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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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people, you say that's exactsly what he wanted to do, talking about it falls into that trap. we haven't been here before. >> i'm a member of the white house press corps, we are not the opposition party. >> i'll just say the best advice is what you learn journalist 101, let the story speak for itself and just cover it. >> do your job and cover it. >> that does it for us this morning. thank you so much for being with us this week and your patience. good morning, i'm stephanie rule, so much to cover starting with hitting a wall. the white house slapping a major tariff on mexico then take it back, sort of, as the standoff with mexico has intensified. >> i'm talking about a real wall, a wall that's got to be like serious. >> how the feud could hit your wallet hard. and the special relationship, president trump's first meeting with the foreign leader, prime
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minister theresa may of the u.k. xbl. >> because of that great victory you have won, america can be stronger and greater and more confident in the years ahead. >> the next on the schedule, the president's first talk with vladimir putin. plus, size matters. new reporting -- listen to this one, that donald tmp himself, the president was on the phone with the heads of the park partment demanng photographic proof of his crowd size at the inauguration. >> $15 billion, or as trump is putting it a dollar for every person who attended my inaugurati inauguration. we begin this morning with president trump turning attention to international affairs. just after 12:00 p.m., the president meets with british prime minister theresa may. then they will hold a joint press conference. at some point president trump is also expected to call remarks into the march for life. anti-abortion rally in d.c. taking place today but we've got to begin with the wall.
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you know what i'm talking about, mexico. a possible new way to pay for it, a tax. a tax on goods imported from that country and this is what press secretary sean spicer first had to say about it. >> if you tax that 50%, $50 billion at 20% of imports, by doing it that way we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall through that mechanism alone. >> if americans pay for it but just a few hours later, sean spicer backed away from that claim and said the tax is just one of many ideas out there. >> we're not rolling anything out. we're not announcing support for anything. we're making the mere suggestion that for all of the ways in which people have questioned how do you fund this, here's one poj way you can do it. >> we have a great panel led up to break it all down. i want to start with kristen welker. what does this all mean? is there a plan? are they simply throwing spaghetti against the wall?
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>> i think they are floating this idea, steph, that's my sense right now of the 20% tax on all imports from mexico. as you point out, ultimately that could mean american taxpayers would pay for the wall because you'll see a hike in prices on things like cars, alcohol, fruits and vegetables and all of those sorts of things. that has some businesses and consumers worried. our own peter alexander spoke with the president last night and he doubled down on this idea of taxing imports from mexico. this was his tweet just moments ago, he tweeted, mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long enough. massive trade deficits and little help on the very weak border must change now. he has sort of triggered this rift with mexico. he's not backing down. it could be an opening salvo in a big gar bargain, he wrote "the art of the deal." he insists ultimately mexico
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will pay for the wall. but, remember this started because mexico insists it is absolutely not going to pay for the wall. that's why the president of mexico cancel the his trip. >> many have us he's a master negotiator and also filed for bankruptcy several times. this meeting with british prime minister theresa may, is this about ceremony or is this about real business and diplomacy? >> reporter: i think it's about real business and diplomacy, there's always a little ceremony as well. this is of course one of the united states' closest allies and leaders from president obama on down have called it a special relationship with britain. part of this will be to reaffirm the special relationship but also on the table trade. britain and u.s. talking about a trade deal as wells national security, the fight against is. and torture steph, remember, president trump raised a lot of eyebrows earlier this week when he effectively said that he
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thinks methods like waterboarding work. then you had british prime minister theresa may coming out and saying britain is absolutely not going to engage in practices. those practices that were banned under president obama. i think all of that will be on the table when the two leaders meet. it is going to be a historic meeting and first meeting with the foreign leader. >> i want to bring in our spectacular panel, rick stengel, served as president obama's undersecretary for public affairs. he was also with time" and msnbc political analyst he put out an article "the end of the american century" and louise mench. welcome to you both. in terms of diplomacy, donald trump, we've seen him already call out ceos and push them and they act upon it. can he use these tactics with other countries? >> no, he can't. i think the bigger question, can he use these tactics with
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congress. he can call all he wants about a tax on mexico. there's a limit to what he can do by executive order. i think really he's just trolling the american public and the mexican leadership in order to gain more attention for himself. it's like a kid who can't really help himself. >> rick, you put out in your article that the trump administration, this is -- when i read it i'm going, signals the end of america's role as a global leader. last week when we saw xi jinping talking about globalization and working together, much are scratchering our heads, is this china seizing the opportunity to be the new world leader? >> yes, it is. i talked about the notion of the american century that we are the architect of the global world war order and we are. the last three years i've been traveling around the world for the state department. people want american guidance. they want america to be the rudder oworld affairs. they don't like it when we
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withdraw. and wherever we withdraw we are replaced by a worse actor. >> is that what america wants if donald trump were sitting here, he might make the argument, i don't want to be a global citizen. i'm proud to be an american citizen. >> he can do exactly what great britain did when great britain became little england. became a great world power and then just be a locally focused country. >> i want to share and talk a little bit more about this idea, this tax that the trump team has proposed they could put upon mexico and what it actually means. so just listen to this for a minute. americans, they buy about $300 billion a year in goods imported from mexico. that's 13% of everything imported to u.s. that's a lot. there are third biggest trading partner, that's everything, clothes cars, bananas, avocados, a 20% tariff would fall upon us. those products been almost instantly 20% more expensive for
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american consumers, look at the ford fusion, many of which are made in mexico. right now they sell for 22,000 bucks. a 20% increase would add another $4400 on to that cost. and even if the product you buy doesn't say made in mexico, some of the parts might be so prices could go up. i want to give you another example, this one close to home. some of donald trump's own suit collection made in mexico. the $300 price tag would be 60 bucks more expensive once the tariff is slapped on. so while sean spicer says this is just an idea we're throwing around, does it give you pause or concern that this could be an idea they are throwing around and do they understand how trade works? this isn't a vat tax. it's a tariff. >> we're going to build a wall and make americans pay for it. they are rewriting the slogan because that's what this means. again, i think it goes back to i believe paul ryan probably picked up the phone, we're not going to pass a tax on mexico,
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thank you very much. we're trying to reach out to hispanics. i'm old enough to remember when republicans like me were in favor of free trade and we didn't like protectionism. they can say all of the crazy ideas they want. this isn't going to happen. and actually, that's a giant problem for the president because he is going to have to build the wall or look like an idiot. mexico is not going to pay for it because congress is not going to pass that tax. so trump is stuck. made a giant promise he cannot fulfill. >> but is he stuck? he's already said if we go that route -- donald trump will say these are my negotiating tactics, can you use these tactics and have some sort of success? mexico does need us as a partner. >> he was in the gambling business, right, he owned casinos and now he's not a gambler, he's the house. we don't gamble -- >> failed casinos. >> even there. the other thing people don't
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get, our gdp is based on 70% of consumer spending, more than any other country in the world. when you impose a tariff or tax, you're putting that on the american taxpayer on the american consumer and his voters in pennsylvania and michigan, all of those places, wisconsin, they'll be paying more money for goods they get cheaply. >> made in america is not a new concept. buying ploelly is not something that we were just born with, amazon became one of the strongest companies in the world was nobody wants to pay retail anymore. they are using discount apps on the phones while walking through stores. >> made in america means things that are more expensive. if people are willing to pay more for products made in america out of their patriotic duty, that's fine. so far americans have never shown they are willing to do that. >> we're talking mexico, pennsylvania, michigan. i want to take you right there, getting a view from the ground on the other side of the border.
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live in mexico city, what are peoplesaying? >> reporter: stephanie, a wav of anger and anxiety and raw nationalism is palpable in the streets of mexico city this morning after what some here are calling the worst insult to mexico in 170 years. the equivalent to the beginning of a war. the president pena nieto is meeting at the mexican white house to discuss what are the steps they will take if tariffs are raised on mexican imports or if some of the billion dollars in aid is taken away from mexico. but here in the streets, every day mexicans are telling me they are appalled what they consider a dismissive tone from president trump toward mexico. they are all talking about his latest tweet this morning and we all are uniting against president trump. mexicans from different political factions, social statuses, intellectual groups and in fact thags the
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newspaper's headline this morning stephanie, the country aligns against president trump. that kind of uniting is something unheard of in mexican modern history. this is a country that had been very divided in recent years. i've also spoken to many in the business community, stephanie, and they tell me in board rooms across this country, mexicans are holding their breath. they are waiting to see what happens, decision makers are frozen pretty much and they are starting to look to new markets down south and they tell me that ultimately it is the american consumer as you were discussing, that will bear the brunt of this feud with mexico. stephanie. >> thanks, you know who's not holding his breath, carlo slim, the richest man in mexico will hold a very rare press conference this afternoon. i'm anxious to see what he has to say. >> next, we'll speak to a former ambassador to mexico. are there repercussions to the
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feud that we're not even thinking about yet? >> plus, the president giving a new interview and again praising torture. >> i'm not into it. i will tell you that, it works. >> okay, before we go, there's one thing we cannot forget about. i want to share this real quick. >> he's not going to release his tax returns and we litigated this all through the election and people didn't care. >> okay, kellyanne conway, mank you for your reports. i president trump would love to see your taxes, 74% of americans care about seeing those taxes. please, sir, show them. we're going to take a break. on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years.
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