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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  January 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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they have received twice as much know as previous years twice as here. when it falls, that's when the hunts begin. the tribes here go hunting for buffalo and they go hunting north of the river. because the buffalo is so heavy, they kill it and flow it down here and that's of course, what they feed their families with. what happens when we float that buffalo down the river and the river is full of oil? >> msnbc's cal perry, thanks. the "11th hour" with brian williams starts now. >> what does the president have to say about wall? nbc news ran into him tonight in the west wing. will foreign policy by twitter rule on america's relationship with one of our closest allies. and a top trump's aids says the media should keep its mouth shuts and listens.
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>> "the 11th hour" begins now. and good evening, once again from our headquarters here in new york. the white house revealed then walked back its plan to pay for the wall on the mexican border and it accommodated with a surprise interaction between the press and the president himself. it starts late this afternoon white house's spokesperson, sean spicer, the president will call for a 20% tax mexican imports to pay for the wall then spicer says that's one of the idea under consideration and it is not prescriptive. fast forward in the west wing this evening between the president and a few reporters, nbc's peter alexander, included. >> since there is confusion of the 20%, do you want to clarify.
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>> what 20% is that? >> peter responded, the 20% about mexican import tax. >> the president replied, we'll tax people coming in. look, we cannot lose our companies to mexico or any other place and have them make the products and send it across our border free. we are going to put a substantial tax on those countries, okay? that's why by the way, they're all coming back, okay? without that, they won't come back easily. that's the end of the exchange with the president. his office told the white house he will not attend that plan work meeting with trump next week. the president who started the day wondering on twitter if the meeting should be called off. saw this decision differently. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our plan meetings scheduled for next
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week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruit less and i want to go a different route. >> we have no choice. lets bring in our panel beginning with our own stefanie who long before she saw the light and msnbc, covering business and our steve schmidt is here. and eugene robertson is with us once again. good evening all, stefanie, i will begin with you. in addition to turning a long standing ally into an enemy, times 1900 miles of southern border, i don't know much so tell me, what would a 20% in
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coming tax on mexican goods do to the american consumer and economy. >> well, it is the american consumer who would be hit so beyond just calling it mexico. mexico is our third largest trading partner. $531 billion worth of goods goes to and from our two countries. there seems to be a miss understanding whether from president trump or sean spicer. a tariff would not be paid by consumer. you and i are paying 20% more for our avocados and beers and retailers. none of us want to pay for retail anymore. president trump thinks he's pondering mexico and taxing them, he's not taxing them this way. >> what do the republicans do who are for fiscal responsibility when they look at
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the wall project which will as we said last night be bigger than the interstate highway project. this could be fdr and lbg -- lbj combined. >> it is not just a wall. you build a 50 foot wall and the next day you get a 50-foot ladder. is the wall an issue? it is not necessarily mexicans who are staying over. it is people from other countries. if you make the situation through the united states and mexico worse in terms of trades, you are going to see production move to other countries like nicaragua or maybe to cuba if regulation changes to a place like haiti and you will have more of a problem between mexico and the united states. just to throw out there, this does seem like a bullying tactic and you wonder do they have a deep understanding of how trade works. >> steve, it is been said all week, this is the presidency
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now, when you are president, your words are listened to and people scurry and there is a reaction. your words matter and white house's press secretary, the only thing worse is your words are not paid attention to. >> when you think of mexico, the longest, peaceful and history of the world and to the south of a friendly critical of deep culture cal ties of the united states and massive trades moving back and forth and clearly his actions are destabilizing that relationship, putting the american economy at risks. this is terrible. terrible, terrible public policy from a former republican's
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perspective in congress. republican congress will never vote for 20% tariffs as sean spicer has described. the white house is making this up as they roll along. it does have consequences. it has consequences in the mexican political system and at the end of the day, the way we make sure that we reduce illegal immigration is net zero coming from mexico now because the economy is bankrupting. if we stabilize mexico, we hurt their economy and fuel demand side for illegal immigrations coming into the border. >> when sean spicer says, you know, we are just throwing it out there, do you play chickens with one of your important allies. >> today an interview aired. we have been talking about of things that happened this past weekend. this was about that and the business we are in, lets take a look. >> the media much of the media not all of it is very, very dishonest. honestly, it is fake news, it is
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fake. >> they make things up. >> i have seen major news paper and two cable networks used the word "liar." does that make you want to rethink entirely how this administration will deal with the media. >> well, they're the liars. let me give you an example. when john got up, he talked about the audience and i had the largest audience. i did. i had the largest audience and if you add all the sources and history, i had the largest of inaugurations. they try to demean it so much. when you look at pictures, when i was in that speech -- it was not taken from where i was. they take a picture from the back from the washington monument of a backward teacher.
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>> they are so demeaning. >> to steve and gene who's been so patience. >> if the president believes it, is must be true. on the question of the crowd size, barack obama, were bigger, end of discussion, that's reality and the question of the illegal voting, it did not happen. there is no widespread voter fraud. the investigation is an equivalent unicorn hunt. >> we look at our national charter and we hold these truths to be self evidence that all men are created equal. when we talk about alternate facts and we no longer have an ability in this country to look at a red chair and say it is red or blue chairs and say it is blue.
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that the ideology or the political purposes and this is what washington, d.c. warned about of the dangerous faction and to warn political tribes and the word of strong leaders, supercede where you know it is true. >> when winston asked, how many fingers did i holdup. it is five fingers though he can only see four. >> i find it chilling and i am really at a person level, deeply disturbed by that. >> we learned tonight your newspaper reported nbc news confirmed that the president called the head of the parks service this weekend and asked for a better imagery and was critical of the imagery that they put out of the photos of the comparison inauguration crowd.
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we have not gotten you on the record tonight on this topic yet. >> two things, first of all, i have been to this long enough to come into journalism, if politicians and public officials are warm the fuzzy to you, you are not doing your job right and if they are spitting mad and then you are doing better. i am not concerned that the president is angry with journalists. i share steve's concerns of language and truth and meaning. the absolute nature of those things and you know, we should -- our wonderful essay of the debate of the english language, we should all re-read it. there is something else that
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were here and all these issues and the fans and crowd side and hectoring of the parks service and somebody find some pictures that show more people at the mall. they all go to the president's vanity and self regard and self esteem. ultimately, i think to what appears to be a deep seeded in security of his own status even though he's the president of the united states. that's a dangerous thing. that's one thing that i am concerned about this whole episode is that's it. >> president trump could be running a victory lap. he could be looking in a mirror and say i made history this week, the dow hit 20,000 and he can take credit for it. president obama delivered a low on employment rate and regulations at his business. donald trump's first meeting with some of the biggest and well known manufacturing ceos in america.
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they walked out and said this is a great day for the economy and the consumer and then the dow hit a record high. congratulations, donald trump, is he talking about that? >> no. he sent out one tiny tweet, hashtag, great, 20,000, that's what makes no sense. he's obsessing over crowd size when he has a win right there in front of us. >> steve, we got 60 seconds before our first break. >> last night, and another network, carl bernstein is concerned about the new president's maturity and state of mind and using words like that, do you think we'll ever hear that bust out in the public? >> there is no question about it. what you will see and you will see the fractures start over this issue with the tariffs with
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mexico. the trump party and the steve bannon party and this ideology and this nationalism and populism. the republican party is the conservative party and the legislation branch party. if we move down the road and get into issues of spending and tariffs, republicans vote will not be there to pass these portions of the agenda. this is very much a coalition government. there is a agreement on some issues but there is disagreements on other issues and i have no doubt on national security issues. john mccain, lyndsey graham, ben sac and a couple of others will be clear about where their red lines are with regards of their president particularly of his capacity to destabilize alliances or create more danger in an already profoundly dangerous world. >> interesting stuff, we'll take
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call today. comcast business. built for business. i have seen now the new york times, cnn, nbc, they used the word "liar" to describe you as to relate to talking about crowd sizes. >> they are dishonest people. the media are very dishonest and i will say it openly. >> i will say journalists are dead. >> they are not dead but dishonest people. >> more of donald trump tonight on the media and considering the
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administration is not yet a big old, the quotes out of the white house were extraordinary. >> bannon sent the following to the new york times, the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and listen for a while. i want i to quote this. the media here is the opposition party, they don't understand this country, they do not understand why donald trump is the president of the united states. back with us, stefanie and steve schmidt and eugene robinson. how do you like this one? >> of the results of this election, i cannot see anything but disaster ahead. bannon, the way he's operated,
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he needs an enemy. his movement is nationalist movement that he kind of ran at right bar. there is no hillary clinton on the public stage anymore. there is no barack obama and so i guess we are it. i guess the evil media is the new enemy but i don't see a real future in this strategy, i saw others from the other administration saying well, steve kind of went a bit far with those remarks. >> on the other hand, part of
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this complaint was that we could not have been more wrong of this election and no one is standing up to protest that. >> they won the election, it was a narrow victory. assuming that the conversation o f politics will turn to the next election and not the last election. those comments are fine for the chairman. those comments are outrageous for a senior adviser who carries the title "senior adviser and chief strategist." for people who are born in the 1980s, that number is 25%. we have seen a total collapse of the teaching of civics in this country. those remarks are chilling. just a week ago, stephen bannon, sworn to defend the constitution of the united states. the first amendment and freedom of the press.
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when white house officials making comments and not complaining about a story, they are legitimate instances of complaints. i made them while i am in the line of work and i made them here at this network. here is the deal. when you make comments like that, from that building, the seat of power of this government, they are chilling and they are not just examples of a profound arrogance. they are so deeply out of line and i would think and i would hope that he will have an opportunity to walk those back for a little bit or the next couple of days. that should never be said from that building in a free country. >> people cannot thrive unless they respect one another and have self respect. what's extraordinary about this is whether it is stephen bannon or president trump continuing to bring at the election back,
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across the board, the media got things wrong but i want to raise my hands and you know what, we are willing to accept the president and donald trump and bannon who are not the ones allowing us to turn the page. oh, we are an opened book, it is a new year and lets move forward. for someone of this position of high honor as i'm siting at home studying for social study tests for my children talking about the legislative branch and a person who sits in the white house says "shut your mouth." how dare you disrespect this country, stephen bannon. >> last word, eugene. >> i hope they settle down. yes, they did win the election and it was a narrow victory and a lot of people don't like them but they have a job to do. as do we. maintaining this warfare against the media and anyone as the president says demean them by telling the truth, it is
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certainly not going to help the country and bring them any glory, either. >> to stefanie points, all of these roles are written in the constitution. thank you all. >> coming up, 30 seconds closer to doomsday, according to some serious people who keep the time.
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last thing before we go tonight and we hate to do this before when we all turn in. they moved the doomsday clock forward. it is two and a half minutes before midnight. it is compiled and maintained by a board of scientists including 15 nobels. today they moved the hands forward to figurative apocalypse to 30. they were prompted of a combination of nationalism
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worldwide and cyber threats and an active and blatant regard for factual science. for perspective, the clock has only been worse than this once. back when the u.s. and ussr were both testing hydrogen bonds. it was two-minutes to twelve and as opposed to today. in 1991, at the end of the cold war, the clock was all the way back to 17 minutes to metaphor cal mid night. about today's move, two scientists on that board including the chairman wrote in the new york times, "never before has the bill clinton decided to advance the clock largely because of the statements of one single person. >> that's it for us tonight. chris matthews begins right now. that's it for us. party crashers. >> lets play "hardball."
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good evening, i am chris matthew in washington. president trump already made it clear that he will fight anything or anyone and friends and foes or facts. >> his interview last night shows a new gung-ho president ready to defend his presidency and his campaign with his own party's agenda. >> he does not care about the backlash that it may promote in the muslim world. >> are you concern that it will cause for anger? >> there is plenty of anger right now, how can you have more? >> you don't think it will create more problems?


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