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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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we're going to go over to kate snow. reminder before we go, i'm on twitter andfacebook. >> that's okay, i'm here to pick up where you left off. >> thank you. >> you want to ask me five questions? >> you're in good hands. >> what are you wearing? >> is i'm kate snow. a big week this week. three stories we're following on this final day of the week. president trump and british prime minister theresa may wrapping up a joint conference at the white house. marks president trump's first news conference as president and meeting with a foreign leader first time since being inaugurated. president trump spoke about a phone call with mexican president pena nieto after a scheduled meeting was canceled on thursday. >> we have a really i think a very good relationship, the president and i. and we had a talk that lasted about an hour. this morning. and we are going to be working on a fair relationship and a new
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relationship. but the united states cannot continue to lose vast amounts of business, vast amounts of companies and millions and millions of people losing their jobs. that won't happen with me. full report from the white house in a moment. we're also following the annual march for life in washington, d.c. where anti-abortion demonstrators gathered. earlier we heard from vice president mike trump -- mike pence, excuse me and trump senior adviser kellyanne conway. and we'll bring you reaction from mexo after the trump administraon floated that idea of an import tax on goods from mexico to pay for the border wall. we have got our team all set up from the capitol down to mexico city. let's begin with the latest on the joint news conference and the visit of the british prime minister. i want to bring in kristen welker. the president confirming that he did speak with mexican president pena nieto. among many issues in that press
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conference what were the headlines to you? >> reporter: couple, kate. in terms of mexico, president trump stressing that his conversation with president pena nieto was constructive, that he is keeping the lines of communication open. you heard him talk about the fact that he wants to get a better deal effectively in terms of how u.s./mexico relations are going to move forward. this all started because the president drew that line in the sand, signing that executive order greenlighting construction of the wall saying mexico is going to pay for the wall. the mexican president saying he is not going to pay for the wall and that all sparked that canceled bilateral meeting. i wouldn't be surprised if you saw that meeting get rescheduled. then of course the other headline has to do with russia. he's going to speak with russian president vladamir putin as there is a lot of buzz about the fact that he might be considering reversing the sanctions that president obama put in place. he was asked about that today.
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take listen. >> i hear a call was set up, steve, we'll see what happens as far as the sanctions early to be talking about that. but we look to have a great relationship with all countries, ideally, that won't necessarily happen, unfortunately probably won't happen with many countries. but if we can have as we do with prime minister may and the relationship that we developed even in the short relationship by being with each other, we'll have lunch and we really had some interesting talks, productive talks. if the we can have a great relationship with russia, and with china, and with all countries, i'm all for that. >> reporter: that call is expected to take place on saturday. one more headline here. he was asked about torture, the fact he seemed to open the door. he does think that tactics like water boarding work, however, he again reiterated he is going to defer to his soon-to-be defense
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secretary james mattis who is going to be sworn in this afternoon and who has said he is opposed to water boarding. still the mere talk of it does rattle some world leaders. one more point i'll make. you heard him talk about that relationship, part of the goal of today was to reaffirm the so-called special relationship between the united states and britain, and underscoring all of that the fact that this was his first meeting with a foreign leader. so this was significant, a host of topics, trade, brexit, whether there will abtrade deal between the u.s. and britain. again, all aimed at reaffirming that relationship and ally. >> he heads over to the pentagon and briefly again, what do we expect there and also if you could forshadow tomorrow because i know he has a bunch of calls on his plate. >> he does. today i'm hearing according to my conversations he is going to sign three executive orders. one that has to do with vetting
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it we aren't getting the specifics but there has been talk about this extreme vetting, the fact he wants to block refugees from certain countries, like syria, like iran, like iraq. so will those be the specifics. we'll have to see. there is going to be an executive order on military readiness, directing more resources to making sure the military has exactly what it needs, then also another executive order aimed at the national security council. in terms of tomorrow, a series of phone calls, the one with russia's president vladamir putin, also speaking with the leaders of germany and france as well. and the backdrop of all of this, kate, this rift with mexico, i think you can anticipate that is going to be central to some of these conversations with some of those world leaders unubdl a little concerned what it might mean for their relationship with the united states moving forward. >> you would expect that. thanks on a busy day. for more on the first visit of a foreign leader to this new white house i want to bring in my colleague keir simmons.
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lucky for us is here in new york these couple days. are you staying for the weekend? >> until tomorrow. >> good. because you are our expert on all things theresa may. the headlines from the british audience, what were the headlines out of that. >> first of all the british will be breathing a sigh of relief. this could have been really, really tricky. there were issues that could have been raised. the president was asked one particularly very difficult question by a british journalist saying there are all these things, mr. president, and the world doesn't agree with you on, many don't agree with you on and he brushed that off with humor. used diplomacy if you like. now, the british prime minister, woo aims, to try to get him to agree to further trade negotiations so she could go back and put pressure on the europeans over brexit. the other get him to be committed to nato which the british prime minister believes is central to european security
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and north american security and you saw in that news conference the way she turned to him and said, you do 100% believe in nato, don't you, mr. president? >> right. put him on the spot. >> right. you can view that moment in two ways. you could either view it as something of a sign of weakness, how uncertain, or maybe it's a maggie moment telling him what he should be thinking. we don't know. it's an early relationship. for both it's crucial. let's be honest. if the british and americans can't stand up and be look like they are getting along, then there is a serious dip mr.matic problem. >> there was a moment where she was asked about the u.s./mexico rift and relationship in this whole thing with pena nieto not coming. she avoided that one, didn't she. >> that's an easy one for her. that's your problem, that's your issue, leave it with you. it's interesting still though to remember that the europeans are
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threatening trade tariffs. over brexit. so there are parallels but what was fascinating, too, was to see her throughout the visit try to lay out an idea that both the uk and the trump presidency are running partners if you like, in this idea that they are championing the working class, the middle class, people who have been left behind economically. she's again and again tried to say, you heard presidentrump reflect that, we are together in this idea we need to change the way the world is working in order to make sure that this group of people don't get forgotten. that's very reagan. >> great to see you in person. have a good saturday here in the u.s. before you head back. president trump and president pena nieto agreed to
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stop airing in public after their phone call and the back and forth on twitter over the idea and the payment for a border wall. when we were on the wear this time yesterday if you were with us, the president's press secretary sean spicer had just floated the idea of that 20% border tax on goods imported into the u.s. from mexico, said that money could be used to pay for the construction of the wall. later the white house seemed to walk that back a bit. now saying it is just something that they are considering. for more i want to bring in mariano to report out what's happening on the mexican government side of this. i imagine mexicans pretty glad mostly that president pena nieto canceled his trip. >> reporter: donald trump is the best thing to have happened to president pena nieto. he was having his lowest approval ratings before he canceled his trip to washington and now even his political rivals are rallying around him,
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something that was unheard of a week ago. one of the immediate effects of those comments by sean spicer that you spoke about, kate, is a social media boycott that is trending in mexico right now, of american products and companies. so we are starting to see hash tags like adios starbucks, adios walmart, trending here in mex as immediate reaction to those comments by the press secretary. also happen in mexico city, carlos slim just wrapped a press conference, this is rare for the billionaire who met you remember with trump recently after trump criticized him on the campaign trail. i want to read to you some of slim's comments. he said i hope common sense prevails in all this. we have to show our strength with them, with the united states, maybe this is an opportunity for us to change mexico to focus completely on the development of our economy,
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the best way to stop the effects of the wall is to create jobs in mexico. so, milder comments from slim than people were exselecting, but i want to bring in fresh reaction on the ground. this is college student sarah, what is your opinion about this boycott we're seeing on social media. are young people like you going to start boycotting american products in mexico? >> so i believe these boycott it's perfectly normal response on the mexican people about being concerned not seeing clear what's going to happen. so i think everything's going to like start getting up and then it will calm down but i personally support this campaign. >> the campaign. you won't be boycotting american products? >> no. >> reporter: you grew up with nafta. this is so rare for you to see these kinds of tensions with the united states. are you concerned as a student? >> of course i'm concerned because as a student and as longing a i lived we never had a
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uprising and tension between a neighbor, our own neighbor and we've always had a good relationship with them. so as a student i'm personally concerned because i go to united states, i visit it, i shop there, i probably see university in united states as a possibility for further studies so yeah, of course i'm concerned. >> reporter: thank you so much, sarah. and kate, the president has less than two years left in office, so it's really the younger generation like sarah and his rivals who are go to have to deal with whatever the ramifications are of this war of words with president donald trump. >> thanks so much. for more on all of the developments of this first full week for the new president i want to bring in my colleague gretta van susteren. great to see you. >> nice to see you, kate. >> we just checked in in mexico
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city. and you hear about social media there, people starting to talk about blocking starbucks and going against american companies. i wonder what your take is on all of this back and forth and how damaging has this been for that u.s./mexico relationship? >> i don't know. but you know president trump i should say i bet on that phone call with the president of mexico says look, i made you more popular than before so you owe me. probably taking credit for this. i have never seen anything like it. the president gets in huge spats and manages to get out of them. look at the crowd with the business about how many people were in the crowd or the voter fraud. somehow he managed to navigate around these and he said he was going to do a bunch of things when he took office. he has been busy even working tomorrow making phone calls with vladamir putin and other leaders, so i don't know. like so far we sit back and watch this. of course we're the enemy, the media. >> he needs an enemy. let's talk about the idea of this 20% import tax that was floated out yesterday.
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sean spicer mentioned it. earlier in the week you interviewed speaker of the house paul ryan and you talked about the idea of taxes overall but specifics you talked to him about import tax. i want to play that and then talk about it. >> here's what the rest of the world does that we don't do. they take the tax off of their exports and place a tax on impo imports. we do the export we tax our exports and don't tax imports, we're double taxing. equalize this so that american made goods and services on a level playing field with the rest of the world and lower our tax rates on businesses so we're on par with the rest of the world so we don't keep losing our businesses. >> so that was wednesday. clearly republicans, congressional republicans have thought about this for a while the idea of taxing imports and then the white house floats it out. how real do you think that is? >> i think they arerying to figure out what they are doing
12:15 pm
now because they have so much pushback. many of the gop like free trade. this is consistent with the theme that president trump has been putting out there which is america first and of course what speaker ryan is saying it's like a case-by-case basis which is interesting because it's like what brexit and prime minister may are doing, cut individual deals because you know it's not one size fits all. so i'm not surprised by this but i don't think by any means we know what's really going to happen. we only know that we're sort of getting turned upside down with bombs dropped, a 20% tax and it's dialed back an hour later. we have to wait and see. >> a while ago kristin was talking about the executive orders we expect president trump to sign in the next hour or so from now at the pentagon. we think, it could change, these have to do with vetting of immigrants, military readiness and the national security council. my question though is about the actual act of signing an executive order because he used that to great effect this week.
12:16 pm
i can remember him criticizing barack obama, president obama, for using executive power and executive orders. what do you make of the use of that tool? >> are you surprised, look, i have been asked when i was in philadelphia because the republicans, the legislators, they are at some point they are going to get tired of this the because their job is to legislate and of course a president has a pen and can issue these executive orders. they can be reversed quickly as president obama has seen, that he signed are now being reversed. at some point the new president is going to find out that the congress is not going to like this. they love it right now because it looks like there's a lot of momentum. hang on, that marriage is not going to last. i also think the interesting thing about this military build-up executive order that we are anticipating, we haven't seen it yet, today gorbachev wrote and op-ed.
12:17 pm
he's seen way too much military build-up and he like warning the world that we're going the rection of a war. so interesting to see gorbachev is putting on the brakes and we're getting military ready. >> one of the striking things i thought about the press conference we saw an hour or so ago was every time donald trump talked about relations with other countries, it was in personal terms, he talked about the leaders of those countries, whether it was the uk, russia, mexico, let me play a little sound from that press conference. >> even in the short relationship that we just developed by being with each other, going to have lunch and we had some very interesting talks, very productive talks. as far as, again, putin and russia, i don't say good, bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman, i hope we have a fantastic relationship. that's possible, and it's also possible we won't. we have a really i think a very good relationship, the president
12:18 pm
and i, and we had a talk that lasted about an hour this morning. and we are going to be working on a fair relationship. >> so all very personal, right. all very much about his relationship directly with the leader of each country. >> and think about this though is that think of all of the mean-spirited things said by president trump about president obama even questioning where he was born, and now he is speaking glowing terms about him talking about the great ride they had inauguration day for the swearing in. so it's a head scratcher but look, if this president can get along with all of these world leaders and get them to do all of these things, you know, have at it. because we certainly could use a lot of good things going our way in terms of america with all of the problems we have whether it's poverty or national security or whatever the laundry list is. it is interesting, he certainly has a lot of friends right now. >> thanks so much. we'll watch you 6:00 tonight.
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of washington, d.c., that's the pentagon, and in that shot you can see the new defense secrety james mattis waiting for president trump to pull up in his motorcade of it he is coming there to officially swear in mattis as the new defense secretary. here is the motorcade approaching. we expect the president as
12:23 pm
kristen welker was reporting to sign several executive orders while he is there at the pentagon, and obviously to meet some of the high ranking officials there as well. let's watch as this plays out and the president arrives. this will be his first visit as president to the pentagon as commander in chief.
12:24 pm
>> waiting for president trump to arrive at the pentagon. on the left side of the screen we're seeing from behind there is general john mattis, the incoming defense secretary. james, excuse me. james mattis. as we wait for the door to open, officially james mattis has already taken his office at the pentagon, already been officially sworn in but today will be a ceremonial swearing in
12:25 pm
for the new defense secretary at the pentagon there and the president will be greeting high ranking officials of the military at the pentagon. and then signing as we said a few executive orders that one of which we believe has to do with military readiness and increasing the strength of the u.s. military. we're watching along with you. didn't get a lot of guidance what to expect here so we'll see what plays out on camera.
12:26 pm
>> present. >> president trump arriving at the pentagon for an afternoon visit on a friday afternoon. he will be signing several executive orders while he's inside, touring the facility, and he will be greeting many of the people who now work for him along with the new secretary of defense who will be ceremonially sworn in. we'll keep an eye on all of that. tens of thousands of people on a different side of washington right now over by capitol hill. they were on the mall now moving toward the supreme court. anti-abortion rights advocates there for the 44th annual march for life. and history was made today when vice president mike pence became the first sitting vp to address
12:27 pm
the crowd. chr kristen dahlgren joins me. where are you now? >> reporter: yes, kate, we're towards the back of the march here and as you can see over this way, the capitol building so we're walking past the capitol. occasionally some bottlenecks where the crowd stops. headed to the supreme court where they will hear from speakers. later on try to speak individually to their congressmen and women, and get their message across. as you mentioned history made today, the first sitting vice president to ever speak at the march, this is an event that happens every year but a lot of people telling me this year feels very different. after eight years where they didn't think they could make any headway in their agenda, they were listening today to speakers like kellyanne conway who called this a new day, and then the vice president speaking and really saying they were committed to moving this
12:28 pm
anti-abortion movement forward. a much more joob a lent crowd, a lot of young people but they do feel like this is the year that they are going to see some definite movement, they said they believe next year this is actually going to be a celebration of change in this country's abortion laws. >> kristen dahlgren following the marchers, following the march for life on capitol hill. in the next hour our white house team reports we are likely to see the president sign those three executive orders, one may include extreme vetting of refugees and limiting immigration from some muslim countries. we're going to do a reality check about those orders so far, the ones we had so far. when we come back.
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and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it absolutely what you nee right now. absolutely scottsdale. have a running war with the media, they are among the most
12:32 pm
dishonest human beings. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. that is a little bit of week one of the trump administration. we've seen the president put into motion several of his key campaign promises, through a flurry of executive orders. obamacare, on the border wall with mexico, on sanctuary cities, withdrawing from tpp and advancing two controversial pipe lines. ashley parker is white house reporter for the "washington post" and joins me now. ashley, a lot of executive orders, but explain what's next when you sign that piece of paper. >> well, the executive orders are very good for president trump from a messaging standpoint because as you said they are allowing him to keep his promises to his base. but in terms of what they actually do, there's a big gap between what he says they are going to do and what they will actually do. so take immigration for instance. you know he signed an order
12:33 pm
saying he wants to begin looking at construction of the border wall that will be paid for by mexico. the issue is he can say that but congress has to approve and fund the wall and mexico pay for it. we saw mexico is not going to do that. >> who writes these documents? do we know? have you been able to figure out who comes up with the language for these? >> reporter: one thing traditionally you have a team of lawyers working during the campaign, before someone is eveny elected to have a transition sort of packet ready to go of executive orders. one thing we learned in donald trump's case some of these executive orders are getting written by his aides without any input from the agencies that will be responsible for implementing them, and they are also getting done at the very last minute, kind of scrambled late in the night, still finalizing them before he signs them. so in that way it's a little untraditional with this president. >> is that why we don't know what he is about to sign an hour
12:34 pm
from now or are they keeping it from us because they don't want it public? >> it's a combination. there is some stuff they want an element of surprise. some they are not telling or rolling it out with a more organized plan is because they don't know. i talked to aides who say i've seen a bunch of executive orders about it at the last minute i don't know what he is going to sign and what's being drafted. >> we talked about this with greta, the difference between executive orders and congressional action. it's a big difference. there is only so much you can do, any president, only so much you can do by executive order. right? >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. executive orders are andctions e good first steps. a lot of these things have to go through congress. president obama found that out when his first week in office said he signed an executive ood wanting to close guantanamo bay and because of opposition he couldn't do it. a lot of things require more
12:35 pm
than a pen and a signature. >> can i ask you to look forward for a moment to the weekend, calls with vladamir putin, with the french leader, what are we expecting, a is abouty productive weekend tomorrow? >> reporter: yes. definitely. i think all of these calls will be incredibly interesting especially as you mentioned earlier on your show, the one thing that trump made clear and made clear today again, is that for him sort of geopolitics is deeply personal. you can see the policies and agreements that come out of these phone calls having to do sort of with if he hits it off with the leader, if they have good small chat, good conversation, so i think for these people calling him the stakes are a lot higher where the personal connection is sort of so paramount. >> ashley parker, thanks for joining ugs today. >> thanks for having me. >> the potential cost for you at home if the a 20% tax is placed on mexican imports beyond avocados and tequila, on
12:36 pm
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ask your doctor about eliquis. president trump signed off on an executive order to begin the building of a mexican border wall the white house grappling with how to pay for it. yesterday, press secretary sean spicer suggested a possible way. >> if you tax at 50%, $50 billion at 20% of imports by doing it that way we can do 10 billion a year and pay for the wall through that mechanism alone. >> talking about taxing imports from mexico at 20%. a few hours later spicer backed away saying it was one floating idea, one of many. as many questions what a 20% tax would do for american consumers, for businesses here to break it down is matthew shea, president and ceo of the national retail federation. obviously you have a dog in the fight here, right? you guys, you would be directly
12:40 pm
impacted your members by this kind of a policy. so start off with who you see as winners and losers if a tariff like that were to go in place, 20% tax on imports. who are the winners? >> well, kate, i guess what we see from this and wa we've seen from the debate in the last couple days, is that whether you call this a tariff or a tax, you know, it is incredibly complicated and ultimately consumers in this country who consume, whether it's the automobile you drive or the gasoline you put in that or the electronics to navigate your way or the groceries you put on the table or the shoes and the clothes on your feet and back, the prices of all of those things get driven up, and so consumers ultimately are the losers from any effort to tax imports. that's really been one of our concerns about some of the conversations coming out of the house about an element in the tax reform plan because we don't think that any plan that taxes consumers is good ultimately for
12:41 pm
the economy. >> you don't see a lot of winners from your vantage point? >> well, we don't see winners because we see the american economy as a whole losing, and we see consumers losing and you know, we do have a consumer economy and we also don't think it's a good idea for the congress to pick winners and losers and there would clearly be to your point there would be some big losers. we represent some of those. the auto industry, electronics, grocers, you know, drug stores, virtually everything that gets sold in this country some part or portion gets imported. to the extent there is a tax on those that get imported that is going to be passed along in the form of higher prices on consumers. the winners are ultimately companies that benefit from reduction in the tax code and we certainly have a strong conviction and commitment for tax reform, we always have had. we've been working on this many
12:42 pm
years with our friends on the hill. and we believe sensible tax reform can and should be achieved. we don't think this is the right way. this is going to drive up prices. >> can you be specific. when this came out we were trying to think what kind of products are we talking about? which american manufacturers are producing parts or components in mexico? can you help us understand that. >> probably can't give you exact numbers t what's coming in, who is doing it. >> what kinds of this? >> so we're importing automobiles, auto parts, electronics, consumer goods, retail goods, 30 to 40% of the things that come into this country from mexico specifically, are ultimately consumables of one form or another. and but you know, you multiply that across all of the countries with whom we do trade, and you see pretty quickly that this is
12:43 pm
very complicated and you know, the president we think was absolutely right when he came out a week ago and said this border adjustment tax is complicated, because it is. and you know, how it's supposed to work and the ultimate goals i think are somewhat in question because of the it drives up prices on consumers it's not going to have the intended effect and we'll see job loss from those industries. >> what about the argument from paul ryan and others that this is something that other countries do. paul ryan said to greta we tax our exports and don't tax our imports. we're doubling the taxing on made in america products and we want to do in his words is equalize and level the playing field. >> well, so i would say you know, there are a number of elements of tax reform proposed previously, they may be proposed again. we'd support other approaches to this that would close loopholes, lower rates, adjust various
12:44 pm
deductions and tax expenditures, there's a lot of benefit bringing in all of that offshore profit, that does get taxed twice. that's why the income, almost $3 trillion held by u.s. companies is held overseas. it's taxed again when it comes home. we agree that shouldn't be taxed. picking winners and losers saying consumers pay all of these things, what we're talking about here basically is a value added tax or consumption tax, but it's hidden and disguised by another name cling it an import tax but ultimately the same effect. we've got substantial national sales taxes in this country, they are every state in the country's got a sales tax, various counties, cities, have additional taxes. so there are plenty of taxes already on consumers, and on goods that are sold at retail. and i think you know, the benefit of creating a less complicated, more
12:45 pm
straightforward equitable lower tax code, lower rate tax code is very apparent to all of us. we want to achieve that, work with the administration and with the majorities in congress to do that. we think this the one element is bad for the economy because it's bad for consumers, it's going to ultimately drive up prices of everything they buy. and in our view that's a big negative to this proposal. >> matthew shea is the ceo of the national retail federation. appreciate your time. >> thanks, kate. president trump likely to sign an order dealing with the way immigrants come into this country and how they are screened. last night he reiterated his people on people from certain places in the mid middle east. >> let's talk a little about the executive orders on syria, iraq, iran, libya, sudan and the promise of extreme vetting. >> totally extreme. beyond those countries we'll have extreme vetting. extreme vetting for people coming in to our country, and if
12:46 pm
we think there's a problem, it's not going to be so easy to come in. we've taken in tens of thousands of people, we know nothing about them. they can say they have been vetted. they have no papers. how can you vet them. you can't. >> with all of this talk about vetting my next guest got attention last night when he sent out a few tweets and they went viral. the first was one of my iraqi interpreters is immigrating tomorrow on an sq 1 special immigrant visa. not sure they will let him in. the next tweet, guy spent years keeping u.s. soldiers alive in combat in iraq, one of the first to sign up in 2003. he is fearless, he is from olympic but he's done more for america than donald trump ever will. he wrote. hope the president has the decency to let him in. we saw those tweets last night. gave him a call and joining us is the author of those tweets, brandon friedman, ceo of the
12:47 pm
mcpherson square group, a former deputy assistant at hud and a former army officer. i assume is where you met this interpreter in the first place? >> yes, it is. in 2003 when i was in iraq. >> so tell me the story. you don't want to get into details because this gentleman is traveling as we speak. when you heard about the policy proposals from this president, he's talking quite a bit about imposing restrictions on immigration, putting it in the context of your friend, your interpreter who wants to come here. >> well, the way i see donald trump's proposal here, it's pretty unamerican. what you had essentially are thousands of iraqi and afgs interpreters who put their lives on the line, put their families lives on the line to help americans who are overseas fighting. and we owe them, you know, we have a debt to them and we owe them this. and right now you have donald trump saying that he's not going to allow them in. that to me that is sort of an
12:48 pm
ultimate betrayal after all they did for us. and you know, it's not just about translators or interpreters, it's also about refugees who are fleeing isis terror. that's what america is supposed to be about, we're supposed to be the city on the hill, the location that people can go when they are oppressed. and right now this executive order from the president does not reflect that. >> we don't know exactly what the wording will be of this executive order that he is about to sign. we know the president in the past has talked about particular countries that he's concerned about and suspension of visas for people from iran, iraq, syria, and yemen. of course that affects the man you're talking about. does that grouping of countries strike you as interesting or significant in any way? >> well, first of all it's unfair to the people who live there. but also it of course strikes me interesting because of the countries he left out like saudi arabia, egypt and turkey are countries that he has business interests in and he left those
12:49 pm
out. >> also allies of the united states to be fair. >> right. well, that's also true too. but the point is this is -- this is not fair to the people who have done things for us, supported american troops while we were overseas risking our lives they helped us. i owe my life to these people. thousands of american troops do. at the same time we have all of these other people who are under the threat of being killed by isis, they are looking for a way out and we're not going to give that to them. and the thing about it is, you know, this is holocaust remembrance day, that's disgusting about this. anne frank's family tried to get here and they were barred from entry for similar reasons, the u.s. government at the time thought that letting people in at that time they could be blackmailed by the nazis. and so anne frank's family didn't get in and they were ultimately kill independent the holocaust. and so donald trump to sign an executive order barring refugees
12:50 pm
who are trying to get away from isis, trying to keep families safe to me is unamerican. >> brandon friedman ceo of the mcpherson square group. i think probably most of our sq. most of our viewers would hope at least for the safety of your interpreter and safety of your friend, thanks very much. president trump is at the pentagon. we're awaiting the swearing in of his new defense secretary. james mattis, we'll go live there up next. thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized
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12:53 pm
president trump at the pentagon this hour for his first visit at commander in chief. right now the joint chiefs of staff are briefering the president on national security issues. in a few minute hll take part in a ceremonial swearing in for defense secretary james mattis. he was officially sworn in last friday after being confirmed by the full senate just hours after trump took office. nbc's hans nichols joins me now from the pentagon. hans, we saw the arrival there a few minutes ago, a lot of pomp and circumstance.
12:54 pm
now he's meeting with the joint chiefs, what do you expect is happening behind those closed doors? >> they are closed and secured. they are inside the tank. that's what the room is called. it's right there on the e ring of the pentagon. look, what we expect to be happening in these executive orders, is expanded powers for secretary of defense mattis to prosecute the wars as he sees fit. we also expect there to be a timeline in there. and that is to come up in 30 days with a plan on how you accelerate the fight against isis. and what we've been doing is trying to talk to commanders out there in the field all day just seeing what their wish list may be. what it was in the last administration, what they think they might be able to get in this administration, here a couple things. one of the most controversial, directly arming the kurds so that they can fight a little bit more. but also, potentially, apatchy helicopters that could fight inside of syria. you could also potentially have some artillery pieces moving inside of syria. also maybe additional forces to
12:55 pm
protect the special forces that are already in syria. you know, you talk to officials here, and you basically have two campaigns going on, one in mosul where the iraqis are pushing hard. it's been over 100 days since that campaign is going on. then in syria, i don't want to say they're slowed down, but they're taking their time to getting to raqqa. it's the headquarter, the capital of the islamic state and trump is going to empower his general and accelerate that campaign. kate. >> hans, i think you just give us a little bit of news when you were talking about specifically what's going to be in one of the executive orders is what you're talking about, right. that has to do with military readiness and isis. we had not been reporting that. so again, go over that for us. what do you think -- that's one particular execty order, right? >> and this is according to officials here. they are embracing for what it is. we've seen in the past the executive orders can change. i was just speaking with someone a moment ago. they weren't certain whether or
12:56 pm
not they were going to get this executive order that would potentially create safe zones in syria. this would be a safe zone in the north of syria where refugees could potentially internally displaced people could potentially be in. what we think we're going to get is something that says in 30 days you have to have a plan on how to accelerate the fight against isis and then the second one is sort of expanded powers for secretary mattis. one of the complaints, kate, i know you know this, is this mother may i approach. the pentagon wants to get away from mother may i. they want to do it before asking if the president for authority. kate. >> hans nichols at the pentagon, thanks so much. and we will take a quick break and be right back. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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1:00 pm
kornacki. i don't know what day of the week it is. how are you? >> i got that. i know it's friday. that's the one -- >> tgif. >> there you go, kate snow, good afternoon, everybody, i'm steve kornacki live in new york today. day eight of donald trump's first 100 days. topping our agenda right now. more executive action. the president expected to round out hisirst full week in office with a slew of executive orders this afternoon. which could cover vetting of imgraduates, military readiness, and the national security council. we are expecting the details within this hour. live from the department of defense, that is where the president is. we will bring them to you right here. also on our agenda, the global stage. >> we could have a great relationship with russia and with china and with all countries, i'm all for that, that could be a tremendous asset. no guarantee's. >> donald trump sharing the stage


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