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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'm richard lui live at msnbc headquarters. two pictures we're watching. breaking news, a very busy saturday. on the left, you're protests going on, signs that are -- and chants that are against detainees. two that were held there at jfk airport. refugees from iraq. one released, one remains behind. 11 still detained across the country as we understand at this hour. and on the right hand side, we have the white house where president trump whose executive order resulted in those being detained on the left, we expect him sometime this afternoon at the white house to be signing new more executive orders that we have not yet got any indication of what they may be
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about. however, there are possibly several options on that which we'll get to in a little bit. but first, let's go straight to jfk. nbc's correspondent there, anne thompson. and the energy has not gone away at all. have the numbers grown? >> reporter: in fact the energy keeps growing and so do the numbers. if you look behind me, you can see now there are several hundred people who are out in front of terminal four where the international arrivals some of them come into jfk. any are protesting, there is a drum in the center. they are now saying this is what america looks like. and they are organized groups. the new york immigrant coalition is here. there are individuals who have come out here just to protest the extreme vetting that was ordered by president trump
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yesterday. congressman jerry nadler said there have been a dozen people detained here at jfk because of the order. one we know has been released. darweesh was released about 1:00 this afternoon. he got a waiver from the white house. he had a valid visa. he was coming here with his family. and he was detained for about 18 hours. but there are 11 other people that we don't know their status at this time. and richard, let me send it back to you. >> and i know it's tough for you to hear me, but i'll speak more loudly and a little bit slower here. what are some of the signs and the chants that you have heard so far today? >> well, you can see donald your wife is an immigrant, another
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says when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. justice. all kinds of signs. but they have one theme in common. and that is this executive order, this order of exabout stre exabout stream vetting of banning people from seven days for 90 days coming in to this country is not the american way. you talk to these people, they will tell you america is a nation of immigrants, it was built on immigrants. and banning people, banning people from predominantly muslim countries they say is not what the united states of america is about. >> and ann, as you have been speaking with those that are standing behind you this afternoon, who are they and where are they from, what can you tell us? >> reporter: they're from the new york area. they are as i said some of them are from organized groups like the immigrants council of new york.
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others are people who just came by, some members of the aclu. but they have been very active on social media. a tweet went out this morning saying look, everybody come to terminal four here at jfk and let's start a protest because they had heard about people being detained here at jfk. and has just grown as the day has gone on. people in theed a ja ed a jaadj lot hanging signs. police set up barricades to hold in the protesters so that the people who are arriving and coming into this country can come out to the parking lot and get to their cars. and it's interesting to see their faces as they walk by, they're kind of bemuseded and a little bit confused about exactly what is going on here. but this protest shows no signs of abating anytime soon. richard. >> as you have been watching this and speaking with airport
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officials and alluding to those and i having rnd saying is this the united states, but for airport authorities and airport security, is this nthis is not necessarily interesting to them. have they said anything about how they are handling this crowd which is fairly atypical for term that will four there at jfk? >> reporter: i have to tell you that the police around here have been really remarkable. at least my encounters with them have been. they have been very extraordinarily professional today. and very kind, very patient. sometimes you see a lot of tension between security and protesters. i have not wilttnessed that tod
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and i've been struck by the patience by the security. >> and it's a cold day out there. anne thompson following this story, the detention of two refugees coming to the united states, one released with the very latest. we'll let you get back out to that and we'll touch base with with you later if we can. thank you so much. and we have a new image also of an iraqi family stranded at an airport in cairo, egypt. this family of five was stopped after trying to board an egypt air flight to the united states with special immigration visas. the father worked for u.s. aid as a regional translator in northern iraq. the family received their visas in early december but were unable to check into their flight yesterday in cairo. the family is now planning to go back to iraq tomorrow. joining us on the phone right now is ken delaney, national
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security reporter. we've spoken to a member of the justice department and you gave us the tore earli here. there is a lot of question marks about them getting the heads up and then have doing something with the problem that we see here on screen on the left. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. i spoke not only to a career justice department if i recaoff also a official at department of homeland security both of whom say there was no coordination through the agencies about this order. the career officials who would normally review a policy like this didn't see it until shortly before it was signed. there was no input about its legality from career justice department officials. there no input about how to implement it, what the repercussions were. and that is not normal. there is a standard process, national security council tends to solicit input from various agencies whenever there is a major policy shift like this and that wasn't done in this case
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and as one person said, we have no idea what is going on here. >> in your reporting in the past, can put this in con text of when something like this has happened before? >> reporter: well, president obama came into office with a couple ofthis has happened before? >> reporter: well, president obama came into office with a couple of executive orders pre-baked that were ready to go. but he had input from people like eric holder who was a future attorney general. so he had people who were about to take office in career legal jobs reviewing those orders and he implemented them in the early days of his tenure. in this case we're seeing a flurry of orders and it's not clear to our sources who is writing them and which lawyers in the white house if any are reviewing them. >> one of the elements that is certainly part of this exasperation that i think you're expressing from those sources that you've spoken with is the loss of four essential
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individuals at the state department. how has this contributed if at all? because it was a big headline that these four key individuals saying we're leaving. >> reporter: yeah, and i don't have complete advise abilidvise ability into that. there is a standard turnover that happens at the beginning of any administration. but the larger issue is whether they're there or not, they're not being consulted. there are plenty of career people still in place at the department of homeland security, justice department, state department. and we saw this with the executive orders on interrogation and detention the other day where a draft order was leaked and then secretary defense and the cia director immediately disclaimed it and said we haven't even see this. so the white house is sort of on its own on this stuff. >> what level of ex-as ppiratio were you hearing from your sources? >> reporter: it's more of a shock.
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they have never seen anything like this. they are confused about how the government will work going forward. will we re-establish the normal national security process, will the agencies get input in to policy. remains to be seen. >> any sense of when they might be al to full proverbial get all the ducks in a row now that they are working on this? >> reporter: well, people are scrambling to interpret and -- >> days and weeks, any sense? or too tough to say? >> reporter: it's impossible to say. weeks more likely than days. >> all right. thank you for reporting. great stuff in getting that sense inside or behind the factory doors of what is happening after the executive order came down yesterday at noon from president trump on the tightening of those let into the country, refugees as well as those involved in legal immigration certain countries. thank you so much. still watching these live
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pictures as you can see and hear at jfk. the question they have for authorities for president trump, when will you turn this around, when might this this second refugee held at jfk be released? we're also watching this picture, live at the white house, president trump perhaps watching the cable news networks. perhaps watching the news as these protests continue. but also we are waiting to see if he puts pen to paper again with new executive orders. what those might be coming up. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom.
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live there at jfk airport, president trump's immigrant
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block and i h blockade. here in new york city at home this afternoon, it's a little quiet right now and we expect another speaker potentially to come to the microphones that you see in front. we've seen politicians as well as those who have supportive of immigrant rights and refugee rights come to the microphone earlier. a group of about 300 or 400 that have been there. we're also looking at one of the first known iraqi nationals detained and released from custody at new york's kennedy airport. he was a u.s. army translator with a legal visa. he's now among two men suing over the executive order that was signed by president trump on friday at noon. joining us to look at the effects here is a republican strategist and president at potomac strategy group. and also forger regional director for president obama's 2012 campaign and political
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white house reporter and cnbc contributor as well. we've been watching the live pictures which has had very strong thematics and anti-executive order and that executive order i'm alluding to is the one signed by president trump on friday. any sense of reaction to what they may be watching which we have been watching here on m isn't nbc msnbc and the chants? >> we had a briefing with a seniorm msnbc and the chants? >> we had a briefing with a senior msnbc and the chants? >> we had a briefing with a senior administration official and they were doubling down on this, that dit is not a right t be able to sbir tenter the unit states and it sth only a 45 day ban and there are other muslim countries that are not on this list.
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so in aware, they're not stepping away from it, but they have also said that each green cardholder would have to go by a case by case waiver to get in to the country. so it's interesting to see that they are really standing by this executive order despite the protests and the issues at the airports. >> and we understand it's 90 days. and we have the reporting from our open ken delaney that the left hand wasn't talking to the right hand. did they address that prop? >> they are accepting the fact that there will be snafus in the system.bp? >> they are accepting the fact that there will be snafus in the system.lep? >> they are accepting the fact that there will be snafus in the >> they are accepting the fact that there will be snafus in the system.? >> they are accepting the fact that there will be snafus in the system.? >> they are accepting the fact that there will be snafus in the system.m? >> they are accepting the fact that there will be snafus in the system. they need to work on the issue to make sure that it will move smoothly, but they didn't want to delay this because they wanted to go through with the executive order despite the fact that some people will be in transit and they will have to be waved through and there will be
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issues when you change the law immediately. that is something that the administration they stand behind the law and they're not -- they don't seem to be seizie easing blow back. >> blow back has happened before. every administration moves from law or executive order to application. and that step is a big one as we know here. we can look back to the aca, obamacare, when it was first rolled out, there was a big issue behind that web servered a the way it was working. what is the best way do you think for the administration to handle what is happening today? sfli >> i think increased xh communication is necessary. not just with the agencies and not just the embassies abroad, but also those inside the within. but clearly they didn't tonidn' very good job of thinking of
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ones this transit. maybe they want to handle them on a case by case basis, but there has to be a better way. we only have four cabinet secretaries who have been confirmed. i think that is part of the problem. president obama had seven his first night he went to sleep in the white house. and one last thing, i think four years ago, president obama suspended refugee resettlement from iraq for six moonths. i don't remember chaos, so i do wonder if there is politics involved. there are seven countries that the is a history of terrorism and that lis was put together by the obama administration. so obviously they have to fix this problem. i think this is a crisis communications issue right now. we'll see what happens. >> would you agree with those statements is this because if we do look at the largest muslim
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countries, indonesia as part of the largest, and we also have malaysia and others. >> i totally disagree and i think this whole notion to just say that it's okay for now president trump to sort of cherry pick which muslim countries he wants to basically discriminate against these people because of their national origin, it's just very unameric unamerican. we're a country built by immigrants and refugees. at a time when you see that you have people trying to come back to this country who are legally here who are being detained in airports and new york and i'm even hearing there are folks being detained in the atlanta airport, this is the problem that we have with donald trump and his administration. this whole thing that we hear now that they're not communicating and there was no process in place to make sure that people who are returning to the u.s. actually had the right to come back into this country, many of them who have green cards? it's just very unacceptable. but going forward, this is
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illegal. a lot of lawyers have said that donald trump signing this executive order totally violates the immigration and nationality act of 1965. this was an act that was put into place to make sure that folks wereot discriminated in th country because of their natural order or religious beliefs. so i think this is bizarre. i think you see this reaction from the american people because they're stunned and i think that folks are not going to put up with it. >> and the finger has been pointed at the media that they are perhaps right now overlooking at what is happening today at now 4:23 eastern time in not only new york, but also in washington, d.c. are we looking at this perhaps in the wrong lens? >> this brings more security to the united states and that the media is probably, you know, focusing on the few people who are not allowed in this country who are being inconvenienced or are being separated from their
1:24 pm
families. but they will say let's think long term, let's think of the long term impact of this. and they also stress the fact that this is a 40 day ban. it's not a ban for indefinite ban. but, yes, it's messy and i think that this is also a lesson for the new administration that powerful executive orders, they do have repercussions and backlash. and they affect real people. but at the same time, they say that they are taking each case very seriously and they hope to waive people along in to the country, but how quickly can they go and will it be fast enough. >> and the reverberatis that you're talking about, this affects at least thematically here, matt, many refugees. some 84,000 -- 80,000 that come to the united states each and every year from just about every area. africa, asia, europe, the former soviet union, the numbers go on. latin america and the caribbean.
1:25 pm
the numbers when we break it up, they represent all of these places in all of these communities if you look at what they're hearing at least from what i've been watching and riding arid reading, this is not only muslim country. how does this administration counter what is happening in these places where he does want support from? >> that's a good question. and we have to watch how that plays out. now, i think current law for the 2017 fiscal year which ends in september allows only 50,000 refugees to resettle in the united states from around the world. again, this just applies to seven countries. and my colleague who was just speaking said you shouldn't cherry pick these country. these countries were cherry picked because that's where the history of terrorism has been. that's why they're on that list and singled out by the obama administration as well on a bill passed with bipartisan support. keep in mind james clapper testified under oath to congress that the cat take bases to vet
1:26 pm
refugees from syria do not exist. that's why the trump administration is doing this. again, i think clumsy executed it. no one in transit should be impacted and i think they are working through that now. >> what about saudi arabia, why is it not on this list? >> that's a great question. i don't have a great answer to that question. i saw that posted on twitter. you could probably increase the list of countries a couple here or there. but i think saudi arabia is probably in a middle soezone between countries with no terrorism and these seven. >> richard, if i can jump in here real quick. i think what you just heard from matt is that he's actually doing exactly what i just explained. there is a lot of cherry picking going on. there is a lot of muslim countries that are not included on this list. and i want to be clear. if people are trying to enter this country illegally with the intent to harm americans, i am totally against them folks --
1:27 pm
those folks coming in. but if there is innocent muslim americans, people who retaineded a green card, people trying to be with their families who have gone through this process but have been detained at an airport because the failure of this administration's opportunity to really communicate amongst themselves to carry out the law and executive order that president trump has put forward, therein lies the issue and that's the problem here. there is no republican spin that we can futucan put on that. >> most can agree that the you've from thought to action, that there is a gap here and that needs to be closed in the companies days and wecoming day ahead. thank all for your help on this discussion of topic. >> thank you. this afternoon. other world leaders are sending a message. justin trudeau tweeted this, he says to those fleeing persecution, terror and war, canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith.
1:28 pm
diversity is our strength. the first minister of scotland adding to that tweet saying welcome to scotland, too. wi discuss the challenges these new orders may have on our u.s. allies after this. lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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at the bottom of the 4:00 hour in the east, 1:30 in the west, on the left live picture at jfk airport. we understand at this moment there is one individual, one refugee from iraq being detained at this airport. there were two earlier, but the other was released this afternoon. and the question is, when will that refugee be released. that refugee having a legal vee visa is what is believed. there are 1 oth1 others across
1:32 pm
country. on the right hand side, we have the white house. president trump expected to sign new executive orders in the white house. there are four potential executive disorders that we are watching. we have no specificity confirmed as of yet so what he may be signing and whether or not he will address what is happening on left hand side. to those refugees at jfk airport that we're watching, still awaiting to understand what will be happening as a result of friday's signing by president trump of his executive order. to get more on that, let's go to steve clemens at the atlantic oig. steve, so much to talk about. but i'll get straight to this from a phone call that nbc's kasie hunt just has had with
1:33 pm
senator lindsey graham, and i'll read this to you first and then get your thoughts here, according to our transcript, senator lindsey graham telling kasie hunt i don't think it's unreasonable to have a time-out in terms of immigration from these particular countries, he's alluding to the seven countries in the executive order, based on the threats that we face. not the religious makeup. if it turns in to anything other than that, then executive order will run afoul of the law. but i think most americans support a time-out. but a complete ban forever is not in our national security interests. is it in -- is it consistent here steve of our national security interests? >> no, it's not. i have great respect for senator graham. i think that what he just laid out in terms of saying the american public can take a time-out from this, you know that can make a lot of sense. but and hes with spoke about, this was imposed on ours.
1:34 pm
this timing. and it's largely explode the without guide answer to the key agencies and players involved and without consideration to the what this sg to the infrastructure of supporters that we have in each of these countries. i'm thinking of iraq for a moment. where we have boots on the ground fighting isis trying to take back mosul. working with interrogators, interpreters with players that are iraqi nationals. and this sends a message to them that should they continue to invest in our welfare, they're not necessarily welcome here. so all of those optics position this so it is not in the u.s. national interests in this moment. i understand why lindsey graham is trying to cut to the middle on this. but i think ice he's untorpl un not right. >> you and i were probably
1:35 pm
watching the same time line. one of the reactions from iran is that they were making considers of the response to this executive order moving to a language considering a potential retaliation, that retaliation related to immigration policy here. what might that look like and is this surprising to you coming from iran? >> i actually think iran is a closed country, it's a problematic country out there. i think of all the countries in the world this iat i'm worried about, iran is not at the height of that. that said, people to people exchanges bringing iranians over back and forward is a strength. one of the hopes that suv that eventualmp you have is that rarp iranian people may be flagged. there are a lot of supporters inside iran who support the united states and cutting them off from their families is a wrong headed move. but i think that the iranian
1:36 pm
reaction to what we did was completely predictable. >> i want to read a little bit about how this is not only affecting those who might be military or international security refugee related incidents and cases, but also those that are related to business right now. anthere is an article coming out of cnn money represent relates how mark zuckerberg was telling his employees do not travel. if you are notent relates how mark zuckerberg was telling his employees do not travel. if you are not a u.s. zinlt. th citizen. and this is also posted on facebook. he said we should keep our doors open to refugees and though who need help. had we turned away refugees a few days ago, his wife's family wouldn't be here. and his wife's family is a
1:37 pm
refugee family. so how does this affect these families military related and security related? >> i think what zuckerberg and others are doing is important. remember, america has benefitted as being tbest and brightest hae come here. once you shut this down, once you send a shockwave through it, so that the sirnity that people have that they come here and that they can -- that good people, smart people are willing to contribute here, guess what, they will go to canada, scotland, france, china. and that i think will create ir repairable harm to the united states over the long run. >> what is the right way to deal with this policy that president trump would like to implement? >> i think he should have come in and said that because he was
1:38 pm
elected -- because the american public that assumed him had a concern about this refugee vetted policy, do what he's done on hacking, ask for a report on what can be done to improve, modify and change the program. don't take the blunt impulsive actions without coordination with other agencies. but do something that is smart. if there were deficits, fix them, but call for the report, bring in the different agencies and perspectives. to something that is informed and so solid footing. not snag wiomething that will c the hemorrhaging that we see right now at jfk and other airports around the united states. >> i'm hoping our quick moving control room here can pull up is it piece of sound from one of those detained at jfk.
1:39 pm
it's hameed darweesh who worked at an interpreter, an engineer and contractors for the u.s. government for ten years. from 2003 to 2013. and he came to the microphone being very forgiving, very resilient, and very much looking forward to coming back to -- not coming back, but coming to the united states to be part of what we are here. and he's consistent with madeleine albright, the first woman to be a u.s. secretary of state. he's consistent here with henry kissinger also who came here as a refugee. and so when we look at the difficulties that the administration is dealing with here as they want to make sure that we're safe, there is always a concern of the theme, the narrative working away from at least from what they're saying is their intent. so this administration then
1:40 pm
needs to shift. is there something in the past that you can remember where they have done a successful shift? >> where the administration has done a successful shift? >> right, because it appears that they need a shift. >> i think right now after 9/11, when we basically shut everything down, you had colin powell in office, you had john ashcroft and we had a shock that hit this country and we shut our borders down. i remember robert gates who was then a president at one the university of texas campuses and i had partner articles that said what a dangerous thing if we didn't figure out a way to bring in the smart bright young people into this country and keep that going. it took some time, but the bush administration which many people looked at as a problematic administration that was sort of more hostile on this wasn't.
1:41 pm
they actually began to incrementa work through thi and they shifted to be havevery welcoming because they knew the importance of the american brand overseas and to keep people aspiring to understand the value and importance of american values. and america's place in the world for doing it good things. and so they made a shift. and i'm hoping that the trump administrationit good things. and so they made a shift. and i'm hoping that the trump administrationt good things. and so they made a shift. and i'm hoping that the trump administration good things. and so they made a shift. and i'm hoping that the trump administration does the same thing. >> steve close memens, thank yo. we've been watching and hearing the chanting and proceed he tests at j sfchfk. and we've learned that there will be a vigil tonight 6:00 p.m. local. right now they have lined up about a dozen speakers. that will be happening shortly. but right now, the chants are strong. the numbers growing.
1:42 pm
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. on theeft happened story of your screen, jfk where we expect to have more speakers at least if about an hour 15. they were planning to have a victim i will the vigil there. this as they request why a refugee with a legal visa is being detained, one of 11 we understand that are detained. on the right-hand side, we have been expecting president trump to announce yet new executive orders that could mean the indefinite suspension of syrian refugees among three or four other possibilities. and then the question of whether there might be the removal of sanctions against russia. we're waiting for those two things to happen perhaps this afternoon, this evening. to more on what we're watching on the left hand side, we're
1:46 pm
joined now by matt zeller. former strategist for the bernie sanders campaign. concern coming from donald trump, this is the way we will keep our country safe. we have concern that we may let in bad elements. does this work based on what is in the executive order from your perspective as a former c analyst? >> well, thanks for havg me. let me put on another hat i actually wore which is army officer and afghan war veteran. the only reason i'm sitting here is because i'm alive thanks to my afghan muslim translator. he shot and killed two taliban fighters about to kill me eight years ago. i helped him get his visa. it took five years. part of his 34riks required him to go new what we would
1:47 pm
basically deem extreme vetting. it means every single component of our sintelligence community had to ibd independently investe him. if even would be said no, would he have been barred from entry forever. simply put, there is no more form of extreme vetting possible by our government. >> we heard from hameed darweesh who was detained after getting legalvisa. and he was very forgiving of the experience that he had so far coming to the united states of america. are these the folks -- is this common for these folks to be so
1:48 pm
resilient? stand by if you can. this is president trump signing executive orders. we're just getting in this tape coming from the white house. this happened earlier. let's watch and listen. >> so this is a five year lobbying ban. and this is all of the people most of the people standing behind me will not be able to go to work do anythingdverse to our wonderful country. okay? five year ban. it's a two year ban now and it's got full of loopholes. this is a five year ban. so one last chance to get out. good. i had a feeling you'd say that. this was something i've been talking about a lot on the campaign trail and we are now putting it into effect.
1:49 pm
[ applause ] this is the organization of the national security council and the homeland security council. you know pretty much what it represents. it represents a lot. and also a lot of efficiency and i think a lot of additional safety. people have been talking about it doing this for a long time. like many years. okay. here mr. vice president. [ applause sthchlt [
1:50 pm
>> is this this is the plan to isis. i think it will be very successful. okay. that's big stuff. have a good weekend. [ applause ] [ inaudible question ] >> totally. not a muslim ban, but we're totally prepared. it's working out very nicely.
1:51 pm
and we're going to have a very, very strict ban and we're going to have extreme vetting. which we should have had in this country for many years. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. >> thank you, appreciate it. have a great weekend. >> just receiving in this tape from the white house. president trump as you see there as the pool leaves the oval office as signing three executive orders. one related to lobbying, one related to the national security council and one represented to isis, defeating isis. this was somewhat expected this afternoon. >> sanctions would be limited against russia, that were not part of the three signed.
1:52 pm
the second that he mentioned, national security council will be rearranged to be more responsible to potentially digital threats. this coming from reporting coming out of politico. it the outline new organization organizational structure amongst others. and then there was of course the one related totion organizational structure amongst others. and then there was of course the one related to isis. the final of the three executive orders. and it is aimed at defeat of isis. and then the first one and i finish with that because it was a common phrase you heard from donald trump on the campaign trail which was drain the swamp. and as he was joking at the top looking behind him from his the vice president and all the rest, saying that you now have a fich year ban, you cannot become a lobbyist. so those were three of the xw executive orders that came down. just getting that into msnbc
1:53 pm
breaking at this moment. and the response will now ensue. let's go straight to malcolm nance security expert joining us. and malcolm, as a former u.s. intelligence expert or you still are, as you look at the ban on lobbying, the moore interesting part for you, and we don't have all the details yet, related to the nsc, and the restructuring, is this very much logistical or is this a major strategic move and then the second piece that you clearly would have a view on is the executive order signed to defeat isis and whether this is in any deference to what has already been done. your thought on those last two executive orders. >> well, first with regard to the national security council, what you're looking at is a
1:54 pm
power move by general michael flynn former u.s. corredirector defense intelligence agency. 's shaping the nsc to be like his operational command that he had working with at the defense intelligence agency and putting things more in his pocket. the director of the national security council is not supposed to be a person who has his fingers in every pie. and it remains to be seen whether he can macro micro machining everything on the security council and take away authorities from the other cabinet members. that remains to be seen. but based on flynn's background and everything that we've read about him, that is exactly what he intends to do. that do create a lot of may help. on the other hand, let's talk about the defeating isis. blast august donald trump claims that the last book he read was my book called "defeating isis." i find it interesting since -- it's 544 pages.
1:55 pm
however, that being said, there has been if place a strategy to defeat isis which has actually brought isis to the brink of defeat. we're about to eliminate isis in iraq. isis is on the ropes everywhere else. all that remains is a coalition of forces to go in and destroy isis on the ground and raqqah. and that coalition has existed for over 2 1/2 years. so what more he can do, there are only so many bombs we can put down range. because you actually have to know what targets you're hitting. you can't just drop bombs for fun. so interesting to see. >> and again initial reporting as i was reporting is that he would like the joint chiefs here to come up with a plan and days. and you're saying we already can't accelerate what is already
1:56 pm
being done? . >> look, i'm a combat veteran. i have been on the ground with maximum effort in iran. >> look, i'm a combat veteran. i have been on the ground with maximum effort in iran. iraq. we have 150,000 men full air dominance.iran. iraq. we have 150,000 men full air dominance.ran. iraq. we have 150,000 men full air iraq. we have 150,000 men full air dominance.n. iraq. we have 150,000 men full air dominance.. iraq. we have 150,000 men full air dominance. iraq. we have 150,000 men full air dominance. iraq. we have 150,000 men full air dominance. and we still lost 4493 men. the only thing that is left out of the component that the operation infinite reach is carrying out on this campaign against isis would be a plussed up ground campaign in which we would send in 20,000, 30,000 more men. we do that, one, we are now taking away that capacity of our allies from learning how to do this fight themselves. two, it will create a massive global recruitment for isis again to have their men come and
1:57 pm
fight against the united states on the ground. three, we will start losing people by the dozens if not by the hundreds. we have played this game before. the joint chiefs needs to create a more robust air strike campaign. but if we want to ramp it up to full scale war, they know how to given us war band t iraqis haven't been consulted. you know it's their nation. so we'll have to do somethingan haven't been consulted. you know it's their nation. so we'll have to do something with regards to that. unless he plans to coming in can turkey and taking sides with assad, i don't see much more the joint chiefs can do rather than increase bomb production and delivery. >> malcolm nance, stand by. thank you again. reacting to the very latest breaking news. three executive orders signed by president trump. that news in from that tape before a five year ban for
1:58 pm
lobbying, the second order is a national security council to be rearranged to be more responsive to digital threats. and the third and final executive order that you see him holding there is what malcolm nance was talking about, and that is asking the joipnts chies of staff to return in 30 gays wi days to defeat isis. we'll have that and more and protesters get ready to start a vigil. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. we'll have that and more and protesters get ready to start a vigil. defeat isis. we'll have that and more and protesters get ready to start a vigil. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni isroveto ce up t 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the harvonifirst cure that's... 99% of patients... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients...
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