on promise me made to the american people. when is going to pay for it and
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the anticipated arrival of the mexican president, we would like to see that. when you look at some of the contects of that 20% tariff a lot of that is taking it out of context. it's really more about a boarder adjustment tax. >> who is going to pay for it? . i cannot imagine your caucus like the idea of running up pt debt. where is this money coming from? buffet of 20% tax. that went over like a lead balloon. where are we going to find this money? >> i think on that, you're right it's $15 billion speaker rye yoon talked about the fact we are fiscal conservatives we off set that with other dollars from other places.
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>> where. $15 billion is a lot of money. and you know -- >> it is. >> there's has to be some plan where that money is going to come from and the president said the mexico is going to pay for it. now the president of mexico says i'm not showing up to buy coffee if your country. >> to answer your question, we talk about number of times about improper payments there's $34 billion that we sent in improper payments just on medicaid and medicare reimbursement. even looking at those improper payments when you have over trillion dollar budget, finding $15 billion should not be a difficult task. where can ewe have it. some suggested tapping into oil reserves to look at it pay for it there.
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we're going to give the president to make sure he fulfills that. you will see that in the bubt as we look to rebuild military and security brd boarder. >> we may need a go fund me to fund that. >> the president seems to say people who are dreamers, he going to do -- he is not going to ship them all back. what is freedom caucus think about that? >> with have briefed we need to take a step approach about this. in the first step was secure the border, that's why you're going to see we are agreeable on building the wall to make sure we stop the problem. then from there, it's looking at our legal immigration program because what we're finding is that the reason we have this is because sometimes legally it
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takes up to ten years for someone to come here that are willing to follow the rules and the lou, as we look at that it's addressing what happens in sanctuary cities making sure 19,000 people get sent back to their country. the president talked about that today, that's going to stop on his watch with the assist cans with the new secretary of state, secretary tillerson. >> i cannot imagine, they like the idea if the president writes too many executive orders. do you str any problems with this rapid fire executive orders? >> we have been looking closely to make she he is not encroaching on congresss authority. we have identified 300 orders
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that he would write and correct on his own without authority from congress but again, keeping those pillars and conservative branch separate, making sure what will of people through congress gets enacted through law, not allow him to use his pen in an inappropriate manner. >> congressman, thank you sir. >> thank you, greta. the idea of tax to pay for the border wall. as notice president trump press secretary spicer said. >> tax at 50%. $50 billion at 20% which is practice that 160 countries do right now. our country policy is to tax exports and let imports flow freely in. by doing that way we can do
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$10 billion a year and can easily pay for the wall. >> there's lot of ways to pay for the wall. any policy proposal which drives up, is a big time -- here what speaker ryan told me yesterday about paying for the wall. >> i know you're follow up question is mexico going to pay for the wall. there's a lot of ways to get mexico to contribute to doing this. there's different way define how they pay for it. >> -- david, where is this money coming from. i'm confused? >> there's a divide. that has been played out between president trump and republican leaders. at the retreat, mitch mcconnell and this would not -- this have
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to come through supplemental. that would raise the prospect it could be filler buster if you have republicans out there they are not for this, that's a problem for president trump. >> it's the idea -- the platform fiscal conservativism, president trump did tell everybody i'm going to build the wall. he did say mexico is going to pay for it. the president doesn't want to show up. >> it's amazing. he most amazing salesman ever. this is the most amazing dresser and everyone want to buy the treser. everyone loves idea of mexico, if you put that thing together is devil in the betails.
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one missing bolts thing falls apart. wall part are going to -- not be able to afford food for their children. in this case it's dangerous and your playing with this policy. top of the line sounds great, but details are importants here. >> is there a better way to secure border without being a wall that going to cost $18 billion. >> it. >> i talked to tom ridge about this. you have to use drones, border officials are important, plan power which troum is it include in the order. we do have some fencing down there already. the ports not covered are rugged tur rain. i doubt we're going to see 20
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feet -- >> i think the president -- part of the immigration issue is we is so many people coming to country and over stay visa. they come through boston or jfk, that's all of control. >> there are protests in boston, it was sanctuary city. there's a huge amount that come here from over stay their visa. that's not the immigration we think about. that's one of the larger problems. >> he doing what he said he was going to do. he comes into office, nobody should be shocked. he said he was going to build a wall, there's no big surprise. he is doing all the things -- with the exception who going to pay for it. executive orders, he told us. >> it was obamacare, get rid of
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the trade deals, immigration, that was his candidacy. that's why vu to see what congress does on a lot of this. >> you read the orders, they do mo not do anything. it's like we're not going to build the wall, we're going to get congress to study it and come up with a fan to -- >> he signed tp, p and we don't have the tpp and mcconnell was never going to bring up for a vote. >> or the pipeline, they use american steel. you don't produce the kind of steel to produce pipe lines, it's impossible. >> was this situation where you get dump by a boyfriend or
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girlfriend. >> it's odd -- which very in a room, turn on the charm -- >> why you are telling him not to come this your pirate if you want him to pay for the wall. >> no, don't come unless you're paying for the wall. >> for them to float a 20% import tax -- >> i guess. >> that doesn't make sense. >> i suppose they are trying to think of a lot of way -- we all seize upon it. i'll give him freedom on that. thank you both. >> president trump making news today on what to do if democrats block his picks. chief strategist blasting media, they should keep their
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this country that have tremendous terror and countries people come in and cause us problems, our countries has enough problems without allowing people to come in who in many cases or in some cases ares looking to do tremendous destruction. we're going to have extreme vetting. >> president trump discussing plans for orders or immigration. white house press secretary says it could come tomorrow. 120 days and indefinitely blocking refugees from in order
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iraq, iran, syria, yemen more 30 days. congressm congressman foreign affairs -- she came back from trip where she met with the president. >> all right, why did you go to syria in. >> i have been worried and have carried with heavy heart what has been happening there. i want to go there for myself to see if i can convey the love, the care, owe lo ha of the people of our country to the syrian people see for myself the swigs on the ground there. >> you have done to tours, i know you are deeply committed to
3:22 pm
this. you saw president asad. what did you learn? >> this was not the reason for the trip, it was not in the plan when the opportunity presented itself, i felt it was important to have the meeting because if we profess to truly care about the syrian people, if we care about ending their suffering we have to be able to meet with whoever we need to to take steps forward towards peace. >> look at the kids. >> they are beautiful. the things about them, they and their families have lost everything. but the strength and the joy that they had was incredible m they have hope for the first time in long time for their future. >> you have a different view of what the foreign follopolicy sh be. what is your position on what we should be doing or not to doing
3:23 pm
in syria? >> very been calling for region change war in syria. help end the suffering of the syrian people, against interest of the people. strengthen groups like isis and al qaeda da, our dollars help support -- al qaeda in syria, something if you are or pride support, we would be thrown in jail. >> you have egypt, iraq, we all those three are gone. those three nations are in utter chaos. we have a situation where
3:24 pm
president obama said asad will go. he hasn't gone. are you sighing we should get out of there. >> i'm saying it's important for our country to stop spending trillions of dollars on these region change wars for few reasons. first of all, every dollar we spend on the wars is a dollar they are weer not spending on investing in our community or our future. >> what about chemical weapons? >> these region change wars have been carried out under guise of humanitarian cause. the people in the country have resulted in far worse suffering than before. greater loss in society, their countries have fallen apart.
3:25 pm
not only has this region change policy have followed up for too long, ended up in disaster, but it works directly against the interest of the american people and our security. >> you have a lot push back from your colleague. >> from some. i introduce a bill to stop arming terrorists act. it has democrat and republican support. it allows our taxpayer dollars to be used directionally or indirectly groups -- >> this is such an important dialogue we should be having. i would say. >> i would say so. every day there war is allowed to continue, more and more people are suffering. we have to take action now. >> go take a look at it because you learn so much more.
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from day one i have said it, i mean the immediate removal of criminal aliens they are going to be gone fast. finally, at long last, cracking down on sanctuary cities. >> donald trump executive order cracking down on sanctuary cities. the city of austin, texas say it
3:30 pm
may not work with -- >> i'm excited to be on the amaidsing opportunity for you. >> happy to have you here. tell me, since texas is a border state. is there a effective way to seal that border. there's a lot of tools in the tool belt. the wall is appropriate in some places. there maybe technology that helps in others. that was another thing that trump, president trump put in the executive order is more border agents and officials. >> the price is staggering. it's i don't know how many millions of dollars for a miles of this wall. have you had a chance to speak with the trump administration with the border? >> if if you look at cost and safety issue impofd, i have seen
3:31 pm
study $12 billion a year. so you're talking wall that costs 10 to $15 billion a year for one time costs. it's a -- trying to figure out which methods works best. >> we're in legislative session trying to pass legislation to ban this. removi removing officials who doesn't follow their constitution to follow the law. he want to mention illegal criminals, it's not happening as such as it should. >> president trump said he want to stop camping release of the obama, catch someone when
3:32 pm
release them back into country of nation from which he or she is from. what's your view on that. can we build defense centers because there's more money. >> it's ludicrous. if you catch them it doesn't make sense to release them in our country. it's make sense to send them book to where they came from. it's a one time cost. ultimately the risk terrorism across the board e illegal imgraegs is premtremendous especially for the border sake. >> thank you for being with us. listen to top official james speaking at rally on immigration. >> we have to join hands and protect margin alize communities just like we african-american in
3:33 pm
the 60est we have to protect those who they are coming after. we have city made greater by the blood, sweat, and tears of immigrants. ly tissue ya is -- thank you for joining us. >> i listen to that sound bite. you have in support of a sanctuary city, why? >> i take seriously the fact that new york city and this country has a whole is a we welcoming city. immigrants have given soefrp to our country. i don't believe we should break up families and children torn away from their pants or students in college should have
3:34 pm
to leave college as a result of these policy. what we have is a broken imbrags system. that's what we should be focusing on. and new york city sanctuary city and we're here to defend it. >> speaker ryan said he not going to send dreamers home. you must be distressed at the members of congress going back decades, because we do not have an immigration that's effective. >> would you agree with that. >> i agree with that. we should be focus onned broken immigration city. we have prepared to educate new yorkers and prepared to inform people of their rights and get attorneys to represent them in deportation cases. >> i know vu history of helping
3:35 pm
people that are problems with landlords. would you be willing to sit down with secretary of hhs and two sides cop come on dispute to work on solution to address these problems is th? >> think trump administration iing nors the amendment -- ignores. heavily upon federal subsidies. we have facing homeless cries. 80,000 going to sleep in shelters homeless. we need more than is assistant who need affordable housing and we need compassion nat government and government that recognizes the contributes.
3:36 pm
>> i correct myself, it's hud. >> correct. >> instead of too often people have drown a line in the sand. these are real problems and we have to look for real solutions or talk to each. >> i hope they are willing to talk to you. >> thank you, so much. president trump's chief strategist is unloading on the media. risk for republicans with the agenda. as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story, get started for free at
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you can work with president trump? >> vg i can. i do work with him, i work with him often. i spend more time talking with this president than the last few days than the last president within last six months. >> speaker ryan telling me he working hand in hand with president trump. >> the hour of justice for the american workers has i arrived. i have said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. we're going to have a lot of trade deals. mitch, tonight worry about it. made in the u.s. a.
3:41 pm
we used to have that. they like to say trump, trump, trump. we theed to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting. our work starts with repeal and replace obamacare. we have no choice, we have to get going. he writing his heart out. when we're going to seen this stuff you're writing, you're not wasting your time. trump focusing on repealing obama care and why it's risky. >> we're putting ourselves at risk to a certain extent because we're taking it off their platter. >> hue huge hewitt. >> he joins me. >> congratulations. >> i understand every member got
3:42 pm
a copy. >> they called walked in and found a copy of it. they agreed to make it happy. it was a good way to get my message into their hands. >> all right, is president trump a conservative. >> no, he nationalist. >> he maybe in the ronald reagan roll. he is not conservist, but he republican and nationalist. when republicans aring go to work with him. >> a lot of people are shocked by what he is doing. none of what he has -- he didn't
3:43 pm
say he was going to do. >> i think his numbers are going to go high within the next couple of weeks because he said he is doing what he said he was going to do. >> except there's a couple of problems. he said the mexicans will pay for it. that's got slip rip right now. the mexicans said they are not going to pay for it. nobody wants bigger debt. you have the situation where the dreamers. the dreams are not going to get sent back to their country. they're going to be here. on the big picture, yes. but the details are different than what he said. >> i think his nixon to china immigration. he builds the wall and keep daca
3:44 pm
in place. brings them above the economy, not citizenship, not voting, think about doing a nixon to china on immigration it could bring to democrats to the table, and get a lot more done. do you think he would be open to that? >> he has to be able to please all of these people on capitol hill and speaker banner told me being speak of the house is like -- barrier full of frogs and trying to get across the floor without frogs jumping on the barrel. >> donald trump is invulnerable if he does immigration. i think he leaving daca alone -- this is seen to me that he intents to take and cease the middle. >> we're the opposition, we talk
3:45 pm
a lots about it on the other side of the break. what do you make of making on the media. >> they are making media opposition party, you're not the conversation, it's politically screwed. politically smart. >> it's like going to concert with two bands playing, so many things going on. it's noisy, it's drawing my attention, he clearly roll out of a plan, it's not accidental. >> we'll talk about more d. congratulations on the book. >> thank you greta. trump's chief strategist calling media the opposition party. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore.
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now three stories you may not know. number 3, constitution stored at washington, d.c. in atomic
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3:50 pm
hammering mainstream media, keeps it's mouth shut and listen for a while. the media is the opposition party. they don't ups understand the country and understand why donald trump is the president of the united states. nick is a political reporter for "new york times." nick, what do you think about what bannon said -- the media is the opposition party? >> i think he channelling his boss. he winded about being called out about his -- i think his statement about the op poe party is instructive about the world view. he coming into office unpopular, he has a problem with the gop, he has to keep focus somewhere else. they have to rally supporters by
3:51 pm
blaming the media. if they are having problem with president, problems on the policy, it makes sense to start a war with the press. if he thinks we're diagnose going to stop talking, it's going to be a long week. >> everything that happened in trump administration has been dejay view. they think it is winning strategy. nick is right to point out the media is not going to city down and shut up. trump needs an enemy, a foil, someone to target. it's interesting they brief, he said the democrats are the opposition -- stat your to be his opposition. >> this op camera on donald
3:52 pm
trump, petter alexander on nbc ran into donald trump just came into nbc and peter alexander asked president about the building? >> phenomenon. >> it's pretty good. >> prettier alexander what 20% is that. >> anyone of the option. trump. we're going to tax people coming in. we cannot lose our company to mexico on any other place we're going to put tax on those countries, okay. that's by the way, they coming back without that they don't come back so easily. thank you, i appreciate it. >> that's interesting exchange. others were there. he was surprised when he ran into them in the west wing.
3:53 pm
>> i have heard to or three version of what this policy going to be. hour firm it is, but now it seems that president trump is not entirely up to speed what his visor are talking about on the proposals. >> the adviser are freelancing and never had the authority and they l are doing this on their own. >> trunl has been consistent, he said during the campaign he wants to tax imports coming over the border. it's the people around him, who would are rather do something like the house republicans have been proposing, i don't like it it's too complicated. he still feels that way. that's not how the republicans in congress feels, they are trying to find a way to make it
3:54 pm
like they are on the same page. >> has trumped surprised you? >> he said he was going to do a lot of things he has not do all of them. >> he has been two weeks in the presidency. >> he walked some things back. he said he was going to put hillary in jail and he is not going to do that. >> that did not surprise you? >> no. everything trump does surprises me. i think you make a point, the border wall, so many people thought he is not going to do this. he is really doing this. so many people said he doesn't mean that it's a campaign lane, he is really pursuing it. >> thank you nick, molly, thank you both. "for the record" who thinks d doing taxes is easy.
3:55 pm
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i want top say something for the record, have done to you. with that ridiculously complicated tax code. do you. if they were asked they would admit they do not understand it either. which is why most higher someone else to do their tax. the write the tax code can't figure it out for themselves. know you know that is really
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messed up. you wonder how come it got complicated because it's loaded with loopholes, those of them. how do you become special. simple, pay millions of dollars to get you the special deals. don't have that kind of change in your pocket. by the way, they have a nickname, k street is where most lobbyists have their office. most americans don't have a lobby. i was harden when i heard this. >> when woer we're done simplifying the tax code, most americans will be able to fill out the taxes on the post card. >> you will blow up k striet. >> yes, we get a chance to do this. because we have a house and
4:00 pm
senate who is will us getting there stuff out of the tax code. >> not all lobbyists are bad, mean are good. it's gotten so out of hand and it hurts you. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow night. if you cannot watch live, set dvr, make sure to follow me @twitter greta. "hardball" starts right now. party crasher, let's play "hardball." good evening.. i'm chris matthews. we're less within a week within new administration president trump made possible fight anything that stands in his way. abc news


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