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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 29, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello, everyone. it is 1:00 in the east, 10:00 a.m. in the west and shock waves
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from president trump's travel ban to seven countries. a second day of protest in response to president trump's travel ban. good day to all of you. i'm alex witt at msnbc headquarters in new york. it is one of at least a dozen protests expected throughout the day nationwide. our correspondents are at some of the nation's largest airports. with more on that as we were showingio you from dallas-ft. worth and we'll get to that in a moment. first, reaction from the white house. the administration is pushing back on a ruling by a new york city federal judge halting parts of the president's executive order. the statement reading saturday's ruling does not undercut the president's executive order, all stopped visas will remain stopped. all halted admissions will remain halted. all restricted travel will remain prohibited and here's kellyanne conway, counsel to the president with the importance on the ban. >> i was stopped many times, weren't you, after ne9/11? i didn't resemble or share a name with any part of terrorist conspiracy, but this is what we
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do to keep a nation safe. this whole idea that they're being separated and ripped from their families is temporary and circumstantial of whether you were one of the 300 and some who was already on an aircraft or trying to get on an aircraft as p opposed to the children who will forever more be separated from their parents who perished on 9/ 9/11. one of two muslims in congress that the executive order is not anti-muslim. >> they can't deny that this is a muslim ban. it is a muslim ban. on the campaign trail he said he wanted a muslim ban. he said on national television that there would be other religious groups that would receive priority. this is a muslim ban. >> and within just this last hour an emotional senator chuck schumer during a news conference in new york city. >> mr. president, i'm here to tell you, we will fight this. this executive order -- was
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mean-spirited and un-american. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country, and it will only serve to embolden and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. let's bring in nbc's kelly o'donnell at the white house where half an hour from now the president will begin to speak with the king of saudi arabia by phone. you heard passionate reaction there from chuck schumer talking about this. what are the impachances that t impact of the order will be a topic. >> reporter: it is hot in the news and relevant to the leaders he'll be speaking with in terms of the muslim world. you would expect it would come up and the two countries are not among the seven in the ban although officials say it is
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possible that could be expanded. it's hard to imagine such a ban on saudi arabia given the business relationship and partnership the u.s. and saudi have and the united arab emirates is also on the president's call list today as well as the president of south korea. certainly, this is galvanizing democrats who are looking for ways to find unity and to try to challenge the new president and this is something that we can expect not only in a popular way where people are turning out at airports and other locations to protest, but also democratic officials trying to use what leverage they may have to push back on this. the white house today saying that they believe that this is within their rights. this is something the president talked about doing, is taking these steps and it is a temporary ban, and i asked about what happens next and they talkeded about trying to formulate a more permanent formula related to immigration in the time. we've 90 days and 120-day restrictions in this new ban. one of the questions that has come up is what happens to green
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card holders who have a legal right to live in the united states but come from some of these countries? here is reince priebus on "meet the press" today. >> the executive order doesn't affect green card holders moving forwa forward, i've said that, but what i'm saying to you is customs and border patrol, i would suspect, if they have a person who is traveling back and forth to libya or somalia or yemen, i would suspect within their discretion they might ask a few more questions at jfk or some other airport when someone's coming back and forth within their discretionary authority. >> reporter: and officials today also saying that when travelers are detained and have been detained since this order came into being they are questioned and if they have the proper paperwork, can be passed through the united states in this interim period where they were in flight or on their way to the united states when it took effect. officials here also say they are not looking to carry out any deportations against those who
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were detained and if someone has issues that they consider red flags that would not allow them entrance into the u.s., it's unclear beyond being detained how they would be processed going forward. so there are still some questions about how this will all roll out in the days ahead, but the trump white house today again asserti its authority to do this and saying this is a plan they want to carry out. alex? >> okay. kelly o'donnell at the white house. thank you for that, kelly. >> let's bring in pennsylvania congressman, charlie dent, a republican and i'm awfully glad to have you here. you are the only one who has been openly criticizing this executive order. first up, i want to hear your concerns. what are they? >> thank you, alex, for having me on the show. my main concern with the executive order is it does not seem many of the people who should have been consulted on this should have been consulted. for example, the department of defense, state, homeland security, justice, i think they should have had more input into this process. i became involved because yesterday morning i received a
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call from my son who had heard from a high school friend stating that his -- his six family members were at philadelphia airport and arrived at 6:45a.m. and were being held and were being told they had to be sent back to syria. the issue i found out when i looked into this. these people arrived at 7:45 in philly and were back on a plane to qatar within three hours. these people were not refugees and they were christian visa holders and i couldn't understand why these people were being sent home. again, and it just seems to me that i called on the administration to simply halt enforcement of this order until a more thoughtful, deliberate process would be pursued to enact a more thoughtful policy. so that was my concern. >> all right. congressma dent, so then you're saying basical that this has been hastily put together, that
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all of the dotting of the is and crossing of the ts and the like was not really vetted? what would you have done under the situation that you just described with your son's friends there in high school? >> i'll tell you what i would have done. first, every american agrees and it's completely within the right of this administration and any administration to seek greater vetting and screening of people coming into this country particularly of areas of trouble spots. i understand, obviously, there is terrible violence and radicalism in the middle east. that said, we have to have a more orderly process. you heard about the two -- you heard about the two translators, i believe, at jfk airport who were held. >> sure. >> we just passed a defense authorization act and we put language in there to try to make it easier to get translators into the united states. anybody at the department of defense or the department of state would have said, please, you have to make exceptions for translators because they've risked their lives to help our troops in iraq and afghanistan
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and elsewhere, so they should be prioritized and the fact that two were held clearly should not have happened. i read that those people were then admitted, but still they shouldn't have been held. in my case, the people were sent back within three hours. i'd like to help them -- help that situation get resolved. >> those people that were sent back within three hours you described as being christians. >> yes. >> would you have felt the same way about muslims that came out. >> i oppose any religious test and i don't support muslim bans and that flies in the face of the first amendment. people have called this a muslim ban and it's much broader than that and simply banning anybody, in this case, from syria. i represent the largest syrian population of any member of congress in the country, and in my community the syrians are largely and overwhelmingly christian, and i just wanted to
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point that out and they've been in our community for a very long time and others have been here for generations and others are more recent arrivals and there say support structure in my community for them, but the point is these people are being sent home. i'm not sure what the reason was in this case and these people had the proper legal documents and been working on this s 2003, paid a lot of money and e was house that family members here in the allentown area actually bought a house, furnished it and they were planning to move in last night. >> do you think some parts of this order will be found unconstitutional? >> well, i'm not an attorney or constitutional scholar, but i do have very serious concerns with it. i don't know how we could -- i don't know why this order would have been enforced as quickly as it was particularly for people who were in transit. clearly, if a person has legal documents to enter the country and they're in transit they should be admitted unless there is some compelling national security reason that those individuals, those specific individuals should not be allowed to enter. so i suspect there will be legal
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challenges and i guess there already were some and they've been successful up to this point. >> so rudy giuliani, of course, an adviser to president trump on cybersecurity has described the origin of this order this way last night. here it is. >> when he first announced it he said muslim ban. he called me up and said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally. we focused on instead of religion, danger. the areas of the world that create danger for us which is a factual basis, not of a religious basis. perfectly legal. perfectly sensible. >> so he is saying that the president asked him to find a legal way to implement a muslim ban. were you surprised to hear rudy giuliani put it this way? >> well, i guess i would say with respect to rudy giuliani, there are a lot of places in this world where there are potential threats to us and it is not simply in the middle east. these seven countries are
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identified and there's been talk about saudi arabia, egypt and uae and my biggest fear is there are radicalized people in europe, in the uk, france, belgium, netherlands and people from those countries can travel into the united states on the visa waiver program. that may represent an even greater threat. nobody is suggesting that we should get rid of the visa waiver program for these european countries. i would never advocate that and that would be terribly disruptive, but the fact is there are people in the countries that are radicalized and can come in with that passport, 90 days and are we giving them enhanced vetting? we changed the law last year, i believe it was last year and maybe a year and a half ago now where we essentially required greater vetting for people from europe, you know, who had gone to some of these hot spot countries, syria, libya, iraq and elsewhere. if they've been there they would have to go through a visa program, but still we're not going to shut down the visa waiver program and there are plenty of radicalized people in
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the european countries that haven't gone to the war zones. that's just as great a threat as what we're facing coming out of the middle east and we'll have a more thorough vetting process for those folks. i want to turn to the executive actions that the president signed and one of them being elevating stephen bannon to a regular seat with the national security council while directing that the director of national intelligence and the joint chiefs of staff should join if their activities are to be discussed. in layman's terms here, what is stephen bannon's role? >> i heart what bob gates said. it's fine to add people to that list of people who attend the meetings, but i would not remove the dni and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. i would make sure that they are part of that discussion. they bring a lot of insight and perspective and judgment that is necessary. so i guess bob gates nailed it when he addressed this earlier this morning.
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>> what do you think the responsibility is, sir, of republicans in congress to push back against this executive order and what do you plan on doing? >> i will speak with my colleagues tomorrow and on tuesday and we'll talk about this. it just seems to me that the executive order was overly broad. it seemed to be rushed. it wasn't properly considered by the other governmental entities and departments and agencies that may have had a role, and i think we ought to seriously talk about halting enforcement of this until a better, more thoughtful policy is developed and again, i agree that we may need to enhance vetting for people coming to this country from any number of countries and not just those seven, but some others. we should probably be doing that, but it's a matter of how we do it and we have to do it in a way that's constitutional and does not set down religious litmus tests. pennsylvania congressman charlie dent, come to see me again. i appreciate it.
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>> thank you, alex. >> let's go back to steve patterson live from lax. anything you're hearing about the detainees there? >> reporter: no. unfortunately, the customs and border patrol, the agency that handles this has been extremely silent both to the attorneys that are here and to the people, family and friends who are waiting to hear any word about the people that they love or associate with that are being detained at the airport. we are expecting a series of rallies today, one in about an hour and then another a few hours from that. we were anticipating that these would be smaller rally, candlelight vigils that would be smaller and self-contained, but now based on the tenor on what we've been seeing here and based on the people that are showing up and based on the response from last night we expect the rally to be a whole lot larger, 300 people showed up last night at least to protest that executive order from president trump, but those people are showing up right now, but those number of attorneys, about 20 of them have been here, some since
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this morning and some long into the hours from last night here trying to help people, trying to find family members to see if they're able to represent them or to find their family or loved ones who have been detained here. one of the people, his name is allen. he doesn't want to use his last name. he's an iranian citizen. you have an iranian refugee who is your friend. have you heard anything about that person's status or how they're doing at this point? >> the last time i heard and talked with her, it's almost 3:30 a.m. >> reporter: 3:30 a.m. >> yeah. right now it's 10:15 so since then i haven't heard about her. >> reporter: you must be exhausted. you must be worried. >> yeah. tell me how you're feeling with not only knowing your friend is here somewhere, but you have no idea what her status is. >> that's why i am very worried because i don't know. she's here, they returned her to
10:17 am
the country or -- i don't know anything about her. and the ambiguous situation is hurting me. >> reporter: allen, thank you so much. i can't imagine what you're going through. no idea what his friend is and what the statuses is if she's back in another country or if she remains here. that is the situation for a lot of people here who want to know any information about what's going on, alex. >> yeah. eight hours since he's heard from a friend. that's been a long eight hours. no doubt. thank you so much, dave patterson outside the lax terminal there. steve bannon on the president's national security council. does that put more experienced advisers on the outs? we'll talk about that. we are waiting for a series of travel ban protests expected to unfold this afternoon. stay with us.
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approaching 21 past the hour. we've been seeing protests all around the country. yesterday and today at the airport, and now you see this one here in washington, d.c., that is not at the airport. that is downtown and you can see hundreds of probably stretching into the low thousands there now beginning to gather, all of them protesting the president's executive order banning people from getting into this country. some of the details have been pushed back by aclu and other federal judges making rulings, but it's still a very complicated situation. and against there backdrop the trump administration is holding firm to its position on the ban. national reporter for "the new york times" and bob cusack, editor in chief at the hill. good to see you both. >> hi. >> bob, i'll start with you here, when you hear from administration officials earlier
10:22 am
today and yesterday, you'd think it's working as planned, but what are you gathering from behind the scenes? is there any concern by these groups and the president that this may have been mishandled? >> i think there's got to be some concern because more and more republicans are criticizing the white house on this is that there's a lot of confusion. protests, i don't think, deter this administration at all, actually. i think they kind of thrive on them, but overall the confusion of implementing this policy, we are counting about a dozen republicans who have been critical of it and want to put the brakes on it. the criticism has want come from republican leaders, necessarily paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, but when you have a party that's fractured on any issue, that's got to be of concern. alex, i've never heard of protests at airports and that's very unusual. i've never seen chuck schumer get choked up and we're seein a lot of firsts today.
10:23 am
>> he said it was mn spirited and i've seen congressmen pushing back, charlie dent of pennsylvania. >> kellyanne conway said earlier this morning. >> saudi arabia, for instance, that's where the 9/11 hijackers and moat st of them came from, not block them? >> president obama came up wp a list of seven and we're following on that on week one. this president will certainly keep identifying threats and risks. >> what do you think the strategy is and the timing behind the administration tying the obama administration to this ban, amish? >> they're trying to still look back and blame some things on obama. the idea is that president trump is in the driver's seat and he's the one making these decisions and to even hear that president obama is being mentioned on an executive order signed by president trump it seems they're
10:24 am
second guessing themselves and trying to blame the democrats for this chaos that they've created and this idea that these protests don't really matter that much to president trump, that he is really i think in some ways looking at this and saying the kind of shock that i wanted to create to the system and these protesters, these are the people who didn't want to support me anyway. i think what's interesting is there are christian leaders and evangelicals who are conservatives by nature saying that this is wrong. prioritizing christians is problematic and that there needs to be a different way to implement this. so i think that that might rattle him. >> so, bob, the white house is saying that the aclu proposal that was approved by the federal judge in new york that will have no bearing on the order. it follows a statement by the department of homeland security late last night who said it will comply with judicial orders and faithfully enforce our immigration laws and executive orders that those entering the
10:25 am
united states do not pose a threat to our country or the american people. so this is a little confusing. what is your understanding of all of this? >> it is confusing, and i think that just on green cards, for example. reince priebus, white house chief of staff was saying this policy does not apply to people who have green cards who have left the country, but a lot of people thought it did at first. then we have a confusion on the enforcement of this policy. i think the effort to make the united states safer, obviously everyone agrees with, but when you have details such as an 88-year-old blind man being detained and a 5-year-old child being detained, those are going to hurt the cause, and it is worth noting that this federal judge was an obama appointee, but at the same time, when is the next judge? is if the next judge is a republican that will carry more weight because these legal battles are going to be a constant theme of the trump
10:26 am
administration. a lot of liberal groups are going to be suing. >> yamiche, you have seven countries on this list right now, notably not the united arab emirates and saudi arabia. the leaders of both countries will be speaking on the phone with donald trump today. so do you think there is a timing thing here? do you think that donald trump may be -- again, we've not gotten a read on what's expected. they don't know if they'll discuss this, but timing wise, might donald trump be able to hold a potential ban over these two leaders when speaking with them because these are largely muslim countries? >> there is a potential because he obviously is the dealmaker president. he's the president who wants to negotiate and really have ha hardline stances. so, yes, i imagine he can say to them this is where we started and if you don't want to be added to this list here's what i need from you and here's what i need you to do. it's smart of you to point out the fact that this could be a
10:27 am
timing issue. they're saying that the way that kellyanne conway put it that this is them getting started and that other countries could be added later on. >> we will see what happens today and speak with you both again. thank you. coming to america, the nightmare for a 75-year-old woman arriving from iran. that is next. a second day of travel ban protests unfolding as we give you a look at the scene near the white house. it's a protest that got under way just a short time ago and we'll keep a close eye on that and the other protests expected to fold throughout the afternoon. keep it here on msnbc.
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it's not just a car... it's your daily retreat. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. we're giving you a live look right now. on the left you see washington, d.c. that is where a protest has gotten under way just in the last hour and it is growing literally by the minute and then to the right there you see some people potentially affected by the ban and that is the hartford, connecticut, airport. we had a wider shot earlier showing people gathering with
10:31 am
bans there and airports have been the hot spot around the country for the fact that people come into these international terminals and then they are getting processed or not to get through. on the other side of a break, everyone, we'll take you to jfk airport. we are just getting word of detainees having been released there. we'll take a short break and be right back here on msnbc. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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at 34 past the hour, we're keeping a very close eye, everyone, on the protests that are developing around the country. thisne has developed in a really big way. you're looking at washington, d.c., this is just off of pennsylvania avenue and over the last hour plus we have seen hundreds, now calling into the thousands demonstrates there against trump's executive order as we also are going to take you to atlanta hartsfield airport in atlanta, of course, and that is where we've been seeing a lot of protests there, as well. it was a real hotbed of activity yesterday and we are going there right now to see what's going on from nbc's sarah dallof.
10:35 am
i know hundreds are expected to come today. have you seen activity thus far? >> reporter: we are still a couple of hours out, but we do begin to see that activity shortly. some 3500 people have indicated that they do plan to attend. they indicated this on social media protesting not only the fact that 11 people were detain at this airport and questioned for hours before being released yesterday, but also the executive order as a whole. meanwhile, in the international terminal, there is a team of lawyers waiting and watching. they've heard of at least one additional traveler today who has the potential to be detained. >> it's incredible to see the response. i'm overwhelmed to see the response, and i'm thrilled to see that america is a country from immigrants and that we haven't forgotten that and that we're going to call out power that is incredibly overreaching which is what is happening now.
10:36 am
my understanding is this law was put into effect, this executive order was put into effect not even having been run through the department of justice. so the government's own lawyers didn't even lk at thisefore putting it out. th has put the travel communy, the international travel community in a state of chaos and that's not helpful to anyone. >> reporter: and there are protests scheduled or being held right now across the country including in washington, d.c., in portland, in boston and here, of course, in atlanta where things are scheduled to get under way in just about two hours. speakers will include representatives from the aclu of georgia and the georgia asylum and immigration network. al ex? >> sarah dallof, thank you very much for the update. there are stories emerging of refugee families who were supposed to arrive in the united states to pursue a better life
10:37 am
only to be set for a new reality. an agency that helps to resettle refugees. danielle, with a welcome to you, i know that you were already seeing the impact of this ban and seeing what it's having on refugee families that you've been working with including syrian families. tell us what happened there. >> yes, thank you for having me, alex. we were scheduled to have a syrian family, a husband and wife and four children were scheduled to arrive on tuesday and we had a house set up for them and family members were waiting to greet them and also neighbors and friends. >> and what happened? >> well, because the executive order was signed. this family is still in turkey. they have no idea if they'll ever to get to come to the u.s. according to the executive order. syrians could be banned indefinitely. >> can you develop and implement any sort of a backup plan here? >> you know, the aclu is fighting with lawsuits. i think the protests and the march that are going on
10:38 am
worldwide speak volumes to how angry the american pple are. not only are we turning our backs on a humanitarian crisis and it is against what this country is built on, all of our values and we can't pick and choose which refugees get to come in. as being a member of the united nations we have to give equal opportunity to all of the 17.2 million refugees worldwide that are waiting for a chance at a better life. >> danielle, what are you seeing regarding visa holders or even visa applicants. >> even special immigrant visa holders coming out of those countries listed, alex, including iraq will not be allowed entry into the u.s. and we're turning our back on the interpreters that helped the u.s. armed forces for years while we had wars in iraq, that helped and stood by our soldiers. we are turning our backs on them and not allowing them entry. they have already put their lives at risk. >> are you hearing anything about these families? are they exploring the
10:39 am
possibility of resettling in other arab and muslim countries in general? are any of the other countries lending a helping hand here? >> ever since the war in syria really got worse in the past couple of years, countries that previously had offered, you know, granted status for them to be able to stay such as jordan and turkey are completely overwhelmed. they just can't possibly offer, you know, the ability for everyone to stay in that country that needs to. i know prime minister justin trued oded trudeau from canada, they've brought in refugees in the past few years and we're talking about not allowing family reunification for all of those people. >> danielle drake, community manager for us together. best of luck you tryo move forward through this. appreciate your time. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> you're welcome. stay with us as we watch the protests unfolding in various
10:40 am
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i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. almost right from the start, but i like being my own boss. that's one thing i like about delivering papers. i can arrange the route i want that nobody was bothering me. i was delivering 500 papers a day, and i made a penny a paper, but in terms ofompounding that penny turned into something else. >> that was a clip from the upcoming hbo documentary "becoming warren buffett" and joining me now to talk about it from omaha, nebraska. warren buffett's daughter susan and director peter kuhn hart and a big welcome to both of you. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you. >> peter, i want to start with you. how did this film come about? how long did it take to make it. >> it took two years to make it
10:44 am
and it took two years before warren entirely trusted us. he was open and gracious from day one, but i think as we kept coming to him talking more and more he recognized that there was a lot to be told. >> susie, it became very clear that you have a close relationship with your father. what is he like as a dad? >> well, since i've only had one dad -- >> good point. >> it's always a funny question. he's always been very accessi e accessible, he was always in the house when we were growing up, home for dinner and you know, completely available to us and i think quite different than probably what people imagine. my son the other night at omaha at the premiere said i went to the movies every sunday growing up. people were always surprised at that, but he's a regular dad. what can i say? >> regular dad,n the way to work. >> i'm curious, peter, what was
10:45 am
the most surprising thing you discovered while making this film? >> i think that most surprising to me was right beneath the surface is a very emotional person and he's got a heart of gold. i mean, susie's father, his father in law said, you won't be able to talk to this person the way you'll talk to regular people, but he's got a heart of gold, and that heart of gold shaped not only his business decisions, but the way he deals with people around him and the way he dealt with us as a crew. >> i looked at this as being a love story. it was clearly about your parents. they had a remarkable and unusual relationship, clearly devoted to each other until your mom passed away in 2004, and yet they lived apart the last quarter century of your life. your mom moved to san francisco and her friend astrid became your father's companion and the three spent time together and we know astrid became your father's wife after your mother died, but i have to wonder how that
10:46 am
arrangement affected you? >> well, you know, it sort of evolved over a long period of years. astrid moved into the house in 1977 or '78, something like that, so and my biggest concern at the time was just my father, as my mother said he can't find the light switch. so when she left and went to san francisco i was just worried about him functioning at all, eating and stuff like that, but astrid moved in and astrid is an absolutely wonderful person who loves him for the person he is. astrid does not care about the money at all and wouldn't care if he lost every penny tomorrow, and you know, it's evolved. the older i got and my mother and i used to talk about this a lot and the older i got the more i understood why she couldn't stay. it really made sense to me and so they had this sort of odd arrangement that worked for all three of them very well. >> peter, what do you want people to take away from this documentary?
10:47 am
>> think i love love stories, too, so that's a large part of it, but i think that the fact that warren, when he tries to give advice about business instead he gives advice about life itself. >> that certainly is a wonderful takeaway. is there anything you want to add to that, suzy? >> i agree with what everything peter said. there wouldn't have been no berkshire hathaway if he hadn't married my mother and i think they captured that and that is such an important piece of this. i know he is the person he is because he married her, and i think that comes through in the film. >> it is an extraordinary one and i want to thank you both for your time. peter kuhnhart, susie buffet and for all of you, "becoming warren buffett" premieres tomorrow night, january 30th on hbo. and right now we're givinging you a look at protests from all around the country, notably washington, d.c., as well as airports around this country.
10:48 am
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let's turn right now to my college. he's at jfk international airport with some new information on the detain knees there that have been held. what do you know, adam. >> reporter: some detain knees have been released. some more are behind closed doors. homeland security officials say they will continue to deport people to follow through with the president's executive order. this despite the federal judge's decision last night to stop these deportations. we're hearing from the aclu inside that some customs agents are continuing to deport people. joining me now congressman. you have been dealing with this all day. you have actually been behind those closed doors. what are they telling you and what are the latest numbers? >> it appears at least seven individuals throughout the day have been released.
10:52 am
some of whom were lawful residents and never should have been in captivity in the first place. there are somewhere between 6 to 10 individuals we believe who are currently being detained. the numbers are changing on a rolling basis. a few hours ago, it was about six. but then most recently at least four sew mali individuals came to america. they appear to be lawful primary residents, but they are being held in detention. >> reporter: that just happened. >> that just occurred. >> reporter: you want to do three things to move this along to not only debt the detain knees here released. >> absolutely. the most pressing concern was making sure that individuals who were here were not being deported and sent back. and we have been assured that that would not take place. we are going to continue to confirm that. second, we want to make sure
10:53 am
those individuals who are being detained, all of whom are eher lawful, permanent residents or have authorized approved visas are able to be released and reunite d with their families. there are many individuals scattered all throughout the world who we are hearing have been denied the opportunity to board a plane to come back to the united states and reunite with their families, their friends, their job and their community and we have to get that turned around. >> reporter: still an unsure situation not only hear, alex, but at airports around the country and around the world. >> thank you so much to both you and congressman jeffreys. let's bring in katie packer and rick wade. i am going to apologize right now for the brevity of this. i know you both are people i love to talk to, but i want to start with you, rick. with regard to sean spicer, the
10:54 am
press secretary for the president. he said, look, all this that is happening is just a follow up to what donald trump promised as a campaigner what he would do as president. does he have a point. >> it was one thing for him to talk about that as a candidate during the elections. but the election is over. he's supposed to be the president for all people. and, alex, what's happening right now just breaks my heart. the fact is that america is a democracy and this country was founded. we are a nation of immigrants. and what will donald trump just did is -- it goes against the grain of what this country is all about. we're supposed to be the shining light for refugees. it's absolutely, absolutely unconsciousable. >> it also breaks the heart of senate chuck schumer. he literally was fighting back tears as what he said was the mean spirited nature of all
10:55 am
this. let's talk about the push and pull. >> well, i do think that this is what president trump promised that he was going to do when he campaigned, and he does have an obligation to see through the promises that he made. but i do think that this sort of emphasizes the danger of governing entirely by executive order. this was something republicans object to with president obama, that he did w too much by executive order. >> 13 in his first week, to the 14 issues issued by president trump in his first week. >> yeah. there was a lot of action that was done in order to sidestep a system of checks and balances that our country depends on. i am hoping this is going to be a learning experience for the trump white house, that they see that doing things without the proper checks and balances, without having the proper sort of constitutional legal scholars taking a look at these things, people want to see our country
10:56 am
protected. they want to see a strong immigration policy where people are vetted properly. but at the same time they do want to see that the constitution is protected. and those things happen when you have a system of checks and balances. so keeping promises is important, but you don't have to do all of them in the very first week. >> yeah. it really has been a whirlwind. how do you think trump is going to play his next move? >> who knows. kellyanne conway says we haven't seen anything yet. that's scary. the other thing is the idea in the executive order of steve bannon being a part of the national security council blows my mind. i don't understand the rational there. to the exclusion of intelligence officials, who will have a lot at stake and a lot of information to provide in these decisions. so these executive orders that we're seeing executed and implemented by donald trump, there is a lot of concern that we ought to have about the process and how these executive orders are coming about. >> all right.
10:57 am
rick wade and katie packer. i'll have you back. thanks so much for this. for all of you, it is a wrap of this hour of msnbc live. coming up next, "meet the press." because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. this sunday, the partial ban on immigration. >> we want to make sure we are not admitting into our country, the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. >> leads to chaos and confusion as people with permanent resident status are detained. until a federal judge moves to block those deportations. we have all the latest. >> plus president trump's whirlwind first week in office. on mexico. >> the wall is necessary. >> on crowd size. >> that was a big -- that was all the way back down to the washington monument. >> and on his unsupported ai


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