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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  January 29, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning and welcome to "a.m. joy." just to reset for you, what's happening in the united states of america right now is not normal. and if you're alarmed, you have every reason to be alarmed. the day after donald trump signed an executive order temporarily banning all refugees from the united states and immigrants from seven muslim majority countries, people gathered at airports around the country, dulles, jfk, sea-tac, to demand the release of the immigrants who were detained when the executive order went into effect. according to a department of homeland security official, within the first 23 hours of the executive order, 109 people were denied entry when their flights touched down in the u.s. and 173
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people were not even allowed to board their flights. people entering the united states from iran, iraq, libya, sue an, somalia and yemen were all kept out. those countries have produced exactly zero people who have been linked to deadly terrorist attacks on american soil since 1975, and that's according to the conservative libertarian cato institute. a federal judge issued an emergency temporary order that will allow people with valid visas who arrived to stay at least for now. among more than a dozen people detained at jfk airport was an iraqi interpreter who risked his life to help u.s. soldiers in baghdad and in mosul in 2003. he was held for 19 hours before he was released. so the chaos that we're seeing is no surprise, considering reports that none, none of the key federal agencies, not the department of homeland security, not the department of justice, not the department of state, not
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the defense department and not the national security council, none of them reviewed the executive order before it was finalized and signed. donald trump's chief of staff is disputing those reports this morning saying the dhs knew full well what was going on. meanwhile donald trump signed another executive order on saturday, one that gives this person, steve bannon, a permanent seat at national security council meetings. while demoting the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff so they can only join meetings on topics related to their particular responsibilities. joining me now is democratic senator from maryland, chris van hollen. i want to first get your comment on this elevation of steve bannon, a white nationalist essentially, who ran, elevating him to the national security council and demoting the dni and the joint chiefs of staff. what do you make of that, senator?
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>> this is a very scary development because the national security council team is of course supposed to look after the well-being of the american people, look at national security issues, and to put steve bannon on here, who's been the architect of a lot of the unamerican policies that trump is already executing and to take off of the national security council team key military advisers is a very scary proposition and i worry deeply for the country. >> do you get the sense that bannon is behind these policies? because, you know, as many people have pointed out, when you look at the substance of the policy, it doesn't even have the impact that it pports to have. you've left off countries like saudi arabia, where 15 of the 19 hijackers came from, you left off countries like egypt and pakistan, not that nationals from those countries shouldn't be allowed to come and visit but they're not even on the list and it's left off countries where donald trump does business.
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it's included countries like iraq, where we went to war, created a lot of those refugees and where people who helped us now can't come in. do you get the sense that this is a political strategy that's been put out through the bannon wing of the donald trump administration just to make a political point? >> i think bannon's fingerprints are all over this for the reasons you're talking about. the reality is that saudi arabia is not on this list. of course saudi arabia citizens, residents were the perpetrators of 9/11 and yet they're not here. so i think this is a very calculated political effort. i should say, joy, this has had incredibly bad fallout. i had a 5-year-old american citizen maryland resident who was detained for more than four hours at dulles airport despite the fact that we called in advance to alert authorities that this american citizen was coming. he was coming with his aunt, who was a legal permanent resident who had achieved political
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asylum years ago from iran. yet here these two people legally in the united states, one an american citizen held up for four hours. that is outrageous, it is unamerican. that kind of stuff plays into the hands of isis around the world. >> and so i guess the question then, senator, what is congress going to do about it? what is our article 1 power going to do about it? your colleagues on the other side of the aisle have been conspicuously silent, even those who criticized the idea of a muslim ban during the campaign. what is congress going to do about this? >> first of all, those republican senators and house members have got to speak up to defend american values. they talk a good game. now is when the rubber meets the road. this is when people's rights are being impacted. so they need to rise to the occasion. we're going to have a debate over rex tillerson. the secretary of state nominee. this is going to be an opportunity for people to lay out the case here and ask republican senators to do what
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they say they want to do, which is protect american rights and american values and american security. there will also be potential legislation introduced to try and override this action. but the good newss a federal judge did the right thing, at least on a temporary basis. >> all right, we'll be watching. senator van hollen, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. and it's really sad to see an american president acting more like vladimir putin than previous american presidents. >> indeed it is, sir. thank you very much. we appreciate your time. joining me now is the president of the national iranian american council, sara kensiore, malcolm nance, naveed jamali and tiera hawk. the idea that this policy was put into place without consulting the department of state, even i don't believe the office of legal counsel was asked to weigh in, there's a
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piece by benjamin wites and supports a lot of interrogation policies and others of the previous administration. he wrote this is an example of ma level ens tempered by incompetence. it looked like it was written perhaps by a student and not even well thought out. what do you make of getting around the national security council and also adding bannon to the national security council? >> well, it's no coincidence that about a day and a half before this executive order was signed, the key people who would have to implement this were essentially fired from the state department. the management folks, the folks responsie for visas and consul affairs, the folks responsible to diplomatic security and for actual building operations. so anybody who had enough sense by saying what kind of chaos would erupt without pushing through an executive order without vetting was let go. this is why you end up with the situation we have right now, a completely unforced error. if there was an intention to have a policy that would limit
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terrorism, it should have been thoughtful, it should have been shared and discussed by the experts, not the partisans. this has been the great thing about our country. foreign policy and national security has largely been left to experts and people who have built their lives in service to our country and learned lessons that work on the ground, in the field, not the partisan politicians who are worried about re-election and what the poll numbers will look like. and that's what's most disturbing and horrifying frankly now about the national security council. getting rid of intelligence officials and putting in instead somebody who is very, very partisan. george w. bush did not allow karl rove to be on the national security council and that is an administration that many people on the left had issues with, so this putting bannon in, getting rid of any intelligence officials is unprecedented and not good for our national security. >> malcolm nance, karl rove didn't have a sort of bizarre fettish for creating lennonist
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revolution across europe on a racial and religious basis. let's talk a little bit about who is actually involved in making these decisions, not just bannon. let's listen to what rudy giuliani, who was on fox news yesterday talking about who donald trump did consult with, if not his own national security apparatus. take a listen. >> so when he first announced it, he said muslim ban. he called me up and said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally. and what we did was we focused on instead of religion, danger. the areas of the world that create danger for us, which is a factual basis, not a religious basis. perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that's what the ban is based on. >> malcolm, while you discuss this sort of -- while you respond to that i would love for the producers to put back up the map of the countries giuliani is saying on a factual basis
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dangerous to us and go ahead, malcolm, your response. >> well, he's absolutely wrong that the people from those countries have proven themselves to be dangers to the united states. they are dangerous areas, yes. yemen's central government has collapsed, somalia's central government has collapsed, libya has taken control and essentially eliminated isis. so i'm a little kwutzed as to who he's talking about. most people from those nations who would be flying to the united stes would be green card holders or wealthy people who have been vetted for a long time to get passports, particularly the iraqis. my iraqi translator took a year and a half with his passport in the custody in the united states embassy and he was vetted and he worked for us for almost ten years. so when he says that there are threats and that they had practical realities about which countries they chose, i don't think that's true at all.
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i think they just chose countries that they saw as dangerous because they're completely ignorant about the threats that emanate from there or which jegestate there. >> you were tweeting about some of the real human lives impacted by this and they did not sound like threats to the united states, they sounded like people that want to be here. can you tell us what has happened to real people as a result of this policy? >> there's absolute horror stories. many of these people who have spoken to me and explained what had happened as they walked through this -- walk into the airports and been interrogated for hours and some of them also have been able to come in, that these actually were green card holders, not people on visas. both of the people on visas and green card holders got these things legally. these are people who went through the legal system, got it and suddenly donald trump is revoking the legality of this. and they explained, for
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instance, they were interrogated, they were handcuffed, they were asked to show their twitter feeds, their instagrams, their facebook, what they were showing on social media. they were also asked questions about what they think about donald trump. they walked out of this obviously feeling tremendously terrified. had they given wrong answers and they don't even know what the wrong answers would be, the potentially would not be let into the country again. >> that last piece i found particularly chilling when i read that, people being asked what they think of donald trump as a criterion for whether or not you would be allowed to enter the united states even as a tourist. your thoughts, sarah. >> ike that's very much in line with how bannon has been operating. he recently just said that the media is the opposition and we need to keep our mouths shut. i think we not to go back to
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jewel ya jew giuliani's comments. trump's most extreme advisers are taking over and trying to reframe, you know, executive power, reframe national offices in order to keep these policies intact. trump is actually, you know, i think lessened in his power here. he's basically their celebrity apprentice. so we need to look at people like bannon, how they're manipulating these laws and doing things that are in constitutional violation and we need to continue to speak up against them. i think people have every right to criticize trump on social media and publicly. that has always been an american tradition. that is something that our founders embraced. so regardless what he thinks i think we need to continue to do that. >> and naveed, your thoughts on the move of this political operative who has not gone through senate confirmation, he's not an elected person, steve bannon suddenly having this much power to implement
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this kind of policy. >> i'm sitting here just trying to stay in my happy place and all i can think of is "but her" e-mails. this is the way you run a corporation, not the way you run a government. i have nothing against vetting. i think that is a logic thing to want to secure our country d protect it. that doesn't have to run counter to the sort of core values that are the foundation and core of this country. if you're going to vet, which i totally support, the way to do this is the way that's done now. before people get on a plane and are given a visa, these are people who are checked out. if you see the process for someone to get asylum, it is frankly years in the making. to sort of say that that is not a process that we shouldn't build up or shouldn't staff and yesterday to focus on sort of the political panderings and try to deliver on a campaign promise is exactly the exact opposite of
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how this country should be run. and frankly why you need professionals and not people who have corporate experience. this is not -- he is not the ceo. donald trump is our president, and he has to act as such. he has to be our commander in chief. he cannot look at bannon as the person to make policy. this has got to be done in the interest of the country. frankly, it was a bad executive order, it wasn't communicated back down to the people that are going to implement it. look, you have the ensuing chaos. it was just -- the whole thing is mind boggling. >> poorly written, poorly thought out, poorly thought through and run by someone who is an avowed lenonnist. we'll talk about this more later. thank you all. after the break, how donald trump's refugee ban is hitting close to home, especially for those who serve. gold star father khizr khan joins me next.
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one of the most prominent critics of trump's immigration ban back when it was just a campaign program was khizr khan who rose to the national stage when he delivered this powerful rebuke of then candidate trump at the 2016 democratic national convention. >> let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? i will -- i will gladly lend you my copy. you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >> for mr. khan, trump's attack on muslims and immigrants is acutely personal. his son, u.s. army captain, a
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nabl naturalized american was killed in 2004. mr. khan joins me now. thank you for being here, sir. where do begin. it must not be lost on you, sir, that the first two refugees to be kept out of this country, to be kept out of the united states by trump's executive order are iraqis who helped u.s. troops during the war. that must n be lost on you, sir. i would love to hear your thoughts on this muslim ban. >> joy, i am so saddened for my country, for my nation, for the country and nation for which we have thought. we continue to defend. donald trump and his racist and his islamophobe, to go to the
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arlington cemetery and go to section 60, face all the tombstones there and if they have any shame, any shame they should refrain from this unamerican activity, unamerican banning muslims, patriotic muslims coming to the united states. we are equal citizens. we will remain equal citizens. we defend the values of this country. we defend the constitution of this country and we will remain standing on our side. the majority of this country is on our side. donald trump never got the majority votes of this country, we have the majority vote of this country. we appeal to the majority of the congress, majority of the congress is never permanent. it is only temporary. this is the time for republicans to stand up for the values
7:23 am
otherwise like donald trump they will be part of this dark chapter that he's trying to write that he has surrounded himself with unpatriotic americans. >> and you talk with his coatery. they include michael flynn, whose son, despite the fact that donald trump is trying to claim this is not a muslim ban, yesterday mel flynn jr. ss making america great again and he hash tags it muslim ban and he tagged his father in this tweet as well as donald trump. you also have kellyanne conway saying get used to it. potus is a man of action and impact. promises made, promises kept. shock to the system. and he's just getting started. that last line is chilling, what do you have to say to that group of trump advisers. >> they are operating my country, they are running this government by anecdotes, by
7:24 am
alternate facts. what is that? is that how -- this is what they have, this is how they are going to be dealing with the dignity of this country, dignity of this nation. this country, this nation still remains beacon of hope and we will stand in their way now and forever to not let them violate the basic foundations, the basic values of this country. majority of this country is on our side and these protests are a reflection of that. they should get used to it and they should begin to understand what true america is, the true values of this country. we remain standing and we shall prevail. >> sir, i think many people, many americans were heartened to see the protests and people standing up for their muslim neighbors, friends, brothers, sisters, family members, but you also had a darker side of what happened yesterday.
7:25 am
you had a mosque in texas that was destroyed by fire, cause still unknown. are you worried, sir, that muslim citizens will be in greater danger because there are still people out there who like this policy, who are in favor of what trump is doing and who may use it as an excuse to exercise their islamophobia in ways that can get people hurt or killed? >> there have been over 2500 incidents, this ugliness of harassment of muslims in this country reported by the media. i must mention a letter. we have received thousands of letters of support. i must mention it, that a letter that came, a 26-page long letter written by a second world war retired nurse. she says to us, mr. and mrs. an, please remain standing. the only difference between the rhetoric of donald trump and the
7:26 am
rhetoric of second world war prior to second world war is that no one spoke at that time. today we want to encourage you to continue to speak so that past is not repeated. so that past of second world war is not repeated. it is that, that concerns us, that since donald trump has taken office, since his winning the election, the islamphobe, the attacks of muslims, muslims places of worship had increased many fold and he wanted to unite us, he wanted to be the president of a united states, yet he continues to create divisions, he continues and his supporters continue to harass other faiths and religions. but what is heartening is that other faiths remain standing with muslims throughout this country. wherever i have traveled, the members of other faiths, christian faith, jewish faith,
7:27 am
buddhist faith, they all remain standing with us. this is an ugly chapter. this is an ugly beginning but we will fix it. we will make it go in the right direction. >> yes, sir. well, gold star father khizr khan, you certainly didn't set out to be an activist. you came to it in the worst possible way. we are grateful for your voice. please give our best to your lovely wife and all the best to you and your family. >> thank you. thousands are expected to join in protest against donald trump's refugee and muslim ban but the fallout is global. we will show you that next. this is the silverado special edition.
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reaction to donald trump's muslim ban is pouring in from around the world. joining me now from paris is msnbc contributor and daily beast world news editor christopher dickey.
7:31 am
start with giving us a round robin of the reaction around europe to what the united states has done. >> reporter: well, not to put too fine a point on it people here generally and especially in european governments think trump has lost his mind and the united states government is rapidly moving out of any kind of control, any kind of stability that's been known in the past. i think people are really genuinely worried. the people who are really enthusiastic about this are the hard liners in iran, the leaders of the so-called islamic state, they think this is just great because they see america as an idea being undermined hugely by trump's policies and they also see the basic chaos in the way the country is running as he tries to act like an autocrat in what has traditionally been a genuine democracy. i think that's the general reaction. obviously there are specific things.
7:32 am
angela merkel, for instance, theresa may in britain, they are very interested in seeing that nato continues to get support against the russians if the russians continue to be aggressive. trump keeps talking about making nice with the russians. but george w. bush -- remember when george w. bush looked into putin's heart, saw a man he could deal with. you remember the reset button with hillary clinton and that only lasts until putin decides he needs to bite off another piece of another country and then sometimes, guess what, the west strikes back. whether it will do that with donald trump at the helm is very unclear. and who would be advising him? now he's not going to have the director of national intelligence or the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff sitting at the table, he's going to have steve bannon, the former editor of breitbart instead. so i think people are looking at this in europe and saying let's get out of here. >> and just to go through some of the reactions, you mentioned iran, the ministry of foreign
7:33 am
affairs said the decision of the government of the united states to impose restrictions on the travel of muslims to the united states is a clear insult to the islamic world. you mentioned germany, a spokesman for angela america especially said merkel is convinced even the necessary resolute fight against terrorism doesn't justify putting people of a particular origin or particular faith under general suspicion. justin trudeau put a tweet out canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength. welcome to canada. asserting himself as the new leader of democracy and pluralism in the west. i want to talk really quickly about great britain. you now have a petition asking for the state visit by donald trump to be cancelled. there's been some criticism that thro theresa may took a really long time to come out and oppose this. and even boris johnson, who was sympathetic to brexit has come out and criticized what donald trump is doing. what is this doing to the politics within great britain and the special relationship?
7:34 am
>> reporter: well, i think it puts it in danger. i think it makes people extremely uncomfortable with the special relationship, if that relationship depends on ties to donald trump. you know, there's going to be a lot of blowback here in europe, in britain, also here in france as a result of trump's policies. if we had talked a month akwgo, would have said the right wing leader lepin had a pretty good chance of winning a presidency. now i think she's going to be hurt by her relationship with trump and the kinds of things he's doing. people don't want this kind of leadership. and remember, joy, in europe they have historical memories. they remember what fascism was like. in the united states we've been spared that up until now. >> the bannon theory is that trumpism and brexitism will sweep across europe in this glorious sort of lenonist
7:35 am
revolution but you're saying the opposite might happen? >> reporter: well, that's right. i think you have to understand also what that trend represents. it's a trent against cosmopolitani cosmopolitanism, basically a trend against cities. most people live in cities in the united states, in europe. the voters who cast their ballots for marin lepin, for brexit, for donald trump, they're not the people who are part of those cities, those cosmopolitan cultures where people mix and get along together. that is the real problem. that's the divide we need to watch. >> we really appreciate you being here, christopher dickey, thank you very much, sir. appreciate you. coming up, what donald trump's executive order means in legal terms. that's next. i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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i'm very thankful and i'm very happy. really, i forget what i face, what will happen to me because of those people. >> you're free now. >> hameed, what do you think of america? >> america is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. >> welcome back to "a.m. joy." we are continuing our breaking coverage of donald trump's executive order barring refugees and immigrants from several muslim countries. you just saw a detainee speaking up in favor of america. this immigration ban also swept up u.s. green card holders. federal courts are already weighing in. joining me are attorney and raul reyes, maria rosa and mallm nance and javeed are back with me.
7:40 am
raul, you are an immigration lawyer. green card holders were swept up in this ban. department of homeland security official has said that people holding green cards making them legal permanent u.s. residents were included in this executive order, even though there was confusion about that in the beginning. >> first of all, it might surprise people to know this. this has actually happened before under previous administrations, people who held green cards were sometimes detrained at airports. so it's -- however, it has never been done in such a blatant manner, in such an arbitrary manner and in a manner with so much confusion surrounding it. all the guidelines -- i'm telling you, even people who have been in immigration law for a long time are calling each other saying what exactly is happening, what are the guidelines. people need to remember because not everyone understands what a green card means. if you're a green card holder, h lprs, lawful permanent resident, you are subject to and protected by all the laws of the united
7:41 am
states, from the constitution all the way down to the loss of your local jurisdiction as long as you don't engage in criminal activity, that's good for life. and yet people at airports are being detained on an ad hoc basis. we don't know if they're being released to their families or possibly they're allowed to stay and placed in detention. that is a big question mark. >> we do know at least seven detainees held at los angeles airport at least they either hold green cards or u.s. visas are being detained at l.a.x. that was on saturday night as a result of this order. people were scrambling to fight this release. there is a judge that has intervened somehow but it isn't clear how people are being held or where. maria. >> joy, it is really fascinating frankly to watch immigrants. the only difference between you and them is that we were born outside of the united states is the only difference. >> yep. >> it's fascinating to watch how
7:42 am
immigrants, those being people not born in this country have now become front and center, not only in terms of what the trump administration is doing in terms of targeting but in terms of the political movement. as raul said, and i've been saying and reporting for a decade, if you think you have a green card and you're safe in the united states of america, you are not. you are not safe. i'm sorry to disagree with you, but i love disagreeing with you. >> no, i'm speaking in principle. >> by law it says it is forever, it's not forever. so green card holders with businesses who have lived here for years, with families who thought i'm good have been being detained for years under the obama administration, thousands for years. now it is front and center. >> let me clarify for you -- >> it is important for americans to understand that this is impacting you. it is not just about them. they are living it as we say but this is about the rest of the
7:43 am
country and how we feel about this. finally it's front and center. >> and when you're saying that, you're talking about immigrants but not based on religion because what's different here is you're having immigrants based on religion. >> before it was based on race and everything else. >> skin color. >> so now it's very specific and that is why people are responding. but the general context, which is important, you guys, because it's been going on for a while. it's how we got to this point. it's important to understand that. that's why seeing people out on the streets saying i understand now is a game-changer and that has happened thanks to the trump administration. >> and those are the two big problems with this executive order, aside from the hastiness that it was enacted. >> sloppiness really. >> exactly, sloppiness. one, it violates the immigration and natural act in 1965 because it's discriminating based on country of origin but it's a blatant violation of the constitution because it's giving
7:44 am
favor based on religion. it's giving preference to christian refugees in muslim majority countries. donald trump wants to give preference to christian refugees. >> let's talk about that and based on some of the people in his administration. mike pence used to believe that doing this was wrong, right? back in december of 2015 he said calls to ban muslims are offensive and unconstitutional. one paul ryan, speaker of the house, who's been conspicuously silent on this back in july of 2016 said a religious test of entering our country is not reflective of america's fundamental values, i reject it. where are the republicans? >> it's a great question. it's important to understand when that executive order came out, obviously it didn't clarify specific names of people to detain at the airport so how do we get there? that's a very important distinction. when it comes to how this stuff is managed, you have an executive order. it goes down, there's three levels. one is the most obvious, which is the tsa. everyone seize that, take your
7:45 am
shoes off. the other two are completely -- the more extreme one is the terror watch list. in the middle is dhs and they're going to look at the rolls of people coming in on flights at any given time and they're going to stop those. there's nothing that says on a passenger this person is muslim. so instead you have to make a determination -- >> based on their name. >> how to interpret that. that is the challenge and what you're seeing here. exactly right. >> i have to show this ivanka trump picture while we're talking because i think it is pretty stunning that this was the choice of the daughter of the president of the united states to put up while the country was literally erupting in protest all over the country. >> and the band in the back. >> absolutely. malcolm, we've compared the trump administration to third world autocracies before. that's one of the other ways that the first family fiddling while the country burns. but can you just very quickly get us up to speed. you mentioned about bannon's
7:46 am
ideology. i don't think we got a chance to flesh that out and how that relates to what is happening here. >> steve bannon, who's the leader of the alt-right, he runs the media arm which is the white supremacist neo nazi arm of the conservative movement, he is a believer in what's called duganism. there's a guy, alexander dugan, he's got a twitter feed and he is a russian who is the rasputen of the anti-democratic movement in eastern europe that hates the liberal elite. that's their top enemy and created the phrase "drain the swamp." dugan has this image of euroasianism. i believe steve bannon is setting the strategy for the white house. and on the national security council, he's just going to make sure that all aspects of national security power work in
7:47 am
alignment with the political power and the strategy that he's laying out for donald trump. >> yeah. and he has set aside again for those who are watching the joint chiefs of staff, the director of the cia and the director of national intelligence. he has set them aside and supplanted them on the national security council. take that in, america, that is who is running or heavily directing national security policy of the united states. we'll bring maria back later. thanks to raul. thank you, guys. coming up, the travel ban is drawing some uncomfortable comparisons like the ones you just heard for donald trump.
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on saturday, israeli prime
7:54 am
minister benjamin netanyahu backed trump's plan to build a wall tweeting president trump is right to build a wall against israel's southern border. it stopped all illegal immigration. great success. great idea. he's referring to a razor wire fence that was built on the israel/egypt border. joining me now is jeremy and zara of the council on american islamic relations. thank you both for being here. jeremy, the tweet -- or mexico actually has had some thoughts for prime minister netanyahu rebuked them by reuters saturday. this is what the mexican foreign ministry said. it said the mexican foreign ministry expressed to the government of israel its profound astonishment, rejection and disappointment over prime minister netanyahu's message on twitter. mexico is a friend of israel and should know tweeted as such by its prime minister.
7:55 am
what is going on in terms of the politics in israel from your point of view as to why netanyahu would support something that was issued on holocaust remembrance day. and by the way, the proclamation by the president on holocaust proclamation day did not include a mention of the jews killed in the holocaust so that was interesting. your thoughts. >> we're seeing a really troubling development in politics, which is the far right of american politics is aligning with the far right of israeli politics almost on a no questions asked basis. it almost doesn't matter what one side is doing, the right wing here will back the right wing there and vice versa. that is not good as a pro-israel advocate, somebody who cares deeply about israel's future. it is not healthy for the u.s.-israel relationship for it to become and it has become a political, partisan football. primarily that's happened at the
7:56 am
instigation of prime minister netanyahu, his ambassador a hers who have forged this allice to the detriment of both american and israeli interests. >> i'm read just a little bit of the statement that jay street did put out on friday. the fact that president trump's order appears designated to specifically limit the entry of muslims evoex horrible memories among american jews of the shameful period leading up to world war ii when the u.s. failed to provide a safe haven for the vast majority of jews in turnpike trying to escape nazi persecution, most ultimately perished in the holocaust. that episode remains a blot on the conscience of the united states. there is something called the st. louis manifest which was created, a twitter account that was incredibly powerful and it has been putting up the names, the faces, the pictures of young people, of people who were killed after we denied them entry into the united states. zara, this is something we have
7:57 am
seen happen around the world, the persecution of people based on their religion. obviously it happened during the holocaust to european jews. what do you make of the reaction around the united states to what is clearly persecution of muslims just for trying to visit their families in the united states? >> i have found hope in just how insensed my fellow americans are that our president is attempting to full fim his campaign promises. the hundreds of thousands of people that showed up to the women's marches and hundreds of thousands showing up to airport protests across the country remind us that donald trump did not win a majority vote in the country. and what he is putting forward is not representative of what we pro tess to be our american values. >> you know, jeremy, i think for a lot of us who look at the far right taking hold really across the globe, how can progressive israelis, progressive americans,
7:58 am
how can we come together and sort of fight this? i really am sort of at a loss. >> well, i think it really starts with the shared values that we have. zara and i may not agree on some other policy issues, but i think that she and i and our communities understand what it means to be oppressed, understand what it means to be at the receiving end of this kind of treatment. i was at dulles airport last night very proudly being there because my mother was a refugee from vienna in 1938. my father worked to get folks out of europe and couldn't bring them to the united states. the doors were barred and people died because of that. >> zara, last word to you on this. how can people help the muslim community in the u.s. at best? what do you want people to do? >> i would offer three things. one, there are ongoing protests at the airports. show up to one sunday, monday. just being there is a show of solidarity. reach out to members of the muslim community to express your support. those words of friendship mean a
7:59 am
lot right now. and connect with a muslim organization doing this work. whether it's cair, adc, the muslim public affairs council, the list is long. >> we stand with you. i think most americans are horrified with what we're seeing. we appreciate you coming, thank you, both. stick around, a big day of protests is planned around the country. congresswoman jan schakowsky plans to march today in illinois. choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar.
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8:02 am
109 people were detained for further questioning, most of those people were moved out. we've got a couple dozen more that remain and i would suspect as long as they're not awful people that they will move through before another half a day today and perhaps some of these people should be detained further. and if they're folks that shouldn't be in this country, they're going to be detained. and so apologize for nothing here. >> wow, welcome back to "a.m. joy."
8:03 am
donald trump's chief, reince priebus, is saying the executive order donald trump signed friday resulting the detention of hundreds of immigrants to the united states, including some green card holders, meaning legal residents, is working just as it was supposed to work and there is nothing to apologize for. congresswoman, let me get you to respond to a further quote from reince priebus. this is what he also said to our own chuck todd on "meet the press" and this was about the countries that were not included in this executive order, #saudi arabia. take a listen. >> why was saudi arabia, afghanistan and pakistan and egypt not included on this list if you are so concerned about this issue? >> we are concerned about the issue, chuck, and that's why we put the seven countries initially into the executive order that were identified previously by congress, by both the house and the senate and the obama administration as being the seven most watched countries in regard to harboring
8:04 am
terrorists. but you bring up a good point. perhaps other countries needed to be added to an executive order going forward. >> congresswoman, reince priebus is blaming congress for this configuration. what do you make of that? >> well, first of all, iraq has troops, american troops on the ground. i am very worried about them right now that they will be in danger. it's bad enough that donald trump said he might want to take their oil, but now saying that they will not be admitted to the country. who -- what iraqi would say i want to work with the american forces to make sure that we are free of terrorists. why would anybody be an interpreter for the united states forces in iraq? we know that some of those people have been actually held and not let into the country or at least detained for a while. these are people who are allies of the united states. the united states congress, many of us, are absolutely appalled.
8:05 am
you know, joy, i was frantically trying yesterday, three of my constituents, people who live in my district, are professors at a junior college. the woman is a citizen, their 6-month-old baby is certainly a citizen and her husband is a green card holder and they were detained for hours at the airport. what is going on here? >> and congresswoman, meanwhile we're told that none of the key agencies that would normally be part of the national security council were consulted before this order was put out. the department of homeland security was not consulted, the department of justice, the department of state, the department of defense, reviewed this executive order before it waput together. it's been called sloppy. and you have steve bannon, an unelected advisor to the president now on the national security council. is congress going to do something about this? can congress do anything about it? >> well, i would be really surprised if we did.
8:06 am
i think republicans and democrats are very concerned. general petraeus in may of last year was saying that islamo phobia only aids the terrorists. i am sure if they had consulted with the people who really know what's going on in the world that they would have seen that this executive order is really dangerous. and you know, we're not out of the woods even with the stay that was ordered, with the injunction. who knows, some of these people, they may come back to them and actually try and get them out of the country. so in my district there is going to be a march today from a mosque. i have a very diverse district. we're going to have a meeting with the syrian and the iraqi community talking to people who live here about their rights at a high school that's in a community that includes those people. there is so much fear. this is week one and the chaos
8:07 am
and the fear that has been created in the hearts of people that are muslims and also mexicans is just incredible. >> yeah. thank you very much, congresswoman jan schakowsky. we'll watch to see if congress does assert its article 1 powers. thank you, ma'am. appreciate you being here. opposition is flaring up to trump's immigration order including this from hillary clinton. she tweeted i stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values and our constitution. this is not who we are. joining me now from "the washington post" is dana milbank, carole simpson, frankie adozien and linda sarsour. thank you all for being here. it's been a banner day, shall we say. let's take a look at one other tha thing that reince priebus had to say this morning on "meet the press" with chuck todd. and this is confusion about
8:08 am
whether green card holders are being affected by this order. take a listen. >> by having to put in an extra hurdle for a green card holder to get back into the country, how are you confident that doesn't violate their rights and doesn't end up making this order unconstitutional. >> first of all, the order is not affecting green card holders moving forward. that's number one. >> i'm confused by that. you keep saying going forward. you just said it did. >> if you would just slow down for a second lachi could answerr question. >> i understand that but you've twice confused me. >> so, linda, they are confused. the order was thrown together. it was not done with the advisement of the national security establishment. and steve bannon, who ran a website that called itself the home of the white nationalist alt-right is apparently driving this train. give me your response to all of this, please. >> fascism is here. it's not something we're
8:09 am
fighting to prevent, it's already here. i'm so outraged of the stories of syrian mothers that are at airports around the country that have to explain to their children telling them we're going back. we are trying to ban the very people who are escaping the very terrorism we claim to be fighting against and this is absolutely outrageous. i don't want it to happen on my watch and people across the country are rising up at airports everywhere, decentralized, organizing. this administration is creating absolute chaos and fear in the hearts of people and also creating hostility in the middle east against the united states as if we need more of that. iran is banning u.s. citizens from traveling to iran. and other countries could take suit. if that happens and we're saying we're trying to create a new relationship with that part of the world, like the hostility we're creating that's what's aiding the terrorists. all americans regardless of political ideology need to be outraged. >> this is the kind of person who's being band. this is a 75, 75-year-old
8:10 am
iranian grandma, okay. somebody's grandma at l.a.x. talking to reporters after she was detained. take a listen. >> she has a green card. she's had a green card since 1997. >> since 1997? >> yeah. so it's not new. >> and you made that sign? >> yeah, this is my sign. we want grandma. >> if you could say something now to the people in america, what would you say? >> i love you. >> carole simpson, we are protecting the united states from 75-year-old grandmas who love america. >> and i'm a 75-year-old grandma who loves america. joy, i'm not even sure i can speak because i have been so upset today. my eyes are right on the brink of tears. i'm like those other people who said give me my country back.
8:11 am
and that's what i'm asking now, give me my country back because what we're seeing is so alien to what our country has represented before. do the american people realize that this country was founded by the pilgrims because they wanted religious freedom? and now we're going to keep people of certain religions out? it just -- it makes me crazy. >> let's play donald trump really quickly, because he's trying to deny the obvious. he picks, you know, a little more than half a dozen muslim majority countries and then tries to say this about whether or not is executive order is a muslim ban. take a listen. >> is it a muslim ban? >> no, it's not a muslim ban but it's working out very nicely. you see it all over, it's working out nicely and we're going to have a very, very strict ban and we're going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many ye >> so, frankie, it's working out nicely. it's going quite quewell at the
8:12 am
airport. a lot of the times what happens is when we start talking about issues of muslims in the united states, we only think about it of people in a specific part of the world. when there are muslims in my mother's country, you have people from parts of asia who are muslims, you have people from the african continent and one of those countries is included in this ban. so the face of this is the face that we have here at this table, it is a multi racial, multi ethnic face. this is not just one part of the world being impacted. >> yesterday at jkf airport there were two kenyans -- kenya is not even on the list. they had muslim names and they were detained for hours. what's really, really troubling about this executive order is just a week before donald trump took office, the united states told the world we were lifting sanctions against sudan. after 20 years sudan has been helping us fight isis. this is the reward that african
8:13 am
countries saying to the state department you want us to help fight isis? you will do so. you get hit that not only your citizens cannot come in but we have this american going to flood sue dwan new business opportunities. what is going to happen when they get there? >> dana, you wrote a column, very scathing. you implied that madness may be at work here. >> yes, in many of these cases. i pointed out that donald trump can even give his inaugural address and then proclaim afterwards that the sun was shining brightly, but i was there and we have the weath records to prove otherwise. and i think it does indicate that he will say and believe whatever the last word to come out of his mouth was. now, i think this case is somewhat different because anybody who listened to him during the campaign knows that he said there was going to be a muslim ban. they can say now it's not a muslim ban, but the son of president trump's national security advisor says it's a muslim ban and of course that's
8:14 am
exactly what's occurring here. so i think this is a case of him doing exactly what he said he was going to do. perhaps doing it even to a greater extent and certainly to a greater extent than people actually believed. but we had plenty of warning that this was going to happen. here it is happening and the whole world seems to be turning against the united states for this. and you see an administration that's even flirting with are we actually going to follow the court order or not. they could have done this in a way that passed constitutional muster and was done without inflaming the world. they chose not to. they chose to make a maximally disruptive statement. you say is a banner day, i think it is a steve bannon day. >> how do you have a muslim ban that is constitutional? how do you do that in a way that works? this is so terrible on so many levels that i don't think that there's any way you could have a muslim ban that actually works. >> at what point do we begin to
8:15 am
look almost like a rogue nation. the rest of the world is horrified by us. christopher dickey said earlier we're looked at as being the rogue. >> we're supposed to be the world power, superpower, the greatest nation in the world. people look to us as an example of how we treat our citizens. they look to us for guidance and look what we're doing. this is absolutely outrageous. i'm proud to be an american as i watch people rising up in the streets and saying not on my watch. but the way we look at the rest of the world, i'm ashamed. i'm ashamed of what we're doing to immigrants. we were be upholding these values. >> dana and linda, we'll be back. thank you all. meanwhile donald trump has signed the order, but what about the law? what rights to immigrants have? we'll break that down, next. rged companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink.
8:16 am
we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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8:19 am
and is it a muslim ban? >> it's not a muslim ban but we are totally prepared. it's working out very nicely. you see it at the airports, you see it all over. it's working out very nicely and we're going to have a very, very strict ban and we're going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years. >> joining me now, omar, director of the aclu's immigrants rights project and vince warren. gentlemen, is it a muslim ban? >> it is a muslim ban. he told us he was going to give us a muz lslim ban and that's w he did. it's not only a muslim ban, it's a muslim ban with a little loophole for christians. he planned to do something special for christians suffering persecution and by extension not do anything else for others who were. >> so then is it constitutional? >> it is not constitutional. >> okay. >> it's severely problematic, particularly with this christian exception. you cannot make an argument saying that we're going to
8:20 am
restrict people coming from these particular countries but give preference to one religious group within those countries. e's a prohibition on that pe of discrimination here in the united states. even though it's challenging with respect to immigration and coming into the country where the government does have a lot of authority, they don't have the authority and don't have the permission of the constitution to be able to restrict based on religious categories. >> and can the trump administration get around this by saying we didn't ban people from every majority muslim country. as a result, we left off quite large ones, saudi arabia, egypt, some big countries. do they get around the constitutional prohibition by not having every muslim country included. >> the fact that you don't discriminate perfectly doesn't make it okay to discriminate. you look at the percentages of muslims in this country and the countries on this seven banned country list and it's like 90, 97, 99%. and the whole backdrop of what
8:21 am
he said he was going to do. he said -- you know, and there's -- trump himself, i think there's something recent from rudy giuliani basically explaining they wanted to implement a muslim ban, they wanted to find a way to make it look like maybe they could defend it in court by calling it something else. you know, the truth is that i don't think that's going to fly. >> the incompetence of it doesn't mitigate the horror for people who are suffering through it, including green card holders. how on earth could department of homeland security enforce an order that sweeps up people with legal green cards? >> this is sloppy and it is messy and the other pieces that -- just because you're not doing something perfectly and in a clean way doesn't mean it's okay, even if you decide to walk it back a little bit. it's largely unenforceable and certainly not right. we have people here. in fact there were people coming to the united states that were caught on the planes that have visas, that ve legal permanent residencies. the thing they don't tell you is when they take you off the plane
8:22 am
and they're interrogating you, they move you in handcuffs. these people are being handcuffed as they're coming into the country having been granted permission by the u.s. previously to come into the country. they're handcuffed. the lawyers that are there are not getting access to the clients -- to the people that are in detention. the department of homeland security has a huge, huge problem. and the thing that they cannot do and should not do is to take people who they have already granted access to, treat them like common criminals and pretend there is chaos in the world. it's discrimination, plain and simple. >> omar, they're also being asked -- they're having their social media looked at, having to give up their social media accounts and have them reviewed. they're being asked what they think of donald trump. >> right. >> have you ever heard of anything like that, at least in the united states? >> there is actually some history of ideological exclusion in the united states, but this kind of crude and inappropriate questioning i think is deeply
8:23 am
disturbing. i wanted to just add something on the lawful permanent residents and i think it's revealing. is that the order itself, you could read it to apply to returning green card holders or not. they in implementing it said, yes, we're going to apply it to that grandma who's coming home after a short trip, to people who have lived here in this country for decades and have had short trips abroad. they didn't have to make that decision. they didn't have to make it worse. what it reveals about the decision is that they're trying to use it to ban muslims from the united states because there's absolutely no security reason why you would do that. >> and here is where you're going to see the hypocrisy of it. you have mo farra who is the british citizen but holds dual citizenry with sudan and you have a player on the los angeles lakers with duel nationality. what happens if they detain the laker? >> what happens if they detain
8:24 am
the laker is that the whole house of cards comes tumbling down because our values in the united states don't allow us to start detaining people here in the united states that we've already granted permission to be here. we know that they are productive citizens. no one wants to see that happening. if that happens for someone of that profile, everybody is going to realize that this is a huge problem. that we're just not going to allow in this country. the last thing i wanted to say is people have to remember there is a lot that we can do. there are more than three branches of government. there's the president and the legislature. there's the fourth branch, which is the people. and the people have been at the airports, they have been marching, all sorts of folks have been saying this is not something that we want to happen in this country. just because president trump is having an ego trip doesn't mean that we need to sit back and watch it happen. >> because his very own rasputen is giving him advice, steve bannon. thank you both for being here.
8:25 am
we'll have to have you back. we'll be back. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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welcome back to "a.m. joy." we continue to follow the reaction to donald trump's executive orders on refugees and immigrants to the united states. more protests are planned today at airports across the country. late last night a federal judge in new york issued an order blocking deportations. when we come back, we'll take a closer look at how democrats should be responding to the president's actions. runs on intel? that ride share? you actually rode here on the cloud. did not feel like a cloud... that driverless car? i have seen it all. intel's driving...the future! traffic lights, street lamps. business runs on the cloud... and the cloud runs on intel. ♪ i wonder what the other 2% runs on...(car horn)
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this is a muslim ban. rudy giuliani, who helped him write it, said they started out with the intention of a muslim ban an then they sort of languaged it up to try to avoid that label, but it is a religiously based ban. >> congressman keith ellison, the first muslim member of congress, is one of the candidates vying to be the next chairman of the democratic
8:32 am
national committee. i'm joined by jimmo green and back linda sarsour and jamal simmons and jessica byrd. jamal, i'm coming to you first for a couple of questions. you've had -- obviously keith ellison had to respond as the first muslim member of congress but also a democrat. let me give you a few of the other responses democrats have done. hillary clinton tweeted i stand with the people gathered across the country tonight but she's not a candidate for dnc but is of course a democrat for defending our constitution. here's elizabeth warren also responding to the ban. take a listen to elizabeth warren. >> there was a court challenge against what donald trump has done. it is illegal, it is unconstitutional, and it will be overturned. what he has done chips away at the very foundation of our democracy and people will be hurt in this. >> you've also had terry
8:33 am
mcauliffe say this is bad for the united states of america, he's concerned about the national security implications. are democrats being strong enough in your view? >> look, i think it's great that you have these politicians making these statements and saying we sre the se values as the protesters that are o there and the passion that they are bringing to this. but as a candidate for dnc chair i think there's a role everyone has to play here. absolutely the aclu did that. what the democrats need to do, we need to be there at those airports with food, with voting registration forms, with information about how you can take that energy and run for office. when i got to jfk last night, i met these two women, one of them a doctor, who was thinking about maybe i should run for office. i connected her to vote, run, lead. i gave her resources for this is how you start down that path. i think too often it's about the photo op.
8:34 am
so, yes, hillary clinton tweet because people are yearning for your voice and, yes, get our elected officials out there in front of the camera. but as a party, we need to do the job of organizing and tapping into that energy that we're seeing all over this country and showing democrats are there with you. >> i cannot say this enough, i don't know about you but whatever fevered dream or nightmare we had about what a donald trump presidency could be like, this is faster, more intense than i think anyone anticipated and it's also clear that republicans are not going to stop him. they are not going to say anything. they are not going to stand up to him. really the only hope now is divided government. are democrats prepared to take back any branch. united states government to at least provide a check and balance on donald trump? >> i don't think we're prepared at this moment. i think there are some real tough questions that we need to answer as a party and some really specific changes that we need to make. and certainly this leadership race is the opportunity to do
8:35 am
that. i'm a little concerned that we're still a little bit too much into our comfort zone and our state party leaders and our activists on the ground, they're used to business as usual. this is an unconventional, unprecedented time, and we have got to rise to this moment. and so that's what i'm looking for the party to say. what can we do differently, not just business as usual, this is not about politics, this is about organizing and reconnecting, re-engaging with communities that just don't respect us. >> and you came from rock the vote, specialized in activating younger people, younger voters and getting them engaged. this feels like black lives matter, like occupy sort of set the stage for activism to do it now. is there a way to transfer that energy into actual politics and to get those young voters, those young activists who are in the streets into the voting booth or running for office? >> absolutely. and it starts with being
8:36 am
authentic. it starts with actually communicating in ways that i think the party does not understand. we can't only communicate through our elected officials. that is old school. we can't only communicate about an election season or what the candidate is that we want them to be supporting, we have to be talking about these issues on the ground so they see us, that we are visible and not look at this as photo ops, not look at this as just pushing the policy aspect of it. if they see that we're delivering something, even if it's just pizza and granola bars, the folks who were out there last night, i went to a store and was just like i'm a democrat. i'm going to try to feed you. we have got to feed the soul of all of the people who are out there energized and this moment we may not get this moment again because people are now finding other ways of taking daily actions after the march. if we are not one of those actions, we may lose them. >> jamal, did the democrats err
8:37 am
in waiting so long? democrats are leaderless right now. is it a mistake to wait until march to have a leader of the party in place? >> well, goff you've got to run through the process. i don't want to see democrats make a bunch of choices super fast and find out we made bad decisions and not being able to undo them. so take a little bit of time in the beginning. listen, donald trump is going to be president for four years. he has shown that he is up to no good and it's going to happen for a long time. there's going to be a bunch of opportunities for us to fight this fight with him. i am particularly uned by the fact that we had a hope crowd that got elected when barack obama came in and it's turning into a hate mob that's in the white house right now. what they are doing is really undermining everything that the majority of people in this country believe in. what we have now is a minority government acres minority part of the country taking over in a hostile fashion the entire united states government. >> jessica, what should people who are in that majority to? right now there is no head of
8:38 am
the democratic party, barack obama has gone back to his private life. some advice from you, please. >> well, look, the people's movement in the street is really a way to shine the light on the leaders who deserve our votes. from what i can tell from being at protests and from watching people get organized is that we're really watching who is voting for trump nominees, we're watching who is at the airport right now. at jehmu said, we're watching who's bringing us granola bars. i've had the honor of leading the democracy in color campaign which is a call to action for the democratic party to hire culturally competent leaders and engage voters of color in a meaningful way. now is a time to turn to our democratic base, engamige us in this conversation and to say that we are about winning and creating an inclusive party as we move towards 2018. >> linda, the muslim community is a tiny voting bloc. we're not talking about 20% of the united states, it's less than 1%, i believe, of the country.
8:39 am
is there enough power in not only the muslim community but in the muslim community and its allies, as we now see that are numerous, to force the democrats to fight in the way that you would want them to fight. >> we already won the majority vote during this election and people keep telling that. i'm telling the democratic party as someone who considers herself to be a lower case d that in order to win back people like me because i'm very disgruntled with the democratic party, put up a black woman as the dnc chair, put up a black muslim as the dnc chair. this is the kind of leadership of diversity we need in this country. for democrats, we are watching and taking names, watching the appointments. i was just the national culture for the women's march on washington which you will hear much more of us in the coming weeks. we found millions of people that went into the streets and we are committed to organizing those people to the polls. people are fired up. people understand that we made a huge mistake and those that stayed home understand the gravity of what happened for staying home during this election. we're ready to organize and mobilize and will go to the polls. so 2018 i'm going to survive
8:40 am
e nextwo years. it's about survival mode. how do we survive until 2018. then we're going to tea party them like they tea partied us. >> put a black woman at the head of the dnc, why? >> every party has to have a base to build from and a base to land when you fall on. and that is women of color for the party. i think there has been an overcompensation and just black women, women of color in general have not been a part of the conversation when it comes to assessing the 2016 races, and that is piss poor pathetic. we cannot turn our back on or silence the base, the bedrock of who we are as a party. so of course as the only black woman in the race, only woman of color, i would say that. but also this isn't about one person at the head of the party because the millenial generation doesn't operate like that. they're not looking for one person to look to and i don't think that the other candidates in this race understand that. we need to have a coalition of
8:41 am
leadership. we need to have an army of messengers and democratize our own party and our leadership. >> jessica, is there a strong case now to be made that there should be a woman of color or a muslim or somebody who is not a white male at the head of the dnc? >> absolutely. you know, the explosive population growth of the last 50 years has shown us that democrats can win if we turn to our base. our base is made up of people of color and the very people who the trump administration is fighting. what a way to show what we are ready for in 2018 and in 2020 when we fight again for the white house by hiring a culturally competent leader at the top of the dnc and actually at all of our democratic committees who can specifically speak to our families and demonstrate that we deserve our rightful place at the table. >> jamal and linda will be back. jehmu greene, good luck to be.
8:42 am
i can't endorse, but it could be an interesting change. jessica byrd, thank you very much, my friend. appreciate you guys all. coming up at the top of the hour -- and thank you, linda. and coming up at the top of the hour, more political action to donald trump's refugee ban and the growing protests around the country. you can see them right now. up in ex on "a.m. joy" some final thoughts from my guests.
8:43 am
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all right. now for some final thoughts on donald trump's executive orders. i'm joined by dana, maria, jamal and maria. let me just go around the table. we just had jehmu greene on. we're going to go back to the
8:49 am
ban but there is this question, maria, about what does the democratic party do to stand itself up. it's leaderless right now. it's trying to decide what a leader should look like in terms of fighting all of this, all that trump is throwing, whether it's breaking ties with mexico and essentially putting us in a trade war, essentially throwing our muslim citizens, their families, green card holders, completely under the bus, and it's coming at us so fast and furious and so authoritarian, what should democrats in theory be looking for in a leader? >> well, look, i mean that's hard for me to be counseling the democratic party like, hello, have you not been listening for the past eight years? they were, but that's part of why we ended up here because the democratic party was not responding to this, what we're seeing right behind you. they were having a problem responding to that. it's hard for me to give them that advice. what i can tell you, joy, is what i'm seeing on the ground level. so my students, because you know i'm a professor at depaul university six months out of the year, and they are telling me,
8:50 am
they are more engaged, thinking about running for office, thinking about what they're actually doing with their lives and probably going for the democratic party, although who knows. also i went to barnard, two young latinas from california who are graduating this year and they said to me we're running. we're running. the democratic party needs to be thinking about what are we going to be doing with them and for them to make sure that they're in the party and engaged and i think the democratic party like us as journalists, i want to bring a quote from the woman who inspired me to become a journalist. she's a mexican writer, polish, mexicana elena ponatosca. [ speaking in spanish ] >> we practice the journalism of indignation. journalists have to understand that we're practicing journalism indignation now and at the same time the democratic party has to say what are the politics of indignation that we have to tap
8:51 am
into? so that's what they have to do, but as journalists we have to figure out our own thing about what we're doing and how we're standing in this precise moment. >> speaking of indignation, dana millbank, there hasn't been much from the republican party. you have republicans who said a year ago that the idea of a muslim ban completely silence, what do you make of the silence of the lambs on the republican aisle as donald trump stomps all over, at least, the article 1 power and just bulldozes past them? >> you know, i think that may be the most appalling element of all of this, joy. you have a few brave souls like jeff flake and the republican officials in congress who are saying this is not acceptable. >> and ben sasse, we should give him credit. >> no, there's a good handful of them and when the majority that they have is so small that's very significant. just very, very disturbing that paul ryan is out there defending this and mitch mcconnell is
8:52 am
apparently reversed himself. a lot of pressure needs to be put to bear on these folks. it's very difficult, i think, right now for people to figure out exactly how to respond to this and they're just responding in an organic way and that is probably necessary. you can't sort of create a movement like the tea party was created. it happens organically and it is happening now. you see it at jfk and at dulles. you see it in the women's march and you are going presumably, what trump's doing here is going to naturally create backlash from the rest of the world fro democrats from progressives and even from principled conservatives and principled republicans. so in a sense, it's just a matter of waiting and watching this bill. >> jamal, at the same time you have democrats going through and confirming people like ben carson, not putting up too much of a fight, it doesn't seem
8:53 am
about people like rex tillerson, a good friend of vladimir putin. the democrat response has been individually strong. you've seen individual democrats go out and express revulsion at things like the muslim ban and it does seem like the democratic party has been caught flat-footed and unprepared with what donald trump is throwing at them or throwing at us as the american people. >> it's true in some cases, joy. what has to happen is democrats will pick and choose between some of these nominees. you can't fight everybody. the hardest thing we do this all of the time with clients and candidates and the hardest thing is to choose what not to focus on because everything is so tempting, but there are people like jeff sessions who is one of the most backward-looking politicians in the united states senate, and i tell you, any democrat that votes for jeff sessions ought to not look for support from a big chunk of the democratic party again. that's where a lot of people want to draw the line on jeff sessions and today, yesterday, you saw that donald trump took the chairman of the joint chiefs
8:54 am
of staff and the director of national intelligence off the national security committee and added steve bannon who has been allied with white supremacists and nationalists and put him on the national security committee. if barack obama had taken those people off and put david axelrod who has no relation to steve bannon, but if he had put david axelrod on the committee republicans would have howled. republicans, where are you at? i'm not letting them off the hook and they have to stand up for the values that they claim is important and let us know -- republicans have said there therefore. >> jesus the refugee. where are the democrats or republicans willing to say i will not stand in a room and take a meeting with steve bannon in the room? this is a man who is directly aligned with white nationalism, who is in the room and members of congress are not walking away from that room. people are walking in there and having meetings with him in the
8:55 am
room. how did we get to the place where that is acceptable in the united states of america in 2017? >> i mean, i'm in a mindset that tells me you have to choose and the question's going to be whose side are you on? are you on the side of the american people or are you on your own side and those people will not find support in 2018 and 2020. this is a white nationalist muslim conspiracy theorist. this is a man who had a publication that went after activists and activism undocumented immigrants. he has vilified and dehumanized our communities and he is the chief stratist and and the puppeteerehind donald trump and donald trump does not have any idea what he's doing. you cannot be sitting and legitimizing a man like steve bannon. he is a man that plays with white supremacists and the ku klux klan. if there's anything that scares me in that administration because he has so much power and people are not talking about that enough. >> maria, you have this proclamation put out on the
8:56 am
holocaust proclamation that did not include the jews and this is including the son-in-law who is jewish himself and the president's grandchildren. it was said that that was not an accident or omission. it was done on purpose. there are things being done that are so abnormal. this has been a challenge for journalists. >> right. >> how do you deal with it in a way that we don't seem to be -- >> because our generation and a little bit older up to dan rather's generation, we understood the kind of protocol. there was a protocol. there was respect for the office. maybe you had differences of opinion with the president, but there was protocol, and now there is no protocol, and when steve bannon has said we are the opposition, my question to my fellow journalists, so what are you going to do about that? i do think that i'm so glad i'm not part of the white house press corps. we have to look at that. i do not believe that they should be sending their top talent into the white house briefings anymore. i think they should only have desk assistants there who are
8:57 am
dutifully asking the questions that need to be asked, but let's take the power away by shifting what we are doing as journalists. it's complicated, right? because there's commercial media, independent media, there's commercial interest. >> yeah. >> but let's do this together. >> it's an interesting thought. i want to add that lou elle dang could be subject to the ban. mo farra, long distance runner, and omar elected to the legislature, and dana milbank, and maria hinojosa, and that is our show for today. be sure to join us next week for more "a.m. joy." alex witt has more on the protests over donald trump's executive orders and the political fallout. more news at the top of the hour. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof.
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