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tv   Lockup Wichita Extended Stay  MSNBC  January 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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protests. if you can, can you give us a seep s scene setter? i know they've moved into the parking structures in terms of where folks are holding up signs. >> we can try to show you that. you can see people have chimed up on to different levels of the parking structure. holding up signs. earlier that entire area was filled. now some of the people have filed out. again, this is an unplanned protest. this all came about because of the 12 individuals who were detained here. you can see how this has grown. more and more people continue to come down. it has been peaceful. we haven't heard of any arrests. it remains to be seen whether police will at some point
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interve intervene. >> one of the concerns is safety as well as those arriving at jfk. any complaints from people trying to get through? it is already tough to get through one of the busiest airports this in the country. >> absolutely. it is not easy to get in at this point. we're seeing a lot of people who don't really know what's going on and having a difficult time getting to their vehicle. flights are still going on. it is difficult to drive in. the taxi lanes are logged. the parking lots are clogged. >> this is not the an easy task but you and i have been out there before. is there somebody behind you that you can speak with to get a sense of what they are thinking? someone you may have talked to who is close by? >> sure.
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we'll talk to some of the protesters here. if you can come up here and talk with us. >> your name? >> candice banks. >> can you tell us what brought here today in. >> freedom. everything america stands for. >> what is about it what you've seen today with individuals being detained? individuals being turned away that impacted you enough to come down here? >> my daughter and i drove 60 miles to be here. we fought traffic to be here, to stand up for america's values. what donald trump is showing america and to the world, this is not why my husband goes to war. as a soldier. and to fight for our country. he is showing the worst possible values that don't stand for what america is all about. so we got in our car and we came down here to show the rest of the world that we are not like trump. we are different. we welcome immigrants. we're the land of immigrants.
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we love everyone. everyone is welcome. >> do you think that what's happening here will have any kind of impact when you have a president who is committed to this, what he calls extreme vetting. do you think any message will be received? >> the only power we have as american citizens is to protest, is to subscribe to newspapers that report freedom of the press and investigative journalism. you have to call your representatives. you have to protest, you have to march, you have to write letters. everybody, get off your sofa and protest this maniac that's in our government that is doing a horrible job for us and the rest of the world. >> what about the argument that supporters make that first off, they don't believe this is a muslim based ban. this is based on country of origin. do you agree with that? >> no. our country was formed on the
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basis of immigrants. the only people who are here naturally are native americans. >> well, thank you for your time and we appreciate it. you can see just a little flavor of some of the crowd here. a very diverse group. many people very angry. fortunately we haven't seen it turn into vandalism or violence. no arrests. it has been mostly what you're seeing, chanting, gathering and a call for action. >> all right. thank you for your reporting there. there as the protests ten. perhaps reduce the number just a little bit. and as has been mentioned, the lawyers that are representing two of those detained, two refugees from looking had legal visas to come to the united states. now at a courthouse in brooklyn, we are hearing, to try to get a stay for all those related to the executive order and are being detained at airports throughout the country at this hour to have, to get released.
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again, we're watching airports around the country, as mentioned there in dallas, san francisco, in chicago, in virginia, in new york city as well. and the signs and the statements are fairly similar. the news we're hearing from reporters on the ground, these pictures from dallas, texas, that's dfw. that this is not american. p.m. of these protesters have come from what was the women's march which was just a week ago. the similarities are, that's one. the other similarity is that we are seeing them stand up across the country. what started as what we thought was only in new york city, grew throughout the day. it is 8:00 in the eastern time zone hour. and as the days, the hours have moved, you see here in san francisco. that's san francisco international airport. one of the largest airports on
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the west coast. and also protesters arriving there. for the most part, it has been peaceful. we have not heard anything of these protesters. there in san francisco and chicago and dallas, ft. worth or anywhere else. that there have been troubles with security. no doubt there have been some incidents of those trying to get through that may have been impeded by just the large numbers. these airports. not structured to handle protests. as many of you travelers know, the way folks move from one end to the other is fairly structured. what we're learning coming out of chicago from our nbc station there, they are looking at more than a thousand that had rsvp'd to a facebook event for a rally at o'hare today. we don't have any reportable numbers now. possible they had rsvp'd to
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participate in a rally at chicago's o'hare airport. about a thousand earlier today. several advocacy groups, including the council of islamic organizations of greater chicago, the council on islamic relations chicago, and others. they were man ned for 6:00 p.m. that was about an hour ago. we're watching the video from earlier today. and the dozens of people arriving at the airport earlier. let's to go chris jose who is also reporting for us out of dallas. and chris, as you look at some of the energy there. give us a sense of how it has changed over the hours of the day, and the way it is right now from what you've seen. >> you know, i have to tell you.
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we've got here right around 3:00 this afternoon, only about two dozen people here. you can see back behind me easily more than 300 people chann chanting and cheering outside the international gate here at the dallas airport. this is usually where people welcome their loved ones back here. you can see here a lot of these folks, it is hard to tell at this point whether they're waiting for their families or simply here rallying and cheering on these folks to get back through here. within the hour, we did find out that three people had been released from dfw area, the holding area here. one is from iran -- i should say two are from iran and one is from syria. right now there are six people still being held here. you can hear behind me the chants of, let them go, let them
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go. the folks are pouring in here. it started with two dozen people. right now, 300 people outside the international raiflarrivals. one person has been here since 9:30 this morning. what is your name? you're waiting for your parents. they've been held here a very long time and they're coming from syria. >> they're coming from saudi arabia but their nationality is syrian. >> you gave us some pictures earlier for our local newscast. how are they feeling? what is the situation inside right now? >> i have no choo what is happening inside. last i heard from my parents was at 4:55 p.m. they were forced to sign a paper and my dad refused to sign it and they said they would take him to jail if he wouldn't sign it. he walked out and he went back
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to a small room where he was held other. than that, i have no clue what is happening. i am trying to call him. i am trying to message him. i am sure he's terrified. my mom is there and i'm sure she is bawling her eyes out. we've never endured this situation before. it is the first time where they've been held at the airport. they're not feeling safe, i'm sure. >> we're being told the they have people who have been released have their green cards. the folks being detained now have their visas. your folks have their visas but they're still being held here. >> they have v-1, v-2 visa so they can come visit. they've been visiting us in summer, spring breaks, to be with family. this shouldn't be happening. it is just inhumane to be happening. >> you're a student at smu in dallas.
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your parents have been to north texas several times. this should be nothing unusual. they've been to my school, they've met my friends. this is so unusual. my people are the sweetest people you can ever meet. they'll always give you a smile. i don't know anyone who hates my parents. they're the sweetest people. >> we were told about another family, she's from syria. she told us she was not being treated properly. is that the same thing that's happening with your parents? >> i have no clue what is happening with my parents. i hossa all communication with them. i hope the they're being friendly. that's the least they can do for all the suffering they've been through. >> right now they are chanting, set them free, set them free.
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easily 300 people now. the crowd continues to grow by the hour. it looks like a person who just arrived here, go trump. and of course you heard the reaction from the folks who are guarding that. a lot of these folks, some are family. most are advocates, refugees advocates of the muslim community in north texas. and before we let you go, we should mention that security is tight here. i know it is tight there in new york. we are seeing a large police presence in and around dfw international airport. >> i'm not sure if that family member is still close by to you. he mentioned that there was a piece of paper that he was asked to sign. if he is around, or when we go back to you later, it would be interesting to know what he knows of that piece of paper.
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>> let me see if we can grab him here. hang on one second, richard. >> so we have chris jose from our station kxas there at dallas-ft. worth. nine individuals is what our nbc station is reporting that were detained. and the word is, because of the executive order that came out on friday. our reporter there, chris jose from kxas trying to reach one of the individuals. the son, is two of the nine are still currently detained. his mother and his father. they were asked to sign some document, some piece of paper. and chris is going to try to go out and bring him back so we can perhaps get a detail of what was it that he was asked to sign, and chris may have been able as
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again his interviewee was the family. i think you're still with us and able to get him back. what is he telling you? can you ask him that question? >> you mentioned your father had to sign a document. the from msnbc, they're asking, do you know what that document was he had to sign? >> he did not tell us which document but from here, they are saying it is a document that would, how can i say this? that says that he is allowing them to take him back home and he has no rights to return to the u.s. so they can put him back. the lawyers are telling him not to scene the paper at all. >> are you confident your father will be allowed through? >> i have no idea at this moment. there is no communication. i have no communication with him. all i'm hoping is that he is safe. that's the most important thing right now in my mind.
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>> have you got any word of timing? >> i'm sorry? >> any word on timing? >> timing for what? >> as far as them coming through here. >> no clue. i mean, they are scheduled to go back tomorrow morning. so hopefully any time before that. >> they were scheduled to go back to saudi arabia tomorrow morning. >> back to dubai. they're going back to the last airport they came from which is dubai. >> so it sounds like they won't be staying here at dfw international airport. they're going back. >> they booked us a may not tomorrow morning and they're taking us to the transit. and after a while they said they're forcing me to sign a paper which i'm not going to sign. >> so there's a chance you won't see your parents not only tonight but for quite some time. he know it is only a 120-day ban. what if it is extended?
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the i might not see them the whole time. >> so this you have it. a hot of question marks here. a lot of uncertainty. we spoke to several families. stand by in case we need to come back to you. the big thing that we're hearing is the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty. a hot of question marks happening here outside the arrivalsgate. we spoke to several other families. she has a green card so she was able to reunite with her family. he is in a different situation. a hot of families here, there are a lot of question marks. >> thank you so much. thank you from kxas in dallas-ft. worth. nine detained today so far today. stand by. we'll come back to you later.
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this as we were hearing a very personal story of one individual there, saying that his two parents were two of the nine and he had no sense of the timing of what may happen and indeed they may, according to what he's telling us, may have to go back to saudi arabia. not a country on the list of seven. but because they are again citizens of syria, that they will have to be detained, and then in terms of what he's hearing, rejected. i want to get back to new york city, another location where we've seen a lot of protests, a lot of energy, and a lot of action. michael george is there for us. one of the statements that has come forward, that's from donald trump, president trump. he is saying, this is not a muslim ban. he says this is an executive order that is much needed. he is saying this is an executive order that is very, very good and that this is an
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executive order that has been planned out and that what we're seeing today is not necessarily a manifestation of them not being prepared. on the flip side, we've got reports from our sources, not only at dhs and the state department that things were fairly unplanned. is there any sense on the ground of the w protesters are seeing these two potential scenarios? >> well, if you talk on protesters, they'll tell you they do feel this is a muslim ban. maybe the word muslim isn't in there. they would argue that a lot of the countries, all the countries, are majority muslim that were mentioned in that executive order and there are exceptions built into the language. executive order that are specific to allowing that christians will have an exception. so they do feel it is targeted toward muslims. in the last five minutes we got information that another of the
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detained individuals has been released. that according to immigrants' rights groups. daniel, what can you tell us about this individual? how did this happen? >> i can tell you, there are lawyers on the ground from amazing legal organizations since late last night who have been trying on secure the release and protection of the detained refugees and others from iraq and other countries. we just learned through the tireless advocacy and support from congressional representatives who are here also, that the second person was listed in the "new york times" article has now been released. we will remain here fighting for the families who have been separated by these unconscionable and unconstitutional executive order. and to demonstrate that we will continue to resist and not allow this policy to stand. >> in a lot of ways, this is untread water. there are legal arguments being
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made here in a situation that we've never had before. what arguments do you make? how do you try to effect a release? >> well, a couple problems. the people are going to the streets. it is important that we be strong and protest and demonstrate the moral crisis the president's irresponsible and racist actions provoked yesterday. in addition to that, there are lawyers right now arguing in front of a federal judge in brooklyn to call for a stay to these policies, to this policy. the argument that this is unconstitutional and can't stand. we will put pressure in the streets and the courts. >> and that's from immigrants' rights groups that we're hearing that there are still ten individuals who have been detained at jfk, who they're still seeking legal redress. they are in the courtroom right
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now making that argument. we will stay with this throughout the night. they're planning on protesting through the night. i can show you the protests have continued, throughout the community. they're saying they will stay here as long as it takes. two of the 12 individuals have been released. they are both iraqi individuals. both are people who have helped our military in iraq. they have worked the military as translators, engineers. so it was especially significant to the protesters here that these individuals be released. as for the remaining refugees, their names have not been released. we know there are lawyers in the courtroom as we speak, trying to get them out. >> michael george, we are also getting a statement from the attorney general of new york, eric schneiderman saying this. i will do everything in my power to help those who have been victimized by president trump's
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discriminatory and dangerous executive action. my staff has been in contact with the lawyers for the detained the at the jfk airport and i have spoken to my office to provide whatever legal assistance possible to them. so you've spoken with one of the activist leaders. have you seen other groups that represent legal assistance? legal help? those that might be immigration lawyers that have been working there on the ground? we've got some sense of what was happening there. we've got 60 seconds. >> yes, certainly, the aclu is here but we're also seeing in a night of unprecedented sightings, we've seen volunteer lawyers come down here in person with an immigration rights back ground. and they're literally in the terminal on the ground on laptops trying to write arguments, write briefs, and file documents trying to get the
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individuals released. that work is being done while the protesters are out here. so this is a multifaceted effort. >> thank you so much. stand by there at jfk. our nbc station in new york city. i want to show you some pictures coming out of chicago. i mentioned o'hare airport. their setting up tables in similar fashion. this as they are trying to get stance. the lawyers at tables. this is what happens as individuals walk in front. you can see the back side of somebody's head. these are tables, also similar to what michael george was telling us in new york. this is in chicago's airport, the busiest airport in the country. this one of a score of cities that we're watching live on msnbc as protesters take to airports. not happy with president trump's executive order from friday. more after this.
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breaking news, these are pictures from o'hare airport. one of about six or seven international airports where protests have grown throughout the day here on a saturday. very reminiscent at this moment of what had happened exactly a week ago during the women's march that not only started in washington, d.c., but was in
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many cities across the country. these protesters are standing up against an executive order that was signed by president trump on friday around noon eastern. since then, there have been individuals, refugees and immigrants that have been detained at various airports. i mentioned we are watching six or seven. this happens to be chicago, we're watching boston, new york, dulles in virginia, we're watching san francisco, we're watching dallas-ft. worth as well. we have had no reports of violence or issues related to security. i want to take to you chicago's o'hare airport where this person is one of those who set up a table. she is a lawyer. and you're there because you want to offer stance to those who may have been detained at o'hare airport. we understand there's at least ten that had been detained. what are you hearing in terms of
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numbers? >> so as far as we know, there are 13 people. [ inaudible ]. >> okay. it looks like we are having some technical difficulties as we're there with fiona mcginty at o'hare international airport. if we can get that connection back up, we'll go straight back to her. these are the individuals that are detained. they are dealing with the legal implications, vis-a-vis the immigration process and the organizations relevant to those being detained to find out where they can be released. in some cases, returned to the
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country of origin. we're going to stand by to see if we go get back to fiona mcginty, a lawyer there at o'hare international airport. i want to go back to dallas-ft. worth where -- moments ago, we had the opportunity to hear from one family member who was very concerned, very emotional, really, about not being able to have his parents enter through those doors that are probably not too far away from you, to walk through as they have many times before as he was describing. and his parents who felt very uneasy and perhaps just as emotional as he was when he was speaking with you. what is the sense of emotion that you are getting from those you've spoken with there? >> well, there is a lot of uncertainty here. we spoke to three families. three of the nine families who were detained here this
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afternoon. we know that six individuals are still detained. three have been released. two from iran and one from syria. you mentioned the student, the student from smu. he mentioned that his family has been here multiple times to texas to visit. what it sounds like, they're going to be heading back to saudi arabia. they're from this -- they are from there, they are from saudi arabia but live in syria. you're seeing some folks that are in support of president trump's executive order. you just saw, you heard one gentleman come up to the mike and say build the wall. safe to say out here, outside the international terminal, more than 400 people here. you can hear the chants.
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more people coming through here. and it doesn't look like these folks are going away any time soon. we had the opportunity to meet with one family. they were reunited. that woman who is from syria, she has her green card. she was bringing her daughter here in north texas about two hours ago. we should mention, that mother from syria, she doesn't plan on going back to her country any time soon. she's here now. she is through the gates. and in fear of not being able to return to the united states, she mans on staying here in north texas. i have to till, as the crowd continues to grow here, a hot of uncertainty. a hot of question marks of familiar his still waiting for the loved ones who are currently detained. >> this is something you know well. they are reporting in the dallas-ft. worth area, the growing immigrant populations of that state.
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it rivals, for those who are accounting, the immigrant population of new york. people would not think that of texas. you look at dallas and san antonio and houston, the immigrant communities there are very, very large. and this executive order that came out on friday is something that if you look at the reports, you look at social media, you look at anecdotal evidence. this executive order has hit them at home. where they are from the seven countries under executive order, whether they are refugees or not, give us a sense of immigrant communities there and how they are reacting. not only to the airport but more broadly, the reaction to the executive order. >> they're upset. they're fearful that their
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families will have to go back to countries like syria and sudan, for example. i have to tell you. north texas is extremely divided in some ways. you look at collin county which is a melting pot in some ways. they were very pro trump. they were for secretary clinton during the election. depending on who you talk to out here, as far as the refugee community is concerned, there are quite a few here in north texas and they are fearful, they're worried, they're worried that their loved ones will be sent back home. they feel like they're not welcomed here in north texas. not only talking to folks, talking to them through the election since president trump
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signed the executive order. >> chris jose, an old friend of mine. he used to report there in denver, colorado. thank you for your reporting there. stand by. we'll get back to you. fiona mcginty, a lawyer there, you've set up a table over your right shoulder. one of the questions i was asking was how many. you were saying 13, from what you heard that were detained. please continue with what you were saying before. >> so there are 13 that we know of that are still in there. three people were released. there were 16 in total. these are just people who wreng in there because their family members came to meet them to pick them up at the airport. these are not refugees that are
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coming to the states. these are legal permanent residents. they're green card holders. they're u.s. citizens. there is a u.s. citizen child who is 18 months old who has been in that section for over five hours. >> what is the reasoning that they are receiving, or that you are hearing in representation of them, as to why they're being held if they're permanent residents with green cards? >> they're nationals in one of the countries. in this case, the family is from randle originally and that is as far as we are aware the only reason that they are still in secondary. >> so that is insquint the executive order. the executive order says that those who would be immigrants coming to the united states would no longer be allowed in the future. in this case, they have legal documentation but are still being held. is that correct? >> yes. that's correct.
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those we've been speaking with are all the legal residents. some have family, children, there is a lady who is 81 years old, in a wheelchair. her family has been here waiting for her for like six hours. >> what are you hearing from those a are interactive with you? which institutions, governmentalence institutions areime interfacing with you and what is each one telling you? >> to be honest, we've had very little contact with the agencies. the border patrol is here but they're not allowing to us speak to the clients and we have no access to them. and similarly, the family members don't know what's going on either. they are not able to contact their family members waiting for they will. >> what are those -- you're
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speaking with the detainees themselves. you're either texting or calling them? >> no. we have not been able to get in touch with the detainees. we are only speaking to family members. so the flight came in at 1:30 today and the family members are waiting. this man is waiting for his citizen baby who is 18 months old, for hours. >> how long have you been there and how has it changed there behind you? it is always a crazy place but this is a different day. >> obviously we wish we were not here with these circumstances. we came probably at 1:00. since then, the crowd has grown. the attorneys have grown. everyone is filing emergency moments, which is a action lawsuits. now we have a group of
5:38 pm
protesters trying to express their frustrations. i can hear chants about refugees. the people we're talking on are not refugees. so there are many issues going on. we want to get the word out and let people know what's happening on the ground here. >> how many lawyers are you there and what practices do you undertake typically? >> there are about 40 of us. i am an immigration attorney by trade. i've been practicing immigration law about ten years. the group here is a mix of people from nonprofit firms. there are also attorneys from big law firms. and some do immigration, some do employment law, litigation. so it is kind of a mixed bag. we're all coming here to gather to really be the best advocates we can be for these people who really need us. >> this is something you know well then, fiona.
5:39 pm
when you've had the opportunity, i know it's been busy. and you're looking at the executive order that came from president trump. as you read through it, what was your reaction to the details? and i understand immigration law can be very extensive. just based on what you saw in that executive order. what then were you suggesting to your clients? >> i mean, the first thing we're saying is not to travel internationally if they are also a citizen of one of the countries on the list. it is just so disturbing how this has been implemented. the fact that it is this additional screening. we're not talking an hour or two. we're talking six hours that these people have been in secondary inspection. the lack of communication. the fear. i'm a mother of two young children and i know how it feels
5:40 pm
on travel internationally with kids. you want to go straight home and put your kids to bed. you do not want to be in an airport for seven hours plus, not knowing whether you will be admitted to your home. it's crazy. >> up you mentioned your children. you as an immigration lawyer, how do you describe to them what you do? maybe why you're there today. because there's a lot of folks watching this who are part of immigrant families and wondering how this might affect them. to be very specific, the executive order says no more refugees. that's at least at the moment right now. that program is suspended. number two. seven countries on that list. if you're an immigrant from there at the moment, they're saying no. that's according to the executive order. but there are those, i was speaking to another reporter, who are part of immigrants families who are saying there's another story being told. how are you hearing that right now where you're at is this.
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>> my daughter is 3 and my son is 1. i told her, rose marks ma needs to go to the airport to help people. there's no other way to tell a 3-year-old what's happening. to be honest, i can barely get my head around it myself. i'm from ireland so i'm an immigrant as well. i am a u.s. citizen and this is not the america that i know. people don't travel across the world to live in a country where there is this hatred and discrimination. >> so fiona, as an immigrant to this country, and history goes back centuries to the united states, the context of this sort of situation today in your studies, is there some sort of precedent that you might be able to allude to from what you know in your expertise and your
5:42 pm
studying in academia? >> like an analogy to the current situation? >> yes. >> i can't think of anything like this. it is unprecedented. discrimination based on national origin. there is no cheer justification for it. you can't say it's in the interests of national security. these poor families are arriving and they've been in secondary inspections. they won't call it detention but that's what it is. for six and seven hours. and again we're talking about u.s. citizens, babies, an 18-month-old child. >> fiona mcginty there in chicago. trying on assist these are detained. now a short break. . hmmm. uh... yeah,
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what happened to me, because of those people. >> you're free now. >> thank you. >> what do you think of america? >> america is the greatest nation. the greatest people in the world. >> there heard it. that was hameed jhalid darweesh who was detained. he served the u.s. military for ten years as an interpreter. that was earlier today. now you see 8:47 p.m. eastern,le hours later. the bodies, the folks that are there, the protesters there that would like to, despite the cold, freezing temperatures, are out there and have been there most of the day.
5:47 pm
protesting what happened to hameed jhalid darweesh and another iraqi refugee, was the aclu as well as the national immigration law center filing a lawsuit against president donald trump and the u.s. department of homeland security, among others, saying that what has happened, what has been done is illegal. and now what we are hearing this past hour, those very same groups of lawyers have gone to a courthouse in brooklyn to try to implement a stay nationally for the policy that resulted from the executive order, as we've been telling you across the country in some six or seven airports. i want to go to the host of "all in" with chris hayes. he is at that courthouse where the aclu and other groups are
5:48 pm
trying -- what do you know right now? >> reporter: so i'm here, there are a thousand people near brooklyn. protesting and chanting. they're not letting anyone else in. there's an individual here, a policy analyst from one of the group who's brought the suit from inside the courtroom and has been tweeting. about a minute ago saying the stay has been granted. we don't know if it has. we're going to find out soon enough officially and particularly when folks come out here. there is a huge crowd. they'll go bonkers if the stay has happened. based on, i don't know if, what the right word is. manifest sloppiness and executed the last 12 to 14 hours. it would not surprise me if a judge grants it. there is a get showing of
5:49 pm
irreparable harm when people are being put on to planes to countries they may not be able to return from. the crowd is awaiting word. they press their noses to the glass to see whether the lawyers come out to officially communicate to us whether this executive order, the most controversial act by the new president, is officially stayed by an article 3 federal judge. there's some further word from a judge who is an obama appointee. we're going to wait to see if people come out and definitively what we're getting from tweets inside the courthouse from the national immigration law center. >> what might be the range of the effect of this stay? i know, the they're saying it would have an effect nationally. but there is also what you just mentioned. we don't know what the process that has been in place is. hence we are looking at these
5:50 pm
detentions across the country. >> i think what happened is if it is stayed, it will be indefinitely. folks are literally caught in transit. we should note here -- yeah, yeah, yeah. there is nothing stopping them in the executive order itself. a week after the executive order was signed 20 president which have been would have allowed for all of this to get sorted out through the relevant parts of the federal government before people were literally caught in transit at airports around the world and the united states. there's a strong case to be made that the nature of that, there's grounds on its face for some sort of set stay. and we will find out soon enough. >> stand by, chris. reporting there at the federal brooklyn courthouse. first we have to take a quick break. we'll be right back.
5:51 pm
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we've got breaking news here at msnbc. straight to the courthouse, the federal courthouse in brooklyn, new york. chris hayes, host of "all in" is there for us. [ inaudible ] -- grant, the crowd went crazy, people were cheering super loud, celebrating a movement. inside this building where the judge -- the stay has been granted. i have not talked to a court official although there's at least one lawyer who has been tweeting that the stay has been
5:55 pm
granted. >> chris, we had some difficulty at the top of your report. officially the stay has been granted from what you are hearing. let me be clear. someone announced the stay has been granted. this confirm what the judge inside the hearing room said the same. we see the immigration lawyers who are walking, stay with me here. i see the lawyersful are these the lawyers? some of the folks seem to be coming out of the courtroom right now. they're coming out now. we have no indiaependent confirmation. >> you're saying there's a crowd of about a thousand? the expectation based on those who say they are part of the
5:56 pm
representation to require this stay, have been tweeting that they have a stay confirmed? you're tweeting that there is an announcement made. we are not able here to independently confirm that as of yet. if you're able to speak with those involved, we could get a confirmation from those involved, this primary actors in the story. >> that's right. they're letting in everyone they can. i'm trying to get to someone as soon as i can to definitively confirm what happened. >> and chris, as you're waiting there, review for us what this stay is asking for and what it would mean. >> the stay is asking for essentially that the executive order signed by the president yesterday to be frozen. and pending additional hearings, that they are showing there's irreparable harm going forward. that there is significant legal
5:57 pm
confusion over how it should be implemented. we see folks coming down, the courtroom is beginning to empty out. we see a bunch coming out and they should be able to tell us -- the immigration lawyers are raising their fists in the air. the crowd is responding. seeming to indicate they did get the stay granted. the crowd is going crazy. the lawyers put their fists in the air through the glass as they go through security. they're raising their arms in victory. apparently they just won a stay from the fourth federal district judge of the very, very controversial executive order this president signed. just over 24 hours ago, the crowd preparing to greet them. you can hear them uproar justly
5:58 pm
behind me. it certainly seems from all indications. they were in that room. >> we're also watching live pictures coming out of jfk airport. whether or not they have heard the same news, we did see a bit of uptick of energy there. they're holding up signs, a little jumping as well. and this could be because of these are tweeting, they are talking on their fellow protesters. as we heard earlier. there were scores from jfk airport that had moved from that terminal four location, over to where you're at. joining that crowd of about a thousand. and now with that, with as you were describing so well for us. the fists in the air celebrating what appears to be victory of a 78 they were requesting.
5:59 pm
we're unable to independently confirm that. if that happen, they are able to achieve that burden of proof to request that stay. you described it. can you repeat what those lawyers had to prove or describe? >> people coming out. right now it is spectators. it is not the lawyers. it is a crazy scene. they have their victory signs in the air. people are holding sign that's say no ban, holding up their phones to capture the moment. an incredible scene right now as they emerge victorious. some press members coming out.
6:00 pm
it's been blocked. someone who just came out of courtroom. no one is leaving the country. the case has been briefed. everything is frozen at the moment. in material of those folks at the airport, it is unclear whether they get released or have to stay there. i am not an immigration lawyer. [ inaudible ] there's a real ecstatic air here at the courthouse in brooklyn. in what is the first legal defeat for the new trump administration which has come in like a whirl wind in his first week and he is meeting his first legal defeat in the first eastern district in brooklyn at the courthouse. >> msnbc's chris hayes there. as you can imagine, his location that indication, his connection has been coming and going. and again, he has been speaking with those a are either


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