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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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say, no, this deportation order is illegal. we are a country of laws, not a country of men. we have been and we will be certainly not only for the next four years, but the next 200 years. you can't underestimate the images from the airports going out across the world and showing the true nature of america. >> i'm the child of hungarian refugees. they came here because the president felt guilty because we didn't intervene and didn't want war with the soviet union and his answers to those refugees was an executive order that said the united states military will help any people who want to come to america, transport them and then we provided food, shelter, education. >> that does it for us this
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morning. good morning. we're covering a protest nation, massive rallies overnight across the country against president trump's travel ban. >> set the refugees free. >> no hate, no fear. >> hundreds of people detained, lawyers descending on airports, families now torn apart as the white house now goes into full-scale damage control. and declaring it is not a muslim ban, while this just in. trump announcing when he's announcing his supreme court pick. trying to change the subject. there's problems happening now, those gunmen who opened fire at a mosque in canada, six people are dead. officials are calling it an act of terror. >> it means that no one is
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completely safe. >> a press conference happening at this moment. was the reaction to canada opening its doors to muslim refugees. we're going to begin with the ongoing fallout from president trump's travel ban. the president is sitting down with small business leaders in the roosevelt room. we have the best team to break this down. i want to start with those protests, those dramatic images we saw taking place overnight in city after city, people gathering to express their anger and frustration over president trump's travel ban. we're at jfk airport in new york right now. what can you tell us because earlier today sean spicer said the detainees were being held and everybody is clear, but some lawyers said that's not the case. you are at the airport. what's the scene? >> reporter: we've been talking to lawyers and customs officials. it's unclear at this airport
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whether or not we can confirm if there are people being held. the customs and boarder patrol says everybody has been released. everybody that was detained have been released. in total 109 people over this weekend who were on their way into the country when that executive order was passed were held for a short time. again, according to the customs and boarder patrol they have been released. there was this amazing ground swell of protests that popped up around the country fueled in part by social media. they were grassroots protests we saw seemingly centered around these airports and then followed by lawyers. there are still lawyers here this morning that are camped out inside the terminal in a small area preparing for perhaps more travelers who could get caught in this loophole. it was without warning that caught so many people off guard including customs folks here on the ground that said they were dealing with this as a happened.
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this was signed at 4:40 p.m. on a friday. people were in the air and that's when they were caught up in all this. it did provide for some dramatic reunions as people who were detained for some times up to 12 hours finally getting to see their family members. we'll see how it plays out this week. >> i want to take a minute to remind everyone specifically what this executive order actually says. first of all, it suspends entry for all refugees seeng asylum for a total of 120 days. that's all citizens from the countries iraq, iran, syria, somalia, yemen. refugees from syria are band indefinite indefinitely. u.s. citizens with green cards will not be effected. it seems that the white house is in a full scale makeup mode.
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we saw sean spicer and kellyanne conway doing an immediate tour this morning. what are they making up for as donald trump continues to tweet about this defending his position. >> reporter: they're on defense because the rollout in the eyes of so many was botched because you had widespread protests as you showed at the top of your show across the country and the world really. so the question to the white house over the weekend and this morning, did they botch this rollout. could they have handled it better? should they have made dhs and d.o.d. more aware of and tuned into the specifics of how this executive order was going to be rolled out. there's a sense it was written here at the white house and they allowed those different agencies to have a look at it before they actually unveiled it, but they weren't involved in every detail. this was sean spicer early today
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when he was pressed on morning joe about how this unraveled. >> you could have telegraphed to everybody what was going to go on and that would have posed significant security threats to the united states. >> what lessons have been learned by the white house? do you think some lessons have been learned by this process. >> we can inform people quicker once the decision is made. >> reporter: donald trump defending this as well. let me show you what the president is tweeting today. he's in a little bit of a tweet storm. in one tweet he says there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. this was a big part of my campaign. study the world. this was the president on facebook on sunday. to be clear, this is not a muslim ban as the media is fa e falsely reporting. this is not about religion. this is about terror and keeping our country safe. >> we should point that out. it is not merely the media
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reporting this as a muslim ban. ruddy giuliani said president trump called me on the phone and said i'm ready for the muslim ban. how do you do it? >> reporter: that's right. that alone undercuts president trump's argument this is no tt muslim ban because he said the president called me and said make this muslim ban legal. scene surpriser has a briefing today and he's going to get pressed on that. president trump is heading into a meeting with small business leaders. if the media can get a question to him, i'm sure they're going to try to press him on that point. we know president trump was asked is this not a muslim ban by another name. he disputed that and said absolutely not, but the tough questions continue here at the white house. >> president trump wanting to turn our attention, he's announcing he's announcing his supreme court pick. >> reporter: right, tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. i was told in terms of who is
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the front-runner, thomas hardaman followed by william pryor. they were appointed by george w. bush. all of them would be welcomed by conservatives and republicans, but we'll have to wait until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. trying to change the subject, if you will, here at the white house. >> i am going to get back to the original subject, the travel ban. what's your take on this? >> frankly the entire national security professional community is shocked and amazed by all this because what strikes most of us is the amateurism about this. it's not just the rollout.
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it's the entire substance. there's no problem here that needed to be addressed. this is a nonsolution to a nonproblem. it's a lack of foreign policy rather than actual foreign policy. it's not really a constitutional crisis. this is not james madison. this is billy madison. we just don't know what's going on. >> a critic might say you sound like an elite when you say that. people who voted for donald trump who are saying we do feel there is imminent danger and president trump could say i'm just trying to make you safe. it's not like it's a surprise that donald trump is doing this. >> it's like he's checking every box. you always want to preface this by saying i want this president trump to do well. if he does well, we all do well, but when sean spicer says we couldn't tip our hand this weekend. why? because this is the weekend the bad guys were going to blow up
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cincinnati? since 911 /11 we have not been vigilant about protecting our boarders? there's this false narrative we have a terrorist attack about every three weeks when you're far more likely to be killed by an american carrying an automatic weapon than by a terrorist. >> to that point let's talk about the seven countries in this ban because we heard over the weekend pointing to 9/11 when 15 of the 19 people tied to 9/11 were from saudi arabia, an oil rich country not on this list like india, pakistan, indonesia, all countries with high muslims concentrations not on the list. from a legal perspective what's the argument being made it's these seven countries? >> the strangest thing over the last few days, if you listen closely to what's not being said is, there's not a been a security or safety argument made by the trump administration for these countries. we do have people, terrorists,
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who do try to get to the u.s. or convert people in the u.s. to murder us. as for anyone watching who thinks we're elites, a lot of people around this table are in new york so we don't need lectures about terrorists and muslim extremists trying to murder our friends. we've lived through it. now, why aren't they saying what the security rational is. according to the research we've done, if you make a list of the countries that have exported terrorism to the united states, none of the seven you see on the screen, none in this ban are on there. there is a fantasy football aspect to the way this was kobled together according to all the military experts that we've spoken to. what is the reason put forward? obama did it. when you lift under the hood of that, that is not true. the seven countries are from
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travel concerns that european citizens who went into those countries would get extra vetting on thateir way to the u. the immigrant related terrorism you would start with a list of saudi arabia and pakistan. >> can this ban hold up legally? if there's not clear imminent danger can this ban hold up? >> it may. there is tremendous authority for presidents on immigration and the largest question facing this ban is not can the president make changes to the immigration policy, he recollectican, it's does he misuse his power. is this a discriminatory figure leaf. that will have to be argued in court. they tell us they moved off the muslim ban. this is not that and that most muslim countries are unaffected.
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judges may look to that and say most of the kroebts wicountries muslims are not effected. there is no debate this does not prioritize the terrorists that come into this country which makes it look illogical. there is a debate whether it's constitutional. >> they're not targeting all muslims, but they're targeting muslims. so when he says it's not a muslim ban, it is. then how many more countries do we have to put on the list? how many more countries do we have to put on the list where we're supposed to feel safe now that we started with seven, which is a new form of nixon's old enemies list, which is countries now instead of people. >> if this had some security rational underneath it, it might be extreme. it might be extensive. it might be controversial. but if they said we're going to ban men from the ages of 14 to 60 from saudi arabia and pakistan, you might call that overbroad, but at least it would
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relate to thanings that have happened. the most striking thing beyond those dramatic images what we saw in the protests and a judge saying no you can't, which is we still live in a democracy that has constitutional protections, but the most striking thing here has been a list of countries that seems picked off the shelf without security in mind. a lot of people voted for donald trump because they wanted to stop terrorism. they got a list that has very little to do with terrorism. discuss. we're going to take a break now. thank you so much. i'm not letting you leave. right here we're monitoring that news conference taking place where authorities are updating on that deadly mosque shooting. six worshippers were killed and two suspects are in custody and officials are calling it an official act of terror. we're going to bring you the latest when we return.
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democrats are p plaing to hold a protest on the steps of the supreme court in opposition to trump's ban on muslims from seven countries. senator, we're seeing leading democrats tonight stand up in
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protest, but what can you really, really do? donald trump's the president. >> that's a great question and i think the first thing that needs to be done is get donald trump to reverse the order and make dramatic changes to it. there have been slight clarifications made, but it's not enough. the obvious answer is that we introduce legislation that would repeal it, basically, by law. we can do that and senator finestein is leading that effort and we're work ing on that legislation and hope to have it out today. the second is stand with our constituen constituents. we have a significant somali population in minnesota and an engineer at one of our major companies, two little girls who are waiting for their sister to come in who are very unclear whether or not that 4-year-old
6:20 am
will get on the plane as planned because this ban applies to refugees throughout the world. >> you've said that you want to get answers from the department of homeland security. i'm guessing they might want answers too. they didn't make this decision. it was the white house. what can dhs tell you? >> my favorite line has been when republican senator rob portman said this is a vetting rule that hasn't been vetted. that's what it is. i'm pleased you are starting to see finally some complaints from the republican side. of course senator mccain and graham were out there early basically saying this is a major problem because there was no input from the people that were involved. the people that enforce the rules. what were they supposed to do? they find out at midnight. businesses that have people overseas. individual families and advocates and people who work with the immigrant community all the time.
6:21 am
when you make a security change and we have made security changes and improved our security over the years with technology, we do it all the time, but you notify the people that are doing the checking. this created chaos because that did not happen. you can run a campaign with tweets and pronouncements. it's not how you run the government. >> do you believe the door is opening to start to turn some of these republicans. you mentioned senator john mccain and lindsey graham and donald trump came after this weekend where he said the joint statement of former presidential candidates is wrong. they are sadly weak on immigration. the two senators should focus their energies on isis, illegal immigration and boarder security instead of always looking to start world war iii. these are donald trump's words. given that as you mentioned democrats have a plan to repeal or push back on this ban, do you think you can turn some of these republicans?
6:22 am
>> first of all, i was surprised when donald trump attacked john mccain for being a prisoner of war in vietnam, i'm not surprised that he continues to go after john mccain. what john mccain is talking about here is that when you start doing this and when you single out countries and you create this kind of uproar around the world, we need allies. we have people who are moderates in some of these countries, we have people in europe who are allies and we need to stand together to protect democracies across the world and human rights. that is the security side of this that you're hearing from some republicans and why they're concerned about this. i do think that when you're starting to see the outcry that we've seen not just in the immigrant community, also in businesses and not just in new york and los angeles, in places like minnesota where you have significant populations, you have workers that maybe went to
6:23 am
a funeral in another country or they're in canada with a school group and they can't come back, that is a way different thing than a couple of people at an airport. this is a worldwide problem and it's created with one stroke of a pen. that's what happened here and that's why you're starting to see republicans join democrats in pushing back. >> all right. separation of power. thanks so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you. as we talk separation of power exhibit power, i want to talk about donald trump's chief political mind who he appointed to the national security council. i'm talking stephen bannon. is this a dangerous sign or a continuation of an obama policy. a former white house staffer, he might not have known he was part of the white house. he uses a hateful tweet and guess what he did, turned it into love. he raised more than $500,000 for refugees. he's going to join me. per roll
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welcome back. it is time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. we begin with the shooting that took place in the mosque in question quebec. six people were killed. both shooters are in custody and the motive remains unknown. we have a live report coming up. the council on american-islamic relations plans to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality on trump's executive order on immigration. it is a filing on behalf of more than 20 individuals. oscar naominated director will be skipping the oscars. his film is nominated for best film. delta flights have resumed this morning after a computer
6:28 am
outage caused 150 flights to be cancelled. similar computer problems caused united flights to be cancelled. denzell washington and emma stone took home on the top movie acting awards. now we have to take you back to the white house. in defense mode just one week, defending the decision to give controversial strategist stephen bannon a seat on the national security council. >> david axlerod attended meetings so we became transparent and put down on paper who is going to attend. steve has an extensive background in political affairs. >> i should say former executive editor at breitbart and who said that "the new york times" should
6:29 am
shut its mouth. they appear to down grade the roles of the director of the national intelligence unit. they will only attend when the meeting involves their direct area of expertise. susan rice says this is stone cold crazy. that is the question i have for my panel. it's not just susan rice, robert gates came out and said something. robert gates, who the white house has been touting this is the guy who has given the seal of approval to rex tillerson, robert gates has said this isn't kosher. >> a friend of mine said to me the other day do you think mike pence has a chance to be the most powerful vice president in history and i said in less than two weeks steve bannon is the most powerful vice president in history. when you have dick cheney making comments about the travel ban, you know where we are with this
6:30 am
thing. bannon has become more than the chief head banger in this administration. he's obviously an influential guy. it's not just the media. guys like bannon have come after this profession for a long time, but he seems to hate everything and everybody who doesn't look at the world the way he does. >> many are saying steve bannon is the puppet master inside the white house, but sean spicer said that's not the case, david axlerod was part of many of these kinds of meetings. >> there's two things going on here that we're much watching simultaneously play out. one is normal and legitimate and one is not normal. the normal and legitimate part is a new administration coming in doing what it wants to do, changing some policies, replacing some personnel, issuing some new issues and saying this is what we
6:31 am
campaigned on, this is what we're doing. that always happens and there's legitimate authority that a new administration gets. what we also are seeing are signs of something much worse and scareyer aier and this is a rejection of the intelligent community's finding and the picking of people with no ba backgrounds for their jobs for their positions. if this is going to continue, then it's really scarey, because there are two parts to the executive order. it's not just elevating bannon, it was knocking down the dni and the chairman of the joint chiefs. those things could be fine, but they could also be a sign that we don't want serious professionals who actually have studied the world in on our
6:32 am
decisions. >> what about knocking down one another? this morning we're hearing the decision -- it's blame stephen miller, but neither stephen miller or john kelly is the person that the electoral college voted to be president. >> who is the name on the marki. nobody knew who stephen miller was until this morning. he gets thrown under the bus and tries to get himself out from under the bus. what people are starting to question about this administration, about the guy whose name is on the marqui is how much influence is there in the steve and steve show? >> i have to ask on friday the white house on holocaust remembrance day not making mention of anti-semitism or the
6:33 am
jewish community. coincidence? do you take issue with this? >> it was considered by most jews that i saw as a major faux p pas. if he does that kind of thing again after complaints about why this was seen as inappropriate, then maybe there will be some -- something. we don't know yet. we have to watch out how these things get played out and whether mistakes get repeated. >> if we're going to prosecute every insensitive thing that is going to happen in the next four years, we're going to have to put on more people. >> and i need some days off. we have to take a break. officials in question beck. .
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welcome back. we're taking you now to the shooting that took place at a mosque in quebec that left at least half a dozen people killed. i want to bring in kevin ga. what new information are you getting this morning? i'm afraid we've lost kevin. we'll go back to him in a moment. i want to turn back to that travel ban. fierce new reaction is flooding into president trump's immigration ban on those seven major majority muslim countries and we're hearing strong opposition from protesters, but supporters of the ban are jumping to the president's defense. i want to bring in national reviews. you support this ban. why? >> more or less. let's start with the common sense point that we know that
6:38 am
jihadists in countries across the middle east are trying to infiltrate the refugee process. they've succeeded in europe. it's obvious they're trying throughout the u.s. process and we have good intelligence on that. let's start from the fact this is a problem. >> we have a very different refugee vetting process here than they do in let's say ger n germany. it takes two years to get through the vetting process and we don't have evidence of a strong unit of refugees who have launched any attack on the united states. >> we have extensive experience with immigrants and foreign nationals who have come through the united states who have been through the vetting process and still carried out attacks. the san bernardino tack, the 9/11 hijackers overstayed legal visas. there is a problem with the immigration system in terms of holes identifying would be
6:39 am
terrorists. >> those 9/11 attackers, 15 of the 19 were from saudi arabia, which isn't one of those countries. >> that's right. the seven countries that president trump has identified are pursuant to law settled under president obama. he looked to the legal authority of the obama administration and said these are the seven countries that we have legal authority for it. let's add those seven countries are all hotbeds of jihadists. these are places that we know are torn apart by terrorist activity. if you're looking at countries where it's likely that terrorists are coming from, these are obvious bets. >> by comparison the united states, especially under barack obama, takes very few refugees. what is it specifically from refugees are we stopping that is causing imminent danger to us?
6:40 am
>> we know that terrorists are trying to infiltrate the refugee process and we know the immigration process at large is struggling to fill holes in the vetting process. so i'm saying that in principal what donald trump has put forward is not unreasonable policy. i object strongly to the way in which he went about this in terms of rollout. i think he shot himself in the foot in a significant way, but in principal going after the refugee process and trying to strength be the vetting procedure is reasonable. >> most americans if not all would say we do want this country to be as safe as possible. president trump is expected to speak in a moment. to that point you made about shooting himself in the foot with this rollout process, is there something that we don't know that would cause him to take such dramatic action without going through proper checks and balances? >> no, i think this is just
6:41 am
the -- the circle around him in the white house wanted quick and determinative action. if it had been -- it would have been smarter for him to go through the proper -- go through the proper legal channels, make sure he had communicated with all of the dhs officials and customs folks on the ground. >> i need to interrupt because president trump is actually at the microphone. just moments ago he finished his meeting with the small business leaders. >> deliberately slow. they're not behaving well at all. that's why over the last many years nothing got done in this country. but we're moving things along and we're moving them along fast. we actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. some day we had to make the move and we decided to make the move. it would be nice again if we could have our cabinet because our cabinet, which is outstanding, is going through a
6:42 am
lot. >> in terms of what they're being put through in the senate. jeff sessions they made him wait an extra week and that is only for political reasons. why do they do that? just politics. i noticed that chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach because i know him very well. i don't see him as a cryer. if he is, he's a different man. it's a 5% chance it was real, but i think they were fake tears. we have a big decision and -- that i've made, very big decision on the united states supreme court, that is going to be announced tomorrow night fm the white house at8:00, a person who is unbelievably highly respected and i think you will be very impressed with this
6:43 am
person. so that will be 8:00 tomorrow night at the white house from the white house. and today we have with us people who are very successful in the world of small business and i love small business. i started as a small business. my business got big and i've dealt with the small businesses and the big businesses and i love you all the same. the big business folks have been fantastic. they're bringing jobs back. i say where was the outrage of the democrats when all of our companies were fleeing to mexico and to other places far away and leaving jobs behind? now they're all coming back. they're coming back by -- by big numbers. bigger numbers than people are seeing. you now ford has announced big plans to come back into michigan and ohio and other places. general motors has made big
6:44 am
announcements. fiat chrysler. you look at what's happening with lockhead. we're cutting the price of their planes and they're expanding and ultimately they're going to be better off. boeing also is very much involved in new hirings and also coming in with good pricing. so we're cutting pricing. we know about that. the people at this table know about that. you could have done that. we cut approximately $600 million off the f-35 fighter and that only amounts to 90 planes out of close to 3,000 planes. when you think about $600 million that was announced by marilyn who is very talented, i got involved in that about a month ago. a lot was put out and when they say a lot a lot meant about 90 planes. they were having a lot of difficulty. there was no movement.
6:45 am
i was able to get $600 million approximately off those planes. so i think that was a great achievement, but that really means much more than that if you think about the fact that that's 90 planes out of close to 3,000 planes. i appreciate lockheed martin for being so responsive and that will be appreciated very much. i appreciate boeing for coming in and competing and now they'll be competing during the process for the rest of the planes because there are thousands of more planes coming. we have a lot of planes coming. these are contracts that everybody knows about. the f-35 fighter jet. a great plane, by the way, i have to tell you. lockheed is doing a great job as of now. there were about seven years of delays. great cost overruns. we've ended all of that and
6:46 am
we've got that program in good shape. i started working on that when i was president elect. the reason i was working on it, and you folks would understand it, because we love doing that stuff, right? somebody said why don't you take a vacation before you become president and i said because i like doing this. we will be saving billions and billions and billions of dollars on krrcontracts. we proved the pipelines, but as i'm looking at the approval i said where are these pipes made. these are massive pipes bigger than this room. a lot of it is made in other countries, including china. i said you mean you can make pipe in china and other places far away, ship it to the united states on massive boats, put it on trucks and deliver it to the middle of the country and we can't make it cheaper. what are we talking about here?
6:47 am
these are big pipes. the only way i can image they can do that is they have to cut them. they take up so much room i can't imagine you could put that much pipe on ships. it's not long enough. so i assume they have to fabricate and cut, which hurts the pipe by the way. so i said to myself, if they're going to do the pipe in the united states using the powers of the united states, including eminent emine eminent domain, for those of you who criticized me about eminent domain, but during the primaries i was criticized about the use of eminent domain, but they need eminent domain for pipelines. if we're going to use eminent domain, then i want the pipe to be manufactured with united states steel.
6:48 am
th i want it to be fabricated in the united states. if we're doing these massive pipelines i want workers in the united states to fabricate the pipe. that makes sense don't you think as small business owners? we're doing a lot of things we're proud of. small business is a big part of american economic success, although lately there hasn't been so much success because we're having our products made in the world so much, but that's coming back and it's coming back fast. you see the difference already? >> absolutely. >> more than 28 million small business in the country equals fewer than 500 employees. that's what considered small business? anybody have over 500 employees? if you do we're getting you out of here.
6:49 am
56 million employees. small business is really our biggest business. we employ 48% of private workfor workforce. the private workforce is employed by small business. we read about general motors and ford and boeing, but a big percentage of them are small business. we want to make life easier for these small business owners. that's what we're here for today. last week we had the big businesses. this week we have the really really big businesses set up by a wall street person, a man who has done a great job. we have the greatest businesses there set up and that's happening very soon, but the small business we are going to simplify. we're going to eliminate regulation. we're doing that for big businesses by the way.
6:50 am
big business is thrilled by what's happening. the stock market has gone up since the election. the smart people know me. the business people know me. they know what i'm about so the. so the market went massively up. when i was elected, a lot of the really smart people went out and bought a lot of stock and they've been rewarded. we want to simplify and lower taxes, unless you'd rather have high taxes, right? so small business owners can spend more time and money finding and responding to customers and expanding markets. they have more money and more opportunity to hire more employees specific so essentially we're getting rid of regulation to a massive extent, could be 75%, could be more than that. we're going to have great protection for the consumer, we have to, but we don't need 97 different rules to take care of one element.
6:51 am
their individual economic success will support american success. we want to end the unfairness between small and big business caused by regulation. regulation, that's actually been horrible for big business, but it's been worse for small business. plus, small business can't hire the kind of talent that the big businesses can hire so it's really very unfair. big business so often can afford compliance but i don't want them to. i want them to build new plants and sell more cars. we're going to be doing tremendous favors. if you saw the head of ford and general motors leaving here last week, they couldn't believe -- one of them said one of the greatest meetings we've ever attended. the unions were here last week, representing workers, whether it's union or not, they said it's the single greatest meaning they've ever had. that was a nice statement. i didn't tell them to make it
6:52 am
but it was a nice statement. it's unfair to small business. small business has been treated very, very badly. as you people know better than anybody, it's almost impossible now to start a small business and it's virtually impossible to expand your existing business because of regulations. and because the banks don't loan you money. dodd-frank is a disaster. we're going to be doing a big number on dodd-frank. that's one big reason why i'm taking this action and i'll be taking an action later this morning, if you'd like you can join me at the signing, to begin our action to dramatically reduce federal regulations and their damaging effects on our small businesses, our economy, our entrepreneurial spirit. and it's been very badly damaged. so the american dream is back. we're going to create an environment for small business like we haven't had in many, many dk aecades. this isn't a knock on president
6:53 am
obama. it's a knock on many presidents preceding me. it's gotten particularly bad in the last eight years. i want to thank you all for being here so now let's talk. >> this is president trump speaking in the roosevelt room to small business leaders, saying it's been particularly bad for the last eight years but i'm not knocking anymore. hmm. in addition to talking about the difficult climate for small businesses to start and grow because of tight lending practices. president trump said he wants to loosen the practices. he talked about the pipeline and he talked about the travel ban. when he talked about chuck schumer and protesting, kind of came out, senator schumer of new york saying he needs a better acting coach, i think those were
6:54 am
fake tears. certainly people who were detained, people who couldn't get to their families, president trump saying the american dream is dead. it may be dead for those hoping to come to america. what's your take? >> for a foreign policy professional watching this week, it's been very strange. analyzing this is sort of like judging a high school model u.n. conference. it's not really foreign policy. what we don't know and what we're all going to be watching is this temporary until the professionals come in when they get appointed, when positions are filled, when they work out what they're doing or is this going to be the new norm in which amateurism replaces professionalism in foreign and national security policy and government policy more generally? that will be a big shift. we have to see whether this kind of rough week continues or whether the adults are in charge eventually. >> are the adults going to be in
6:55 am
charge or is it donald trump who won the election? >> you have to keep hoping these are rookie mistakes being made and eventually he'll find his footing and he'll find his footing. you've seen with his level of debate why he was carried along to the white house. because the culture in this country is we can't just disagree anymore. if i disagree with you, i also have to call you a liar or a phony. so chuck schumer is not allowed to disagree with him on the travel ban. he incredibly naive of me, we got to do better than that. >> i'm going to say someone who does better all the time, kara swisher. thank you for waking up early for us. >> no proble >> given what happened then,fam i'm going to cut taxes, cut regulations and i'm going to
6:56 am
make you happy. but people in the tech world weren't happy. >> no, it's done. largely they thought he wasn't going to do this and then they had peter tiall, a close trump adviser on tech issues say don't take him literally, take him seriously. as it turns out we have to take him literally. obviously it affects their basic core issues here in silicon valley and their employees are super unhappy if they don't start speaking up. now they're going to speak up on visas, if there as issues on encryption. >> elon musk was just at the white house last monday. is it a risk to the tech community? many have said donald trump has
6:57 am
a pretty thin skin. when you come out against him, heem come out twice as hard. >> yeah, well, they are the richest and most powerful people on the planet so i have a feel they go have some resources at their disposal. they have influence, the run the most innovative companies in this world. they probably have some ability to have a say in certain things, especially around core issues for employees and workers in silicon valley, which includes tolerance, which includes immigration, which includes all kinds of things which they say they are. there's a way to balance shareholder value, which is critically important, at the same time having the values that silicon valley espouses so loutdly when things are going well. >> some of those issues that are core to those tech ceos, you can make the same arguments to banking ceos. the smartst, most talented from inrest vestment banks are also
6:58 am
immigrants. why do you think we haven't heard from someone in banking? >> you don't hear bankers about how they're changing the world. i have to listen to the tech ceos about how they're changing the world. i don't think a banker sits around and taubes about that very often. >> banks are the ones who lend. banks fuel the american dream. it's tough to say the lending of banks -- >> no, i'm not saying their business isn't important to the country, of course not. i'm saying the ethos was set by steve jobs, think different, a lot of the language to inspire and inspire was around think different, disrupt, tolerance, inclusion. it's part of the ethos of the businesses here and i think it's really interesting that too took this to get them to talk very
6:59 am
honestly about their issues. what happened over the course of the weekend, it started with this is hurting our employees and it became this is reprehensible and then the leader of netflix said this was reprehensible and then you started to see the tweets become more strong from others across the whole tech seen. >> steve jobs whose family came from where? >> syria. >> kara is not giving herself credit. >> i'm not. >> a lot of the reason that these people stepped out this weekend is because kara swisher called them out. >> i'm the nagging mother, you know. >> what a great panel, get in, mike, kara, thank you so much. i'm going to urn you now to washington, d.c., my friend hallie jackson is there. you can find me all day long on twitter or right here tomorrow
7:00 am
at 9:00 a.m. hallie, good morning. >> thank you much. we are live everybody, hi, on capitol hill at the start of what is obviously another jam packed week here in washington. president trump already appearing at the white house in an impromptu sort of session with the media. he's signing new executive orders when youing one we just learned moments ago that will revoke two federal regulations for every enough one implemented, all of it after that meeting with small business leaders you just saw. outside the white house still that cloud of confusion over the president's new executive order and more legal fights also planned. plus, breaking overnight, sex people killed, eight hurt at a mosque in quebec city. canada's prime minister calling it a terrorist attack. cal perry has the latestro


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