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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 28, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be... everywhere. good saturday morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin at msnbc world headquarters. we begin with breaking news this afternoon. president trump's executive orders temporarily restricting entry into the united states from several predominantly muslim countries is now in
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effect. and it is already creating problems for several people trying to make their way into the united states. new york congressman jerry nabler said a dozen people were stopped and detained when they arrived at jfk because of that order. one person has been released. ann, give us an update on what has transpired over the past several hours with these individuals. first arriving, being detained and one of them released. >> reporter: right. one was just released within the last hour. ayman, let me take you to the scene here, terminal 4, the international terminal here at jfk. the arrivals calls where people come in. we've got 50 to 75 protesters here. they are very vocal in their opposition to the executive order signed by people yesterday. the people detained are people who got caught between, they were basically in the air.
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they had left the countries they were coming from. and then the president signed the executive order, so when they landed, they got caught up in this. and the man who was released earlier this afternoon his name is hameed darweesh. he came from iraq and six children. they all had valid visas. his wife and three children were let in this country. hammeed was detained for about 18 hours came from erbil, iraq, and flew from istanbul to jfk, he worked for the u.s. military. he was detained for 18 hours, it was very touch and go. but what was really striking, when he came out, this is herst first visit to america. when he came out, he not only
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praised the country, he also had nice things to say about president trump. let's hear them. >> i like him but i don't know, this is a policy, i don't know. i don't know, i think the rule there was something wrong. i was surprised really. >> yeah, there's a lot of confusion about who gets let in. who cannot be let in. and they're trying to figure that out, and congressman jerry nabler who was here a half hour ago. he said that part of the confusion stems from nobody's gotten exact orders as what's supposed to happen. now it's compounded by the fact that it's saturday. and there are fewer government officials working on this day. but they are trying to figure out what's going to happen to those other 11 people still in detention at jfk, ayman. >> ann, is there any explanation as to why one individual was
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released and as you said, the others had not been released. >> reporter: he had an attorney, mark dawson who has been working on his behalf. and mark dawson has another client who is being detained. there's no rhyme or reason here. that's one of the issues, ayman, it's that nobody is quite sure. and everybody is trying to figure out how this works on really the first full day of this order being in effect. >> yeah, we're getting a lot of accounts of different ones, anne, we'll run throughhose in a moment. talk about the protesters there. on social media, it calls for more protesters to head to jfk later in the evening. more sit-in protests. what is the atmosphere there in the crowds behind you? >> reporter: you know, people are upset. they have come here. they are -- ayman, i think really strikes for a lot of people at just what america is
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and who americans are. many of these people have expressed the sentiment that, look, this was a nationimmigran. you can hear them saying build bridges, not walls. this is traditionally people from all over the world and all kinds of situations, that the company that has welcomed refugees has tried to help their lives better. see what they feel is a 180-degree turn is very upset to them. this protest has been very loud and it's been very peaceful. it's kind of interesting to watch the people who have landed here come as they make their way to the cars with all of their luggage walking by, not quite sure what is going on but there's no question that the sentiment is very strong and very passionate. that this executive order is something that these people feel is ultimately un-american.
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ayman. >> nbc's anne thompson at jfk international. thank you. jfk is not the only airport where the impact of that executive order is being felt as we were just saying. multiple incidents have already been reported since president trump took that action late afternoon in friday. in egypt, a security source at the cairo airport confirms to nbc news that an iraqi family of five was not allowed to board an egypt air flight to new york because of an executive order being issued. the source says that the family is being held at the airport until they can return to iraq on sunday. the dutch airline kln said it didn't allow passengers on a flight to the u.s. because they were from one of the seven countries on president trump's list. the airline said we would love to fly all of our passengers to their destinations but they would have been denied entrance arriving into the u.s. and a man in california says that his 69-year-old father was not allowed to board a flight
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from qatar to los angeles because of executive order as well. he said his father was traveling from qatar to land at l.a.x. he was sent back to iraq. these are some that we're getting in response to the president's executive order on migration. some say it's time for the international community to do its part. >> it is an opportunity now for other countries in the world to step it up. rather than criticize the administration, let other countries step forward and be as generous as the united states has been for decades. >> joining me is margaret wong, director of amnesty international here in the united states. margaret, your reaction of what has transpired in the past 24 hours but what do you make of the statement we just heard from that gentleman? >> thanks, ayman. there's no question that the international community has to step up its efforts.
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and the u.s. has been the most generous country to accept refugees over the years. but that does not mean that the should not accept the position that we should decrease its efforts. if figure, it should be stepping up its efforts. there are 21 million agencies around the world desperately seeking settlement. >> margaret, there's been a lot of confusion in the past 24 hours in terms who's allowed to go in. whether it applies to green card holders. we know that refugee assistance organizations are helping folks who vary to have valid visas and are stuck at these airports. do you have a better sense, do you have an understand what's happening at airports across the world in terms of who's allowed in and who's not? >> actually, i don't.
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the extensive order did not provide the kind of details that would provide officials who are entering the country to understand what the responsibilities and obligations are under the new order. what's very clear is that there are people who have green cards who have been detained for several hours at the airport. some of whom have been released to enter the country, they've been living here, some of them for many years but others have been turned away. i think the discrepancy is part of the challenge. we don't understand how the decisions are being made. or whether in fact those policy guidance helps people to make those decisions. >> i know your organization is involved with syrian refugees. what you can tell us in tellers of the syrian denied entry here? have you gotten any rction fromour partner organizations as to what kind of impact this is going to have on tse who are trying to make their efforts to get to the united states? >> there's no question, it's going to be devastating.
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there are more than 5 million refugees right now from syria and several million more who. >> reporter: replaced. the syrian refugees who have resettled in the united states over the last year, more than 70% were women and children. these are people at their witt's end trying to survive. and having the united states close the door to them is going to have a devastating impact across the community. >> margaret, thank you for insight in this. nbc's casey hunt is covering every movement for us. in fact, i understand she was just in a briefing with a senior u.s. administration official to give us a sense of how this is playing out. i'm sure they're commenting as well on the developments today. what can you tell us as far as reaction inside the white house to the criticism pouring in? >> reporter: ayman, good
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afternoon. a lot to report out of a breefrg with a senior administration official here at the white house. related to fallout from this executive order that was signed yesterday and implemented very quickly. we do know, and i think we've seen pictures of one of two people detained at jfk airport, a refugee, now released under the waiver program, we're told, that's part of this executive order. that was something, a process that had to be started. and the second person that was detained, we're also told was in the process of going through that same waiver program. so, the details of this, though, are still being worked out as we speak. the agencies that are involved here are pulling together guidance for just how this executive order is going to impact people. like the ones who were detained at jfk. like those able to board airplanes elsewhere in the world. this is still, we're told, being pulled together by the administration on something like a minute-by-minute basis.
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we've also learned definively that the executive orders do apply to green card holders. fur a citizen to one of the countries that you hold a green card here in the united states and you are currently not in the united states, you will have to get a waiver under this new program before you are allowed to re-enter the united states. so, that's, you know, a significant point for people who may have left the country expecting that they would be able to re-enter with no trouble. now, they have not also issued guidance, we are told, to places like airports. heathrow airport, for example, a place that processes many people who might be coming from these affected countries. we're told that they have not yet received guidance on how to handle people under this new program. that that guidance is clearly being written at the state department and department of homeland security and that it's going to be districted. now, the aide, the senior administration official says this was not done in advance because it would have potentially have posed a security risk to explain it
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ahead of time. so, take that as you will, but it's part of why we're seeing the confusion now on the parts of some of these transit authorities. another category of people, ayman, refugees. obviously, that's what affected these people who were flying into jfk today. they're also subject to this order. there's going to be consideration for refugees already accepted into the united states and in transit. obviouy, this immediately affected people in the air as this was happening. but there are others in various stages of that process. maybe they've started in syria, they've come into another country and they're on their way here. the administration is just now grappling with, okay, how do we move forward with those people. we also had them respond to questions about many lawsuits that have popped up. the senior administration official says, quote no person living or residing overseas has the right to entry to the united states. ayman. >> this obviously has triggered
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action from iran, one of the countries on that list. they are now saying they're going to reciprocate the same with american citizens trying to enter iran. have you gotten any reaction from the white house, from the briefing that took place, what's the white house's position on iran reciprocating? >> reporter: so, the response to that question from the senior administration official was that they expect iran to treat, american citizens who are trying to go to iran, the same way we are treating people coming from their country. so they said, on a case-by-case basis, they should evaluate whether americans should be allowed in. that's how they're kind of describing what they are doing. obviously, this is a significant undertaking. it's not clear, for example, how much time it might save if you are somebody living overseas who is trying to come back into the country, say, a green card holder. or if you are somebody trying to simply enter under a different visa program.
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it's not clear how long the visa is going to set up. clearly those plans for the two at jfk were expedited. we know that senior officials were directly involved in speaking to cpp, in borders protection to try to get this resolved. it gives you an idea how quickly they're trying to pull this together -- everyone always says actions speak louder than words. on the campaign trail, obviously, these were just words from donald trump but now we're seeing the actions unfolding before our eyes. >> a lot of groups believe this is a full-out ban on muslims in the white house. obviously, the white house has a different take on that. let me ask you about the agenda today in terms of phone calls, and more specifically, those executive orders? >> reporter: let's start with those executive orders. first of all, this white house really is operating minute to
11:16 am
minute. so, it's possible we will not see all three of the executive orders that they are now discovering, signs today. they may take different forms. some may be executive orders some may be executive action. but i can tick through them. one is reorganization of the national security council. they say it's to respond to 20th century threats. cyber attacks and the like. they at this point did not have details for what that would mean, how president trump's security council would look different from president obama's, that's one. the other one is related to lobbying. we know that president obama quite famously banned lobbyists from his administration when he came in here. trump administration, on the other hand, is going to allow lobbyists to come and work in the administration. but they say they're lobbying ban is going to be historic because it will ban anybody that leaves the administration from lobbying for the next five years. and also a life-time ban on
11:17 am
behalf of a foreign government. anybody that comes outlets of the trump administration will never be allowed to lobby on behalf of a foreign government going forward. it's a little tricky enforcing something like that. third, ayman, he wants to tell the joint chiefs of staff to spend 30 days to come up with a proposal to eradicate isis and present it to him. that's the third agenda. there's calls with foreign leaders, shinzo abe, jaff papan. angela merkel, and francoise hole laendz. and vladimir putin. and on the heels of this phone call with vladimir putin could president trump be close to lifting sanctions with
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russia? a look at that impact that could have.
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all right. as we've been reporting, there have already been several incidents that were documented of individuals trying to travel into the united states that have been banned or have not been allowed to, in some cases, detained and sent back overseas. joining me on the phone, the man whose father attempted to board a flight from cairo, egypt, to new york but was stopped from doing so. he joins us on the phone. good to have you with us. first of all, you can tell us what happened with your father as he tried to board that flight to jfk? >> well, i don't know, all of us were not able to board the flight. my father, my mother and me and
11:22 am
my sister. we were all told about the flight. >> so there were several members of your family trying to get to the united states. were they given a reason by egyptian officials as to why they were not able to board that flight? >> we have five members in our family. we all have visas. and residency for one year. an official told us that they had received orders for jfk specifically with our passports that we are not allowed to travel. >> you can tell us about your father? did he at all ever work with the united states, with the united
11:23 am
states government? what is the relationship there? why was he given a visa? what is the status of his visa? >> well, my father, he work with -- worked with contracto s contractors -- so was eligible for the program. and we were able to get -- a petition for the visa. for our flight. >> all right. i thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate you taking the time. i know it's a difficult situation for you and your family. well, as yesterday's orders temporarily went in effect before signing the executive
11:24 am
order suspended visas from several middle eastern countries including iran. trump explained his purpose, echoing his candidate. >> we want to make sure we're not admitting into the country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people. >> all right. joining me now is former republican congresswoman from new york, may hayworth, nbc contributor to let me speak for your reaction, as a former republican, what do you make of the decision that has come out of the white house to implement this? and the silence of some of the republican leadership who several months ago that said they would not support a ban of
11:25 am
muslims coming into this country? >> well, president trump has not ignored any leadership, republicans are not against islam. but they do oppose and the president specifically has vowed to fight against islamic terrorism. this executive order is the first action that clearly has had consequences already. some of which have been unintended and will be resolved. >> you don't see this as a ban on muss llims in particular? >> no, not at all. >> which attackers should be prohibited from america -- which attackers that have killed americans have come from this country? >> and i know what you're getting at, it's that you can't document specifics from these countries. however, we know this much, these countries harbor terrorism. they are in the case of iran, clearly state-sponsors of terrorism. theyaven documented as instigators of terrorism
11:26 am
throughout the world. in the united states, yes, we have had an element of extra security but not enough to ensure our safety. >> saudi arabia, not on the list. pakistan, not on the list. others who have provided as attackers not on the list. why are they choosing this one and not others? people are looking at this saying this is is an arbitrary selection of predominantly muslim countries. >> it's not a random list. >> why are they on the list? >> we received documentation from saudi arabia, and a long time ally of ours. this is an ongoing and very much fluid and dynamic situation but what president trump does not want to see is collateral damage in the form of deaths. that is something that president obama explicitly tolerated in order to present an open face. >> we'll give you a chance to
11:27 am
respond to what you're hearing from the congresswoman. you've documented several iraqis working for the americans, translators or what have you. the list goes on. they've been denied entry back into the united states after granted these visas? >> right. the congresswoman you mentioned in your view that this administration is is not against muslims. we do know on the record he has key advisers and members of his cabinet who have made anti-islam specifically islamophobic statements. he did not ban all people from those countries. christians from somalia and other countries -- >> well, he documented -- >> they can still enter. he is specifically taking aim at muslims from those countries. why don't we step back and look at this, what is deeply trouble and most of us with background in immigration law, most immigration lawyers of any political affiliation will agree
11:28 am
with me. what is very troubling here, casey mentioned that they're reviewing those on a case-by-case basis. that's very disturbing. because these are people's lives. >> on a minute-to-minute basis. >> let's tap into that expert. we've heard president trump speaking to the christian broadcasting network saying he wants to prioritize christians coming into the united states. is that even possible? can you make a distinction saying christian, allowed in or not? >> no, first of all, his actions are illegal under current law. the 1965 immigration naturalization act specifically banned immigration on certain countries. in the past, we gauge preference to countries western europe, northern europe. that hasn't been the case in decades. trump is trying to take us back to that.
11:29 am
it also bans discrimination based on any type of test. obviously, we've seen numerous lawsuits, trump has to call on congre to take a vote of radical operation of what was the law. i'm not sure people in congress want to take sides on this so quickly. >> right. >> or if he continues to violate immigration, that is grounds for impeachment. >> let me ask you about the political fallout. on the campaign trail we heard mike pence say that a ban suis un-american. paul ryan said that. james mattis echoed that as well that this could have implications. what is your sense of how this is going to play out in the republican establishment? is anybody going to take that on? >> number one, he's going to do pretty much what he set out to do, he's going to try, the big ticket items whether repealing
11:30 am
obamacare or the big stuff with immigration. people who have been hoping for some sort of pivot or stop, should not hold their breath. the second lesson, politically to your point, a lot of people said if trump does go too far, rem cans will stand up to that. this is an acid test of that. speaker ryan expressed that. for that reason, mike pence, our vice president, also condemned this. we haven't heard the condemnation from the president. paul ryan said the number one is to protect the homeland. i think the idea that trump is going to face a lot of republican pushback, it's going to be left to democrats who have very limited power in congress right now to oppose it. >> the leaders we should be assailing in all of this are the leaders of all of these countries that have sponsored state terrorism. and have tolerated terrorists in their midst. >> six out of the seven countries are countries that we
11:31 am
have bombed or that we've been involved in militarily. whether it be iraq, whether it be syria, yemen. >> and under president obama were ineffectual. >> that is why we are where we are. >> go ahead. >> this happened pretty quickly. usually you go through a process and the agencies don't understand how to implement it. that's why we're seeing the chaos. people with the green cards. and i think that has conferred that it will speak to that a legal visa or green card is going to open up to the administration to challenge it. the last thing i'll point out, he's talk about 30 days, 90 days, 120 days for some of these things. this is a critical campaign promise of president trump. it's going to be temporary and nothing comes out of that is wrong. something big is going to come out of this. >> you're saying we should assail leaders of this
11:32 am
country -- >> no the leaders of these countries. >> that have been involved with militarily. >> we welcome all as the president himself -- >> well, not obviously all anymore. not anymore. >> but, his first job is to protect america. >> fair enough. >> his job is to protect his people. >> he said he wanted to make a priority for christians there. out of philadelphia, we see the affiliate will saying two families who arrived in philadelphia were sent back. they were christians. you have iraqis who worked for the american coalition in the occupation of war were sent back. do you have response for those families? >> the unintended harms will be resolved. >> remember, it's very easy -- >> remember, president obama said americans' deaths would collateral damage in international terror. that's completely unacceptable. people are denied a visa -- >> we're running out of time.
11:33 am
>> they have been victims of genocide in these countries. having said that, more muslims have been killed by isis than any group of people. what the president is doing here -- >> isis will not -- >> he said the victims. >> with islam, it unrmines the security. it undermines o allies. >> it's been an ineffective policy, that's why we're who we are. thank you very much. it's a hot button subject. up next, president trump on the world stage. how today's phone conversations with world leaders could help to find critical global relationships.
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all right. i'm ayman mohyeldin at msnbc headquarters in new york. president trump has spent the last 24 hours on the world stage. but this afternoon could mark a critical turning point uncovering the president's foreign policy. right now, he's speaking with
11:37 am
french president francois hollande, an ally who has been critical as has angela merkel. hollande and merkel called on the u.n. to override trump on his views on trade and commitment to nato. also stressed finding common ground to the country. sandwiched in between those phone calls today, the president's first discussion with president vladimir putin. joining me is christopher dickey from editor at daily beast. christopher, great to have you with us. merkel and hollande together in berlin. speaking out in a press conference against president trump. in a sense representing the eu, just as theresa may was meeting in washington. sort of a geopolitical push, what's it been like in the past 24 hours?
11:38 am
>> reporter: i think the biggest concern will be nato. there will be issues over trade. there will be issues over brexit. obviously, theresa may taking one position and merkel and hollande taking another. nato is a position that they're all united on, they don't want to seat credibilie the credibil undermined. they have a situation where donald trump is saying maybe we'll support nato. maybe we won't. maybe we'll support the baltic states if russia screws around with them. maybe we won't. all of that is completely acceptable, all of these european leaders including theresa may from britain is pushing back from that. >> obviously, the past 24 hours has been the ban on refugees and others coming into the u.s. how is all of that playing out in the european union and france and countries like germany where some have been sympathetic to
11:39 am
refugees but chancellor has been but also taking heat for accepting refugees. >> reporter: the refugee issue is different here in europe than it's in state. there's so many refugees here and so few in the united states. really, truly, this whole thing where trump is addressing the world where he acts as if everything he does ask starting from square one is something that the europeans really don't understand. so, for instance, on the refugee question, and the terror question, he's acting as if nothing was ever done about terrorism by the united states until he came into office. now, he's going to address terrorism by banning all of these muslims from all of these countries for some determined or indeterminate of time. everybody who deals with terrorism understands this playing right into the hands of the islamic state and radicals.
11:40 am
because this is fulfillment of their prophecies, this is exactly what they said would happen. even the pitting of christians with donald trump playing right into al qaeda and the so-called islamic state. al ala is answer are his prayers. quite frankly, those who fight against terrorism in the united states, actually in the trenches actually fighting against the united states are understanding that, too. >> from 35,000 feet. take the big picture approach. you have president trump benjam
11:41 am
saying it's great idea. is there a shifting of al lines between the united states and the world. how does that new alliance look like with france and germany on one side, israel and the united states talking about building walls on the other side? >> well, if you go to israel and you see the wall that runs through jerusalem, you will have a very different opinion of the idea of building walls. because what you see is a divided country. what you see is people not only walling others out. but walling themselves in. that is exactly what trump is proposing with the notion of the law that he is putting forth on the mexican frontier. probably it won't be a wall at the end of the day. probably he'll give up on that promise like he'll give up on other promise it's and lie about
11:42 am
it and say he never made the promise in the first place, which we've often heard about him. if he builds that wall o the southern tier, what's going to happen? we're going to start to see problems on the canadian frontier. canada has a very open immigration policy. if we're worried about muslim, gosh, there are a lot going to canada now. canada has been regarded by current terrorism forces as a potential security threat. that's a longwall. >> christopher, we can talk about this for hours. world news editor for daily beast. chrkriskchris dickey, always a to get your insights. we continue to monitor the executive order of president trump to ban muslims and refugees. we're going to have a lot more. stay with us.
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next, we'll be joined by the head on the council for american-islamic reactions for her reaction on the president of the united states's executive order targeting refugees. wee going to does herhe the u.s. muslim community goes from here. we're also looking at live pictures from jfk airport where protests have erupted from president trump's executive orders panning refugees from seven countries. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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a very busy first week for the trump administration. yesterday, the president signed a series of executive orders one of which focusesen the extreme vetting of refugees and ill grants from conducts like iraq and syria. the president said he wants to keep radial islamic terrorists out. united states. >> it's countries that have tremendous terror. and it's countries that people are going to come in and cause us tremendous problems. our country has enough problems without allowing people to come
11:50 am
in, who in many cases or in some cases are looking to do tremendous destruction. for other countries we're going to have extreme vetting. >> joining me now from the bureau of council on american islamic relations, the san francisco chapr, joins us live from there. ze zelda glad to have you with us. what is that message? >> thanks for having me, ayman. it feels like national security theater. with countries where we haven't seen terror connected to those countries. in reality, what it is a muslim ban. >> some people are looking at this saying those countries are failed states. they don't have a system of governance in place. that's why we heard from the former congresswoman earlier saying is this a security
11:51 am
measure, not a ban on the rest of the muslim world? >> so, of course, keep in mind the context which was discussed earlier. a number of these countries are places that we destabilized. we participated in the bombing of these countries. nonetheless, people coming from these countries are visiting, they're working, they're wanting to part of the american fabric. there's not committing harm to the united states. there's no indication they are. what this does, it damaging the part of the american fabric where you say based on your faith, based onny you come from you can't be trusted. >> explain how from your perspective, it undermines the very objective of what you're trying to do is which to make americans feel more safe? do you think it has an adverse effect on americans here and americans abroad? >> i will say two things about that. one is it gives us a false sense of security by people who aren't
11:52 am
committing terror attack information the united states. that's what makes us less safe because we're not using our limit reed sources effectively. it entrances the isis narratives which america is at war or islam. with many of the past leaders dispute policies have been able to counter through their words. here, donald trump is saying it's us versus them. >> particularly with this irk and others that may be on your radar, what are you undertaking? >> keep in mind, the executive orders were published less than 24 hours ago. the legal analysis is ongoing. the top priority for lawyers right now is helping people navigate whether or not they can come back to the u.s., how they should leave and how they should handling being stopped at an airport. beyond that, how do we push back against this and how do we protect the rights of americans
11:53 am
and visitors. so we're going to see a number of different strategies deployed pushing back against this efforts. >> we already know princeton university has asked students to defer travel. zahra, the executive director of the council on american islamic relations, thank you for joining us. you're looking at live pictures of jfk here in new york city. people continue to protest president trump's executive order that effectively bans refugees from seven countries. it has prompted lawsuits. we'll be joined by one of the leaders of that gruoup a few minutes from now. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's...
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because the time to think about today. go long. all right. much more ahead this afternoon. in fact, after this break, we're going to go live back to jfk airport near new york city. where according to one congressman, a dozen people were detained as a result of president trump's executive order banning refugees from
11:57 am
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very good saturday to you, i'm richard lui at msnbc world headquarters. a very busy work day here in new york city. we want to start with breaking news. first off, the impact of president trump's executive decisions on refugees, reverb rating around the world. p's orders from several muslim countries several people have been forbidden from boarding planes for the u.s. this happened overnight. u.s. representative jerry nadler said dozens were detained because of the order signed at noon yesterday. one person has since been released so far.


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