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tv   Lockup Wichita Extended Stay  MSNBC  January 29, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> announcer: due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> i'm not a supreme mist, i'm a separate activity, i believe we should all stick with our own race. >> a skin head with a violent past leaves his girlfriend battered and bruised. what happened that night could have life or death consequences. >> my only witness is my victim. >> and. >> he don't have a spleen or a
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pancreas no more. >> a young woman said she stabbed a man in self-defense in one of the most dangerous streets in wichita. now her future is up to a judge. >> i just want another chance at life. >> wichita kansas is such an all american town that back in 1951 an all american comic strip was set here. dennis the menace. one part of wichita, broadway street, proves that even a family friendly city can have an under belly. >> there is all kinds of issues on broadway, and it's not just one part of broadway, it's the entire stretch of broadway through town. you can find at any given time,
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stolen cars, drugs, prostitution, human trafficking. just so much that goes on on broadway. >> just a half a mile from broadway's red light district is the cedric county jail. most of the 1,150 inmates here are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial in the resolution of their cases. vegas walker arrived fresh from broadway. >> i have been robbed before, i have been jumped on, maced, there is never a dull moment on broadway. >> somebody always getting stabbed, shooting and it might sound weird it's kind of like an adrenaline rush to me. >> walker says she has been a drug dealer on broadway for much of her young life and it was a confrontation with a man on that street that led it her arrest.
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she is charged with aggravated battery with the intent to cause great bodily harm. she has pled not guilty but admits to stabbing her alleged victim but only in self-defense. >> i guess he don't have a spleen or a pancreas no more. and he lost two liters of blood. >> walker has a prior conviction of attempted aggravated battery as a juvenile. but has been back to jail as an adult on minor probation violations that date back to her original conviction. if she is found guilty on her current charge, she could be sent to prison for years. according to court documents, she and the victim knew each other and had prior conflicts. >> i feel like i didn't do nothing wrong, because he shouldn't have put his hands on me. and seeing how he's two times my size. >> walker is two hours away from a court appearance. one in which her prosecutor will offer an opportunity to plead guilty to her current charge. in order to avoid the possibility of the state filing a more serious charge of
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attempted murder. >> and i could be facing 22 years, and i'm only 20 years old. so that's all my life. >> she's one of the sweet. est young girls in here, she's got a lot of issues, but she's sweet as could be. you would not think the charges that she's here for, you wouldn't even think. >> i don't think i should take a plea, i should just try to fight it. if i get 22 years, then maybe that is what it was meant to be, but i don't think god is going to let me go to jail for something like that for that long. >> later, walker returns to her housing unit from court. she has signed a plea deal to serve up to six years and three months in prison. but the final decision is up to her judge who will issue the sentence in a separate hearing. and there is one other stipulation. >> for the next six years, and i might have to do five years.
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i don't want to talk about it. >> vegas. vegas. >> kansas, there is only one of a few states with a violent offender registry, similar to more common sex oef fen certify registri -- offender ledregistries. they make it difficult to find housing or a job. tanya salmon is a friend of walkers and has had her own difficulties on broadway. >> we are kind of on the same page about some stuff. yeah, it's going to hurt, yeah, she's going to cry, but she can't shut herself out like this, or it's just going to make it worse. i know how she's feeling and if she closes herself out right now i'm scared what is going to happen for her. >> coming up. >> she had to be forced into handcuffs and then once i was walking her out of the cell door, she tried to jump off.
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>> jail officials put vegas walker on suicide watch. >> pretty soon we were in each other's face and it was like a firecracker, a fuse that got lit and i put my hands on her. >> an argument leads to a beating and an arrest and the victim changing her account of what happened.
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what are you going to do? >> back flip real quick for y'all. >> he is something else. >> of the 1,150 men and women housed at the cedric county jail in wichita, a little more than half are white males.
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there is no racial segregation in any of the housing units. but if jason gaillard had his way that policy would change. he displays his believes on his skin. >> i know the looks i get, i'm perceived as a racist or whatever. and you know, i get that look, you know, like, and, you know, i don't care i love it. i'm not a supremacist, i'm a separa separateist. >> he says inmates of other races understand. >> you go with your own people, just like animals go with their own species, it's the natural order of things. >> that is the best way to put it. tattoos don't bother me, everybody is tatted now.
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to me he look like he bought more tattoos than the last person. that's how i look at it. >> that's his personal issue. as long as he don't take his believes or whatever out on me as my skin color, then i don't have a problem with it. >> as long as it don't go on to the next person, it's cool. >> i'm not as extreme as i was. i'm proud of who i am, that's never going to change. and if i see one of my own getting beat up then i'm going to go to his aid. you know, that's never going to change. that is just who i am. >> you got to realize that prison has been set, the mentality has been set for years and years and years and years. you know what i'm saying? he's got to do what he's got to do to survive and i've got to do what i've got to do to survive. >> gaillard said he has served time as a juvenile, spent two years in a texas state prison, and recently completed 12 years in a kansas state prison for crimes including theft, forgery, robbery and aggravated battery. he grew more violent behind
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bars. >> in texas prison if you are white as soon as you go to prison you've got to fight, a black, a mexican, one of your own to see if you are going to break. and usually if you don't fight or if you fold up then whoever folds you up, you basically belong to them. >> despite it all, gaillard says sometimes he prefers prison life. >> you ain't got to pay bills, you ain't got all the issues. i mean, i love women, don't get me wrong, but in here you ain't got to deal with no women issues, man. and that is my biggest thing is i did all them years without having a relationship with a woman. and i mean, i miss being with a woman, don't get me wrong, but as far as being with a woman, the relationship aspect, the fighting, i didn't miss that. and it just seems like that is always -- i ended up with a chick, we always went at it all the time. >> and that is exactly why gaillard is now awaiting trial
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on several new charges, including kidnapping and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. he has pled not guilty. but admits to the physical confrontation with his girlfriend that led to his arrest. it started with accusations of cheating. >> who is she messing with, who am eight messing with that sort of thing. we was both feeling it drunk-wise and pretty soon we was in each other's face and it was like a firecracker, all it took was the fuse to get lit and i put my hands on her. >> judy simora was left with two black eyes and other bruises. >> i ain't proud of that. i ain't ever done it before. first time i ever struck a woman. >> simora has also reported that gaillard held a knife to her throat which resulted in this most serious charge, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. because of his prior record, gaillard could face up to 50 years in prison if found guilty. but he says now it's less of a concern because simora has recanted the knife claim.
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>> she basically said, hey, this never happened. i lied about it. that's what i mean by recant. she admitted that she lied about it. so any jury is not going to find me guilty from her saying i lied about it. they can't find you guilty. >> coming up. >> who are you going to see? gaillard. >> jason gaillard's victim pays him a visit. it's not just a car... it's your daily retreat. go ahead, spoil yourself.
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inside wichita's cedric county jail, vegas walker recently pled guilty to aggravated battery with intent to cause great bodily harm. she stabbed a man, but says it was in self-defense. and as her sentencing draws nearer, she's been struggling. >> she got into an altercation, argument with an inmate and so we diffused them and we moved them both. >> walker was transferred from her lower security dorm-like unit into pod 22, the higher security unit with single-person cells. >> three, four minutes into pod 22 she said she wanted to kill
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herself. so it took a response teach and myself to -- team and myself to go get her. she had to be forced into handcuffs and once i was walking her out of the sell door, she tried to jump off. >> walker was immediately placed on suicide watch. she was confined to a special isolation cell and stripped of all possessions in order to not harm herself. even her clothes were replaced with a thick tear proof gown to prevent hanging. >> it's not a form of punishment, but it's just a way to make sure they are safe. we always say that we want to make sure that our staff leave okay every night. well, we feel that way about the inmates, too, that is our primary job here is to make sure that they are safe. >> on the third day of suicide watch, jail officials have decided to change walker's status. >> per the mental health, they are going to discontinue suicide watch and begin a rack watch, that means a deputy will check on her every 30 minutes.
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they are going to log every 30 minutes of her behavior. >> she will be confined to this cell 23 hours per day, but is now allowed to wear a regular uniform and to have a few personal possessions. as long as they are not sharp. >> she has no access to the razor, because she attempted suicide. >> though walker was quickly restrained after she moved toward the railing, she says her intention was real. >> i felt like just ending it. i don't want to be in jail no more. i was tired of being in jail. i was tired of dealing with all of the things that i have been dealing with. i was just sick of everything and everybody. >> after a few hours on watch, deputy mayberry responds to a disturbance in walker's housing unit. she has been trashing her cell and kicking the door. >> what's wrong? >> out of my room. i want it back now. >> stop yelling. i can hear you.
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>> walker says the inmate worker removed her possessions into her new cell, stole her radio and other items. >> let me do some looking around, you say a radio and shampoo. >> radio, shampoo. >> let me do some searching around, all right? >> tell that -- >> i'll tell her. relax, okay? >> walker is also irritated by other women outside her cell in the unit's day room. >> you try to act hard that i'm behind this door you fat, sloppy bitch. >> don't let them rough you up, because you are locked up and they are not. i'll get your radio back to you, okay? listen, i don't know about all that. i don't know. they might have throw that away. you relax the rest of this night and you will have your radio tomorrow. okay. all right. i'm done. i gave you that option. all right? but i'm pretty sure they are not
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going to sit there and let you bang on here all day, you will end up in the chair or suicide watch. there you go. >> oh, vegas, i know her from the streets. i'm like, girl, you have got to stop because of the simple fact is either somebody is going to teach you are or you are going to learn really quick what it's like to be in jail. >> walker's friend jamie miller is assigned to the same housing unit. >> that just is too much. all night screaming and yelling and, i don't know. >> look at her. she looks so innocent, but she's hell. she's hell. >> i cannot believe she woke you up this morning. wow. i heard screaming and banging last night, shut up! >> you are not going to get anywhere in this cell acting like that. the easier you are, the more you
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comply with the deputies, you will get privileges. that's the only way they pay you any attention in here when you act nicely for people to do stuff. then they look at you like, oh, they ignore you. when you flip out or do something, they go, i've never had a problem with you, what's going on with you, and this and that. >> you -- >> miller knows that walker has been anxious about her upcoming sentencing. >> give you probation or prison time, right? what did you sign a plea for? >> five years. >> five years penitentiary time? >> the deal walker actually signed makes her eligible for more than six years in prison for stabbing a man, though she hopes the judge will give her probation instead. >> i'm probably going to get probation. >> who is your judge? >> mcgonigan. >> girl, you are going to prison. >> no i'm not. >> the plea says i can get
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probation. >> do you have the plea papers? >> no. >> i would ask for a copy of what you signed, honey. >> i already have a copy i ripped it up. i'm going to get one or the other. it's all up to the judge. >> either way i hope for the best. i mean, it's going to happen either way. >> what is. >> whatever is going to happen. i don't know, you don't know. >> no, i do know. i have to stay calm. >> all right. well, i'm about to move around. all right. that don't make no sense. >> miller knows walker's judge and is convinced she's head today prison. walker believes faith will set her free and she's used a bar of soap to fortify that belief. >> this says bless me and a cross. and then i wrote crosses all over my sink. i just, you know, put crosses on everything so i can remind
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myself why i'm trying to change. >> coming up. >> what's up? >> tell me exactly what you told the police. >> i told them that he took a knife, put it to my throat. >> jason gaillard's girlfriend changes her story. >> so the knives are a lie? >> hum. >> ms. walker, your situation is regrettable in a great many ways. >> vegas walker faces the judge. because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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breaking news out of canada, multiple fa multiple fatalaties at a mosque. two suspects are in custody, police are not releasing a number for the dead and injured. canadian officials, including prime minister justin t-- now back to "lockup".
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>> announcer: due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >>. >> for most inmates there is no mistaking life inside wichita county's cedric county jail for home sweet home. there is one policy implemented by sheriff jeff easter that they would like to see go away, or in this case flushed away. it's the toilet paper policy. >> a roll a week. so i try to stretch it out. >> how? >> you don't use as much, you know. >> sheriff easter says the one roll per week toilet paper policy has nothing to do with punishment, but everything to do with waste. >> there was toilet paper being used as table cloths, toilet paper, three or four rolls being stuffed down the toilet to flood
8:29 pm
their cells so they would be taken out of their cells. toilet paper put on the vents. toilet paper put on the windows, under the cracks of the doors. so the waste of toilet paper was unbelievable. and so we sat down and looked at it. and decided that we would issue them a roll of toilet paper a week. the first year the savings to the taxpayers was $50,000 in toilet paper. >> some inmates say one roll a week is just unsustainable. >> a lot of soft foods and one roll of toilet paper a week makes for a bad deal. >> i guess. >> they give us one roll a toilet paper a week and that's it. i have been locked down for 72 hours stealing a roll of toilet paper before. so. >> i have, too. >> went behind the desk and took a roll of toilet paper, man, i needed it. >> you know, if they are sick, have the flu, flu-like symptoms, those type of things, they are
8:30 pm
going to get as much toilet paper as they need until they are done being sick. but if they are not indigent and they have commissary, that costs them a doll1.3 to buy another r. >> those additional rolls of toilet paper can be purchased at the jail's commissary, along with snacks. jason gaillard has just received his weekly commissary order, including one roll of toilet paper. >> how much did you spend here? >> this is a 50 sack. ain't that crazy? walmart, 50 sack fill this whole table up. >> gaillard's girlfriend deposits money into his commissary account once a week. >> whenever she gets paid she gives me 50, whenever she's not getting paid, she gives me 30. if i beg her she might give me another 50. >> judy simora not only gives him money, but visits regularly, despite the beating she suffered
8:31 pm
at gagaillard's hands which ledo his current incarceration. >> hello. >> who are you going to see? >> gaillard. we talk to each other pretty much every day on the phone. i come to see him every week. thank you. he obviously has issues, but i do care about him, and i do love him. >> simora says she expects to be called to testify at gaillard's trial on charges including kidnapping and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. >> i got to play nice because of the situation. and do i harbor ill will or hard feelings toward her? i did initially. and there is still a little animosity of course because i'm in here. but i don't blame her for it. and i forgive her for it. just like she forgives me for doing that. >> what's up?
8:32 pm
>> did you shave your head? >> yup. can you tell? >> as far as us talking about what happened, he says he's ashamed of it. doesn't want to talk about it, but i do want to talk about it. >> simora says that she and gaillard agreed that he would try to get into an anger management class offered at the jail. >> whatever happened with those classes that you was trying to take? >> they still ain't said nothing to me about it. because i don't know, i'm just speculating, but as far as severity of the crime or whatever, they are trying to say probably that i'm not eligible to go, i think. i'm going to ask again. but i have been asking. if nothing else, definitely they are going to make me go when i get out. the judge will order it. >> that is probably a given. we had been drinking, i had a couple of beers, he was drinking some vodka. we were having a good time. >> both gaillard and simora say
8:33 pm
on the night of the beating they accused each other of infidel y infideliti infidelities. >> at first just pulled my hair a couple of times and then he slapped me up side the head. but then he continued to slap me. >> i didn't hit her with no closed fist, but still i ain't making no excuses for it either. i mean, i slapped her up. >> then they drove to a friend's house, but things got worse. and gaillard stopped on the way. >> he hit me a couple more times. and those two times was when i really got frightened. my eyes had been scratched, and it was very painful. and i just thought, it just seemed like it was never going to end. >> she said she was scared, that i was going to hit her again, and so she left. and that's when she went to the police station. >> you ain't heard nothing from the d.a. or nothing, huh? >> no, huh-uh, not a peep. >> if you've got to go to trial, they are going to talk to you probably a week before i go. >> yeah. >> you know, and if you don't
8:34 pm
show up, they are going to try to put a warrant out for you and all that good stuff. >> just show up then? >> yeah. if you don't show up they are going to try to make it seem like i'm telling you not to show up. you see what i'm saying? >> yeah. >> instead of it being your own free will choice they are trying to make it seem -- because i'm the bad guy. >> it's now in gaillard's best interests for simora to talk to his prosecutors because she has changed a part of her story. it could be the difference between gaillard receiving a short prison term or spending decades behind bars if found guilty. zmoo te >> tell me what you told the police. >> i told them that he took a knife, put it to my throat, a large hunting knife and put it to my throat. if i didn't tell the truth he was going to kill me. a little knife. he said he was going to start sticking me if i didn't tell them the truth. >> should gaillard be found guilty of using a knife, even in just a threatening manner, his sentencing guidelines increase dramatically. >> i'll never get out. i'll die in prison.
8:35 pm
you know, she wanted to get back at me. and she knew the record that i got and my history. so she knew, you know, she can tell them, embellish on it a little bit. >> did he have a knife? >> no. >> after gaillard's arrest, simora recanted her account of the knife. >> you made up the story of a knife, two knives? >> two knives. >> she came around finally and we talked about it, and i apologized for it, you know, as long as i got that off my back i'm good. worst case scenario i'll get a couple of years in prison. >> but just seconds later, during our interview with simora -- >> so the knives are a lie? >> hum. >> are they, judy? >> no they are not. >> he had a knife. >> yeah. >> any jury is not going to find me guilty. my only witness is my victim. >> why would you recant those
8:36 pm
elements of the story? >> well, i don't want to be responsible for him going back to jail. >> i miss you. >> i miss you, too, babe. when are you coming up next week? >> tuesday. same time. >> i love you, baby? >> love you, too, honey. stay out of trouble. >> all right. >> okay? >> all right. you be good. >> love you. >> bye. >> bye. >> do you consider yourself a victim of domestic violence? >> yes, i do. th >> this is a man who repeatedly hit you, why are you making it so easy for him in this environment? >> i don't know. obviously i want to. i've always been, you know, more concerned for the other person than for myself obviously. i understand how it works. i've tried to help family and to
8:37 pm
get out of the situation and then of course they went back and then at that point you realize that it's better just to let it take its course and hope eventually that things will work out. >> coming up. jason gaillard's reaction to judy simora's change of heart. and. >> the two options here obviously prison or probation. >> the judge hands down his sentence on vegas walker. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪
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simora. >> i love her. i mean, when you are with somebody for a long a time, whatever, living with each other, you are going to develop feelings. but i know it's never going to be like it was. >> though she was left badly bruised, gaillard says he only slapped simora during an argument. later, simora recanted her claim to police that gaillard also threatened her with a knife. but during our interview with her, she said she did so in order to protect him. >> i don't want to be responsible for him going back to jail. and like i said, i -- i didn't really think he was going to kill me. i just didn't think he was. >> because of gaillard's criminal history, which includes prior violent crimes, whatever version simora testifies to in court could be the difference between him going away for a few years or decades, if found guilty. >> if you have to go to court and you have to testify, you are
8:42 pm
going to perjure yourself on the stand? >> no. >> because they will ask you about your statement. >> um-hum. >> and i'm just curious if you would put yourself in that kind of. >> um-hum. >> predicament? >> yeah. >> you will tell the truth? >> um-hum. >> does he know that? >> i have to. i don't think so. yeah. >> the next time we saw gaillard he refused to speak to us on camera. we also checked in with simora. she said she had spoken to gaillard and had shared details with him about her interview with us. it will be resolved in the nearby courtroom building. the same one vegas walker is in today to learn her sentence for stabbing a man on wichita's broadway street. the judge can sentence her to anything from probation to up to
8:43 pm
75 months or more than six neers neers -- years in prison. >> state of kansas versus vegas walker. we are here this morning for sentencing following a plea of guilty to one count of aggravated battery. >> both the prosecution and defense will make sentencing recommendations. walker's attorney, public defender eli o'brien argues for probation. >> mr. o'brien? >> thank you, judge. ms. walker, as i've detailed in the motion, is a young woman who unfortunately has had a lot go wrong for her. she's been bounced around in foster care, and at the time of this incident she was homeless. she was living on the streets and the broadway neighborhood, we all know, isn't very good. she was on the streets out of necessity. she didn't have a stable home life to go to. she got caught up with the wrong crowd and this confrontation resulted in her taking steps that she understands now were
8:44 pm
not appropriate and she is here today to take responsibility for that. since this has occurred, her family has rallied around her and made the adjustments to where if she was to be released on probation she could stay with them immediately. probation is going to hold her accountable. she's not going to be living on the streets. she wants to get as far away from broadway as possible. she's young enough and she's smart enough that if she were given a chance on probation, i think she would succeed. and that is why i think rehabilitation at this point is more proper than imprisonment. thank you, judge. >> ms. amex, did you want to proceed at this time? >> thank you. >> assistant district attorney jennifer amex believes walker should go to prison for the maximum 75 months. >> sometimes the harm is just too great. prison should be reserved for violent offenders, and in this case that is what ms. walker has in fact become.
8:45 pm
>> the prosecution asserts that a dispute over money is what led to the stabbing. >> to be clear, judge, the eyewitness to this incident indicated that the victim told the defendant that he wasn't going to talk to her and that he didn't owe her any money. that pissed her off because she wanted her money. she went away, she threatened to shoot him. when she came back, she again approached him, went up, slapped him. he slapped her back. that pissed her off. so she grabbed the large butcher knife where she had it hidden in her waist and she stabbed him in the gut. she severed his pancreas his spleen, his liver, before it finally exited the back of his abdomen. she doesn't try to get him help. she doesn't wait for the cops to try to explain what happened. she doesn't take responsibility at the scene. she stabs him, says, i told you not and then she leaves the
8:46 pm
scene. this case could have appropriately been charged as an attempted murder. the question the court has to answer is, is she a public safety risk? and the facts of the case would indicate that he is, as does her criminal history. >> after amex has completed her argument, walker is given the opportunity to speak for herself. >> i just want to say that even though it sounds really, really bad, i'm sorry. my goal was not to kill him or to -- i was scared. i truly was scared. i can't fight no man. i've always accepted responsibility for anything that i did. the reason i didn't stay is because i was scared. didn't know what was going to happen. i wasn't thinking straight. i had been up for three, four days. i just wasn't thinking straight. i'm sorry. that's all i can say is that i'm sorry. and i will never do anything
8:47 pm
like that again. i just want another chance at life because i'm better than this. >> all right. thank you. >> finally, it's time for the judge to hand down the sentence. >> ms. walker, your situation is regrettable in a great many ways. i've done what i can to be as informed as i can in looking at what's the appropriate sentence in your case. and the two options here obviously prison or probation. to place you on probation, i would have to consider the risk you would pose outside of this building. and in considering that, i have to look at what you've got to help you succeed on probation.
8:48 pm
and right now, that isn't much. you were obviously transient, essentially homeless as you've stated today. using very serious drugs, and certainly those did not benefit you in this situation. and while your attorney can argue today that your family is now ready to assist you, we really don't know much about that, and whether it would be available regularly in the future is unknown. so those all work against you being successful on probation. now, ms. walker, the second thing that i consider most today, and i do with any case that's before me, is your criminal history. you are 21, barely. and you've amassed a fairly significant criminal history for someone so young. what is troubling about your history is that it has slowly increased in seriousness, and now we are at a situation that
8:49 pm
in all fairness probably could have been charged as an attempted murder. and this increase in seriousness right now seems to indicate you are a danger to others. to place you on probation puts me in the position of saying, we are going to take a risk on you right now to see whether or not you are going to harm someone else or do an even more serious crime. you take a knife and you stab someone, and almost kill them, you are making decisions. >> bad ones. >> you are right. bad ones. and there is consequences for those decisions. you won't be going on probation, and you will be going to prison. because you are young, you still have a significant period of life in front of you to make these changes that you and your attorney say you want to make. whether you are going to make those are not is going to be up
8:50 pm
to you. >> considering all the required factors, the sentence is as follows, i'm going to sentence the defendant to a term of term custody of the secretary of corrections. ms. walker, i take no pleasure in sending someone of your age to prison, but the state is right, you've shown you're a danger to others, and at this time, the best place for you is prison. >> coming up. >> right now she's in crisis mode. she thought she was going to be released and they just sentenced her to prison. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items...
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next door to the jail, is the criminal courts building.
8:54 pm
inside, vegas walker has just been sentenced to 68 months in prison for stabbing a man. she is now escorted with other inmates appearing in court through a long under ground corridor that connects the courts building to the jail. prior to court, walker was convinced that the judge would empathize with her difficult up bringing and her claim she stabbed the man on defense and release her on probation. >> i'm pissed. i should have got the chance to go home. everybody knew i was going to prison but me. >> as a result of what jail officials identify as a suicide attempt, walker is still on watch meaning she must be confined to a special observation cell, but now, walker has decided not to return to her cell. >> i'm not going. >> yes, you are.
8:55 pm
>> nope. >> walker? walker? walke walker? >> stop! stop! stop! stop it! put your hands behind your back! stop it right now! stop. >> right now she's in crisis mode. she thought she was going to be
8:56 pm
released. they just sentenced her to prison. it's very common. they expect they are going to get out or they get less time or more time, some of them explode. some of them shut down. it's a terrible, stressful time in their life. >> sergeant abbott who worked closely with walker in the past attempts to help. >> they are going to stand you up. stand up. stand up. stand up. it's difficult because you got to keep that separate line of caring too much and doing your job. ms. walker don't do this. >> i don't care. >> why don't you care? i want her to know i care about her, i do. that's my job to take care of these people while they are here. but yet, she can't lay on the floo floor. >> finally, walker returns to
8:57 pm
her cell. >> kneel down on your bed. >> i want to be alone. i don't want to be in here. i want to be around people i know. >> i'll do whatever in my means i can do to help her. >> walker's friend jamie miller witnessed her outburst and is upset by it. >> i seen her act like a child today. you're a big girl that pulled a knife and cut somebody, you knew the risk when you pulled the knife and you act like that on the streets, the thing about it is i know both sides. i know her victim. everybody knows him. and what she did was wrong. now have it's time to go lay down and do your time. you did the crime, you wear the jump suit, you do the time. why are you acting a fool in the middle of the day room? you're a big girl, remember? you pulled a knife. you cut him up.
8:58 pm
accept what you did. >> a short time later, a decision is made to house walker in the medical clinic until she is calmer. it's a quieter setting away prom other inmates. it will allow medical and mental health staff to better monitor her. [crying] >> thank you for letting me have a phone call. >> you're welcome. what did your mama say? >> she told me to quit crying and to start writing. i write a lot. and even though she can't stand me sometimes, she didn't wish i got this long.
8:59 pm
i've actually been praying. >> vegas walker was seen yesterday by a mental health specialist. they felt like she was in crisis, also, and they appreciated us putting her in their clinic. i went back up yesterday evening and talked to her before i went home, and she felt like she was in a good place after she spoke with her mom, and she felt like she could go back to housing, and so she could be around people. okay. i'll go get your jump suit and come back and get you -- make sure and clean your room. all right?
9:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i don't beat around the bush when it comes to the racist term. i'm absolutely a racist. >> inmates find themselves in racial conflict. >> he and two white offenders were involved with assaulting a black offender. >> anything can pop off from this situation, you know? you've got haters everywhere you go. >> but some seek conflict elsewhere. >> child molesters are the crap on the bottom of my boot if i were out tending stalls. >> all of a sudden, they were


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