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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 28, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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to replace the affordable care act once they have repeal it. the "washington post" got tape of them talking to them amongst themselves behind closed doors. msnbc live is next. good morning. a live look at the white house this hour day eight of the trump administration. and in about two hours, the day's drama begins with president trump expected to make a series of overseas calls to foreign leaders. good morning, i'm keir simmons in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 a.m. in the east, 4:00 a.m. out west. president trump's first call goes to shinzo abe of japan. a couple hours later, it's angela merkel. and then he's expected to speak with vladimir putin. perhaps the most anticipated call of the day. two more calls later, one to french president hollande and the prime minister of australia. sandwiched between all these calls, president trump is
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expected to sign more executive orders. no word yesterday on the nature of them. and he's projecting ahead to next week when he's slated to name his supreme court pick. >> very strong, but we have all 20 are fantastic people. before the election, i said these are the people i'll pick. and i think that the person that i pick will be a big, big -- i think people will love it. i think evangelicals, christians will love my pick. and we'll be represented very fairly. >> reporter: and new this morning, "washington post" report behind closed doors, republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal obamacare. one of them a california congressman reportedly said we better be sure we're prepared to live with the market we've created. that will be called 2ru6r78 ctr. republicans will be judged in the election less than two years
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away. the "post" reporting is based on audio recording it obtained from a closed door meeting at the gop meeting last thursday. joining me now, jonathan allen and jonathan, is obamacare in the end going to be trumpcare? >> i think if there is a replacement mechanism, if they repeal it and put something else there, you'll probably hear it called trumpcare by a lot of people. >> and so what will that mean? what does he need to do, can he repeal obamacare in the way that he said that he would? >> he needs to make sure that as many people are insured, that the cost is lower for those people, and that the cost is lower for that system. and if is in fact the case, then he will have done well. i don't think you can do all those things and not add to the deficit. and this is the problem republicans face right now. no matter what they do, they
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will own what they to and it will be hard for them to write something that they actually think is better than obamacare. >> can we talk about the executive order banning people from certain countries. how does donald trump handle his call with the german chancellor angela merkel. that could be the most unconfident about conversation of the day. >> right, this new order has been criticized by a lot of people not only for the coincidence of the day that it was signed on holocaust remembrance day, but also because the united states already has one of the strictest ways to look through refugees and people who might be coming into this country as refugees and really to vet them. it's up to a two year process and it's one of the strongest in the world. so some people are saying that this action which would suspend the refugees system for 120 days especially from syria is mostly just bluster. and some people are even saying that it could even harm not only our reputation around the world, but it could harm our military presence and soldiers who might
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face some sort of backlash. but i'm sure that conversation with angela merkel will be a little unconfident about as obviously germany has taken a different path toward refugees and immigrants. >> and he's spent the past few days with the british prime minister, so she's going to have seen that and reacting to that. >> right. and i mean this is part of donald trump's really debut on to the world stage. he's said from the beginning that he's going to have a very big opening week and he has lived up to that promise. and to be honest, a lot of what he's doing now are exactly the things that he promised during the campaign. so it really shouldn't come as too much of a surprise not only to all of us, but to the leaders around the world. >> this headline from the "washington post," the leaks coming out of the trump white house cast the president as a clueless child. what is that report suggesting and where does it come from? >> i think the headline says it all in terms of the suggestion. but basically every time you hear somebody on the trump white
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house team talk about the president, it sounds like they're trying to guide him into a decision. it's not on just how you treat a child, it's also how you treat an imtemperate adult. the aides sound like they are 00 eye trying to get a person with a violence temper to act like a normal human being. there is now a new twitter account at rogue potus staff that is leaking a lot of this stuff. emwatch his own team take shots at him for a long time. >> politico has also written about this palace intrigue. is there any way for advisers to get the president's attention to speak to the media? because they know that he's watching the media so closely. >> it really does appear that that is one of the best ways to
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reach out to him. he does speak to his advisers within the white house, but we have seen donald trump react almost immediately to things that he sees on television. there will be some segment and we'll see a tweet responding to it. if i see him tweeting something out that seems out of the blue, i'll immediately go into the system so i can see what has been on television and try to see where he got it from and what he's talking about. and so we also saw this during the campaign. his advisers would say maybe the best way is to do it in this way or to change tactics and it almost seemed like they were trying to reach out to him. some television shows jokingly say hey mr. president, if you're watching, flashlights in the white house. presidents normally try to stay away from tv, but this is an active consumer of it. so now it seems as though the best way to reach him is through the cable networks right now. >> jonathan, a flurry of executive orders and directives.
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how much of this is about appearance, about looking like you're a man of action and how much is making a real difference to going forward? >> i think both of those things are true. certainly donald trump wants to show that he's a man of action. and these have far reaching effects. there is a huge human and moral cost just in the executive order yesterday dealing with people seeking visas and refugees from around the world. the united states has long looked to be a beacon of freedom for people, to be a place where up rooted populations are find warmth and shelter. and it's deeply rooted in our values and we're now watching those flipped on their head. we see now religious tests for people coming into the united states unless they come from countries where donald trump has
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business. so there are deep human costs here. there will be blood on donald trump's hands from people who aren't able to make it here. and that is terribly different than the attitude the united states has had for a long time. and i know many americans are deeply saddened by it. >> and i want to ask about another thing that president trump has said. take a listen. this is him talking to cbn. >> steve bannon, one of your top advisers the other day to the "new york times" called the media the opposition party. do you believe that? >> i think to a large septembex they're much more capable than the other side. yeah, i think the media is the opposition party in many ways. and i'm not talking about all media. the dishonesty, the total deceit and deception makes them certainly partially the opposition party absolutely. i think they're much more capable than the opposition party. the opposition party is losing badly. >> so is this going to be a
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confrontational relationship with the media for the next four years? >> and i want to ask, do we get jackets that say opposition party on the back? i'd love one. but they don't have a candidate to run against. they thrive in competition, it they thrive in having an adversary as we saw throughout the primary campaign and with hillary clinton. now they don't even have a democratically controlled congress to go up against, so who did they have. but the only other people left to be critical of them and who have power as donald trump said himself that they are more capable, we are perhaps more capable than the dems right now in congress, to actually be critical of donald trump. and what he calls dishonesty, sometimes the media gets things wrong, but on whiften it's alre just something he doesn't like the way it was reported. we've seen it with black lists on entire media lets, where they would be confrontational with
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reporters. so far the relationship in the white house has been more or less normal. there are daily briefings. but i expect that at some point to change. they have been very clear that everything is sort of up in the air in terms of how the media interacts with the white house. >> jonathan, what do you expect to come out of the putin conversation later today? this is the most important conversation the president will have today. >> i mean, these guys are obviously growing close to each other. i think both of them see themselves as tough negotiators who can maneuver and manipulate the other one. so i'm not sure we'll hear a whole lot out of it. certainly there will be some sort of statement about the importance of the relationship between the u.s. and russia, which is a little bit of a 180 on american foreign policy of late. but donald trump seems to worship the way that vladimir putin runs his country and i think he wants to be friends with putin. >> okay.
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thank you both very much. now to the weather headlines. a look at rockefeller plaza. temperatures in the 30s this morning. joining me for a look at the weather headline, kelly cass. what is it hoit looking like ar the country? >> we're talking about a lot of lake-effect snow. we haven't seen a whole lot of this lately. it was a mild january up to this point. but we do have that cold air spilling down over the great lakes. and with the water temperatures in the 30s and 40s and air temperatures more like 20s and low 30s, that is going to be the setup for some good lake-effect snow out there. and we have all the lakes involved today entomorrow as well. there is your blue showing up from west michigan all the way to the end of the new york state through way. so buffalo, erie, and tug hill plateau. the wind will be strong. snow showers even down toward
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western virginia. all the way up across the upper peninsula of michigan, too, where he cou where we could see half a foot of snow. this goes right through tomorrow night by the way. so we have the lake-effect snow advisories and warnings in effect all the way down through western pennsylvania where some areas could see as much as 3 to 5 inches of snow. back to you sflp. >> kelly, thank you. coming up, one of the more remarkable moments in donald trump's press conference. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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a live picture of the white house where a short time from now, president trump will begin a series of overseas phone calls including vladimir putin, the russian president. his first call with the russian
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president since the inauguration. it's among several phone calls with foreign leaders on today's agenda. kasie hunt is at the white house. good morning to you. are you getting any guidance from the administration officials on the nature of these calls? >> reporter: we're still trying to get more details from the administration about just quhwh the focus of the calls is going to be. in the meantime, there is growing backlash over the new executive order that president trump signed yesterday that bans immigrants and is focused on certain countries. now, trump is calling this extreme vetting, but critics are saying it amounts to a ban on muslims. fallout this morning from president donald trump's move to make good on a divisive campaign promise. >> new vetting measure hes to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. >> reporter: at the pentagon yesterday, trump signing an executive order to ban
4:17 am
immigrants from these predominantly muslim countries for the next 90 days. the order sops short of an all out ban on muslims as he had promised. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down on muslims entering the united states until or country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: but it sparked outrage. the aclu calling the order, quote, a euphemism for discriminating against muslims. the dean of faculty at princeton advising colleagues afternond ss to defer travel until further scl clarification comes. trump had a meeting with theresa may and the two trying to focus on what they have in common instead of their differences like whether russia should continue to face sanctions. >> we'll see what happens as far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that. >> reporter: trump expected to speak by phone today with
4:18 am
vladimir putin, accused by u.s. intelligence of dregirecting a hacking campaign to help trump win the election. >> as far as again putin and russia, i don't say good, bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. that is possible. and it's also possible that we won't. >> reporter: and he's also expected to speak with german chancellor angela merkel who he once tweeted with ruining germany, now trying to build ties across the world if not with the press here at home. >> i think the media is the opposition party in many ways. the opposition party is losing badly. the media is on the opposition party's side. >> reporter: as you note, he will be speaking we expect as well with leaders of japan about and france and we also expect that he will sign additional executive orders today. no word on what will be included in those orders at this point, but it's already been a very
4:19 am
busy first 7 days of this presidency when it comes to executive action and it looks like week two will be pretty of the same. >> absolutely right. thank you so much. let's bring in steve clemens, editor-at-large and also msnbc contributor. steve, let's start with this new executive order on immigration refugees. what is the effect of that order overall? >> it shalams the door on a lotf people who have already been victim ts many times over and i think sends a signal to a lot of americans that they are vulnerable because of the refugees and immigration that we've had here previously. but the truth is the united states is among those nations that has the fewest refugees coming in. so heightens fears and reinforces the fears some americans have, but it really takes a lot of people who have g gone through hell and who may have sold belongings and told
4:20 am
them they're not welcome in this country at least for a four month block period while the is system is revamped. >> can it be described as a muslim ban? >> i think that is going too far because there are many to come over. i think it has the effect of making a lot of muslims feel as if both within the country but also abroad that they don't share the same status as other american citizens. and i think it's not just the executive order. it's donald trump's comments around it, that he would with be more open to letting in christians in front of others. and that kind of shading begins to send signals to american citizens here who happen to be muslims that they don't count as much, they're not worth as much as others that are coming in. so there is going to be no doubt a kind of echo effect that is read as trump's anti-muslim ban. >> this morning times talks about it as a fear that trump's visa ban be trays friends and bolsters enemies.
4:21 am
but isn't this what the president indicated that he might do during the campaign, he's just living up to promises? >> i think he is. and i think that to a certain degree americans, those that assumed donald trump, wanted a wrecking ball. they had felt insecure and certainly we did have cases of terrorism in the united states, mostly lone wolf terrorism, but we did have that. we saw it unfold in places like turkey and brussels airport and germany and france. and i think that that kind of thing as created a certain fear. and there is a fear of the outsider coming into take a person's job and to undermine the american way. and i think that element of the american electorate is the one to whom donald trump is playing for this. and it was part of the campaign speech, but i think the kind of establishment in washington is really stunned that the wrecking ball is wrecking through things and he's doing what he said he would do. >> president trump is also expected to speak with president
4:22 am
putin of russia today at noon. it will be 8:00 in the evening in russia. they have a few things to talk about. >> absolutely. i mean, i think that they will be talking about -- i think one of the big signs to look for is what theresa may raised yesterday in her joint presser with president trump. and that is his attitude and stance on sanctions represented to russia's taking of crimea. and donald trump continues to frame the sanctions of whether he will move that direction or not move that direction on what his relationship with putin is. it's really wrapped around his personal nature, what theresa may said yesterday is it's wrapped around russian behavior with regard to the things that got them the sanctions to begin with, including crimea and whether or not they fulfill their part of the bargain in the minsk greagreement.
4:23 am
>> and something else the president said, making clear his position on torture, saying torture works. here's what he said during his press conference with the uk prime minister yesterday. >> secretary of defense general james mattis and he has stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture. or waterboarding or whoever yho want to define it. i don't necessarily agree, but he will override because i'm giving him that power. he's an expert, he's highly respected. he's the general's general. i happen to feel that it does work. i've been open about that. but i'm going with our leaders. >> so the president saying that he believes torture works. his secretary of defense does not believe that. and he's prepared to listen to his secretary of defense. is that what he's saying? >> it's just a remarkable statement. he just stepped back from that.
4:24 am
in my entire time covering very closely this issue with vice president cheney and george w. bush who were those that essentially signed off on waterboarding, i never heard them so karly interchange the word torture with waterboarding or enhanced interrogation. donald trump used them interchangeably. he used that word torture and started with that and advocate torture himself. that has not happened to my knowledge from a u.s. president in our history. and it's a remarkable moment. i think it creates a shaky foundation where it just shows his respect for general mattis who will live by the letter of the lawyer which john mccain said is the army field manual which does not permit the use of those enhappensed interrogation techniques. but nonetheless, general mattis can come and go and it sends a signal to the system, the intelligence operatives out there have begun to look at
4:25 am
reopening black sites is one of the orders now under consideration that used to be used for these enhanced interrogation opportunities with detainees. that is a remarkable moment, the statement the way he framed it yesterday, i've never heard it before. >> all right. thank you so much. inside the white house, the fight for power and who is making decisions. i'll ask people who worked inside the white house who the president might be listening to. ♪ look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions.
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welcome back. i'm keir simmons in new york. here's what we're monitoring. a busy day of diplomatic phone calls. in a few hour, president trump is expected to call shinzo abe
4:32 am
and then angela merkel and next up vladimir putin. later today, president hollande and thip ten the prime minister australia. this is a day after in which he signed an executive order which imposes a 90 day ban for people from syria and six other predominantly muslim countries. among other restrictions. joining me here in the studio is ari melber. straight to it, is what the president is trying to do legal? >> probably. the president has great unilateral authority over immigration which could mean upping or lowering the numbers of various classes. and potentially doing this kind of country based restriction. the big problem is a question that everyone is looking at here, is this a muslim ban attempted by other means although it's not written that way. or is this just a list of problematic countries. there will be a lawsuit we're
4:33 am
told by c.a.r.e. as early as monday pressing the point that this is religious discrimination. the administration say they are looking at it as a country level which they argue is legal. >> and when you look at the list of countries, these are countries with serious issues of islamic extremism. on the other hand, they have a lot of people living there who are not involved in that. and part of this is about the message it sends. is that going to have any legal influence at all or simply the law? >> i think it will be both because you can always make the argument that something is masquerading as a fair policy, but secretly has any kind of malicious or discriminatory intent. obviously if you could do a legal discrimination by simply rebranding it, that would be easy. when you look at that list of country, basically they have taken a list of problematic
4:34 am
countries, those that you see on the screen, that have been cited by congress and president obama in very different contexts, foek being a state supporter of terror or a country if somebody passed through, they would no longer get a visa waiver. a british business person who would easily get into the u.s., if they stopped at any of those countries, they would have a harder time getting in. so this order takes that list and says we'll just do a total suspension from knows countries. t those countries. but the problem is the attackers that we have dealt withcountrie. those countries. but the problem is the attackers that we have dealt with both on 9/11 and extremist related attacks since 9/11 are not from that list of countrieseiecountr. so you have a list that might have been picked for expediency because it does have a legal foundation, but then on the policy and security side, people are going wait a minute, is the only reason that the trump administration picked these
4:35 am
countries is because they had some legal support or was sitting on the books but not because of a security reason and not even by the way for folks concerned about the religious aspect, these aren't the largest muslim populations in the world either. so the legal history of this list tells you a little bit of where it came from. >> let me play you something that president trump said yesterday. >> the refugee program or the refugee changes you're looking to makes a it relates to persecuted christians, to you see them as kind of a priority here? >> yes. they have been horribly treated. do you know if you were a christian in syria, it was impossible, very, very -- at least very, very tough to get into the united states. if you were a muslim, you could come in. but if you were a christian, it was almost impossible. and i thought it was very, very unfair. so we are going to help them. >> there is no question that there are christians in parts of the world who are being persecuted, but does the president saying that make the difference to the legal position that he ends up in if he ends up
4:36 am
in court? >> what the president said is not 100% accurate because the united states has long provided asylum to individuals based on persecution. there are christians in syria and isis controlled areas and elsewhere that face that persecution. and they under long standing policy have an argument for trying to gets a sia get asylum. it's been a humanitarian crisis. but the president saying that doesn't change the standing policy of the united states although the order does refer to the idea of giving more support to people who are religious minorities in their home country, translation, in some of these countries christians and muslim majority countries. but we also have a thing which is a legal term of art where president trump speaks very broadly in response to questions he gets and also things he sees on television.
4:37 am
and so we're going to have to adjust, we're accustomed to presidents being much more guarded or careful. we have to adjust to the fact that when the president now says something like that, he isn't automatically changing all policy to be pro one religion or another with regard to asylum and basically that kind of special refugee status and that is important. also, again, if he wants to say that there is going to be a specificity for religion, that is to say christians should fair better no matter what, that would certainly be controversial. you have to go back a long ways to look at religious based bans. judaism and catholicism at one point were disfavored in u.s. immigration policy. so is there precedent? yes. is it considered a good idea? no. to many administrations, they say we don't want to pick winners and losers when it comes to religion. >> all right. thank you. tensions running high between the u.s. and mexico.
4:38 am
a movement for mexicans to boycott u.s. companies is growing after a white house sutsut suggested a 20% tax could be used to pay for the border wall. president trump and mexico's president talked yesterday after nieto pulled the plug on a face-to-face meeting. let's go to mexico city. what reactions are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, this is the paper's headline this morning. they get off twitter and get on the phone referring to that hour long conversation you were talking about between president trump and president pena nieto. now, in a statement issued by the mexican white house, it states that both presidents agreed not to talk publicly about this, quote, controversial issue of the wall. funny enough that wasn't included in the white house statement, though. so it remains to be seen whether donald trump will layoff talking about the wall and mexico for a couple a days. but here in mexico, president
4:39 am
pena nieto met with lawmakers yesterday, it was an emergency meeting where they decided to allocate billions of dollars to help and strengthen mexican consulates in the u.s. to defend their migrants. i spoke to a mexican senator who told me he is considering harsher retaliation against the u.s. government. this is what he told me. >> we need to analyze this 20% tax we've heard of yesterday. and i think we will retaliate specifically in some points, in some issues that i think is very important for instance in the states of the corn belt i think we should start thinking about not buying anymore corn from those states. we have brazil, we have argentina. >> reporter: he also talked about not cooperating possibly
4:40 am
on terrorism and narcotics. so that would have grave consequences for the u.s. and finally, regarding that social media boycott you talked about, it's still ongoing. it started with the #adios starbucks and then included mcdonald's and costco. that is still here trending on twitter. mexicans holding their breath sipping their coffee, i don't know if it's at starbucks or not, but watch to go sing to se donald trump's next move will be. >> and you said something yesterday that i thought was really fascinating. that in fact this battle with president trump is actually helping the mexican president's approval rating. >> reporter: a great deal. president nieto had his lowest approval ratings before he canceled his trip to washington. this was a very unpopular president and now all of a sudden you have the business community, intellectuals, mexicans from all political factions and his rivals rallying
4:41 am
around him. but remember something, president pena has less than two years left in office. he can't run for re-election. so many of the opposition leaders might be seeing an opportunity here and they know that ultimately donald trump and whatever happens with this feud will be their problem. >> all right. thank you so much. now leaks coming from the white house, a new report looks at what is going on inside the trump administration. reaction in minutes. and coming up at the top of the hour, with the president signing an executive order to build a wall along the southern border, how much of an economic impact could it have on america?
4:42 am
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4:45 am
support our country and love deeply our people. >> and with that president donald trump signed off an executive order indefinitely banning syrian refugees from entering the u.s. and implementing strict new rules from immigrants from seven other countries. the latest of his executive actions. let's bring in rick tyler, joe watkins, and zer li zerlina ma. trump promised that he would do all this. are republicans surprised he's actually followed through? >> maybe a little bit. it is a campaign promise. it appears to be part of a rebalancing. we'll see that it's a rebalancing, part of it is a 90 day strategy, some of it seems to be indefinite, the syrian part.
4:46 am
so we'll see going forward. but the country has a right to keep itself safe and if there is a cooling off period where we can reassess how to resettle refugees by keeping america safe, that might be a good thing. >> but it's a flurry of executive orders. is it too much too fast? >> i don't like executive orders because they don't have the weight of law. but in some cases donald trump's executive orders particularly on immigration simply say to enforce existing law. he's not making new law or he's not -- he's essentially telling the agencies go ahead now and enforce the laws that we were not enforcing under the obama administration. catch and release is an example of that. >> executive orders were supposed to be the devil's work as far as republicans were concerned before. >> it is on either side, depends who is in charge. >> all right. what can dems do to push back? >> i don't know that they have lechblg with the executive
4:47 am
orders, but i do think democrats needed to reassess their strategy. we saw that they were voting for trump's nom he knees to his cabinet and i think that the march on saturday and the subsequent marches in philadelphia at the republican retreat show there a large opposition to what donald trump is doing in the white house. and democrats need to take a look at their basestituencies a them to do what is resist. >> there have been comparisons with reagan and thatcher. in the 1980s, there were plenty of marches and strikes. it made no difference whatsoever. >> i think that that would be a different opinion if you look at the marches that happened in the 1960s or the 1970s for example, right? march is not the be all he said all, but what a march is it is allow organizers to connect and make plans going forward. so, yes, a march is just one thing. but it can turn into a movement just to allude to "time" magazine's right now. it can turn into a movement that
4:48 am
does make progressive change going forward. >> and the "washington post," they take a look at the leaks coming out of the trump white house writing time and again the image of trump pushed by his aides is one of a clueless child disregarding advice. what is your interpretation of what is going on here? >> you're never going to stop leaks. people that come into the white house usually have relationships with the media, with the press before they start and they will retain those relationships. and they will have them when they leave, as well. and their friends in the press will always ask them questions about things. in this case you have a president he's not clueless, he's clearly not clueless, but he is moved because he's image conscience by what people say on television, by what people say on social media. and he knows how to use social media back. in this case his aides are maybe wise to talk to him through the press as well as through social media but especially through the
4:49 am
press to make him see how he is being seen and to try to move him one way or the other as he signs these executive orders and makes these important decisions. >> so as far as you can see from the outside, is what is happening behind the scenes in the white house unprecedented or is there also in-fighting? >> no, not unprecedented at all. there is always going to be infighting and jockeying for position. everybody on the white house staff ends up yjockeying for th ear of the president and how you're seen on the outside depends on how much of the president's ear you have. so that jockeying is always going to be there. >> rick, what do you make of the leaks so far? >> leaks is a function of the staff trying to preserve its reputation and relationships with the press. but look, i take a little bit of a different take on this. i think donald trump actually wants these fights. he doesn't express this to his staff as a direct strategy. if you note some of the things he's arguing over, things that
4:50 am
are fairly meaningless like the crowd sizes, like 3 million people somehow voting illegally, these have the effect of making the left go crazy generating a lot lot of news and sucking up a lot of air time from other things he doesn't seem to want covered. if that's true, it's been a very successful strategy. >> you think that he wants the left to be outrageded, he wants these kinds of -- >> yes. notice what he's doing, his speech the other day somewhat like a state of the union address, taking things like the keystone pipeline, which the environmental movement is behind democrats, they don't like it and will protest it but on the other side he said we're making the pipes in america, which has the the blue-collar workers, mostly democratic, it's splitting the democratic party. >> how do the democrats deal with that. >> we need to organize and get
4:51 am
focused on how to lead in the resistance going forward. i think this week's voting for the nominees was a mistake and i hope there will be a staunch opposition to someone like a jeff sessions, for example, to head up the department of justice. one thing about the leaks, we went through eight years of no drama obama and we're in week one of donald trump and we know what he's watching on tv, what kind of mood he's in at 7:30 in the morning and that makes me uneasy. >> maybe drama is better. >> not when someone who has their hand on the nuclear launch code and someone who can be debated in a tweet. we need less drama, not more. >> it's good for the news business for sure. >> stick around. coming up, today's phone call between the president and vulten. what can we expect and what it says about mr. trump's foreign policy priorities. ladimir putin. what can we expect and what it says about mr. trump's foreign policy priorities. (vo) maybe it was here,
4:52 am
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in just over an hour, president trump will speak with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. one of five phone calls today, one with vladimir putin. trump offered a preview of that call on friday. >> as far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that, but we look to have a great relationship with all countries ideally. as far as, again, putin and russia, i don't say good, bad, or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. that's possible. and it's also possible that we won't. >> let's bring back our political se lena, what would you want president trump to say to president putin? >> i actually don't know what i would want him to say. i'm a little hesitant on, you know, accepting the fact that we're making this call to russia, he's already saying openly his advisers are saying
4:56 am
openly that we may remove the sanctions that were put in place by the obama administration. all of this makes me very uncomfortable because i think that it's troubling when you have the president of the united states complimenting or saying even neutral things about such a horrible dictator like vladimir putin. >> rick, how does jop mccain, lindsey graham react if president trump lifts the sanctions on russia? >> i actually don't think he will. the way donald trump operates is he doesn't have a lot of ideology guiding him, his governing philosophy. he doesn't have a cold war hangover with the russians. he sees himself as an arbiter so it seems to me he's always calculating the relationships, what he can get out of it. i think he'll hold on to the sanctions a leverage because that's typical of how he would react in his deal making. >> quickly, joe, is this political pa nooufring? we won't see sanctions lifted? >> well, i think that he's got
4:57 am
to be careful about lifting sanctions. i think all these calls are important today. certainly the call to angela merkel is important. germany is an important ally yet he's been critical of her. he welcomed theresa may this week and of course everyone knows great britain is exiting the eu so he has to work hard to maintain the relationships with eu partners. >> real political jigsaw around the world. thank you so much. that does it for this hour's live coverage. i'm keir simmons. at the top of the hour, thomas roberts, a former member of britain's parliament, tells us whether the british can trust president trump. this is the silverado special edition.
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