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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  January 29, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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very good sunday to you. we're going to get your voice and it could be heard here in real-time. today we want your pulse on breaking news. we are closely watching several major cities across the country where demonstrations are taking place, including hartford, connecticut. protesters are voicing their anger over president trump's executive order banning immigrants from seven predominantly muslim countries, despite a federal court order blocking that order, immigrants
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are still being blocked around the world, including this syrian man with a u.s. visa. >> i received my visa for reunification with my wife. my wife and my son already in usa in los angeles. i came here. i showed them my visa and showed them everything. they told me they cannot allow me to travel so i don't know what to do right now. >> president trump is defending his actions saying our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. look at what is happening all over europe and indeed the world. a horrible mess. >> you can get your voice heard on this very question, agree or disagree. nationwide protests against president trump's refugee ban will have an impact on how the administration governs. grab your phone, your laptop or digitaldy vice and go to and there you can tell us what you
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think on this question and a reminder you can let us know as often as you like throughout today's show. okay. to our top story now. new york senator chuck schumer telling consumers today, 42 detainees will be processed and released at airports nationwide in response to that temporary stay granted by a federal judge last night. here is what we know in addition to that. detainees with legal papers who have arrived on u.s. soil cannot be sent back to their country of origin or origin of travel. and relevant government agencies must supply a list of those detained. that's what we know. we also know that in the first 23 hours of trump's border ban, 109 travelers were denied entry into the united states. 173 travelers departs the seven banned countries were barred from boarding the flights to the united states. nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the
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white house. kelt kelly, a busy 24 hours. we note that donald trump, the president, just getng off the phone with the sing of saudi arabia. what is the latest you are hearing? >> one of the unusual things about this day is that the call was intended to be closed press, meaning there would be no coverage of it. but the white house did allow the pooled camera to get some images of the president on the phone. we have not gotten specifics yet on the content of those phone calls, but we expect that just because this is dominating the news that there may be questions from his counter parts in those countries about this travel ban and how it might affect the muslim world and how it might in some way affect those nations, although they are not a part of the seven countries listed. the white house chief of staff says it is possible that list could be expanded. we would imagine there would be something related to this.
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although, that is not guaranteed. the white house has not been responding to the pro tests that have been happened at airports and actually in the block or so around the white house. there is still some of the equipment from the inaugural in front of the white house so they did not have access directly to the north lawn, but they have been loud enough that you can hear them from here on the north lawn. the other thing today is that the white house is strongly defending its policy. in a new statement they say it is the right and duty of the president to do everything in his legal and constitutional power to protect the american people. it goes on to refer to saturday's ruling. this is the more narrow judge stepping in and forbidding the deportations. on that they ksay it does not undercut the president's order. all halted admissions will remain halted. all restricted travel will
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remain prohibited and the executive order is a vital action. the order remains in place. so you get the tone of that very strongly defending this brand-new policy that has generated a lot of questions and concerns. the trump administration saying this is what they're sticking with. richard? >> and no pivot as you are noting there, kelly. thank you so much. >>ppreciate kelly. we showed you that map earlier. lots ofprotests across the country. a number of cities we are watching throughout america. nbc steve patterson is one of those. it was busy yesterday, it was busy today. what is it like there, at los angeles airport. >> reporter: i am going to start off with an apology. i can't hear you or myself better. there are hundreds of protesters here at the tom bradley international terminal at lax.
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they have been here for an hour now. the sound is unbelievable. it is a solid wall of sound that has not stopped since they have come here. i want to show you back hoar. actually, i want to show you down here. even the youngest members of this crowd are getting involved. you see people going all the way back. we can't show you because we're completely surrounded by protesters. but they have come out in force. they were here early. they started early and they have not stopped for a second. they're protesting of course that executive order. you'd like to think that after yesterday's announcement with that stay being granted that there be less people here, but they only increased the number of people here from last night. we have been speaking to a lot of the protests. they are upset. they feel like their fights are tramp trampled. and we have to remember that there are still people being detained here. the border patrol, which is handling this, has been
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basically silent about who is here, who their status is and how many of them are there. we have tried numbers of times to go upstairs to try to talk to customs to find out what the status is for those people. there are a number of attorneys on the ground here doing the same work, but they have had absolutely no success. you get this sense of frustration mixed in with the vic tore we had last night, mixed in with a sense of passion and anger from these people and this is the result. we expect this to go all day. there is another protest scheduled for about an hour from now and we will be here to bring it all to you. >> steve patterson in los angeles. i know it is noisy there. the same is true in atlanta. 11 people detained have been released according to the major. there yesterday, congressman john lewis, as well as hank johnson at the airport. lewis tweeting this. to treat strangers, these law-abiding immigrants threatens
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the democrat principals this nation stands for. this is a dark hour for america. let's go straight to nbc sara, who is at jackson international airport. there have been protests and actions. you're expecting now, i think, sara to see another protest in the next hour or so. is that right? >> reporter: that is correct, richard. we're already beginning to see people show up for this protest. some 3,500 people have indicated on social media they plan to attend. an additional 8,000 people have responded that they're interested and people are sharing their stories of why this is so personal to them. one gentleman carrying a sign that said my grandfather was an imgrant. i spoke just moments ago to a woman who said it was personal to her and she felt the responsibility to be here. while this is happening in the domestic terminal, over in the international terminal, we have teams of lawyers waiting for people to land here.
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they know of two potential travelers coming in from those affected countries who have the potential to be detained when they arrive. >> incredible to see the response. i am overwhelmed to see the response and i'm thrilled to see that america is a country from immigrants and that we haven't forgotten that. and that we're going to call out power that is incredibly overreaching, which is what is happening now. >> reporter: and those lawyers expressing some of the same frustrations that you heard from steve in his report, an inability to get answers or discuss with their clients what is happening until that client is released from custody. you mentioned those 11 people who were detained yesterday and questioned for hours. we are told that they are legal residents, green cardholders and that they were released. they included a grandmother in her 70s and a ten-year-old girl.
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richard, back to you. >> thank you so much. we'll be stopping back you as things do get moving there at harts field, jackson. today we're asking you this pulse question, agree or disagree, nationwide protest against president trump's refugee ban will have an impact on how the administration governs. let us know what you think. and we'll share what you think later throughout the hour. now a live look at dallas forth worth airport. one of the places where demonstrations were taking place yesterday night and again today. nine detainees still are being held there. next we will break down the legal issues involved with the president's executive order regarding those detainees. plus a look at a protest earlier today at raleigh, dur ram.
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we'll take you to a live look at boston, one of the several cities where protests are being held in response to president trump's executive order, temporary banning immigrants from some countries. they had protests at the airport there. now you see them in the city. also taking you to philadelphia in this four-box with protests con going. washington, d.c., hartford, connecticut and jfk airport. protesters two or three stories high. we'll continue to follow all this. amongst these protesters are the stories of families now caught
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in limbo like a connecticut father who right now is waiting for his family to arrive. those are his two young daughters. he's also waiting for his wife. they were granted visas not too long ago, january 23rd. but then saturday they were barred from boarding their flight to the united states on a lay-over in ukraine. they are now stuck. >> now they're back in jordan. they don't have clothes to wear. they don't have anything. >> let's bring in now immigration attorney michael wilds. michael, they're stuck abroad. but we've got 109 is what we understand the first 23 hours who were stuck as well, and we know from the national stay that they can be detained but not sent back to wherever back is. but what's the process of them being detained? >> the government will most probably treat them the same
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way. we all know the detention centers drew a lot of scrutiny in recent years because of the deplorable conditions and hopefully the government will know all eyes of the world are watching right now. they will be held in local detention centers. a lot of people are local police. there aren't a lot in controversy and we're hoping the president will clarify some of the gaps that have been expressed in the order. >> is it detention centers defactor or might they create a different space? >> generally people are placed into secondary inspection and then there is a detention center solution if there is overnight. there is also rules of ha lal food. there is a jewish student attending university that we represent. so there are a lot of moving parts. the government would be wise that they are going to respect people's rights and treat them
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dig thattively. >> how long will they keep them? right now the president spoke there was a vacuum created. right now we have a vacuum created in congress. and this is in the courts. and until congress steps up, the president is going to continue to act. we have to make sure all eyes are on him and that this is being judiciously. >> i have to ask this because a refugee program has been suspended and there could be over 150,000 of those in that refugee application process. there could be refugees outside the country right now who have been approved. they could have trouble coming to the united states. how would you deal with that? >> absolutely. the statute itself has a notion of everybody having an immigrant intent. you are presumed to want to stay here. refugees that are applying abroad, political asiel lees in the united states with applications that are pending are all at risk. they are all cautioned not to
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travel, to lawyer up and make sure congress wakes up. congress has to wake up. this supreme court has always deferred to congress as a measure of political pressure. the president is acting. >> that is the advice you have for your clients. how are you going to operate now in this gray space? >> first i should say i believe in my heart, again, democrat, republican, the president is a patriot and is trying to make us safe. he is just doing it the wrong way. we are telling people to be caution about their travels and make sure they take good stock this country is hundreds of years old. right now it is in the courts. we have to see what happens. >> immigration attorney michael wilds. thank you. your second day helping us talk through what's happening. a lot of legal questions for folks. a live look at ford lauder dale airport. a site of one of today's many
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protests. the protests are not just in the u.s., though. this one earlier in tell vooef, israel. for reaction from overseas as well. we'll have that story after this.
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live to philadelphia. it is packed. the word is the international arrivals hall has a crowd so large, protesters are being directed to now a baggage claim area. over 4,000 people responding on facebook they want to be there for this protest against the immigration executive order that came out from donald trump. we'll continue to watch what's happening around the country. there is also reaction internationally. the reaction that came out on friday, german chancellor, who has taken in a large number of syrian refugees blasting the
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president's order saying terrorism does not -- lucy joins us how live from london. merkel not the only one. i was looking at a report from router's. they go on and on. france, the arab league. there is a lot of reaction, in the u.k. >> especially in the u.k. this is not playing well at all. remember now donald trump was invited for that official state visit here in the u.k. later this year. well, lawmakers here in britain are now saying donald trump should not be welcome here until this travel ban is lifted. there is even an online petition launched this morning to prevent mr. trump from making a state visit to the u. it went to over half a miion. you see it on the screen in just
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a few hours. parliament will now have to debate it. this is very big and major stuff. theresa may who just last week was over at the white house was holding donald trump's hand as they walked across the lawn is coming under a lot of criticisms. she is in a rather awkward position was the u.k. wants that post brexit trade deal with the americans. her spokesman issuing a muted statement saying america's immigration policy is america's business but, and i quote, we do not agree with this kind of approach. it is not one that we will be taking. now, she has asked, we have learned in the past few hours, asked her top cabinet ministers to call their counter parts in the u.s. to try to address this. boris johnson also slammed this ban on twitter saying it was divisive and wrong to stigmatize because of nationality. and also the olympic long
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distance running champion, born in somalia, has been living and training in oregon. he took to facebook today to say this. it is deeply troubling i will have to tell my children, daddy may not be able to come home. a powerful message. this is someone knighted by the queen. now unable to return home. a lot of controversy in the u.k.. this is not something playing well abroad. >> as we look just north of the united states, justin trudeau the prim minister of canada, canadians will welcome you. perhaps a realignment of that mantle of who has taken in refugees over the recent decades. we'll see all of that play out in the coming months. thank you for that perspective. protesters and some lawmakers are making their voices heard this weekend.
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we're also hearing from silicone valley, apple, google, facebook, netfl netflix, microsoft and many others are saying they do not support the executive order that president trump signed on friday. many are telling their employees stay in the country. do not travel in case they are affected by the ban. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg personally connecting to it saying we should also keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help. that's who we are. had we turned away refugees years ago, per sill la's family would not be here as well. >> the nba contacted the state department seeking clarification on the president's order. several nba playered have dual citizenship. the nba wants to know if the white house will allow them back in the u.s. that's one of the questions. so we have been asking you about
12:27 pm
all of this, agree or disagree. the nationwide protests that we have been showing here against president trump's refugee ban will it have an impact on how the administration governs? all right. let me share some of the results so far. we're only 27 minutes in. 70% agreeing that it will have an affect. 30% disagreeing. you can let us know what you think by going to and we'll brake it down by other demographics as we go on. much more on today's protests across the country. these live pictures in philadelphia. in other words, not only happening inside the airport, which we showed you earlier, but outside. the crowds expected to be so large that they cannot fit them all into the planned space. and you see them gathering outside here of philadelphia's airport. also, we are looking at pictures coming in from washington, d.c.
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all right. straight to philadelphia. and what we understand from local reporting is this crowd on the right-hand side. you see the arrivals area. it could be the international arrivals area. that's where they wanted to put originally the number of protesters that were out against the executive order that came out on friday because of detainees held or shall i say individuals detained at the airport. left-hand side you are looking at live aerial photos. this because they ran out of space potentially in the
12:32 pm
originally cordened off area. this could be the largest protest, but there are many. the map we showed you earlier shows you protests across the country are not specific to the coasts or the south and the midwest, but it is all across the country. we will continue to keep your eyes again on all of these. and so far in the last 24 hours of these protests, they have been peaceful from the reports we have heard so far. but of course we will keep an eye on that for you. earlier, we told you what we do know regarding the executive order and the national stay that came down from the federal judge. here is what is not known. what is the process for detain knees to be released. rough you gees outside the u.s. that are approved or in the application process, how will they be affected by this situation today.
12:33 pm
and then there is the green cardholders who are still citizens from the seven banned countries. if they're outside the united states, can they enter the u.s.? will they be allowed in? white house chief of staff reince priebus said this about that. >> as far as green cardholders moving forward, it doesn't affect them? >> this order does not affect any green cardholders from these seven countries. >> of course it does. if you're traveling back and forth you are going to be subjected to further screening. >> senate majority leader criticized priebus's answer right there because of the caveat that they would be subject to scrutiny. schumer said he was assured by john kelly that the executive order does not apply at all to green cardholders. take a listen. >> one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. most of the departments in charge of enforcing it didn't even know about it. they didn't even check with the
12:34 pm
justice department to check on whether these orders are constitutional. i believe they are not. >> attorney representing the two arackies detained at jfk airport on saturday. their lawsuit sparked the judge's stay that happened at the 9:00 o'clock hour. thanks for being here. first off, how are you clients doing? >> our two named clients are doing well. these two individuals were courageous to stand up to immigration officials who were telling them they couldn't stay in this country. they couldn't be admitted. and we are very thankful for them to be willing to participate in this lawsuit in which we have bee able to ensure that all other individuals like them who have been given valid permission to come to the united states are able to be protected from being returned to their home countries for the time being. >> has it weakened their spirit the process they had to go through yesterday, being
12:35 pm
detained after having the right papers and after giving in one case ten years of service to the u.s. military and then arriving here and being held? has it weakened their spirit at all? >> as we have seen, he has reaffirmed how much he loves this country, how much he loves america. and here we have seen throughout the nation protests demonstrating why that love is warranted, because people are willing to stand up for what's right and for what's constitutional and for what's humane. >> you heard the back and forth about green cardholders, citizens of those seven countries that have the right paperwork. they have the green card. they're permanent residents of the united states. but according to the department of homeland security, as well as you heard the statements from the white house chief of staff ryan priebus, there is a question as to they could be held and scrutinized. what is your understanding of
12:36 pm
this stay and what the executive order is saying? >> what's not gray are the facts on the ground. legal permanent residents, green cardholders, are being detained throughout the country. there has had to be additional papers filed in washington, d.c. here at los angeles, in san francisco. we know that green cardholders with long, significant ties to the united states continue to be held. these are individuals who are elderly, who need medical attention. >> right. >> and who have deep, deep ties to this country. >> what would be the next step then? what would you do in these situations? what is your legal step? >> here we are trying to work with various community groups, with senators to ensure that these individuals are, in fact, released. outside of -- outside of dulles airport, these individuals can't even get attorneys to come in and talk to them, which really speaks to the difficulty that we are having both knowing what is
12:37 pm
happening in these institutions and the deep level of a lack of due process that is happening. >> so that's just only one group. you saw all of the other what's not known list. one of those are the refugees because the refugee program has been suspended. what is going to happen to these folks who are going through the process or have been approved and are outside the united states? >> that's also an unknown. we're hopeful that we can find accommodations. we're hopeful that the next steps of the legal challenges ensure that these unconstitutional legal parts of the executive order are also struck down. but these are individuals who could be subject to both continuing harm if they remain in the places they are freeing but also a deep level of uncertainty and fear in the places where they might currently be temporarily. this is going to put enormous strain on other countries. this is going to put enormous
12:38 pm
strain on other nongovernmental organizations and is going to deeply, deeply weaken the standing of united states in terms of the world because we're not meeting our obligations. >> nicholas, attorney with the national immigration law center, who is representing the first two that were held at jfk. thank you so much. i appreciate that. now talking about jfk, we will get there shortly. but i want to show you these pictures out of philadelphia. and the numbers i showed you to you six minutes ago are moving. this is outside of the international arrivals area. they received from local reporting over 4,000 rsvps on facebook that folks without like to come out and protest the executive order and that is folks being detained at the airport because of the executive order, those who might be refugees and green cardholders and others.
12:39 pm
and, so, we'll continue to watch these groups across the country in this 3:00 eastern hour as it continues. let's get straight to new york city, where we have been watching protests there. one at battery mark in lower manhattan, also jfk airport. it also started last night. what are you seeing? >> reporter: what i see, richard, is thousands of people who come out here to battery park for a peaceful demonstration, rallying support for immigrants. they say that they want to tell the trump administration to stop targeting immigrants and refugees. people have brought their children. there are young, old people, elected officials have come out. they all have the same message with signs that say no ban, no wall and they want it to be clear that we are a nation of immigrants as we stand in the shadow of the statue of liberty.
12:40 pm
>> you were saying peaceful. are they asking for more than what is specific to the executive order? and it sounds like based on what you are saying, there are a lot of themes out there. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. but first and foremost, people are saying they want to stop what they consider to be a target attack on immigrants and refugees. i saw a man with a sign a moment ago and his sign said ninth generation immigrants. people feel very strongly that this city, this country cannot stand up with a ban against immigrants. so if adam, my camera man can pan off a little bit hopefully you can see. there are people standing in protest saying that they want this ban on immigrants to be put down. that they say is something that doesn't represent the america that they know and that they think is the america that the world should know.
12:41 pm
they're out here standing very peacefully making their voices heard about they want an end to this immigrant ban. richard? >> what kind of chance have you heard while i was listening to some of them yesterday as we were covering them across the country. what are they chanting and saying during the rally right now? >> reporter: well, one of the things they're saying, as i mentioned earlier, they are chanting no ban, no wall, no ban, no wall. and we are immigrants. this is an immigrant city. it's very hard for people in this city, again as officials say, we are about 40% foreign born in terms of the residents here. it is hard for people to say we want a ban on immigrants because there are so many people even at this rally who are immigrants themselves or they are descendants of immigrants to this country. they're very clear about it. they're very vocal about it. you can see a sign here that says stronger together.
12:42 pm
another sign that says resists. another sign that says rise up. the other thing i should tell you is during the course of this, they're suggesting to people that it should not end here, that their activism has to go beyond this moment to their congressmen, to the governors, to the state houses, as well as to the white house to let people know they are going to resist this ban on immigrants. >> thank you so much. in battery park where she's saying thousands have gathered one week after the women's march on fifth avenue in new york city. we were hearing yesterday many of those are here today in new york city. this is dallas fort worth airport. we will continue to watch the protests as well as those who are standing up for those who have been detained yesterday. this was a very busy space in dallas fort worth, texas there.
12:43 pm
this is philadelphia. that group continues to grow in number. outside the airport, not in the terminal itself, but close by to it. and this maybe one of the larger ones, along with new york city. all of this across the country. we'll continue to follow. we're going to take a short break. we'll be back in three. >> we are sanctuary city. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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taking you live to washington, d.c. here. one of the locations. it's been reported by our kelly o'donnell that some of the protesters sounds can be heard from where she was standing earlier on the front lawn there as the president earlier today tweeting that he is reaffirming that his executive order, everything in it stands as it did on friday when he signed it at 12:00 noon. these protests in washington, d.c., just one of a dozen or two throughout the country.
12:47 pm
and you get a sense here with just nine locations we have selected for you. you can read the small print. we got seattle, new york city, dulles, virginia, boston, massachusetts. san francisco, chicago, illinois. it looks like chicago o'hare. brooklyn, new york. los angeles. charlotte as well. it was a busy saturday and a busy sunday for us. i want to bring in our panel now to react to this. a former adviser so senator ton mccain. we also have here a former director of progressive media for hillary clinton's campaign and political reporter for the washington post. the president has not reacted to any one of these nine, any one of these if you look at the map protests across the country today and yesterday. why not? >> well, i hope he doesn't because i think he's already spoken on really fulfilling a campaign pledge. i'm really a little bit surprised at the reaction and
12:48 pm
the coverage as a consequence of this action. this is exactly what president trump promised he would do, extreme vetting and he would take major steps to stem immigration from countries that have actually been designated, the seven countries by the obama administration as harboring serious cells. i have to correct what you are saying here from new york. this isn't a ban of immigration. it is a moratorium that's been established on seven countries designated pursuant to his campaign pledge of harboring terrorist cells and extreme vetting would take place. >> i want to be very clear that the president himself did agree and he did use the word ban. >> well, it is, but if you read the statements from the white house -- >> i am. i am quoting directly from his tape yesterday when you see here on the left-hand side. he was asked and he said is this a muslim ban. he said no, but it is a ban.
12:49 pm
>> if you read the statement that is written, it is a moratorium, and it's -- >> i don't want to go back and forth on this. let's be specific, though. why didn't president trump react to what is happening across the country? >> i don't think president trump should be reacting to every single incident that is happening. i think he has said that he is reaffirming this moratorium from the seven countries. keep in mind, indonesia is the largest muslim country. it is not on the list. i think this is fulfilling a campaign pledge. i think the only difficulty has been and i think this is a problem, that individuals with green cards and people that were already en route to the united states have become even snarled in what could have been a better handled bureaucratically matter. but the actual policy i think is pursuant to what he said throughout the campaign. >> is this a manner of a protest
12:50 pm
of policy, a protest of process because all the details weren't worked out, which seems to be really what is at the cor of many of e problems that have - within the last few hours. >> yes and yes. it's a protest to both of those things. donald trump pledged over the course of the campaign, that's very true. but it's also true that he lost the popular vote. it's not as though he won more than half the country. obviously, there are people who disagreed with what he was going to do are now expressing that disagreement. this was also handled the way that i think would no one would describe but sloppy. i was in the courtroom when the judge issued the statement. >> in brooklyn? >> yeah. one of the points that was made she asked the government zplistly, can you defend this? they said essentially we didn't have time to prepare for this thing. the government's lawyers were not prepared to defend this because they weren't given the heads up.
12:51 pm
>> political unit did confirm that, that dhs, certain individuals, as well as those working in justice did not get that heads up. is that that opening that hillary clinton, that you on the democratic side, had wanted here? now that you have faces that are kept at airports, stories, you could potentially work harder to work against this executive orderer. >> as a former clinton staffer, nobody want this had to happen and we tried to make it clear to people that we should take donald trump literally. he took his campaign promise and turned it into really sloppy policy work. and so in terms of the policy itself, though, i would argue in opposition to what adolfo said, he brought it up after the shooting in san bernardino and again after orlando and neither one of those would have been prevented by this ban in and of itself anyway. it's a reactionary policy that, yes, matches up with his campaign promise.
12:52 pm
but it's doing something that a lot of people do not want. >> and, philip, the first loss, if you will, the first knick in the armor for president trump -- we're only a week in admittedly. this is not necessarily uncommon for the administration. >> i'm not sure it's the first political -- the day after the inauguration, millions were in the street marching in protest to his policies as he presented them over the course of the campaign. this is clearly a very unusual situation, to be nine days in a presidenty and have two days of massive protests. three if you count yesterday and today separately. it's very, very unusual and speaks to the fact that, a, he didn't win the popular vote but he's still president. that's how the electoral college works. he never made any effort to build bridges with those who voted against him. >> they have to join the resistance. get out in these protests. >> oh, please. >> stop confirming the nominees and show a strong force of unified resistance. >> oh, please. >> adolfo, i owe you a minute
12:53 pm
next time. >> fair enough. thank you, richard. >> we're continuing to watch the protests across the country. atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport, the country's busiest airport. demonstrators outside the white house as well. our breaking news coverage across the country as we monitor the reaction to the executive order and those who have been detained as a result of it will go back to the streets after this. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions,
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> that is the new trump hotel in washington, d.c. they are chanting, screaming and can be heard earlier i said kelly o'donnell, who was on the white house lawn, said it could be heard, as it was similar, during the women's march one week ago. philadelphia, dallas, washington, d.c. also what we are watching. d.c. i mentioned a second ago. these four cities are just a
12:57 pm
selection of what could be a couple dozen, at least, in the united states. we've been asking, agree or disagree, nationwide protests against president trump refugee ban will have an impact on how the administration governs. 63% of you agree. 37%, 34 now disagree. pretty consistent. when we break that down binby political party -- when we showed you the protests, republicans agreed more strongly than democrats and independents along the way. then we take a look at gender. earlier this hour we were talking about silicon valley's negative reaction to the executive order and what was covered by it, men spiked to strong agreement while women fluctuated from agree to neutral on that. so, a lot of fluctuation today. final scoreboard, 72 to 28.
12:58 pm
thank you for participating in our pulse question of the day. that does it for me. my colleague, thomas roberts, is next. stick around for that. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. at planters, we put fresh roawhich has its drawcks. can, guys, know anything about this missing inventory? wasn't me! the cheeks don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters.
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