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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 28, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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bounty is more absorbent, per roll so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper breaking news at this hour. president trump reportedly calling russian president vladimir putin, part of a day of sweeping outreach to a number of leaders worldwide. hello, i'm sheinelle jones in new york at nbc world headquarters. it's 12 noon in the east, 9:00:9:00 in the west. first other breaking news, the first people reportedly detained as a result of president trump's executive order banning immigrants from coming into the u.s., it affects acceseven different countries. more on that from the white house in a minute. meanwhile new pictures showing president trump speaking on the phone with angela merkel from the oval office.
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that call took place in the last hour. no word on the nature of the conversation. but trump had been critical of merkel during the presidential campaign for allowing refugees in to germany. also new today, sean spicer tweeted this picture showing the president speaking with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. and as we said, he may be on the phone with russian president vladimir putin right now. sandwiched between the president e 's calls to two more leaders, he's expected to sign new executive orders. no word yet on the nature of them. meanwhile in a new interview, president trump is projecting ahead to next week when he is slated to name his supreme court pick. >> very strong, but we have all 20 are fantastic people. i put out 20 for the election, i said these are the people i'll
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pick. and i think that the person that i pick will be a big, big -- i think will love it. i think evangelicals, christians will love my pick. and will be represented very fairly. >> also new today, democrats are pushing back against president trump's steps toward repealing and replacing obamacare. here's house minority leader nancy pelosi during the party's weekly address this morning. >> tragically repeal of the affordable care act will be death, disability and suffering and republicans will do thaufl to give a massive new tax break to the wealthiest as they an ban done seniors and working families. democrats will stand our ground to protect the affordable care act because as we and many marchers agree, held care is the right of every american, not just the privileged few. >> her comments come as the "washington post" is reporting organization quote, disarray at a closed door meeting during
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thursday's rehe trehtreat this philadelphia. the reporting is based on an audio recording. it's unclear whether president trump's tweets this morning attacking the "washington post" and "new york times" is a reaction to that report. but now reaction to the call with vladimir putin that is reportedly happening in this hour. trump offered a preview of that call yesterday. >> as far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that. but we look to have a great relationship with all countries ideally. as far as again putin and russia, i don't say good, bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship about. that's possible. and it's also possible that we won't. >> joining me now, michael mcfall, former ambassador to russia. let's dig in here. the word that seems to stick out to a lot of people, he's used the word indifferent before. is this the right word to be using when talking about someone like vladimir putin?
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>> well, he used the word indifferent and also used the word fantastic. but it's all about his relationship with putin. and that's what disturbs me. he needs to develop a policy towards russia that serves the interests of the american people, that serve our national security interests, that serve our economic interests. and so far when we hear both president trump, candidate trump and now president trump, he talks about this whole thing about his personal relationship with putin. that is not a policy. >> what did you make of trump's policy that it's he too early to talk about sanctions and do you think talk of sanctions will even come up in today's call? >> well, it shouldn't. the trump administration does not have a policy towards russia. he hasn't sat in the white house situation room with his team, secretary of state, with the secretary of defense, his national security adviser, and other senior members of the government to debate a policy. i mean i served in the obama
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administration from day one, i was on that phone call from day one when president obama called president medvedev and of course that was just pleasantries because we had not developed our policy yet. and i think it would be very premature for president trump to begin talking about lifting sanctions or not when they haven't figured out a policy. and i'm particularly worried that he talks about lifting sanctions without talking about changes in russian behavior. those sanctions were put in place because one set of sanctions were put in place because russia interfered in our elections. another set were put in place because putin annexed territory of ukraine. and third set were put in place because he supported separatists. if they don't change their behavior, sanctions shouldn't be lifted. >> i used the word indifferent, you said fantastic. and another word he uses, he says he wants to have a great
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relationship with russia if possible. give us perspective from the other side of the phone call. what will russia be looking for in return for this good relationship as trump says? >> well, i'm glad you asked that because to me, it's really clear what vladimir putin wants. he wants first and foremost for all of the sanctions i mentioned to be lifted. he wants, second, recognition of his sphere of influence in the former soviet union including in ukraine. he wants recognition and the legitimacy of the war against terrorism that he's fighting in syria, support for his ally mr. assad. and in his dream of dreams, he would love to have president trump recognize crimea as part of russia. so he has some very concrete gifts that he seeks. and in return, if it means saying nice things about president trump, that's a deal he'll happily take. >> on the other hand, does president trump have a point? can the u.s. or should the u.s. have a better relationship with
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russia? >> of course president trump should seek outcomes with russia that serve the american people. and if it means engagement with russia and talking to putin, stroeof course he should do that. that's what all presidents have done. but a good relationship cannot be the goal. it shouldn't be the goal with any country. the goal is our interests, the means for achieving it is better relations with leader x, y and z including mr. putin. and right now i don't know what those goals are, those concrete objectives that president trump is seeking. >> and there is another layer to all this, we talked about it thorn on the "today" show, international layer. tough talk for nato and the u.n. combined with softening language on russia. in your perspective, how does that body for europe and baltic states? people are fearful of the implication. >> they're extremely nervous. they don't understand it. this is a radical departure with
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democrat and republican foreign policy going all the way back to the creation of nato. and in combination with the support for putin, it feels like a radical departure that will i think be if it goes toward will be deeply destabilizing for europe. now, that said, i think it's also important to remember that certain members of his cabinet including secretary mattis have said on the record radically different things. so i don't know where it will go. maybe it's too premature to say. but so far what president trump is saying, he's basically undermining our alliances both in europe and by the way in asia, as well >> if we zoom out even more from a diplomatic perspective, he's talk to go five world leaders today. in your opinion, how critical are these conversations?to go f today. in your opinion, how critical are these conversations? given that he's just started frankly. >> like i said before, these should be courtesy calls.
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he does not have in front of him the documents that outline the policy. generally i'm worried about this president trump is making major policy decisions by decree and tweet. i just don't think that's a good process. it's too premature to be negotiating with putin when you haven't ensat down with your secretary of treasury because he's not confirmed, your secretary of state. he needs to keep to the pleasantries and get to the policy when he's ready. >> there are so many people that have to be in his ear probably echoing things similar to what you're saying. he's known to make deals obviously. is there any of that you maybe -- i don't want to say smarter than people are giving him credit for, but his way of getting to all what we really want here? could it be that he's smarter than a lot of people think? >> i'm not going to judge the smartness of president trump. >> not smart, but that he has an instinct that maybe we're underestimating.
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>> maybe. and by the way, i'm for big deals, too. when i was in the government, we did really big deals with the russians. we signed a s.t.a.r.t. treaty, we did got rid of 30% of the nuclear weapons in the world. we got sanctions on iran. we got russia into the world trade organization. we opened up a supply chain to afghanistan that helped to fight the war in afghanistan and help us kill osama bin laden by reducing our depee inine ininei to pakistan. but it is part of the job to make deals, but they have to be ones thatdenies city to pakistan. but it is part of the job to make deals, but they have to be ones that search the american interests. to lift sanctions in return for pleasantries for putin, or a nice tea in the kremlin, i shouldn't sound to flippish, but that is not a good deem. that in some ways are a jlegiti
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welcome back. we are following breaking news. you're looking live at a press conference at jfk. we told you at the top of the hour about refugees who have been detained at u.s. airports. you're listening now to the
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congressman. [ foreign language ] >> we've been talking about the fact that president trump's executive order closing the nation's borders to funls was put into immediate effect on friday night, but refugees who were airborne on flights on the way to the united states when the order was signed were stopped and detained at airports. so lawyers are jumping in now, the detention has prompted legal challenges. they want their clients released. so at the same time, they filed a motion for class certification to represent all of these refugees and immigrants. so let's listen into the congressmen and see if he answers some questions. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i was going to see if she was going to speak english here. as soon as she starting speaking in english, we'll bring that to you. in the meantime, let's bring in
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two of our columnists. first of all, let's talk about what is going on there. a lot of people have listened to trump during the campaign. he said he was going to do this and now that it's happening, i think a lot of people are frankly freaking out they didn't realize that you know what, this could happen mid flight. these people are landing and they're in limbo now. >> absolutely. he did talk about it in the campaign, but i don't think anybody expected to happen immediately. one of my former colleagues was a translator in our baghdad bureau and he's settled in the could you be, works a great job, a couple kids. his father was on his ways to visit and i wasn't allowed to get on his plane. so this is real world consequences of things that were campaign rhetoric not that long ago. >> and the order suspends refugees for 120 days, bars
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entry into the u.s. for 90 days from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, yemen. whether we like it or not, he means busy guess. >> he certainly does. he is following through on the things that he said he was going to do. i think that has led to can arear considerable horror among a lot of people who didn't believe that he would do these things or that he would modulate his approach in some fashion. that clearly isn't happening. there will be some people who support these measures. donald trump won the presidency. >> let's listen to jerry nadler, and then we'll talk about it on the other end. >> this should not apply to people who had already been permitted to take off for the united states before it was issued. and had valid visas. [ inaudible question ]
9:18 am
>> yes, a number of people with valid visas. we know of two of them who left iraq, both -- well, one had worked with the american armed forces for years and therefore is at risk staying home. the other i think his wife did the same. so they both had valid visas. they got board a plane before the executive order was issued and when they got off the plane here, they were detained. the cbp, customs and border protection, people here are acting purchase support to the guidance that they have gotten from washington which apparently is not very clear guidance and they have asked for further guidance from washington and they're working short staffed
9:19 am
zi since it's saturday to give them guidance as to whether the executive order can super veed t supersede the visas. they have both declared a credible fear of persecution, you know, or worse if they go back home. that means if the cbp determines that they should not be permitted to enter, they will be paroled for hearing before a judge. they're not being permitted to see their lawyers. they have not been permitted to see their lawyers and will not be until and unless they are paroled into the country for a credible fear hearing. if that happens, they will be removed from here to the detention center in elizabeth, new jersey where they will be permitted to see lawyers. there are also ten other people whose status we have much less information about, but who also presumably got on airplanes before the executive order was issued who they are here now and the attorneys have not worked with them, so we don't know anything more about them or
9:20 am
their status. in so y >> so you confirm 12? >> yes. we know about the two from iraq, we don't know about the other ten. >> are you sure they're all from muslim countries? >> no, if i understood your question, they are being detained because of the executive order which means that they are from those seven countries to which the executive order pertains. [ inaudible question ] >> no, this should not be
9:21 am
happening in america. the executive order is a gross violation of our standards and norms and i think the spirit of our constitution. first of all, remember everybody who got a visa coming here from many of those countries were already vetted. if they were refugee, they were vetted for an average of two years to make sure they're not threats. all the people, all the people who have committed crimes of terrorism in the united states, up in of them were refugees from these seven countries. not one. it's also interesting that saudi arabia for example which supplied almost all of the 9/11 hijackers is not on that list as are certain other countries in the middle east. why those seven countries and not others is not at all clear. but this is gross violation of all our constitutional standards and of the spirit of the united states. it's religious discrimination. it's banning muslims without saying so by banning refugees from certain muslim countries. and permitting the president said christians from those countries would be permitted in. he also said a gross untruth when he said until now christians from those countries are not permitted in, only
9:22 am
muslims. the fact is about equal numbers have been admitted into the country in the last couple years. and given the fact that the population is overwhelmingly muslim, not christian, that means a higher percentage of christians were admitted. so the president is simply not telling the truth about that whether he knows it or not. >> i would like to add that the executive order issued bied abo about -- >> we've been listening to congressman nadler. and we've been talking about 12 people have been detained, two of them from iraq, and i think the key point here and i can bring you both in, a he key point is that they got on airplanes before the executive orders were issued. >> one we know worked for the american military. i think he was a translator for many years. and this puts in to real question the people who helped our country overseas, they to do
9:23 am
so with expectation that we will have their back. so i wonder what this does to our sold yirs in the field.with have their back. so i wonder what this does to our sold yirs in the wl have their back. so i wonder what this does to our sold yirs in the field.with have their back. so i wonder what this does to our sold yirs in the field. >> and any say they're at risk if they stay home. they voice credible fear if they have to go back home. >> yeah, i think that is one of the big problems with this, it's just a blanket ban on certain nations. and i think that's what congressman nadler referred to in relation to contravening the american people. if you indulge me to make a personal point, i'm not an american citizen. i have a green card. but because my passport says ireland on the front rather than iran or iraq, i can come and go as i please. now, there is no added scrutiny on an individual basis. it's purely about the nation of origin. i think to many that won't seem
9:24 am
consistent with american values. >> and what is dwlourt abois yo about the fact that the congressman said it's religious discrimination and already vetted? >> i think that is an important point because i think sometimes when president trump speaks about this, he creates the impression that all one has to do as a refugee is somehow find one's way to an american port of entry, say i'm a sfunlg and they say okay, come on in. there is in fact a fairly rigorous process already this place to try to ensure that people who claim refugee status have a well funded cause to do so. and i think that point perhaps has not been made politically quite as clearly as it might have been done. >> obviously this is a polarizing issue, but for the sake of balance, i think a lot of people may agree with what he's doing. but is the challenge here at least in this particular instance that these people were already en route? >> right.
9:25 am
certainly people did share concerns. 9/11 wasn't that long ago. we were attacked on our own soil. these are legitimate concerns. but the question is what is the most effective way of dealing with terrorism, of keeping the bad guys out without having a huge net that keeps everybody out. to the point that my colleague was making, we take to granted if i want to go to london, buy a ticket and go. but in other countries, it is not like that. if you are going to come to the united states from these countries, it takes a lot of effort. they don't just let you come here. so i think that we do need to keep that in mind. >> and finally, i'm no attorney here and we'll talk about this in the days ahead, the fact that they're not allowed to speak with their attorneys. >> that is problematic. this is developing being bing bt this will be an intense legal battle. >> and what are you looking for from the conversation with putin today is this?
9:26 am
>> i think a question is whether sanctions are raised. yesterday he merely said it was quite early to talk about sanctions. he wasn't closing the door on the idea that they could be eased. so that will be a key question. as will be the atmosphere, the tone that is struck in that phone conversion. >> and what was your impression of the pressonference yesterday? frankly, i'm staring that the video heerks i'm ore, i'm wonde was going through her mind considering he blasted her in the campaign. >> she is a conservative politician and they are going through brexit right now. trump called himself mr. brexit. so i do wonder -- 28d it would great to be a fly behind closed doors. >> all right. thank you both. still ahead, a new picture released of president trump
9:27 am
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welcome back. i'm sheinelle jones here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at the he half hour, here's what we're monitoring. a busy day of diplomatic phone calls for president trump. at noon, he began a conversation with russian president vladimir putin. he has already spoken with japan's prime minister abe and german's angela merkel. later today it's francois hollande president of france and then leader of australia. now to new international reaction to president trump's border wall plan. the mayor of berlin is appealing to president trump to consider the harmful consequences of building a wall while israel and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is applauding the plan tweeting that his wall stopped undocumented immigration along israel's southern border. let's go now to mexico city. what new reactions are you
9:31 am
hearing today? >> reporter: today the atmosphere here is a mix between defiance and anger. mexicans from all walks of life are energized, united against donald trump which is quickly becoming the number one enemy here in mexico. i've spoken to business leaders, mexican students, politicians and they are all concerned, but again, they are all united. i asked however how are american citizens living in mexico dealing with all this. and for that, i want to introduce you to sarah. you've been living here in mexico for years. what are you and your american friends talking about and are you concerned? >> we have several main concerns. we're primarily concerned with the hostiling a taking miss tick va antagonistic environment. traditionally there has been one ofooperation and love and appreciation from mexicans and americans. >> also there is a social media
9:32 am
boycott going on here. hashtags liked adios star buck are trending. >> i don't think it's a smart idea for to us boycott according to the social media project because we will affect -- there will be a negative impact on mexicans. there are a lot of mexicans who work in these companies. and are producing these products. so, no, that's not the way. we're not concerned about the lack of -- what i'm seeing in the grocery stores for example are that there are many less american products now because they have become expensive. and we want to buy less american products. so we're now supporting americans here are supporting mexican-made products and also products from europe, as well. >> reporter: thank you so much for your time. that is the concern of some american citizens living here. there is an estimated million american citizens living in mexico. an they're pretty much stuck in
9:33 am
the middle of this feud between donald trump and mexico. >> that was interesting perspective that she offered and you're right, it's a slippery slope when you talk about boycotting. thank you for talking with us. next, reaction from congressman adam schiff on the intelligence committee about the refugee ban and how it's already taking effect at jfk airport. reaction ahead. hambone! sally! 22! hut hut! tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? i have age-related maculare degeneration, amd, he told me to look at this grid every day.
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now to real world fallout from the president's executive order banning immigration from seven muslim countries we're already getting reports that travelers are being turned back or detained at airports both here and overseas. trump defended the ban an talked about ongoing fbi investigations. >> our country has a lot of problems well beyond this and i found out a lot over the last week. we have serious difficulties.
9:37 am
we don't need another difficulty. right now the fbi has over 1,000 investigations going on. 1,000. >> in all 50 states? >> all over the place. >> joining me now, congressman adam schiff, house intelligence committee. thanking for joining me. >> good to be with you. >> you can confirm there are indeed 1,000 open fbi investigations in 50 states and are you surprised that the president said this so openly or is this widely known anyway? >> it's certainly widely known that there are investigations in all 50 states. director comey has talked about this. and while they haven't expressed publicly a specific number, i think it's known to be well in the hundreds. but i think what the president fails to understand is most of these investigations involve people that are american citizens. the problem we've had with home groun radicalism, it's homegrown, not an issue affecting refugees coming in
9:38 am
tolts count to the country. and i have to say how deeply appalled and disturbed i am that we would stop at a u.s. airport an iraqi who served this country by working with our troops overseas, put his own lewn life risk, prevent him from being united with his family by this ban on refugees. i think it's an appalling act. i think putting in place the beginnings of a religious test is so antithetical to the history of this country, a country founded by religious immigrants, people wanting the to free exercise of their religion. and it shows how this new president does not understand the values that founded the country. he likes to portray himself as a strong leader, but these are the actions of a weak and fearful leader. and this is just the wrong direction for the united states. >> i'm picture aboutiiing a guy
9:39 am
a room and can't even talk to the attorney. the president seems to suggest that it's either immigrants or refugees who are being investigated. he said these are the people we let in. can you talk more about that? there is the fear here and you know this, that we're letting in people who he called it the trojan horse during the campaign. can you speak to that? because there are people who are frankly a little afraid about that. so they're not fighting this. >> this is how donald trump views all of immigrants. it was always in the context of rapists and murderers and drug dealers from mexico for example. that's how he views immigration. and when it comes to people coming as refugees even though that is part of the historical tradition of this country, he views refugees as all potential terrorists. and that is a very dark view obviously of the rest of the world. it doesn't comprehend the fact that this country was built by immigrants, that people who come
9:40 am
here enrich the country, that frankly the hundreds of thousands of people that have come as refugees since 9/11 have been helping to build this country. we've had very few problems with any of them. so as an attitude of fear and unfortunately, we now have a president who plays upon those fears. we had a president who just left office who drew on people's hopes, their aspirations and appealed to their better angels. and now we have a president who appeals to the darker angels of people in the united states. >> and speaking of which, i want to you listen to what the president said about waterboarding with theresa may at the white house on friday. take a listen. >> as stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture or waterboarding or however you want to define it, enhanced interrogation i guess would be words that a lot of people would like to use. i don't necessarily agree, but i
9:41 am
would tell you that he will override because i'm giving him that power. >> he seems to use the words torture and waterboarding interchangeably but will defer to his secretary of defense. what do you make of this? >> i think it's part of the same phenomenon. he thinks this portrays him as a tough guy by saying i'm for are torture, but i'll defer to somebody else. the tough guy here is general mattis. he's the one who understands battle, who has been in battle. he understands that torture doesn't work as he has told the president, that you get far more with a cigarette than you do with coercion. but i think you have an insece president who thinks by talking ugh, he can portray himself as a strong leader. but this is alienating our allies. imagine now going to our allies in the middle east that we need to work with to combat isis in the face of a ban on muslims coming into the country. these are muslim nations. imagine if these nations put a
9:42 am
ban on that wouldn't allow christians into their country or wouldn't allow americans to their country. how much would we want it work with them? but that's what we're now confronting. imagine our soldiers in iraq and afghanistan who want the continued help of local translators and contractors and others who is endangering their lives for americans because they're hoping one day for a better life in america. those hopes are being dashed. what kind of cooperation and help can we expect from those people now? >> to bring this full circle here, and obviously you don't have a crystal ball, where do you think all of this is going? you have people stuck at the airport right now. it doesn't seem like a lot of people thought that trump would change or, you know -- i kept hearing the phrase he will ascend to the presidency. but he's doing things exactly as he said he would. where does all of this lead? >> you know, i think it leads to a diminished standing in the world for one thing and i think it leads to increased divisions
9:43 am
here at home. this is going to be a very erratic presidency because the president himself is erratic and that's not going to change. and the first indication we had of that frankly was the week after the election when he began to make this baseless claim that millions of undocumented immigrants were voting or had voted and that deprived him of the popular vote. that told all of america and we've seen it now repeated in many different forms and fashions, this president is not going to grow into the job. the same flaws we saw on the campaign trail are magnified now because he is the most powerful man in the world. and this is going to be a real test of our constitutional democracy. i think those of us in the minority now are really going to have to rise up and defend the constitution, defend american values. and right now we're speaking out because what he's doing in turning around these refugees is not what america stands for. we don't want people around the world to think this is what we stand for. it may be what donald trump stands for. this is not what america stands for. >> have to leave it there.
9:44 am
adam schiff, thank you for your time. still ahead, standoff with authoritiesoff pipeline construction in the dakotas. what native american leaders are asking protesters to stay away. but why? and next hour, how people from seven banned countries are a threat to the u.s. that security systems didn't detect. new girl, huh? yeah, i'm -- i couldn't help but notice you checking out my name your price tool. yeah, this bad boy gives you coverage options
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9:47 am
new developments in the protests against the construction of the dakota access pipeline. native american leaders are thousanow asking poeps opponent to leave camp. proponents say the pipeline will provide jobs and pump money into the local economy. kyle perry is near the site. what's this about? >> reporter: so the leaders of the tribe want to take this to the courts. they want to fight this in the court system. and as you said, they want the protesters to leave.
9:48 am
part of that, we are under a floodplain. in about two month, all of this will be under water. and the state has spent $30 million to protect the protesters at this site. we had a chance to go out yesterday with the north dakota highway patrol. they were nice enough to take us to some of the overwatch positions and they describe their role as really putting themselves between the protesters and the oil company. take a listen. >> we kind of need to be the buffer in the middle and keep those two groups apart from one another because as we remember a few months ago, there was kind of a clash between the private security and the protesters. >> reporter: i will tell you shortly after we conducted that interview, members from energy transfer partners forced us to leave that site, they took down our license plates, they filmed us and followed us off the property. it just sort of sever serves to that the tensions run high between the private security officers and protester, something that the tribe is very
9:49 am
aware of as they continue to try to avoid clashes. >> all right. kyle perry, thank you for talking with us. still ahead, leaks at the white house. a new report describes how some aides talk about president trumped. that is coming up next. la quinta presents "how to win at business." step one: suck on and point decisively with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two: before your meeting, choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly so you can prepare to win at business. book now at
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i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terroris out of the unite states of america. we don't want them here. we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country. and love, deeply, our people. >> this immigration ban is certainly the hot topic of the day. we're taking you live to jfk airport. as you can see here, protesters have assembled against this refugee ban. we can also tell you that we have an update with a tweet from congressman jerry nadler of new
9:53 am
york city. he says he's pleased to announce the release of one of the men detained from detention there at jfk. we were told there were 12 people who were being held. we now know one of them has been released. let's talk more about this. let's listen in. there's congressman nadler, he's the one that treated earlier, let's listen in. [ inaudible ] >> we're going to -- we'll try and work on his audio. let's talk about the order it specifically targets citizens of seven countries all of them with large muslim populations. less than 24 hours later his
9:54 am
order is already in motion. at first it was a dozen people detained. now we learn it's 11. let's talk about this and bring in republican strategist and the executive director of the new york state democratic party. and a former senate aide to hillary clinton. you guys sit here, stay here let's listen in to the press conference and we'll talk about what we here. >> we came here to bring justice to an individual who provided assistance to the u.s. government. and that is the main argument against this mean-spirited, ill conceived, ill advised executive order. i am happy for hameed, but we, as i stated before, one by one, street by street if we got to go to court, we will fight this
9:55 am
anyplace, anywhere. but we will bring justice. we will bring justice to the immigration system in this country. by releasing him, we are making sure that we are keeping america safe. [ applause ] >> hi, everyone, my name is mark dawson, i'm a supervising attorney at the international refugee project at the urban justice center. in conjunction with the aclu, yale law school, legal aid clinic. we filed the lawsuit on behalf of hameed our client and one other person who is still detained. hameed was detained since 6:00 p.m. last night. unlofful
9:56 am
unlawfully. we're pleased he's released now. it was an illegal detention. it's a discriminatory order from president trump. we'll continue to fight for all of the refugees, immigrants and non-immigrants that are coming to the united states and being illegally detained. and so we are incredibly happy for hameed to be released and reunited with his family. i know he's very tired from a very long travel and detention. he'll have a few words to say real quick and he has to go see his family. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> first of all, i want to thank the people that take care of me and support me. they leave their family, their business and come to support me. this is the humanity, the soul of america. this is what pushed me to move, leave my country and come here. and i'm very, very thankful to
9:57 am
all the people that come to support me. always, we know america is the land of freedom. the land of freedom. the land of the right. so this is what pushed me to come here. i'm very thankful and very happy. really i won't forget what i face and what happen to me. because of those people. >> you're free now. >> what do you think of america? >> america is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. yeah. [ applause ] >> what do you want to say to donald trump? >> i like him. but i don't know. this is a policy i don't know. he's a president. i'm a normal person. but i have a special immigration visa in my passport, me and my family because i work with the u.s. government. i support the u.s. government from the other side of the world. when i came here, they say, no,
9:58 am
and they treat me as i break the rules or do something wrong. i'm surprised, really. >> how did it make you feel? >> i'm happy because i have you, you are the american. >> i hear you're surprising your son, is that correct? >> my son, my family came with me. we come together. but yesterday we separated, i didn't see them from yesterday, 5:00 p.m. >> they should be here in a few minutes. >> thank you. [speaking in a foreign language] >> again, you're listening to one of two iraqis detained there at new york's jfk airport. he had been working for the american armed forces for years. and he was sitting there, has been there since 6:00 last night
9:59 am
and was concerned if he was forced to go back that his safety was in jeopardy. we have our panel here, executive director of the new york state democratic party. i think we're all kind of listening to this as it develops. i'll start with you, you know, he went high so to speak. do you know what they say? when somebody goes low, you go high. he had an opportunity to step to that microphone. he could have yelled have said i don't like this new president. he didn't say any of that. and he said, you know, i love this country. >> that's exactly right. two quick things, number one this is where the incongruity of politics and policy come to the forefront. because whatever has made donald trump's politics suggest that he should create this executive order, the actual policy, how it gets implemented and the people that are going to be adversely affected by it immediately, we see it play out. if you think about his statement, he said he's the president of the united states. i'm just a normal person.
10:00 am
>> i'm just a normal person. >> you kind of feel for him and for others. because you realize that the president has so much power and just the stroke of a pen -- >> he's speaking again, let's listen. >> nobody come as he likes. just be patient. and we'll be with you. and when i get out, honestly i surprised. all those people waiting for me, and they support me. they don't know me. they never meet me. they leave everything and they come to support me. and i'm thankful, really i appreciate it. >> can you clarify you were traveling with your family, they were on another flight, were they detained as well? >> same flight. i have the tickets. my wife, we leave to istanbul from istanbul to here together. but here in the airport we separate. they took me to a room and i didn't see my family from yesterday. >> your family was held as well but in a another room? >> those people take care of my family. >> your family was also detained. >> his family was


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