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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  January 28, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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. is your government prepared to implement the order you issued yesterday? >> totally. >> is it a muslim ban? >> not a muslim ban, but it's working out nicely. and we'll have a very, very strict ban and we'll have extreme vetting which we should have had in this country for many years. >> that tape in just a few minutesing ago before today watching live pictures at jfk where there were at least two individuals refugees that were detained, one then released, one at least still there. a total of 12 we understand at the moment that are being
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detained because of the executive order. refugees that may have been en route, may have been about to get a on a plane, arrived to the united states both muslim and christians. so not just one group or another. president trump said is this not a muslim ban, this is it about us dealing with the executive order signed at noon and that they were toomtally prepared. and this also just coming in. three executive orders. we're just about to get in some of that language of what those orders did say litter by l lett. and we played the tape to you as
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soon as it was we'beamed over ts here at 30 rock. the three announcements from what we're hearing from reporting coming out of white house, three executive orders, first offhe joekingly turned around to his staff saying there is a five year ban on lobbying for employees and lifetime ban on lobbying. and second was department of defense to come up with a plan to defeat isis. asking the chiefs of staff to come up with that again within 30 days. and the third executive order that was signed by president trump was related to the
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national security council. and a rearrangement there of the way that they do business, that that related to being more responsive to digital threats. this according to a senior administration official as we try to understand the words exactly in those three executive orders. so that is what has happened. now 5:07 eastern time pip wa. i want to bring in steve close mens. let's start in the order that i was describing here 37ip. i want to bring in steve close mens. let's start in the order that i was describing here 37p. i want to bring in steve close mens. let's start in the order that i was describing here 37. i want to bring in steve close mens. let's start in the order that i was describing here 37. i want to bring in steve close mens. let's start in the order that i was describing here 37 first offer is president trump's response to a question from one reporter in the pool that question, is this a muslim ban.o a question from one reporter in the pool that question, is this a muslim ban.
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and number two, was the underready for the executive order. ? and it's good to hear the president of the united states attest that in his mind that this was not a muslim ban.>and president of the united states attest that in his mind that this was not a muslim ban.>and president of the united states attest that in his mind that this was not a muslim ban.nd it president of the united states attest that in his mind that this was not a muslim ban. nd i president of the united states attest that in his mind that this was not a muslim ban.and i president of the united states attest that in his mind that this was not a muslim ban. it's important the president said that. secondly, you don't know what information president trump has around him, but when you look at jfk airport and you just look out into the malaise, the confusion about nonu.s. citizens, their fear about getting back into the country, letters from mark zuckerberg as well as from the ceo of google, you wonder whether president trump has alternative facts. but clearly there is a disconnect between the drama that we're seeing unfold in places like jfk and the kind of
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rosy story president trump described. he likes to communicate in the evening, so he wiwe may get a t or two in the coming hours from president trump or the white house sean spicer. and then we have the executive orders that were signed. a waiting to get the detail of what the words are in these three executive order. let's start with the executive order related to a plan to defeat isis. malcolm nance and i were talking about the end of the last hour and he was saying the only step we can go further that has not been done or put together is potentially going to war. is it that extreme in terms of what is already out there versus what may come from this executive order asking the joint chiefs to come up with a more if you will aggressive plan? >> he spoke yesterday of the
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need for safe zones that would be near turkey or syria. that would involve the deployment of possibly about u.s. troops. we have other contingenciesing for on around raqqah inside syria. so when you look at this, all we can do is speculate when it comes to what they think would be tland status of isis. many of us positithink that isi continue in other parts of middle east, north africa region, but potentially not there. but an awful lot has been accomplished. general mattis is very, very aware of what it takes to fight isis. and so this may y be one where
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mattis was part of the process along with general flynn. >> i want to get back to some of the live picks coming out of new york city. refugees enter the united states, some 80,000 for instance last year. we expect a viblg vigil to be happening in a few minutes. the response to this and the executive onned that came out yesterday. the one that came out yesterday has not only been local, but also international. i want to share a couple of responses. for instance from juistin trudeau. welcome to scotland, too, and she is responding to justin
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trudeau's tweet and he says to those fleeing persecution terror and war, canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength. quoel welcome to canada. >> and i saw another tweet from the doctor in flint, mitch thch who was looking at the potential lead exposure of children within flint. and she said that she came to this country as four years old and if this kind of ban had been in place then, she and her family would not have come in. you will see countless newspapers of stories like that from people who have moved the needle on something important and who obviously have fan bases and are fan uhe lar here.
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but you will see people like justin trudeau saying this is not something to fear. and this is powerful check against the american brand at world. when senator schumer said that feels and sees a tear running down the cheek of the statue of liberty, that is not a small thing that is a big thing. >> steve, you will be with us all hour. stand by for a second. i want to get out to jfk. anne thompson has been there all afternoon. the new piece of news that we got is that there will be a vigil in about 45 minutes. what is the word on that? >> reporter: i haven't will heard that, but let me show you what has happened to the crowd in an hour. there are protesters not just on the ground now, they are up on the second and third floors of the parking garage here at
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terminal four. this crowd in an hour has easily doubled in size. and i asked one of the organizers i said who is behind this? how did you get all these people out? and she said what you're seeing here today is the power of the network that was developed after the women's march last week. this sign says dissent is patriotic. and no fear, fup refugees are w come here. and reference to the fact that the "seveseve"sevenseven countr predominantly muslim country. and syria, people banned indefinitely. and it's made people in this crowd very angry because they believe that america is a country that welcome everyone and they are here to send that message not just to the more
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than a dozen people or so that have been detained here at j fcfk, but they want this message to reach the white house and donald, but they want this message to reach the white house and donald trump. >> very loud and growing crowd at jfk where we have 11 detained at that location. those who what we understand have legal visas that are being held, one released earlier. and again we understand there will be at 6:00 tonight a vigil at terminal four in the arrivals area. and there there is going to be about a skdozen speakers from a different activists from not only the muslim community owes authorize being detained right now. so as though thousands have vee
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sessi have seattled in the united states, 80,000 about per year, one of those cities that does take in refugees is austin, texas. and joining me now is the mayor of austin. this as we look at the resettlement program that is now in question. tell us how ire reactiyou're re what you see. . >> i think i find it real scary. and disheartening. >> i think i find it real scary. and disheartening. i hope this kind of thing doesn't happen at our parent. in our community, immigrants are welcome. we have thousands that are here. we had 600 that came in last year, over 600 so-called to come in this year.
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we have several hundred refugees that have come in from syria. these are 70% women and children. the balance consists mostly of families. my understanding is that these folks are being vetted more than anybody has ever been vetted. steams like a silly way to try to sneak into our community to do us harm. we have had no problems. w >> how have you adjusted as it's changed about the idea of accepting a refugee into the united states? have you coordinated with federal officials, federal agencies, you being the leader of your city as you accept in through your refugee programs that are often funded by federal sources, have you been able to input your concerns or what you
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would like to see as they make those decisions about which refugees are come to your city? >> the decision happens at the material level. most are greeted by private and charitable organizations. certainly the city has support for them as we come for all our residents. but the vetting decision happens at the federal level and our understanding is that it's one of the most stringent vetting processes anywhere. what we can say is that on the ground in the city of austin, we've had no problems, no concerns. we've had as i said earlier hundreds of refugees including several from syria. i think we're sending the wrong message and we're sending a message to the people that live in my community. i have people in my community that are scared and afraid. and the events today are going to exacerbate that.
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>> there is concern for sanctuary cities across the country as president trump has said that he will sftop support of those cities. how do you react that you may lose federal funding? >> i read the president's executive order and he clearly said that it was intended at cities that muns pl pays that were violating federal law. we are a violating no federal law. we're listening to our police chief and to our sheriff and the views that they are expressing is not out of line views. the views are consistent with the views ever tof 9 national association of big city police chiefs. so we're doing what it is that keeps our community safe.
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we have one of the safest communities because we take their advice. that way victims come forward, that way witnesses to crimes come forward. and our police are welcome anywhere in our city. and they're an investment in building those relationships. those relationships are important to the safety of our community and we're tapping tki industries of public safety professionals. >> where are your frurouge r refug refugees coming from? >> iran, syria, afghanistan and the democratic republican of the congo. >> what sort of concerns have those who are not from knows communities shared with you in reaction to them coming to your
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community? >> the truth is that i'm really lucky to live in austin. the few that i hear are not specific. >> they were looking at the cleveland area and the cost of services of supporting new refugee communities. they had estimated it to be about $3 million. they also looked at the economic contribution of these communities as well. they saw it as 20 plus million dollars per year plus an additional $2 million or $3 million in terms of tax contributions. and that is just one community.
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>> in texas, we're on the border of mexico. so the whole discussion about immigrants and undocumented folks that are our country has been with us for many years and we've looked at those up number and it is clear that they add a lot more than they take. almost one in four folks were not foreign in this country. >> mayor, thank you so much for your perspective on refugee communities in your part of the country. definitely appreciate your perspective as we look at what is happening here in new york city at jfk airport. reaction to refugees being detained as they arrive into america. we continue to watch that is happening there. more on this after a short break.
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is your government prepared to implement the executive order you instituted? >> totally. not a muslim ban, but you will see it all over. it's working out very nicely. and we'll have a very, very strict ban and we'll have extreme vetting which we should have had for many years. >> joining my is malcolm nance, terrorism analyst. author of "defeating isis." good to have you still with us. we heard the way president trump reacted to questions reacting was this a muslim ban, number one. number two, how effective is the preparation for the implementation of his executive order on friday.
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he said not a muslim ban. he said they're very, very prepared. and he felt good about what was happening so far. i don't know if he was watching some of the pictures that we've been reporting. it would appear that that is into the something that he was commenting on. he was commenting what is happening potentially behind the scenes as what we understand are 1 is detained at jfk. is he handling this in the right way right now?1 is detained at . is he handling this in the right way right now?is detained at jf. is he handling this in the right way right now?s detained at jfk. is he handling this in the right way right now? detained at jfk. is he handling this in the right way right now? >> no, he's not happndling this well at all. and this is a personal note. i serve this had iraq and worked in sintelligence operations andi as of today have three iraqi translators, two of whom risked
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their lives 6 to 10 years works with our special operations foorss. they had their visas cancel this morning in baghdad a waiting to come to the united states. these were the most loyal iraqis that had ever worked with us. up in of them had any background in terrorism. they had to leave their passport at the american embassy of baghdad to one year while u.s. intelligence and law enforcement agencies vetted them, their families, their extended background and extended families. this is a very rigid vetting program. the worst part is we are now denying people swri in entry in united states who u.s. intelligence have cleared. these are the most reliable of all the iraqis. in fact we can use them in the intelligence communities if they were u.s. residents. what we're doing is creating a
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circumstance where isis is going to recruit off of this, where these people may decide that the united states doesn't live up to its open valuwn values. and that is something which will damage us worldwide and will actually hurt the battle against or terrorist enemies. >> as we've seen policies implemented, you've been here with us to offer analysis. and in this case from what we understand, senior justice department officials tells us that the department had no input on this executive order that we're talking about right now. and that they were not sure who the white house was writing and reviewing it at the time. and that in opposition or ink z inconsistent with the process, this was not consistent with that. also hearing from pete williams from a senior justice department official telling him the
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proposed immigration order was reviewed by doj lawyers. so some were alerted to the process and that it would have to beis ism plmplemented and tht were not. and those represented to national security and does this affect us long term, does it hurt us? >> touchdown said is this not a muslim ban. and then within the same paragraph said this is a ban. but it's only against muslims. he himself has said that tell allow unlimited visa access from
2:31 pm
kra christians. so it is a muslim ban. 1.6 billion people, people i served with, who i have fought to defend, who have defended the united states there terrorist enemies, they will watch in and they will see it as the racist bigoted acts that it is. and that is a detriment to our national defense, our national security. we will lose am lillies and thi will create terrorists. you can just rest assured that is what will happen. we need to understand that the president's words have impact. and he cannot sign a document and then describe what it is in the next sentence when it's patently obvious that it is a ban against muslims from these seven nations. >> one of the responses was
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coming from the prime minister of canada justin trudeau. he in effect says we accept and he's actually pulling from the statement that sits at the pedestal of the statue of liberty, the weak, the poor, that is what america takes in. and if you paraphrase, maybe politicizing it, maybe saying we can now be a leader. when we look at the balance, whether it comes to immigration, when it comes to what it means to stand in the international community as a leader to human rights or where it stands internationally as a leader in business as we saw a response from mark zuckerberg about the concern for his business and facebook, are we seeing a ryeea limgment or is it too urlly to
2:33 pm
go that foor? >> i see a realignment ever since the election. >> that canada would take our words and values and hold that against us, that is stating a fact. the united states has stopped what has brought the nation to the greatness that it's achieved . one block behind independence
2:34 pm
happy is a cemetery. george washington himself said liberty is a light for which many have died in darkness fp and this is making those people die in darkness. >> thank you so much malcolm nance as we cover what is live at jfk. one leased within the last six or seven hours. i now want to bring in charlie dent of pennsylvania to talk about why he's pushing back on the president's actions. how do you react to what has happened so are far here, representative, this as we have seen 12 detained now one released? >> first let me say this, it's all of our goal to enact policy to keep americans safe. and we should also certainly
2:35 pm
continue to protect vulnerable people abroad from persecution and potential annihilation. but this order appears to have been rushed through without full consideration to the wide ranging impacts. and today i've been working with a syrian christian family who according to family members live just a few blocks from me, they held valid visas yet were detailedity airport and forced to leave the airport as a result of the executive order. not refugees, they happen to be christian. and urge the administration to halt enforcement the order until
2:36 pm
a more deliberate policy could be ebb instated. my son god a call sand said can you talk to the family, these six people from esyria are all being september back and they don't know why. this has been going on on for years. i'm going to see the family to talk to them about it. >> and president trump said is this not a muslim ban and this executive order is working out very well. and that they were prepared to implement this. what would you say to him
2:37 pm
putting that together with what the anecdote sdlaus shathat you shared with me? >> i didn't hear the president's statement, but it appears that the order apply to say all people, not simply muslims. and i represent the allentown area of pennsylvania which has large syrian population. and they are overwhelmingly christian. so i guess this ban, or this order, is redistricting in this case wri case are restricting christians. so i can't explain what the s order is doing. i heard there is a translator who arrived at jfk and is allowed to stay. but i can't imagine the defense department would sign off on an order that would he prvent
2:38 pm
translators to speenter the country. so i think we need to take a closer look. >> senator lindsey graham said i don't think it is unreasonable to have a time-out based on the threats that we face. i think most american support a time-out but a complete ban forever is not in our national interests. would you why he agree with your colleague? >> i think statement is fair. i think like lindsey graham, wh colleague? >> i think statement is fair. i think like lindsey graham, hy
2:39 pm
colleague? >> i think statement is fair. i think like lindsey graham, y colleague? >> i think statement is fair. i think like lindsey graham, h colleague? >> i think statement is fair. i think like lindsey graham, he colleague? >> i think statement is fair. i think like lindsey graham, e colleague? too, would not a muslim ban. that flies in fay s iies in fac are. i can understand why we might want to pause the program. but at the same time, i do position that ththink applies to more than just fu refugees. so it's a little different. >> and we know he of at least one case legal visa and released. we have hhave hundreds of prote at jfk. numbers are growing and and he we appreciate a vigil. if you were to take the microphone, what would you say to them? >> i think we all need to take a deep breath. examine the executive order. not enforce it until we have a
2:40 pm
clear understanding evof who wi be impacted. i'm dealing with situations where my con statistic uhe events are saying we have visas in hand. just a weeki ago, i had an individual saying her brother in living in a christian village in syria and being attacked to trying to get them oem .and we're dealing with people who have visas in hand and green card applications paid for. everything is in order. and have been denied. and not only denied, already put on a plane back to cuttku cut c >> charlie dweent, thank you so much for what you know as we
2:41 pm
look forward to learning what happened to the those 11 detained at jfk. appreciate your cop text antext perspecti perspective. we continue to wrafrp tatch the protests. whether he take a short break and then we'll be right back.
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numbers have grown. you can hear the chants. there have been elected officials and activist leaders come to the microphones as they protest the 11 detained with legal visas. and the numbers, anne thompson, increase along with the volume. how does it look right now? >> reporter: it's easily grown
2:45 pm
by another couple hundred since we last spoke. and as far as the number of people who are detained, congressman nadler told us it was a dozen. o organize believe it is much higher than that. now, these protesters despite the frigid temperatures showing no sign of tiring and no sign of leaving. right now they are cheering no hate, no fear, frefugees are welcome here. that is the message being spread for hours 37 among the signs that you see, stands with muz hip will, love not hate, and we are all immigrants.
2:46 pm
these people have gotten together here basically because of social media. a word that has spread on facebook and twitter to come out and protest and supposedly at 6:00 tonight there will be a coordinated protest here at jfk. and at o'hare. back to you. >> and what have airport skur security told you or what you've seen and is it mostly peaceful? >> reporter: it has been very peaceful here. it has been a couple hours since i've been able for go new the crowd to talk to airport security. but i have pabeen struck by how well then handled but i have been struck by how well then handled it.crowd to t security. but i have been struck by how
2:47 pm
well then handled but i have been struck by how well then handled it.crowd to t security. but i have been struck by how well then handled but i have been struck by how well then handled it.crowd to t security. but i have been struck by how well then handled but i have been struck by how well then handled it. they have given the media an area and also an area for protests. also you have to keep a path clear for the people going to their cars or going to the parking garage or to the parking lot hire. so they have done a good job of keeping it from boiling offic i >> a loud cloud that seems to grow. anne, thanks for tisticking wit us. here to look at the legal issues related to the executive order,
2:48 pm
immigration attorney michael wilds. and what we will focus on is a lawsuit that came out today from two of those who were detained at jfk airport, two of the 12 that we know of over the rules that were out lined from the executive order that came from president trump. kasie hunt reporting the white house is already try to go spin explain why it didn't have the new policy spelled out. where do you think this go? >> the writ of habeas corpus is the right of having somebody released who is being held. there a clear case in controversy and a federal judge will have to deal with this. just an amazing experience who
2:49 pm
mr. trump i believe was very genuine about the extreme vetting did it in this fashion with 16 of the 19 hijackers all being from saudi arabia, they weren't include fd in this restriction and the 11 million plus we have in the united states, keeping those muslim nations out of here will stop the terror are cells from within. we don't have enough fedex handcuffs detention centers or planes to deport those individuals. so it doesn't look that his intentions of doing extreme vetting again this president in many ways does not act politically correct with a gun to america's head, but he's acting in a way that will send a chilling affect to all of oufr brothers and sisters. to see people in 2017 outside of
2:50 pm
j j jfk -- >> as we look at that which was filed by the aclu lawyers for these two iraqis who those two who had legal visas, will this quickly go away or does it have the strength to make it all the way to the supreme court? >> the executive order itself is unclear. section 3 reads, barring entry to aliens from those seven countries. well, what does that mean, aliens from? what if they have green cards? what if they are american citizens? they were born there so they are technically from there. we have a case ourselves of two parents who are iraqi u.s. citizens and they would like to come back from iraq. we have a physician who treats an area of cancer who travels throughout the united states and europe.
2:51 pm
we have a green card, based on his extraordinary ability, based not only on his national interest of coming to america but this man is saving lives. he and his family are prohibited from returning. his green card was approved. the exception here, what if that doctor wants to come in and now will be operating in an undocumented child. is that in our nation's interests? what is happening is the campaign dialogue deteriorated as such. let's review the tapes. this nation, a diamond in the rough, fought pirates on the high seas. no different than isis. but we didn't stop the integrity of our refugee program. we were started by immigrants.
2:52 pm
immigrants become americans and employ others. i'm a second generation immigration lawyer. we see all the time how foreign students are the vibrancy or the workers we have in the hospitality corridors and entertainment business, we're now shooting ourselves in the foot once more. >> michael wilds, thank you for your time today as we cover the breaking news on a very busy saturday. we'll take a short break and be right back. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients.
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many of those at jfk airport right now are rejecting what has happened and that is 12 individuals at least that have been detained, refugees who are believed to have legal visas, many of them in the crowd there saying this is a muslim ban but
2:56 pm
president trump saying just hours ago this is not a muslim ban. this, as we're getting a press conference from terry mcauliffe expressing concern. joining criticism against the president's order, mcauliffe says it's bad for the united states. also, he said he's worried about the national implications of the move. in addition to all of this, we're learning that president trump's executive order may cause problems for an oscar nominee as we look close to the oscars coming up very, very soon, looking to attend next month. the name is ascar from iran. the film, "the salesman." in a statement released a short time ago, "the academy celebrates achievement in the
2:57 pm
art of filmmaking which seeks to transcend borders and speak to audiences around the world. as a supporter of humans around the world, we find it troubling that the director is not being allowed to come. that does it for us at this hour. i'm richard lui. we'll continue to follow breaking news. stay with us throughout the night. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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i felt guilty. i couldn't live with that. i said i know something and it's terrible. i'm the only other person that knows the truth. i had to do something. >> he swept her right off her feet. >> i was drawn to him right away. he was handsome. he was super athletic. >> a dreamy, single dad, wealthy, charming, smitten. >> i had never been spoiled like that.


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