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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 29, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. we continue to monitor breaking news in response to president trump's executive order, banning incoming nationals from seven predominantly muslim countries. detainees with legal papers, visas, who arrived on u.s. soil cannot be sent back to their country of origin or origin of travel and governing agencies must supply a list of those detained. in the first 23 hours of trump's border ban, 109 travelers were denied entry into the u.s. and 173 travelers departing the
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seven banned countries were blocked from boarding flights to the u.s. let's dive right in. kelly o'donnell has the latest reaction from the white house. what are we learning about the coordination between the department of justice, the white house and these executive orders? >> reporter: we still do not have an attorney general because skref sessions has not yet been confirmed but there is a department at the department of justice known as the office of legal counsel and regardless of party, they render opinions on the lawfulness of executive orders and other kinds of presidential actions and that department is saying that with this trump administration, they are also reviewing these kinds of things. not directly saying they're reviewing what the president signed with respect to these seven countries, but implying that that is the case. we've already seen they had rendered an opinion earlier about his son-in-law participating as a member of the white house team. so we know that the trump team
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has been working with what's known as the office of legal counsel. and we also had right here at the white house, about a block away -- because there are still aspects of the inaugural sort of structure here, the grand stand, reviewing stand and so forth that are still here. protesters did come close to the white house. you could certainly hear them as ey chaed the concerns from the white house northlawn. and a few of them sharedith us what brought them out today. here is a sample of that. >> i have a lot of friends who are immigrants and i care deeply about living in america that has diverse peechlt i was inspired by the protests at jfk yesterday where you saw spontaneous group of people coming together to express their concerns.
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>> reporter: today, the white house has been defending this, that the policy will stand and the president is within his rights and not addressing the controversy of some of these protests that have been occupying different airports and cities around the country. they are holding firm that this will be their policy and they say that this is simply a case where these rules must hold for these seven countries and they're going to hold to it. also today, the president had a couple of phone calls, thomas, with big leaders who are part of the muslim world, the king of saudi arabia, leader of the united arab emirates. we suspect this came up on those phone calls but have not gotten a readout on that yet. thomas? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thank you very much. this is new york city. we've been watching these spring up coast to coast, new york to l.a. sources telling nbc news' pete williams that border officials
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are complying with the federal injunction but in some cases problems remain. steve patterson is on the scene, reporting at lax all day. do we know, are people still being detained there? >> thomas, yes, we do. we've talked to several attorneys who have been in contact with those families who have people here that are detained. i have to apologize to you. it is so loud, i can barely hear myself think. protesters have been here for several hours. this sound from this protest has not stopped. we are right inside of it right now. i'll show you around real quick. that's the front of the protest. we are right in front of the tom bradley international terminal. you'll barely be able to tell that because of how deep inside we are and how loud this is. we've talked to several protesters who are upset, not only at the fact that there are detainees that remain here, but the fact that this immigration issue that trump has raised with his executive order tramples on the rights of americans here in
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the united states. one of those people lily, why are you here today? >> my family immigrated here 40 years ago. most of my family is in iran. they have green cards to come here and now they can't come here. i can't see my family anymore. >> reporter: hearing that there may be detainees in there -- >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you say to the people there and the customs enforcement that is here now? >> first of all i want to apologize to all the families that are detained. that is the most horrific thing that is happening to them. they have no food or water. they don't speak english. we want to help anyone with translation and i feel that this is one of the most inhumane things that they can do to us. >> reporter: lily, thank you so much. we are hearing maybe 20 to 40 detainees remain inside. we've had no status updates on what their current status is,
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where they are or what their condition is. as you can see, protesters are here and they're not going anywhere. >> steve patterson reporting at lax. to give our viewers and listeners more context here, as lily was referring to, there are green card holders. we've learned more about how this ban affects folks with green cards. case by case when they get here, traveling from one of these seven countries that would fall in the parameters of these bans. iran, iraq, syria, libya, sudan and yemen. at the world's busiest airport in atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport, the mayor saying 11 people detained were released last night. sarah dollof is there for us. 11 people are detained and released. how are airport officials
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interpreting the ban today? >> hi there, thomas. that is a very good question. we've been talking to attorneys who are here at the airport, waiting for two travelers that could be detained. they say there is a lot of confusion that no one is very clr onxactly how to proceed. now, while those lawyers are inside, this is the crowd outside the airport. take a look. they began gathering and chanting well before the scheduled start time of this demonstration, chanting "we are immigrants. let them in." the crowd continuing to grow with every train, every marta train that pulls in, crowds of people are filling in, joining the crowd here and their chants, and their passions. we talked to people, lawyers, and everyday folks who came out here to express their opinions about the many often personal reasons they felt they needed to
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be here today. >> we just don't know what's going to happen. it's going to be confusion for a while until we get answers but we're not going to stop until we get answers. >> this is just not right. this is not right. we don't treat people this way. keep america the home of the brave and the land of the free. >> reporter: as you know, 11 people were detained here yesterday while this was sorted out. attorneys tell us all 11 have been released but they are, thomas, as i mentioned, waiting on two people they feel could be flagged. back to you. >> sarah dallof, thank you very much. as we understand it right now on the schedule for the president, he is hosting a family screening of "finding dory" in the white house theater. six hours ago from both accounts, saying christians in the middle east have been
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executed in large numbers. we cannot allow this horror to continue. he has not made comment about the protests. we move on to philadelphia. people are marching in foley square. here is what one of those family members told our reporters. >> we've done everything by the book and by the rules and what america wanted us. we always lived by the rules, all our lives. and i was saddened and i'm heartbroken. i am very thankful for the american people because i know americans do not want this. we are humans, regardless of our race, religion, color. we are humans and humans are supposed to help other humans. that's what we believe. and i am so grateful to everything that's happening and what the americans and the help of all these people, because they're helping me because i don't know what to do at this point. i'm lost. they asked me, what should we do? i say i don't know. i found these good people to help us now.
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>> seems like a lot of people are figuring this out one step at a time. joining me now from our local affiliate in philadelphia. andrea, describe the scene there. people are out in protest like at other airports. >> reporter: thousands of people are here at philadelphia's international airport, protesting. early on, police put the count at about 2,000. it could easily be a lot more than that. go ahead and take a look at all of their signs. we see people from all walks of life, young, old, all ethnicities are all out here. they're not just outside. they're also inside and baggage claims. so many people are here that police have shut the doors to baggage claim. you hear them chanting "let them in." they've been here since before 2:00 this afternoon. earlier yesterday, it started with two syrian families that were sent back home. four families -- four people were detained overnight.
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they've since been released today. here in philadelphia, we had republican leadership here this week. each and every time, protesters are coming out in force and they're not getting tired of protesting here. they're all chanting "let them in, let them in." there's no sense of when they're going to be leaving. it was said to have ended at 4:00 and they're not going anywhere. the crowd just keeps getting bigger. that's the latest here at philadelphia. >> andrea klein thomas, those crowds are swelling and it was supposed to have ended at 4:00. it seems more and more people are coming out. hartford airport in connecticut. that sprung up today, surprisingly. here is what one of the organizers had to say about it. >> the significance of it being this is where immigrants come to america. in the past, they used to come
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to america at ellis island. now they come to america at airports. we're stronger as a country because of immigrants around the world and we're not safe by banning them but by embracing all the people who come to our america from around the world. >> joining me now, jim, you heard that gentleman from hartford saying the ban is make us less safe. the trump administration thinks it's the opposite. >> strictly as a security studies matter in my view it makes us less safe. the risk that the refugee poses as a potential terrorist actor against the consequences of the ban. so what we have here is a new study out that looks at all terrorist attacks on u.s. soil since 1975. the chance that a refugee will kill an american in a terrorist attack is one in 3.6 billion,
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billion with a b. so that's a really small risk. what are the costs that we're going to pay to prevent this really small risk? alienating our allies, we are giving isis a recruitment tool. we make it harder to cooperate with the very countries we need to depend on to defeat extremism. most victims in the world, extremism, religious extremism, are muslims and we need their governments and we need their citizens to cooperate with us if we're going to be successful in stopping it. >> i know you wrote an op-ed for usa today. is it based on facts, will it make us safer and is it consistent with long-held american values? now do you think it's consistent and in the best interest of the american people, considering that president obama also put a six-month suspension on those that were coming from iraq in 2011, based on intelligence from
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the fbi that they felt they needed to put a pause on that type of immigration from a certain country. >> well, i agree, thomas, not only president obama, other presidents have intervened at different points and placed restrictions on immigration. but there was some general rationale for it. it was usually a rationale based on particular information collected at the time, that there was a particular threat in place. this is a generic policy and picks all sorts of very, very different countries. iran, which is persian, and shia country is very different than somalia, but they're all muslim. based on president trump's own words in that abc interview he says explicitly the reason he's doing this is he doesn't want refugees to commit terror attacks on american soil. and, again, as i said, the numbers say that the chances of someone dying in that are one in 3.6 billion. so, a general policy aimed at a nonexistent threat that doesn't
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discriminate between countries and isn't linked to particular intelligence information strikes me as something that's very different. >> it's broad brush for right now. we'll wait to see how this all plays out. 90 days from seven specific muslim countries. jim walsh, thanks very much. an update from san francisco international airport. a spokesman there just tweeted that they have been -- four individuals were detained under executive order and have been released. fifth and final individual is still being processed. that's taking place in san francisco. and this is a live look here in new york city, as we watch crowds swell. and city to city, coast to coast. and this is the fallout, the consequences of people reacting to president trump's immigration ban. what is the whiteouse responding? how are they characterizing the succs of this? we'll explain next.
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this is just one of the rallies at battery park in lower manhatt manhattan, joined by the mayor, bill diblasio, calling for a halt to the president's order. rehema ellis, explain where these marchers are going and how many, do you think, have flocked together? >> reporter: i wouldn't begin to estimate the crowd. i can tell you this. there are thousands of people. folks have been passing through
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this area, greenwich street, up to the courthouse area. they have been walking, people have been passing 15, 20, maybe half an hour. at first they had been assembled at batter park. hundreds of millions of people want to let the trump administration know that this ban on muslims is not acceptable here in this country. take a look. just pan out into this crowd. it goes on and on and on with people all saying the same thing. it is no hate, no fear. immigrants are welcome here. that the will of the people will not allow this. the interesting thing is that they gathered at battery park and you could see the statue of liberty across the water. people said lady liberty was crying today, in their eyes, because they say they felt it was shameful for the trump
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administration to impose the ban that it did and that they will not be silent and they are walking in protest to let people know that they will not stand for this ban. >> rehema, keep us posted. reince priebus is making no apologies to the president's executive action on immigration. >> i suspect as long as they're not awful people, they will move through before another half a day today. and perhaps some of these people should be detained further and if they're folks that are to be in th-- not suppose ed to be ins
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country -- >> seven muslim majority countries, blocking syrian refugees from the u.s. indefinitely. the travel ban is for 90 days. for folks that have visas. green card holders who have been outside the country and are traveling back in will be screened in a secondary process. we've seen people detained at different airports around the country. some people have been sent back. for lack of a better phrase, a return to sender for those who have arrived here in the country since the order was signed. ambassador norman eisen, chairman of the citizens for responsibility. and is currently suing president trump for his alleged conflicts of interests. the administration would say this list, these seven countries
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that are falling in a snare trap are all the list that was comprised by the former congress under the obama administration and this is president obama's list that they're using to justify this. how do you respond? >> like so much this administration says it's nonsense. president obama did not ban syrian refugees. he insisted on our proper place as a nation to welcome them after undergoing extensive vetting. he did not close the doors of the united states to people in need from these countries. he insisted that we find their proper place here what the trump administration is doing is against the law. it's unconstitutional. as the courts are finding across
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the country and we believe part of the motivation is that mr. trump is excluding those from countries where he has little or no business, but similarly situated countries that pose a threat where he has had business, he is not including them in the ban. he is discriminating on the basis of his foreign business. >> again, norm, he would push back and administration officials will push back on that, saying specifically saudi arabea where the majority of the 9/11 hijackers and attackers came from, saudi arabia is not on this list. the president just had a telephone call with the king of saudi arabia earlier today but that this country -- seven different countries were specifically picked because of work of the obama administration and are using that as the catalyst to saying why this is
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effective. why they can push back on your point about saudi arabia is that it is not a business conflict. >> let's be perfectly clear. the administration is seizing on these seven different countries to violate the constitution in a way that is unprecedented in american history. the obama administration never suggested that refugees, other travelers and even green card holders from these lands should be barred from the united states and i do not believe it is a pure coincidence that they've chosen these seven different countries, plucked this list using it for a completely different and unconstitutional purpose. the courts are freezing the way this list is being used. you had most of the 9/11 terrorists coming from saudi
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arabia. but mr. trump has done business there. egypt. mr. trump has done business there. the united arab emirates, mr. trump has done business there. by his own rationale, these other countries should be included. why is he not doing it? we think it has to do, in part, with his business practices. this is wrong and unconstitutional. >> the administration will push back on that about the conflicts and the courts have acted within the last 24 hours. this will continue as we see these cases move forward in city and city. norm eisner, great to have you on. >> thanks for having me. >> ft. lauderdale, to florida beyond the protests and trump's refugee ban creating shock waves in the corporate world. a response when we come back.
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this is new york city, people that have amassed in lower manhattan, traveling around battery park. many protests not just around new york city. we've been watching these around the country, people that are not fans of the trump immigration ban. it's not just lawmakers in d.c. or the protesters on the streets that are making their voices heard about this ban. silicon valley is also speaking out, too. some of the biggest tech companies in the world are slamming this executive order. it's even hitting home for some of them. apple founder steve jobs was a child of a syrian immigrant and ceo mark zuckerberg said his wife wouldn't be in the u.s. today if they had turned away refugees a few decades ago. savannah joins us now. how these companies are helping empl employees that are affected. >> i've learned about what tech companies are doing, finding a way to stand against trump's temporary ban from seven specific countries.
1:32 pm
airbnb ceo brian chesky said the service will be providing, quote, free housing it refugees and anyone not allowed in the u.s. ride share has pledged $1 million over the next four years to the american civil liberties union. competing ride share service uber found itself in the crosshairs of this immigration ban backlash after they turned off surge pricing at jfk, allowing for lower prices on uber during a new york taxi cab strike. the decision to continue service while cabs refused to pick up from jfk angered many users and resulted in a #deleteuber, currently still trending worldwide. uber's ceo did send an e-mail to uber employees prior to that controversy at jfk, vowing to support drivers who may be unable to re-enter the u.s. after visiting their home country. he said they will compensate
1:33 pm
those drivers over the next three months and ceo tim cook promised legal support to employees affected by the immigration policies. in a memo to staff he pointed out, quote, apple would not exist without immigration. thomas, that's likely a reference, as you mentioned earlier, that steve jobs was the son of a syrian immigrant. >> big impact as we see people using their phones to protest and get on board with different hash tags and watching these different companies coming out with giving away free housing, cutting prices on rides. business tech leaders are seeing opportunity on being on the right side of the history here. >> exactly. so that's where uber got into a little bit of hot water, seeming that they were capitalizing on that jfk cab strike. many people were coming out, saying this is not a way we feel our company can operate. many of their employees are either from, live in or travel
1:34 pm
to frequently their home countries which might be one of those seven and they're willing to stand up for them about don't feel that it's american. >> thanks for being with me. >> thank you very much. >> protesters have taken to the streets here in new york city. it's been a hotbed of protests since the trump administration took office just over nine days ago, officially ten days ago, if you want to count the swearing in ceremony. we'll take you back to the streets live after this. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> more now from the different protest sites around the country, different airports. atlanta hartsfield-jackson international. we can see that th crowds have swauled there. that's sarah dallof on the left. also, what's taking place in texas at dallas-ft. worth airport. protesters packed the terminal after several travelers were detained by immigration
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officials there. there, we have cheers and celebration after a federal judge's order paved the way for the release of some passengers. this woman reunited with her family, shedding tears of joy after being detained for hours. some protesters are waiting for their loved ones. they were relieved but vow to keep fighting. >> i'm happy for myself, for the other families and i hope it's everywhere, not just here in dfw but nationwide. we're not going to stop until we see our parents and everyone sees their families here and nationwide. this ban should be lifted. this should not be here. >> homa bash from kxas is in dallas and joins me live. explain the very latest there and how the ban is being interpreted by officials today. >> reporter: so, a spokesman just came out for a lot of these protesters and said that they have heard unverified reports that all the detainees have been
1:39 pm
released, that every single person has been detained, that they heard reports of nine to 12 people for about 24 hours now have been detained. they're saying they're unverified reports that they have been released but they want that in writing and they want these protesters to stay put. this is terminal d, international arrivals here at dfw airport. terminal d stands for deafening. you can see people coming out. they're taking videos, raising their thumbs up. there are signs as far as the eye can see and there are thousands and thousands of protesters gathered here for hours, some more than 24 hours now. you can just hear how long, how loud this is and how long these people have been here. you can see the variety of signs, the variety of people. this is robin. she has been here since 10:00 this morning. why are you here? >> i'm here to help represent all of my muslim brothers and
1:40 pm
sisters who are unlawfully being detained by trump's executive order. it's unlawful. it's unconstitutional. this is not what america represents to me or to any of the people that are here. >> all different nationalities, creeds and colors are out here to show we stand with muslims and refugees. >> when do you plan on leaving? >> we do not plan on leaving until we get in writing that no further detainees will be detained from coming into the united states and that they are going to fully release everyone. we want that in writing. we're not leaving until we get that. >> thank you, robin. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: we spoke to lawyers earlier that mentioned verified reports of those detainees were allowed to leave. one was an 11-month-old baby, a u.s. citizen and her mother were confirmed to allow to leave. this is the scene here at terminal d. >> homa bash reporting for us there at dallas-ft. worth.
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this statement just came t out. it's not as big as i would like it to be for you. america is a proud nation of immigrants. we will continue to show compassion for those fleeing owe pregnancy but we will do so while protecting our own dissents and border. my policy is similar to what president obama did in 2011 when he banned visas from iraq for seven months. the seven countries are previously identified by the obama administration as sources of terror. to be clear this is not a muslim ban as the media is falsely reporting. this is not about religion. it's about terror and keeping our country safe. 40 different countries worldwide are majority muslim that are not affected by this order. we will again issue visas to countries once we are sure we reviewed and implemented the most secure policies over the
1:42 pm
next 90 days. this is the statement we got from donald trump. can we tap into real donald trump real fast? just so we can kind of call bs on this is not about religion? donald trump has been tweeting about christians in the middle east have been executed in large numbers. we cannot allow this horror to continue. our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting right now. it's a contrast of what we're seeing about what this ban is supposed to mean, as to what this statement is supposed to be explaining to us by saying that the media is falsely reporting this. president trump, we are reporting what you are saying on your timeline and we are also reporting what you're saying in this release but we're showing the impact that this is having and what it is doing to humans that are trying to travel to america right now. i want to bring in the panel that i have assembled to talk with me right now. harry svugen, and from the 2008
1:43 pm
obama campaign and huffington post political reporter, and former spokesperson for ted cruz. sorry for the little confusion there. i wanted to get the executive order on and also president trump's twitter feed. rick, let me start with you. this is a real contrast. we're being told one thing via twitter, another thing through an official statement. we're seeing the ripple effects play out in real time. but through the dust and the chaos, we're supposed to believe what this ban really is? >> that seems to be the problem here, thomas. there seems to be a lack of coordinated communication. not only with the white house to the public and through the media, through the twitter, but also through the different agencies. and it's causing a lot of confusion. but in the end, you look -- i see a lot of statements, people pretty ignorant about the customs process. people are detained or questioned or subject to further
1:44 pm
questioning all the time. and ultimately you had about 100 travelers out of hundreds of thousands of travelers, who have been detained. i don't really agree with the way this policy is executed but america does have a right to single out countries where terrorism is a threat. and i'll note, thomas, that these seven countries, not one of them you're allowed to celebrate christmas or easter publicly. and it's wonderful that these people are protesting, but i never hear them protest about that, about women's rightsnd out christian rights in these countries that donald trump has said he has put a ban of travel on. >> but we're america, rick. >> of course. >> and i want to say we're supposed to be the home of the brave, the land of the free. we'll take your tired, your poor huddled mass. the obama administration hats done this before. i said that i need to call bs here. i'll apologize for that, but it's confusing when we look at the white house official statement and the twitter timeline and say that this is not about a religion or specific
1:45 pm
countries where religion and what the president will call radical islamic terrorism. laura, from your perspective with president trump issuing this statement and also the confusion that we've seen in the courts, how do you think that this is going to play out moving forward? >> well, all democrats in congress are uniformly against it. and not only coming out so hard against it, but showing up at airports, trying to help the immigrants out. they're having confrontations with border patrol agents and they're going to -- i'm hearing they're going to join in on an amicus brief to try to push the courts to overturn this muslim ban, which already seems to be happening in several federal courts. and even republicans, they've been a little bit more hesitant to criticize this immigration order but we're starting to see criticisms trickle out from the right as well. john mccain, rob portman came out this morning and said it wasn't properly vetted.
1:46 pm
actually, there's been about a dozen republicans in congress who slowly are coming out and saying actually he should have consulted on this and it's not constitutional. >> so let me ask you, as a former senior spokes paperson for the 2008 obama campaign, president obama did go through this in 2011 and president trump talks about that in his executive order, the fact that they suspended refugee immigration from iraq, and this was based on an fbi investigation. do you think that that's the big difference here, that we don't have a true catalyst to understand other than a campaign promise where this travel ban is coming from? >> i think president obama's order was very narrow. it stopped the refugee application process. it didn't stop the actual immigration or detention of green card holders, for example. but i agree with rick. this is about ignorance. this ban is not just unjust and
1:47 pm
unwise, it's unamerican. ronald reagan said we're a shining city on a hill. that is noonger the case with this kind oorder. i also would say this isn't just immoral. this is not just wrong. this is dumb. this is making us weaker, as senator mccain said today, it's emboldening terrorists, making it harder for us to work with our muslim allies around the world and causing isis and al qaeda, giving them propaganda material to go out and recruit more terrorists not reduce terrorism. >> do you agree with that, that this is a propaganda tool to isis and the like? >> sure, they're terrific at propaganda, producing propaganda material all the time. i don't know that -- they can use things we do and lie about what we do in propaganda. that's what propaganda is. look, it's really inaccurate to call it a muslim ban. these are all muslim countries,
1:48 pm
correct. but there are other 40 countries that are not banned. i don't like the way this is implemented. it could have been done a much different way and communicated better. it has to do with religion if you're going to mention christians and radical islamic extremism. we have to deal with those head on. we can't just bury our head in the sand. we have to acknowledge there is a problem here. donald trump has said he wants to defeat islamic terrorism. i want to see the plan to defeat this. people who have been issued visas, i assume the government has already vetted those people. i'm sure i'll get an argument about that. but i think it is wrong for the government to issue visas, green cards and then detain those people and put them through more of a process. but i do think america does have a right to protect itself from terrorism. >> laura, when we look at these countries, saudi arabia not on this list, people remember most of the hijackers and attackers
1:49 pm
for 9/u ca11 came from that cou. these countries are not designated as a source of immigrant terrorism which would be the true metric for immigration and border concerns. >> right. it actually doesn't make any sense. the seven countries that he chose kind of at random, it seems. to say that this is not a muslim ban after during the whole campaign he called scifically for a muslim ban and suddenly this is him making good on a campaign promise. and though it doesn't go so far to ban every muslim in the world from entering this country, it's no less a muslim ban. i don't really understand the argument there. >> right now, this is just for our viewers at home. this is a suspension for travel, 90 days, from these specific countries. refugee admission is spended for 120 days. green card holders will be examined on a case-by-case basis for a second screening once they
1:50 pm
get here to the u.s. sorry for our abbreviated time together. we've been jumping from protest to protest. appreciate your insights. >> thank you, thomas. >> good to see you all. here is a live look in new york city as more people have assembled to protest what this immigration ban means. and people are on different sides of whether or not this really makes us safer. we have more reaction specifically from the muslim community next. la quinta presents "how to win at business." step one: suck on and point decisively with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two: before your meeting, choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly so you can prepare to win at business. book now at g new cars.
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whoa have been showing you the protests that have been erupting at different airports and cities around the country. we also have reaction to president trump's immigration executive order by senators john mccain and lindsey graham. sends a signal, intended or not, that america does not want muslims coming into our country. that why we fear this executive order may do more to help
1:54 pm
terrorism recruitment than improve our security. mccain and graham, from donald trump is saying they are wrong and weak on immigration. he goes on to say that the two senators should focus their energy on isis, illegal immigration and border security instead of always trying to start world war iii. joining me now, from the republican muslim coalition and fellow at the institute for social policy and understanding. president trump says the ban is going to make america safer. but we've been witnessing families are being tested by this, separated. how is this being received in the muslim community? they say this is not a religious ban. is it being perceived that way? >> well, of course it's being perceived that way because it's targeting a lot of muslims from the seven nations. i wish that donald trump had looked into implementing the ban in a different way. the way it rolled out was like overnight and it stranded a lot
1:55 pm
of travelers, even with val visas, green card holders and even dual nationals with citizenship from one of the seven countries. so, obviously, there is a lot of fallout from this. it's being challenged in courts. there are stays being given because it's unconstitutional and illegal to hold permanent residents and aliens with valid visas. >> we'll explain, you've been talking to families directly impacted by this. >> it's a general feeling we're under attack. you feel like you're constantly targeted with terrorism or extremism. so we might be bombing them or selling weapons to a regime and people are being chased out of these countries, forced out of these countries because they're associated with terrorism. there's a feeling you can't escape this.
1:56 pm
anti-muslim language that was on the margins of the united states entering the white house. there's a fear that this is the beginning of something far bigger and far more worrying. so the protests were moving to people, that all these americans, different backgrounds were coming out to say this is simply not acceptable. >> this divide in the republican party, mccain and graham coming out forcefully in their statement. how does the gop reconcile? >> i think we'll see a lot of gop officials speak out against this. the way it was rolled out was not very efficient and it obviously didn't even run through the office of legal counsel at the department of justice. legal citizen with dual nationality or green card holders have been admitted to this country after extreme vetting. i agree with donald trump about securing the nation and securing borders and watching every person who comes in and vetting them. but at the same time it should be a case by case analysis not a
1:57 pm
strict ban on everyone, including valid visa holders and gop senators and this is going to get a strict review from the legislative and judicial branch. >> saba ahmed. we have to leave it there. that will do it for me. our continuing coverage up next. . use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. i mess around in the garage. i want to pay more to file my taxes. i want my tax software to charge me at the last second. paying $60 to file my taxes was the highlight of my day. and you just saw footage of me flipping burgers. want to charge me extra to itemize my deductions? no problem. i literally have too much money. said no one ever. file for free with credit karma tax. free to start, free to finish. a big tax company needs that $50
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good evening. we'll show you new york city right now, and several large-scale rallies held across the country. these ongoing and often spontaneous protests to president trump's executive order barring all nationals from seven countries, predominantly muslim. protests continuing at airports where lawyers, democratic lawmakers have converged, demanding the release of travelers who ha


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