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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  January 27, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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todd on "meet the press." thanks for joining us on this hour of msnbc live. tgif, gang. what a week. i'm tossing you to my colleague tamron hall. >> thank you, hallie. political standoff as mexico's president is holding firm on not visiting the white house and not pang for a border wall. ho far is trump willing to go? and is a possible 20% tax on mexican imports more harmful to u.s. taxpayers than mexico? and in the next hour, president trump is hosting another foreign leader, britain's conservative prime minister theresa may. it will be his first meeting with a head of state since his swearing in. we'll have a preview of their face to face in the oval office and the big big policy areas
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they're set to address, trade and defense. and a new report that president trump personally pressured the national park service to find proof about his claims of the size of the inauguration crowd, ordering the acting director to produce additional photos. we'll get details on the phone call with the "washington post" reporter who broke the story. good morning. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our headquarters in new york. we begin with escalating tensions with mexico, our third largest trading partner. president trump tweeting mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long enough, massive trade deficits and little help on the border, must change now. president trump and pena nieto in a border dispute and cancelling his visit to the white house set for tuesday. president trump now casting the move as a mutual decision.
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>> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless middlesexico is going to the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. >> white house press secretary sean spicer then floating the idea of a 20% tax on mexican imports. >> by doing it that way, we can pay for the wall through that mechanism alone. >> but that could result in americans paying more for things like cars, fruits, vegetables and alcohol. reince priebus quickly walked back the tax saying it was one of the, quote, buffet of options available. on a diplomatic front, what are you hearing, kristen, is happening behind the scenes?
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are they trying to get this meeting back on? what is the president's team doing? >> they are trying to get the meeting back on, tamron. they were insisting that they're keeping the lines of communication open. you could view what happened yesterday as the opening salvo in the president trying to get a deal with mexico. the question is of course will it work? our own peter alexander ran into the president last night at the white house and he reiterated that he wants to look into and is very seriously considering this tax on mexican goods. he told peter we cannot lose our companies to mexico or any other place and then have them make the product and just send it across our border free. we are going to put a substance tax on those countries. but then the question becomes what happens next, tamron. as you pointed out, that could drive up the price of a number of different products and ultimately the american taxpayer could wind up paying for donald trump's wall. now, he says mexico is going to pay but of course this whole feud is over mexico insisting it
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is not going to pay. expect that to be one of the topics under consideration when he meets with british prime minister later today. meanwhile, the former president of mexico was on the "today" show with some strong words about all of this. take a listen. >> we're at the very lowest point since the war between mexico and united states or before the nationalization of the oil by president cardines where he took away the oil from the companies abusing over mexico. >> reporter: tamron, what a striking contrast. now, in addition to this trade issue that has cropped up with mexico, expect the president and the prime minister to discuss trade more broadly. she wants to get a trade deal
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with the united states and i've been talking to senior administration officials here at the white house who say they have been working with her on that. the other topics, national security and potentially torture. remember, president trump earlier this week, tamron, reopening the door indicating he's considering possibly changing some of the tactics for the way united states treats detainees. the prime minister very insistent she is not going to consider tactics like waterboarding, which president trump said he would csider reinstating. >> going back to the mixed message coming from white house staff here, reince priebus walking back what we heard from sean spicer, then the president coming in and saying that he would support this idea. why are they not on the same page here? >> reporter: you know, that's a really good question, tamron. part of it speaks to the fact they are considering a whole host of options. i think part of it is because you have a commander in chief
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who is considering a number of different options at any different time and in some instances changes his mind and rying e ing trying to keep apace with that. i think the president sees that as a tactic, a way to get a deal hammered out with mexico. i think you have his staff trying to figure out the different movements within that deal making process. so i expect it's going to be a really busy weekend and next several days as the administration, in their words, tamron, tries to get this meeting back on track. they say they're keeping the lines of communication open, tamron. >> thank you very much. and the announcement of president pena nieto announcing he is cancelling his visit to the u.s. how is this playing out in the headlines there, marian
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mariana atencio? >> reporter: in the headlines here, president trump is the best thing to have happened to president enrique pena nieto, who was having his lowest poll ratings until he cancelled that meeting. now opposition figures are rallying around pena nieto, political parties from different factions, something unheard of two weeks ago. and regular mexicans in the street are saying they feel that he stood up for people's dignities. alfonso, what kind of pressure is pena nieto under? what do people like yourself want him now? >> people from mexico want a true leader. they want to take a stand and speak very loudly. a lot of people are feeling offended for the attitude of
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mr. trump, but at the same time i think it was a surprise for mr. pena. everybody expected that this was kind of bragging in a political campaign. but now that everybody is realizing that he's reality, we have to take different steps. people want him to be a true leader, to take a stand, speak for dignity and sovereignty but at the same time he has to be very clever because there's a lot at stake. the relation between mexico and the u.s. is very complex in terms of business economy but at the same time social issues, community issues, humanitarians issues, family issues, people are leaving on both sides of the border. >> thank you, alfonso, for joining us this morning. one mexican told me today they want president pena to be macho, to keep having this aggressive stance against donald trump for what they perceive is a very sort of dismissive attitude from the president of the united states toward mexicans.
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and as we just heard from alfonso, president pena now, he's under a lot of pressure. he's actually holding an emergency meeting with lawmakers today to see what are the next steps they will be taking as a response to donald trump's actions? and i spoke with one of the senators who will be in attendance today about what the possible course of action could be and this is what he told us. >> we should stop collaborating from the united states, with this hostile administration's position specifically regarding security issues be regarding anti-terrorism that we've been working together for the last years. we need to analyze this 20% tax that we've heard of yesterday. and i think we -- we will retaliate, for instance, in the states of the corn belt. i think we should start thinking of not buying any more corn to
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those states. >> as you heard, tamron, they are considering very concrete action in terms of security and the fight against drug cartels, as well as retaliation, quote unquote, as he mentioned in terms of trade that could really ultimately hurt the american consumer and american producers in the corn belt as he mentioned. >> thank you very much. enjoining me now live from mexico city, former u.s. ambassador to mexico under president obama and he advises governments and businesses. thank you, sir, for your time. we great live appreciate it. do you believe we're headed toward a trade war here? >> there's a potential that we can go in that direction. within one of the things both sides have to look at is staying in this clash and battle is bad for both countries.
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the trade issues, the job issues, security issues, migration issues, eventually they become all intertwined. in the end by having a standoff where we can't communicate, we end up in lose-lose situations that don't benefit either country. >> ambassador, was this inevitable after the election of donald trump? this was a campaign pledge he made that there would be a wall that, mexico would have to pay for it. there was always a possibility that he would win, though the election was shocking to the world. but was this something that was bound to happen with the election of donald trump? >> it wasn't inevitable that it had to happen. i think the key point was when president trump particularly objected to president pena nieto's statement that mexico would not pay for the wall and he responded in a tweet saying if you're not going to pay, then reconsider coming to the united states. that put president pena nieto in a really no-choice situation and he had to cancel that vision t.
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in reality, everyone knew this would be an issue that had to be addressed, the question of the wall, trade relationships, modernization of nafta, cooperation of security issues. those are reasonable issues to have negotiations on. there are better solutions that both countries potentially could come up with. it didn't have to end with an impasse, right now one of the critical questions for al of the parties is how to work out of the situation where both sides have drawn a line on the basis of principle. those principles aren't going to change in the next six to 12 months. >> it seems as it related to nafta there was room for negotiation and room to discuss border security in some of these issues. there never appeared to be wiggle room as it relates to the building of the wall paid for by mexico. so how do you see or how would you advise the conversation to move forward when there is a clear line in the sand regarding payment here?
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>> i think that both sides have to take the opportunity that there's going to be a change, presumably in the u.s. system, which is soon we will have a secretary of state in the united states, rex tillerson, that will introduce a new actor, that that creates an opportunity for a new line of discussion between secretaries of state and ministers of foreign relations on both sides and begin to lay out what can be better solutions for all sides. just simply on the issue of the wall, one has to come back to the point that more mexicans are coming back to the united states than are going to the united states right now. the principle migration issues are coming out of central america. the united states cannot fix those issues without mexico's
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cooperation. these are some of the common sense issues that need to be put on the table and in the end maybe more creative alternatives can come out of those discussions. >> ambassador pasqual, thank you so much for your time. i greatly appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> can president trump simply impose a tax on mexican imports? would that be legal? msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melbourne, what are the issues here? >> they were worried about a check on congress,ack in the day when there were very little democracy in america. here's what it says. the congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes. seems pretty clear but the congress has responded to that by giving the president some cards here. so trump, his administration is not wrong that there are things they could do. we'll show you one thing they
8:15 am
could do. there is a presidential power on trade that would give him the ability to put tariffs under trading with the enemy act, this is from 1917, countries during a national emergency and it gives you targeted tariffs and industries under the trade expansion act of 1962. what does that all mean? it means that congress has said in certain situations the president could exercise at least a temporary unilateral power. now, there would be a debate over whether this meets that definition for sure. we're not going to resolve all that today, tamron, but the trump administration is correct it has cards to play if it wants to aggressively go after mexico. >> this does not answer the question of who end up paying if the cost of vegetables, fruits, products that americans use every day go up as a result of the impore tax. >> it doesn't answer who is going to pay for it. you can offer it as pressuring mexico and you actually end up pressuring the american
8:16 am
consumer. we're pointing to what congress defined as emergency powers. so the idea that that would just be a long-term policy for the united states is n traditional. we spoke to one expert, jeffrey schott, who focuses on international economics. he said it depends on how elastic the president considers the definition of national security and national security of the united states. the trump administration has made it clear he views this as a national emergency, our problems with mexico, that he describes as varied. so he has put the country and congress on notice. if he tried to do this as a long-term unilateral terrorism, it would certainly be something that winds up in court. donald trump told us he was going to talk tough, press mexico and then renegotiate nafta. we are in the tough talking period. whether negotiation is a legal
8:17 am
possibility remains to be seen. >> thank you. joining me is democratic congresswoman karen bass of california, members of the house of foreign affairs and judiciary committee. how would you explain the past 24 hours? >> well, as chaotic. it makes me wonder, though, because i think he's doing a lot of things that make him seem a little crazy but i'm beginning to wonder whether or not he's crazy as a fox. for example, in saying that 3 million people voted illegally really creating this notion of a conspiracy, maybe he's really doing that because what he's getting ready to do is push a whole lot of actions that really amount to voter suppression. and so what he's doing with mexico, maybe that's a ruse because he's going to push through some anti-immigration policies, maybe disbanding daca or doing deportations. so i'm beginning to wonder if he's doing a lot of theater so we're all distracted while he
8:18 am
pushes through very negative policies. >> this was a pledge he made on the campaign trail, that he would build a wall and mexico would pay for it. so it is possible that some of the other agenda that you laid out is something that h is considering but this was a pledge he made. this was something democrats knew would be possible if he were elected and that's where we are now. what about the taxpayers here? what is your concern related to what people could end up paying if this import tax is actually something the president is willing to go through with? >> well, again i think when he pushes forward those policies, he's not taking into consideration all of the unintended consequences. so, you know, we were listening to the elected official from mexico say, well, fine, if the united states is going to put a tax on us for a product, we'll just go to another country. so he's proposing policies, maybe he's fulfilling his campaign promises, but in the end he's not only going to hurt
8:19 am
consumers in the united states, he's also going to hurt u.s. businesses. >> we know approximately 6 million u.s. jobs depend on trade with mexico. that is from the u.s. chamber of commerce. with that said, we've seen the republican party express differing opinions on this. where do democrats -- what are you hearing from your leadership? >> what we're hearing from our leadership is that we are going to fight him on all of these policies. of course our first focus is on the affordable care act and that he's talking about pulling insurance from 25 million people and cancelling a lot of the benefits that people that already have insurance have. you know, like the preventive care, preexisting conditions, the caps on health care. so we are going to fight back very, very strongly. >> leslie, let me ask you, i want to play what kellyanne
8:20 am
conway said about now possibly lifting sanctions against russia. let's play what she said. >> sure. >> all of that is under consideration and certainly in addition to improving relations with different foreign leaders and their nations around the globe. if vladimir putin wants to join with the u.s. to have a serious conversation about how to defeat radical islamic listening. >> we had heard talk of this before the election. that this would be something mr. trump would consider doing. what are your thoughts? >> how could you possibly consider lifting sanctions on russia when it has been documented and well known that they just interfered in our election? that's not even taking into consideration all that russia is doing on the international stage. so in my opinion, i think especially on my committee on foreign affairs, i hope we look at russia. think the will of congress is to actually increase sanctions, not lift sanctions. i think that's absolutely the wrong way to go.
8:21 am
we need to have an investigation to find out exactly what was russia's involvement in this election and was the trump campaign involved with russia? we need to know the answers of this. it's ridiculous to think about lifting sanctions at this point in time. >> congresswoman karen bass, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> tens of thousands of demonstrator have gathered for the annual march for life. mike pence, the vice president, will make history as the first vice president to attend and speak at this annual rally. we'll have a live report. and in less than an hour, president trump will most british prime minister theresa may. it will be his first meeting with a foreign leader since taking office. but first, president trump spent part of day one in office apparently focused on his inauguration crowd size. we have new details of a phone call where he reportedly talked with the acting head of the
8:22 am
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welcome back. we're learning more about a phone call between president trump and the acting director of the national park service, a call ordered to discuss pictures of miss inauguration crowd. "the washington post" reports the day after the inauguration, president trump ordered the acting director, michael reynolds, to produce additional photographs of the crowd on the mall, he felt they might prove that the media had lied that the attendance had been no better than average.
8:26 am
it was confirmed that "shows trump's management still is to be so accessible and constantly in touch, he's not somebody who sits around and waits, he takes action and gets things done, that's one of the reasons that he is president today and hillary clinton isn't." julia, thank you so much for your time. >> of course. >> give as you timeline of when this call took place to when the tweet came out. >> well, this was saturday morning. so say a little over 12 hours after the actual swearing-in took place but clearly at that point with less than a day being in office, president trump was very concerned about what he saw in terms of public reports of
8:27 am
attendance and took the very unusual step of calling the acting national park service director to really find out what photographs they had. they do have a photographer who takes aerial photographs from a helicopter during inauguration. every time there is an inaugural festivits and he was looking to see whether he could challenge the popular accounts of the size of the crowds. >> and as i understand it, the director of the national park service, michael reynolds, was taken aback, not expecting a phone call from the president of the united states. >> right. it's highly unusual. to the best of our reporting, the president -- the previous president, barack obama, never called mike reynolds' predecessor, jonathan b. jarvis, to talk one-on-one on a certain issue. so it was highly unusual, particularly this soon after taking office for him to receive a call at home from president
8:28 am
trump. >> did he say the president attempted to get him to say something different, get him to characterize the photos in a different light? >> the national park service did not want to comment for our story beyond say they go do not discussion internal administration phone calls. so, you know that, would be up to the acting director at some point if he wanted to tackle that. but we talked to multiple individuals who had knowledge of this conversation and the president was delivering a clear message to the national park services in asking for these photos. >> obviously anyone receiving a phone call from their boss would be somewhat intimidated if they knew the boss was not happy. did the park service officials in any way feel that this was a call meant to intimide or to get them to say something that was not accurate? >> i don't think that, you know, i don't think people thought that they were being asked to do
8:29 am
something that was contrary to the facts, simply that it was quite unusual that you would have the white house asking this and it clearly put them in this position where they had to immediately within the day, they did send additional photographs to the white house to fulfill this request. and there's no question when the president is asking you to do something, that shows a level of attention that's quite unusual in these kinds of circumstances. >> juliette elperin, thank you for talking to us. >> thank you. >> we'll have a live report from the white house including what theresa may needs from the united states as her country prepares for brexit.
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relateor. welcome back. donald trump is about to have his first face-to-face meeting with a foreign president. in about a half hour he'll hold a bilateral meeting with british
8:33 am
prime minister theresa may in the oval office. they're expected to discuss -- >> with president putin, my advice is to engage but beware. there is nothing inevitable about conflict between russia and the west and nothing unavoidable about retreating to the days of the cold war, but we should engage with russia from a position of strength. >> nbc's keir simmons joins me now with more on what is expected in this meeting. let's first talk about her remarks yesterday and what could be a precursor of what's discussed in the oval office today. >> all of it could be discussed or maybe none of it because her first priority is to try to build a relationship with the new president. keep in mind world leaders are trying to assess this guy.
8:34 am
they don't really know him as a politician. so that's her first thing. her second thing is to get a trade deal for britain down the line that will enable britain to negotiate with europe and win more deals from europe as britain leaves the european union. so that could take up easily the entire discussion. but there are other issues, issues about nato, issues about iran, issues about russia and the list goes on and on and on. i think what will be interesting will be the news conference afterwards where the two leaders stand side by side. if one of those issues is brought up and it surely will be, how do we compare the two answers? what do they say to each other? will they end up contradicting each other? that will be a diplomatic issue. >> let's talk about how these two might see their relationship as being an asset for both of their goals, personalitywise and
8:35 am
how they're seen by the public in the u.k. and in the u.s. >> a british prime minister tries to be an influence on the president of the united states. the reality is that every british prime minister knows that they are coming from -- not from -- from a position as the junior partner. that's just the way it is. but think try to influence whilst at the same time standing side by side with the u.s. that's how policy has been all the way back to churchill. she will be trying to build that kind of relationship. it's interesting, she's the sort of school mistress type. i've known her for years. she's a very, very serious person. how will donald trump react to that, will he like that, will he feel undermined about that? >> will he also like what she has to say about vladimir putin? we have that from yesterday. let play that. we do not have that. >> but what she says in that
8:36 am
sound bite is she says, listen, i agree we should negotiate with russia but we should also be wary, be tough. that's the warning that she gives. it's a pretty explicit warning. remember she is not just talking to the american people, she's not just talking to the president, she's also talking to the british people and she doesn't want the british to think she's acting like some kind of poodle to the president. it's a tightrope that she has to walk. >> we'll see what happens in this meeting that apparently will have a tightrope right between the two of them. >> right through the oval office. >> and another topic of course, the annual march for life is starting right now on the national mall in washington. tens of thousands are people are there and for the first time the vice president will take the stage. the white house insisting that president trump will call in to talk to the crowd, an unprecedented move if he does that. we'll be back.
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we're back with a live picture of the national mall. any moment the march for life will get under way. there are conflicting reports whether or not president trump will call in to make remax to the rally. a senior administration official tells nbc news that he will but a march organizer told msnbc news he will not be calling in. kristen, we are working to confirm whether or not the president will call in but mike pence, his presence there certainly puts a tone here for this administration, sets a tone. >> reporter: right, tamron. regardless of whether or not they hear directly from the president today, there is this definite sense here in the crowd that he is behind them, that this is a new day in their movement here.
8:41 am
let's take a look first so you can see just how many people are out here. there's been so much talk about crowd size. we want to give you our perspective from up here on the hill from. washington monument, looking out as the program is getting under way here. i've been struck by how many young people are here in the crowd. i want to pull inside here. this woman came from florida, she's one of the campus groups this year. why did you come up with your group from florida? >> i'm here to represent the people that possibly can't have children, that's me, and then also one of my friends because she's my age and she just had a baby last week and she chose her baby. i'm here to represent her as well. so that's why i came. >> reporter: is there a sense of optimism in the crowd that you haven't had in this movement for a while? >> i would say yes. there's a sense of optimism as in the fact there's so many people here and it's just so nice because like last year there was a blizzard so we
8:42 am
couldn't come and so everyone was just holding that energy to this year. >> thank you so much. the program here, they'll hear from the vice president and then begin the march to the supreme court, tamron. >> next up, a look at the first week of the trump administration. we'll have the highlights plus the big moments we're watching for in week two.
8:43 am
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did not feel like a cloud... that driverless car? i have seen it all. intel's driving...the future! traffic lights, street lamps. business runs on the cloud... and the cloud runs on intel. ♪ i wonder what the other 2% runs on...(car horn) >> we're back with the political week in review. what a wild first week it was. >> sean spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that. >> alternative facts are not fact. >> this is not about party. this is not about ideology. this is about country, our country. and it's about serving the american people. >> withdrawal from the united states from the transpacific
8:46 am
partnership. >> you know what that means, right? we've been talking about this for a long time. we're going to make the process much more simple for the automotive companies and to everybody that wants to do business in the united states. >> we'll see if we did g that pipeline built. a lot of jobs, great construction jobs. >> he's concerned about voter fraud and he continues to maintain that belief based on studies presented to him. >> i've seen no evidence to that effect. i've made that very, very clear. >> i'm begging that the president share with us the information you have about this or please stop saying it. >> i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and i asked them the question, does it work? does torture work? and the answer was yes, absolutely. >> the american taxpayer will
8:47 am
pay for the wall at first? >> all it is is we'll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make from mexico. >> mexico president nieto cancelled his visit to the white house next week. >> unless mexico is going to respect the u.s., such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. >> coming up next week, the senate will hold votes on president trump's cabinet nominees and begin with a full procedural vote on secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. and committee votes on attorney general pick jeff sessions, education secretary nominee betsy devos and a final senate vote on elaine chao's nomination as secretary. president trump is promoting the
8:48 am
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we are back with our daily briefing on politics. fact check new allegations of mass voter fraud in the latest election. greg phillips and crew say at least 3 million votes were illegal. we must do better. philips "thank you mr. trump. we'll follow the effort from here." philips the apps founder said during an interview this morning he has "proof" 3 million people voted illegally but he won't release that so-called proof yeyet
8:52 am
>> we'll release our methodology, raw data and conclusions to the public. >> when? >> as soon as we get done with the checks. >> so you're not done checking it yet. >> the challenge is this, say we're talking about verifying identity. identity has a number of different components. somebody might mistype a name, it's greg with two gs, greg with one g. >> nbc news senior political editor mark murray joins me to fact check all of this. vote stand is an app? >> more about greg philips, he founded a business analytics firm and partnered with this organization that has actually been trying to find out voter fraud and illegal voting. they said they've been able to go through the voter registration rolls to look at how people voted their addresses and find whether they are united states citizens or not.
8:53 am
that is what they say this whole prong is about. the clip you ended up playing is the most relevant thing. where is the evidence, where is the proof? when someone says i'll show it to you later when we're finished you should always be skeptical of that. all the voter experts who have studied this and really researched this, tamron, said there is no massive voter fraud that has gone on in this country. in 2016 four reported arrests out of the millions of votes cast. on this type of scale, i still think we need to see the goods first before we end up legitimizing these kind of claims. >> absolutely. and when you look at the types of claims again from the president, it appeared earlier, mark, that he referred to people in this country illegally voting and then it transferred to the argument of people who were
8:54 am
registered in several states and maybe they voted mtiple tis. the argument has been debunked. >> that's right, tamron. this isn't the first time sean spicer referred to a pew report that was about voter registrations as you mentioned and not about actually people who were casting illegal ballots. it seems this administration has gone from one story to the next and the latest iteation, there's so much more scrutiny from the administration on this subject than there was when it came to russia and its involvement in the 2016 election and the findings on that. all the focus on this which right now doesn't necessarily seem to have a lot of credence behind it, i think is a striking development. >> let's talk about this second
8:55 am
topic obamacare, the trump administration pulling all of the obamacare outreach ads in the final days to enroll for 2017. >> supporters of at fordable care act said this amounts to sabotage because the final enrollment deadline is coming up on january 31st, and they make the point that most of the people who end up kind of enrolling do it at the last minute and these alds and outreach is very important to be able to that but the trump administration wants nothing to do with it and remains to be seen what those final enrollment numbers will end up being when they were up into this point ahead of their pace from last year. >> all right, thank you very much, mark. we'll see you on monday. thank you. tself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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8:59 am
happy friday. mayday this hour the british prime minister is at the white house on a trade mission but president trump's first visiting foreign leader also coming with this pointed warning about vladimir putin. >>. president putin my advice is to engage but beware. there is nothing inevitable about conflict between russia and the west, and nothing unavoidable about retreating to the days of the cold war, but we should engage with russia from a position of strength. >> changing of the guard, at the end of his first week in office, president trump sending a strong signal to the 44th annual anti-abortion march. vice president pence will speak at the rally, the first sitting vice president to do so. and america's news man, ahead of sunday's special "dateline" honoring his first 50 years, tom brokaw reports on a half century of reporting for nbc on events shaping our world. >> as i look back on my career i
9:00 am
know i had a lot of lucky breaks but i always ask if i were black, if my skin were one shade darker, would i have gotten all those chances? >> it's the biggest issue in my life, it really is. i get emotional. >> good day everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. it's the end of a busy first week for the trump presidency. we've gone from new definition of torture to a flurry of executive orders real and denied and it started sunday with the embrace of alternative facts. it was only fitting we sum it up starting with chuck todd nbc news political director moderate for of "meet the press" and what a week it was. you don't know where to start but the sense of action


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